Welcome to The Political Sword 2011

Whereas in previous years we have taken a break at the end of the year, this time we have kept a thread going at the request of some users of The Political Sword. They have enjoyed the conversation with each other, and have missed it whenever the site was down, as it was recently as we upgraded to the latest version of our blog engine. We are about to resume usual activity tomorrow.

Lyn will be back with her daily links. She will post a large batch in relation to the flood levy. Thereafter she will, as before, upload daily links she has selected from her vast collection of websites that she peruses continually. We have missed her and look forward to enjoying her links once more.

Tomorrow a piece will be posted titled: The media needs to pull up its socks in 2011. It aims squarely at our MSM, which if anything is worse than last year. It is planned to post around two pieces a week. This is about as much as we can manage given the nature of our articles, for which considerable preparation is needed. Hillbilly Feral Skeleton will be a co-contributor; hopefully Acerbic Conehead will be able to contribute further items and Bushfire Bill will likely resume. Others who may be interested in contributing pieces should contact me. More...

TOE-KNEE’s Australia Day

G’day Swordians! I trust you had a great Australia Day. I had a very interesting time myself – did a bit of backpacking in Queensland and actually met up with an old aboriginal guy when I was doing a bit of walking there. He was boiling his billy, and as I was feeling a bit peckish myself, I stopped and took the opportunity to have a bit of a chin-wag with him. We chatted about this and that and when he asked me was I doing anything special for Australia Day, I optimistically said that, whatever happened, “I was going to have a whale of a time!” He laughed, and then began to tell me a story about how Australia Day came to his people way back in the mists of time. He said my mention of having a “whale” of a time reminded him of this yarn and, more or less in his own words, the following is how it happened: More...

Why can’t we live together? We’re all part of the human race, after all

As I intimated in a comment on my previous blog, I was going to strike out in a philosophical direction for this, my latest blog.

I thought it might be especially pertinent in the light of the two major tragedies that have occurred in the Western Hemisphere over the End of Year/New Year break. That is, the cataclysmic floods in our own country, most especially in Queensland, and the horrific massacre and attempted assassination of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona.

In the light of the moving eulogy that President Obama gave at the Memorial Service for the slain and the wounded there: