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Dastardly Deeds in Diagon Alley

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Friday, 9 September 2011 12:01 by Acerbic Conehead
Tony Abbott has been increasingly expressing his disquiet at the double life Julia Gillard has been leading.

He is saying that her effectiveness in performing the role of Prime Minister is being massively curtailed by her constant gallivanting down Diagon Alley dressed as a witch.

But, in spite of the Carbon Tax wiping out Whyalla and every sign of life within a thousand-kilometre radius, commercial activity in Diagon Alley has never been busier.

And No. 93 – Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes – is still a veritable gold-mine. As you’ll remember from the Harry Potter series, No. 93 Diagon Alley is the address of the practical joke shop opened by the Weasley twins, George and Fred.

However, tragically, Fred had subsequently been killed by the dark forces of Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts, and now George runs it on his own.

So, this day in particular, Witchy Gillard is paying another visit to No. 93, intent on buying Christmas presents for a few “special” people in her life – and she has a particular present in mind for one of her favourite persons at the moment – Glenn Milne. She is on the lookout for one of George’s Self-Exploding Quills!

George: Good morning, madam...the Self-Exploding Quill? Yes...one of the best-selling items in our “Half-Blood Prince” range...I’m sure the object of your revenge...errr...best wishes...will surely get the message...heh...heh...

[George continues with describing and exhibiting a number of other items that the late Fred and he had produced in the Half-Blood Prince book.]

George: Again, madam...can I interest you in another piece from this exquisite range – like this U-No-Poo potion which cures constipation...Though I heard that when you were told about the High Court decision on the Malaysian Solution, you certainly didn’t need any such cure...hee...hee...

[To say that Jooles doesn’t need reminding of Frenchie and his follies is like reminding Tony Abbott of the time he fronted up at a Tea Party rally with his budgie smugglers g-string on back-to-front. Jooles fixes George with an icy stare that even Julie Bishop would be proud of.]

Jooles: George...old chap...See this wand? Now, you have two choices – one...I will use it to turn you into a first-thing-in-the-morning Bronny Bishop look-a-like...or...two...I will ram it so far up your Kyber, you’ll feel worse than Andrew Bolt did when Possum inserted his calculator...Now...which is it?

[George swallows deeply and quickly proceeds with his tour of the shop.]

George: Errr...righto, madam...and still in the bountiful Half-Blood Prince range, we have...ummm...let’s see...yes...our famous packets of Instant Darkness Powder...

Jooles: Rather! Yes, I’ll definitely have some more of that...it was a real hit when I threw some over Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb and made them come up with their great new big black holes debacles...heh...heh...

George: Wonderful, madam...I’ll just put a few packets into your trolley...And now, what about some of our quick-acting Nosebleed Nougat?

Jooles: Yes, what a great idea! Tones is notorious for having a sweet tooth, so I’ll give him some and then tell everybody I whacked him with one of Paul Keating’s judo chops...heh...heh...

[Jooles curtails her witch-like cackling for a moment and asks George about another product in the Half-Blood Prince range.]

George: Oh, those, madam...Yes...we call those our Patented Daydream Charms – when one is taken, the recipient experiences a 30-minute period of escape from their mundane existence and goes into a pleasant fantasy world...

Jooles: Oh, yes, I’ll have some of those...I’ll give them to Tones as well, to make him think he’s in the Lodge for a while...hee...hee...

[George can’t believe his luck that he’s sold so many products to the one customer, so he carries on with the sales palaver.]

George: And, here, madam, we have our world-famous Punching Telescope...In fact, you might remember in the Half-Blood Prince, Hermoine was tricked into looking through one and she got such a shiner, she looked worse than Gai Waterhouse and Nikki Savva after their cat-fight over which of them was the biggest bitch at dissing your wardrobe...

Jooles: Oh, my! I’ll have two, please...One for each of the cows, and they can use them regularly to keep up appearances...hee...hee...

George: Erm, sorry, madam...I believe this is the only one left in stock...You see, a famous member of the British aristocracy...a Lord Monckton, I believe...bought all our stock of this particular item, bar this one...

Jooles: Really? Why did he want so many?

George: Oh, he mentioned something about “giving one in the eye to each of those lefty climate alarmists in the CSIRO”...He seemed a bit strange...but, then, never knock back a sale, I always say...

[George by now has exhausted all of the examples in the Half-Blood Prince range, so maneuvours Jooles and her now-bulging trolley towards the Goblet of Fire collection.]

George: And now, madam, you might recognise some of our most famous jokes and tricks that we introduced in the Goblet of Fire story...

Jooles: Sounds good...and what are these packets of powdery stuff...they look a bit familiar...

George: Oh, they’re from our Jelly-Legs Jinx line...If you can get someone to ingest a sample, their legs turn to jelly and they can hardly walk...

Jooles: Oh yes, I remember that stuff now! I bought a packet in 2006, and at the Walkley Awards, I sprinkled some in Glenn Milne’s fruit-juice before he went up on the stage to say g’day to his mate, Stephen Mayne...hee...hee...

George: Oh how droll, madam...and now, what about something else from our Goblet of Fire range – the Ton-Tongue Toffees, for example...When you give one to your victim, their tongue swells up so much, it gets bigger than Gina Reinhart’s bank-balance...

Jooles: Yeah...I bought a box of those before, and left them on Joe’s spot on the Opposition Front Bench...He was as skinny as Andrew Robb’s Book of Coalition Policies then...But he scoffed them all down in one go and now look at him...heh...heh...

[And on and on George goes with the sales pitch. But, to tell the truth, Jooles is far from being the hapless victim. She knows that the contents of this particular trolley of tricks will later cause severe mayhem in the Opposition ranks when she unleashes them.

George then shows her a few more items which she readily adds to her burgeoning collection. Items like the spray-cans of Garrotting Gas (from the Order of the Phoenix range) which, in future debates, she intends using on the opposition instead of calling for the guillotine. And the Extendable Ears for eavesdropping on shadow cabinet meetings (George was going to ask Jooles if she wanted the ones with the humungous ear-lobes, but thought better of it). And more of the Fever Fudge that Jooles had given to Mary Jo Fisher before she did the hockey-pokey. Next time she plans to give her an even bigger helping, hoping she does something from Saturday Night Fever and makes an even bigger fool of herself.

Eventually, Jooles asks George can he arrange for all her purchases to be transported via a portkey to Australia, as there isn’t enough space in the boot of her broomstick. However, this reminds George of something.]

George: Oh, that reminds me, madam...talking of Down Under, our HR Department has just recently employed another one of your countrymen, who is providing us with the essential ingredient in our latest product – the Shit Happens Stink Bomb...

Jooles: Oh, he sounds interesting...I may as well say hallo to him – just in case he’s one of my constituents and I can cajole him into voting for me...heh...heh...

[George leads Jooles down a rickety set of stairs to the basement of No. 93. Soon, they are facing a heavy, hermetically-sealed door that obviously leads to the production room for the top-secret Shit Happens Stink Bombs. George pulls out his wand, recites the requisite spell, and the huge door creaks slowly open. He leads Jooles in, and her eyes immediately encounter a sweat-lathered individual, dressed only in his red budgie smugglers, on an exercise bike, peddling along for all he’s worth. However, the surrealism of this scene is only compounded by the fact that he has got a plastic tube up his bum with the other end attached to a tank, with has a sign affixed, saying: “DANGER – HIGHLY TOXIC”

Jooles walks around to see what this strange Australian looks like, but, upon doing so, gets such a shock, she would have dropped her handbag, if she had one, on her toe.]

Jooles (incredulously): Tony Abbott!!! Well, I never!!! You’ve got a bloody nerve criticising me for wasting time on my shopping trips, and here you are moonlighting in Diagon Alley, creating the raw material for George’s new product...Now, that’s what I call a stinking hypocrisy!!!

Tones (sheepishly): Erm...don’t be so harsh, Jooles...I know I said to Tony Windsor the only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse...well, a guy has to pay off his big mortgage somehow...

[Jooles dismissively turns on her heel and exits the stink-bomb room. Outside, George closes the door and they ascend the rickety stairs again. George, however, is wearing a sly smirk, which Jooles can’t help remarking upon.]

George: Oh, he thinks he’s going to get paid for selling his arse, does he...heh...heh...Well, I’ve got news for him...We’ve got Wizard’s WorkChoices round here and we pay the likes of him in Leprechaun Gold – you know, the stuff that disappears in the morning...heh...heh...

Jooles: Wow! That’s what I call karma...tee...hee...

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September 9. 2011 03:59 PM


Items like the spray-cans of Garrotting Gas (from the Order of the Phoenix range) which, in future debates, she intends using on the opposition instead of calling for the guillotine.

AC, I can think of a time to use it:

Tones: I move that so much of the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would prevent the Leader of the Opposition from moving forthwith the following motion:

That this House censures the...gurgle...argggh...gak, argh, gasp...

Spare the public yet another parliamentary rant.

(NOTE: humour alert - the above is intended as a comedic comment and in no way should be seen as serious. No sacks or seas were contemplated or referred to durin' the construction of this comedic venture.)



September 9. 2011 04:12 PM


Memories of a Howard stuffup:

Government under fire on road funds stuff-up
The World Today Archive - Friday, 9 February , 2001  
Reporter: Mark Willacy

COMPERE: The Prime Minister is certainly in damage control mode today following the release of an audit report showing that the Government siphoned off nearly $3 billion in petrol taxes which was supposed to be spent on roads.

As elections in Western Australia and Queensland show huge flaws in Coalition support because of the cost of fuel and post GST excise rises, incredibly the report by the Auditor-General has found that for six years Federal Governments have breached the Land Transport Development Act by channelling the money into consolidated revenue instead of onto our roads.

