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Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies

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Sunday, 19 February 2012 18:03 by Ad astra
It is absurdly ironic that you, the one who has admitted on national TV that sometimes you do not tell the truth, should spend so much of your time and energy demonizing Julia Gillard as an inveterate liar, not to be trusted, even picking up on your favourite shock jock’s tag: ‘Ju-liar’. You have been relentless in labeling her a liar while day after day you lie bald-facedly to the Australian public.

Alcoa lies
Only last week you lied by attributing Alcoa’s decision to review the viability of its Point Henry aluminum smelter to the carbon tax, although the MD of Alcoa had specifically said that the carbon tax was not a factor. Later you said that Alcoa’s problems made it the worst time to introduce the tax, maybe afraid you had gone too far. But not willing to let the matter lie, you and the Leader of the Nationals both asked the same question of the PM in Question Time last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, selectively quoting from a Treasury assessment which mentioned that over a 60% reduction in aluminum output could occur consequent to the carbon tax, but failing to mention that the compensation to the industry for the carbon tax would reduce the cost to it to no more than a one cent rise in the Australian dollar. You failed to acknowledge what the MD of Alcoa had said was the real cause of the company’s difficulty: the high Australian dollar, low aluminum prices and the high price of the commodities used in production.

On Wednesday, you attributed the delay in the $3 billion upgrade of the Alcoa alumina refinery at Wagerup, WA to the upcoming carbon tax, but the PM read out a statement from Alcoa to the contrary, stating it was due to its inability to obtain a satisfactory supply of natural gas. By omitting those facts you set out to deceive – you lied. Still not satisfied you had done enough damage, you then sent out Eric Abetz on Lateline on Thursday to insist that the job losses foreshadowed by Alcoa and also those announced by Qantas and other companies, were ‘preemptive action’ by these companies in anticipation of the carbon tax. No evidence of this was evinced. Your lies multiply. We are tired of them. When are we ever going to hear the truth from you? You are a political opportunist to whom telling the truth is irrelevant.

Budget lies
You, and your two other finance spokesmen lied about your budgetary goals. You seemed unable to agree whether you would produce a surplus in your first budget. You and the other two vacillated until you were reduced to saying that if Labor can produce a surplus budget, the Coalition would. But we still have Andrew Robb being non-committal and insisting the debt be paid off before committing to expenditure, Joe Hockey loudly proclaiming there will be a Coalition surplus budget despite giving tax cuts and foregoing revenue, and you having a bet both ways. Who is telling the truth? We know you all lie, but why not at least lie consistently?

The Howarth ‘audit’ lies
You lied to us about your so-called ‘savings’ that would enable you to reach your budgetary goals. The $50 billion savings you trumpeted at the time of the last budget was shown to have a $10.6 billion so-called ‘black hole’, which you and the others steadfastly denied, citing ‘the fifth largest accounting firm in Australia’, the Perth-based WHK Howarth, as having certified the correctness of your figures in an ‘audit’. That was a lie. Howarth did not do a proper audit. All they said was that they reviewed the Coalition’s costing estimates and that ‘based on the assumptions provided’, they were satisfied they had been accurately prepared and could be funded from the 2010-11 budget.

Subsequently, the professional conduct tribunal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants imposed fines of $5000 each on Geoffrey Phillip Kidd and Cyrus Patell of WHK Howarth after a complaint over a report they compiled about the Coalition's 2010 election costings. You knew that the assumptions upon which your figures were based were to be kept secret so that neither Treasury nor anyone else could check them. Yet examining assumptions is a normal part of an audit process. You and Joe Hockey insisted it was a proper audit, and when challenged by economically literate journalists, Hockey fobbed them off by accusing them of engaging in a semantic argument. Even after the finding of improper conduct by WHK Howarth accountants, you still insisted on the validity of these costings of your election promises, and you still perpetuate the lie that they have been audited and are accurate. You even say that you are proud of them.

The $70 billion budget black hole
The lies go on. You claim that you have made savings of $70 billion in the context of this year’s budget, but we have seen no details. How can we believe you? The figure is in question; some of your finance troika go along with it, others don’t. When will you give us the details of the amount and how it is constituted? Will it be subject to the same shonky ‘audit’ as last time? You refuse to use the independent Parliamentary Budget Office, no doubt out of fear it will expose flaws in your costings. Economists ask how $70 billion can be removed from the budget without severe reductions in services, while still giving tax cuts and other benefits. You don’t answer. You seem to expect the people to just take you at your word that all will be well – magic pudding style!

’Demolishing the NBN’ lies
You continue to claim that by ‘demolishing the NBN’ you will save the cost of the network, although you know this does not contribute to the bottom line of the budget. It is a capital expense and an investment that will yield a dividend for the government. Yet you still claim ‘scrapping it’ will be a ‘saving’. That is a lie, and you know it.

While we are talking about the NBN, you still insist you will halt work to save money and add to your ‘savings’. You know you won’t do that. It will be too far advanced. Only someone disinterested in the damage that might do to our economy would even contemplate this, but you say you will. What about the 37,000 jobs that a fully operational NBN will create? What about the boost to the new digital economy it will provide, with all the jobs that implies? How can we believe you when you talk about demolishing the NBN?

The Home Insulation Program lies
Your lies traverse all areas of government. Take the Home Insulation Program that you have demonized from the outset. JohnL has exposed your lies on The Political Sword in his two part piece: Absurdities abound as Abbott wages a crass war and Abbott’s amazing amnesia on insulation inquiry. You said: “There were the pink batts that this government could not put into roofs for free without houses catching fire right around Australia”. That was a lie. Official records show that there were no fires in 99.98% of the million ceilings insulated. Two in ten thousand (224) had fires and just thirty had structural damage. This rate of fires was less than occurred prior to the HIP. Yet you pilloried the Government, and also made them out to be killers of insulation workers, although you knew full well that OH&S is a state responsibility, that it was breaches of OH&S that were responsible, and that no blame is attributable to the Federal Government. You and Greg Hunt even accused the responsible minister, Peter Garratt, of ‘industrial manslaughter’, a monstrous charge, which you had no compunction in making.

All we have heard from you about the HIP is lies, lies, and more lies. You said “No good government would ever spend more than a billion dollars putting pink batts into roofs and a billion dollars to take them out again.” That is a lie. You know perfectly well that the cost of rectification of faulty insulation installation is nowhere near that figure. Around twenty percent of ceilings had inspections but only 4.2% had rectification works to make them safe. How could that cost ‘a billion dollars’? That was a lie and you must have known that it was, but you said it over and again.

You and Greg Hunt insisted that there must be a Royal Commission into the ‘scandal’, and that you would institute it once in office. But there was no mention of it in your election speech. Did you ever intend to conduct one, or was this just another of your lies?

The Building the Education Revolution lies
The Building Education Revolution was another fertile ground for your lies, aided and abetted by Matthew Franklin, who got his teeth into it with relish, and The Australian, which ran a special section week after week to highlight the BER’s ‘waste and mismanagement’. You knew that speed of rollout was essential to achieve a stimulatory effect during the GFC and that in such circumstances there was bound to be some overcharging. But of course you never allowed for that when you condemned the Government’s effort to save construction jobs, stimulate the economy, and in the process replace or add to ageing school infrastructure that had ran down during the Howard era. You labelled some of it ‘Julia Gillard Memorial Halls’, yet your Liberal parliamentarians were at openings of them, enjoying the accolades these fine new buildings evoked.

You persisted with the ‘waste and mismanagement’ mantra even after three comprehensive reports from the BER Implementation Taskforce chaired by businessman Brad Orgill showed over 97% satisfaction with the program. The report said: “Overall, the Taskforce found that the majority of education authorities attained value for money and delivered quality education facilities. The Final Report notes that the program has touched every community in Australia, and has delivered substantial stimulus.” There was some overcharging, mostly in NSW where the rollout was fastest. There was some waste, but overall there was value for money, not billions of dollars wasted as you asserted. Your lying propaganda so convinced the public that a recent survey showed that an overall majority went along with your mantra. But the majority of those who had children at the schools where improvements had been made were well satisfied with the program, a significant finding. Those who benefited praised the program; those who didn’t benefit directly believed your lies, and went along with you. How do you feel about deceiving the electorate so blatantly?

Global Financial Crisis lies
Let’s go back a little further, to the Global Financial Crisis. The view of almost every reputable economist, here and overseas, is that the Rudd Government did a sterling job in shielding this nation from the crisis. Wayne Swan has been named ‘World’s Best Treasurer’ by Euromoney magazine, the IMF and World Bank continue to laud Australia’s efforts, and governments around the world indicate how they envy our position: our low debt, our low inflation, our low interest rates, our growth close to trend, 200,000 jobs protected during the GFC leading to low unemployment (now 5.1%, resulting in more Australians being in work than at any time in our history), our jobs creation (46,300 in January and 760,000 since the Labor Government was elected), and they say so repeatedly.

For the first time in our history, Australia has triple A ratings from all three rating agencies. Yet you, and your shadow Treasurer have the temerity to attempt to discredit what the Government has achieved, to attribute our strong situation almost entirely to prior reforms legislated by previous governments, previous Howard Government surpluses, a strong well-regulated banking system and Reserve Bank monetary policy that reduced interest rates to record lows. Of course all of these factors are relevant, but to deny the value of all the other actions the Government took – bank guarantees, cash supplements to promote retail trade, and targeted stimulus programs such as the HIP and BER to support the construction industry and local suppliers, is not just mean-spirited, it is another disingenuous tissue of lies with which you smother every good thing this Government does. Joe Hockey even queried whether the crisis ever existed when he said: “What recession?” You never give credit no matter how deserving; instead you lie, even though this flies in the face of informed opinion. We are sick and tired of your lies.

The minority government failure lie
One of your most laughable lies is that the minority government ‘experiment’ has been a failure. You assert this over and again despite the Gillard Government having so far passed 269 pieces of legislation without one failure, despite trenchant opposition from you and the Coalition at every step. Some failure! Some lie!

Changes to the private health insurance rebate lies
‘Addicted to tax’ is one of your favourite slogans to characterize the Government. In last week’s debate about the health rebate changes, you even chose to affix the tag ‘health tax’ to this measure. I noticed that you soon dropped this deceptive description, but I bet it reappears in your election campaign to push your line that the Government is ‘addicted to tax’. Your health tax label applied to the levy, one that was in your legislation, that was applicable if wealthy people refused to take out private health insurance, a stick the Howard Government introduced to push the wealthy into insurance instead of sponging on the public health system. The new legislation simply adjusted that upward. But to you it was a ‘health tax’. Another lie. Last time legislative changes were made to the rebate, Joe Hockey predicted a million would leave private health insurance; since then 800,000 have joined. Another lie, or a major miscalculation?

You threaten to reverse the legislation if you are elected, but say nothing about how you will manage the loss of $2.4 billion from your budget bottom line over the forward estimates, a loss that will amount to $100 billion by 2050. You are now using the qualifying words ‘as soon as possible’ no doubt realizing that you would be cutting off your nose to spite your face, all for a few votes, most of which would come from your supporters anyway. So already you are promising something you have no intention of delivering, as you know full well you will need every cent to balance your budget and achieve a surplus. This will be shown to be another Abbott lie.

Boat people lies
I could go on and on, but let’s touch briefly on your lies about the processing of asylum seekers. Both the Coalition and the Government favour offshore processing, which could begin if only you voted for Government legislation to allow any government to select its own offshore processing arrangements. But you refuse, insisting it has to be your preferred approach – incarceration on Nauru. You insist that this, TPV’s, and turning boats around will ‘work’ in deterring boat arrivals, as you assert they did during the Howard era, when arrivals did fall. You refuse to acknowledge that circumstances in world migration now are radically different from that in the Howard years; you refuse to accept expert advice that Nauru will no longer be a deterrent, you just press on with your deception knowing that much of the electorate will swallow your paltry reasoning.

You claim that within weeks Nauru could be ready for receiving boat people, although you know it is partly derelict and is currently used for other purposes. You know about the water shortages, and the substantial costs of readying the venue, but you are in denial. You get a ‘catering firm’ to give you a quote on the cost of restoration of Nauru, which you will not expose to scrutiny. It is much lower than experts from the public service have estimated. You know the quote is shonky, but you don’t care, so long as it makes the Government look incompetent. If you get into Government you will simply bury your miscalculations.

What about your threat to turn the boats around? You say it was done before and can be done again. Yet you know how many boats were disabled to avoid return, you know of the tragic deaths from such actions, you remember the 353 who died on SIEVX, but you still insist you will turn them around. That is a lie. You won’t because you can’t. Will you use your ‘boat-phone’ to instruct naval commanders to ‘turn them around’? Will you back off if they say that would be dangerous? I bet you will. Your hairy-chested threat is a charade, another lie to elicit redneck support.

Tell us why turning boats around and returning them to Indonesia is legitimate when that country has said it doesn’t want them back? Do you care about the damage such action would do to diplomatic relations with Indonesia? You threaten to send the boats back but you know that Indonesia is not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention, although that is the very reason you state you won’t support Labor’s Malaysia arrangements. What rank hypocrisy.

To cap it all off you then seized on a recent media beat-up that boat people in detention were being provided with ‘luxury items’ such as TV sets, which Chris Bowen explained were just basic items for living, not for the individual, but for the dwelling. You insisted that this was sending the wrong message by ‘rolling out the red carpet’. You know this and all your utterances about boat people are designed to garner votes, and are simply a bundle of lies.

Lies about the ‘tax repeals’
This piece is already long enough, so let me finish by referring to the carbon and minerals taxes, which you have given a ‘blood oath’ to repeal. You insist you will do that, as well as reversing last week’s changes to the private health insurance levy, thereby sacrificing many billions of dollars of revenue, but you insist you will still give tax cuts and introduce your extravagant PPL scheme. This is where your $70 billion in ‘savings’ will come into play. You know you can’t make the sums add up, but you still persist, although I hear you now conceding that ‘it won’t be easy’. No doubt this is a prelude to claiming that Labor has left the budget in such a state that you cannot keep your promises and a surplus budget in your first year – core and non-core promises all over again! You say you will take away the tax breaks to families and businesses and the pension increases that accompany the carbon tax, along with the increases in superannuation, but you know you won’t and certainly can’t without a double dissolution election. You know the electoral backlash would be so severe that despite all your hairy-chested ‘promises’, you will go to water and blame Labor for your default.

We are sick and tired of your lies, your misrepresentations, your deceit, which you perpetrate day after day because virtually no one in the MSM has the guts to confront you with your deception, and when a marginally less timid journalist tries, you avoid giving an answer and close down the questions. Without a compliant MSM you would not be able to get away with your disingenuousness; you would be exposed for what you are.

To return to the beginning, the irony of you of all people lambasting our PM for lying is risible. It is not just a simple case of the pot benignly calling the kettle black, it is a premeditated, venomous, ongoing personal campaign to discredit our PM, to burn into the public psyche the belief that she is a lair, not to be trusted, and therefore to be thrown out of office because this renders her ‘incapable of governing’, despite her having passed 269 pieces of legislation. It is reprehensible in the extreme, based as it is on a long trail of lies and misrepresentations.

Finally, should any pro-Coalition reader wish to label this piece ‘the rant of an old lefty’, as I suspect some might, respond by exposing any facts in this piece you consider incorrect. To echo the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, you are entitled to hold a different opinion from mine, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

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February 19. 2012 06:25 PM

Patricia WA

AA, forgive me - won't be able to read and comment on this today, have family for tea and a pome to finish!  Back tomorrow, and then I can comment on comments too!

Can I though push in here with a request to Ian, who left a great comment at the end of John's post and for whom I left a message re what he, or anyone else here,  thinks about Cartoon No. 3 in Moir's gallery linked at


Patricia WA

February 19. 2012 06:50 PM

Catching up

Yes, Mr. Abbott could have the right solutions if the problems are as he describes,

The problem for Mr. Abbott and maybe Australia, this is not so.

Mr. Abbott not only lies but hides his head in the sand to the realities we face today.

No carbon tax is not the answer to today's problem.  There is much in the scheme that will benefited the economy.

History will write up this PM with respect for what she has achieved, against the odds.

The PM is not shaking in her boots. paralysed into inactivity.

The opposite is true, the PM is getting on with governing the country.

Mr. Abbott has entered Alice in Wonderland country.  

Catching up

February 19. 2012 07:28 PM


Ad astra

Thank-you for such a compelling article. We have all learned to live with the fact that all politicians lie to us at some stage but it is a rare thing that their lies can potentially cause such irreparable damage to our future prosperity. I am genuinely frightened by the new style of the Abbott era which sees no holds barred and no level of duplicity out of bounds. It saddens me that a scheme like the BER can be dragged down and not properly appreciated by so many Australians. The positive legacy of the BER will be with us for decades to come and yet it is vilified as a waste.

As for the GFC deniers, here is a little something that I prepared earlier.

A recent conversation on The Political Sword turned to the efficacy of the Labor government's stimulus programmes, with particular emphasis on whether they were too big and lasted too long. One contention is that Treasurer over-reacted, exaggerating the perceived threat and by allowing the stimulus to run past the peak of the crisis he negligently placed upward pressure on inflation, overheating the economy and forcing the Reserve Bank to increase interest rates to cool things down. Treasury's predictions of the possible hit to employment has also been questioned.

I thought it might be interesting to find out what the Governor of the RBA at the time, Glenn Stevens felt were the primary motivators for the rate cuts in the first instance and then subsequent rate rises as the risk to our economy abated. I was given unprecedented access to his diary notes and he graciously agreed for me to use these extracts.

So, here then are the thoughts of Mr Glenn Stevens, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia during the events surrounding the GFC, the movements in the cash rate and what, if any, effect fiscal policy may have had on the RBA's actions.

September 2008 pre-GFC - the first rate cut (7.25% - 0.25% = 7.00%)
Given the opposing forces at work, considerable uncertainty has surrounded the outlook for demand and inflation. On balance, however, it is looking more likely that household demand will remain subdued and overall economic growth slow over the period ahead.
Weighing up the available domestic and international information, the Board judged that there was now scope for monetary policy to become less restrictive.


October 2008 onset of GFC - the second rate cut (7.00% - 1.00% = 6.00%)
Conditions in international financial markets took a significant turn for the worse in September. Large-scale financial failures in several major countries were accompanied by serious dislocation in interbank markets and heightened instability in other markets, including sharp falls in share prices.
Economic activity in the major countries is also weakening, and evidence is accumulating of a significant moderation in growth in Australia’s trading partners in Asia.
The recent deterioration in prospects for global growth, together with much more difficult market conditions even for creditworthy borrowers, now present the risk that demand and output could be significantly weaker than earlier expected.


November 2008 early GFC - the third rate cut (6.00% - 0.75% = 5.25%)
International economic data have continued to point to significant weakness in the major industrial economies, and there have been further signs that China and other parts of the developing world are slowing as well. These conditions have contributed to further falls in world commodity prices.
In Australia, the overall path of economic activity appears until recently to have been close to what the Board had expected, with a needed moderation in demand occurring after a period of earlier strength. Recent reductions in borrowing rates, the depreciation of the exchange rate and the fiscal stimulus announced in October will work to assist growth in the period ahead, but deteriorating international conditions and falling commodity prices will have a dampening influence. On balance, it appears likely that spending and activity will be weaker than earlier expected.


December 2008 - the fourth rate cut (5.25% - 1.00% = 4.25%)
Weighing up the international and domestic developments of recent months, the Board judged that a further significant reduction in the cash rate was warranted now, to take monetary policy to an expansionary setting.
There has now been a major easing in monetary policy over the past few months.  Together with the spending measures announced by the Government, and a large fall in the Australian dollar exchange rate, significant policy stimulus will be supporting demand over the year ahead.


February 2009 - the fourth rate cut (4.25% - 1.00% = 3.25%)
There was a significant deterioration in world economic conditions late in 2008. The effects on household and business confidence of the financial turmoil following Lehman’s collapse, and continuing strains on major financial institutions, saw a significant downturn in demand around the world. As a result, the major advanced economies contracted sharply in the December quarter, as did a number of emerging market economies. The Chinese economy, though still growing, has slowed markedly.
Economic conditions in Australia have also been affected, though less than in other advanced economies. Australia’s financial system remains in a strong condition and large interest rate reductions over recent months have been passed through in substantial measure to end borrowers. Nonetheless, the combination of last year’s financial turmoil, a severe global downturn and substantial falls in commodity prices has had a significant dampening effect on confidence, and therefore on prospects for growth in demand.


March 2009 - unchanged (3.25%)
Recent data confirm that the world economy has remained very weak following the sharp decline in demand that occurred late last year.
In response to that outlook, there has already been a major change in both monetary and fiscal policy. Market and mortgage rates are at very low levels by historical standards and business loan rates are below recent averages, reducing debt-servicing burdens considerably. Together with the substantial fiscal initiatives, the cumulative decline in interest rates will provide significant support to domestic demand over the period ahead. On this basis, notwithstanding evident economic weakness at present, the Board judged that the stance of monetary policy was appropriate for the moment.


April 2009 - the fifth rate cut (3.25% - 0.25% = 3.00%)
Recent information from abroad indicates that the contraction in the global economy continued during the first few months of this year, and most assessments of the near-term outlook have been further marked down. Considerable economic policy stimulus is in train in most countries, the full effects of which are not yet discernible, but which should help contain the downturn over the rest of the year. There are tentative signs of stabilisation in several countries, including China, though it is too early yet to judge how durable these will prove to be.

May 2009 - unchanged (3.00%)
The Australian economy contracted in the latter part of 2008, and this has continued in 2009 to date, with both domestic and international demand weaker. Capacity utilisation has fallen back to about average levels, and will decline further over the rest of the year. With demand for labour weakening, growth in labour costs will probably also fall.
The stance of monetary policy, together with the substantial fiscal initiatives, will provide significant support to domestic demand over the period ahead.


August 2009 - unchanged (3.00%)
Economic conditions in Australia have been stronger than expected a few months ago, with both consumer spending and exports notable for their resilience. Measures of confidence have recovered a good deal of ground. This suggests that the risk of a severe contraction in the Australian economy has abated. The most likely outcome in the near term is a period of sluggish output, with consumer spending likely to slow somewhat and investment remaining weak.

September 2009 - unchanged (3.00%)
Economic conditions in Australia have been stronger than expected, with consumer spending, exports and business investment notable for their resilience.
Unemployment has not, to this point, risen as far as had been expected. Weaker demand for labour, evident in a decline in hours worked, nonetheless has seen a moderation in labour costs.


October 2009 - the first rate rise (3.00% + 0.25% = 3.25%)
Economic conditions in Australia have been stronger than expected and measures of confidence have recovered.  Some spending has probably been brought forward by the various policy initiatives. As those effects diminish, these areas of demand may soften somewhat. Some types of capital spending are likely to be held back for a while by financing constraints, but it now appears that private investment will not be as weak as earlier expected. Medium-term prospects for investment appear, moreover, to be strengthening. Higher dwelling activity and public infrastructure spending is also starting to provide more support to spending. Overall, growth through 2010 looks likely to be close to trend.
In late 2008 and early 2009, the cash rate was lowered quickly, to a very low level, in expectation of very weak economic conditions and a recognition that considerable downside risks existed. That basis for such a low interest rate setting has now passed, however. With growth likely to be close to trend over the year ahead, inflation close to target and the risk of serious economic contraction in Australia now having passed, the Board’s view is that it is now prudent to begin gradually lessening the stimulus provided by monetary policy. This will work to increase the sustainability of growth in economic activity and keep inflation consistent with the target over the years ahead.


November 2009 - the second rate rise (3.25% + 0.25% = 3.5%)
Over the past year, the Australian economy has performed better than was widely expected. While activity contracted around the turn of the year – as it did in all advanced economies – a range of indicators, including private-sector surveys and information from the Bank’s liaison program, suggest that the economy has expanded at a moderate pace over the past six months or so.

Inflationary pressures continue to moderate, consistent with the slowdown in the domestic economy, although in underlying terms inflation remains relatively high. Wage growth slowed significantly over the first half of 2009, and upstream price pressures are subdued. The recent appreciation of the exchange rate is also starting to exert downward pressure on inflation in the tradables sector of the economy, and inflation expectations are broadly consistent with the Bank’s medium-term inflation target.

As discussed in earlier chapters, the recent flow of data suggests that the domestic economy is growing, benefiting from the rebound in growth in Asia, the stimulus delivered by fiscal and monetary policies, and strong growth in the population and capital stock .....
In year-average terms, GDP growth is expected to be around 1½ per cent in 2009/10, 3 per cent in 2010/11 and 3½ per cent in 2011/12. These forecasts have been prepared using the technical assumption that the cash rate increases gradually.


The general improvement in the economic data and the decline in risk aversion have seen most equity markets record strong gains over recent months.
These outcomes are better than those thought likely earlier in the year and forecasts for global growth have been revised up, with growth in Australia’s trading partners expected to be close to trend in 2010. The large downside risks that were evident six months ago have also diminished. Significant risks, nevertheless, remain.
Economic conditions in Australia have also been stronger than expected. In contrast to other developed economies, the Australian economy is estimated to have expanded, albeit modestly, over the first half of the year and recent data suggest that this expansion has continued into the second half. Confidence has improved and spending has been supported by stimulatory settings for both monetary and fiscal policy. The Australian economy has also benefited from the strong bounce-back in Asia, particularly in China, with export volumes remaining broadly unchanged during a period in which global trade fell markedly.


December 2009 - the third rate rise (3.5% + 0.25% = 3.75%)
The effects of the early stages of the fiscal stimulus on consumer demand are fading, but public infrastructure spending is starting to provide more impetus to demand. Prospects for ongoing expansion of private demand, including business investment, have been strengthening. There have been some early signs of an improvement in labour market conditions. The rate of unemployment is now likely to peak at a considerably lower level than earlier expected.
With the risk of serious economic contraction in Australia having passed, the Board has moved at recent meetings to lessen gradually the degree of monetary stimulus that was put in place when the outlook appeared to be much weaker.


February 2010 - unchanged (3.75%)
Interest rates to most borrowers nonetheless remain lower than average. If economic conditions evolve broadly as expected, the Board considers it likely that monetary policy will, over time, need to be adjusted further in order to ensure that inflation remains consistent with the target over the medium term.

March 2010 - the fourth rate rise (3.75% + 0.25% = 4.00%)
Interest rates to most borrowers nonetheless remain lower than average. The Board judges that with growth likely to be close to trend and inflation close to target over the coming year, it is appropriate for interest rates to be closer to average.

April 2010 - fifth rate rise (4.00% + 0.25% = 4.25%)
Interest rates to most borrowers nonetheless have been somewhat lower than average. The Board judges that with growth likely to be around trend and inflation close to target over the coming year, it is appropriate for interest rates to be closer to average. Today’s decision is a further step in that process.

May 2010 - sixth rate rise (4.25% + 0.25% = 4.5%)
.......... the Board has been adjusting the cash rate towards levels that would be consistent with interest rates to borrowers being close to the average experience over the past decade or more. The Board expects that, as a result of today’s decision, rates for most borrowers will be around average levels. This represents a significant adjustment from the very expansionary settings reached a year ago.

June through October 2010 - unchanged 4.5%

November 2010 - seventh rate rise (4.5% + 0.25% = 4.75%)
Information on the Australian economy indicates growth around trend over the past year. Public spending was prominent in driving aggregate demand for several quarters but this impact is now lessening.
For some time, the Board has held the stance of monetary policy steady, which has resulted in interest rates to borrowers being close to their average of the past decade.


December 2010 through October 2011 - unchanged 4.75%

November 2011 - first rate cut (4.75% - 0.25%  = 4.5%)
Over the past year, the Board has maintained a mildly restrictive stance of monetary policy, in view of its concerns about inflation. With overall growth moderate, inflation now likely to be close to target and confidence subdued outside the resources sector, the Board concluded that a more neutral stance of monetary policy would now be consistent with achieving sustainable growth and 2–3 per cent inflation over time.

Some readers may be surprised to see that during the period where the government's fiscal stimulus was starting to wind back and the cash rate was returning to normal there was no mention of the economy over-heating or the risk of inflation soaring out of control. If we are to believe Mr Stevens, it was a very orderly transition to what the RBA considers to be 'normal, average' settings. In fact, so balanced were the economic settings that the Board saw fit to maintain the cash rate at a steady level for 11 consecutive months.

It is also worth noting that the RBA's forecasts for increases in the level of unemployment at the height of the crisis proved to be somewhat pessimistic in hindsight although they were in line with Treasury forecasts.


February 19. 2012 07:40 PM


you've made a well-timed, articulate case against Abbott...well done.

Abbott is a highly vulnerable leader of the Opposition who has demonstrated by way of his lies & weathervane approach...and inability to comprehend what socio-economic policies are required for this country in a time of volatile global economic times...

the parental leave scheme is an overreach & panders to those not in need as badly as Howard's rebates for the upper-class;

his stance on not subsidising certain industries even tho China, America & others do so is just plain stupid and will see the loss of essential skills & manufacturing;

his inability to communicate effectively w/ his economic team and get a consistent & coherent message out displays a lack of effective leadership...

and signals we could have a WOLF in SHEEP'S CLOTHING when it comes to damaging austerity measures...

Abbott's approach to Aboriginal affairs reminds me of a missionary trying to introduce paternalistic control by the backdoor...

his bias towards those of FAITH gives me the chills...I can't stand wowser crusaders like him & Bush who put on the clown performance in pretence of being a regular guy yet are quite willing to allow their allies, including pollies such as Sen. Bernardi & media (think Allan Jones, Andrew Bolt & Murdoch rags) to fear-monger, dog whistle and divide communities by fingerpointing in order to gain political traction.

It's gutless sewer politics. Bad for a world that is becoming increasingly inter-connected...yet ever volatile.

We don't need more POLITICAL ARSONISTS.

As for the BOATPHONE and such...the man is a joke.

If he were to become PM we would see constant turmoil & upheaval as he has proven himself to be a nasty cultural warrior of the worst kind...and many influential people have a long memory.

The Liberals think they have done themselves a favour listening to Howard and supporting this negabore...

but in fact they have created a monster...a monster who has left them w/ webs of lies and deceit, catching them up time & time again...

and just plain stupid & archaic & negative policies & responses at this time of the political pendulum...

and once the ALP sort out there leadership problems...it's likely the Coalition will have a great deal of problems selling their confused message...and mean-spirited, too wily, crafty for his own good, leader.

The public know when they're being offered up a spoiled product...

give them quality and they'll dispose of Abbott pretty damn quick. They're sick of the stench...and the BS...

but need a quality alternative that will help them decide to drop him in the bin of obscurity.

It should be an easy case for an articulate, determined, trustworthy, respected, visionary, cooperative government leader/PM to make.

Instead, we get distractions, stumbles & parliamentary feuds (Gillard vs Abbott) that resembles a spiteful custody battle.

C'mon Labor, you can do better.

It's time to kick this charlatan's butt.



February 19. 2012 07:43 PM


Make that:

Abbott is a highly vulnerable leader of the Opposition who has demonstrated by way of his lies & weathervane approach he is not a credible alternative PM.



February 19. 2012 07:51 PM

Ad astra reply

Thank you so much for your comprehensive comment that so clearly puts paid to the lie perpetrated by Joe Hockey that Wayne Swan over-reacted to the global financial crisis, exaggerated the threat and overdid the stimulus.  

It is just this sort of documentary evidence that will effectively counter Coalition lies.  We need more of this.  What a pity it is that journalists in the MSM have so little inclination to write such well-researched material.

Ad astra reply

February 19. 2012 08:16 PM


pleased to see this list of Abbott lies.

I note that the Global Mail has an article about Turnbull <a href="www.theglobalmail.org/.../">Prime Minister On Hold</a> that mentions leadership.  Turnbull looks good with less weight


February 19. 2012 08:19 PM


Hi Ad

Thankyou for your superb article "Tony Abbott we are sick of your Lies". You are doing your talking to me again Ad Astra, you and your brilliant writing.

You have exposed many lies in your article Ad.

There has been much written about Abbott's lies, I have listed a couple here for you.

Budget Smugglers Can’t Hide A Dirty Big Black Hole, Patriciawa, Polliepomes
this attempt to win government by  fraud and other frequent and self confessed lying by  Tony Abbott, the electorate at large seem wise to his general lack of principles

Tony Abbotts lies,by Stuart Burnett, Phegans Ba Southern Free Times
Much is made of Julia Gillard’s so-called lies. Nothing is ever said of Tony Abbott’s lies.  He continually says that he will roll back the Carbon Legislation, the Mining Tax NBN etc.  He can’t! The Greens have the balance of power in the Senate for the next six years and they don’t look like changing their policies in that time.

Abbott absurdities on Climate Change, Larvatus Prodeo
Tony Abbott lies about having never favoured a carbon tax or an ETS.

Tony Abbott's Territory lie, ABC, Audio
Tony Abbott exploited those ideas to generate a bit of publicity. In fact, the allegation from one person in the know, is that this story was a complete beat up! Lies!

No good government would ever spend more than a billion dollars putting pink batts into roofs and a billion dollars to take them out again. It wouldn’t spend $16 billion on over-priced school halls while the standards of academic achievement actually fell.

Drum Piece and National press-club-rant, Greg Jericho,Grog's Gamut
Only thing is of course it didn’t spend $16b on “over-priced school halls”; no report anywhere has suggest it did. But hey – let that one go through to the keeper. Academic achievement actually fell?? Actually what happened is the NAPLAN tests revealed that  



February 19. 2012 08:22 PM


As for ANNA BLIGH and the QLD election...she's been a bloody good & courageous leader...and we're lucky to have her.

I don't agree w/ all her decisions...but true leadership means that not every voter gets what they want.

I don't mind Campbell Newman nor Jeff Seeney...

they both seem like nice blokes. Rational enuff.

If the LNP win, which they are likely to do primarily due to the fact Labor has been in government for a good long time and democracy is oft replenished by change...I certainly will give them breathing space to demonstrate how visionary & effective & fair they can be.

I was impressed by the moderate conservative government led by Mike Ahern...and the mayorship of Sally-Anne Atkinson.

I hope the LNP do not return to archaic policies such as the teacher transfer system which caused enormous stress for some teachers who were round pegs put in square holes. Many who turned on the Nats/Liberals in the mid-late 90s. They're has to be a better way.

If Anna wins, then I'm happy. During the floods she was a calm & reassuring voice amidst the building panic. Still brings tears to my eyes.

And I still remember my wife telling me about Anna Bligh's inspiring address to a group of science students & teachers a few years back...it motivated my wife no end...in a school that at the time was one of the toughest in QLD. Since then the teachers have worked their butts off w/ families & students & neighbours to improve the social environment & achievement levels...w/ the help of both state & federal funding & policies.

I'd hate to see all that wrecked by knee-jerk policies by Nats & Libs who are suspicious of, if not hostile towards, public school funding & agendas (much of it just loopy paranoia on their part as I discovered as an educator in the 90s...many teachers in QLD are quite conservative in their approach & far less progressive than I expected)...

generally educators are there to provide the best support they can for students...provide them w/ the skills to grasp the opportunities that come their way...and no media exaggerations, distortions & opportunistic culture warrior mischief-making can fool the majority of parents & guardians into believing otherwise on a consistent basis.

If Campbell Newman does become Premier...I hope he respects the hardworkers in this state in all sectors...and the under-privileged...and the diverse multicultural makeup of some communities...and does not play cheap politics that divides people and damages motivation.

Stomp blindly on someone, a community, and you might create an enemy for life. At least political life.

BTW, I wonder if Ruddy doesn't reclaim the leadership if he'll ever run to be premier? He knows this state thru & thru.



February 19. 2012 08:24 PM


make that:

There has to be a better way.

I'm off for another week. Gotta keep the blood pressure down.



February 19. 2012 09:04 PM


Well done AA. That's a damn fine "surgical strike", on Abbott's normal method of bluster and BS.
If only the MSM would spend a fraction of their overpaid time, detailing the facts as you have. Then maybe we wouldn't be looking at this turkey, as a (horrifyingly) real prospect of being PM.


February 19. 2012 09:22 PM

Ad astra reply

Hi Lyn
Thank you for your kind comments and more evidence of Abbott lies.  We could write a book!

Take it easy – we look forward to your return when you are feeling better.

Welcome to The Political Sword family.  Do come again.

Half the problem is the gutless journalists in the MSM who can’t, or more likely won’t, call Abbott’s lies.

Ad astra reply

February 19. 2012 09:57 PM


Hi Paddybts

I would like to join Ad Astra in saying welcome to you.

We are all hoping you will come again.  Love your gravatar.

(horrifyingly) real prospect of being PM. We should be scared, frightened, terrified, there is a definate unhinged
reckless, attitude in Abbott's DNA almost as though he is on the edge each day about to fall off.

As Ad Astra said we could write a book just on the lies.

Twitters report lies by Abbott everyday:

judyvw2judy woodman
amworldtodaypm Once again Tony Abbott uniformed lies really He has no credibility
Let's chat about Abbott's refugee lies today #lateline
SalimPickensSalim Pickens
Lying Tiny Abbott whips up lying media lies. http://goo.gl/Qqpe5
z3n_digitalZen Digital
mutatedwombat yes but Abbott is blaming carbon tax not streamlining business or not the need anymore due to new tech #AusPol LNP = LIES
So what if she knew. Abbott lies constantly, cheated often, abuses cenures, misses crucial votes, refuses interviews, NO policies COME ON
SpaceKidetteSpace Kidette
Misrepresentation = LIES. Abbott LIES again about Alcoa. #qt
ABCthedrum: Alcoa: seeing through carbontax doomsday predictions http://bit.ly/wrWVRs hold abbott accountable for lies #auspol
A loose moments but somethings just have to be said,what with Abbott's and austerity and lies, yes bloody lies - it's not looking good!
Greybeard3Greg R
How can Abbott with catering company costings, ideological claptrap and vague non-policies be "stronger on economics"? Lies, damned lies...



February 19. 2012 10:15 PM


Hi Ad

I tweeted your article and these are all the tweets you received,for a short time this is a really good response.  Thankyou to all the twitters.

IDoNotSupportAbbott because www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx
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zackster: The Political Sword | Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies (all of them, it's a long list): http://bit.ly/xaqGPL"; some facts -
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Computer says NO... RT @batterbox: The Political Sword | Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies: http://bit.ly/yRlR95 via @AddThis
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demafler  debbiep
ISupportGillard because www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx
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zackster: The Political Sword | Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies (all of them, it's a long list): http://bit.ly/xaqGPL"; some facts
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batterboxjan jay
The Political Sword
rd | Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies: http://bit.ly/yRlR95 via AddThis
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Adastra5The Political Sword
Posted on The Political Sword: 'Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies' by Ad astra.www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx
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lynlinkingLyn Linking
Tony Abbott we are sick of your lies NBN’ you will save the cost of network a lie & you know it by Ad Astra http://goo.gl/TsdrG sharing
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zacksterZac Spitzer
The Political Sword | Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies (all of them, it's a long list): http://bit.ly/xaqGPL
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February 19. 2012 10:39 PM

Ad astra reply

Hi Lyn
Thank you for the tweets.  It looks as if the lies meme has taken off.

Ad astra reply

February 19. 2012 11:23 PM


Ad astra said
Hi Lyn
Thank you for the tweets.  
It looks as if the lies meme has taken off.


Yeah Tony,

Why do you tell so many lies?

You've done it all, you've broken every code
And pulled the Rebel to the floor
You spoilt the game, no matter what you say
For only metal-what a bore!
Blue eyes, blue eyes, how come you tell so many lies?
Come up and see me, make me smile
or do what you want, runnin' wild.

There's nothing left, all gone and run away
Maybe you'll tarry for a while
It's just a test, a game for us to play
Win or lose, it's hard to smile
Resist, resist, it's from yourself you have to hide.
Come up and see me, make me smile
or do what you want, runnin' wild.

There ain't any more, you've taken everything
From my belief in Mother Earth
How can you ignore my faith in everything
Cause' I know what faith is and what it's worth
Away, away, and don't say maybe you'll try.
Come up and see me, make me smile
or do what you want, runnin' wild.

Ohhhhhhhhh la la la
Ohhhhhhhhh la la la ohhhhhh
Come up and see me, make me smile
or do what you want, runnin' wild.
Ohhhhhhhhh la la la
Ohhhhhhhhh la la la ohhhhhh
Come up and see me, make me smile

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

. . . *Feed the meme!*

Here's some meme tucker: Smile  

The Bear Went Over The Mountain

The Liberals are all Liars!
The Liberals are all Liars!
The Liberals are all Li-i-ars -
And Abbortt is the worst!

And Abbortt is the worst!
And Abbortt is the worst!

The Liberals are all Liars!
The Liberals are all Liars!
The Liberals are all Li-i-ars -
And Abbortt is the WORST!


February 20. 2012 12:01 AM


Comrades, Hey,
Fear not the outcome of the apparent ructions within our dear old ever-new Labor Party. Be sure, whatever it might be, it will be a resolution and we will emerge stronger and more determined than ever. The Liberals may yet achieve their despicable aim of forcing a spill to bring down *J*U*L*I*A*, I don't think they will, but if they do I think she will win hands down, and if she doesn't we will still emerge stronger because we will it so. We will. Good word that. Will. Let ours be strong.

And the NOposition will be sorry that they caused us the angst, because we will be stronger, feistier with the MSM too, better fighters, more determined, than we ever were before.

And the legislation is mostly in place. But the concrete needs time to set properly, the Government must not fall, it needs to go full term to win the next election. It is one integrated strategy, and always has been since *J*U*L*I*A* took the helm. Be staunch, don't weaken now Folks. The fact is, (and spread this true meme), this is a GREAT government, it will be viewed with wonder in the future as the most remarkable ever. Don't let it slip away because the MSM and the filthy rich want it to! That's all it is, just keep your eye on the doughnut eh?  



February 20. 2012 12:29 AM


At last a couple of more candid admissions about the over-focus on the leadership by the MSM:

Leadership circus hurting Labor brand
Ross Peake Canberra Times. February 18, 2012

'If you think we in the media are jumping at shadows about leadership, you are absolutely correct.'

'The reason for that is the same one making caucus jumpy - the aftermath of the sudden knife job on Rudd in 2010. It stunned caucus, although some MPs had seen private polling.'

'Labor MPs and press gallery journalists don't want to be taken by surprise again, hence the over-reaction all round as Parliament resumed two weeks ago'.

Read more: www.canberratimes.com.au/.../...0120217-1td7v.html

Prime Minister On Hold.
Bernard Lagan. The Global Mail. February 6, 2012.

'In the 23 minutes The Global Mail had with the Prime Minister the Wednesday before [Parliament re-convened], she appeared warm and relaxed until the unavoidable question about the leadership speculation came. Her brow furrowed, her hands slightly clenched and her eyes lowered; it seemed a script, invisible to others, was in her hands.

"It's not my intention to keep dealing with this," she said.

You could sense the frustration in the room. And it may be as much frustration with those of her colleagues who are fermenting speculation on the leadership as with those of us tasked with writing about it.

On Friday, Feb. 3, she lamented that Bob Hawke had gained more media coverage for downing a beer at the Sydney Cricket Ground during the Australia versus India test than she gained for announcing a $95 million boost to cricket's infrastructure.

She's right, of course. And it does people like me no credit at all.'



February 20. 2012 07:18 AM

Patricia WA

This was inspired by a Moir cartoon, No. 4 at this linkwww.smh.com.au/.../alan-moir-20090907-fdxk.html and later by the comments of Ian who copied here at TPS his comment from PB atblogs.crikey.com.au/.../#comments  7525

We Are In Her Hands.

I think its very sinister
That newspaper reporters wield
Power to trap a Prime Minister
In their cunningly laid minefield.

Of course she must answer questions,
But surely any argument
From the people,  their suggestions,
Should be heard in our Parliament?

That’s what our constitution says,
Kings granted that right long ago.
But orders seem to come these days
From stars of TV and radio.

If our politicians mumble
A response,  or have ‘accidents’
From snares set to make them stumble,
They criticise,  “No confidence!”

These ‘judges’ were not elected.
So whence comes their authority?
They’ve none.  They’re employed,  selected
By a wealthy minority.

We’re ruled by a plutocracy!
Of mining and media magnates.
They control our democracy
And one press baron dominates.

Tales of ambition and revenge
Are told,  maybe to lift his sales,
But with this leadership challenge
To make sure a government fails.

Patricia WA

February 20. 2012 08:05 AM


From: lyn
Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2012 9:56 PM
To: lyn
Subject: links 20th feb


Oxygen thieves, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
Gillard takes the press gallery strike as given and gets things done anyway: this is a state of affairs that would mortify any of the other politicians named in this paragraph. That's why Gillard

WHAT DO WE HEAR, Catching Up, Café Whispers
What we do hear, is many positives being turned into negatives.What we do not hear is anything positive about the PM. What we hear all the time is, “Mr. Abbott says . . .”

A Frank View
Are Journalists allowed to call Ministers liars – with no proof?
I know the names of some of those he has spoken to. I know where he said it – in his office – on a parliamentary sitting day  

Bushfire Bill, The Poll Bludger
This is an attempted coup by the media. They don’t want to get rid of Gillard. They want to get rid of the entire government, by simply making stuff up

What do public servants and Tony Abbott have in common? They’re both headed to remote Australia, apparently, James Higgins, The Politics Project
He also re-iterated his rather bizarre promise (one of his only promises actually) that, if elected Prime Minister, he will spend one week of every year living in a remote Indigenous community,  

Buying into the speculationJames Higgins The Politics Project
Of course, moving before the state election has some drawbacks for Rudd. The ALP is on the nose in Queensland, and there is a very real chance they will lose (it’s probable even). However, if Rudd

Steve Gibbons Statement On Labor Leadership,Australian Politics Com
Rudd took us to a magnificent victory in 2007 on a well established policy platform after the caucus rejected Kim Beazley as leader.However, his chaotic and deeply offensive style of leadership

We Are In Her Hands, Patriciawa, Polliepomes
The link to the Moir Cartoon is for No. 4 in his gallery, depicting Julia Gillard in a minefield laid by the media! She is tip-toeing along very skilfully and taking great care of Australia

Great News for Tony Abbott: Doesn’t understand his own ideology when it comes to private health, Alex White
The Good News for Tony Abbott is that he is all over the place on this issue — like most others — because he is caught between wanting to protect the entrenched, privileged interests of the wealthy

The Australian's Kevin Rudd demolition, The Mayne Report, February 18, 2012
Despite Howard congratulating Abbott for Rudd's scalp, the leader was not destroyed by the opposition. Abbott cracked Rudd but it is hard to escape the feeling it was Rudd's personality

Daily Tele asylum seeker story is just rabble-rousing, The Conscience Vote
In what might be charitably described as the most revolting and prejudicial piece of muckraking journalism since Scott Morrison was invited to complain about the injustice of letting refugees

Using my cryptographic abilities, I’ve examined Jones’ words and have come up with what I believe is the substance of Jones’ message

Gullible-gate, John Quiggin
It’s certainly true that the global warming problem has meant more funding for climate science, but there’s only so much in the budget, and much of this money has come at the expense

Herd behaviour, fashion and status seeking, Ross Gittins
So, Oswald has been interested in finding more objective ways to measure feelings such as happiness. When I compare your rating of your satisfaction with life with your spouse's  

The Political fog , Gary Sauer-Thompson, Public Opinion
This public mood accepts that economic doom and gloom makes sense, and it's insecurities means that it buys the Coalition's calculated rhetoric that the economic decline it talks up can

The Campaign That’s Almost Over Before it Has Begun Has Now Begun, Aussiepollies
dirtiest campaigns in the history of the state and perhaps up there with the dirtiest Australia has seen. This year the attack ads hit many weeks ago, a lot earlier than usual which is

the hollowman .....,John Richardson, Your Democracy
Media reports of the provision of lounges, plasma televisions, whitegoods and food prompted the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, to claim yesterday ''the red carpet is being rolled out''

Katter a dancing dingbat - if you haven't seen it, you won't believe it - a masterful rant by radio bad boy Alan Jones on a campaign issue starting to loom large, and other stuff. The Magpie’s Nest
And didn’t The ‘Pie predict it - the Mad Katter appears to have suddenly forgotten to take his the medication, with a truly bizarre public performance as the front man for his political pop group Bob and The Kattertonics

This week on Insiders, 19/02/2012
Barrie Cassidy and the panel discuss politics, including the private health insurance rebate and the Labor leadership.www.abc.net.au/insiders/content/2012/s3434228.htm

Meet the Press 19/2/2012
School Education Minister Peter Garrett is our guest, discussing the lea...

Australian Agenda
Sky News political contributor Peter van Onselen speaks with political editor David Speers about the prospect of a Kevin Rudd comeback to the Labor leadership.

ABC: On the eve of the official election campaign Seeney insists he will not be Premier  Video

Queen of no
She's called the scariest woman in Canberra. Meet Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott's fixer



February 20. 2012 08:14 AM



Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 20 February 2012



February 20. 2012 08:32 AM

Ad astra reply

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra reply

February 20. 2012 08:44 AM


I'm wondering if this article has been sent to a number of media editors and a comment requested as to why an unpaid blogger can find the information for this (nicely attributed) article - why can't they?

NormanK's economics rebuttal is equally worth the same treatment.


February 20. 2012 08:45 AM

Ad astra reply

Patricia WA
Thank you for your insightful poem.

The danger of rule by the mining and media moguls is ever present and dangerous.

Ad astra reply

February 20. 2012 09:05 AM


Thank you for the compilation of the lies and the exposure of weak man hiding behind obsfucation and deceit.That he is the selected leader of a poliical party says more for the lack of leadership and lack of direction in the fragile opposition party.
I hold mainstream media up as vacuous medium in our society.


February 20. 2012 09:19 AM


Morning Lyn
Thanx for the links as usual. Andrew Elder's got it with his use of the term "strike" & B.B. as ever gets it too. I think it's likely that we will be seeing some sort of mighty push from the opposition & media who're getting very frustrated by Gillard's refusal to lay down.
Returning to one of my favourites, I also despair at the knowledge that having created this atmosphere of negativty the media can as easily create the reverse for Abbott.


February 20. 2012 09:25 AM


Hi Mel

Welcome to "The Political Sword", thankyou for your support, as Ad Astra will say when he comes by, "please keep coming back".

I hold mainstream media up as vacuous medium in our society.

I agree with you the MSM have a lot to answer for, they have put Abbott on a pedestal, he is treated as their mascot. "Tony Abbott Said", the Opposition Says.................
Can you help me find one just one Political Journalist that supports the Government.



February 20. 2012 09:36 AM


Hi Ad

In case you didn't see the ABC interview with Simon Crean.  To be honest the report does not read how the interview sounded.  I thought Simon Crean was quite good.

Crean dares Rudd to launch leadership challenge,
Emma Griffiths, ABC

Talking on ABC Local Radio in Melbourne, Mr Crean said Mr Rudd was "well short" of a majority of caucus votes and dared him to launch a challenge for Prime Minister Julia Gillard's job.

"If Kevin Rudd can't be part of the team, let him exit the team," he said.

"If he thinks he's got the numbers, let him challenge.

"Kevin hasn't got the numbers to challenge. He's well short of anywhere near a majority. He can't win."

Mr Crean, himself a former leader of the ALP, said Ms Gillard needed to have a "frank" discussion with the man she ousted from the job.

"Clearly he's not playing as part of the team and I think that conversation should happen," he said.

"If he can't be part of the team then he should exit the team, or challenge


February 20. 2012 09:56 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Andrew Elder is very unhappy with Malcolm Farnsworth article in the Drum  this morning:-

Andrew Elder
Poll: is mfarnsworth's piece in today's abcthedrum the sorriest piece of shit yet written about this non-event? Choose: yes/no/Collingwood
23 seconds ago

The Labor leadership: a time of peril and opportunity, Malcolm Farnsworth, The Drum

This challenge is like no other before it. Even the hallowed Menzies had to form a new party and fight his way back through two elections from opposition to reclaim the prime ministership he lost in 1941. It took him eight years. Yet we're looking at Rudd retaking the prize from the deputy who grabbed it from him a mere 20 months ago. Whether he succeeds or fails, this is a rare moment in our political history, one which will be written and talked about for years to come. It's a great battle and a great human drama.



February 20. 2012 10:16 AM

Ad astra reply

Welcome to The Political Sword family, and for your kind comments.  Do come again.

I agree strongly with your conclusion: ”I hold mainstream media up as vacuous medium in our society.”

Pieces on The Political Sword are regularly featured on a personalized news service wotnews to which anyone can subscribe: http://wotnews.com.au   If you go to the politics section: http://wotnews.com.au/politics/ you will see the most recent items of political news listed, and if you type ‘The Political Sword’ into the search box at the foot of the screen, you will see the latest TPS piece comes up in the list.  It came up this morning on wotnews for me.  I am sure political journalists would take in wotnews as well as other services as part of their surveillance of current news.  This is a long answer to your suggestion that Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies be sent to news editors; I feel sure their staff would be aware of the activities of the Fifth Estate, and although they would seldom, if ever acknowledge material there, I feel sure they take note of it.  Every view expressed there contrary to their views will have some impact, albeit small.  We just have to keep grinding away.

You are right – the Simon Crean interview this morning was up to his usual high standard.  He is spot on – Kevin Rudd should ‘put up’ and challenge or ‘shut up’.  Crean is in favour of a personal confrontation between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

I look forward to reading the Malcolm Farnsworth article and the Andrew Elder response.

Ad astra reply

February 20. 2012 10:29 AM


Good Morning BSA Bob

Thankyou so much for supporting "Today's Link's" thankyou for you being you too, your comments everyday are always enjoyable.

atmosphere of negativty the media can as easily create the reverse for Abbott

I agree with you the MSM could reverse Abbott in half a day, we can
if we had their power.

Ad Astra said to 2353:

The Political Sword are regularly featured on a personalized news service wotnews to which anyone can subscribe: http://wotnews.com.au

Also Blogatariat features "The Political Sword's stories all the time, and always up to date

Articles from The Political Sword
Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies
February 19, 2012 - 18:03 -- Admin



February 20. 2012 10:37 AM


Ad astra

Thanks for the view
Through those spectacled eyes;
It near makes me spew
Abbortt's litany of lies!
But what makes me furious,
malicious, and sad
Is, the Media's not curious:
Abbott Good . . . Gillard Bad.


February 20. 2012 11:42 AM


Mel, Billie, Paddybts, welcome.

Billie I couldn't get your Global Mail link to work, no matter, actually I think Mr T's looking pretty gaunt myself.
And I do go to Global Mail, yes.

Casablanca, BSA Bob, Mel, you all make good points. Ad's lead is compelling isn't it. It should be read by every Government politician and union organiser, printed and posted on walls in hard copy on every Government politician's office and workplace, it should be a well-publicised focus for ridicule of this disgrace of a man and his fawning lickspittle sycophants. (I know that's sort of redundant but it's still not enough!)

If I could photoshop I'd do a video loop, I'll try an air movie instead, OK here we go,
Tony Abbortt Monday morning in a dazzling white suit
He immediately starts picking up lumps of s#*t labelled like, Alcoa Lies, etc, and throwing them at *J*U*L*I*A*,
and he wipes his hands on his suit every time!

Tuesday . . . Wednesday . . . Thursday . . . Friday . . .

Absolutely filthy by Saturday. S#*t faced even. Still grinning stupidly.

Sunday in his s#*tty suit he goes to Church.

He kneels before ArchBigot Pell,
(Holy water, censers, pretty little boys)

Cherubs anoint his head,
here comesthe blessed plonk, the cracker,

Pell's making magic passes with a gold-plated window pole,
(Heavenly music, from 'harpers harping on their harps',  swells in the audio version of this air movie, can't you not hear it?!)


He emerges from church radiantly snow-white, and floating three feet above the ground . . . surrounded by adoring fawning lickspittle sycophants . . .

And the Loop goes on . . .  

And the funny thing about that air movie is ?

It ain't funny.



February 20. 2012 11:54 AM


You know me
Dam I have to say this

Not sodum.

Not magnesum.

Not uranum helum titanum strontum germanum um um um um um

You know what I'm going to ask . . .

Why aluminum? Smile

Damn Yankees.


February 20. 2012 12:51 PM

Ad astra reply

I'm getting on the road now for Melbourne.  I'll be back this evening.

Ad astra reply

February 20. 2012 12:57 PM


Never taunt a gal

who holds her lower lip like


Those green and LASER eyes tell me

she's gonna make a

fool o' yez!

[ . . . *J*U*L*I*A*s . . .
. . . fool o' yez . . . Smile ]


February 20. 2012 12:59 PM


Hi all- just checking in.  I Have started tweetering over the weekend. Hi lyn ;)  as you can see.

Great article Ad, and John previous...keep it up- with the links, and comments,  makes  interesting insightful reading !

Replaces the MSMedia mis-mash.


February 20. 2012 01:46 PM


I wrote this not long after *J*U*L*I*A* took over.  
I never posted it I think, but it makes interesting reading now.

I gave it a title,

The Oakes Conundrum.

There is a logical absurdity relating to the leaking of Rudd/Gillard conversations. It’s quite fascinating really.

Laurie Oakes, has apparently an inside informant about matters about which very very few people could possibly have known.
The most obvious source is of course Rudd himself, but it ain’t necessarily so.
Firstly, he was bound to be the most obvious.
Secondly, he has absolutely denied* being the source.

He had no reason to lie, he could have just remained silent, as Gillard has correctly chosen to do. Rudd tell an outright unnecessary lie?

I think not. He is not that stupid.

erm,  . . . Surely?*

So if not Rudd himself, then who? Therese Rein?* Could be, I suppose. I would not be surprised if Rudd had confided in her, and she could very well feel like doing Gillard and the Labor Party in the eye. But it’s only a shot in the dark, at best.

Their kids? They’d be good and peeed off, no doubt, but he probably didn’t tell them the facts anyway.

Other members of Cabinet? It seems the only other possibility, because no-one else knew about the matters involved – did they? And there seem to have been so few who could have known all the facts, surely he/she/it must be obvious to others at the centre?

Anyway Laurie Oakes knows who is the rat (unless he himself is the author of what must be amazingly prescient prognostications – too amazing really, taken together.) And there are only 2 possibilities as to whether it is indeed Rudd himself, or no. Either he is innocent, in which case he possibly doesn’t know who it is himself – which seems to stretch credibility; or else he is guilty both of treachery and of lying.*

Now, obviously, Oakes is sworn to secrecy as to his informant’s identity – though he could, quite logically, exonerate Rudd himself if he wanted to, without necessarily compromising the true culprit’s identity. That he has not chosen to do so should not be taken as guilt on Rudd’s part, though.

But this is where Oakes’ dilemma comes in.

Supposing that Rudd is indeed the serial leaker, as Mark Latham claims him to be, then on the one hand, Oakes has the responsibility as an investigative journalist to protect Rudd’s anonymity, yet on the other he has the responsibility as an investigative journalist to blow the whistle on Rudd as an outright liar.*

These two countervailing ethical imperatives are irreconcilable.*

Think about it. There’s Oakes, the only one apart from the leaker who knows his/her identity, in the position of either betraying his informant by exposing him/her, or betraying the public by failing to inform them of a legitimate matter. And it’s no small matter at that. He could still exonerate Rudd, if Rudd is indeed innocent; he hasn’t, and one might ask why not?


*Emphasis in bold added today.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Musing on the above, Me thinking,

Who was it said, (I forget, someone Left though)
You may tell the truth sparingly or creatively,
you may remain absolutely silent,
but you must never, never lie!

I think it was PJK, correct me please if wrong.

If Rudd has been lying all along he is WORSE than Abbortt!
Who is only treacherous in a yobbish sort of way.

I just find that Rudd could be doing this unbelievable.


February 20. 2012 01:48 PM


hi Debbie

Congratulations on joining Twitter.

We look forward to your reports and sharing on here, you will love the twitter experience.

I followed you yesterday, not sure if you accepted yet though. Also now I can't find you again.  Is your twitter name debbiep with nothing else???

Once I find you I will give you a tweet.

ISupportGillard because www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx



February 20. 2012 01:50 PM


Whoops sorry Debbie

I meant to say thanks for your tweet and link to TPS.


February 20. 2012 01:50 PM


Whoops sorry Debbie

I meant to say thanks for your tweet and link to TPS.


February 20. 2012 02:13 PM


Hi Ad

Just in case you are a bit behind with the news on your trip to Melbourne, in my travels trying to find out about the health policy, dental scheme I fell over all this stuff.  I have put together a special list for you.

I wouldn't want you to miss out and if you are busy perhaps may not have realized  the topic of the Newspapers ,TV’s. Radio Stations. MSM talk again today.

Toxic Tony saying he is preparing for Govt. Just doesnt have any REAL policies or REAL costings yet. #Auspol #AbbottFraud @SkyNewsAust

latikambourkeLatika Bourke
[b]Word is Tony Abbott's told his Shadow Cabinet Ministers to clear their diaries bar the essentials this week...Wants to be ready [/b

So here is today's news for you all in a line, get ready go:-

Battle for Labor leadership out in the open, Chris Uhlmann, ABC

PM should confront Rudd – Crean, Sky News
Voters react to Labor's leadership rumblings, ABC 24

ABC: Rudd v Gillard for the role of PM, Melissa Clarke, ABC

Gillard supporters front up, Sky News

Rudd's rage Channel 10

Kevin Rudd’s expletive-laden outtakes leaked, Channel 7

Channel 7
Rudd quiet on Labor leadershipFeb 20, 2012 | 3:38 mins channel 7
Rudd dodges leadership questionsFeb 20, 2012 | 54sec channel 7
Julia Spillard responds to RuddFeb 20, 2012 | 52sec  channel 7

MayneReportStephen Mayne
Surprised Aunty tolerates Barrie Cassidy talking to opposition at 3AW but worth a listen: www.3aw.com.au/.../20120220-1thrw.html
'Australia deserves better' 3AW
Neil Mitchell came out with a scathing criticism of the crisis in Canberra this morning, saying 'Australia deserves better.'
Scroll down for all related audio links, including audio of Rudd's outburst and Simon Crean's interview with Neil Mitchell*

PM should confront Rudd – Crean
Simon Crean says if Kevin Rudd thought he could topple the PM he would have made a move.
Sky News Australia - 1 hour, 57 minutes ago
Rudd goes mum again after declaring he's a changed man
Kevin Rudd has gone quiet again on the issue of a leadership challenge after his defiant interview late on Saturday night.
Canberra Times - 20 Feb 08:21AM
PM should confront Rudd Crean - Sky News Australia
Gillard should face up to Rudd, says Crean - Sydney Morning Herald
Leadership battle looms as Rudd ambit... - The West Australian via thewest.com.au
all 281 news articles…

PM should confront Kevin Rudd - Simon Crean
IF Kevin Rudd can't be a team player he should quit to the back bench says senior minister Simon Crean.
Herald Sun - 2 hours, 58 minutes ago
Kevin will tear the joint down
The life-or-death struggle between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard over the prime ministership is no longer in the shadows. It can no longer be dismissed as a media beat-up.
The West Australian via thewest.com.au - 20 Feb 05:43AM
Now it's dirty
A DAMAGING video of a furious Kevin Rudd swearing and rounding on embassy officials and a Chinese interpreter has been posted on YouTube on the day a Labor MP publicly warned the party would be "decimated" if it stuck with Julia Gillard.
Sydney Morning Herald - 2 hours, 44 minutes ago
Rudd makes caucus pitch
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd insists he's a changed man amid mounting prospects of a leadership spill.
BigPond News - 19 Feb 09:09PM
Rudd makes caucus pitch then zips
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd insists he's a changed man amid mounting prospects of a leadership spill.
BigPond News - 19 Feb 07:47PM
Three-part gift: only Kevin can stop Kevin
THE anonymous person who tried to claw at Kevin Rudd by leaking video footage of him swearing in exasperation has, inadvertently, done him a tremendous favour.
Queensland Country Life - 20 Feb 08:52AM
Crean: Rudd hasn't got numbers
11:45AM UPDATE : Senior minister Simon Crean says Kevin Rudd must go as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the government is "cannibalising itself".
Adelaide Now - 18 minutes ago
PM orders rival to show his hand
A LEADERSHIP showdown between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd is almost certain to take place as soon as next week.
The Courier Mail - 20 Feb 01:00AM
I wonder how Hartcher failed to notice Rudd’s moves
Peter Hartcher of the Sydney Morning Herald was once reputed to be Kevin Rudd’s media conduit of choice. Either he’s off the drip now, or…
Herald Sun - 20 Feb 06:13AM
Thanks for the publicity: Rudd supporters
KEVIN Rudd's supporters were delighted when a YouTube video was leaked showing their man swearing and thumping his desk.
News.com.au - 20 Feb 12:00AM

Blame game over leaked out-takes
A MEMBER of Kevin Rudd's staff - who also worked for him as prime minister - was one of only two people who had regular access to a Mac computer and the auto-cue inside he used to record video tributes while in the top job.
The Age - 20 Feb 07:46AM
Resurgent Rudd the man Canberra loves to hate
Kevin Rudd keeps saying he's no Mother Teresa. After knocking off Kim Beazley years ago, Rudd asked us not to compare him to the little saint of Calcutta. "As I keep saying, I'm no Mother Teresa. I've been in politics in one way or another for nearly 20 years and it's a difficult and bloody business."
Brisbane Times - 20 Feb 12:06AM
Sacking Rudd 'an option'
Simon Crean urges PM to confront Kevin Rudd, saying Foreign Minister should 'put up or shut up'.
The Age - 29 minutes ago
Farrell rejects leadership vote
9:10AM UPDATE: LABOR'S most powerful faction leader Don Farrell has rejected any calls for a change of leadership from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd.
Adelaide Now - 20 Feb 12:30AM
SWORN IN? Kevin Rudd stars in expletive-laden YouTube video
KEVIN Rudd regrets any offence caused by a video posted to YouTube showing him repeatedly swearing.
Herald Sun - 19 Feb 03:15AM
Crean warns Labor of 'mutual destruction'
Former Labor leader Simon Crean says Labor is in danger of 'mutual destruction' unless the tension between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd is resolved.
Sydney Morning Herald - 1 hour, 31 minutes ago
'Kevin clearly wants the job back'
MP says Kevin Rudd made it clear to him that he wanted the leadership back as swearing video goes viral WATCH THE VIDEO.
Daily Telegraph - 19 Feb 03:19PM
Rudd questions blue tape's timing
UPDATE: KEVIN Rudd says the timing of a video leak of him swearing and losing his temper is a little unusual. WATCH VIDEO
Herald Sun - 19 Feb 12:00AM
Questions over leaked Rudd video
Senior Labor Party figures are scratching their heads this morning as to who leaked an embarrassing video of Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd swearing in absolute frustration on YouTube.
ABC via Yahoo!7 News - 19 Feb 07:13AM
Leadership fight looms as heads counted
A leadership battle between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd is looming as both look to fellow MPs for support.
BigPond News - 20 Feb 06:46AM
PM denies releasing Kev's rant
AN angry Julia Gillard has rejected suggestions her staff leaked a video of a foul-mouthed Kevin Rudd.
Adelaide Now - 20 Feb 12:30AM
'Steady the ship, it's sinking slowly' - Crean
IF Kevin Rudd can't be a team player he should quit to the back bench says senior minister Simon Crean.
Herald Sun - 2 hours, 23 minutes ago
Rudd all the rage on video
Damaging video of a furious Kevin Rudd swearing posted on YouTube.
The Age - 19 Feb 12:20AM
THE CHALLENGE: Gillard urged to strike first and sack Rudd
PM being urged to ditch Kevin Rudd as some MPs believe a leadership ballot could happen as early as next week.
News.com.au - 20 Feb 12:00AM
PM denies releasing Kev's cranky rant
AN angry Julia Gillard has rejected suggestions her staff leaked a video of a foul-mouthed Kevin Rudd.
News.com.au - 20 Feb 12:00AM
A peace offering to Kevin Rudd (Bumped from yesterday)
Yes, I was vehemently against Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. The grandiose plans, the even more grandiose spending, the wild global warming preaching and the…
Herald Sun - 18 Feb 12:03AM
Rudd cuts and runs amid political storm
KEVIN Rudd will wake in Mexico today, leaving behind a political storm that is engulfing Anna Bligh's re-election campaign.
The Courier Mail - 20 Feb 01:00AM
Rudd cuts and runs from ALP storm
KEVIN Rudd will wake in Mexico today, leaving behind a political storm that is engulfing Anna Bligh's re-election campaign.
The Courier Mail - 20 Feb 01:00AM
There will be Labor challenge - Wilkie
Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says Kevin Rudd has talked to him about possibly returning to the top job.
BigPond News - 19 Feb 10:47AM



February 20. 2012 02:17 PM


We’re ruled by a plutocracy!
Of mining and media magnates.
They control our democracy
And one press baron dominates.

if you & others on here truly believe that then why don't you demand that Gillard & Swan come up w/ a better deal. The present mining tax deal is a joke.

By the time any appropriate revenue comes in these exploitive mining turds will have done a runner, as they oft do.

They're as patriotic & loyal to their country as Rupert Murdoch. Greedy opportunistic multinational corporate swines who con the public by way of manipulating union bosses & politicians time & time again...

it's one reason Rudd was axed.

W/ the help of a complicit & super profits terrified media who are partially involved in mightily profitable gambling and sports...amongst other things.

The fact that BHP polls were kept from Rudd by Labor/union insiders, as shown on 4 Corners, attests to the power of these mining barons.

Why do you think the four large banks are getting away w/ highway robbery? They screw the average mortgage holder whilst they help bail out their rich mates w/ savings accounts etc...some based overseas...those who have made bad decisions & investments which partially led to the GFC.

Why should the Australian small business owner & mortgage holder have to bailout the greedsters by way of covert, backdoor measures by banks?

More community/co-op banks the better I reckon. It's time to look out for the little people...it's time they ROARED.

Tony Abbott gets a FREE RIDE bashing the government on their carbon price...when in fact the high Australian dollar, too high interest rates combined w/ competition from places w/ mass subsidies and currency & wage advantages such as China & India are doing the REAL damage.

An Australian dollar pumped up by a mining boom that resembles the American housing boom...irrational exuberance.

An irrational mining boom supported by Abbott who is unwilling to support a mining tax...

he's either a complete dill...

or in the pocket of some very very rich miners...

most probably both.

And when this mining boom crashes...and we are left w/ the fallout, including rampant lung-related diseases and a fcked environment...where will Abbott (the man who took a billion dollars out of public health) stand then?

Will he stand w/ the terminally ill, the way he did w/ Bernie Banton?

Or will he too busy pontificating from the puplit...intruding in women's affairs...climbing into their ovaries to check the state of things contraception-wise?


BTW, I dig Kevin Rudd...but where the heck is he? Why build up such momentum and then piss off to Mexico?

Yes, he's doing his job...but he's also giving Abbott another FREE RIDE.

Simon Crean's passion for the party & agenda really hooked me in this morn...good stuff on ABC radio.


despite her having passed 269 pieces of legislation

it's certainly an achievement.

If Gillard could reach the likes of me the way Crean did this morn I wouldn't feel the need to talk leadership change.

I will give her credit for her negotiating skills...and pushing thru w/ her team some essential bills...and putting on the agenda some important issues...being real labour people...

but the polls are consistently worrying...as are the stumbles...

but then, I guess Thatcher stumbled a few times in the beginning...but she grew more confident, determined, assertive, skillful from it as she learnt & pulled herself together...

she wouldn't cop sh*t. And she grew on the public.

If Rudd is unfortunately too gutless to take her on...and his lot keep leaking to the press...then she has no option but to sack him. Put him on the backbench.

And if Kevin decides to leave the party, showing disloyalty fullbore...and forcing the party to an election they are unprepared for...then he will lose any ounce of respect that many like my wife & I have for him.

This battle needs to end. Get some spine Kev. Like ya had in 07.

No more FREE RIDES for the BSing culture warrior and weathervane Abbott.



February 20. 2012 02:49 PM


Hi Nasking

I am so pleased to see you are feeling a lot better, but as you said yesterday you just need to take it easy for awhile.

It is great to read your comments Nasking and your neighbors story
thankyou for sharing your thoughts and opinion each day.

Regarding Kevin Rudd:
BTW, I dig Kevin Rudd...but where the heck is he? Why build up such momentum and then piss off to Mexico?

I know this is what the media are saying Nasking but really common sense tells me that plane was not waiting just to fly Kevin Rudd to Mexico on the spur of the moment.  Rudd's trip would have been planned for weeks.
Appointments, interviews, meetings, the agenda would have to be worked out.   Easy for the lazy media they just say "oh! the going got tough so Kevin Rudd flew to Mexico,  I say to them pleeeeeease

Sorry about my feeling and I like Simon Crean, but IMO he is unsuitable for PM. I watched him close when he was leader and said no, he can go and help Hughie cook.  Nice bloke but sorry no.



February 20. 2012 02:51 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Brilliant article. It shows just how dangerous that man is.

As an ALP member, I'm saddened about how everyone is in an absolute frenzy over this leadership issue.

Some people say that Gillard's position is hopeless, but I call nonsense on that right away. There are gamechangers coming up.

I don't think people are just going to ignore Wayne Swan triumphantly holding a Surplus Budget in the air in May; I don't think they're going to ignore that they've been lied to by the Coalition's hyperbole on the Carbon Price; I don't think that they are willing to throw the best internet in the world out in favour of a backwards-looking party that wants to destroy everything built between 2007-2013.

The only thing that has a chance of stopping these things from happening is if Julia Gillard is removed as leader. Which is exactly what the Coalition and MSM are begging for. They know that these things will be electoral game changers and they must stop them from happening at all costs.

The leadership issue has reached absolute saturation. The MSM has made an all-in bet on this thing working; and if it doesn't, then they will lose credibility to their audience big time. And further attacks on Labor will be more and more weak.

As for the polls, yes I am looking at them. Last time the media attacked Labor so viciously, the polls went down to 59-41 to the Coalition. This time around, the polls can't seem to go below 55-45. And what will happen around election time if the media tries another round of anti-ALP saturation? People won't take them seriously.

I just hope the people that will choose the leader at the end of the day will decide to just hold on and see how those issues pan out. I have a good feeling about them, but if we self destruct to our opponents' delight before then, then all we've endured these past 2 years will be for nothing.

Von Kirsdarke

February 20. 2012 03:11 PM


Hi Von Kirsdarke, good to see you here again, I've spotted your distinctive (new?) gravatar Smile elsewhere but yes here's where we'd like most.

paddybts I love Gromit. Yours is a top gravatar too.

V K I agree with all you have to say,
But even more I say again,
Whatever happens, Labor and the Government, including those whom it needs of the IndependAnts, will emerge stronger, feistier, more determined than ever.  


February 20. 2012 03:41 PM


Hi Von Kirsdarke

What a massive delight to see you on TPS's page again with a sparkling Gravatar.  Thankyou so much for your welcome enjoyable piece of opinion.

.The leadership issue has reached absolute saturation. The MSM has made an all-in bet on this thing working; and if it doesn't, then they will lose credibility to their audience big time. And further attacks on Labor will be more and more weak.

I agree, I saw saturation in the media before eg. Utegate, but this Mount Everest speculation is the biggest I have ever seen.
They don't just want a new Leader they want to tear down the Government and

Abbott is licking his chops.

Like you I am saddened too, it makes me want to sit down and just cry, this morning at Julia's presser she looked drawn, haunted and tormented.



February 20. 2012 04:02 PM


Hi Lyn,
thanks for the kind words. Yer doin' a great job as usual. Yer a bloody hard worker/volunteer. Smile A credit to the blog.

Appointments, interviews, meetings, the agenda would have to be worked out.   Easy for the lazy media they just say "oh! the going got tough so Kevin Rudd flew to Mexico,  I say to them pleeeeeease

That's true Lyn,
but Rudd musta known this would all blow up after the 4 Corners episode...he woulda known when that episode was being shown...so why didn't he & his team plan things more efficiently?

Why have this backbench fella demand the PM stand down when Rudd's not prepared to stand and fight.

Sadly, it reminds me of Abbott fleeing to the UK after he got whipped last year. This will strengthen Gillard's case...she is a tough cookie who has shown the skill previously/on occasion of taking advantage of percieved weakness, as do her backers.

Tho, sometimes she or her advisors shoot themselves in the foot right afterwards.

Sorry about my feeling and I like Simon Crean, but IMO he is unsuitable for PM. I watched him close when he was leader and said no, he can go and help Hughie cook.  Nice bloke but sorry no.

I think you've misread my view there Lyn, no probs...I'm not calling on Crean to throw his hat into the ring...I merely wanted to credit him w/ a useful, passionate, inspiring interview on the ABC...and hope that Gillard realises that she could learn from this...

ya gotta inspire the people...get the base revved up...remind us of why we felt so proud when Keating gave his TRUE BELIEVERS speech...

voters wanna feel motivated by those who sound like they are PROUD of their party, their history/legacy...

that's why I started to get so sh*tty w/ Gillard after the ALP conference...I felt she showed no respect for Rudd's accomplishments...and wasn't willing to trust the the regular folk w/ the party...just the chosen political apparatchiks.

But I kept much of it to myself.

When she, Wong & Swan proudly announced in the mini-budget they were taking away the dependent spouse rebate from couples w/out children under 60, hurting many who fall between the cracks, my annoyance increased. It felt like we were being herded into a one-size fits all system...

my Nth American background reacted to such cuts as tho they were an allergen.

They seemed very unfair & petty considering the PM & her crew of pollies gladly accepted a huge payrise just as the dependent spouse rebate was announced.

I coulda smacked their smiling mugs.

My entire family were enraged because they know how me & others have struggled w/ our health w/out access to healthcare cards for so long...

and how much effort we put into voluntarily trying to assist this government and the community in general...

and it's the inconsistent, capricious, major health problems that prevented us from keeping our careers in the first place.

Talk about insult to injury. Added to the rejection I felt from my employers when I got really ill.

It also made us feel worse about not having kids...it's enuff that the Coalition make us try to feel bad on many occasions via their BSing family values media/greedy advertisers...w/out Labor adding to it...

having lost a child...and becoming infertile due to an accident...and my wife deciding to put the care of school kids ahead of us going for expensive & potentially life wasteful IVF...I felt taking away the dependent spouse rebate from couples w/out children was a double blow & insult.

It felt like a knife in the back.

But after the last frosty, unreasonable response I got here re: the initial dependent spouse rebate cuts last May (some posters do not help promote the government when they go off half-cocked here and on other blogs w/out understanding the needs and financial/health demands on the wider public)...

I decided to keep my reaction to the further cuts announced in the mini-budget at the end of the year to myself...thinking it best to keep supporting the party & Gillard due to the positive policies coming up...even tho doubts were increasing exponentially in my mind...

I attempted to be selfless. I truly wonder if many who are benefitting from government pensions, welfare, subsidies woulda done the same if they had been put in peril by this government?

However...once that crafty knifing of Wilkie came about...and I reflected in the summer on the piss weak mining tax & the awful Malaysian option...and the talk of giving principals hiring & firing power here in QLD arose (so they can rule schools like fiefdoms)...amongst other things...I felt enraged...thinking

WTF is this leader & party about? They're pissing on their own supporters. Coming up w/ some draconian and BS policies on top of some half-decent ones...and the good ones are taking a bloody long time to come along...or are not passed in the senate yet...or are reworked to a useless level...IS THIS ALL A GAME?

The more I reflected on the politics & advisors the angrier I got.

When the Aboriginal tent embassy fiasco exploded on to our screens...

followed by the grotesque plan against Rudd being revealed on 4 Corners...

it just added to my anger, frustration & disappointment...

I could not look at PM Gillard w/out feeling really pissed off...betrayed.

Add the polls...no freakin' change as shown by Possum.

More annoyance. Doubts. Anger. Frustration...after all the work w/ put in since prior to the 07 election...seemingly going down the drain w/ Gillard in charge.

Once that happens, those thoughts creep in and then get voiced whilst yer watching her on TV...well then, the criticism of others starts to sound more reasonable...the rot has set-in. I got thinking

If Rudd...or Smith don't takeover then I'm gonna vote Liberal if Turnbull gets in. He's reasonable, moderate enuff.

That's generally how I got to where I am now.

Gillard has alot to do to bring me...my wife...my neighbours...my family back into the fold...to gain out trust.

I hope this comment helps some of you get the idea why I've pushed for a leadership change...and lost belief in Gillard. Sadly.

I really did dig her once...even tho I disagreed w/ some of her views.



February 20. 2012 04:42 PM


I might add,
it also didn't help that Wayne Swan farted on so much in his demands the banks bring on the rate cuts...only for the rates to go up.

As a mortgage holder I looked at him w/ disgust...a toothless tiger...drama queen...even tho my rational side told me there was stuff all the government could do...and people are free now to move to other banks charge-free thnx to govt. policy.

It just added to my annoyance w/ the government.

The same when I heard that after so much money spent only a few thousand had connected to the NBN.

It all adds up.

That's why I'm uncertain about these school funding changes. Will we really get more funding in public schools that doesn't bring in the wolves & corporate fascists by the backdoor...creating more job insecurity...as if there isn't already enuff of that w/ this bloody Chinese miracle.

Chris Pyne's ideas presented today sounded woeful...apparently he digs Asian schools...

yes, lets spend less money on schools...and introduce the oh so very democratic Singapore, Japanese & Chinese styles...


So, I guess as far as Abbott & Pyne are concerned we protect our borders from foreigners by sending the boats back...

but the ASIAN WAY should be brought in the backdoor to dominate the way we run our schools...how we Aussies deal w/ our students.

Why doesn't that surprise me...going by the way Howard learnt to KOWTOW once he realised he could bring in heaps of revenue via selling heaps of our valuable resources to China, super profits mining tax free...

and could bring in heaps of cheap, toxic goods from low paid Chinese factories to keep the gullible consumer happy...and keep the inflation down.

Didn't keep the interest rates down tho...ten interest rate rises in a row...

guess Howie wasn't half as smart as he thought he was.

But his upper middle-class handouts/welfare worked well for awhile...Howard didn't mind handing carrots out to everyone & anyone w/ a family...

regardless of the fact it would mean no or few significant infrastructure building or investment in education & hospitals under his leadership...

NO...that was best left to the shonky private sector...and could be put on the average person's credit card...

and certainly left to a next ALP government to deal with...

knowing full well they'd have to exit the budget surplus...and spend bigtime to makeup for HOWIE'S NEGLECT.

As far as I can see it, Anna Bligh's govt & this federal govt. should get heaps of credit for the amount of infrastructure projects they've funded & built...

and for assisting hospitals & schools...

dealing w/ the GFC & HOWIE'S NEGLECT.

So perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these recent announcements.

Confusing days.

But I sure dislike that PRAT PYNE...he's like a bloody prim & proper grammar school prat from Bunter days. Not surprised he doesn't have any mates on the other side of politics. Prig.



February 20. 2012 04:52 PM

Von Kirsdarke

I'm sorry you feel that way, Nasking. If I had my way, anyone who was having an unfair time would get a fair go. People who are dealt a worse hand than others deserve a hand to help them up to the fold. I'm personally disappointed that so many people are going to suffer for the sake of a stupid surplus, but my reasoning in response is that this surplus may just be a political victory that the party needs right now if it is to survive.

I'm sorry if I come across as horrible in trying to argue that the ends justify the means. Maybe I'm just deluding myself, but a surplus next year could mean that all these benefits would be able to come back. And as a member of the ALP, I'll try my best to get it across to the party that they should not forget the families that support them, ever. And a 2013 election victory would mean that Labor will have another 3 years in power, most likely still with Senate control with the Greens, allowing us to make sure that everyone benefits when this GFC ends and times turn for the better.

Liberals in power from 2013 will mean that only the few will benefit while the less well off will be only thrown table scraps at election time. Just like during the Howard years.  

I know that Julia Gillard has flaws, but I feel that these flaws are magnified way too much, and her positives are erased from all view, coming up with the media portraying her as an evil witch that delights in making people suffer.

And when I think of the purpose of this - to destroy the entire Labor government and roll in another Liberal era ruled by someone that would be right at home with the neo-cons and the tea partiers in America, I feel the need to stick up for her.

A habit of this is that I try my best to erase her flaws and magnify her good attributes as a reaction, because to just attack Julia Gillard's flaws like everyone else would just leave her and the rest of the Labor Party isolated and vulnerable while the Coalition mow them down.

In conclusion, I hate this disunity. I hate that the media and the Coalition are succeeding in making people lose faith. I hate that we're on the verge of a great success only to have supporters and members everywhere falter. The Liberals are not faltering, they're delighted that the Labor base is crumbling and they can't wait to spitefully punish us all for giving them humiliation in 2007 and snatching victory again in 2010.

Von Kirsdarke

February 20. 2012 04:56 PM


Hi Ad

Somebody mentioned Dennis Shannahan recently, well here he is
putting his normal miserable 2 bob in about Julia Gillard  he is on Video a movie star:-
The australian
VIDEO Politics editor Dennis Shanahan claims the PM is delusional and retreat after evading leadership questions. video.theaustralian.com.au/.../Gillard-delusional-and-in-retreat--shanahan

cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 20. 2012 05:01 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Thanks, TalkTurkey and Lyn.

Yes, I admit that I'm a sucker for statistics and have been on PB more often, but I'll try to stick around some more. It's just that I don't feel the urge to post very often thanks to an annoying bipolar disorder that makes such activity difficult to keep up.

Von Kirsdarke

February 20. 2012 05:06 PM


Hi Everybody

It is getting worse:-

KarenMMiddletonKaren Middleton
It's getting mighty ugly now. RT @sspencer_63: Rudd's hit back at Crean from Mexico, and put the onus on the PM to settle it

tennews The leadership Mexican stand off, playing into Rudd's hands? Tonight on Ten news, the tumbril rolls on.

Sorry Nasking if I misread
think you've misread my view there Lyn, no probs...I'm not calling on Crean to throw his hat into the ring...I merely wanted to credit him w/ a useful, passionate, inspiring interview on the ABC...and hope that Gillard realises that she could learn from this...
Nasking you are entitled to your opinion though, that's just me about Simon Crean,.  I enjoy your comments anyway.



February 20. 2012 05:20 PM

Patricia WA

Von Kirksdale, enjoyed reading your comments. Reminded me of a teachers' union organiser,  many years ago, trying to get me to hang in there on the issue of corporal punishment on which I was a bit ahead of my time.    I didn't think I could take much more of the crazy and virulent personal abuse from within my school's community and then from the wider world when appeal was made to 'authorities'  - would you believe because I thought kids performed better if you didn't hit them!

He said,  "When people are kicking you in the arse you know you are ahead of them!"

News Ltd and the right know that Julia Gillard is well ahead on substance more than holding her own in spite of all the support that Abbott and the Coalition have had.  They just can't keep this good woman down, no matter how they try.  This is another strategy to try to get rid of her.  She'll outsmart them.

It's encouraging to read that Andrew Elder who is no leftie thinks she'll win the next election.  Follow Lyn's Link to

Patricia WA

February 20. 2012 06:14 PM


oh HAZZAH my friend....

*note to Piers Akerman*
"that's telling it like it is, not the shit the daily torygraph prints from your rantings"


February 20. 2012 06:23 PM


Thank you, Ad Astra. You and Andrew Elder have helped me keep - if not sane - at least not banging my head against the wall for the last 24 hours.


February 20. 2012 06:48 PM


Patricia WA

I don't mean to bifurciliate . . .
but just so you'll know . . .
it's not Von Kirksdale it's Von Kirsdarke.

Say 10 Hail Lassies and leave a donation in the Tacker box. Smile


February 20. 2012 06:59 PM


AA said Pieces on The Political Sword are regularly featured on a personalized news service wotnews to which anyone can subscribe: http://wotnews.com.au   If you go to the politics section: http://wotnews.com.au/politics/ you will see the most recent items of political news listed, and if you type ‘The Political Sword’ into the search box at the foot of the screen, you will see the latest TPS piece comes up in the list..

Thanks AA, never knew that site existed.  What a wonderful resource.  Pity those professional newgatherers don't seem to read, comprehend, write and publish stuff that is not rumour dressed as reality as they are doing today.  Frankly I'm over it - I suspect a lot of others are as well.  All the media are doing here is setting up a "we told you so" moment by soiling their own nests.


February 20. 2012 07:19 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Thanks for that, Patricia.

And yes, I read Andrew Elder often. I hope that many more will unite in the cause of making sure that Tony Abbott will never be Prime Minister of Australia.

Von Kirsdarke

February 20. 2012 07:24 PM


Hi Fiona

Thankyou so much for commenting on The Political Sword, we hope you keep coming back.

I am glad you appreciate Ad Astra and Andrew Elder they are good stuff, we know we are getting the truth from our bloggers.

Hope to see you soon, please don't bang your head, come and tell TPS your opinion, it's good for you.



February 20. 2012 07:52 PM


It's just that I don't feel the urge to post very often thanks to an annoying bipolar disorder that makes such activity difficult to keep up.

Von Kirsdarke,
sorry to hear that...and believe me, I can totally relate. It's the co-morbid tourette's aspect to my personality that keeps me writing...but unfortunately my brain can work effectively only on a p/t basis these days...the same for this rotten body of mine.

BTW, you have nothing to apologise for...you tell it as it is w/out referring to my efforts as dross...I enjoy reading your comments.

As for the media, how is that media inquiry going? Perhaps Gina Rinehart bought it and put it up in the attic w/ all her other goodies, like Tony Abbott's integrity.

Sorry Nasking if I misread

No problemo Lyn...I appreciate the fact you are so supportive and actually read the comments. You always get two thumbs up from me. You sweetie pie you. Smile

I have to say I'm highly impressed by the work of many bloggers of late...perhaps PM Gillard has more support than I realised...some real loyal fans.

I just hope she or her advisors and other Laborites read the comments of the critics...and those very disappointed/frustrated...so she learns why the polls remain problematic...and is able to discern between the well-meaning and the saboteurs & haters.

The Libs are worried more than some think tho...that's good.

BTW, Mitt Romney, presidential Republican candidate is hilarious...

he plays an android learning to speak in Michigan:

I was born and raised here...I love this state
it seems right here...
the trees are the right height

This guy should retire from the race and do a stand-up routine across Mormon retirement villages...Louis for the privileged cultists.

Imagine him as president...flies to France:

I studied here...I love this country...
it seems right here...
the women are just the right height


Anyway, I'm very tired now so I'll take a break. Not sure when I'll return.

Keep well all. Superb links and many useful comments on top of Ad's brill post.



February 20. 2012 08:08 PM

Patricia WA

Von Kirsdarke, Apologies!   Thank you, TT, for knowing that I would prefer to have errata like that pointed out to me!

My only excuse is that I had a funny night last night.   Did not sleep at all because shortly before midnight when saving my 'pome' and notes I found myself tussling with a wipe-out of all copy.  It had looked  so beautiful too with the Moir illustration in my draft.

This happened a few times before I finally understood that I was not going to be allowed to publish with the cartoon actually illustrating the post, though I could link to it.   I was wide awake by then and didn't get any shut-eye until 5.30 this morning.   Never mind, I learned a lot!   Though I still haven't found out what was different from this image in a gallery and others of his I've used.   Can anyone give an easy answer?

Am now working at staying awake so I can have an early night and get back into routine.  It's a bit like the old days when I burned the candle at both ends, as they say.

I'm also looking forward to seeing how our friends at 7.30 eat their words.  Too much to hope they'll bifurciliate, do you think, TT?

Patricia WA

February 20. 2012 08:20 PM

Mandy Mack

Thanks for a well argued and supported critique of Abbott and Co's bullshit. I have shared it on facebook and have bookmarked it for future reference. Many of the comments are also extremely useful, so thanks go to to your readers for those as well.

Mandy Mack

February 20. 2012 09:02 PM


NormanK, 2353 and all other econo wonks in the midst,

Buried in the business pages of The West Aus a gem from the ever wondrous economics editor, Shane Wright:

Reserve boss to face the music

There is a graph that tells a story that gives a lie to the doom and gloom merchants. The article is pretty good too as I have come to expect from Mr Wright - hmm maybe he should drop the W from his name.


February 20. 2012 09:03 PM


Hi Mandy Mack

And a massive big welcome to you, thankyou for commenting on TPS,
how nice of you to join us in our task of trying to keep our Government.
Good on you for sharing TPS on Facebook, we appreciate your work very much.
We have to keep trying because of the very real possibility of an Abbott Government, then we will be in serious trouble.

Ad Astra will come along soon and say welcome to you.



February 20. 2012 09:14 PM

Ad astra

Back in Melbourne, I’m just getting organized.  Thank you for your interesting and informative comments while I was in transit.

Thank you for your kind comment; I hope you have a great time tweeting.  Lyn is an expert.  The only tweet I do is when I post Lyn’s Links or a new piece.  She then re-tweets to her numerous followers and they in turn tweet to their followers and so on it goes.  This piece has spread far and wide already.  This is how social media works – it’s faster than newspapers!

We shall probably never work out the ‘Oakes conundrum’, because the mystery that surrounds it is what Laurie treasures.

Thank you for the long list of news items on ‘the leadership’.  The list grew further tonight with the ABC News and Heather Ewart and Chris Uhlmann on 7.30.  Heather said nothing we didn’t already know, nor did Chris, but they felt the need to rehash the day’s events.  I hope they feel better now.  Even when questioning Peter Garratt on the unrelated Gonski report on education, Uhlmann could not stop himself from throwing in leadership matters and several rude taunts, which Garratt handled well.

As it will be a week before there is a meeting of caucus, how on earth are they going to keep the leadership pot boiling?  Surely they can’t serve up the same old dish day after day.  It’s really going to be amusing watching MSM journalists trying to stretch the meal.  Will they throw in a few carrots to make the dish look new and more colourful?  Let’s enjoy their gastronomic convolutions.

Dear old Dennis is sounding desperate.  He’s staked his reputation on ‘things coming to a head in the next three weeks’, and he’s going to pull out every stop to make sure his prediction is right, even to the extent that he has called the PM ‘delusional’ in the hope that it will bring things to a head.  Meanwhile she is playing it coolly, which Dennis finds unutterably frustrating.  Poor Dennis.

Why don’t we all ignore the polls for the next year.  They are meaningless unless used to make political points, when they become pernicious and deceptive.  If there were no polls, where would the leadership tensions be at right now?  Nowhere.  Poll driven decisions at this stage in the cycle are imprudent.  We have already seen how polls brought about Kevin Rudd’s demise.  As for the so-called Gillard ‘stumbles’ that journalists and commentators enjoy referring to, but seldom name, they are by and large subjective and the product of journalists’ fertile imagination and groupthink.  Forget them.  Let’s focus on the many great reforms she has initiated and accomplished.  She is a clever, resourceful, and determined politician.  Let’s never forget that; let’s not fall for the persistent MSM nonsense.

von Kirsdarke
Welcome back.  Thank you for your kind remarks and your insightful remarks about polls.  Polls always narrow near election time, at least at a Federal level.  So let’s ignore them now and see how they look in twelve months’ time.  Of course the media will try to influence them, but the story will be different then.

I do like your Gravatar.

shane and Fiona
Welcome to The Political Sword. Do come again.  Thank you for your kind comments Fiona; I’m pleased if I have assisted you to maintain sanity in this crazy political world.

Let’s not fall prey to the marauding MSM, whose object is to create confusion and chaos, not to inform.  As they are running their own agenda, we ought to view what they do against that agenda.  Then we will see more clearly what they are up to – and it’s not nice.

I’m off now to watch Media Watch and Q&A.


Ad astra

February 20. 2012 09:20 PM



Thanks for the link - much appreciated. It makes a pleasant change from moaning Sloane. I read another of her earlier pieces today and boy, does she know how to press my buttons!

Perhaps my gerbils are tired but what on earth does the headline mean.
Reserve boss to face the music?
It implies that he is going to be held to account for his remarks but then the article reinforces his contentions. What's that about?

By the way - keep posting. If something is worth keeping, it has to be worked at.


February 20. 2012 09:21 PM

Ad astra

Mandy Mack
Welcome to The Political Sword family.  Please do return.  And thank you too for sharing this piece on Facebook.  The more were promulgate the truth about the sort of man who wants to be PM, the better.

Ad astra

February 20. 2012 09:25 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for the link to what Martin Parkinson had to say.  He speaks good sense and puts the doom and gloom talk in proper perspective.  No, we are not living in Greece.

Ad astra

February 20. 2012 09:38 PM


Hi Ad

Glad you got to Melbourne OK.  I was just preparing this post when you posted your brilliant as usual comment on the 7.30pm report.

So Heather Hewitt, Ewart, something art or it concludes with  
Who knows what's going to unfold over the next week?, but something will have to give.

Chris Uhlmann sees all Labor Mp’s as underlings to be talked down too and interrupted as he sees fit.  Uhlmann is bad mannered and rude.

