• The great awakening
    No sooner had I completed a piece titled:
    How would YOU revive the economy? than it became redundant.
    A quick glance through it will show why it dated so rapidly.
  • You can't discuss an idea with an ideologue
    Recently I watched an episode of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery where
    she ‘delivered’ Gillian Triggs back to her high school and university
    while discussing various elements of Triggs’ life. Towards the end of
    the program, Zemiro invited Triggs to read some of the commentary made
    about Triggs in her role as Human Rights Commissioner from 2012 until 2017.
  • If you do what you've always done
    Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is attributed with the maxim that
    ‘change is the only constant in life’. If he came back to life now, you
    would hope he wouldn’t be surprised to see the maxim is as accurate
    now as it was 500 or so years before the modern era when he was alive.
  • Speak out
    Although recent public opinion polls have suggested that some people
    are losing faith in democracy, how many would prefer another style of
    governance? Very few! Yet our Australian democracy does have one
    telling defect: usually, we have a chance to vote for a federal government
    only once every three years. Once we’ve voted, we are then stuck...
  • Be Kind
    You would think after a month or two, Senator McKenzie’s
    ‘own goal’ in the allotment of sporting grants would have
    subsided. If anything, the stench is now worse than when
    McKenzie’s largess to shore up political positions first came to light.
  • Corrupto-virus threatens world governance
    People the world over are understandably alarmed by the recent
    eruption of a novel coronavirus (2019 n-CoV) and its spread to
    countless countries, bringing in its wake widespread disruption, chaos,
    panic, illness and death. But are we as alarmed by the endemic nature
    of an old virus - corrupto-virus (2020+ CoV) - which continues to infect...

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The ‘ain’t it awful’ syndrome

The Liberal Party is still mourning its loss of Government.  As pointed out by Maxine McKew on the ABC TV’s Q&A last Thursday, Peter Costello’s Memoirs, written well after the loss, express surprise that a Government that had done so much, which had governed Australia during s...

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Will the real Malcolm Turnbull please stand up?

When Malcolm Turnbull first entered parliament he cut an impressive figure.  Good looking, personable, articulate, experienced, knowledgeable, well informed, and credible.  His utterances exuded common sense.  He said what he thought, and it sounded convincing.  He came with a ...

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The hardest job in politics

How many times have we heard that ‘being Opposition Leader is the hardest job in politics’?  Almost since the day Brendan Nelson was elected we have heard this mantra from Coalition members, increasingly in recent months as Nelson’s performance failed to improve.  There...

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Peter Costello’s painful parting

What happened?  Why?  What’s next? are questions we all ask.  Peter Costello has given us his answers to the first in The Costello Memoirs.  But not why, and what’s next? Why did he never challenge for the leadership?  Why didn’t he accept it after the...

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In search of the political Holy Grail – the Rudd Government narrative

Part 1 – What is a political narrative?  The recent media obsession with finding Kevin Rudd’s ‘narrative’ came to a head last month with Jack the Insider’s blog in The Australian In search of the Rudd narrative.  It attracted 386 comments. But so far n...

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Welcome to The Political Sword blog

This is the first posting of The Political Sword blog. Its focus is Australian politics.It is intended to give expression to those who have opinions about contemporary political events.  In particular it will provide a forum for exposing deception among politicians, bureaucrats and commentato...

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