This morning the Prime Minister, John Howard, was forced to concede that the Government, and more specifically his Deputy and Transport Minister John Anderson, had made errors.

Mr Howard says the $2.9 billion has been spent on health, defence and hospitals. Warning though that if it had have been used on roads, replacement higher taxes would have been needed to pay for the other things.

While Mr Anderson says he's embarrassed by the slip up, he denies there's been any legal breach. We'll be speaking to him in a moment.

But the motoring lobby is unequivocal. It accuses the Howard Government of cheating the electorate, while one of the Government's own backbenchers, a Federal National Party MP, says people can feel nothing else but duped.

In Canberra, Mark Willacy.

MARK WILLACY: The rough and tumble world of talkback radio is a place that reduces many politicians to a stammering mess. But not John Howard. He seems to revel in this unpredictable medium, exploiting it to talk directly to voters. So far this week the Prime Minister has taken calls on commercial radio in Brisbane and Perth. Today it was Melbourne's turn. Three callers, all with questions relating to petrol, specifically the revelation that for six years federal governments have poured nearly $3 billion in fuel taxes into consolidated revenue, money which, under the Act, was meant for roads.

ON-LINE CALLER: I understand this to be law. This is an Act. If I fail to make certain declarations on my tax return I'm in deep poo poo. Who's in poo poo here?

ON-LINE CALLER: Yes, Prime Minister, clearly you were unaware of this, but were any of your ministers aware of this error when you made the new allocation to the road fund?

ON-LINE CALLER: Just two quick questions: Why can we trust you to spend the 1.5 cents we're getting on our excise now, to be spent on roads when this has happened? And is it possible for a politician to answer a question yes or no? Or doesn't it become part of your vocabulary?

MARK WILLACY: Yes or no answers were hard to come by. But the Prime Minister did concede a mistake had been made.

JOHN HOWARD: It would appear that there was an error made under both this government and the former government, in that the Minister for Transport failed to have tabled in the Parliament a declaration of the amount of money that the Government was going to spend on roads.


I'm off...need a break.

Hope ya have a safe & useful trip Aa.

AC, good stuff.



September 9. 2011 04:37 PM


Completely unscientific, no polls to support me, not even anything but a breath of a new wind blowing to hint at the possibility...

But I sense Shouldabeen's days are numbered.


September 9. 2011 05:05 PM


Ha ha ha! Brilliant post Acerbic Conehead! I don't think I've laughed so much in ages. Keep up the good work!


September 9. 2011 07:16 PM


Hi Acerbic Conehead

Thankyou for your wonderful weekend article, very funny as usual.

Trouble is Mary Jo Fisher thinks all that Fever Fudge is Crap, it puts her in the depths of despair:

And more of the Fever Fudge that Jooles had given to Mary Jo Fisher before she did the hockey-pokey. Next time she plans to
give her an even bigger helping, hoping she does something from Saturday Night Fever and makes an even bigger fool of herself.

Fisher details battle with depression , SMH

You think you're crap,"
my physical, internal crap.
let me deal with this crap
personal, physical crap

the "depths of despair".
"dark secret"
"It's all negative, sir.
"Basically I wasn't in control,"
my heart was beating in my ears,

The trial will resume on Monday


Cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


September 9. 2011 08:07 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Trevor, thank you for your invitation to engage in reasoned debate. I did try it a few years back. My [dissentient] comments came under the notice of TPS’ resident amateur psychiatrist/psychologist who chided me for not adoring the messiah, Saint Kevin. After pointing out to her that my views were no more and no less valid than hers she did concede that I had a right to hold a point of view. I found her attitude amusing and sad if you know what I mean. Then the soap-box Cromwell from the Central Coast picked me up on something I said or did and Lyn ‘the wandering comma’ chimed in saying that I used words that forced her to consult a dictionary. FS also used similar words but Lyn failed to rebuke FS even though I pointed it out to her. At this point Lyn claimed to have misplaced her white cane.

Trevor, I don’t have a ‘side’ as you put it. I regard ALL Australian politicians as nothing more than putrid, vile, disgusting, lying, devious,  scheming, filthy, bludging time-wasters who, when not planning raids on the public purse, are to be found at the trough. When I vote I try to vote for the party or individual that will do the least amount of damage to Australia.

So you see Trevor I add pithy comments and I do not take umbrage at what others say to me. What does irk me is when I strike back AA appears with his usual “don’t say that to other posters”. He is loath to issue such edicts to TPS’s pets. Should I take the time to engage in reasoned debate? I can’t see the point of that when others here merely rehash ALP press releases or focus on the meeja.

Sir Ian Crisp

September 9. 2011 08:30 PM


Sir Ian Crisp writes a post about "I"
Rough count 22 comma's, 13 full stops, but it's the

           Wandering I'S that have taken over:-

I did

I had

I found

I mean

I said

I used

I pointed

I don’t

I regard

I vote

I try

I add

I do not

I do not

I take

I can’t


September 9. 2011 08:39 PM



You forgot the implied trifecta -
I still can't justify why
I'm here because LNP Head Office hasn't told
Me yet!


September 9. 2011 08:40 PM


Poor Mary Jo Fisher

"You think you're crap," she told Criminal Court Magistrate Kym Boxall today.
"You feel you're not good enough to be doing what you're doing."

Well I agree with all that Mary Jo. You obviously have all your critical faculties intact!

I think that the judge should be exactly as judge-mental (no pun intended but it'll do Smile )as he would of any first-offender, young, or middle-aged, or elderly, a person of any race and any social position, but taking into account economic need, preparedness to admit and take responsibility for one's actions, and of course all the circumstances, in this case incuding assault and attempted flight, and repeated attempts to *fix* things with the guard, and the despicable preparedness further to permit her sleazy QC defence counsel Abbortt's (!) attempt to vilify the diligent vigilant courageous and conscientious .

. . . and then there is the strange matter of the disappearance of the CCTV . . . DO I HEAR an explosion of conjecture in the MSM Wink as to what happened to it? Who authorised its destruction? At whose behest? The Police must strenuously investigate this, it is as plain as day that there has been actual destruction of evidence, and that is a REALLY serious crime - perversion of the course of justice, it's probably more serious than premeditated theft plus assault rolled into one!

Hear that Prosecutor Segeant Brendon Beh?







That said, I do have sympathy for MJF, I have sympathy with anyone in really horrible circumstances - but she has been duplicitous in the extreme, there really is no defence, she must be convicted and kicked out of Parliament.

Hands up those who think this is an isolated incident in MJF's
M.O. . . ?



September 9. 2011 08:43 PM



" . . . the diligent vigilant courageous and conscientious guard."


September 9. 2011 09:13 PM


Hi Talk Turkey

I found some evidence about the CCTV footage going missing. Now
who shall I hand the evidence too, trouble is it's only a story.
Mr Brandis posts stuff to the police.

Somebody has definately stolen that footage because, people from Foodland viewed it.   The assult charges have been denied so channel 10 said, no reports about the missing footage though:
The News Reader says "despite her hazey memory, Mary Jo does not remember shutting the car door on the security guards arm or pushing her.

Craig Thomson and Mary Jo Fisher: MPs in the News: Video's Australian Politics

Reports from this evening’s Channel 10 news bulletins on the latest allegations against Labor MP Craig Thomson and the trial of Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher

Sgt Beh said no CCTV footage would be tendered as evidence during the trial as it had been destroyed.

He said a person representing Fisher attended the Foodland premises soon after the alleged incident and viewed the footage with the store manager.

When police later asked for the footage their attempts were "frustrated" before they were told the vision no longer existed, he said.

"There was a reasonably timely request by police but they were unable to secure the CCTV footage which we know existed and we know was viewed by one or two members of the Chapley Group (which owns Foodland) and one person acting for Ms Fisher," Sgt Beh said.




September 9. 2011 09:20 PM

Feral Skeleton

Sir Ian Crisp,
               Your extended diatribe reminds me of 'The Princess and the Pea'.

Feral Skeleton

September 9. 2011 09:46 PM


Hi 2353

Thanks, for that, funny isn't it.

You forgot the implied trifecta -
I still can't justify why
I'm here because LNP Head Office hasn't told
Me yet!



September 9. 2011 10:02 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
I'm back in action but soon heading to bed to listen to the last quarter of Geelong vs Hawthorn.  The TV is unwatchable as there are two many tall buildings around us here in central Melbourne.

I loved your analysis of Sir Ian's comment - sixteen instances of 'I' says it all.


Ad astra

September 9. 2011 11:21 PM


We Are Geelong!


September 9. 2011 11:52 PM


lyn @9.13pm, when asked by NSW police why he hadn't produced these documents the first time, he said they'd fallen down the back of his couch.

He asked that the police excuse the appearance of the documents, but the ink wasn't dry when they got accidentally lost, because his idiot secretary had forgotten to order printer ink.

It is understood that his secretary/wife has been sacked for an unspecified reason and there is now a standing order for printer ink at the local Cartridge World in case more documents need to be found.


September 10. 2011 12:05 AM


Swordsfolks! Do not remain silent on this issue of disappeared CCTV footage. It is SERIOUS crime, paling Senator(?!!!) Fisher's *alleged* theft, if not her *alleged* assault on the loyal and conscientious Ms Groot, and SOMEONE is RESPONSIBLE! Who is it Sgt Beh? If you do not know yet - WHY NOT ? It can only be one of a very few people, can't be all that hard to track the one/s responsible down! SERIOUS CRIME, Sgt Beh! It's the Police's JOB, responsibility, duty, to find and prosecute the CROOK/S who destroyed that CCTV! It didn't go missing by accident, someone got rid of it quick-smart!
Who was it?
Why wasn't it seized at the time, it was obviously critical evidence!
Who gave the advice to destroy it?
Was it a lawyer?
If so s/he should be unfrocked!