Here is the video for what it's worth, proof of rude I suppose, that's all.  Peter Garrett did well very well I thought:-
Federal Labor leadership tensions grow, video, 7.30pm report
Broadcast: 20/02/2012
Reporter: Heather Ewart

With several backbenchers and ministers publicly voicing their backing for either the Prime Minister or Kevin Rudd in recent days, what leadership issues came up on the first day of parliament for the week?


Some comments from twitter :-

SimonReidy What's the point of Uhlmann asking a question only to interrupt every answer, except to be an indetermineable prick? abc730

Uhlmann legitimately asks "What's wrong with the Labor Party". It's a pity no one asks "What's right about the Liberal Party?" abc730

It's time. To get rid of Chris uhlmann and heather Hewitt 730report  retweet if you agree

I think CUhlmann is wasted on TV. He should move up to talkback radio or taxi driving abc730

Chris Uhlman proving yet again his bias & obsession with Leadership issues, there is other issues Uhlman abc730

CUhlmann being an arrogant twit as usual when interviewing. abc730

Cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 20. 2012 10:52 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Political journos are addicted to leadership speculation.  As was pointed out by Bill Shorten, the first half of Q&A was spent on the subject, and what did we learn.  Nothing new. So what all that about - entertainment Tony Jones style.  When he took the hint and got onto other subjects, the level of interest leapt.

The tweeted comments about Chris Uhlmann are spot on.   He is no adornment to the ABC.  What a joy it is to have a quality journalist in Emma Alberici on Lateline.

Ad astra

February 20. 2012 11:13 PM


Ad astra thank you for your post.  It went a long way to lifting my spirits and helping me keep the faith by targeting the true enemy amidst the absolute rubbish we've had from the msn for the past 4 days.

Patricia your poem inspired by Moir's cartoon was one of your best.  Much appreciated.  


February 20. 2012 11:17 PM


I given up on churning the grey matter on that headline.

Almost didn't bother to look at article until I noted it was by SW and thought hmm what's this about?

I am starting to think that now Canberra Times has gone all Fairfax that West Aus may be best source of independent writings.

Disclaimer on that. As long as CT keeps putting up stuff by Waterford and Hull (and some others) I will keep checking it out.


February 20. 2012 11:22 PM


Hi Catey

Thankyou for dropping in, it's always nice to see you.  I hope your Mum is Ok or more importantly you are going along OK, coping well, to enable you to look after your Mum.



February 20. 2012 11:49 PM

Patricia WA

Thanks, Catey, I will treasure your comment.  I particularly liked that cartoon because it suggested to me that Moir does understand that our Prime Minister truly cares for Australia and is having to protect it from the harm the media are doing it in an effort to destroy her.

Patricia WA

February 21. 2012 01:51 AM


I just have to smile at this line! Smile

Kings granted that right long ago.

Yeah only because The People fought and died and at last topped one and forced the Monarchy to give people some rights!  

And hereditary wealth and class-based privilege still rule supreme.


February 21. 2012 07:59 AM



The Piping Shrike guide to the coming leadership crisis, The Piping Shrike
Any change in the leadership will likely have a major impact on the Liberals. In the case of a successful Rudd return making an electoral case against the ‘old’ politics, it would almost certainly mean the end of Abbott

Pull The Trigger & Silence Those Hogs,Niall Cook,The Bannerman
In the grand political scheme, this is a fascinating time for political watchers. I think what really peeves me is the way media feeds off this stuff. Pigs in a trough have better manners

Labor needs leadership resolution, Mungo Maccallum. The Drum
The more gung-ho of Gillard's backers are urging her to take the initiative by sacking Rudd from the ministry outright; but it is too late for that now. It might have worked if it had

Silly Judgement versus The Facts, Stephen Koukoulas
I'll present a few facts. Foreign investors are voting with their wallets, driving the Australian dollar to record highs in recent weeks with another jump of almost 1 cent today

Welcome to all-out warfare, care of Labor, Crikey
We’re in for at least another week of the media scrabbling for new quotes from rent-a-heads (hello Peter Beattie) and loyal foot-soldiers (Simon Crean has conducted interviews with at least

ALPa self-inflicted madness,Gary Sauer-Thompson,Public Opinion
The momentum for an end to the civil war continues to build. Gillard should call a spill and end the speculation, rumours, gossip, whisperings, outbursts, bad mouthings, leaks etc when Parliament resumes next week. Rudd goes to the back bench and Gillard stands on her own

Rudd says leadership contestnot in prospect,Emma Griffiths,ABC
In a press conference in Canberra today, Ms Gillard repeatedly referred to the "strong support" of her caucus colleagues but also sidestepped questions about whether she should sack Mr Rudd or bring on a spill.

Labor's 'gordian knot' and the myth of leadership, Trevor Cook
The ALP's policies are not that different to the Coalition's; it just hopes that their leader (whoever it might be) will be considered less worse than Abbott by the swinging voters.

New party tipped to take regional seats in Qld election, ABC
Associate Professor Geoff Cockfield agrees with the ABC's Election Analyst Antony Green, who says the new Katter's Australian Party

Morning Report – Monday, 20 February 2012, Dylan Caporn, The Body Politic Australia
It seems almost destined now that there will be a ballot on the ALP leadership before the fortnight is out, with open warfare beginning to play out in the media. This morning, former leader,

Gillard Showdown, Derryn Hynch
And today, when the PM unveiled the biggest projected $5 billion shakeup of our education system, the most talked about question was: Will you be around next week, let alone next month

Take The Power Back, Wixxy, Café Whispers
you may think that all that sounds reasonably fair, however the legislation also allows individuals to spend over $1 Million dollars on a campaign for a political party.

Gonski roundtable, Mercurius, Larvatus Prodeo
This is the thread to discuss schools funding related matters arising from the release of the Gonski Report (Feb 20, 2011).

Gonski review: public inquiry on school funding needs more work, Scott Prasser, The Conversation
The main recommendations of the review are for a comprehensive approach to funding which would entail a realignment of current Commonwealth and state roles, the payment of a base grant

Coalition rejects Gonski school funding plan, Laura Tingle, Financial Review
The Coalition plans to portray the first attempt at a major overhaul of school funding in 40 years as a Labor attack on middle Australia, rejecting recommendations from the Gonski review

Will he or won’t he? Why Kevin Rudd won’t give a straight answer on his leadership aspirations, James Mahoney, The Conversation
Even when directly asked his intentions in that strange late-night interview for Sky News on Saturday, Rudd would not answer directly

Opinion of NBN,Essential report
From what you’ve heard, do you favour or oppose the planned national broadband network (NBN)?Since the question was last polled, support for the NBN has risen 2 percentage points to 56% (+2%) and opposition has declined to 25% (-3%).


Rudd talks down leadership challenge prospect, Lateline
Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says a contest for the Labor leadership "is not in prospect", as tensions continue to mount.

Government non-committal to school funding changes, Lyndal Curtis, Capital Hill, ABC
Lyndal Curtis speaks with Education Minister Peter Garrett, who wants extensive talks before changes recommended by the Gonski review are implemented.

2012. Gillard outlines response to Gonski review.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has outlined the government's response to the Gonski review into school funding

February 20, 2012. Gillard discusses Labor leadership.
Prime Minster Julia Gillard says she has the strong support of her colleagues

February 20, 2012. Tony Abbott Q&A (Raw Video)
Tony Abbott answers questions from the media in Western Sydney.

Queensland Votes: Labor aims for sixth term in Qld, Antony Green

Queensland Votes: State election campaign begins, Channel 7

Queensland Votes:I’m going to ignore what Labor is saying:Newman,ABC

Channel 7: Kevin Rudd’s expletive-laden outtakes leaked, Channel7

Sky News: Australian Agenda,
commentary, Kevin Rudd, interview, Peter van Onselen

Why Stephen Conroy is most influential
Stephen Brook and Simon Canning look at how they compiled their list of the
Australian Media's most influential players

Broadband Deals, Channel 9
February 20, 2012: TODAY technology expert Charlie Brown takes us through the top broadband ,


February 21. 2012 08:07 AM



  Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 21 February 2012



February 21. 2012 08:11 AM

Sir Ian Crisp

Ad Astra, you'd do well to stop reading ALP press releases.

Expert report on insulation could have spared lives

A SECRET report from an expert advisory panel might have saved lives and hundreds of millions of dollars had the federal government commissioned it before launching its disastrous $2.45 billion home insulation program in 2009.

The 47-page Insulation Advisory Panel Report obtained by the Herald through freedom of information laws provides a scathing assessment of the home insulation program.


Sir Ian Crisp

February 21. 2012 08:59 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 09:03 AM

Ad astra

I’m glad this piece lifted your spirits.  Like you, I enjoyed Patricia WA’s poem.  Her poems too lift the spirits.

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 09:14 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thank you again for your links, which I’ll read later – I have appointments this morning.

The Front Pages are interesting in that the focus on leadership is waning.  This morning the ABC tried to dish up some more on it but there was little new.  Most was derived from Bill Shorten’s comments on Q&A.  My prediction is that apart from a few dribs and drabs there will be little of interest until next week.  The public will soon tire of the speculation and ongoing commentary.  Red Symons, 774 Melbourne’s breakfast presenter, put it well when he pleaded that we hear no more ball by ball account of the leadership tussle – ‘just tell me who won’ was his final plea.

It really is amusing to witness the convolutions of the media as it tries continually to make a meal out of this when the food for thought is running out.  Can you imagine Dennis Shanahan’s frustration!  I wonder what he’s cooked up for today.  

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 10:01 AM


Hi Ad

You are right the front pages are waning, but I think the MSM are making up for that on their other pages:

I have put these headlines together to show you , just in case you didn't know already:-

Leadership rivals wait to see who blinks first
Sydney Morning Herald - ‎9 minutes ago
‎Reports of rebel Labor members' plans to spill the PM and Gonski's $5 billion cost, as online political editor Tim Lester runs over the day's political news. ''YOU call it on.'' ''No, I'm not doing it - it's up to you.'' The Rudd and Gillard camps ...

Shorten denies a switch to the Rudd camp
Sydney Morning Herald - ‎15 minutes ago
‎Will - and should - Kevin Rudd challenge Julia Gillard for the top job in Australian politics? Here is what some voters think. The Treasurer's job is not enough to tempt Bill Shorten over to the Kevin Rudd camp. The Workplace Relations Minister has ...

Shorten backs Gillard amid leadership tensions
ABC Online - ‎19 minutes ago‎
Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten says he has confidence the Prime Minister will sort out the issues that have led to intense speculation about her leadership. Speaking on ABC TV's Q&A program last night, Mr Shorten said he thought Kevin Rudd ...

Labor rebels draw up battle plan to bring on challenge
Sydney Morning Herald - ‎21 minutes ago‎
Reports of rebel Labor members' plans to spill the PM and Gonski's $5 billion cost, as online political editor Tim Lester runs over the day's political news. Senior ministers have held secret discussions to reassure themselves Julia Gillard still has ...

Labor MP says party wreckers 'gutless'
Ninemsn - ‎26 minutes ago
‎Labor backbencher Bernie Ripoll says Kevin Rudd's backers are gutless and should stop wrecking the government. Mr Ripoll is challenging the foreign minister's supporters to come out into the open. "What I am saying very clearly to those people who are ...

Gillard Vows to Stay Australia Leader Amid Rudd Speculation
San Francisco Chronicle - ‎37 minutes ago‎
AP source: Manny Ramirez close to signing with A's 02.20.12 Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Julia Gillard predicted she will survive 2012 as Australia's leader and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd played down speculation he is planning a challenge, after days of ...

A compromise is the party's sole chance to survive
Sydney Morning Herald - ‎41 minutes ago‎
This country is best served when we have a strong government and a strong opposition (''Showdown inevitable, say both sides'', February 20). It doesn't really matter who wins the leadership challenge, Gillard or Rudd, because either will be leader of a ...

Prime Minister Julia Gillard dares challenge Kevin Rudd for leadership
Herald Sun - ‎46 minutes ago
‎Video Video Video Image Rudd rules out a challenge - for now Kevin Rudd says a leadership spill is 'not in prospect', as the PM insists she has the support of caucus. Crean: Leave Julia alone Senior Labor minister Simon Crean delivers a message to ...

A party paralysed by ego and weak leadership
ABC Online - ‎1 hour ago
‎In my time I have seen political conflict, naked ambition, party room challenges, political positioning, skulduggery of various sorts, but I have never seen anything like the contest of Rudd v Gillard. Until 2010, never had an Australian prime minister ...

Choice will be dire for voters
The Age - ‎1 hour ago‎
JOURNALISTS must be celebrating. Their pursuit of the discord within the ALP has finally been rewarded. A spill is imminent. I wonder whether those journalists who relentlessly kept this in the headlines, in spite of Julia Gillard's many successes, ...

I'll still be Prime Minister at end of the year - Julia Gillard
NEWS.com.au - ‎1 hour ago‎
Kevin Rudd says a leadership spill is 'not in prospect', as the PM insists she has the support of caucus. Julia Gillard just wants to get on with the job of being Prime Minister. Picture: Renee Nowytarger Source: The Daily Telegraph JULIA Gillard has ...

No job offer from Rudd - Shorten
Sky News Australia - ‎1 hour ago‎
No job offer from Rudd - Shorten Updated: 06:24, Tuesday February 21, 2012 Labor powerbroker Bill Shorten has rejected suggestions he's spoken to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd about the possibility of becoming treasurer in return for factional support in ...

Forecast is for continued fog of delusion and conflict over policy
The Age - ‎1 hour ago
‎The term fog of war has become something of a cliche. In domestic politics, from time to time, reality is offset by the fog of delusion. In Australia most journalists, including most members of the press gallery, believe in the necessity of what is ...

Don't just do something, stand there - Gillard's Zen defence
The Age - ‎1 hour ago‎
Reports of rebel Labor members' plans to spill the PM and Gonski's $5 billion cost, as online political editor Tim Lester runs over the day's political news. Julia Gillard has decided to fight Kevin Rudd's passive aggressive leadership campaign with a ...

Polling points to 'difficult choices'
Brisbane Times - ‎2 hours ago‎
Supporters of Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd have referred to internal polling showing Labor's primary vote under Prime Minister Julia Gillard's leadership is ''even worse'' than published opinion polls. A senior Rudd supporter said Labor was now forced ...

Labor elder warns of 'torrent of tears'
Brisbane Times - ‎2 hours ago‎
Residents in Julia Gillard's heartland are echoing calls for an end to the leadership speculation. FORMER Labor Party national secretary Bob Hogg last night warned that the government's leadership crisis could end in a "torrent of tears" at the ...

Rudd denies planning Gillard heave
Irish Times - ‎4 hours ago‎
Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd (L) and Germany's foreign minister Guido Westerwelle talk at a working session of the G20 foreign ministers summit in Los Cabos, Mexico yesterday. Photograph: Charles Dharapak/Reuters Australian prime minister ...

Strategies for the party showdown
New Zealand Herald - ‎5 hours ago
‎By Greg Ansley Austraslian PM Julia Gillard. Photo / AP If Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd were to be taken at face value, Australia could forget about a leadership challenge in the next few weeks.

Kathy Marks: Wisdom of potential second coup hard to fathom
New Zealand Herald - ‎5 hours ago
‎By Kathy Marks To many Australians, particularly those outside the claustrophobic bubble of Canberra politics, it seems extraordinary that a party that has yet to recover from deposing one sitting prime minister would contemplate getting rid of a ...

PM ducks the leadership chaos
The Australian - ‎6 hours ago‎
Image Video Video Video Gillard delusional and in retreat - Shanahan Crean: Leave Julia alone Leadership fight looms as heads counted JULIA Gillard has refused to be baited into a Labor leadership ballot, insisting she has strong caucus support and ...

Bets off as lines drawn over Labor leadership
Herald Sun - ‎6 hours ago
‎Video Video Image Leadership struggle continues There's intensifying talk of a leadership showdown between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard as early as next week. Crean: Leave Julia alone Senior Labor minister Simon Crean delivers a message to Kevin Rudd ...

Gillard Stops Short of Party Vote as Australia Labor Woes Endure
BusinessWeek - ‎7 hours ago
‎By Jason Scott and Michael Heath Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and predecessor Kevin Rudd failed to quash speculation they will face off in a party leadership contest, raising the prospect of a prolonged showdown.

Gillard Refrains From Calling Vote as Australia Ruling-Party Woes Persist
Bloomberg - ‎7 hours ago‎
Enlarge image Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Enlarge image Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Patrick ...

Labor party power struggle all a bit pathetic
Herald Sun - ‎8 hours ago‎
I AM 20 years old and about to begin my first year of international studies at RMIT. As a one-time voter, I think it would be a bit silly for them to be changing leaders again. They've already had one swap and I think it makes them seem unstable to be ...

Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd must call election
Herald Sun - ‎8 hours ago‎
HOW much longer must Australians wait for the Labor party to bring an end to the disunity that has destroyed it as a government, is the burning question. The repeated assurances from Prime Minister Julia Gillard that she is supported strongly by her ...

Put up or shut up, Rudd told as Australian power struggle descends into farce
Telegraph.co.uk - ‎8 hours ago‎
Kevin Rudd's disloyalty has turned the ruling Labor party into a farce and he must pledge support to Julia Gillard or resign, says the government's most experienced minister, Simon Crean. By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney Mr Rudd, who was ousted by Ms ...

Abbott attacks Labor 'soap opera'
The Australian - ‎8 hours ago‎
TONY Abbott has attacked Labor's leadership stand-off as "a poisonous soap opera", and accused the Gillard government of cannibalising itself. The Opposition Leader yesterday declared the government completely dysfunctional, saying voters deserved a ...

We need to talk about Kevin ... again
The Australian - ‎8 hours ago‎
IF you feel completely bamboozled by the present federal ALP shenanigans, let me share some knowledge from inside the parliamentary triangle that you cannot possibly be expected to know unless you're in it. To the outside world Kevin Rudd is a charming ...

Rudd talks down leadership challenge prospect
ABC Online - ‎8 hours ago
‎Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says a contest for the Labor leadership "is not in prospect", as tensions continue to mount. EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: It's open warfare in Canberra as Labor MPs air their grievances in public about the party's leadership.

Neither Rudd nor Gillard is showing real leadership
The Australian (blog) - ‎8 hours ago‎
PERHAPS the most distressing aspect of the leadership contortions preoccupying our national government is the core motivation for the contest. Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd (despite the state of denial both exhibited yesterday) are locked in a ...



February 21. 2012 10:33 AM


Hi Ad and everybody

Seeing as my links above did not work in the comments box, I have posted the headline and a new link below.

The links are in line with the headlines and article excerpts above:

Leadership rivals wait to see who blinks first

Shorten denies a switch to the Rudd camp

Shorten backs Gillard amid leadership tensions

Labor rebels draw up battle plan to bring on challenge

Labor MP says party wreckers 'gutless'

Gillard Vows to Stay Australia Leader Amid Rudd Speculation

A compromise is the party's sole chance to survive

Prime Minister Julia Gillard dares challenge Kevin Rudd for leadership

A party paralysed by ego and weak leadership
Choice will be dire for voters

I'll still be Prime Minister at end of the year - Julia Gillar

No job offer from Rudd – Shorten

Forecast is for continued fog of delusion and conflict over policy

Don't just do something, stand there - Gillard's Zen defence

Polling points to 'difficult choices'

Labor elder warns of 'torrent of tears' at poll

Rudd denies planning Gillard heave

Strategies for the party showdown

Kathy Marks: Wisdom of potential second coup hard to fathom

Labor rifts widen as PM ducks the leadership chaos

Bets off as lines drawn over Labor leadership

Gillard Stops Short of Party Vote Amid Australia Labor Woes

Gillard Refrains From Calling Vote as Australia Ruling-Party Woes Persist

Labor party power struggle all a bit pathetic

Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd must call election

Put up or shut up, Rudd told as Australian power struggle descends into farce

Tony Abbott attacks Labor 'soap opera'

We need to talk about Kevin's restoration again

Rudd talks down leadership challenge prospect

Neither Rudd nor Gillard is showing real leadership


February 21. 2012 11:49 AM


Well Ad & Lyn,
I'm pretty well over it.

Felt good to get my frustrations out in the open...hopefully the government will take into account the views of well-meaning critics.

We might as well let Gillard continue negotiating successfully w/ the cross-benchers...I am feeling more positive about upcoming policies and the bills that have been passed.

At least this latest upheaval provided an opportunity to see where various individuals stand, including the cross-benchers & Greens.

And to recognise who the truly opportunistic, sh*t stirrers in the media are. The usual suspects have not failed to reveal their true character/biases once again.

My mate is sending me a book on the life of Bob Brown...he reckons he has even more respect for him now, reckons he's one courageous individual.

As for Q&A, I was impressed by Bill Shorten...he knows his stuff...can see why Hawke digs him. Fortunately his parliamentary performances are gradually improving...he's not a natural parliamentary showman/woman like Hawke, Keating, Gillard, Rudd & Albanese. However, he does do well in interviews & shows like Q&A.

Julie Bishop came across like a tittle-tattle...I kept thinking

yea you can talk cockroach...all the leaders you professed loyalty to.

And then Shorten said it...more diplomatically...and someone tweeted it simultaneously...how S' & I larfed. The look on Bishop's face. Smile

Anyway, I hope Rudd tells his supporters to quiet down, stop leaking & get on w/ the job like he's doing.

A revolution at this point would be fruitless...the past week has demonstrated such...Rudd's poll supporters just melted away.  

This Syrian, Iranian business is too important...it requires Rudd to focus more on his job...same goes for problems in various African countries...out of control drug wars in Mexico and other parts of the Americas...the elections in Russia & France...the human rights/trade & wage issues in China...and Tibet. Climate change. Dealing w/ food stocks. The list goes on.

Bring on the test tube meat...I'd luv to see animals free of abuse by humans based on desire/need for meat.


As for 4 corners...how can people treat each other like that? Syria has become a basket case...run by true psychopaths...war criminals. Shame on Russia, China, America, Israel, Iran & the Gulf States for permitting countries to dissolve into hell like that.

And this ongoing war between Shia & Sunni etc...Suffer the little children. Wouldn't Allah be impressed. NOT.

Good interview w/ Robert Fisk. I have so much respect for Kerry O'Brien...miss him on 7:30 Report. He gets ya thinking.


BTW, that Woodley comedy show on ABC looks good...Mr. Bean-like. I could use a few more good larfs. Enjoyed the relaxed & humorous interview w/ Woodley on ABC24 this morn.





February 21. 2012 12:07 PM


Hi Nasking

Great comment thankyou.  You do really sound like your health is improving a little each day.  Well not affecting your talented writing is it.

Julia Bishop sounded very spiteful on Q&A, she spits her words out with a sarcastic smile.

My mate is sending me a book on the life of Bob Brown...he reckons he has even more respect for him now, reckons he's one courageous individual

Bob Brown always sounds calm considerate and measured in his approach, I love the way he gives it back to the media.  He is an experienced politician seen a lot of happenings for sure.  I have always liked Bill Shorten for the dedicated work he did during the Tasmanian Mine disaster.

Regarding Julia we just have to stick with the positives, she must be strong that much we definately know.

Bushfire Bill tells it as is again this morning:

Bushfire Bill
Posted Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 10:16 am | comment 1310

The media have tried their coup, they have bootstrapped their Rudd Revolution, but the public and the Party have at last opened their windows to see the parade… and saw only tumbleweeds rolling along an empty avenue.

Having been forced to look upon this disgraceful beat up from the point of view of a member of the public for the last 36 hours, this is what I have seen: Rudd CLEARLY doesn’t have the numbers, and never had them, except in the fevered imaginations of a select group of bullshit artists in a handful of offices in a few media organizations.

In my opinion, it’s over before it started. I doubt whether there’ll even be a vote


Cheers for you Nasking SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 21. 2012 12:41 PM


Hi Ad

Jeremy is annoyed along with the rest of us:_

The power of the press, Jeremy Sear , Pure Poison
Posted on 21 February, 2012
A place to collect the stupidest media commentary on their long sought-after “leadership spill” they appear to have almost manufactured.

I PREDICT ONE DAY THIS PM WILL NOT BE PM Self-congratulating commentary being smug that the “leadership spill” they’ve spent more than a year saying is days away might now actually happen. What’s that saying about a stopped clock?
WHY SHOULD VOTERS GET A CHOICE? Commentary from opponents of Labor’s reform agenda suggesting if only the Labor leader would be more like Tony Abbott than Tony Abbott they could “win back” the support of conservatives who’d never vote for them in a blue fit (eg Andrew Bolt’s “if only Rudd would promise to reintroduce WorkChoices, then he’d be a Labor leader I could support”!)


