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New Year Greetings from The Political Sword

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Sunday, 1 January 2012 00:48 by Ad astra
Greetings on New Year’s Day 2012 from The Political Sword. We wish all visitors a Happy New Year and a Productive and Satisfying 2012.

2012 will be an important year in Federal Politics, a year when our views need to be expressed. The Fifth Estate is playing an increasingly significant role in shaping public opinion, in giving the electorate perspectives quite different from those expressed in the mainstream media.

We need all the help we can get to have our opinions recognized. The more who express them here, the better the chances that journalists will read them and sometimes endorse them. We know they peruse the blogosphere, and take note.

We extend a warm welcome to all to contribute here. Please feel free to join The Political Sword friendly family by expressing your opinions in the Comments facility. We will respect them and respond courteously.

Lyn, who has for so long provided us with links to relevant articles in the Fifth Estate, as well as the Fourth Estate, has meticulously kept a record of those who have left a comment on The Political Sword, and in many instances the date of their first comment. Talk Turkey suggested this was a good occasion to publish the list, which we now do for the first time. I have added several names to the list, those who commented on The Possum Box, where I first began blogging on 14 June 2008, courtesy of Possum Comitatus, who gave me my first exposure in the Fifth Estate, which I gratefully acknowledge. The Political Sword began three months later, on 13 September 2008.

The list appears below. Counting those on The Possum Box the list now numbers more than 350. Judging from the stats of our traffic, we know too that for every one who leaves a comment, there is a countless number that visit and read but choose not to comment.

If you have commented here and by some chance your name is not on the list, please let us know via the Comments facility or email it to me via Contact on the top menu, and we will add it in.

This is an appropriate time to acknowledge those who have contributed so much to The Political Sword over the years. Since Lyn has been posting her LYN’S DAILY LINKS the traffic has escalated steadily as people come here to see what’s happening elsewhere, saving them the time it would take to research the links themselves.

Regular contributors of original material in 2011 were Feral (Hillbilly) Skeleton, who brings her long-standing expertise in matters political and the ALP, together with her capacity for incisive analysis, to bear upon the excellent pieces she pens. This year we have been delighted by Acerbic Conehead’s clever satire, which he writes for us every weekend. Next year, we will be joined by Nasking who will write on international affairs. Others have expressed an interest in contributing original material, which hopefully will take place during the year.

In addition to the original contributors, there are many regulars who post detailed comments and links in the Comments section. They enhance TPS immeasurably, and attract visitors who enjoy reading their comments. They are too numerous to mention by name.

To all these contributors we extend our heartfelt thanks for their interest and devotion to The Political Sword; we look forward to their contributions again in 2012.

Here then is the list of contributors since 2008. We thank you one and all for making The Political Sword what it has now become.

A BOOR’S BOAR 9/10/2011
ADAM 14/2/2011
ANDREW SMITH 21/2/2011
AMY RORKE 24/8/2011
ANNIE THROPE 14/3/2011
ANN 18/6/2010

BEERME 16/5/2010
BEN MCINTYRE 23/10/2010
BOBALOT 22/8/2010
BUBBA RAY 25/6/2010
BSA BOB 4/1/2011

CJM 30/7/2011
CASABLANCA 25/8/2010
CATEY 8/9/2011
CATCHING UP 12/11/2010
CLARKIE 27/4/2011
COSMAN 16/5/2011
CROWEY 16/4/2011
CUPPA 24/10/2011

DD 29/6/2011
DAMIEN 29/11/2010
DAVID LEWIS 6/9/2011
DONG 20/8/2010

EASYGOING777 2/2/2011
ECTRA 25/8/2011
EDDY L 20/6/2010
EL GORDO 6/9/2011
ERIC 16/11/2011
EVE WHITE 17/3/2011

FIZ 6/6/2011
FLUFFULA 14/3/2011

GAFFHOOK 17/5/2010
GARY 7/9/2010
GEORGE PIKE 14/7/2010
GLORFINDEL 29/6/2010
GRAVEL 21/5/2010
GREG 6/6/2011

HAMBO 29/8/2010
HOLLYWOOD 21/6/2010


JAEGER 30/7/2010
JANE 30/1/2011
JEAN 6/9/2011
JARA 28/8/2011
JASON 7/5/2010
JENNY 17/3/2011
JESS 24/7/2010 - OWN BLOG
JIMBO 3/6/2010
JOE 2 8/6/2010
JOHN J 25/10/2010
JJ 30/7/2010

KATE 5/7/2011
KEN 17/3/2011

LEFTY 20/11/2010
LEONE BRITT 28/11/2011
LIBERTY JACK 22/3/2011
LITTLE JAN 28/4/2011
LYNCHPIN 18/6/2010

MARILYN 6/9/2011
MARK LEAHY 24/8/2011
MARKS 26/9/2011
MERLIN 9/9/2011
MICHAEL Z 23/6/211
MICK 23/7/2011
MICHELLE 8/9/2010
MIGLO 17/5/2010
MICK OF KAMBAH 27/10/2010
MIKEY 26/9/2011
MIN 16/6/2010

NASKING 17/5/2010
NATURE 5 25/5/2010
NORMAL 29/6/2010
NORMAN K 30/5/2010
NOTUS 18/10/2011

OZ FROG 25/6/2010
OZYMAN 19/9/2011

PAT 5/9/2011
PAUL WALTER 16/6/2011
PER ARDUA 30/1/2011
POLYQUATS 22/8/2010
PSYCLAN 29/6/2011

QIER 25/9/2010

RAJA CUHE 15/9/2011
RHIANNON 27/6/2011
RENAE 15/5/2011
RN 30/7/2010
ROGER 16/3/2011
ROD BOULTON 29/6/2011
ROSWELL 29/6/2010
ROWAN 20/8/2010

SALLY 22/5/2010
SANDY 27/6/2010
SAM 26/6/2010
SCOTT 3/10/2011
SENEXX 4/6/2010 - OWN BLOG
SHAUN 28/8
SIMON 29/6/2010
STEVE 9/5/2011
SUE 9/5/2011
SUE 2 20/9/2011

TIFFANY232 5/3/2011
TIM BADICK 21/6/2011
2353 10/8/2010
TCEPSER 21/6/2010
THEODRIC 15/5/2010
THORNEY 15/5/2010
TONY S 27/4/2011
TREDLGT 21/8/2010
TREVOR 11/8/2011
TYPECAST 12/2/2011

VALERIE 29/7/2010

WAYNE 15/9/2011
WEE WILLY 23/8/2011


Comments (102) -

January 1. 2012 01:32 AM


Good Morning and happy 2012 Everybody!

Thank you Ad and Lyn for this amazing list!

What a good idea! Smile

I'm going to print my own copy for reference. I see some people there I would love to hear from again. If everybody were to contact two people, that would set off a nuclear explosion as I understand things. So don't do that, go for five to be on the safe side.

Just got home from a fancy dress party, I was very much in character as the Mad Hatter with the right sort of high hat and the price tag saying
"In this

which since most of you wouldn't know
meant "Ten shiilings and sixpence"

In researching the costume I read some of Alice's adventures again. They are so-o-o-o-o trippy, I mean I'm not the first to say so but if you haven't ever read any, oh do!

Thanks again Ad and Lyn for all the effort these names represent.


January 1. 2012 08:13 AM

D Mick Weir

Good Morning All,
Jan 1st has traditionally been the day we got the cabinet papers from 30 years ago but with the decision to reduce the 'witholding' period to 20 years we are getting 2 years at a time with the most recent release being the papers from 1982 & 1983 i.e. the end of the Fraser era and the begining of the Hawke era.

There are lot's of column centimetres of stuff around but for a good place to start go to the source, the National Archives. Start with this summary:

The 1982-1983 Cabinet records  Dr Jim Stokes

Between other things I will potter around the interwebby thingo to see if I can unearth some interesting links for your Sunday reading.

But before I go, some heavy and/or wonkish reading:
The 42 Fallicies by Dr. Michael C. Labossiere starts with a description of what an argument is and the describes good and bad arguments and then moves on to describe the 42 Fallacies many of which you will find in discussions on the interwebby.

D Mick Weir

January 1. 2012 09:05 AM


As we move into a new year...

The previous wife of the then Opposition candidate for the French presidency, Nicolas Sarkozy, stayed by his side, playing at 'dutiful wife in a happy home' until he was duly elected, and then she promptly decamped.

They had the advantage of a set date for the election, and thus for precisely how long the charade needed to be played out, and when it might cease.

With this Federal government currently likely to run its full three years term, a claim and a prediction that Labor would be gone by the end of 2011 not falling into place, is it possible there's a set of affairs in place that might well compromise such a 'keep the suburbs happy' arrangement in this country?


January 1. 2012 09:14 AM


A well timed post AA - in all senses of the word.

I'm surprised my first "registered" comment was only in August 2010 - it seems longer as this is a comfortable place to be.  I remember coming here after another blog owner couldn't/wouldn't moderate his blog and felt immediately at home.  You statement of intent is opportune and noted.

It's a shame to see in the paper this morning that a corner of the page on the release of the 1982/3 Cabinet papers is a piece penned by Keating on "who said what when" on the floating of the Dollar.  Regardless of the accuracy of the individual claims by Keating, Hawke and others - does it really matter?  In retrospect this action was the foundation of the current success of the Australian economy - all who planned and implemented the policy should take a well deserved bow.  Does it really matter (29 years later) if Hawke or Keating was the first to mention it?  For dog's (thanks TT) sake let it rest - it only makes you look like a very bitter and twisted older man Paul


January 1. 2012 09:16 AM


And again I forget to wish all a Happy New Year - and may all the good things you hope for this year come to pass.