What are you doing about it?

Are you just going to say meh, Sgt Beh? Eh???!!!



September 10. 2011 02:35 AM


Congratulations William 'Bilbo' Bowe!
Blog Host with the Most!

Poll Bludger posts passed 1 Trillion today!

Oops sorry William
Only a Million! Smile

Sincere Felicitations and Best Wishes William.

I am sure many Swordsfolks visit PB as I do, and as I am equally sure that many Bludgers come to this site.

I see our two sites as being a bit like a dictionary and a thesaurus. The two work together in sort of different planes. I don't want to be without either of them.


September 10. 2011 06:13 AM


We will soon hear why the CCTV footage has disappeared.  Tony Abbott will hold a press advertisement (sorry conference) outside the Foodland store with the owner from the Group. Tony will explain because of The Carbon Tax and the exorbitant rise in cd discs/videos, for CCTV, the tapes have to be reused. Tony further explained because of the Carbon Tax shoplifting had increased because no longer would the store be able to supply evidence of such crimes to the police. Tony demanded that "she" stop this toxic tax so that this poor business owner can remain in business.
Tony then asked the owner if he would like to add a few words.  He totally agreed with Tony that this toxic tax, was increasing his costs and that the police will have to have laws changed so that police will take him on his word that a crime had occurred.
Tony then asked for any questions, the media then asked Tony whether Craig had used a credit card in this store.

We will soon hear why the CCTV footage has disappeared.  Tony Abbott will hold a press advertisement (sorry conference) outside the Foodland store with the owner from the Group. Tony will explain because of The Carbo Taz


September 10. 2011 07:08 AM


I think the poll showing TA as Nasty has disappeared from SMH.


September 10. 2011 07:38 AM

Sir Ian Crisp

Thanks Lyn. I was responding to a question put to me by Trevor. Trevor didn't ask Sam, John, Ralph, or Ian. He asked me so that is why 'I' appeared in my response. It is a little hard to understand isn't it Lyn.

Sir Ian Crisp

September 10. 2011 08:30 AM

Feral Skeleton

  I think I can answer Peter Hartcher's question, 'What does Labor stand for anymore?' Contained in the following article from today's smh:


   To me, it's quite simple. Labor stands for giving you a helping hand when you are down, the Liberals stand for kicking you when you are down.

Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 08:38 AM

Acerbic Conehead 2

Yes, that would make for a far more interesting Question Time, wouldn’t it?   Btw, hope you are getting on top of those health issues.  Look after yourself and have a restful weekend.

Hopefully you are right about Shouldabeen’s demise.  But, without a compliant media, he wouldn’t have lasted a nano-second in the first place.  History will frown on the performance of the media over the last number of years.

Thanks for your support.  Keep the posts coming.

Thank you also for your kind words.  Yes, all that palaver from the hokey-pokey woman sounds like Jive Talkin’ to me.

Have a nice relaxing weekend.  And it’s great to hear that FS is making a come-back.

Loved your summary of Tones’ presser re the missing CCTV tape, lol.
And I’m not surprised the poll on Tony the Annoying Nasty Orange has been pulled.  Let me guess, the replacement is something along the lines of:
“Do you think Julia Gillard’s ear-lobes have gotten longer than Pinocchio’s nose ever since she showed herself up as a lying bitch/witch over the Carbon Tax that will surely bring life in the Universe as we know it to a complete standstill?”

Acerbic Conehead 2

September 10. 2011 08:47 AM

Sir Ian Crisp

I have reworded it for you Lyn and I’m sure it flows a lot better. I'm sure it will make sense to you now.

Trevor, thank you for your invitation to engage in reasoned debate. Joanne did try it a few years back. Greg’s [dissentient] comments came under the notice of TPS’ resident amateur psychiatrist/psychologist who chided Inez for not adoring the messiah, Saint Kevin. After pointing out to her that Sabrina’s views were no more and no less valid than hers she did concede that Peter had a right to hold a point of view. Gwyn found her attitude amusing and sad if you know what Dudley means. Then the soap-box Cromwell from the Central Coast picked Tasha up on something Eamon said or did and Lyn ‘the wandering comma’ chimed in saying that Karen used words that forced her to consult a dictionary. FS also used similar words but Lyn failed to rebuke FS even though Nahma pointed it out to her. At this point Lyn claimed to have misplaced her white cane.

Trevor, Toby doesn’t have a ‘side’ as you put it. Jacinta regards ALL Australian politicians as nothing more than putrid, vile, disgusting, lying, devious,  scheming, filthy, bludging time-wasters who, when not planning raids on the public purse, are to be found at the trough. When Penelope votes Gregor tries to vote for the party or individual that will do the least amount of damage to Australia.

So you see Trevor Wahkuna adds pithy comments and Joel does not take umbrage at what others say to Helena. What does irk Smedley is when Tara strikes back AA appears with his usual “don’t say that to other posters”. He is loath to issue such edicts to TPS’s pets. Should Jane take the time to engage in reasoned debate? Leroy can’t see the point of that when others here merely rehash ALP press releases or focus on the meeja.

Sir Ian Crisp

September 10. 2011 09:05 AM

Feral Skeleton

    Give the dog a bone. If anyone here is interested enough to go over to Gutttertrash, they know where to find it and how to get there.

Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 09:08 AM

Feral Skeleton

  Speaking about the performance of the media, this space deserves watching:


   I'm on Senator Brown's side. It's time the Labor Party got bold, and not in the sense of, "That's courageous, Minister."

Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 09:09 AM

Feral Skeleton

   It seems our Muslim brethren are putting the reverse wedge on Mr Abbott's Budgie Smugglers:


Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 09:10 AM

Feral Skeleton

  Nope, no hoped for Labor Party split here:


Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 09:27 AM


The lady will do what her instincts tell her is right.

Watching NY right now ya can see how useful good, fast tracked intelligence work is...knowing how patient al qaeda & its youth are...always lookin' for an opening...

in under-taxed countries...helpin' them to implode and recruit...

gives ya a sense of what it must be like for the Israelis...pretty tense in an ongoin' basis I imagine...

The Arab spring will bring forth two futures...deterrents help persuade one over the other...yet decades of exposure it will take.



September 10. 2011 10:01 AM

Ad astra

I believe Geelong will be there at the very end.

Poor Peter Hartcher.  He still doesn’t know what Labor stands for.  Oh dear, will he ever learn.

Isn’t it strange that the most damning poll for Abbott just disappears.

I agree, the lady will do what she believes is right.  Why do so many commentators believe that they know better that the one who has all the relevant information?  Arrogance or misogyny?

Ad astra

September 10. 2011 10:16 AM


Brown's only bein' consistent. It helps his team.


lovely day. Doin' an aussie spring clean...chuckin' out plenty of old stuff...old tea sets, tons of old paperwork (new technology helps alot), useless cd racks, the tattered, smelly ottoman the cats have peed on...but I didn't have the heart to get rid of my old candle holders. Somethings are a part of yer past good memories and ya can't let go of them.

I'm so glad we have so much recycling here these days. It costs a bit more but it's worth havin' the big yellow bin.

Okay, I'm off to watch a few recordings of Jon Stewart's Daily Show & Curb yer enthusiasm.



September 10. 2011 10:33 AM


Before I go, yer useful link Feral:

Tony Abbott publicly condemns Senator Cory Bernardi's involvement with the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Why do I always get an image of these three plus Barnaby Joyce on bikes travelling thru Iraq w/ GW Bush, Dickwad Cheney, Jörg Haider & Roger Ailles?



September 10. 2011 10:36 AM

Patricia WA

Loved every line, AA, rich with wry references all through!  Where and when was the picture of Tony Abbott looking at that lovely arse taken?

Patricia WA

September 10. 2011 10:37 AM


Why do so many commentators believe that they know better that the one who has all the relevant information?  Arrogance or misogyny?

both I imagine. They're oft stumblers too...far too sure of themselves. Not unlike GW & crew.

They just lose the support necessary to do the right thing. Their stumbling & own goals are magnified because of how big the playing field is.

Then we are forced to spend huge amounts of money & effort repairing the field.



September 10. 2011 10:38 AM

Feral Skeleton

  As we come into the session of parliament that will finally see our Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme passed, let us reflect on how determined are the Pollutocrats to buy the support of Conservative politicians who want to wreck any attempt to do the right thing by the environment and the economy:


Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 10:43 AM

Feral Skeleton

Ad Astra,
         I thought it was nice how Peter Hartcher purloined my theme about the new 'Forgotten People', of Contractors, and Small and Micro Businesspeople, that I reflected on as being a whole new constituency that Labor should capitalise on, only about, oh, 6 months after I had brought the idea up. The Liberals were much quicker off the mark. Their 'Forgotten Families' line appeared very soon after mine. Smile

Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 10:45 AM


Speaking about the performance of the media, this space deserves watching:

Yes Feral,
we'll take what we can get.

As we come into the session of parliament that will finally see our Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme passed, let us reflect on how determined are the Pollutocrats to buy the support of Conservative politicians who want to wreck any attempt to do the right thing by the environment and the economy:

the problem w/ the Neo-CON pollutocrats is they don't help give us independence from states who are a bit wishy washy, to say the least. Too tied in by way of shareholders & such.

Like I said, stumblers. Pulled in too many directions.  



September 10. 2011 10:50 AM


my theme about the new 'Forgotten People', of Contractors, and Small and Micro Businesspeople

Indeed. Agree w/ ya. I've said same myself in the past. My neighbour is one...he voted ALP in 2007. Generally a bit of a libertarian tho. But likes his affordable healthcare & education...and appreciated the legup into his home...which he works hard on since they've had the two kids.

