The Political Sword: A Hub for the Fifth Estate

Today The Political Sword has a new look and has been re-branded.

The branding is dedicated to our Lyn, who is the one who has transformed The Political Sword into a hub for the Fifth Estate through her Today’s Links and her Twitterverse and Twitterati.

We know that a large number of people visit The Political Sword to read and follow her links, which she provides in abundance each weekday morning in Today’s Links, and during the day, and even at weekends, through the many Twitter messages she collects and posts, often twice a day.

This is a unique service. It enriches the site and makes it priceless for the thousands that visit here. Because Lyn spends countless hours scanning hundreds of blogsites to find the pearls among them, every visitor who uses them is saved the time it would take to find them. Not only does she find the salient pieces and provide the title, the author, and the link, she also reads through each piece to find a short excerpt that she adds to provide the substance and the flavour of the piece. That takes time and perspicacity.

Because she follows almost 2000 people on Twitter and has well over 1300 following her, her network of contacts, and the web from which she garners information, is vast. She spends hours sorting the wheat from the chaff and feeds the best of the wheat to us twice a day, enabling TPS users to be right up to date about what’s happening hour by hour in the world of politics. She also passes this onto her followers. Imagine how far and wide her links travel.

It is because she does this for us that we have rebranded The Political Sword with the strapline: A Hub for the Fifth Estate. Lyn feeds information in at the hub; visitors come in there and radiate out to the rich array of links on other sites, many in the Fifth Estate, but also in the Fourth Estate.

Lyn has been doing this now for three years and has collected many thousands of links. Each morning, Today’s Links are posted in the Comments section and are then copied into an archive LYN’S DAILY LINKS, which is accessible from the top of the left panel. As these are kept for posterity, when each file becomes too large, it is archived into a larger file labeled LYN’S LINKS with the dates added. These have become so numerous that to avoid clutter we have decided to leave only the last few weeks of these aggregated links in the left panel and to archive the rest into a mega-file labeled LYN’S DAILY LINKS ARCHIVE, which is accessible from the left panel. There you will be able to go back to the beginning and seek items from this massive library.

Web Monkey is to be credited for the new look for the site and the preparation of LYN’S DAILY LINKS ARCHIVE. We thank him for his design skills and his programming expertise. Since he has switched TPS to a ‘cloud server’, we have had no glitches with the site, and the speeds seem better than before.

Thank you Web Monkey.

We hope you will find the new look for The Political Sword attractive, but most of all please join me in dedicating this rebranded site to our devoted and very precious Lyn who feeds us so plentifully every day.