January 1. 2012 09:48 AM


I thought I registered back in 2008 as quiet as I am ? Yet I dont see my name.

I do read just about daily hough that must count for something,lol.

Happy new year everyone.


January 1. 2012 10:00 AM

Patricia WA

I see that Bring Back Maxine is VVVVvery much on this list!   For a moment there I thought she'd somehow slipped off!
I should have known Lyn better than that!

I managed my New Year's Greeting to you all last night at spot on 12.00 EST, but can't really take too much credit.  It's easy to be sober and have your wits about you at 9.00 here in Freo!

That's a very enigmatic comment, Michael, re keeping the 'burbs happy.  Reading between the lines, you confirm my own thoughts for some time now, but if that's the case surely it's a well known situation to the media?   How can they be restrained with one pollie's personal life?  Particularly one who has been ruthlessly cruel with others, using speculation and downright dishonesty to destroy reputations which will never recover no matter what 'truth' or 'facts' ultimately emerge.  Besides, such unnecessary hypocrisy would make any candidate obviously unfit for national leadership.  

Patricia WA

January 1. 2012 10:09 AM

Patricia WA

PS   I started my comment above intending to thank Lyn and AA for that fantastic list.  Then my gossipy alter ego took over.
So thank you!

Just shows how we can't escape our darker selves.  Try as I might to write circumspectly about that I really want to gossip and snigger and be nasty.   Another part of me reminds me there are innocent parties in stories like this.  How does one avoid harm to them?

Patricia WA

January 1. 2012 11:05 AM

D Mick Weir

Well there isn't a lot going on around the traps today so for the first one a bit of a sidetrack

Facts about engines  by Tyler Cowen @MariginalRevolution
A short but interesting few facts of comparison btwn the Titatinic and a Boeing 777 with even more useless (to some) facts in the comments.

Most of the stuff on the cabinet papers is not much more than a rehash of the article I linked to earlier.

While I agree with the sentiments expressed by 2353 @ 9:14AM about the floating of dollar and as I see it the only ones it matters to are the egos of two old bu@@ers this article in The Age does add some meat to the bone.

Whodunit? Really, we still dunno  Michael Gordon @TheAge

In another story we discover it was the doctors what dunnit

How the fates smiled on Hawke and Fraser's luck ran out  David Humphries @TheAge
MALCOLM Fraser wasn't the luckiest PM. Having led the Liberals to three straight election wins (the first two emphatically), doctors had him admitted to hospital with a back injury that laid him low for six weeks in the spring of 1982, erasing any chance of an early election against a Labor rival gathering momentum.

For some perspective (and potential advice to some in the current government)

Evans learns the key to success is to be a dead bore  Michael Gordon  @TheAge
GARETH Evans, who became one of this country's most highly regarded foreign ministers, learnt some hard lessons about politics in the first year of the Hawke government.

Nicknamed ''Biggles'' after he authorised the RAAF surveillance flights over the proposed Franklin dam site, (then) Senator Evans arrived in the job with a list of 54 ''action priorities'' including constitutional reform and the introduction of a bill of rights.

For those who haven't had the chance to be over 2011
The Year That Wasn’t  by The Morning News
As much as 2011 was filled with noteworthy events, it was also littered with meaninglessly overhyped blips that, try as we might, we shouldn’t forget. We asked our group of writers and thinkers: What was the least important event of 2011?

Peter Martin gives a different & fun way to look at some economic data
Trends to watch in 2012  www.petermartin.com.au/.../...o-watch-in-2012.html

And last but definitely not least the always 'must read' Andrew Elder wraps up the last week of 2011 and kick starts us into 2012.

Disappeared and lost  Andrew Elder @Politically Homeless
While enjoying Christmas and the Melbourne Test as much as anyone, it is more than a little strange that an issue that was absolutely burning last week is non-existent today. It'll flare up again: but I'd hoped for better from the journosphere that a story that was red hot last week, and a perennial issue in he country's politics, has pretty much vanished from public debate. The so-called newshounds of the Fourth Estate just let it slip away.

That's all (for now) Folks

Disclaimer: the provision of these, or any other, links does not imply endorsement of the views expressed in the articles or the endorsement of the authors of said articles unless an expressly stated endorsemnt is given.

D Mick Weir

January 1. 2012 11:09 AM

Ad astra reply

Apologies for the omission – you are one of our treasured regulars.  Your name has been added to the list.

Ad astra reply

January 1. 2012 11:15 AM

Ad astra reply

Our Leader of the Opposition has left us with a New Year message.  He got in a day ahead of the PM.  It reads:

”On behalf of the Liberal and National Parties, I wish all Australians a happy New Year.

“The New Year is a time to reflect, a time to be optimistic and a time to set goals. Many of us did it tough in 2011. The challenges of nature, economic uncertainty and cost of living all tested us but Australians are a strong, resourceful and resilient people. We came through last year. The challenge is to make 2012 a year of hope, reward and opportunity.

“We need to build a stronger economy because that will make our nation stronger and the best way to do this is for government to live within its means. Ending the waste and repaying the debt means that we can take the pressure off inflation and interest rates. That means we can get taxes down – that will help small business to grow and create jobs and to make our country more prosperous.

“As well, government needs to get the fundamentals right, of keeping commitments, protecting our borders and building a more productive society.

“I hope that in 2012 all of us will be nearer to our best selves and I pledge the Coalition to help in this great task.”

Judge it for yourself.

As I read it, it is replete with the usual platitudes all politicians use – ‘a stronger economy’, and ‘a year of hope, reward and opportunity’, but in case we had forgotten it in this land of opportunity, he reminds us that ‘many of us did it tough in 2011’, and returns monotonously to his well-worn theme of ‘ending the waste’ (which is largely non-existent), and ‘repaying the debt’ (which is occurring), to ‘take the pressure off inflation and interest rates’ (which it already occuring, with interest rates falling and likely to do so this year again).  He talks about getting ‘taxes down’, apparently without concern for their purpose, to generate revenue to provide services and infrastructure.  So he will do away with the carbon and minerals taxes and forego revenue, yet, if you believe him and his economics wizards, will reduce taxes still further while increasing benefits – magic pudding economics.

He couldn’t finish without mentioning another of his favourite themes ‘protecting our borders’.

If you remove the platitudes, it’s just more of the same Tony Abbott rhetoric.  He pledges the Coalition to help in the ‘great task’ of getting ‘nearer to our best selves’, whatever that means.  If we believe that this pledge represents a change to a more positive approach, we are probably deluding ourselves.

For the Coalition, 2012 seems set to start with promise of more of the same that we endured in 2011.

Ad astra reply

January 1. 2012 11:31 AM

D Mick Weir

Anybody intereted in the 42 Fallacies  linked to earlier you can get a pdf version here:

Talking Philosophy  The Philosophers' Magazine Blog

There is also some pottentialy edumiying comments on the article there.

Another reCaptcha wtf Submarine ingtons

D Mick Weir

January 1. 2012 12:02 PM


Ad Astra and Lyn

What a great list.  Some of the names seemed to have disappeared by I'm sure closer to election time they might wander back.

With this Federal government currently likely to run its full three years term, a claim and a prediction that Labor would be gone by the end of 2011 not falling into place, is it possible there's a set of affairs in place that might well compromise such a 'keep the suburbs happy' arrangement in this country?

I don't know whether is was the couple of Bailey's Irish Creame last night or if it is just me but I am totally confused by this paragraph.  Patricia WA, bless your poetic little heart, you seem to understand, so it must be me.  I would love to understand what it means.


January 1. 2012 12:12 PM


and any and all folks who might have been omitted from the TPS list, or whose noms de plume might be in error  . . .

All Swordsfolk tried and true,
We all honour all of you,
And if you've been omitted,
Let us get your name re-fitted!
Please don't take it as a slight -
Just help Lyn get it right!
Ad guessed there'd be a few
Omitted just like you,
'Cos posts to TPS
Are something of a mess
At all times, day and night;
Lyn tries to keep it tight,
But as night follows day,
A few names slip away,
So if you've been left out,
Please don't just fret and pout -
Please, just stick up your hand
And Lyn'll stick you in the band!

BTW debbiep
           I think you should wear your omission  
                     as a
        Gold Badge of Honour! Smile

See I think any omissions are likely to be early posters - before Lyn started archiving them.

"Make new friends
But keep the old:
New friends are Silver
The old are Gold!"

Let's hear it from you Goldies eh?

New Year's Day is always Sunday!
(Even if it'd usually be Monday)
The Day of Days to Have your Say -
It's TPS's Fun Day !

If ever you mean to write in again Folks, remember this forever, New Year's Day is the traditional day to reconnect, and a very fine tradition it is too, ordained by DOG!. With the TPS list timely here, Swordies can reminisce with old flames and comrades and sparring partners . . . past conflicts . . . triumphs . . . insults Smile  wins . . . shared joys, pains . . .

Today's the best day of all to say Hi.

So Hi!  



January 1. 2012 12:22 PM


Yeah Michael,

I'm with Gravel,
You got me puzzled too, I followed you until the last bit and I'm sure you got a good point (because you do) but what is it?