BTW, word is goin' around that Rick Perry is not what he says he is. Considerin' his past.  



September 10. 2011 10:53 AM

Feral Skeleton

   If anyone wants to have a pen portrait of the modern Conservative movement, with musical accompinament by the inimtable Groucho Marx, have a look here:


Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 10:58 AM


Acerbic Conehead

When I saw your article here yesterday I thought I was a day behind.  It wouldn't have surprised me in the least, anyway I waited until this morning to read it so I could have my usual Saturday morning laugh. Again you have outdone yourself.  I just love the Harry Potter series.


Go the Cats. ( Ah well it is getting to this time of the year.)


September 10. 2011 11:03 AM


that would make for a far more interesting Question Time, wouldn’t it?

Wouldn't it? Smile
Goin' by Abbott's rants I reckon if he took the country we'd get plenty of sermons, pontifications & blut & boden-like speeches. How boring.

I guess Independent Rob Oakeshott is not the only one in parliament w/ verbal diarrhoea...but Rob's a generally kind fella w/ good intentions...Abbott seems to be lettin' off steam and bringin' the boilin' fanaticism & pugilist anger below up into the public sphere like lava spewin' from a volcano.

We ain't seen nuthin' yet. Australia as Pompei.  

Btw, hope you are getting on top of those health issues.  Look after yourself and have a restful weekend

Thnx AC, feelin' better...have the odd bad day...but I can't complain. Part of gettin' on I guess. At least the new cholestoral pill has less side effects...and the electronic treadmill is very useful. As is Vit. D.

Hope yer well too. Keep up the good work. Plenty of great ideas.



September 10. 2011 11:07 AM


thnx for the Huff Post link:

This is not your father's (or mother's) GOP. During a time of national crisis, the president has submitted an urgently-needed jobs bill that is well within the mainstream for Republicans as well as Democrats. But today's Republicans are a new breed, dedicated not to their country or even an ideology.




September 10. 2011 11:25 AM


Ad astra
I have sent you an e-mail.


September 10. 2011 11:36 AM

Ad astra

I've just now replied.

Ad astra

September 10. 2011 12:00 PM


we were right about SKY NEWS incrementally becomin' a version of Fox News...now Chris Kenny, the poor man's Alan Jones, is takin' over Saturday Agenda.

Notice he was on Insiders to promote himself...as was Bolt before Ch. Ten.

This from Chris Kenny in 2007 on Iraq & Downer:

There are there are dark moments in an issue like Iraq because some of the terrible things that have happened but I’ve never had any doubts and I’ve never seen Alexander have any doubts about the fact that this was the right thing to do and needed to be done and needs to be seen through and one now because I suppose he has a context and those in our office we have we have a good understanding of the context of this and we always think about the consequences of not doing anything and that’s what’s often missing from debate...

much more here:


he also published two books: State of Denial, about the downfall of the Bannon government, and Women's Business, on the Hindmarsh Island Bridge scandal. Kenny became a political adviser in 2000, as Director of Strategic Communications for Liberal Premier of SA, John Olsen. When Olsen was replaced by Premier Rob Kerin, Kenny became Chief of Staff. In 2002 he joined Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's office as media adviser and was prominent in the handling of issues such as the Iraq War, the Bali terrorism attacks and the AWB scandal. He eventually was appointed chief of staff to the Foreign Minister. Kenny also stood for Liberal Party preselection for the Adelaide seat of Unley, but was defeated by David Pisoni, who went on to win in the 2006 state election.

After the defeat of the Howard Government, Kenny worked as a columnist for The Advertiser in Adelaide and as a television reporter for the Adelaide edition of A Current Affair and as morning talkback radio host for 5AA. In January 2009 he was employed as chief of staff for then-Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull. When Turnbull lost the Liberal Leadership, Kenny resigned. He subsequently provided opinion pieces and analysis for The Australian, ABC The Drum and SkyNews. In 2010 Kenny was appointed General Manager, External Affairs, for transport giant Asciano before leaving at the end of the year to return to media work.

On Monday 11th April 2011 Chris Kenny appeared on the ABC Television show "Q and A" alongside politicians and community figures.


From The Drum:

Chris Kenny is a journalist, author and former political staffer.

He recently served as Chief of Staff to then Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull. He was also Chief of Staff to Alexander Downer, the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the former Howard Government. In State Governments he was Director of Strategic Communications for Premier John Olsen and Chief of Staff to Premier Rob Kerin.

Previously, Chris was a leading political journalist in his home State of South Australia. After working for a country newspaper, the now defunct Adelaide News and the ABC's 7.30 Report he covered state politics for Channel 10 and then Channel 9 in Adelaide.

He has also been a successful guest presenter for talk radio station 5AA, covering morning, afternoon and evening shifts.

Chris has been a weekly columnist for the Sunday Mail and The Advertiser and a monthly contributor to The Adelaide Review.

In 1993 he published State of Denial, a book about the collapse of the State Bank and the Bannon Government.

In 1996 Chris published "It would be nice if there was some Women's Business" - the inside story of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge saga. Chris's reporting had unearthed the fabrication claims and forced a Royal Commission.

Chris Kenny the apologist:




Tricky dicks I tell ya, tricky dicks wearin' fox fur.



September 10. 2011 12:06 PM


Warning: Adult Content.
If you thought Mrs Slocombe's pussy was a pet too far, scroll on by.

                                 Heeding the Call

Brian: Right, let's get the signs out and grab a place close to the stage.

Denise: Daddy, I want this one.

Brian: Now honey, you know I promised that one to your brother.

Denise: But I want that one with the drawing of the pretty lady on it.

Brian: I've told you darling - I don't think it's appropriate for a four-year-old girl to be holding a sign that says "Ditch the Bitch Witch in the Ditch".

Shirley: I don't think it's appropriate to have a sign that says that in the first place.

Brian: It just means a female dog, Shirley. We've been over this. Here Neesy, take this one.

Denise: (crying) But I don't want one that says "Erection Now". I want .......

Brian: "Election" honey. "Election Now!" - that's what it says. Where did you get erection from?

Denise: Because that's what Mummy was yelling the other night - "I want an erection now, Brian". That's you isn't it Daddy? Brian?

Brian: Yes , yes honey. That's what Mummy and other grown-ups call me. But Mummy was saying "election" ......

Shirley: (sotto voce) Yeah, right.

Brian: ....... because she was upset that this bitch .......... this government is going to ruin our lives. You don't want your life ruined do you Neesy?

Denise: No Daddy. Would an election make Mummy happier?

Shirley: Oh God yes.

Brian: Yes honey. An e.....lection would make everyone much happier.

Shirley: A bit more often than once every three years anyway.

Brad: Come on Dad or we won't get a good spot with all these old fogeys here.

Shirley: Bradley! Don't you dare speak about your elders like that.

Brad: But Dad says ......

Shirley: I know that's what your father calls my parents when he thinks I can't hear him but that doesn't mean you can do it. Seven is not too old to be put over my knee.

Brian: Here, look. C'mon kids, we'll be right in front of the microphone.

Denise: Is she really a witch, Daddy? The lady in the drawings?

Brian: Yes honey, she really is a witch.

Denise: Then how come she's prime minister?

Brian: Well you know how witches in your stories at home can make people think that they are something that they're not? Well, that's what she did. She cast a spell and made people think that she was a good person and so everybody voted for her.

Denise: Did you vote for her, Daddy?

Brian: No, but ....

Denise: Guess she didn't fool you, huh?

Brian: No honey, she didn't but ....

Denise: Is she evil Daddy?

Brian: Yes she is! She's an evil bi ... witch.

Denise: (crying) I don't want the witch to get me!

Shirley: Now Neesy. She's not a witch. She's just a lady who's doing something that your Daddy doesn't want her to do.

Brian: Will you keep your voice down.

Barnaby Joyce: LOOK AT YOU ALL!!   Isn't this great? We'll show this government we mean business! They can't LIE to us!

Crowd: No!

Barnaby: They can't make us pay a tax we don't want!

Crowd: No!

Barnaby: She won't get away with this!

Brian & Crowd: No!

Barnaby: She's a liar!

Brian & Crowd: Yeah!

Barnaby: Are we gonna stand for this?!!

Brian & Crowd: No!!!

Barnaby: Are we gonna stop this tax?!!!!

Brian & Crowd: Yes!!!!!

Barnaby: If ya want to get rid of this tax, you've gotta get rid of this government!!!

Brian & Crowd: Yes!!!! Yes!!!!

Barnaby: Are ya with me?!!!!!

Brian & Crowd: Yes!!!   Yes!!!   Yes!!!

Barnaby: She wants to ruin our way of life!

Brian & Crowd: Yeah!

Barnaby: She wants to drive us out of our homes!!

Brian & Crowd: Yeah!!

Barnaby: She's gonna make the price of everything go up!!

Brian & Crowd: Yeah!!!

Barnaby: And UP!!!

Brian & Crowd: Yeah!!!!

Barnaby: AND UP!!!!

Brian & Crowd: Yeah!!!!!

Denise: Hooray!!

Brian: No, no honey, it's not a good thing.

Shirley: Um. Brian? Do you think this is a good time for ....... an election?

Brian: What? Of course it ...... Oh God. Um. Jeesus!

Shirley: It's okay darling, no-one's going to notice.

Brian: It's just the atmosphere. It's supercharged with ........ with .........

Shirley: Self-righteous indignation?

Brian: I was going to say adrenaline.

Shirley: It's also supercharged with the smell of adult diapers, Barnaby's spittle and cheap lavender. But it's alright darling. I know how fond you are of self-righteous indignation. Or is it the lavender?

Brian: God this is embarrassing.