February 21. 2012 01:50 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Simon Cullen on ABC24  report "the Prime Minister wants to talk about education funding but the leadership question is looming,
Joe the news reader say he received a tweet from Kevin Rudd
Spoke to G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting on key principles for G20 in dealing with global economic instability www.foreignminister.gov.au/.../kr_tr_120220.html KRudd

But Joe says " I have tweeted Kevin Rudd back about the Leadership, he has not replied.

Just showes you how crazy they are and then say the Government can't get the message out.

amworldtodaypmABC Radio
Listen in @12.10: MT eleanorhall1 On the program today Tony Windsor warns of early election if Labor dumps Julia #Gillard from #leadership

Tony Windsor gives Lab a reality check,praises this Parl for work done so far and JuliaGillard for her hard wk & skill in negotiating.

Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott warn Labor over leadership change auspol http://bit.ly/wkaN55



February 21. 2012 02:22 PM


I'm as sick as anyone at the BS going round:
Folks have a Bex, a cup of tea, and then a good lie down,
Remember all the wise laws Labor's managing to pass,
Instead of gazing in a rear-view mirror, looking up your own
*past!* *

But the great thing is, that *J*U*L*I*A* at last has had the pip!
Just watch those green eyes glint, and the way she holds her lower lip!
En garde now Tony Abbortt! You've had it now you creep!
And - you journo body language gurus -
Just read hers, and weep!

Your own gotchas soon will getcha,
as your lies come home to roost,
You are empty, naked, hollow
when to facts you are reduced:
And I contemplate with pleasure
how you'll make each other squirm
When you turn in spite on Tony-

*You might be able to find a better rhyme than *past*  . . . Smile



February 21. 2012 03:09 PM


Hi Lyn,
gracias. Good work on yer part.

To be honest, I'm a bit washed out today. I just don't have the staying power & energy I used to have for blogging. My blood pressure spiked again last nite. Bloody nuisance, considering I'm on pills, eating well...and treadmilling.
Genes are a pain.

My Dad just survived a huge op (a week ago) on his heart at the age of 75...I gotta tell ya, that didn't help my sleeping & anxiety levels. I didn't think he was gonna make it.

I spoke to him twice in the runup to it...one morning for 4 hours, evening his time in Canada...tons of memories flooded back of things we'd done together...

visiting DisneyWorld, him giving me a Chicago Black Hawks uniform for Xmas, the food poisoning he got from some seafood in a hotel yet soldiering on to take me thru the Haunted Mansion twice...

the hols we took to England to visit rellies & seeing our first colour TV at my uncles, the cricket players looking kinda green as tho they were invading Martians...

playing golf badly until they turned the water sprinklers on us...him trying valiantly to teach my Canuck friends & I how to play cricket...

regularly going to the drive-in, lots of horrors & Clint Eastwood films...and can ya believe it Zabriskie Point...they looked the other way re: age in those days...the awkward, agonised, bewildered looks on his face during this rad, counterculture film were something to behold...not surprised he kept sending me off for food.

It was like somethin' straight outa The Courtship of Eddie's Father...minus the butler...me & my single Dad:


sure we've had our bad times...but amazed me how they drifted away...seemed so minute...once I realised I might lose Dad...never see him again.

Such a relief when his wife emailed us he was okay...in fact doing remarkably well considering he had to have new artery pathways created...having had multiple bypasses 20 years ago.

Listening to Dad's croaking yet determined voice on the phone yesterday brought home to me more than ever how quickly life passes by...and how important it is to find time to cherish the family & friends who have chosen to share special moments w/ us...and treasure those moments as tho they were nirvana itself.

As for feeling washed out politics-wise...perhaps I'm watching too many news shows again. They're so bleedin' addictive...yet oft hollow...like filler gifts beneath the Christmas tree...the packages are alluring...but unwrapped they provide nothing...just an empty box.

Best get back to my West Wing reruns. Smile

Have a great day Lyn.


February 21. 2012 03:12 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for posting the links to a motley collection of unedifying pieces by the MSM’s political journalists.  They are having a field day writing about their favourite subject – leadership speculation – but saying very little in the process.

Some, such as Michelle Grattan in this morning’s Age, did a front page ‘he says, she says’ piece that a cub reporter could have written, with a less amateur analysis on page five.  

Dennis Shanahan is showing growing frustration that this ‘delusional’ PM cannot see that he is right.  He wants action and plenty of blood on the floor.  He is like a spectator at a cockfight who has put his money on a bloody fight, but the cocks won’t budge, each standing proud in their corners.

The editorial in The Australian speaks of ‘lack of leadership’, a trusty accusation that journalists fling when they don’t understand what is going on, when a leader defies their call for action.  The cocks won’t fight.  Surely one of them has enough ‘leadership’ in their hearts to get out there and fight to the death!  The editorial says: ”… there are opportunities for useful policy debates and proposals.  No such initiative is coming from the Prime Minister or her undeclared challenger.”  Really, where has the editorial writer been hiding?  What about the Gonski report on education that came out yesterday?  There’s enough scope for comprehensive policy debate there and PM Gillard launched that report yesterday, just when lesser journalists were trying to distract her with leadership questions.  The disconnect between what journalists write and reality is stark and alarming. What has happened to our political journalists?  Is it ‘leadership’ they are lacking, or just the basic skills of journalism?

The editorial writer should have spoken to Matthew Franklin who opened his article with: “Julia Gillard has refused to be baited into a Labor leadership ballot, insisting she has strong caucus support and placing the onus for any spill on Kevin Rudd.  Rejecting advice from colleagues to sack or discipline her rival over his leadership ambitions, the Prime Minister swept the issue aside yesterday, focusing instead on education and boasting of her determination to continue to deliver "nation-changing" policies.”

The editorial in the Herald Sun, after huffing and puffing at the beginning: ”How much longer must Australians wait for the Labor party to bring an end to the disunity that has destroyed it as a government…”, exposes its real underlying agenda, but not until its final paragraphs: “ Nothing of any value will be resolved until Labor calls an election, or can be forced to do so because those independents who have supported it decide its time has finally come.  For the sake of all Australians, Ms Gillard, or Mr Rudd, whichever of you is PM next week or next month, call an election. If you believe in democracy, let the people decide.” Then of course The Hun believes it will get what it has wanted since 2010 – an Abbott Government.

As you would expect, Peter Reith has seized on the ‘lack of leadership’ meme is his puff piece in The Drum.  Unsurprisingly he concludes: “ Whatever happens, it looks like an early election is well and truly on the cards. As Bob Hawke wisely once said about the Coalition, the party that can't run itself can't run the country. That is Labor's problem and a change is unlikely to make any difference. It seems that Labor has already sealed its fate.”

I could go on and on, but what’s the point.  Journalists and ex pollies can pontificate, predict, count dodgy numbers, put names in columns even without talking to them, quote countless sources, write lots of ‘he said, she said’, pose a variety of intriguing scenarios, foretell bloody conflict with just one winner, but so far they can’t get the cocks to fight.  PM Gillard says she has more important things to do in the national interest; Kevin Rudd, away carrying out a punishing agenda as Foreign Minister, ‪asked whether he would challenge Ms Gillard, said: "That is not in prospect, because we have a prime minister and I am the foreign minister.”

You see, so far the wretched cocks won’t fight.  They about the best cocks there are and have won many fights, but they just sit there smiling at each other while the journalistic audience urges them on, insists they must have a scrap, dares them to fight to the bloody death, craves for the blood of one of them, or better still both.  What inconsideration, who do they think they are – ministers of the crown who have important national jobs to do?   Next thing, the journos will ask for their money back.

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 03:22 PM


Ad astra

That is a great summary of the current state of play.
I will add 'journalists asking for their money back because the cocks won't fight' to Andrew Elder's 'journalists' strike' and 'oxygen thieves' and consider myself blessed that I have had three quotable quips in as many days.

If only I had the skills, that would be a cartoon as soon as I could draw it.


February 21. 2012 03:32 PM

Ad astra

Hi Nasking
Thank you for your comments, which I enjoyed reading.  Like the rest of us, you need a spell from the nonsense that permeates the MSM – and I mean nonsense.  My defense is to take the effusions in the MSM with a large grain of salt and muse about their rage, their pumped-up predictions, their attempts to start a bloody fight, their frustration that so far no blood has been spilled.  It really is amusing to watch their antics.  Belly laughs are good for us all.

The MSM has lost its prestige, its authority, its authenticity, its value as a public utility.  It has been surpassed by the plethora of information sources that any of us can access.  We can expose journalists’ mistakes, their false predictions, their so-called ‘insider’ knowledge, even their ‘superior’ ability at political analysis, now the province of amateurs, as well as the once respected professionals.  And the more they protest, the more they pontificate, the more the claim special status, the more they become an object of ridicule.  

As usual, your verse gives us insight, while at the same time giving us light relief from the frenzied journalistic convolutions we see hour after hour.

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 03:55 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind comment.  If you missed today’s The World Today,  I’m sure you will enjoy what Tony Windsor had to say to Sabra Lane, as part of her segment on leadership issues.  I thought how fortunate we are to have such a sensible and balanced person on the cross benches:

ELEANOR HALL: Now Sabra, what about the Independents, how much influence are they likely to have on a leadership issue inside the Labor Party?

SABRA LANE: Well it might focus some of the minds of those in caucus who are wavering. But again, the Prime Minister's supporters say that Mr Rudd still would be lucky to get numbers in the 30s, that he's struggling to get a three in front of the number of people who actually support him within caucus. 

Andrew Wilkie has been out on the record before saying that he's had general talks with Kevin Rudd about the leadership, and that he considers his deal with the Prime Minister over given her policy statements last month on poker machines. 

Mr Oakeshott's indicated he'd have to negotiate another agreement. And also the Member for New England, Tony Windsor, says his support can't be assumed, that if there is a change in leadership - which he says he doesn't think will happen, it's important to highlight that. But he says it's not a case of simply renegotiating a new agreement with a new leader, that it might be something that ends up in an election.

I spoke with Mr Windsor earlier.

TONY WINDSOR: I'd say it's an issue that needs to be tidied up one way or another.

SABRA LANE: You've got an agreement with Ms Gillard to support the Government in this minority parliament. Would that stand if there is a change in the leadership?

TONY WINDSOR: No, it wouldn't, not necessarily, though obviously you'd have to look at those circumstances if they came along. 

I don't think it will come along. I think the Prime Minister will remain the Prime Minister. But within the scenario that could exist, where there is a change of prime minister, all bets would be off in my view.

SABRA LANE: Has Kevin Rudd or any of his supporters actually approached you?

TONY WINDSOR: No. No. Not one parliamentarian, including Kevin Rudd, has approached me as to how I would stand if in fact there was a change.

SABRA LANE: Could you work with Kevin Rudd?

TONY WINDSOR: I quite like Kevin. I've had a bit to do with him over the years. And that's not the question, whether I could work- I can work with anybody. I've worked with, you know, a whole range of different governments since 1991 - the first one being a minority government when I supported Nick Greiner, and that hung parliament led to his demise too.

So I wouldn't have a problem working with people. It's in this particular circumstance, though, I think that the work that we put in at the start of this process in terms of negotiating with leaders, both Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard, for the term of this parliament, three years. Three years isn't up and we're talking about changing prime ministers. 

I'd see that as a little bit of a breach - not by Julia Gillard but by the Labor Party - as to the agreement. She was the leader of the Labor Party when she negotiated that agreement. And if the Labor Party are starting to welch on their part- their side of the agreement and their leader, well, all bets are off. And I'd have to not only look at Kevin Rudd as a potential leader but as to whether it was time for the people to actually have their say, seeing we've had our go at determining who could lead for the three years. And maybe it's time the people had a go of it.

SABRA LANE: You're argument then being that maybe it's time to go to a complete general election.

TONY WINDSOR: Well, I wouldn't rule it out. I wouldn't rule it out. And on a number of grounds, it may happen automatically. The Governor-General may have to come in if there were a resignation say from Graham Perrett and others, or the parliament became dysfunctional. 

I don't think it is dysfunctional at the moment. I think it's worked very effectively. But if all of those things came into play, well … And given that we attempted, in a difficult circumstance during that 17 day period to determined whether a hung parliament could, in fact, work at a Federal level for a three year period, if in fact the people who were given the guernsey have decided that they want to change the rules halfway through it, when they don't have a majority to do so, then maybe that's one of the options is to let the people in the gate again.

SABRA LANE: Has the Government undersold the merits of a minority parliament, do you think?

TONY WINDSOR: I think so but I can understand, particularly when a large slice of the media is wanting the other people to govern at the time and they have continued on that pathway.

A minority parliament has actually put in place an enormous number of long-term issues. And that's the other thing that disturbs me in a sense, that there's been a lot of hard work go into some of these issues - whether it be the Murray-Darling, the climate change issues, the renewable energy, national broadband, the Rent Resource Tax, the list goes on and on. Any one of those is a major initiative in any parliament. And for those things to get through in a hung parliament is in part a tribute to the negotiating skills of the Prime Minister.

And to put all those things at risk- well, a small group of people in the Labor Party, to put all those things at risk because none of them are truly bedded down yet, is to me a little bit of a slap in the face. Because we've put some skin in the game too, in terms of backing some long term initiatives that other governments in the past have always avoided. 

If a small group in the governing party can't see that, well I think they deserve to be dragged on. And they can't assume that just change leaders and they'll go on for another 18 months and then determine when they go to an election.

There may be a determination made much sooner than that. 

They're the risks that they play. But the risk long-term to the country is much greater in my view because there are some very positive longer-term initiatives that won't benefit today's parliamentarians but they may benefit tomorrow's Australians. And I would have thought that's why people put people into parliament, and some of the self serving parliamentarians are starting to come to the surface.

ELEANOR HALL: That's independent MP Tony Windsor speaking to our chief political correspondent Sabra Lane.

The bolding is my emphasis.

The full segment is here: www.abc.net.au/.../s3435572.htm

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 04:09 PM


You see, so far the wretched cocks won’t fight.  They about the best cocks there are and have won many fights, but they just sit there smiling at each other while the journalistic audience urges them on, insists they must have a scrap, dares them to fight to the bloody death, craves for the blood of one of them, or better still both.  What inconsideration, who do they think they are – ministers of the crown who have important national jobs to do?   Next thing, the journos will ask for their money back.

I like this. You put it so well. I said to my wife last nite that the media are addicted to conflict, wars, political bloodbaths...anything to hook-in the curious public...who grow more bored w/ them, more distrusting by the day.

Unfortunately they now resemble sports commentators...setting the scene...describing animatedly and w/ hyperbolic statements the teams, the superstars...building the tension up...predicting a big head to head battle...working themselves up into a lather...announcing the betting odds...

so what happens if one of the teams doesn't turn up?

There's always a culture war...a real war...a drug war...a crime war to turn to...

anything to try and grab the audience's/readers' attention.

It's the too oft seductive...yet glitzy, oft factually BS, overly-competitive package that the Murdoch empire...and American/UK news has left us.

Inside, fool's gold.

The bane of our corporate democracy.

I'm off.



February 21. 2012 04:18 PM


DMW - welcome back - great link, thanks

NormanK -" journalists asking for their money back . . ." - great line, can I please borrow it?  I wonder if they keep pumping the crap out on the basis the believe they've gotta be right at some point, or are they so caught up in their own perceived brilliance they can't see the wood for the trees?

Nas - hang in there, it seems you're slowly returning to reasonable health.  My first watching colour TV story for your interest.  A neighbour ran a TV Repair Shop and got his hands on a colour TV and Betamax recorder a year or so before Colour TV came to Australia - well someone has to find out how to fix them I s'pose!  Anyway he had one tape - a Benny Hill Show.  Now my parents still are morally conservative and you could see the pain and anguish they were going through by letting us as "just teenagers" watch the slightly risque subject matter because it was on Colour TV (and a VIdeo Recorder) - both new fangled technology then!

AA - thanks for the quote from Tony Windsor again telling everyone to take a "chill pill" and settle down.  If only they will listen.

In reality they are not doing Anna Bligh any favours here.  You'd think someone in the ALP would have enough clout to tell everyone to sit down, shut up and enjoy the ride (as frequently suggested on the back of old hotted up Falcodores).

The other option is that Abbott's "just say no" campaign didn't work and there is a realisation within the conservative politicians and media owners that in six months time the CPRS comes in with its associated economic package, the health insurance rebate changes come in and there is a few others I think as well.  Maybe the theory is that once "the fix" (so to speak) is in, the belief amongst the conservatives is that Gillard/ALP will be harder to beat than Rudd/ALP and as nothing else has worked - this is one of the last rolls of the dice.  Just thinking aloud.


February 21. 2012 04:33 PM



You're welcome to the line but Ad astra coined it.

I can see the drawing in my mind's eye. a couple of tired cynical journalists turning away with notebooks in hand, photographers packing up their gear, cameramen turning off lights all around the fighting pit. In one corner of the pit a bespectacled cock with 'beautiful plumage' adjusting his glasses and whistling as he looks everywhere but the other side of the ring. In the other corner a red-headed bird blithely indifferent to the goings-on around her as she grooms her feathers. And outside the ring is the big-eared cock, fit to burst, steam coming out of his ears as he slashes the ground and raises his open beak to the heavens in frustration. Bookies in the corner discussing what happens in the event of a no-contest because they have a queue of journos demanding their money back.


February 21. 2012 04:52 PM


This article is far from new. In fact it is from August 2009 but I have been trying to find it again after having read it some time ago. It is by Lindsay Foyle. a cartoonist with over 35 years working in the Australian media. He gives voice to a contention that I have been espousing for some time. The 'centre' of political reporting has shifted to the right so that moderates (small 'l' liberals) are now spoken of as being left-wing, right-wing is the new zero and truly left-wing commentators have been squeezed out.

Small 'L' Liberal Is Not Left Wing
by Lindsay Foyle    New Matilda
One quick look at the major newspapers in Australia would kill off any claim they are a home for the left. Every one of the News Ltd newspapers leans to the right. Not everybody who works on them is a political right-winger — there are some journalists working there with other views — but the newspapers do support the right in political debates. The only argument about that assertion would be: how far? The Australian leans further to the right than the others and the people running it take pride in doing so.
The News Ltd newspapers often make the claim that the Fairfax newspapers are biased to the left. While they might not be as far to the right as the News Ltd newspapers, readers would find it hard to spot left bias. On some days the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age might run the odd story expressing small "l" liberal views, but that is a long way from being left.


I have spent fruitless hours trying to re-find this article so I'm posting it now with as much of a sense of relief as a desire to share. Still, when is this sort of discussion ever off-topic?


February 21. 2012 04:56 PM

Ad astra

Tony Windsor is a gem who like Julia seems to be able to withstand every brickbat hurled at him.

What a delicious picture you paint - I can see it so clearly that a smile creases my face.  Don't we all need a smile as we reflect upon the messy account of recents via the media?

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 04:59 PM

Patricia WA

Talk Turkey, loved that!   Brilliant!   Particularly your


Your own gotchas soon will getcha,
as your lies come home to roost,
You are empty, naked, hollow
when to facts you are reduced:
And I contemplate with pleasure
how you'll make each other squirm
When you turn in spite on Tony-

Surely someone can tweet that for TT?   Or is it too long?   I'm trainable if anyone can spare a few moments.

Patricia WA

February 21. 2012 05:13 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for the link to the Lindsay Foyle article - it is one I shall file for reference.

Ad astra

February 21. 2012 05:53 PM


Hi Patricia

Regarding Talk Turkey's  brilliant writing, if I enter up to eg:

MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA Your own gotchas soon will getcha as your lies come home to roost You are empty naked hollow when to facts you are reduced

If I do to reduced  with all punctuation removed ,I am minus 4 so need to take out 4 more spaces + characters.

If I do below minus all punctuation i am plus 20.

And I contemplate with pleasure how youll make each other squirm
When you turn in spite on Tony Parasitic Anal Worm

If I do the lot as is but take out all punctuation then I am
minus 129

MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA Your own gotchas soon will getcha as your lies come home to roost You are empty naked hollow when to facts you are reduced And I contemplate with pleasure how youll make each other squirm When you turn in spite on Tony Parasitic Anal Worm

You need a revised special twitter edition with all , words like and,the, as, to, are, in, on, when, with, you removed or alternatively split the verse into two.



February 21. 2012 07:01 PM


Hi Fiona

Hi Fiona, a very special thankyou to you for posting Ad Astra's Abbott's lies on facebook.  

Your work is very much appreciated.



February 21. 2012 07:08 PM


The media, the liberals, the pundits, the academic pundits, the think tank propietors, the Rudd backers and others have three problems that I can see;

1/.....they play politics their way.

2/.....Julia Gillard plays politics her way.

3/.....Julia Gillards way is far superior to their way.

as recent events have proved.


February 21. 2012 07:11 PM


Lyn, Patricia,
Glad you like my war-dance verse
Pity we have to waste our best efforts fighting
We could be writing Hims of praise to Dog instead!

'soon' could be deleted from the first two lines if you want to tweet them.

As for Cock Rudd not having an appetite for a fight after all, and Cock Abbortt raging and fuming just itching for his turn to fight, heh heh, and he realizes he's up against a BIG Red Hen EMU,
Who can run the pants off a Kangaroo,
And kick the S#*T out of Tony too!

John Williamson Version


Steve Irwin/Wiggles Version



February 21. 2012 08:05 PM

Patricia WA

Wonderful, Lyn.   So has it been tweeted?

TT, looks like a new form  for us to master!

Ian, nice to see you here.   Looks like you can produce some interesting copy for us to use here and elsewhere.   Have you seen your stuff which I used and acknowledged yesterday at

PS to Talk Turkey, I copied your comment to there and replied to it.   I was planning to go on about Oliver Cromwell and Charles I, but ran out of time!

Patricia WA

February 21. 2012 08:23 PM


Rumours are circulating in Canberra that Tony Abbott's leadership of the Liberal Party is under question following suggestions that his personal association with one of his advisers is 'much too close for comfort' as one staffer is said to have claimed. Senior frontbench Coalition members were reportedly tightlipped about Mr Abbott's relationship with the married woman, but sources inside the Liberal Party have not denied that at least two Liberal shadow ministers were believed to be counting their supporters in the event of a possible spill. Staffers within Mr Abbott's own office have not denied that a challenge by several of his closest colleagues was possible as early as next week.

However, senior figures in the Liberal Party were said to be furious at the suggestion of impropriety by the Leader of the Opposition. "There is no truth whatsoever in this foul scuttlebutt," one staff member close to the Opposition Leader is reported to have said. "These sorts of allegations are a disgrace. The allegator should be hunted down and shot like the snake that he is."  





February 21. 2012 08:23 PM


Hi Talk Turkey

Your Verse has been tweeted, Good wonderful news is you already have

some comments coming in.

I have an app installed on my tweets which take them straight to
Facebook, so your verse is on Facebook as well as twitter and already has some attention.

All accolades will be revealed as we await more to come in:-



February 21. 2012 08:29 PM



Thank you


February 21. 2012 09:06 PM

Patricia WA

Well done, Lyn and Talk Turkey!

Patricia WA

February 21. 2012 10:58 PM


You know what I think?

We are winning. We have dam nearly won.

Only four goals down and not yet started the half-time break. We have nearly worn our opponents down already.
And we are just starting to show our power.

The Coalons have run out of puff, and they won't get many more free kicks now neither. (Except in the groin, from The Guvnors Smile ) Coalon supporters are fed up with their grubby heroes' multiple failures. Our own champions are now single-mindedly paying out the disgraceful media pecking party, who are clucking and squawking and s#*tting themselves in consternation with Labor and the staunch IndependAnts and Bob Brown on their case and firmly on the offensive at last.

There should be blue skies for Labor from now on, we've done the hard yards, now we can rub the noses of the MSM and the NOposition in each other's own s#*t and it will be great fun.

And we have at least 20 months to do it in.

We got HEROES!

Wong! Conroy! Albanese! Plibersek! Crean! Combet! Shorten! Smith! Garrett!

Dougie Kiss Cameron! Smile

And all those I've not mentioned!

We have MIGHTY team!

Including Kevin  Rudd, our superb Foreign Minister!
( or else! KR )

United behind our Warrior Red Queen, Generalissima *J*U*L*I*A*, the toughest smartest bestest fighter of us all.