'Please Explain?"


January 1. 2012 12:27 PM

D Mick Weir

I have a love hate relationship at this time of year.

There are so many Top Ten (or Twenty or 100)  lists of things that influenced the world, most popular links, Biggest Gaffes and on and on and on and .....

However I love lists of top ten books and hate them at the same time. Love 'em cos I get to discover some books I may never have come across in my own meanderings and HATE them because they increase my Wish List of books I 'must' read beyond my slow reading capabilities.

Courtesy of Mr Denmore @MrDenmore
Guy Atchison's Top Ten Political Books of 2011 www.opendemocracy.net/.../my-top-ten-political-books-of-2011

D Mick Weir

January 1. 2012 12:31 PM

D Mick Weir

Hi Ad,
an expanded version of what I tweeted to TA

I hope that in 2012 all of us will be nearer to our best selves and I pledge the Coalition to help in this great task.

We can only live in hope that TA will live up to those words and it will be interesting to watch it unfold in reality

BUT I am not holding my breath on it

D Mick Weir

January 1. 2012 01:35 PM


Try holding your lower lip the way *J*U*L*I*A* does
when she's got her mouth closed
and she is not particularly amused.

See how it makes you feel.

I think maybe there should be lipiculture classes for would-be high achievers . . .

I'm actually not quite entirely kidding. It sort of works for other lip-positions to. But our PM's is a strong feature.

Don Dunstan had his glowering Bull Face when he got resentful of the Opposition here, especially on matters of social justice - Don was the first enlightened head of anywhere wrt aboriginal affairs amongst many other things - and when he wore that face the yellow media and the low-life Opposition would quail, because they knew he was just about to smack them flat, with rhetoric that several times peeled the wallpaper in the SA House of Assembly. Dunstan was the best orator ever, no risk,(amongst his many other wonderful qualities).

Curtin, Chifley, (Dunstan, SA Premier), Whitlam, Hawke, Keating - yes and Rudd the Rodent-Slayer, different but a Labor Hero to me nonetheless* - and now this remarkable Gillard woman! - they are true greats, workers for the People, and models for the rest of us. They are always vilified by the Rotten Right, and the worse things They say about our champions, the surer you may be that our champions are doing the best right, (not Right), things. The fact that *J*U*L*I*A* is such a total hateful poky-nosed big arsed long earlobed Strine-talking abominable failure means exactly that she's blitzing Them . . . Remember Limpy saying her speech was merde? Merde for you limpy, the Pearls and Perfumes of Paradise for us Lefties! You don't know pearls from poos Limpy, I told you that recently.  

*J*U*L*I*A*s lower lip - go on, try! - it makes you realize, Abbortt was never going to best her at anything!

*Unless he really is leaking and trying to destabilize her. I find that so unbelievable . . . but if it were ever proven against him I'd wield the knacker's knife myself!


January 1. 2012 01:45 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Our Leader of the Opposition has left us with a New Year message.  He got in a day ahead of the PM.  It reads:

”On behalf of the Liberal and National Parties, I wish all Australians a happy New Year. Etc.
Ad Astra

We wait patiently for the bird of paradox to deliver her speech. Mr Brown is just putting the finishing touches to it and soon enough we will hear from Julia the marionette.

Sir Ian Crisp

January 1. 2012 02:07 PM

D Mick Weir

so the rumours that you were writng the PM's speeches are untrue then.

With such a fine rhetorical flourish it is beyond my understanding that the PM would not use your so obvious talents.

Oh by the way with 'liddle johnny' getting a gong is there a buzz in your rarified circles that standards for admission to high honourhood are slipping?

D Mick Weir

January 1. 2012 04:37 PM


Ha - ha thanks Ad, and TT, and all.

Gold badge for the 'old'
Makes one feel  bold
whilst feeling glum
from Abbott's hold
His speech did come across
as rather cold.

Thanking you
for adding me to
the great list
of political swordians, woo-hoo !


January 1. 2012 05:23 PM


Dog, don't thank me!
You were posting here
Long before TT!
Here, to be *old*
Is solid gold!
Of course you should be
And as for phoney
One-Trick Tony
Spitting spite and
Don't feel glum!
We'll kick his bum!
And Pell's as well
To Kingdom Come!


January 1. 2012 05:55 PM

Ad astra reply

I can’t find PM Gillard’s New Year message in print – someone else might.  But here is the link to her brief video 1 minute 12 seconds.


Ad astra reply

January 1. 2012 06:31 PM


Speaking of AWARDS -

The nasty Lying Rodent
Got a Royal Order of Merit:
From Queen Cobra to King Rat -
Dog! I'd give 'em both the Ferret!  

From ABC Online

"Former prime minister John Howard has been appointed a member of the Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth.

The Order of Merit is a special mark of honour for "exceptional distinction in the arts, learning, sciences and other areas such as public service".

Unlike the New Year's Honours List announced yesterday, which is chosen by government officials, appointments to the Order of Merit are given at the discretion of the monarch."

Folks I gotta publish this again.

Beware of the last rhyme. It is the weirdest, risque-est, ambiguousest double entendre rhyme/pun I've ever done, and it is like a jack-in-the-box. And it does suit The Lying Rodent.
But you need to read it aloud to be fair to it.  
En garde!

Johnnie Meets the Queen

John Howard climbs up on a chair, to kiss Queen Liz’s cheek:
“Your Royal Highness” Johnnie says, “there’s a favour that I seek:-
There’s no-one dotes on Royalty as much as Aussies do –
I want my land Australia to be a Kingdom too!”

The Queen says, “What a nice idea! – but - there’s just one tiny thing –
For your land to be a Kingdom, John, you’d have to be a King!”

John Howard climbs down from his chair, he grovels on his knees,
Kisses Liz’s hand, and wheedles, “D’ohhh, Your Highness, Please?
If we can’t be a Kingdom, please, oh please, Your Majesty,
Please, please decree Australia a Principality!”

The Queen’s expression shows that he is getting on her quince:
“John, for a Principality, you’d have to be a Prince!”

Her answer is quite clearly a down-turned Royal Thumb,
But Johnnie scuttles up, and kisses Liz’s Royal Bum!
He begs her, “Let me make a Kingdom on Australian soil –
Swipe me with thy Magic Sword, Marm, make me something Royal!”

Liz draws from wells of wisdom – (for Liz is Wisdom’s fount) –
(Her speech is sweet as Jesus doing Sermon On The Mount):-
“John, Blessed Be True Royalty – but – Sorry to be blunt! –
Australia’s just a country, John, you're no more than a Count!”


January 1. 2012 09:45 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Hi D Weir,

The handing out of gongs is beyond my control.

Sir Ian Crisp

January 1. 2012 10:55 PM


Garrulous lot aren't yous.

Cat(s) got your mouse(s)?


January 1. 2012 11:02 PM

Feral Skeleton

   Sorry, but my browser is set to go to the last comment on the blog so that I just refresh & read new comments. Soooo...I don't notice that a new post has been put up until I see the 'Comments closed' message. Embarassed

   Anyway, I'm Back! And I thank Ad Astra for his kind words and not being tempted into saying anything harsher. Laughing

Feral Skeleton

January 1. 2012 11:07 PM

Feral Skeleton

   Still, as I have said on numerous occasions before, as we're getting all nostalgic, I am, and always have been, and always will be, until the day I die, a Punk! So I behave punkishly, and, if that offends, well, it's only because I'm saying my piece, giving my pov. But that's all. Not meaning to insult, just putting in my 2cents-worth, and letting the cards fall where they may.

   Anyway, in 2012 I promise to be exactly the same, but in the nicest possible way. That is, I will be honing my 'Political Sword' to be Keating sharp. Laughing

Feral Skeleton

January 1. 2012 11:09 PM

Feral Skeleton

   As you may not have come across this in the last forum, here, if you are so inclined, is a very clear and concise 'How To Slip over The Australian's Paywall' in 3 easy steps:


Feral Skeleton

January 1. 2012 11:11 PM

Feral Skeleton

   Also, as we are talking all things Hawke/Keating today, here again is a link to the Parliamentary Library record of interview with Bob Hawke re the release of the 1st Year Hawke Cabinet docs:


Feral Skeleton

January 1. 2012 11:13 PM

Feral Skeleton

Talk Turkey and Gravel,
                       What Michael was alluding to is the rumour du jour around the traps wrt the real reason Tony Abbott wanted to come into work on Xmas Day. If that helps. Smile

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 01:01 AM


I see.
You mean . . .
Maybe Tony's everlovin'
getting a little twitchy ?


(Geez Michael, say it turgidly next time!)

I remember not long ago, somebody so disrespectful of the sanctity of the marriage vow, of Mr Abbott's rightful wedded wife and poor little girls, that he* was deliberately trying to start a meme that Mr Abbott was having an affair with that gorgeous aide of his . . . How could anyone be so low?
It couldn't be true, anyway. Mr Abbott is a good Churchgoing Crispian! Smile

(Crisp. Ian. Get that? Smile )

That pretty little Peta Credlin
Tone's Home-from-Home Queen!

* or She! Wink


January 2. 2012 06:13 AM


Feral Skeleton

Thanks for clearing that up.  Smile


January 2. 2012 08:23 AM


Good morning all.