Shirley: If this is what it takes perhaps we can get a few recordings of Barnaby's speeches and .......

Brian: Oh shut up will you. There, I'll hold a sign in front of me.

Shirley: Very subtle. Hahahahahaha .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Brian: What's so bloody funny?!

Denise: Don't say that word Daddy.

Brian: Shut ...... just wait a minute Neesy, Mummy and Daddy are talking, okay? What's so funny?

Shirley: (wiping tears of laughter from her eyes) Your sign Brian. Look at your sign. You've got the one that says "Beneath Every Sign There's a Voter".

Brian: Jesus! Give it a rest will you?

Shirley: Is he on the electoral roll? Little Brian? No wonder you're fond of elections. A nice little outing down to the school. Flop. "Sign the roll here,sir." Hee hee hee.

Brian: Shuttup! This is important. They're gonna tax us out of our homes.

Shirley: You know we don't actually pay the tax, don't you Brian? The big polluters ......

Brian: Shut up! Are you mad? If one of this mob hear you talking like that they'll think you're a lefty.

Bystander 1: Lefty? Where?

Bystander 2: Lefty? Who's a lefty?

Bystander 1: This guy here. I heard him say he's a lefty.

Brian: No! No I didn't. She was making fun of my .........

Bysitter 1: Push me over there Arthur. I think they've trapped a lefty.

Arthur: Where?

Bysitter 1: Over there near the kid with the bitchin' Witch 'n' Bitch sign. Now that kid's got spunk.

Shirley: A chip of the old block, not.

Crowd: Lefty!!    Lefty!!!   Lefty!!!!

Alan Jones: Where? Where's this interloper? Bring them up to the stage so they can explain themselves! This is a democratic gathering!! We didn't invite any left-wing ratbags here! Who is it? You? Is it you?

Brian: No! No, it wasn't me! Take the boy. He plays cricket like a girl.

Bystander 1: Yes it was! I heard him say "lefty".

Crowd: Lefty!!   Lefty!!    Burn the lefty!!!

Alan Jones: Come on!! Bring him up here!! This is a great day for democracy!! Now you'll find out what we do with traitors like you! Where's that chaff bag? C'mon! Don't try and hide behind that sign! You're a disgrace!! Oh My God. You filthy animal!!! There are women and children here!! Chaff bag!!! Where's that chaff bag?

Shirley: Come on kids. Time to go home.

Brad: But what about Dad?

Shirley: I'm sure he'll find his way home. And the next time I call for an election, he might sit up and take notice.


September 10. 2011 12:15 PM



Hey! Hey! Sergeant Beh!
Who had access on that day?

Don’t just let them get away!



Evidence tampering’s MAJOR CRIME!
Find out now while there’s still time!
That video didn’t just disappear!
Who destroyed it? Bring them here!

This is a crime worth years in gaol!
Hunt the culprits! Find their trail!
Grab those rodents by the tail!

I would not stoop to smear or slur,
But WHO destroyed that evidence, Sir?
Who destroyed it? On whose advice?

Mice?  Wink

Not too many were involved!
Eliminate, incriminate, problem solved!
Let us see these crims indicted,
And severely punished when convicted!

Mary Jo Fisher, she won’t go to gaol.
Although she deserves to, but her crimes are pale
Compared to this OUTRAGE, Folks, this is REAL crook!
The crooks must be found now, and then brought to book!

For evidence destruction, (and it’s quite right imo)
No matter the matter, to gaol you go!
It’s corrupt, it’s premeditated, and it’s obscene
Especially in this case, you see what I mean!


Oh this could go on. It's meant as a stomp-chant for the hundreds of thousands of people besieging the Criminal Court in Adelaide to ensure that justice is seen to be done in MJF's case.
The first four verses, or just first and fourth, can be looped.

BTW did anyone spot the lurking nasty non-rhyme there somewhere? Just wanted to see if yous were paying attention!Smile
First person to identify the two non-rhymes (not the one with 'imo') I will send a Liar-Bird Alertness Award Feather to.


September 10. 2011 12:31 PM

Patricia WA

Acerbic Conehead, scrolling back to see if you or anyone else had info I'd missed about Tony Abbott's envious eyeing of the pig's arse I see I've made a typo.  It was to you I was paying the compliment!   Great satire, as always from you, every line a laugh.

Patricia WA

September 10. 2011 12:35 PM


I'd hate to be in NY right now...w/ all those hidey holes/rooms thruout the subway system...and under bridges. And food carts. And newspaper stands.

And those Washington memorials would be temptin' for terrorists...like Lincoln's one. I'd even be checkin' security guards. These fellas are patient infiltrators.  

Feel sorry for 'em.



September 10. 2011 12:46 PM


Can't be rocket science Sgt Beh!

Lyn quoted:

'Sgt Beh said no CCTV footage would be tendered as evidence during the trial as it had been destroyed.

He said a person representing Fisher attended the Foodland premises soon after the alleged incident and viewed the footage with the store manager.

When police [2 days TT] later asked for the footage their attempts were "frustrated" before they were told the vision no longer existed, he said.

"There was a reasonably timely request [Not 'timely' enough!Why did they not seize it at the time? Who failed to do that? TT ] by police but they were unable to secure the CCTV footage which we know existed and we know was viewed by one or two members of the Chapley Group (which owns Foodland) and one person acting for Ms Fisher," Sgt Beh said.'

So WHO DESTROYED IT SERGEANT? )Or am I really asking too much of the South Australian and Federal Police? Because it spills over to the Feds too, her being a Senator ffs. Have they got a crook on the Federal payroll, and who has attempted to pervert the course of justice to keep her from dismissal?

The evidence tampering is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than Fisher's offences. Some person or persons should go to gaol for it, and if the police fail to identify and prosecute the offender/s it is because they have been bumbling, derelict, and gazzumped at least, and there must also be some suspicion surely of their own collusion with her, and them, and them, as above. The Police  should strenuously investigate this matter so that the latter possibility can be discounted, otherwise the cloud of supicion will never be lifted.

I hope


LISTENING? . . ! . . .

(Conspiracy theorist? ME ???!)


September 10. 2011 01:05 PM

Feral Skeleton

        Chris Kenny's one of those 'Hale Fellow, well met' type of Conservatives. Snakes in the grass. Always adept at putting lipstick on the pig. I advise you to have a read of the Liberal Student's Electioneering Manifesto that I linked to a couple of days ago. It is eye-wateringly eye-opening about the means by which Liberals try to win all our votes. It's not really student specific, it applies across the broad spectrum.

Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 01:35 PM


What you need is Brandis to write to Sgt Beh and instruct him to investigate and prosecute the "deliberate" non-securing of evidence. Brandis can also instruct him to ask his fellow Senator, MJF, who was the person who went to the store and watched the video. That person could be called upon to give evidence. Brandis can ensure the Sgt that he has every confidence that his fellow Senator would be more than willing to identify this person as being a Senator they are people of the highest ethics.


September 10. 2011 01:37 PM

Patricia WA

TT I was reading somewhere that when writing poetry it's not an indictable offence to introduce the odd non-rhyme, providing you do it with conviction.

That was a great war chant you had going there.  I don't know how you keep the beat going for so long along with the rhymes and make it look so easy.  Well done, I enjoyed that.

Patricia WA

September 10. 2011 01:39 PM


Hi Talk Turkey

Just wanted to see if yous were paying attention!
First person to identify the two non-rhymes (not the one with 'imo') I will send a Liar-Bird Alertness Award Feather to

Thankyou for your wonderful rhymes, you are very clever.
                        Now I need to try for a feather:-

My guess is:-

Evidence tampering’s MAJOR CRIME!



September 10. 2011 02:27 PM

Patricia WA

You're absolutely right, of course, TT.  Evidence tampering has taken place there.  Interestingly the police have made no effort to cover up the sequence of events that led to it.  Perhaps they know there's no point in making an issue of that until a verdict is declared, but if the magistrate is doing his job  properly he will have noted it, I hope.

What do you think of Mary Jo's attire and general demeanour?  She had obviously been told to put a good front on.  But if that silly grin and those atrocious clothes are the best she can do one wonders at the lack of presentable candidates in the Lib talent pool.   Mind you, she'd drawn attention to that when did her little dance routine in the Senate.

No news on the pig's arse picture yet.   I need to take down my 'homophobic lure' on that pome of mine and revamp the page. I think that picture would suit, don't you?   I just need its date and to whom I should attribute.  Or is it in the public domain?

By the way I didn't get any nasty comment amongst the several which appeared at polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../.  There were scores of visitors and although I left the thread open and uncensored there were only comments of general approval,  except one.  But even that was harmless so it's still there in all its literary brilliance.  

Which seems to prove that the outraged, and unnecessarily extreme reaction to imagined homophobic slurs is not really about gay sensitivity.  It's just poisoned tongues looking for somewhere to create mischief.

Patricia WA

September 10. 2011 03:17 PM

Acerbic Conehead 2

I think this is where I got the pig picture from:


Acerbic Conehead 2

September 10. 2011 03:25 PM


Good points:

Mr. Banker, Can You Spare a Dime?
Published: September 9, 2011
NY Times

On Thursday night, President Obama offered up a series of tax breaks to small businesses as part of his jobs package. “Everyone here knows that small businesses are where most new jobs begin,” he told Congress. I don’t mean to diminish the tax relief, which may, indeed, encourage small businesses to start hiring. But, far more than tax relief, small businesses need credit. That is what the president should be pushing for.

Three years ago, the federal government used tens of billions in taxpayer dollars to save the banking system. Now, at this dire economic moment, the country needs the banks to return the favor. Pushing the country’s banks to act more like Sterling Savings Bank, and less like JPMorgan Chase, is something that the president might want to put on his jobs agenda.