D. Y. W. A. T. ! Smile


February 21. 2012 11:17 PM


I meant to include this with my last post. Courage!



February 22. 2012 07:36 AM


USA doing a pissant little bit of "weatherization" (home insulation and caulking) as a (job-creation + energy-saving) measure. Sort of funny by Stewart I guess, glad Australia doesn't have America's problems. And glad I live here.



February 22. 2012 08:11 AM



All sizzle, no sausage,  Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
Here at Politically Homeless, we think Gillard is playing the long game and is tougher and smarter than both her Opposition Leaders. Rudd has come too far out of the gate too early; this time next year his pitch might have more appeal than it does, but too much can go wrong between now and August next year. Farnsworth has kind of done us a favour in showing what that wrong looks like

Reading Gonski:a mud map forthe minefield, Ben Eltham,The drum
Pyne's remarks are as plain an untruth as you'll hear in federal politics. There is no hit-list in the report, no attempt to contain non-government schools funding. There is instead a very clear

Who Funds The Think Tanks-,  The Daily Derp
Recent attempts to find out exactly where “think tanks” like the IPA get their funding from is not something that is unique to Australia. In the UK and particularly the US, these institutions wield

Is Rudd Really The Better Option?, Ben Eltham, New Matilda
You have to admire the Prime Minister’s determination to keep fronting up to media conferences, knowing she’s going to have field a half-dozen questions on leadership. Fronting up

Dear Canberra Press Gallery 2 - or, Haven't we heard all this before-, Bill, Billablog
Having got their change of leader in 2010, the press gallery is bored again. After filling columns about Julia Gillard’s voice, hair, partner, dress sense, and even her earlobes, they’ve

The Modern Political Interview - a Chris Uhlmann pro forma, Dickhead Frenzy
It’s been a tough year in politics for Labor, with in-fighting and leadership intrigue distracting from the real work of reform the government has hoped to push through to regain some

Windsor warns amid winds of change,Sarba Lane, World Today, ABC
But as well, about half her press conference was dedicated to questions about the leadership. And she acknowledged that the media too is also reporting this story, that it's not a story that she's- is going to go away.

The rise and rise of mining company donations, Bernard Keane, Crikey
The sheer scale of mining company generosity illustrates why Tony Abbott remains committed to repealing the carbon pricing package and the mining tax despite the difficulties he will face in  

Labor's leadership soap opera over-riding popular policy, Peter Lewis, The Drum
a weekend of media commentary on the leadership tensions will always trump a debate on private health rebates or even on direct payments to high income earners – despite the valiant attempts of some

Jones, Katter and The Greens join forces to shut down mining facility, The Power Index
Jones, a passionate opponent of coal seam gas expansion, teamed up yesterday with Katter and the Lock The Gate organiser and co-founder of the Australian Greens,

There is no unemployment in a non-monetary economy, Bill Mitchell, The Billy Blog
Even if consumers stopped spending, there would be no dislocation in the economy because firms would immediately divert the increased flow of saving into the capital goods sector

Bank funding costs and margins - hopefully an easy guide, Stephen Koukoulas
Since the middle of 2011, overall bank funding costs have risen sharply mainly due to the surge in wholesale funding costs which make up about 40% of their funding. But since late 2011,

Are financial markets better interest rate forecasters than economists-, Christopher Joye, Aussie Macro Moments
Following the RBA’s “surprise” decision to hold rates steady in February, financial market pricing has changed quite strikingly


Lay off Kevin, says Labor powerbroker, Doug Cameron
Updated February 22, 2012 06:51:15


ALP leadership tensions continue. 7.30pm report
After more public statements over the last 24 hours, we get the latest on tensions within the Federal Labor party

EU signs off on Greek bailout deal, Lateline

'Conner and Leigh on Labor leadership.

ABC: Shorten throws support behind Gillard

ABC: Rudd says Labor challenge ‘not in prospect’

Queensland Votes

ABC: Peter Garrett responds to Gonski review


February 22. 2012 08:55 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 08:59 AM


Idiot ABC24 presenter telling us
'this story is far from running out of puff'
pleeeeeding with people to send tweets to keep it inflated
because when it does expire what will they blabber on about?

"Dog Allbitey not Policy FFS!
Oh and not the Economy!
No no no not Education!
Industrial relations?
The NBN rollout?
We don't know anything about that stuff!

Let's talk about The POLLS!

Oooh Yes! The POLLS! The POLLS!

Oh Thank #*ck, the PM's dinner party with those same sex couples, snigger giggle, we can fill at least half the morning with that  . . . "  


February 22. 2012 09:53 AM


Seeing the lovely sensible Dominique (sp.?)Schwartze (sp.?) now domiciled in NZ, and thinking back,

And now looking at what we get now,

Please Dog give me back MY ABC!!!


February 22. 2012 10:07 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody

Some more news for you:-

MrDenmore tweeted
Leadership precious mounts in Canberra as unnamed sauces give the good oil to brave scribblers. See The Failed Estate tiny.cc/evhnp

Mounting Precious , Mr Denmore, The Failed Estate
We are all fed up. It is time to talk Turkey, or Vegemite if you prefer," said one source, who declined to be named in full and who asked to be called just Kevin, but the ABC decided this might provide a false impression about the scale of the pressures building inside the pressure cooker so would prefer to keep him nameless if you don't mind.

They are still hanging on, Simon Crean cops the lot by who other than the source reporting Dennis Shanahan and Matthew Franklin

Gillard on 61 & Rudd on 30,or69 to 34 if undecideds are distributed

Simon Crean tweeted:-

The claims in The Oz about me are wrong & were not raised with me. I've always said I support the PM. This destabilisation must stop #auspol
28 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

MPs consider a Crean break amid leadership war , Matthew Franklin and Dennis Shanahan
Ministers say Mr Crean's campaign is undermining Ms Gillard's claims that she has the overwhelming support of caucus and is a signal he thinks she will fail.
"There's no other way to read Simon's remarks about the need for a challenge than as a job application," one Labor MP told The Australian yesterday.


SimonCrean_MP categorically denies suggestions he is chasing the leadershipminister.regional.gov.au/sc/releases/20…

Bushfire Bill wrote;

Bushfire Bill
Posted Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 8:27 am |Comment 2697

This was Grattan’s big chance to put up or shut up, and her campaign’s culmination hasn’t lasted three days before being trounced before it ever got really going.

Go away, Michelle Grattan, take Shanahan with you, and talk to the people on Play School, like my old Mum used to do, before she went completely off the air. If you don’t, the punters will stop being angry for you and just feel sorry for you.

You’ve been had by a bunch of disgruntled whingers full of their own importance and little else. They saw you coming.



Tweets favouring "The Political Sword":-

David 520 followers
Thought4rce 242 followers
Cuppa has 433 followers
Davestorm has 271 followers

"zackster: The Political Sword | Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies (all of them, it's a long list): http://bit.ly/xaqGPL"; some facts

Thought4rceThink Big
LizBuff46 Ad Astra and the gang at The Political Sword do a fine job. Pity this is sort of stuff doesn't make the MSM

auspol Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx[The Political Sword

davstorm75david appleby
www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx is it possible that Tony Abbott has told more lies than John Howard

davstorm75david appleby
www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...of-your-lies.aspx Wow, I knew Tony Abbott lied, but this is astounding.

More tweets :-

vexnewsvexnewsDaily Tele readers describe PM Gillard and ex PM Rudd in word cloud wall of muck #auspol http://bit.ly/zxX1G9

Labor's strain over leadership war between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd News Com

NationalTimesAUNational Times
Rudd has hurt her, but Gillard has done most of the damage to herself, writes Shaun Carney @ShaunCarney1 www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120221-1tlq8.html

Kevin Rudd's popularity is a mystery more vexing than the Bermuda Triangle http://bit.ly/zJXDdu

Rudd's numbers deteriorating as his destabilisation tactics outrage Labor caucus, his backers concede epic fail #auspol http://bit.ly/zS5h91

Radio2UE2UE Sydney
Asylum seekers and Labor’s leadership soap opera 2ue.com.au Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on #2UE Listen Live w/ @DavidOldfieldUE

Cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 22. 2012 11:18 AM


"MPs consider a Crean break amid leadership war" , Matthew Franklin and Dennis Shanahan

A Crean break, oh my Dog, it's a pun see? Smile

- And the article is all downhill after that!


February 22. 2012 11:31 AM


Hi Everybody

Laura tells us

Calm before storm as PM builds defence Laura Tingle
8 hours 19 MINUTES AGO | UPDATE: 4 hours 17 MINUTES AGO

To the Gillard camp, the slowdown was evidence that the Rudd forces had come out of the gates too early, and were now losing momentum and don’t have the numbers.

Meantime, both sides prepare the armoury for the next battle, over who will actually bring on a leadership ballot next week.



February 22. 2012 11:53 AM


Hi Talk Turkey

This is some results from your brilliant verse last night.

Your verse attracted invites by 2 bloggers to post on their sites
A Frank View and  the daily derp Dan G's Blog

I have had trouble registering on the Daily Derp so have not posted as yet.

Your own gotchas soon will getcha,
as your lies come home to roost,
You are empty, naked, hollow
when to facts you are reduced:
And I contemplate with pleasure
how you'll make each other squirm
When you turn in spite on Tony-
by Talk Turkey @ http://www.thepoliticalsword.com/default.aspx

The Political Sword | For putting politicians and commentators to the verbal sword
Jason Hand and Frank Calabrese like this

victoria says:
February 21, 2012 at 6:28 pm
Thanks for that Lyn. I really do hope the msm get the karma they deserve



Well done Congratulations Talk Turkey

This is nice of MarksJ

markjs says:
February 21, 2012 at 7:32 pm
Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies
Passionate piece exposing Abbott’s long list of lies:



February 22. 2012 12:03 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the list of links and tweets.

As usual, Mr Denmore and BB make great reading.  I noticed in reading the Michelle Grattan article, which BB critiqued, that there was in the side panel an article by Ross Gittins on ‘happiness’, which was delightful to read.  It is at: www.theage.com.au/.../...w-man-20120221-1tloi.html

I’m surprised about how many positive tweets there have been about this piece.  Perhaps it demonstrates the interest people have in Tony Abbott’s deceptiveness, which they witness almost every day, but which they get very little of in the MSM.

Have you noticed how low he has kept his head these last few days – I suppose he feels Labor is doing his destructive work for him.

As the leadership issue is struggling to maintain momentum, we are seeing the Telegraph and Laurie Oakes trying to feed the tiring beast with paltry food that will provide little energy.  It is pathetic.

Jon Faine played a delightful spoof this morning on the media’s handling of the leadership issue.  If I can find it, I’ll post a video clip.  He is tired of the whole issue, but his media co-host, Rafael Epstein, the ‘Drive’ compère, did not agree and was defensive of the media and did not want to play the spoof.  The media is looking more and more ridiculous, and if one can judge from what talkback callers are saying, they are fed up.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 12:14 PM


Ad Astra
Fortunately I don't get to see the Telegraph, but agreed that Oakes is casting about for any angle or trivia he can find. To an extent this is his creation, with his Dalkley winning pieces on Gillard, he definitely has an interest in keeping it all going.

Top links this morning.


February 22. 2012 12:35 PM



Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 22 February 2012



February 22. 2012 12:47 PM


Hi BSA Bob

glad you enjoyed thankyou for saying

Laurie Oakes is trying to protect his image same as the rest of them.

Audio Laurie Oakes talking to 3AW this morning:


craigeylescraig eyles
Laurie Oakes taking credit for 3AW  NeilMitchell Crean PM tilt

Maybeee2011 @ RobMitchell MP they are a putrid bunch of slackers - lazy thinking, herd mentality



February 22. 2012 12:59 PM

Ad astra

I'll be out all afternoon.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 01:02 PM

Patricia WA

Hello fellow swordsmen - just had permission from Alan Moir to use his cartoon proper, rather than just link to it, so have just upgraded polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../

I've had some messages from some interesting sites too, so thanks to any of you who have linked and spread the idea that Alan Moir and ordinary bloggers like Ian and myself have about how much depends upon our Prime Minister keeping her cool.  I know who I'd rather have running the country in a crisis if I had to choose between Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

Patricia WA

February 22. 2012 01:08 PM


Hi Ad

This is getting worse, Dennis ????????????????

Ad I have posted the article due to the links sometimes asking for registration.  Also I thought this would be a good article to refer to when Dennis perhaps turns out to be wrong, wrong, wrong, again and again.

Notice the article was written half an hour ago:

Julia Gillard set to take on Kevin Rudd in party room ballot and sack him if she wins

by: Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian February 22, 2012 12:31PM

JULIA Gillard is prepared to sack Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister and reshuffle her cabinet next week after calling a leadership spill in the party room on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister's supporters are now so confident they will have the numbers to fend off a leadership challenge that she is preparing to remove Mr Rudd from the ministry for “disloyalty”.

Cabinet ministers believe momentum has turned back towards Ms Gillard and a leadership ballot is now inevitable on Tuesday morning in Canberra.

Cabinet ministers expect Mr Rudd to be dumped immediately Ms Gillard wins and sent to the backbench.

Mr Rudd, speaking in Washington DC this morning, said he was not challenging for the leadership and expected to remain Foreign Minister.

“Can I just say, as I've said many times before, that we have a Prime Minister; I support the Prime Minister; and I intend to remain as Foreign Minister,” Mr Rudd said in response to questions about a leadership spill.

Recommended Coverage Rudd forces say change is inevitable KEVIN Rudd's supporters have accused Labor powerbrokers of & quot;monstering& quot; caucus members to shore up support for Julia Gillard.
MPs consider a Crean break LABOR veteran Simon Crean is being touted by colleagues as a possible compromise candidate in the leadership battle.

Column to end all Rudd v Gillard columns THE thousands of previous opinion columns written on this issue have only skimmed the surface.

But while Mr Rudd has been attending the G20 foreign ministers' meeting in Mexico and travelling to Washington, Ms Gillard's supporters have rallied and prepared to counter Mr Rudd's push to become prime minister again.

Cabinet sources told The Australian Online that Ms Gillard would now call Mr Rudd's bluff at the scheduled caucus meeting next Tuesday morning and declare her position vacant and invite a ballot.

After furiously checking support levels, cabinet ministers have told Ms Gillard she will easily win.

It has been decided that it is untenable for the Labor government to continue to keep both Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd in cabinet and that Mr Rudd should be dumped to the backbench.

“Just having him there has been destabilising,” one minister told The Australian Online.
“It can't go on,” he said.

The Prime Minister has the power to choose her own cabinet - a power Mr Rudd created for the prime minister when he became Labor leader - and can remove Mr Rudd without caucus approval.

Cabinet ministers are already suggesting there will be changes on the frontbench and that the Prime Minister will take the opportunity to reduce the size of cabinet - back to 20 0- after recently expanding it to 21.

While Ms Gillard's supporters are confident of success, Mr Rudd's supporters maintain a change of leader is inevitable.

Mr Rudd's supporters have also said that he would be prepared to go to the backbench if a first bid fails, and build support for another challenge in the future.



February 22. 2012 01:39 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

They are saying Julia Gillard is ready to sack Rudd:-

J_HantzopoulosJohn Hantzopoulos
KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard expected to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority www.news.com.au/.../story-e6frfkw9-1226278130375 via @news_com_au Lose Rudd Lose my vote 2
10 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»people_skillsPeople Skills
Does Howard or Peacock have multiple portraits in the Libs party room? RT @MichaelKeenanMP: Would Kevin Rudd get a second portrait?
12 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

RT @mrcorey: Julia Gillard poised to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority http://bit.ly/y52Qq0 #breaking
12 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

MamamiaNewsMamamia News
Is PM Julia Gillard preparing to sack Kevin Rudd? http://bit.ly/A5PhyM #mmia
13 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

DigitalMediaBoyCarrington Brigham
KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard urged to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority www.news.com.au/.../story-e6frfkw9-1226278130375 via

13 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply
»MrCoreyCorey Stephenson
Julia Gillard poised to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority @PerthNow http://bit.ly/y52Qq0
14 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»JetlagJoel Chuckles™
If Julia GIllard sacks Kevin Rudd, Australian Politics is going to get super fugly.
14 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

Julia Gillard urged to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority - Perth Now http://dld.bz/aUMHe
15 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply
Gemma__JonesGemma Jones
KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard urged to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority. Via @farrm51 http://bit.ly/AFq8jL
15 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

DrIanHallIan Hall
Malcolm Farr calls it early: Julia Gillard urged to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority www.news.com.au/.../story-e6frfkw9-1226278130375 via @news_com_au
15 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»MichaelKeenanMPMichael Keenan MP
Would Kevin Rudd get a second portrait?
16 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»nataliejarianNatalie Jarian
RT @abcnews: Kevin Rud
d: "We have a prime minister. I support the Prime Minister, and i intend to remain as Foreign Minister" Liar.
18 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»plalorpeter lalor
First Ricky, now Kevin. RT @farrm51: Gillard poised to sack Rudd. http://rs.gs/ZEp
18 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»BenWiseMelbBen Wise
Julia Gillard preparing to sack Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister, reports The Australian (@Australian) www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fnccyr6m-1226278167364 #AusPol
19 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»petejimitchellPeter Mitchell
Rumor that Ms Gillard is prepared to sack Kevin Rudd as foreign minister and reshuffle her cabinet next tuesday...
21 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»3AW6933AW #Melbourne
Julia Gillard's prepared to sack Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister and reshuffle cabinet after calling leadership spill Tuesday: The Australian
22 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

I haven't been following the news, but I think Kevin Rudd went to Mexico and challenged their President to a Midnight Oil karaoke battle.
24 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

#economy ❖ KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard urged to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority - http://NEWS.com.au
26 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»WoollzJustin Woolley
What Kevin Rudd means when he says he supports the Prime Minister is that he'll support her by holding her aloft from the knife.
27 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»JacksonWellsPRJackson Wells PR
Julia Gillard set to take on Kevin Rudd in party room ballot and sack him if she wins | The Australian http://bit.ly/A74eCH
27 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»MikeVentronMichael Ventnor
I mashed up Rhythm Heaven
with the leaked Kevin Rudd swearing video to make something hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CokaKd4L5_U
28 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»JacksonWellsPRJackson Wells PR
KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard urged to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority | http://News.com.au http://bit.ly/wao1jm via
28 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»nonstoptomTom Gleeson
Solution: Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd go for a swim at Portsea. Who ever doesn't go missing, gets the gig.
21 FebFavoriteRetweetReply
Retweeted 68 times

»australianThe Australian
Gillard ready to fight, and sack, Rudd: JULIA Gillard is prepared to sack Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister and res... http://bit.ly/zwtmfL
29 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

He was speaking to the Nine Network.@abcnews Kevin Rudd: " I support the Prime Minister, and i intend to remain as Foreign Minister"
30 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

»jamesmassolaJames Massola
Breaking: Gillard prepared to sack Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister and reshuffle her cabinet next week http://bit.ly/y6Idbu
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»jeremysearJeremy Sear
STORY OVER. RT @abcnews Kevin Rudd: "We have a prime minister. I support the Prime Minister, and i intend to remain as Foreign Minister"
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»abcnewsABC News
Kevin Rudd: "We have a prime minister. I support the Prime Minister, and i intend to remain as Foreign Minister"
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»latikambourkeLatika Bourke
Kevin Rudd asked if he'd give a pledge of loyalty to Gillard 'I support the Prime Minister; and I intend to remain as Foreign Minister.'
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»australianThe Australian
Kevin Rudd swearing video goes viral with dozens of mash-ups & remixes. Here is a collection of the best - http://bit.ly/z3g6bb
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»latikambourkeLatika Bourke
Bill Shorten - Simon Crean's ruled it out. If he's ruled it out it's hardly an issue is it? Journo - Kevin Rudd's ruled it out too..
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»Kieran_GilbertKieran Gilbert
edhusicMP on #amagenda "the trashing of Kevin Rudd by Simon Crean is not on and it's gotta stop" #auspol
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February 22. 2012 03:15 PM


Ad astra

I believe this is the audio spoof you were
referring to as having been played by Faine this morning.
Everything you didn't want to know (and more) about the leadership tussle.



February 22. 2012 03:58 PM


So now the media reckon Rudd can't/doesn't want to/had no intention (pick the option of your choice) of a Leadership Challenge, the "smart money" has moved to Gillard sacking Rudd next week/next month/this year (again pick the option you like).

OK, they probably don't get along - but surely the media has better things to tell the nation about?  What's next when this one runs out of puff - guessing next Saturday's Lotto numbers and "deep" analysis blaming the barrel when they aren't what the media says they should be?


February 22. 2012 04:13 PM

Ad astra

Many thanks – that indeed is the ABC spoof on leadership speculation.  Everyone should listen to it – it’s great fun and right on the money: mpegmedia.abc.net.au/.../r897866_9087081.mp3

How/where did you find it?

It’s noteworthy that most talkback callers expressed similar sentiments.  People are fed up, but the media still marches on to the beat of the sensationalist drum.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 04:20 PM


Ad astra

I confess that I picked it up somewhere this morning in my travels (like a shell on the beach) and didn't listen to it until this afternoon. Just where on the beach it came from I can't recall. Probably PB.


February 22. 2012 04:35 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
You really are a super sleuth.  What a collection of rabid headlines.  I’m sure you noted the repetition of the key line: ”KNIVES OUT: Julia Gillard expected to sack Kevin Rudd in display of authority.” in the media, and of course in the tweets, which to use the now common parlance, has ‘gone viral’.

Poor old Dennis.  His frustration grows by the day.  Kevin Rudd says: ” We have a prime minister.  I support the Prime Minister, and I intend to remain as Foreign Minister", and insists that there is no challenge.  The cocks won’t fight, but that is no good for Dennis who has staked his reputation on predicting this ‘crisis’ will end up in a bloodbath with just one winner.  So he needs to create a story intended to stir the cocks, or at least one of them, into action.  And if they don’t fight, instead coming to a rapprochement, he will accuse one of them, or both, of gutlessly ‘chickening out’ (if I may use a fowl house phrase) of a fight he’s paid good money to watch and report.  He will predict continuation of the tension, erosion of support for the Government, and untold calamity unless they do as he says they will and should.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 04:42 PM

Ad astra

When did we last see headlines in the MSM about important policy matters with which the Government is dealing?  Where is the intelligent analysis of the Gonski Report?

Your analysis is spot on - just select from the multi choice options and you can't go wrong, you are likely to be right sooner or later, more likely later.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 05:18 PM

Ad astra

How concerned should we be about Dennis Shanahan?  Listen to what he had to say yesterday at www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg75f-1226276369082  Full of extrapolations, supposition, predictions, opinion, backed by precious little hard data, he insists our PM is ‘delusional’ based on what he sees as her oblivion to the ‘leadership crisis’ swirling around her.  Where is the oblivion if not in poor old Dennis’ mind.  Has her not heard her comments about leadership, has he not heard her say she is focused on doing her job, which we are happy to know, has he not heard her dismissing questions from journalists who prefer this topic to substantive matters, has he not got the message that she will not be distracted from her job as PM?  Yet he insists that her Government is ‘dysfunctional’ despite the PM and minister after minister coming out seeking to talk about real issues, such as the Gonski Report, school performance, funding for public and private schools, the family law issue resulting from legislation not having been gazetted, and so on the list goes.  At the one time he accuses the PM of being delusional because she is focussed on doing her job rather than leadership, yet lays the ‘dysfunctional’ accusation at her door.

Today, frustrated by her refusal to get into the cockfight where he sits ringside waiting for blood to flow and a winner to emerge, albeit damaged, possibly fatally, he attempts to whip up the parties into a frenzy by goading and poking them, just as happens in the real world of cockfighting.

Here is what he is saying today: www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fnccyr6m-1226278167364

No one knows how this will pan out, but Dennis has laid his bets on there being a fight, on Rudd losing and being sent to Coventry by the PM.  Dennis considers no other solution.  No doubt, if it turns out as he says, he will crow, literally as cocks do after victory.  But if there is another outcome, such as rapprochement where the PM and the FM keep their jobs, what will that do to his psyche?  Are there any amateur psychologists out there?

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 05:21 PM


The Murdoch types are trying to get Rudd fired big time. And a few Libs like Minchin.

Tells ya somethin'.

They want him weakened and out of the cabinet.

But even if he's on the backbenches this mongrel lot from the Murdoch empire are not going to stop fartin' on about the leadership...

anything to destabilise the government. You can see this by the BS Crean speculation...the Shorten stuff the other day.