So the New Year is on it's way and for me, HM QEII, spoiled my optimistic outlook when she bestowed upon the bald-headed-old-swell the Order of Merit.   The BHOS is "honoured" but I suspect very disappointed that he wasn't awarded an Order that gave him the title "Sir" which means, of course that Mrs. Bucket didn't get her bouquet.  I suppose Australians can be comforted by that, especially if the voters  bend to the influence of the media and elect a rabid, deceitful, arrogant and wilful LOTO to office, when, as quick as a flash, we would have BHOS and Hyacinth installed in Yarralumla.


January 2. 2012 09:12 AM


Just received my monthly post from the International Association of Cannabis Medicine, the IACM, dated 1/1/12, with as always results of the latest scientific findings wrt cannabis as a medicine. If you are interested in Cannabis as medicine here are links to the organisation which for many years has collected huge amounts of data and which regularly holds international conferences, publishes scientific papers, and posts current research data monthly if you register. The reports are a bit-technical to read but with a little consideration you can generally nut out the gist. The news is overwhelmingly positive for those who would self-medicate.

Don't laugh. Don't even bloody smile please. This is serious. You are being hoodwinked and short-changed by a ridiculous and shameful law relating to a situation which continues to do vast harm in unimaginably various ways. One of which is that it prevents you from self-medicating, for pain, MS, Alzheimers, depression, even schizophrenia (yes, try turning the accusations of it sending you crazy on their head for a minute, check their evidence, it's either iffy or downright BS! - but certainly there is huge evidence that it may offer new ways of treating serious mental disorders. But of course it's illegal, there is much more money for Pfizer in Rollypillin of all kinds, red ones, long ones, ovate pretty ones, just as long as people have to buy something at the pharmacist, not grow it in their backyards.    

The range of conditions for which Cannabis is found efficacious surpasseth belief. It appears to act on us in ways unlike any other 'drug' - to the degree that its very classification as a drug is in serious dispute. For example it may relieve - in some cases virtually absolutely - the extreme agony of cancer where even morphine has failed. I have personally witnessed such a case. We had to leave the hospital and go out on the public footpath on North Terrace, you are not allowed to toke up in the hospital grounds! Har har, or anywhere else ftm. Two tokes of good quality weed - exactly two tokes btw - after months of abstention on Tony's part,(which tends to magnify the effect, though there is no 'tolerance' syndrome with cannabis) and suddenly poor dear suffering Tony, in a wheelchair, already on maximum morphine, was pain-free for 4 hours, and when he went back to his bed in Oncology, he ate all his dinner (this is an exact quote: "I don't know what they put in this Gnocchi, but it's delicious!")and then all his dessert, still refusing the proffered morphine which he had been using (and returned to of course) on an hourly basis. He was joking and at ease, absolutely remarkable. He had nerve cancer, the most excruciating ailment imaginable. That was a Thursday, Tony died on the following Tuesday at just 52. It was his last enjoyable moment.  
That sort of anecdotal evidence is all over the IACM and every organisation battling for the rationalisation of the cannabis laws, and the scientific evidence confirms the personal testimonies. Users have always told the truth. Why not? The truth is all good news. Except for those with vested interests - who are many, and varied, and very very powerful. a

I do accuse medical authorities in general, and many medical practitioners on a personal basis who themselves are well aware of the possible benefits to particular patients, of continuing dereliction, and cowardice, and complicity, in failing to speak out on the known facts of cannabis pharmacology and its potential efficacy in alleviating so many conditions it makes your head spin. (The efficacy, not the dope.) Not the medics alone of course, the cops and the courts and the companies are all complicit in a cover-up, there are wonderful benefits for DuPont and Fosters and lawyers and 'Law Enforcement Agencies' and Pfizer for keeping cannabis illegal and almost unmentionable. Has anyone else even dared mention the subject on Aussie blogs? To put it very viscerally, but truthfully too, my scrotum shrinks (as it does) at the thought of even daring to post this, but at least I have retained the contents. At least FS has taken some tablets in a  *controlled experiment* Wink - but has she ever inhaled? Smile)

A recent radio report I heard, no references sorry, stated that people who had recently been using cannabis were under-represented in road fatalities. Think about that!.

ABC Science won't tell you. Jonica Newby is a disgrace to the name of Science for her report about 'cannabis and schizophrenia', so trumpeted by Their ABC shriekers as a responsible report, that her mob of buffoons put together.  It was an hysterical and agenda-driven anti-cannabis billboard pure and simple. Her guardian angel Robin Williams is no saint to me, and Dr Norman Swan no snow-white hero. Their science stinks. The People should throw stones.

Here's the linky stuff.

   International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) Am Mildenweg 6
D-59602 Ruethen
Phone: +49 (0)2952-9708571
Fax: +49 (0)2952-902651
Email: info@cannabis-med.org

If you want to be deleted from or added to the IACM-Bulletin mailing list or if you want to change your e-mail address please visit www.cannabis-med.org/english/subscribe.htm. You may choose between different languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

The articles of the IACM-Bulletin can be printed, translated and distributed freely for any non-commercial purposes, provided the original work is properly cited. The source of the IACM-Bulletin is "IACM, www.cannabis- med.org.

To unsubscribe, e-mail: en-unsubscribe@cannabis-med.org For additional commands, e-mail: en-help@cannabis-med.org

Ah but is it a political issue?

Is it bloody NOT!

I'll say this a second time, to leave you thinking:

A recent radio report I heard, no references sorry, stated that people who had recently been using cannabis were under-represented in road fatalities. Think about that!.


January 2. 2012 09:26 AM


If the rumour is true - how will Abbott spin his way around the Catholic Church's doctrines that marriage is "until death us do part" and bigamy is inherently wrong while keeping the fundamentalist conservatives on side?   Look at all the fundamentalist christian church leaders who have been "investigated" or " sacked" for having affairs or building private fortunes at the "churchgoers" expense.  It seems the higher the moral ground, the greater the fall.

One could make a comment about do as I say, not as I do, however it's just a rumour and in the spirit of it being a new year, lets wait 'til it happens.  

I feel for those that would personally suffer through any relationship breakups, it wouldn't be a new thing in Australia for "high profile" politicians - don't forget that apart from a common interest in apparently stabbing each other in the back over things that happened 20 odd years ago, Hawke and Keating both had marriage breakups after leaving The Lodge.  It was also rumoured that part of the reason that a Democrats Senator went to the ALP wasn't political.


January 2. 2012 09:50 AM


janice, bonny lass,

you said

So the New Year is on it's way and for me, HM QEII, spoiled my optimistic outlook when she bestowed upon the bald-headed-old-swell the Order of Merit.   The BHOS is "honoured" but I suspect very disappointed that he wasn't awarded an Order that gave him the title "Sir" which means, of course that Mrs. Bucket didn't get her bouquet.  I suppose Australians can be comforted by that, especially if the voters  bend to the influence of the media and elect a rabid, deceitful, arrogant and wilful LOTO to office, when, as quick as a flash, we would have BHOS and Hyacinth installed in Yarralumla.

Seems to me your Pungency glands are in great shape! Smile

Love it.

You of course hold the very first-struck Gold Badge as First poster.

I personally know, I reckon she said she was the first Life Member of the ALP, I'm not sure that's right so I won't quote her name until I am, but she certainly is a life member, and she sure is a great working class hero for the Party and the people she still helps, gee I love this kind of person, old-time principles without the religious BS. (Misty me again.)

A working-class hero is something to be, Lennon said,
If you want to be a hero then just follow me!
It sounds outrageously up-himself until you realize what a supremely humble meaning it had, exactly the reverse of what you thoughtin the first take, very few apart from Lennon could hav said that egolessly. Nor shegolessly neither.

ALP Maureen can. Ad astrakhan. Smile and you can too janice, Holder of the First-Struck Gold Badge of Service to The Political Sword.

Actually many could, but very few would, that's close to the core of their heroism. and John Lennon only said it to make a point and didn't care by then what his curmudgeonly critics said.janice, bonny lass,

you said

So the New Year is on it's way and for me, HM QEII, spoiled my optimistic outlook when she bestowed upon the bald-headed-old-swell the Order of Merit.   The BHOS is "honoured" but I suspect very disappointed that he wasn't awarded an Order that gave him the title "Sir" which means, of course that Mrs. Bucket didn't get her bouquet.  I suppose Australians can be comforted by that, especially if the voters  bend to the influence of the media and elect a rabid, deceitful, arrogant and wilful LOTO to office, when, as quick as a flash, we would have BHOS and Hyacinth installed in Yarralumla.

(Bolding TT's)

Seems to me your Pungency glands are in great shape! Smile

Love it.

You of course janice hold the very first-struck Gold Badge as First poster. Looks pretty good on the Sword Honour Roll eh!

I personally know, I reckon she said she was the first Life Member of the ALP, I'm not sure that's right so I won't quote her name until I am, but she certainly is a Life Member, and she sure is a great working class hero for the Party and the people she still helps, gee I love this kind of person, old-time principles without the religious BS. (Misty me again.)

A working-class hero is something to be, Lennon said,
If you want to be a hero then just follow me!

It sounds outrageously up-himself until you realize what a supremely humble meaning it had, exactly the reverse of what you thought in the first take, very few apart from Lennon could have said that egolessly. Nor shegolessly neither.

ALP Maureen can. Ad astrakhan. Smile and you can too janice, Holder of the First-Struck Gold Badge of Service to The Political Sword.