Those banks that turned opportunistically socialist durin' the bailout/handouts seem to have become real Scrooges. Interesting timing.

I wonder if Perry became President if they'd be so tight-arsed?

Shame on them.

Could almost be seen as sabotaging the economy...anti-American small business/projects.



September 10. 2011 03:35 PM

D Mick Weir

thanks for the giggles and some inspiration as well.

NormanK @ 12:06 PM
that was very naughty but noice

reminded me of an oldie but goldie

The Aussie delegation visiting China at state dinner and the conversation hesitatingly got around to democracy  and a lady delegate (no proof that it was JG) asked of the Chinese gentleman next to her -

So, when do you have elections in China?

He replied in that inscrutable way that only the Chinese can -

Ah, evely morning and evely night ...

Anyway NK I haven't given up but I have been otherwise distracted Picking Nits   http://ausnitpicks.blogspot.com/

D Mick Weir

September 10. 2011 03:53 PM

Patricia WA

Thanks, AC.  What a disgusting thread that is.   Still it told me what I wanted to know i.e. that the picture pre-dated Tony Windsor's disclosure about Abbott's willingness to sell his arse by at least ten days.  No attribution there though, so it's probably in the public domain.

But on second thoughts I don't think I'll use it, or put any more energy into the Abbott's arse pome.  Though I do believe he'd sell it if he had to.  He's already sold his soul.

At the moment I'm enraged about his callous ruthlessness and disregard not just for law and justice, but for the common decencies and anyone's feelings which get in the way of his ambitions.  I'm thinking of Zoe Thomson's wife and her soon to be born child, both of whom must be under extreme stress right now.  cafewhispers.wordpress.com/.../#comment-35709

Patricia WA

September 10. 2011 04:00 PM

Patricia WA

Sorry AC, that link sent you to the tail end of something else. If it interests you try polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../

Patricia WA

September 10. 2011 04:27 PM


I'm so sorry Tweetie! PatriciaWA
Snaffled dat fevver her own special way:
Their spelling's so similar, convict and indict,
But when you try to rhyme them they get up and fight!
(Or just to reverse that - indict and convict -
When you try to rhyme them, poor blighters conflict!)

Patricia said "TT I was reading somewhere that when writing poetry it's not an indictable offence to introduce the odd non-rhyme, providing you do it with conviction."

Hey How did you know about that? Wink
I told everyone I was on holiday!


I love it but I do write it as a tool as do you Patricia. Funny how so few people write rhyme, to me it is as easy as mathematics isn't! The English language is a never-ending playground of words and I have rhymed a hell of a lot of them over time!

So many words! If thoughts are birds, the only substance known
For feathers, flesh and brain, is words!
- And written word is bone!

[From my first big book of verse
New Worlds!
Chapter None "A Pen upon a Pun"
in which I find many a pun to pin a pen upon. Smile]

Oh yeah and I didn't mention Folks last week I read just a few verses of the Lass from Yarralumla to the Friendly Street Poets here, sixty-odd people, (you can take that several ways, all true!). Most of us just want to have 3 minutes (literally) of glory per month, but I read that bit about Drunken Thug Milne and his ilk, they loved it I'm glad to say, you don't find a lot of Abborttophiles among *poets*!  


September 10. 2011 05:10 PM


Hi Tallk Turkey

Not much of a poet me.

Think  Evidence tampering’s is  on my mind.



September 10. 2011 06:37 PM


8:30am Sky News 601 - Australian Agenda
On Sky News Australian former Prime Minister John howard for a 9/11 special on the anniversary. Plus some chat with him about the week that was.
Joining host Peter Van Onselen on the Panel, The Australian's Paul Kelly, Dennis Shanahan and Greg Sheridan.

8:38am Ch7 - Weekend Sunrise - The Riley Diary
This week political editor Mark Riley is at work with Julia....in New Zealand...while Tony says I'll help in any way I can..any way...except the way you want me to!

8:40am Ch9 - Today on Sunday - The Laurie Oakes Interview
The weekly Laurie Oakes interview is in hibernation until further notice.

9:00am ABC1 & on ABC News 24 - Insiders
On Insiders this Sunday, Barrie Cassidy interviews the Defence Minister Stephen Smith.
On the panel: the Financial Review’s Laura Tingle, The Australian’s Niki Savva and SBS’s Karen Middleton.
And Mike Bowers talks pictures with Sydney Morning Herald cartoonist, Cathy Wilcox.

10:00am ABC1 & on ABC News 24 repeated @ 5.30pm - Inside Business
This week on Inside Business a feature interview with ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, on his fight-back against the Federal Court decision to narrow the Commission’s power to veto mergers and his concerns with Telstra’s plans for its structural separation.
Also, a look at reports that a fresh wave of big Chinese M&A activity is in the pipeline as the Chinese switch out of US paper assets.
And, they also have a look at the on-going problems at Leighton Holdings
Plus a cross to London to check out the latest on the latest grim news from Europe and its banks.
As well, the latest news from the markets and Alan Kohler’s incisive commentary.

10.00am Ch10 everywhere but Canberra at 4.30pm - The Bolt Report - Check local program guides for encore performance timings later in the day
Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop will join Andrew in the studio, former Federal Liberal treasurer Peter Costello and former NSW Labor Treasurer Michael Costa debate on the panel and Andrew will also speak to University of Queensland counter-terrorism expert Dr Andrew Phillips on the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks on America.

10.30am Ch10 everywhere but Canberra at 4.00pm - Meet the Press - Check local program guides for encore performance timings later in the day
Hugh Riminton is joined by panellists; Lauren Wilson of The Australian, and Dylan Welch, of The Age.
Together they interview Attorney-General Robert McClleland, and the former Australian Consul-General in New York City during 9/11, Ken Allen.


September 10. 2011 07:46 PM


Acerbic Conehead
Thanks for another brilliant effort. I had hoped that Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes would have stocked a magic mirror that Jooles could have given to Brandis. One that shows him how he really looks on television rather than how he thinks he looks. His supercilious sneer is very unbecoming in someone who tries to portray himself as being serious-minded.
I imagine he makes a lousy poker player.


September 10. 2011 07:47 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for the schedule for tomorrow.

I wonder what you made of Collingwood's win today.

Thank you for your comments today, NormanK for your stylish piece of satire, and Patricia WA for your pome and your pertinent questions at the end; I would dearly love to know the answers to them.  

I've had a hectic day with one son returning from the US and many things to do.  So I'm calling it a day.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Ad astra

September 10. 2011 07:52 PM

Ad astra

Your brilliant satire has had the good reception I predicted.  One aspect that I enjoyed immensely was the poignant music on the YouTube clip.  Why can't we hear more of such melodies, rather than the loud cacophony we hear too often?  Or am I just old-fashioned?

Ad astra

September 10. 2011 08:15 PM

Feral Skeleton

  What's the odds Barrie Cassidy will ask Stephen Smith about taking over the Prime Minister's job from Julia Gillard? Groan.

Feral Skeleton

September 10. 2011 08:40 PM


  "I wonder what you made of Collingwood's win today"
In a word lucky!


September 10. 2011 08:42 PM

Patricia WA

AA, I'm so glad you read that and particularly that you seemed to think those questions were valid.  I'm no gynaecologist, or psychatrist, but as a woman who has borne two children I really believe the well being of the unborn is affected by the moood and health of its mother.

Part of me would like to have been reassured that that was not so and that my anxiety about that child is unfounded.

Patricia WA

September 11. 2011 12:30 AM


[quote]Arrogance or misogyny?[quote]

Both, I'm afraid, Ad astra

Patricia WA

I also really hope that Zoe Thomson has been able to keep calm and insulate herself from the stress of the ongoing stalking of her husband by the ghouls in the Liars Party.


September 11. 2011 08:12 AM

Feral Skeleton

Re: Zoe Thomsonand the callous disregard for her and her unborn baby's well-being.
1. Gynaecologists say that one of the worst things that can be passed on to an unborn baby from their mother is an increased level of Adrenaline. Many studies have been done about the effects post-partum as the child grows. It's not good.

2. Mothers can get Pre-Natal Depression as well as Post-Natal. It is said that the Pre-Natal Depression also has negative effects on the unborn child's brain biochemistry due to the mother's imbalances.

3. The last Trimester of pregnancy is when the foetus is supposed to grow into the bonny baby we get after a normal birth(hopefully).

4. Which is the other aspect of the unalloyed cruelty that the Liberal Party have expressed towards Zoe Thomson as an intentional side-effect(for you can conclude nothing less with the number of Doctor MPs in the Coalition), of their attack on Craig Thomson. And might I also add that the Fairfax Newspapers bear some of the responsibility for this tawdry situation too. I mean, did they have to bring out the new allegations about Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson the very day after he was cleared of the last set of smears and give him and his family no respite?
   So, as an upset hormonal imbalance in the mother can also cause problems with the birth process and breast feeding, if anything at all goes wrong with the birth of Zoe and Craig Thomson's baby, or in the period after, then these people will truly have it as a spot on their hands that the crafty words of Tony Abbott will never be able to wash away.

   Just as an example, the chemical oxytocin:

   A short polypeptide hormone, C43H66N12O12S2, released from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, that stimulates the contraction of smooth muscle of the uterus during labor and facilitates ejection of milk from the breast during nursing.

New York Times columnist David Brooks turned his attention to the hormone oxytocin, which aids in forming and maintaining relationships. He named this ability as the best predictor of success for both individuals and organizations:

    "Oxytocin is a hormone that helps mammals bond.... In humans, oxytocin levels rise during childbirth, breast feeding and sex. Humans with higher oxytocin levels are more likely to trust other people.... I figure if we can hang Oxytocin Meters around people's necks, we can tell who is involved in healthy relationships and who isn't."

