Flogging a moribund horse

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 18:14 by Ad astra

I suppose if you’re on the race track heading for a distant finishing line, one you can’t really yet see, even although your horse is tired and lagging way behind the field, you keep flogging it mindlessly, desperately hoping it will survive the race, buoyed by wild imaginings that it will get its second wind and bolt to the post.  What else can you do?  To acknowledge that the horse is moribund, to accept that it probably can’t even get to the finishing line, to have to dismount and quietly lead it back to the stables to be put out to pasture, would evoke ridicule from rivals and a realization by the betting public that the horse is finished, indeed was never really a starter.  So you press on, convincing yourself that each shout of the race-caller confirms that you’re on track for victory, no matter how far ahead the other horses are. More...