Actually many could, but very few would, that's close to the core of their heroism. and John Lennon only said it to make a point and didn't care by then what his curmudgeonly critics said.



January 2. 2012 09:57 AM

Feral Skeleton

Talk Turkey,
            In order to help you keep up-to-date in your area of expertise Wink , you may be interested in following this site:


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 09:59 AM

Feral Skeleton

       Do you know whether it's wrong to feed birds, and baby ones at that, like our two baby Magpies, salted meat like Ham on the Bone? I just have a lot of it left over from Xmas. Smile

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 10:33 AM

Feral Skeleton

  It's funny, but I was only talking about the old days of Apartheid in South Africa with a friend yesterday, and then I notice this article today by Greg Barns, in the Hobart Mercury, outlining how Israel is becoming, or has become, the next Apartheid State. Which is sad, really, when you consider that the State of Israel was created because the Jews were driven from an Apartheid Germany.


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 10:41 AM


Shred it very fine and dampen it at least. Maggies are surprisingly pathetic at pecking things apart, they like mincemeat! They will want to roll ham in the dirt too probably, good for the digestion you know.  


January 2. 2012 10:55 AM

D Mick Weir

Morning All
Day two of 2012AD as denoted by the Gregorian Calendar

Stephen Koukoulas' post
taking on Josh Frydenberg and the Libs Economic Team to task scored him a few barbs and he responds

It's all about economics
I am not a member of any political party – but am a fan of getting facts right when discussing policy issues, be they the size of government, the tax impost confronting taxpayers, the future of the bond market, the importance of gross debt, among many others. In recent times, there has been a run of big bloopers from Hockey, Costello and Frydenberg in which they then twist and contort unsourced data to make some cheap political point.

Prof Q has some thoughts on Corey Robin’s new book The Reactionary Mind

Conservatives and reactionaries ProfQ @CrookedTimber
... conservatism (and, it’s opposites, progressivism radicalism) are, in essence ideas about process, but the most people active in politics are more concerned about pursuing particular goals than about the way they get there.

There is some other stuff about, but it is all a bit same old, same old.

Apparently ONE unnamed source says that the gay marriage issue is going to rent Labor asunder and cause an all out factional war. I haven't read the article and can't be bothered looking for a link.

I haven't come across a leadership speculation story today mostly cos I haven't looked but I am sure there is (at least) one out there somewhere

Oh and some cynicism to end with.

Some things do change though. It now takes the PM and TWO ministers AND the local member to announce that a policy implementation actually started on the date that we were told it would. HoHum.

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 11:06 AM


If you are hand-rearing them they will need (that's will need) calcium/phosphorus supplementation. They use a lot making feathers. Read all about it on this very screen! It's in here somewhere.

We Turkeys get ours from pecking bones . . . Smile
Dog I'm funny.

Oh and I hear some actual magpies carolling, true, no-one's told them Crispmess has been cleaned up after . . . I love that sound, maggies, How to turn it into a mobile phone ringtone, anybody know if poss? Don't bother explaining, just yes/no?

See like you're at a funeral and your phone rings as the pallbearers are hoisting the bier off their shoulders, it's playing Shake Your Tail Feather, the bearers fall about laughing and drop your poor old Auntie Flo headfirst down the hole, not a good look. See if you'd only had Maggies, people would be there, Aahhhh, what a lovely sound, Florrie loved her Maggies . . . .

Or like that time at the opera . . .  



January 2. 2012 11:16 AM

Feral Skeleton

      Did you see this?


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 11:16 AM

Feral Skeleton

   I miss George Pike. Frown

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 11:23 AM

Feral Skeleton

Talk Turkey,
            It's OK, the Baby Maggies still have their parents around to shake the food about and roll it in the dirt before they feed it to them. Smile
   I was just worried about the high salt content of cured meat and whether that would upset their electrolyte balance.
   They do very well out of me actually, and often fight with the Crows for top spot in the food pecking order(with Florence the Brush Turkey, who is the only one left now). Today, for example, they got multigrain bread and leftover steamed rice. And the assorted fruit lovers got a couple of old apples. Smile

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 11:28 AM

Feral Skeleton

     You wouldn't believe this if it wasn't written down, but, yesterday there was a 'Leadership speculation' story by Peter Van Onselen on Twitter. He said the most cockamamaie thing, wtte 'I see @KRuddMP is Tweeting updates from the cricket but nothing from the PM,who's looking like the in-touch leader?'
   To which I Tweeted back to PVO, sorry, but I can't see @KRuddMP in this photo:


'It appears he has been reduced to Tweeting from the sidelines.'   Laughing

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 11:32 AM


"turgidly". Ouch, that hurts, when I was aiming for oblique, too.

With the core of the issue still in the 'rumours stage', what can be said has to be said with an eye to the possibility of being Godwin Greched.

The "suburbs" don't like hypocrisy in public figures - well, who does?

But when public figures work to hitch themselves to the 'real people' train, they have to be extra careful about enacting 'straight talking' in the public eye, and alley-crawling out of it.

Because there's not an alley anywhere on Earth where a spotlight doesn't eventually shine.

Oblique again.


January 2. 2012 12:07 PM


TT said (Geez Michael, say it turgidly next time!)

Michael protested, "turgidly". Ouch, that hurts, when I was aiming for oblique, too."

I didn't say that time was turgid. I said next time.

See with turgidity you may still discern things but with rather more effort.

The effect you were after you got half-right,
not oblique but opaque Smile.

This is not meant nasty at all btw, I dig on your wit. Just so's you know. It's unique!

As for that last dark alley . . . I can see no light there at all! Total invisibility! Even opacity would be relatively meaningful! So I'm agog.

Gravel too I shouldn't wonder!


January 2. 2012 12:13 PM

D Mick Weir

being a Twitter 'newbie' I haven't added the likes of PvO to those that I follow in my very eclectic list. Smile

I guess I will have to smarten up or my 'cred' as a trainee link hound could suffer.

maybe this one will help my reputation just a smidgin

Keating's back to the future tax plan Shane Wright @TheWestAus
Paul Keating hoped to introduce a resource rent tax on all minerals and force the States to ditch royalties in an audacious plan that pre-dates the minerals resource rent tax debate by almost three decades.

Previously secret documents, released by the National Archives, reveal an eerie similarity between the efforts of the Hawke Government to introduce a new tax on oil and natural gas and the way the Rudd-Gillard governments attempted to introduce the MRRT.

message from the reCaptcha Soothsayers: diagnose catBet

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 01:05 PM

D Mick Weir

Folks I am appalled  that I missed this one yesterday.

My most 'umble apologies

What if public-interest journalism had a white knight: a media start-up is born, packed with pedigree  Paddy Manning @TheAge

PLENTY of people are worried about the future of quality, independent media in the internet age. Not many can do something about it. Enter philanthropist and internet entrepreneur Graeme Wood, who has pledged $15-20 million to a new, non-profit, online media venture, The Global Mail, with one goal in mind: produce public-interest journalism, no strings attached.

To be launched in February, The Global Mail will not charge readers, will not sell ads and is not chasing more donors.

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 01:16 PM

Feral Skeleton

    Yup, that's me, an eclectic contrarian. Bit like you, actually. Smile

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 01:25 PM

D Mick Weir

I am boggling

Imagine being in a room full of eclectic contrarian punk rockers

I wonder, somewhere there must be The Left Right Out Eclectic Contrarian Punk Rockers Society

sick 'em trainee link-hound

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 01:31 PM


There's every danger I'm trying to teach a whole lot of Grannies to suck eggs here...

But, in the light of the Paddy Manning article about the launching of 'The Global Mail' website, there's a huge trove of fine writing and thinking to be found here:


A tad Northern Hemisphere 'specific', perhaps, but rich, rich.


January 2. 2012 02:08 PM

Feral Skeleton

  This is a very important development in the News Ltd hacking issue:


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 02:09 PM

Feral Skeleton

   Here's Mungo Maccallum getting over his New Year's hangover: Wink


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 02:11 PM

Feral Skeleton

        I subscribed to the Common Dreams e-mail when all they had was a 2nd hand office chair and desk and a Commodore 64 with Dial Up. Laughing
   Same with Buzzflash.

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 02:14 PM

D Mick Weir

It isn't leadership speculation but it is the next best/worst thing

Labor recovery - tell ‘em they’re dreamin’ Chris Kenny @GoodlyFabric Blog

Many Labor supporters and press gallery scribes have been getting into all sorts of contortions all year

Yes Chris the whole one a bit days of the year so far - dmw

trying to make a case for how Labor is recovering, or might yet recover.

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 02:17 PM

D Mick Weir

Hi Michael
take a bow, you just gave this grandad a lesson in egg-sucking

I don't recall Common Dreams passing my eyes before

Goes to prove I have much eclectism to learn from FS (and you) Smile

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 02:17 PM

Feral Skeleton

   Nice quote from former American President Andrew Jackson, with relevance today:

     It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. ….In the full enjoyment of the gifts of Heaven and the fruits of superior industry, economy, and virtue, every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society -- the farmers, mechanics, and laborers -- who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their Government.

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 02:51 PM

Ad astra reply

D Mick Weir
You are an asset to TPS with your regular links to interesting articles in the MSM and to blogs.  I have enjoyed reading them and have saved three today – the one on 42 fallacies, how to jump the paywall at The Oz and the Koukoulas article on Freydenberg economics.  Thank you.