Next, Cortisol, the hormone released when you are under stress:

   Severe trauma or stressful events can elevate cortisol levels in the blood for prolonged periods.

...long-term exposure to cortisol damages cells in the hippocampus;[43] this damage results in impaired learning. Furthermore, it has been shown that cortisol inhibits memory retrieval of already stored information.

It suppresses the immune system by "muting" the white blood cells.

Another function is to decrease bone formation.

   I Just thought I'd put the information out into the Public Domain so that we all can know that actions such as the Coalition and the newspapers are undertaking can have real and measurable consequences. Zoe Thomson is not some abstract piece of collateral damage in the Craig Thomson 'Affair'. She is a young mum going through one of the most delicate times in her and her unborn child's life.

Feral Skeleton

September 11. 2011 08:22 AM


Good morning all.
I had the pleasure of meeting our lovely PM yesterday evening.  The event was a civic reception held at the Singleton High School and, because the time was 4pm and I have a long way to travel (to return through kangaroo country) I had decided to stay home.  However, my daughter-in-law kindly offered to drive us both there.

Well, the formalities were short and sweet and the PM then spent more than an hour being mobbed by people wanting to meet her and be photographed with her.  There were a lot of children in the mix, the smaller ones literally crawled through the legs of adults in order to get to her and each and every one were noticed, smiled upon and hugged by this warm and friendly PM.  She posed for endless photos of people, their parents, kids and grandkids and signed dozens and dozens of autographs.

Even little old me didn't miss out as the PM obligingly posed with me in front of d-i-l's camera and signed the programme.

While all this was going on, Tim, the First Bloke, was keeping a low profile in the background behind the crowd.  MP Joel Fitzgibbon announced his presence earlier on and, as soon as people had met the PM, they made a beeline to meet Tim as well.

Having experienced firsthand, the warmth, friendliness and graciousness of this PM, I cannot fathom why the media are so viciously keen to turn the people against her by their continual negative criticism.  


September 11. 2011 08:29 AM

Ad astra

Thank you for placing in the public arena the ill effects of stress on the pregnant mother and her child to which Patricia WA alluded in her post-poem questions.  My guess is that the Coalition members that continue their vitriolic campaign against Craig Thomson do so without thought of such unintended consequences, as is likely the case with journalists at Fairfax.  Collateral damage is probably not at the forefront of their minds, and if it were, it would be of little consequence.  Can anyone imagine George Brandis being concerned about Zoe Thomson’s unborn child?

Ad astra

September 11. 2011 08:35 AM


Hi Ad

The Liberal party cheer squad for 1 hour, glad I haven't got Sky News anymore.

John Howard is appearing on so many political shows, maybe he is going to take over from Abbott.There's a headline story idea for the MSM, they just have to write, sources told them.

@vanOnselenP   Peter van Onselen

Coming up on #AustralianAgenda on Sky News at 8:30am

John Howard with Paul Kelly, Dennis Shanahan and Greg Sheridan.
1hr special...



September 11. 2011 08:43 AM

Ad astra

What a delightful story you tell about our warm and friendly PM.  Like you, I ask why such vicious attacks continue to be directed towards her in the face of the admirable personal characteristics she exhibits day after day.  The answer seems to be the insatiable quest for power by Tony Abbott and the Coalition, and the push for influence by the wealthy and powerful.  All else is swept aside in the pursuit power, and the fact that in the process a decent and likeable PM, who is setting in place the largest reform agenda in decades, is demonized in the most personal way, seems to be of no consequence to the power mongers.  I’m writing something for later in the week that asks why our PM is not getting a traditional Aussie fair go.

Ad astra

September 11. 2011 08:45 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
That's something I won't be watching.  An hour of self justification from John Howard would to too much.

Ad astra

September 11. 2011 10:48 AM


Hi Ad

Barrie Cassidy again quotes a crazy story:-

Ad I have included a link to Simon Benson, but you don't need it.
Excerpt tells the whole story:-

Labor MPs behind a Kevin Rudd comeback say he is ready to 'forgive and forget' ,Simon Benson News Com

ALLIES of Kevin Rudd are telling colleagues ,Senior Government
sources say ,a small group of MPs,Mr Rudd's backers vowed ,They claimed ,One minister, who confirmed ,Rudd supporters , one senior MP ,staunch Gillard ally said,"People are certainly telling people ,also being said ,Another senior Labor MP ,," a senior Labor MP said.,Another senior figure ," another senior MP said, A friend of Defence Minister Stephen Smith,," the friend said, Other Labor sources have suggested .


The story below has been condensed in order to save your time,
therefore there is no link, you don't need one:-

Labor Government heading for wipeout without Kevin Rudd in command, say supporters , Samantha Maiden, Courier Mail

supporters have warned ,a small group of backers , " a Labor MP said, Several MPs have confirmed , Others have named ,
supporters have scoffed, A Labor MP predicted , "A growing number of caucus think , the caucus won't accept ,Another senior MP said.



September 11. 2011 11:10 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
No matter what our learned journalists speculate, the likelihood of a change of PM is so improbable that it’s only journalists that think it’s worth discussing.  Anything for a story!

Did you hear Mark Riley on his Riley Diary create an apt new phrase for Tony Abbott – Tony Two Tunes, coined in response to Abbott’s perambulations over the granting of a pair to Craig Thomson for the birth of his child.  He exposed Abbott to considerable ridicule.

Referring to Abbott, Riley ended by saying “You have got to admire a bloke with such an abundant sense of his own absurdity”.  Is some of the media finally waking up to the gross absurdity of this man, his contrariness and the contradictions that emerge every day?

I’ll be out and about now for several hours.

Ad astra

September 11. 2011 11:13 AM


Frankly, I don't think the effects on Craig Thomson's unborn child are unintended at all. They are intentional and disgusting and just another example of what bottom dwellers this mob is, aided and abetted by the msm wolf pack.

If this infant, or its mother, suffers health problems as a result of this relentless campaign, we'll see barbed faux "sympathy" from this bunch of hypocrites-"Oh dear, how terrible Mrs Thomson, but it's all your own fault for marrying Craig Thomson."


September 11. 2011 11:30 AM

Ad astra

If you are right, and you may well be, that would be disgusting in the extreme.  With Tony Abbott and George Brandis orchestrating the Coalition’s response to the Craig Thomson affair, nothing would be too disgusting for them.  They peddle loathing and hatred.

Ad astra

September 11. 2011 11:36 AM


You have been on this blog from the first, I think meeting *J*U*L*I*A* is an Elephant Stamp for you! And thank you for the description, I am just now trying to visualize a parallel situation were Abbortt by some huge mischance ever seize power.

When I 'did Politics' in the 60's there was, stuck up in the
faculty office, a banner page of Adelaide's The News (Merdeoch's inherited and very first paper), you know, those single advertising sheets they put in wire frames to advertise the day's news? OK, Neil Kerley was SA's first real Hard Man Aussie Rules player/coach, I'll assume that gentle readers will recognize the name De Gaulle. Anyway that banner headline read (I can't do it properly without the ability to set print size but I'll DMB): the first part in IN HUGE letters occupying 90% of the page,


followed by        De Gaulle steps down

right down in the last inch or so.

Merdeoch was Merdeoch then and Merdeoch he has remained.

so imagine today's equivalent

          PM Talks

and down at the bottom in tiny letters

       Abbortt Urges Revolt.

Dam this took a long time to write!

No Ad I don't forget Wink

Have a beaut day Folks.

The first Welcome Swallow that instant flew past my window and took a quick look at my eaves!
Just as I was about to say, tomorrow you watch, our PM is about to start kicking the stuffing out of Abbortt, that's all it is, he's empty of reason and decency and honesty and consistency, nasty greedy callous evil creep that he is.

Welcome Swallow.  

Now a Southern (white-backed) magpie looking at me through the window. They like queen ants when available.

Obelix tells me there's no QT tomorrow, that's OK, Tuesday is the beginning of the end of Abbortt.

I think there's a pome bubble forming up here somewhere . . . can I catch it in time

Come on Abbortt
Pull a stunt
Do your worst
You rotten creep!

She's a Giant
You're a runt
We're defiant
You rottenBLEEEEEP!

. . . !

[*Bad* Turkey! Smile]

Have a happy day looking forward to the beginning of Abbortt's pounding. He won't get away with it any longer, he's lost and so has the stupid party that followed him up that stinking creek without a paddle.



September 11. 2011 11:53 AM


Dog I'm sick of hearing about what the Yanks stupidly call 9/11 which of course is really my birthday 9th November in Australia, how can the Yanks have months' difference in time?! I thought it was only half a day or so behind us. Anyway 'nine-eleven', that and the Holocaust, anyone would think that nothing awful ever happened to any other body of people except those two terrible events, I'm looking at religious persecution all over the world all the time! And Mad Abbortt would like to foment religious hatred here, just the massive favoring in all measures of Church schools over State (secular) schools, always (always!) increased by Them, and never (never) pulled back by Labor because it dare not, that itself is a one-way street to a faith-based State.
Faith can be a nice word but in Abbortt's sense I spit on it.  


September 11. 2011 11:54 AM



I saw your pome in Cafe Whispers yesterday.  You again have out done yourself.


Oh how I envy you meeting our Prime Minister, Julia.  I wish I could see the lovely photo of you with her, I bet you will treasure it.  What a great daughter in law to take you all that way.


September 11. 2011 12:18 PM

Acerbic Conehead 2

For a dedicated Harry Potter fan, I’m glad the piece struck a chord with you.  I hope the weekend is going well.

Great to hear you are getting stronger.  Go easy on that treadmill.

Thanks for all the very interesting links this weekend.  Looking forward to your comeback thread this evening.

Stand up comedy gold!  LOL.
And thanks for your kind words on the Diagon Alley story.  I also think that the mirror held up to the face of George Brandis SCum would have no other option but to crack.

It remains to be seen if Sergeant Beh is up to the job or is he just another Constable Plod.
BTW, I would imagine that copies of electronic surveillance would exist somewhere.  Maybe a tech-head like NormanK would know, if you’re not sure.

Sorry I wasn’t able to provide more of a lead to the source of that pig’s arse (and the pork carcass) photo.  I think I got it from a link one time on Poll Bludger.
And thanks for the link to your excellent “Hard Labor for the Innocent” poem.  You know, over the last couple of days, I’ve heard disparaging remarks about Abbott’s original stance even from non-Labor supporters.  As I said in the conclusion to the Diagon Alley story above, there’s a bit of karma about all of this.

Very sage advice to TT to enlist that legal paragon of virtue, Sen George Brandis SCum, to assist with tracking down the whereabouts of the taciturn tape.

D Mick Weir,
Thanks for your kind words and best wishes for the success of your new blog.

Thanks again for the heads-up on the program for the TV politics shows.

Glad you enjoyed the story and the musical clip.  Yes, it’s a very beautiful song, most appropriate for a eulogy.
Hope you had a nice family reunion with your son back from the States.

Great to hear you met up with the PM.  Did she arrive on her broomstick, and did she show you any of her Diagon Alley specials?  (only joking!  You are very lucky to be able to spend some time with her)

The missus won’t let me get SKY.  She reckons I’m distracted enough with this blogging bizzo, without watching sport and politics shows on SKY as well.  But, if I had it, I wouldn’t be watching those Four Riders of the Apocalypse (the Rodent, Kelly, Shanahan and Sheridan) anyway.

Acerbic Conehead 2

September 11. 2011 12:18 PM

Patricia WA

Thanks, FS, I've reproduced your comment in full at polliepomes!   Also Ad Astra's which suggests he thinks the questions raised there are 'pertinent!'   Quite apart from a medical perspective I hope there are lots of other men and women out there who'd like some answers too.

Patricia WA

September 11. 2011 12:23 PM


Re your post @ 10.48 Lyn,
WOW! You are indeed a sharp-eyed and diligent bird!

You could start a whole special cesspit repository called

Lyn's Links
Liars and Finks

No offence Finks MC nothing personal!  


September 11. 2011 12:26 PM


Would that be the same Samantha Maiden that was able to do a review of Lindsay Tanner's book, without actually reading it.

Then her article must be based on....... facts?


September 11. 2011 12:34 PM


Janice, how wonderful to meet the PM. She sounds as lovely as portrayed in other reports; friendly, giggly and very warm. I'm sure it will be a memory you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

Patricia, the link to Liealot's spiritual double, might be found at the Café. I'll have a look.


September 11. 2011 12:44 PM


Patricia, this is the photo. there were a number of sites whic showed it. I grabbed the first link, I hope the actual site doesn't make you physically sick.



September 11. 2011 02:38 PM

Feral Skeleton

       I'm green with envy. I've met the PM too though but when she was 'just' an Opposition frontbencher. She seemed rather shy to me at that time, but then so was I so I didn't have the intestinal fortitude to go up to her and say "Hi!", as you did. You always regret these things after the fact, however I do remember that when she came into the room for Xmas drinks with the associated ALP staffers in Parliament House, she was the one whose entry stopped everyone talking, even then.

   In answer to your question:
    Having experienced firsthand, the warmth, friendliness and graciousness of this PM, I cannot fathom why the media are so viciously keen to turn the people against her by their continual negative criticism.  
  ...I can only say that the vicious people who own the media, and their puppets in politics, want nothing more than to get rid of one whose core is good and who has a heart and a soul, despite the way they portray her as knifing Kevin Rudd, which I never believed and never will, as she stepped into the breach when she saw that the party she loves and the policies that needed to be implemented could be lost to history because of the vicious political campaign being set up by the Opposition who had Kevin's measure and the soulless and heartless media who support Tony Abbott and the Opposition.

   Not that I think that there is nothing which could be improved about the government...as you will find out in my next blog. Smile

Feral Skeleton

September 11. 2011 03:54 PM


Feral S,
I am a shy person myself but the PM is so approachable that it seemed a natural thing to do!  D-i-l sent my son up with the photos she took and he put them on my computer - I would let you have a peek but the image of me is the reason why I avoid cameras like a plague.


September 11. 2011 03:58 PM

Patricia WA

Thanks, jane.   Yes, Iain Hall is disgusting as is his site and the comments there of people wanting to be associated with him.  He commented at Cafe Whispers yesterday on the Hard Labor pome.  I have copied it to polliepomes.  And Min's immediate response.

By the way, his was the only negative response at CW, but I found the thread too quickly went off into generalities.  I would have asked Min to remind people to stay on topic as Sue tried to do.   But I was interested in the reaction of even fair minded people to the idea expressed there that we have a responsibility, all of us, to be aware of the collateral damage caused by the things we say and write, or even don't say or consider when we comment.  In this case there is a  very vulnerable human being whose well being is threatened.

I was pleased to get an immediate and supportive response here at TPS from Ad Astra to my link to polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../.  He, of course has a very considerable medical background.   Feral Skeleton, who I believe is a qualified pharmacist, has made a very detailed comment with information which she thinks should be out there in the public domain.

The likes of Iain Hall and Co. is one thing, but should a mainstream political party with a leader aspiring to be Prime Minister be endorsing such tactics likely to be so cruelly damaging to this young mother and her baby?   As FS points out in her comment there are many doctors in the Liberal Party and several of them are in Parliament.  

Patricia WA

September 11. 2011 04:17 PM


I meant to ask you about that photo - which is the LOTO and which is the pig's arse?  


September 11. 2011 04:24 PM


.......I avoid cameras like a plague.

I understand completely, Janice. Gravity sucks at times.

Patricia WA, happy to be of service. It was a pity we rose to the troll bait from the likes of ToM and his fellow travelers. It is much wiser to deprive them of the oxygen of attention.

Be that as it may, it is disappointing to say the least, that there are people in public life who have no qualms about subjecting a pregnant woman to such stress for dubious political advantage.  

It is additional proof to me that the Liars Party and its leader are totally unfit for the highest office in the country and they can hardly claim to be unaware of the toll it must be taking on Zoe Thomson, her unborn child and the rest of the Thomson family.

This is hardly new territory for the Liars Party, though; their repellant pursuit of Lionel Murphy is another example. Despite all evidence to the contrary they pursued him to the grave. They have no honour or decency, imo. And I repeat that they are totally unfit to hold government!


September 11. 2011 04:39 PM


........which is the LOTO and which is the pig's arse?

It's hard to tell, janice. It's a mirror image, complete with $10bn black hole.  


September 11. 2011 05:24 PM

Patricia WA

Janice, stories like yours keep coming up.  Do you have that photo?   It would be great to post it here, maybe we could use it to up-date the TPS cheer squad as I've been promising to do.

A friend, not a rusted on leftie like me, yesterday met Adele Carles, our local State MP, (she who was once Green, now independent and living with Liberal pollie, Troy Buswell!)   During a brief chat the current media treatment of the Prime Minister came up.  Carles thought it was pretty appalling and opined that were she a man it would be entirely different.  "Things have not changed that much for women," she said, "For all we think it has."   General admiration of the PM's courage was expressed all round the group of about half a dozen women.

We must keep putting this sort of information out into the ether!  Eventually the message must get through!

Patricia WA

September 11. 2011 05:30 PM

Möbius Ecko

Referring to Abbott, Riley ended by saying “You have got to admire a bloke with such an abundant sense of his own absurdity”.  Is some of the media finally waking up to the gross absurdity of this man, his contrariness and the contradictions that emerge every day?

Correction. Riley was referring to Bob Katter when he said that. Look at that again on i7.

Möbius Ecko

September 11. 2011 05:43 PM

Ad astra

Möbius Ecko
If that is so, I stand corrected.  I tried to review that part of the Riley Diary but couldn't find the clip.  Do you have a link?

Ad astra

September 11. 2011 05:45 PM

Feral Skeleton

           Is Adele Carles now living with Troy Buswell!!! What a 'courageous' woman! Smile

Feral Skeleton

September 11. 2011 06:01 PM


Ad astra

Try this link to Riley.



September 11. 2011 07:03 PM

Ad astra

We warmly welcome Hillbilly Skeleton back to the authors' list.  Just posted is her latest: It's time for the Government to play a game of Musical Chairs:



Ad astra

September 11. 2011 07:30 PM

Möbius Ecko

Here you go Aa. Haven't looked at it so am going from memory but I'm fairly sure my memory is good on this one.


Möbius Ecko

September 11. 2011 08:02 PM

Patricia WA

FS,  Yes, is the short answer to your question.  Don't you remember <a href="polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../">; this?</a>  

I'm pretty certain I posted it with TPS, but perhaps that was some time after the issue was no longer <a href="www.watoday.com.au/.../...00425-tksk.html">; 'hot'</a> and you didn't pick up on it.

Patricia WA

September 11. 2011 08:06 PM

Patricia WA

Sorry, FS, I forgot that linking system doesn't work here at TPS.

First one is to polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../

And the second which gives you the background on the scandal iswww.watoday.com.au/.../...s-tab-20100425-tksk.html

Patricia WA

September 11. 2011 08:36 PM

Ad astra

NormanK, Möbius Ecko
Thanks for the Riley Diary link.  You are quite right, Möbius Ecko, Riley was referring to Bob Katter.

Ad astra

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