Ad astra reply

January 2. 2012 02:55 PM

D Mick Weir

Australian flag erected upside down at Parliament House in Canberra  Patrick Lion @TheDailyTerrorFlap

PARLIAMENT House is in a flap.

In what appears to be a hangover from New Year's Eve, one of the flags adorning the House on our nation's Capital Hill has been erected upside down.

While the flag was not the main one flying high above the centre of the building – it's a smaller one on the Senate side – it did cause a stir on Twitter during a slow news public holiday in Canberra.

Amid tweets for a minister to fall on their sword over the bungle, Childcare Minister Kate Ellis has expressed the government’s concern.

``Oh, deary me,'' Ms Ellis tweeted.

Not sure how to 'erect' a flag, the pole maybe.

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 03:00 PM

D Mick Weir

Hi Ad,
my pleasure

umm not quite the right way to write it but I have big shoes to fill to get anywhere near the heights that TweeyBird LinkingLyn gets to but it is fun trying Smile

PS Lyn if you are reading I don't mean to imply you have big feet Tong

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 03:21 PM

D Mick Weir

As @AlanKohler tweeted and an eclectic contrarian who goes by the handle @HilbillySkill tweeted:
Tony Abbott please read. RT @NYTimeskrugman: Nobody Understands Debt http://t.co/Cmnh2N97

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 03:25 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Happy new year to all on TPS.

In my absence in the past month or so, I've just been taking a bit of a break from political news and been busy with some summer research. I'm still lurking around reading the articles, links and contributions though.

I've been collecting data for past Australian state elections and hope to one day set it up in a database, or just put the tables on Wikipedia. Some of it is quite hard to find, especially before 1990. I think it's important to compile political history such as that.

As for Howard getting the little gong from the Queen, that's what you come to expect from the royals - awarding conservative leaders for keeping the peasants in line. She knighted Joh after all. And if Howard is happy to be associated with the long line of tory monsters given some gilt and enamel from London, then good for him.

Von Kirsdarke

January 2. 2012 03:28 PM


Do you know whether it's wrong to feed birds, and baby ones at that, like our two baby Magpies, salted meat like Ham on the Bone? I just have a lot of it left over from Xmas.

Sorry, but you definitely should not feed birds cured meats.  Also you should not feed them fatty meats either.  If you must feed them, don't be too generous and ensure the mince or meat is lean.


January 2. 2012 03:36 PM

D Mick Weir

Hi Von Kirksdale,
welcome back

Good Luck with your research I guess you have been to http://australianpolitics.com/voting

There was an Aussie site (that I am scratching my head to recall the name of) that heaps of data from around world and went back a fair way I'll sleep on it and see if I can recall where I found it.

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 03:52 PM

Feral Skeleton

Von Kirsdarke,
               Welcome back! Happy New Year!
   I expect you've had a gander at Antony Greene's blog and Malcolm Mackerras' web presence? Or, was I a goose for even suggesting something so basic? Embarassed
   I'd have to also say that the ANU would have a record in their PolSci Dept, as would the associated State Universities, and then, of course, the National Library and State Libraries would have databases, I would assume.

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 04:00 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Thanks, Mick. Yes, I'm getting data from a few sources. Mainly Antony Green's election archive and Adam Carr's Psephos website (I think that's the one you're referring to).

I'm also borrowing the books by Colin Hughes from my university library which covers earlier results and I'm copying them down as well.

Von Kirsdarke

January 2. 2012 04:07 PM

D Mick Weir

Von Kirksdale,
doh, that's the one, Adam Carr. Been a long while since I went there so memory of what is there is a bit faded Smile

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 04:12 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Thanks as well, Feral.

Yeah, there's plenty of info to look up on. I'm really glad that the uni libraries have transfer services between them, so I might go in and ask for database access sometime later.

I'm surprised that there's hardly any data online for states other than NSW though. Hopefully that will change.

Von Kirsdarke

January 2. 2012 04:12 PM


How is everyone in Victoria, and elsewhere if applicable, with this hot weather.  We had the air conditioner on and don't dare go outside.  Catch you all tomorrow.


January 2. 2012 04:18 PM


Chris Kenny (one-time Downer official bumlicker)

'the only way to redeem herself would have been for Ms Gillard to run a very good and effective government. And it has been anything but. The main features of the Gillard Government have been the broken election promise on a carbon tax and its failure to deal with the border protection issue.'

Best economy in the galaxy . . . Every bit of legislation through, except the one on Asylum Seekers stymied by Abbortt,  because of whom lives are still, more than ever in fact, at risk on the high seas, oh very moral of you Tony the Crispian, what a win to be able to deliver on a NO at last! And what a victory for love and understanding, yep rejoicing in the Liberal ranks over that, well you would wouldn't you rejoice when it's the only win you've had, too bad about how many lives lost ? Well they were boat people anyway, probly didn't have much assets nor skills, we didn't want them here anyway.

Well suck this Kenny you Liberal sleaze, Labor's in Government now, Labor will be in Government until late 2013, and Labor will be back in with a decent majority at the next election, and a bigger one again after 2016. Look forward to a long dreary wistful frustrated disappointing life for many years Kenny, you deserve every curse you make against the outrageous fortune that means that your mob is going to be out of power probably until 2193.

Eric Cartman: Oh look they've killed Kenny!

Southpark 4th Grade Boys (together) Hooray! Smile


January 2. 2012 06:29 PM


41.9 yesty, nastier today in Adelaide. But handle-able if it doesn't go beyond a few days. But if no eggnishner, thousands would die after a week or so.  Me included probly. Nobody is built for global warming. Those well struck in years are the lucky ones, we'll be outa here before too long. I'm oh so sorry for the young . . . (but my generation was so dam good at breeding) . . .  and I feel sorry for all the life forms that we have doomed . . . So I'm sanguine about Labor's chances, but I freak about the prospects for Life on Earth.

But though it might be a faint hope of a good outcome to this unprecedented threat to the Planet, and better than jeering and sneering and profiteeering the way the unspeakable Right does, getting a Labor Government back is the best we can do for anything, writing on the Sword is the best way I know of trying to help that, make my voice heard, once it was a fruit crate in Hyde Park. If I thought btw that I could maximise my influence by going to another website I would, I don't, TPS with Ad's nous and Lyn's~Links and helpful extra linkers FS NK DMW and Jason and all the others filling in, and intellectuals like Psyclaw and Michael and VK and I'll stop there because there's so many, anyway thistle dew me, all up it feels like very good company, we get read DYWAT, and there is time to consider each contribution. On TPS each blogger's influence is about optimal, but there's plenty of room for many more. Never, I think, as many as some sites, but then we're all different, as a thesaurus is different from a dictionary, and our modus vivendi are different too; like the sitella and the treecreeper, little birds that both feed on invertebrates they find on tree trunks, they inhabit the same areas too, how come they don't clash? Well one works its way up the trunk, one goes down, they find slightly different grub, and they get along together. 'Course there are some things that both species relish, then you get a bit of competition . . . Wink

DMW actually I think you are doing rather well with your links especially this AM, merci bien. This one especially, the Age one you were so appalled at having missed thitherto, about ". . . philanthropist and internet entrepreneur Graeme Wood, who has pledged $15-20 million to a new, non-profit, online media venture, The Global Mail, with one goal in mind: produce public-interest journalism, no strings attached."

Nasking, (Cobber!), do you remember, the year before last (now) I wrote a satirical bogus report that Lachlan Merdeoch was offering $800K in prizes to stimulate the quality of parajournalism and traffic in the blogosphere, (as if of course) and though I didn't mean to (and I did slip in a wink in the last line but you missed it) you got sucked in and believed me, I so mea culpa'd and I don't think you ever got offended anyway and took it in good part, but I giggled fit to bust too, the idea of Merdeochs helping us poor underclass of True Believer tragics hey.

But $25 million hey, ain't that somethin', for quality journalism (especially it seems with an eye to international affairs) working with *Monica Attard* - One of THE Best, rarely seen these days it seems to me. . . . Sounds like manna for someone . . . Anybody ? Nasking?

Dog I suddenly thought, Hang on, am I in a parallel universe where it's April 1st ? Can that report be real? I do hope so. That is a great way to be philanthropic: improve the blogosphere, help the world!

here's the link again courtesy DMW
What if public-interest journalism had a white knight: a media start-up is born, packed with pedigree  Paddy Manning @TheAge

Dog my recaptcha is bizarre . . ! . .


January 2. 2012 06:39 PM

D Mick Weir

TT @ 6:29 PM,
thx for the weather report. In Canberra we often have yesterdays Adelaide weather today so I will brace for a nasty one tomorrow.

Also glad you (& many others) appreciating links

Along the lines of the old Chinese Proverb

    'Work like you don't need the money,
    Love like you have never been hurt,
    Dance like no one is looking'

I am having some summertime fun digging and delving and if I can get my befuddled brain a bit more organised and find my supply of All-Bran I may be able to be a bit regular with some links. The dieties willing  Smile

D Mick Weir

January 2. 2012 06:48 PM


and I meant to say, don't fret if you can't quite fill Tweety's footprints, you may have realized from considering her gravatar that her species has evolved over millions of years to fill this particular niche: a massive brain in a cranium weighing as much as 73% of the total body weight, enormous eyes that permit rapid scanning, a relatively tiny body kept trim by the amount of work she does digging blogworms for us in the early AM; and gigantic feet, as
much as 18% by weight, for scratching around for them.

In light of Lyn's evolutionary advantages, ordinary folks should not be too discouraged if they can't quite fill her footprints.  U R do OK IMO DMW.


January 2. 2012 07:09 PM


Happy New Year all.

I have been reading TPS for some time now.  I commented a couple of times in Sep/Oct but have been, and continue to be, distracted by a very sick 93 year old mother.  Most times I catch up late at night, not thinking too straight, but keen not to miss Lyn's Links and thread comments, but I must admit I feel kind of sneaky soaking up everyone's comments without contributing myself.

Ad's previous post re the purpose of the site really caught my attention and I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days.  It's a privilege to have the facility to comment in this type of open forum and I can see there is the possibility of shaping the thinking and behaviour of commentators and the media in general.  I recall Grog's Gamut became quite influential at the time of the election when the ABC began to pick up on his criticism of the media and began discussing and reporting on this.  It would be fantastic if TPS comment could achieve a similar type of influence.

Like just about every other left leaning person I feel let down by the press and media.  It is obvious that the Murdoch stable of papers sets the agenda for discussion on TV and radio each day, even to the point where headlines form the basis of press questiions to the PM.  In a country where there is mandatory voting it is critical to the health of democracy that factual information and balanced opinion is freely available.  Where is the research, the questioning, the debate?

Watch the AFR degenerate under the leadership of their new Editor in Chief (ex The Australian) and he has brought across a colleague as Deputy Editor.  The question is how long will Laura be able to remain fearless and independent?  


January 2. 2012 07:42 PM



I remember you. Can't remember what for exactly. But I do remember it was positive.

You are as welcome here as Peter Slipper is to the Speakership! Smile And it don't no get welcomer that!

You would already know from reading my gobbles that I agree with you 100% re TPS.
But to answer your last question, the short answer is, until she's dead. *Laura Tingle* has nothing to gain now from kowtowing to browbeating from jumped-up Editors and their lickspittles. A lifetime telling Truth . . . Laura is nobody's vassal.

"Thus was *J*U*L*I*A* besieged: just Laura Tingle stood her friend,
And challenged Abbott on her Comments page:
In chivalry and courage she was loyal to the end:
The one fair Australian Journo of The Age"

[From The Lass from Yarralumla
published to TPS on 12/10/10]



January 2. 2012 08:30 PM

Feral Skeleton

      You're welcome anytime you can spare a few moments here at The Political Sword. Smile
   All embers, no matter how small, help to keep the flame burning which provides the Light On the Hill.

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 08:45 PM

Feral Skeleton

Talk Turkey, Jason, Gravel and Ad Astra,
                                        You all have my coldest sympathy as you struggle to keep mind, body and soul together through the heat. Though I did notice on the ABC Weather report tonight that the temperature had dropped considerably from the earlier highs, if you consider 23-24 cool. Anyway, hang tough till Wednesday when all will be better. Smile

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 09:09 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

... and Labor will be back in with a decent majority at the next election, and a bigger one again after 2016. Look forward to a long dreary wistful frustrated disappointing life for many years Kenny, you deserve every curse you make against the outrageous fortune that means that your mob is going to be out of power probably until 2193.

A classic example of Quixotism being mugged by insanity.

Why is it that some people over-indulge at Xmas time? The recipe for Xmas pudding mentions among the ingredients185ml (3/4 cup) brandy. Insane utterances might be prevented if people remember when making and then consuming Xmas pudding to stick to the recipe: 3/4 cup brandy not 3 or 4 bottles.

Sir Ian Crisp

January 2. 2012 09:30 PM


Sir Ian,
       You make think TT has over indulged in the brandy, But I haven't seen anyone put in an order for your tripe!


January 2. 2012 09:51 PM

Feral Skeleton

        You'll like this one:
     'The Iowa Caucuses are American Idol for the politically-obsessed.'

   Who us? Embarassed

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 09:54 PM

Feral Skeleton

Sir Ian Crisp,
              That was actually one of your more benevolent insults. Do you feel a slight sense of indulgent nonchalance when it comes to criticising our Turkey? Smile

Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 10:04 PM

Feral Skeleton

   Here's a really apt piece from August 2011 whose sentiments we shouuld keep in mind next time we have to wade through the bilgewater that the Murdoch Press and their acolytes in the ABC & the Coalition, serve up to us:


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 10:13 PM


Sixteen drones on the Coalons' front bench!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum!
Phoney old Tony bested by a Ranga wench!
And then he goes and kicks Slipper out on his bum!

Even with the Indies we had barely enough:
Yo ho ho and a bottle of brandy!
Thank you Tony, and thanks Mal Brough!
Dat extra seat sure gonna come in handy!
         Fun With Trolls

I have just decided on a new category for this year's Ad astra Sword Awards! So you got plenty of notice!

Best Riposte to a Troll

Trolls should be accredited individually and if possible more should be recruited in whatever way possible. We have but two resident Trolls here, Limpy Crisp and the almost invisible jj, we will deploy Limpy as a Bell Troll to help us in our recruitment drive. A Bell Troll is like a Bell Wether, and is  similar in operation to an electronic Duck Call, except that it makes weird whingey and squealy noises virtually non-stop.

Persons wishing to enter posts in the Best Riposte category will help if they put the words Fun With Trolls at the bottom of such posts, however failure to do so will not disqualify them provided someone else nominates their post.


January 2. 2012 10:15 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Sir Ian Crisp,
              That was actually one of your more benevolent insults. Do you feel a slight sense of indulgent nonchalance when it comes to criticising our Turkey? Smile
Feral Skeleton

Not at all FS. I'm still waiting for TT to "take me apart" (I think those were his words). To quote that lout who was once an alleged politician "he ain't laid a glove on me yet."

Hey J Guy, check this out:


Sir Ian Crisp

January 2. 2012 10:26 PM

Feral Skeleton

   This has absolutely nothing to do with politics but I found it an absolutely fascinating infographic:


Feral Skeleton

January 2. 2012 10:42 PM


Limpy said

I'm still waiting for TT to "take me apart" (I think those were his words).

Would someone please advise Limpy that I TalkTurkey will donate ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to the Adelaide Zoo if he can show where I have said those words.

Or $50 for wtte.

OR $20 if he has the decency to retract and apologise!

I reckon me dough's pretty safe though.

Complete fabrication, pre-self-excused with "I think".
Which in Limpy's case would almost defy belief.
What lying scum these Lieberals are!


January 3. 2012 06:09 AM


Hot nasty night in Adelaide, been up for hours idly trawling old and newish threads and posts. Just the writings on TPS alone are gargantuan. The equivalent of - ? Ad? Lyn? Any idea? - Anyway tens of thousands of A4 pages! I've no idea how it would be measured but I know there is a hell of a lot. Scary somehow. Because it is so soon gone and mostly forgotten. Reminds us of our mortality I guess, because we're gone and forgotten in the end too, forgotten even by ourselves!

Right now I'm wondering if Limpy will respond to my challenge re my having allegedly said what he said I said (hard to put in reported speech because I'm challenging him on the exact words 'take me apart'.) I have no memory of it and it really sounds a lot unlike me, but if Limpy is the noble soul his self-bestowed tittle would suggest, he will either prove his claim, or humbly apologise - as will I, on top of the $100 I have promised to the Zoo if I am wrong. Be funny if I am wrong eh, fancy me having to say Sorry Limpy!

My guess is Limpy will retire from the field for now, trolls do that, run under their bridge and not come out until the danger of confrontation and exposure in daylight is past. Then they can say they never got no levver landed on 'em see.

Anyway I wouldn't use leather on Limpy. Doggie poo bags. Three layers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The great thing about TPS's blog archives, they're there!

Thanks to all who help to put them together, and especially to the mysterious ubiquitous benevolent unseen presence of Web Monkey (WebMonkey?) to whom we owe the very mechanics of this site - which appears now to be working beautifully btw, congratulations WM you nailed it. It's as easy to take for granted this site's working perfectly as it is to take one's water or electricty for granted, the moment they are off line that's when you notice them. "You never miss the water till the well runs dry." So Thank You and Happy New Year Web Monkey, you get the least thanks, presumably solitary and beavering away in a tiny radio shack in a comfortless garret, for the most worrisome job of all, setting up and fixing and maintaining this site, we get the benefits stark raving free. Our perpetual appreciation of its hassle-free operation will be made clear within a nanosecond of its next failure!


January 3. 2012 07:49 AM



My thoughts are with you, I don't think any of us mind you just reading, especially when you are just too tired to think.  You take care of your self as well as your Mum.  I think when something really gets at you that you need to have your say, you will, and we will all appreciate it.

Going by my last post I left out more words than I put in, sorry about that, the heat got to me more than I had anticipated.  Talk Turkey, even with the eggconditioner it still managed to get to me.  I rang my Mum and told her not to turn hers off, we don't need an inheritance, we need her alive and well.


January 3. 2012 08:28 AM


Over at blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/.../ the redoubtable (not) Chris Kenny, in the midst of the self-congratulation that seems to be the raison d'etre for his blog, keeps asking respondents for a list of Gillard Government achievements.

With the snide implication that there are none.

I seem to recall a while back a comprehensive listing of the legislation and consequent 'achievements' of the Gillard Government on this site.

Could someone with a better power of recall than mine please forward me to the thread where that list was posted? I would dearly love to then forward it on to carping Chris Kenny.

Thanks in advance,


January 3. 2012 08:58 AM

D Mick Weir

Good Morning All,
I love cartoons and comics so something of light relief and a bit of a giggle to kick off the day.

Even if you have never visited http://xkcd.com where there many great comic strips & cartoons you have probably come across Duty Calls http://xkcd.com/386/

I will let 2012 http://xkcd.com/998/  speak for itself.

2012 cometh: how to prepare for the apocalypse  Joseph Gelfer @TheConversation
If you believe the doomsayers, the human race is not long for this earth. By the end of this year, our number will be up: the four horseman of the apocalypse will be upon us, fire will rain from the skies, the poles will reverse and the end will be, as so many have predicted for so long, nigh.

The information you need  Andrew Elder @Politically homeless
The mainstream media isn't giving us the information we need. It is giving us what they think is good enough for people like us, gathered by people that mainstream media organisations regard as competent; ...

Automatic republic on retirement of QE2  Len Liddelow @IndependentAustralia
Australia must put in place a process that will automatically see it become a republic at the end of the Queens reign, because she will step down in her 90th year. There are a number of compelling reasons why this will happen.

How Latham was lucky  Peter Brent @MumbleBlog
In late 2003, Labor leader Mark Latham had the world at his feet. New leader, new goodwill, a vulnerable government, an election due within twelve months and his job secure until then.
Other opposition leaders in similar positions have included Kevin Rudd in late 2006, John Howard in early 1995 and Bob Hawke in early 1983. And to an extent Andrew Peacock in mid-1989.
Latham also had something else ...

Krugman weighs in on public debt misunderstanding Stephen Koukoulas
Coincidental to my recent concerns about the gross misunderstanding or even out-right dishonesty concerning the issue of public debt from senior Liberal politicians in Australia, Nobel prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, has stepped in with an Op Ed piece in The New York Times headed “Nobody Understands Debt”.

Children killed by Operation Cast Lead Paul Barratt @Australian Observer
It is just over three years since the Israelis launched Operation Cast Lead, their punitive attack on Gaza, the one which then Acting Prime Minister Gillard characterised as Israel exercising its right to defend itself.
352 children were killed directly by Israeli action ...


The Australian Editorial - Fiscal fact check fail Stephen Koukoulas
Whoops! Today's editorial in The Australian www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg71x-1226235125197 was a good read with some constructive suggestions and comments about the economic outlook confronting Australia in 2012.

Some wonkish stuff
Live books should be with us  Joshua Gans @Digitopoly
A euphemism for physical books these days is to call them ‘dead tree’ versions. Of course, that is just descriptive as they have always been that but perhaps a better term may be ‘dead’ versions.

A SlowTV Video
Good Ideas = Bad Politics. Festival of Dangerous Ideas
In a country where Question Time is a blood sport and a strong current of anti-intellectualism runs through public life, it can be dangerous to have ideas in politics. Although we blame politicians for their inability to translate ideas into policy, perhaps the difficulties are of a more fundamental nature. If good ideas make bad politics, how can we come to terms with the challenges of the 21st century?

From the Newspapers
Anti-Islam pamphlet concern  Larissa Nicholson @CanberraTimes
Leaders of Canberra's Muslim community were surprised and saddened by offensive anti-Islamic pamphlets distributed to homes throughout Queanbeyan over the Christmas holidays.
Householders in Queanbeyan received the material depicting a Muslim man physically abusing a woman and a child and an Islamic elder condoning the violence as acceptable to his faith.


An even keel for boat people  Neil James @CanberraTimes
By fixating on the recurrent symptoms, and not the causes and cures, most public argument on asylum-seeking continues ineffectively. Politicians are addicted to electoral point-scoring. Refugee advocates are prone to discuss factors selectively. Some community concerns about ''boat people'' and visa-overstayers are undoubtedly due to misunderstandings and even at times irrational fears.

ABC's leftish drift still needs to be corrected by its deeds  Gerard Nenderson @NationalTimes
The ABC managing director, Mark Scott, is a distinct improvement on his predecessor. However, as one of Australia's highest paid public sector employees, who earns significantly more than the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, his performance should be critically assessed.

All aboard bipartisanship ... one of these years  Stephanie Peatling @NationalTimes
IT IS too easy to guess what New Year's resolutions politicians are considering. They centre around power and how to keep it, particularly coming into a year in which it is not entirely inconceivable that an election will be held.
The relentless pursuit of government, driven by endless opinion polls and focus groups, is a dispiriting cycle.


A dirty bit of business  Charles Waterstreet @NationalTimes
WHEN I travel in the United States, I like to look for common cultural themes in both countries. Employees must wash hands in bathrooms in Australia and America. We are bound together, as Barack Obama said, ''in many ways'' but what is the origin of this demand in restrooms that employees, and no others, wash their hands?

Twitter gaffe lands holidaying Murdoch in warm water  Dylan Welch @TheAge
RUPERT Murdoch's foray into the world of social media - less than two days old - has provided its first car crash, with the global media mogul stating the British have too many holidays for what he termed a ''broke country''.
Mr Murdoch, who joined Twitter on December 31, quickly deleted the message, but not before it was read by many of his 40,000 followers, who helped spread it around the website.


And last but least some sport (with a political twist)
India hot and bothered  Chris Barrett @TheAge
INDIA captain M.S.Dhoni insists relations between rival players are better than ever but there is simmering tension before today's 100th SCG Test over the touring team's prolonged wait outside the gates of Kirribilli House before the official pre-match function.
In scenes bordering on the farcical, cricket luminaries such as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid were made to stand outside Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Sydney residence for 15 minutes on Sunday before finally being allowed inside.


D Mick Weir

January 3. 2012 09:16 AM

D Mick Weir

I know a lot of people here are only twentyone - for the second or third time Tong

so you really need to read this:
20 New Year’s Resolutions For 20-Somethings  Jessie Rosen @ToughtCatalog

But seriously folks some of the thoughts in there are appropriate to all of us.

Hat Tip @senshreya via @SwearyCat on Twitter

D Mick Weir

January 3. 2012 09:46 AM

D Mick Weir

... and I laughed @ Popes Cartoon in todays Canberra Times


D Mick Weir

January 3. 2012 10:08 AM


Your feet are growing!
Well done, thank you.


Come on out Limpy
We know you're under there

Oops I forgot
I don't talk to trolls
Ar once can't hurt

Put up or apologize you Crispian
or be known once and for all
  The Libellous Liar


January 3. 2012 10:33 AM


Great Set of Links D Mick Weir , so now my day goes, reading under the fan!

Thanking you, as its to hot outside for even this beach goer...



January 3. 2012 10:37 AM


If it weren't for their predictions they wouldn't be so wrong:
The same unending gotchas and the same unchanging song
Rudd will roll JG for PM and it won't be very long -
If it weren't for their predictions they wouldn't be so wrong!

They just change the date a little but they play the same old tune:
They predicted Tony Abbott would be PM very soon
Shoulda been last February! Er, no, sorry, June!
They just change the date a little but they play the same old tune!

They knew **J*U*L*I*A* would fail to do the things she'd promised to
They predicted that she'd never get her legislation through
And now with Slipper slipped away they're smeared with Poodle-Do
And my Eye of Time shows Labor in till 2092!

Dog it's easy to write verse to cover the Coalons and MSM with crap.
They supply the ammo.  


January 3. 2012 10:54 AM

Ad astra reply

I have just posted the next in the change-of-year series on political speeches: What makes a good political speech? PM Kevin Rudd’s Apology.


DMW, TT, Michael and any other who have posted comments here today, may wish to post them also on the new thread so they are not overlooked.

Ad astra reply

January 4. 2012 12:43 PM


Re the Rodent's gong, I suspect HM QEII, found it at the bottom of the undies drawer when she was getting rid of some old favourites whose elastic had had its chips.

Phil told her to just sling it in the wheelie bin, but HM, being a thrifty type, refused to chuck out a perfectly good gong.

OK, it's a bit tarnished and ratty, but she had Jeeves buff it up with the last of the Brasso and it came up a treat!

Of course, then she had to cast about for some clown who'd wet his/her pants about getting one of the things and Phil said she might as well give it to that slobbering dwarf who used to be PM of Australia.

He had to prompt her memory a bit, but she finally remembered with a shudder how wet her hand was when he got through with it and put up a bit of resistance to handing it over to such a suck hole.

But Phil said everyone would know it was just something she'd found in the sock drawer and they'd understand it would be her little joke handing it over to an opportunistic brown nosing glory hunter like the Rodent, whose only real claim to fame is knowing what Dubya's colon looks like from the inside.


January 4. 2012 01:05 PM


Oh Happy New Year, Swordsters, if I haven't said so already!

I got a bit carried away speculating why HM would bother handing over any sort of gong to a Rodent ex-PM of Orstralylia and forgot my manners momentarily.

TT, if you haven't vowed to take SIC apart, I think you should anyway. I'm sure we could provide a box for the remains. Laughing


January 13. 2012 01:38 AM

Winnie Amondi

Happy New Everyone. Great to hear from you all. Last year was really great and i hope the new postedv thing will be as great as last year. I realy had an entertaining year last but this all to the post. Nice time to all of you!

Winnie Amondi

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