No two ways about it, Murdoch hates, fears this government.

Will do anything to bring it down.

I reckon it's the Murdoch empire needs to be brought down.

Putting Rudd on the backbench will achieve stuff all...apart from pissing off more QLDers & Rudd supporters.

It's time that Gillard & Rudd & the team focused on ways to  give this media as much as it's given this government...

that goes for the blogs too. And other media.

We had the bast*rds on the ground previously. But the foot was taken off the neck.

The Murdoch empire is playing softly spoken scumbag GAMES. Trying to confuse the pollies and the public...and use divide & conquer tactics.

It's time for the government to UNITE and HIT BACK.

Terminate w/ extreme prejudice.

If they don't, these fckers will bleed us to death.

Today's coordinated misinformation campaign by the Murdoch types during Combet's Press Club speech told me all I needed to know.

Time to hit 'em where it hurts.



February 22. 2012 05:27 PM


Hi Ad

It's all over Kevin Rudd is stepping  down.

9newsmelbNine News Melbourne
BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Rudd has resigned as Minister for Foreign Affairs.
6 minutes ago FavoriteRetweetReply

3AW6933AW #Melbourne
Kevin Rudd LIVE NOW 3aw.com.au/displayPopUpPl

lizziepearlLizzie Pearl
Kevin Rudd has resigned on Nine now


February 22. 2012 05:37 PM


Anyway he had one tape - a Benny Hill Show.  Now my parents still are morally conservative and you could see the pain and anguish they were going through by letting us as "just teenagers" watch the slightly risque subject matter because it was on Colour TV (and a VIdeo Recorder) - both new fangled technology then!

LOL...I can just imagine.

My Gran loved the early Benny Hill...and once he started the hilarious smutty stuff she shook her head furiously and said in her best disapproving voice:

He promised never to stoop so low and do such dreadful things...I can't bear watching him now.

Yet she didn't turn the tele off. I'd sit there chuckling to myself...the music w/ speeded up action stuff is classic.

But hey, I liked the Carry On films too. Smile

They were a good larf durin' stuffy times.



February 22. 2012 05:39 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
How come our wizard Dennis didn't predict that?

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 05:41 PM

Ad astra

The resignation of Kevin Rudd leaves so many questions unanswerable, that we can expect another round of speculation to feed the consumers of the media frenzy.  What will Dennis say now?

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 05:48 PM


It's all over Kevin Rudd is stepping  down.
9newsmelbNine News Melbourne
BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Rudd has resigned as Minister for Foreign Affairs.
6 minutes ago


The same time I put up my post.

Murdoch wins again.

Great democracy we've got.

The Rupocracy.

Next it will be:

Rudd's working away on the backbenches to get Gillard.


Shorten's sharpening his knives. He got rid of Rudd, soon it's Gillard's time.

How much dya bet?

Still, might give her a bit of a breather.

Poor Ruddy tho.


February 22. 2012 06:09 PM

Ad astra

I note your sentiments.  What will happen now?  Will Dennis Shanahan get the bloody fight for which he yearns?  Or will Kevin Rudd be true to his words and refuse to plot against a sitting PM?  Does that mean he won’t challenge?  Dennis and Co will soon be out with their learned insider predictions.  They didn’t predict Rudd’s resignation, so let’s see how they go predicting the next moves.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 06:20 PM


Or will Kevin Rudd be true to his words and refuse to plot against a sitting PM?

I'm not sure after listening to Bruce Hawker on SKY. Sounds like there could be a challenge.

I guess alot of MPs are going to, or already have, make up a list of the PROS & CONS of each related to who they think has the best chance of beating Abbott...winning the next election.

Strange days indeed.

I'd just got my head around putting my concerns aside and continuing w/ Gillard as PM.

And now it might me time to make another comparative list.



February 22. 2012 06:21 PM


Make that:

be time



February 22. 2012 06:47 PM


Hi Ad,

The news reader on ABC24 got so excited she called Julia Gillard,
Julia Rudd.
The Media are going to go on forever about KR's resignation, the mind boggles:

Some on the moment comments for you:

774melbourneABC Radio Melbourne
Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister - hear what Ind. MP Tony Windsor told @rafaelepstein right after it happened http://bit.ly/wYtn7I

ABCNews24ABC News 24
The #ABCNews24 geoblock is lifted. Viewers overseas can now stream continuous coverage of @KRuddMP's resignation at http://bit.ly/abcnews24

ChrisOBrienABCChris O'Brien
Live on the bus TheQldPremier reacts to the Rudd ammouncement http://pic.twitter.com/5jDViU86

joeobrien24Joe O'Brien
Doug Cameron: the tearing down of Kevin Rudd by faceless men is unacceptable abcnews24

thepunchcomauThe Punch
Rudd quits: Now for the next episode in his soap opera: Yikes. Kevin Rudd has just quit as Foreign Minister. It ... http://bit.ly/ydXfGd

kjob85Kieran Fitzgerald
Windsor: "Abbott's personality couldn't handle a minority government"



February 22. 2012 07:30 PM

Patricia WA

I can't help but feel this is a good thing.  Julia Gillard can handle this and come out a winner.

And if Tony Abbott couldn't handle a minority government, does anyone believe that Kevin Rudd could, particularly without the support of Julia Gillard as his Deputy?

Patricia WA

February 22. 2012 07:46 PM

Von Kirsdarke

Wow, that's some news. It's certainly taken the wind out of my sails when I've finished compiling the past 6 Queensland election results on Wikipedia.

However, it does make sense. It was the only move that Rudd could initiate; like in Chess how the pawn can only make one move.

Now the Queen has a lot more choices in how she can move. I hope that Julia Gillard's next step is calculated from here. This is essentially the same outcome as her advisers wanted - Rudd no longer being a minister, so I think she has planned for it.

Whatever happens, I hope Labor remains in power. We've worked too hard for everything to be destroyed right now.

Von Kirsdarke

February 22. 2012 08:00 PM


And if Tony Abbott couldn't handle a minority government, does anyone believe that Kevin Rudd could,


At least for a few mths.

I still reckon he has a better chance of beating Abbott than Gillard. And that's the main goal. Right?

Later this year he go to an election & not only get the ALP vote & much of The Green vote...but also bring in more swing voting Christians...more QLDers...more rural voters...more independents...motivate more Aborigines to vote.

The list goes on.

If Anna Bligh loses an election...and the LNP are in most states...dya really believe that QLDers are just gonna kowtow to WorkChoices Abbott & the Coalition?

Give him so much power he can invade their ovaries, impose wide-ranging austerity measures on them?

Let the weathervane & BSer Abbott stuff the mining tax (to feed the rich again)...stuff the NBN...stuff the healthcare reforms (Abbott who took a billion outa public health)?

I think not.

I'm not attacking Gillard...just stating what I consider the truth.

Problem is, Gillard's base is too small.



February 22. 2012 08:23 PM


TONY BURKE is a dickhead.

Feeding SKY NEWS & the Coalition is bloody stupid.




February 22. 2012 08:35 PM


Rudd: " a serving prime Minister elected by the People."

He knows that is a lie. A Christian isn't he!

Prime Ministers are elected by the Party they serve and he knows it.

Wouldn't mount a stealth attack?

At 1 AM, while overseas?


February 22. 2012 08:36 PM

Ad astra

Here is Dennis Shanahan after Kevin Rudd resigned: www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fnccyr6m-1226278546981

Note that there was no mea culpa for not picking Rudd’s resignation.  Dennis seemed pleased though at this turn of events.  Note too that in what he said he might as well have been a Rudd apologist.  He wants his fight to the death, thinks he will now get it, and seems to want Rudd to win.  

He sounded somewhat like Bruce Hawker on 7.30 tonight who was unable to disguise that he was Kevin Rudd’s campaign manager in making a run to be PM again.  He obviously has discussed the two-step strategy with Rudd, and was even mouthing what is clearly the Rudd mantra: “Who is best able to defeat Tony Abbott at the next election?”  

So after ‘consulting colleagues’, unless Rudd feels his numbers are nowhere near the number needed to embarrass Julia Gillard, and establish for him for a platform for a second tilt in a few months, I believe he is unlikely to challenge.  But if he gets even a small whiff of encouragement, his ego is likely to push him to challenge, and what happens next will be dependent on the numbers.

On 7.30 Tony Burke pulled no punches and left us in no doubt that Kevin Rudd has been white-anting Julia Gillard for some time and that many knew this and hoped it would stop, but as it apparently hasn’t and won’t, he and other ministers are glad the matter is in the open and able to be resolved at long last.

What a pity it is that talented people are locked in such a mutually destructive battle.  We need the talents of all good folk.

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 08:38 PM


Hi Von Kirsdarke

This is a sad time for Julia Gillard, a terrible dilemma.
But I think I will take heart from Patricia's comment , we know Julia is strong, she has proved that much for sure.

Like you I am barracking to keep Labor in Government, because I hate being scared and Tony Abbott scares me.

Enjoyed your comment thanks



February 22. 2012 08:47 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

AA, I can't wait to see how you will blame Abbott for Rudd's resignation.

Sir Ian Crisp

February 22. 2012 08:57 PM


Stupid, irresponsible email from Swan attacking Rudd full bore.

Is there nothing those who stabbed Rudd will not stoop to?

I'm right off Gillard's team now. Bloody traitors.

Fancy nastily stabbing a fellow QLD & ALPer. A man who won against Howard after all those years. w/ Labor in the wilderness.

Swanny...yer a friggin' idiot!



February 22. 2012 09:00 PM


Like you I am barracking to keep Labor in Government, because I hate being scared and Tony Abbott scares me.

the Gillard backers are doin' a pretty good job of ensuring Abbott gets in.

Stabbing Rudd to begin with...and now these unparalleled attacks.


Not attacking you BTW. But I can't support a govt under Gillard now. NEVER.

And I bet plenty of other QLDers feel the same.



February 22. 2012 09:06 PM


       Yesterday either you or your invisible friend wrote "Anyway, I hope Rudd tells his supporters to quiet down, stop leaking & get on w/ the job like he's doing.

A revolution at this point would be fruitless...the past week has demonstrated such...Rudd's poll supporters just melted away"

Then today you come up with "I'm not attacking Gillard...just stating what I consider the truth.

Problem is, Gillard's base is too small."

Yet you call Abbott a weather vein!


February 22. 2012 09:10 PM


Tune: Play School

There's a Bear in here!
He's as sore as hell!
He's Rudd's for a day!
Then Smithy's as well!
Back to *J*U*L*I*A* then!
Now he's off again!
It's Nasking! Smile


February 22. 2012 09:10 PM

Ad astra

I'm calling it a day.

Overnight, let's treat each other with respect - we're all friends.  Sometimes we have different opinions, but we can still be tolerant and friendly.

Sir Ian
Why on earth would I try?

Ad astra

February 22. 2012 09:21 PM


I assumed Rudd wasn't going to run after he went to Mexico...I thought he might leave it til much later in the year. I couldn't see the point of his backers murmuring if there would be no challenge...

thought we might as well support Gillard for now.

when Patricia asked if anyone thought Rudd could hold the minority govt together...and win an election...I gave my view.

Then I heard the representatives from the Gillard camp sh*tting all over Rudd.

Reminding me of the knifing.

Quite frankly mate, it doesn't surprise me you attack right now. I haven't forgotten you backstabbing me on Guttertrash. Yer acting like the factional swines.

Just remember Jason...the ALP were standing around holding their limp d*cks for year after year until the likes of Ruddy came along & beat Howard.

At least you've got that idiot Latham backing yer view. LOL.



February 22. 2012 09:31 PM



Et tu, Brute?

I'll support Rudd...or a third candidate provided it's not Burke or Swan.

I might add, if this is how ALPers treat their supporters & former PMs I begin to wonder why anyone would vote for them.

The bile that has been expressed by the likes of Swan is being used to TRASH Rudd...and the government by the Murdoch empire mongrels on SKY...w/ GLEE.

Very smart Gillard supporters. Really smart.

And to that dopey critic Latham...remember this:



To shut up sore loser. Stop taking money from the media to screw the party.



February 22. 2012 09:44 PM


Hi Nasking

You are a banana bender so am I, we are an hour behind.  So just disregarding everything that is being said, I need to settle down
after just watching Chris Uhlmann on the 7.30 report.  
I think I needed a piece of 4 x 2 as a weapon.

Heather Ewart says its impossible for the Government to win the next election, she didn't say impossible once, she kept saying impossible. Tony Bourke has left me wondering about his capabilities, what a let down.

Bruce Hawker made the most sense so far , that is if silly looking
Uhlmann had stopped interupting on every word Bruce tried to utter.

To your opinion on Rudd bashing, I don't like it either, I was a fan of Kevin Rudd but I am a fan of Julia Gillard now.
I do believe somebody has to take the paint of Abbott , and I guess the party will make that choice.

I do understand your feelings Nasking and you know I appreciate your opinion.
charris334rob harris
Chris Uhlmann likening the Federal ALP to a leper colony. #ABC1 #730

latikambourkeLatika Bourke
Tony Burke says Kevin Rudd's resignation speech was 'another gift for Tony Abbott' and hopes Kevin Rudd will halt that behaviour. #abc730

KRuddMP 's actions are quickly showing Australians why Julia Gillard challenged him in the first place #auspol

Cheers Nasking SmileSmileSmile


February 22. 2012 10:08 PM


Boy oh boy  how much can change in a day. Remarkable.

My Husband and I have spent the last few days discussing what we see  as right and wrong. Both with opposing  views.

My husband was saying  Labor Ministers need to stay Quiet and show Discipline , like the Liberals.

I was saying  at least Labor Ministers can speak out and have different views and allowed to voice themselves.

But now ,more so since Swans speech  tonight I have to agree with my husband . I think this has  gone to far.

Swan & the outspoken Labor ministers against Rudd  need to realise that much of the voting  public liked  Rudd . He was an icon . I don't think this will sit too well.  Too much backstabbing  and the respect has gone.

For god sake, what are they doing???  I am really not understanding the personal attacks even though I am a strong supporter of Gillard as PM and Rudd as Foreign Minister.

Im feeling deflated. Ugh.

I have been advoiding much of the ABC news, but now I have to watch Lateline. And here was I blaming the media for much of this,can I still?


February 22. 2012 10:19 PM


The one good thing that will come out of all of this is, finally the public, or those who are interested, will see Kevin Rudd in his true colours.

Kevin Rudd appears to want to bring down the Gillard Govt.I wonder if this question will be subject to analysis;

Just how effectively did he pursue Australias international interests?

Wayne Swan may just have the truth of it. Enough is enough. and for what it's worth.....my money is on Julia Gillard...both now and for the 2013 election.


February 22. 2012 10:24 PM


       I attacked you on the sword not at gutter trash! I said I was sick and tired of paying the high taxes that I do, only for you to complain that the welfare you do get is somehow insignificant! "welfare" in all it's forms has to be paid by someone! At least you get a discount on some things, I and others just have to pay full tote odds at all times.

Quite happy that you're looked after, but if you wish to say you don't get enough I'm entitled to say I pay to much!


February 22. 2012 10:49 PM


To your opinion on Rudd bashing, I don't like it either, I was a fan of Kevin Rudd but I am a fan of Julia Gillard now.
I do believe somebody has to take the paint of Abbott , and I guess the party will make that choice

Hi Lyn,
I'm calming down a bit now...it's my Irish blood I guess...can get a bit hot-headed. Smile

Ya know, I don't mind Julia, I was a big fan once...even sent her funny lyrics once supporting her and havin' a go at that weirdo Heffernan (tho he's been a bit saner the last few years...obviously cares about the farmers)...I heard from an assistant they'd put it up on the office walll, that was way back when. I was pretty chuffed.

On Road to Surfdom in 06 I battled hard against some full-bore ALP Beazley backers to convince them that Rudd/Gillard was the team to go with (my wife S thought it was the way to go...she's a wise lady from a national party/ part swing voting family...I agreed w/ her...Beazley was a risk)...by the end of one long thread many ended up agreeing w/ me.

It wasn't long and we saw Beazley go.

I commented my butt off to help get that 07 win...

And predicted the knifing of Rudd would do terrible damage to this party.

I backed Obama starting in 05 on Huffington Post.

Three years ago I supported Anna Bligh full-bore and predicted she'd win when many said she couldn't. She did.

I supported an immediate stimulus for the GFC.

I predicted the Obama stimulus would work in the long run...but the initial bailout would hurt him initially & dearly w/ Independents.

I predicted the Dems would hold the Senate.

I stood up to both the Howard & Bush governments...and went after the Murdoch empire from way back when when others were afraid to do so.

And I'm damn sure that Gillard can't win this election...and that maybe SWAN & BURKE have helped blow it bigtime now.

I've observed politics keenly since grade nine when my teacher got me to write an essay on the Nixon era...read thru so many NY Times & Washington Post etc. my eyes almost became crossed...back in 1976.

Yes, I've come across as a weathervane this week...but trust me...there is method in the madness. You don't win by telling it all straight. It's about fooling the Opposition sometimes, and trying to influence certain shifts...confuse the enemy.

And then SWAN & BURKE do their dopey thing.

Rudd can win. But it's gonna be a damn site harder now.

Makes ya wanna form a whole new party.

I do understand your feelings Nasking and you know I appreciate your opinion.

Thnx Lyn. Yer such a lovely, calm supportive person. It's nice to get a bit of respect considering I've been fighting hard on the blogs since 2004. I always gave the other bloggers credit they deserved. Not sure why so many on the supposed Left seem to despise me so much.

I guess Rudd feels the same sometimes.

Let's hope that some of the warring factions see THE LIGHT...one way or another.

Cheers Lyn, sleep well.



February 22. 2012 10:54 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Swan is a blustering dill, a fool, now proved to be a complete prick.

Gillard is just an embarrassment.

Oddly there is little to disagree about with Nasking on this issue.

Tom of Melbourne

February 22. 2012 11:02 PM


At least you get a discount on some things, I and others just have to pay full tote odds at all times.

what on earth are you talking about?...I don't get any welfare. Since I left teaching I've gotten NOTHING, NIL. No healthcard...nothing.

No discount. Not sure what you're talking about.

My wife received a wee dependent spouse rebate. Off her taxes...which are bloody significant...but she rarely complains because she wants to see fairness in society.

BTW, you did go on to GT and have a go at me. I'm sure of it. You've forgotten.

let's be done w/ it. I have had enuff fights on the blogs w/ Lefties to last me a lifetime.

Airing my views above (comments thruout above) was not easy...I hoped it would help the ALP see why the polls were so poor...and prepare them for the upcoming election.

Let's not argue anymore. It's enuff that the gvt is in meltdown.

Plenty of thinking to do.



February 22. 2012 11:05 PM


Oddly there is little to disagree about with Nasking on this issue.

Thnx Tom...that will really help my case.
LOL Smile

You old wily strategist you.



February 22. 2012 11:26 PM


Interesting days indeed

Anyone who believes Mr Kevin Rudd is Labor's knight in shining armour and is the the only true Laborite and the only one that can lead the party to victory had best find a way to watch Mark Riley's report on the Seven Late News tonight.

Absolutely disgusting.


February 22. 2012 11:35 PM


   I just watched it and couldn't agree more!


February 22. 2012 11:38 PM


       Don't be fooled by Tom of Melbourne! his word is worth less than a Greek Bond!


February 23. 2012 12:14 AM


Nasking said


Et tu, Brute?

>Nas does that mean that you have thought of me as one of your coterie, (as with Cassius, Casca etc around Caesar)
and that you now think I have treacherously assassinated you?

- Because of course neither is true,
whereas my little light parody of your political hopscotch with double-reverse twist is!

No offence. It's just true that's all. I'm sticking with *J*U*L*I*A* for the reasons I've always said, and now for the very reason that Rudd has been white-anting the Government ever since his self-induced deposing.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lyn, first time I have ever disagreed with you at all, and now twice in 2 consecutive sentences!

1. Tony Bourke has left me wondering about his capabilities, what a let down.

>I don't know quite what you mean but I thought he said what he needed to say in order to support *J*U*L*I*A*, I thought he said it very calmly and matter-of-fact with just a hint of humour.

2. Bruce Hawker made the most sense so far

>I think he is a snake in the grass!
Not worthy of his Aussie given name!
He is one of the chief white ants!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I think what Swan has said confirms the reasonableness of Tony Bourke's comments, and vice versa. Tomorrow I expect we will hear more people say more of the same kind. I have always found it almost beyond belief that Rudd was prepared to bring down the Labor Government from spite but now it is beyond doubt, and obviously his colleagues have been well aware of his treachery for ages, and are at last glad to be able to speak their minds. I know just how they feel.

Contrarywise I find Rudd's resignation speech spiteful, disingenuous, self-pitying, self-exonerating, and self-justifying, entirely objectionable indeed.

ATM  Craig Emerson, is echoing the previous two ministers, (as moments ago I predicted some would), but earlier than tomorrow.

Labor will do well out of this I think. Unless Rudd crosses the floor. He is bent out of shape so much I don't think that's impossible.

Peter Beattie saying as I write Oh no he'd never do such a thing. M/mmm. But Beattie fully supports *J*U*L*I*A* too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'm having what you're having. Pretty gristly eh! Smile

Well we'll just have to keep masticating eh! Smile

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday should be interesting - and hopefully, cathartic.

Be of good cheer Folks.
We will gain power from this, the convulsion we had to have to relieve our constipation.

And you know how good that feels after!


February 23. 2012 12:51 AM


... and to reinforce the point on Mr Rudd's suitability as PM, a team player, interested in the future of the Labor Party and the country over his own personal ambition:

The "**** Kevin" post we had to have  Tim Dunlop @BSides

Any of those MP's considering voting for Mr Rudd as leader should get any promises he has made to them in writing and witnessed by the Full Bench of the High Court.


February 23. 2012 12:56 AM


Don't be fooled by Tom of Melbourne! his word is worth less than a Greek Bond!

I've known Tom for a few years. I know what he's capable of. Should I have written SARCASM ALERT?

Should be interesting the next few days.

Might add,
I find it somewhat odd that all the manure should be dumped on Ruddy related to the odd prob in 08/09...considering Julia had heaps of input and responsibilities.

And what about the NSW lot when it came to problems related to the stimulus? Sen. Arbib & others anyone? Do they take no responsibility?

Seems to be alot of convenient scapegoating to me.

If Rudd was so controlling then why did Julia have two portfolios?

You can't have it both ways.

Furthermore, perhaps people should remember that Rudd was dealing w/ a major global crisis, the worst since the depression...

if he felt that certain union factional bosses were trying to undermine him from the beginning...w/ the help of certain media types, some related to the former Hawke government...who wanted Julia or Shorten in from the start...you can imagine the kind of pressure that would put on him.

Find it interesting that many who are soft on miners, including Peter Beattie, are supporting Gillard.

Is that why we got a piss weak mining tax this time round? Has it gone thru the Senate yet? Don't think so.

I noticed Craig Emerson out there defending PM Gillard tonite...now I like Craig...but he's also an old beau/friend of Julia's from what I remember. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And didn't Julia have a relationship w/ someone related to Tasmanian forestry? And now we're seeing the latest reforms crumbling.

Bob Brown supports Julia...but Wilkie trusted her lot too.

The same Wilkie who bravely stood up to the domineering Howard government during the grotesque Iraq War.

Now Bob Hawke writes an editorial...where? The bloody Australian. Nice.

Good on Sen Cameron tonite. And Lara Tingle.

I'm off.

Let's hope this all can be worked out more diplomatically over the next few days...w/out more knee-jerk, destructive responses by ALP ministers.

It's a matter of trust.



February 23. 2012 12:58 AM


I've tried to stay right out of this debate. In fact I've even tried to avoid reading too much of the commentary about it but it is time for a bit of a reality check.

Who in their right mind would believe that Kevin Rudd can now lead Labor to an election victory in 17 month's time or less?
Put aside who it is that you are barracking for and look at the likely outcome of a Rudd victory on Monday.

Windsor re-evaluates - trying to extract new concessions but from a less skilled negotiator who will be full of himself and his self-rightous victory.
Oakeshott re-evaluates - ditto.
The Greens get a fresh opportunity to twist some arms but Rudd has rarely negotiated with them to a satisfactory conclusion. ETS anyone?

Rudd will require a new:
Treasurer (GFC Mk II)
Finance Minister (GFC Mk II)
Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (Carbon Pricing)
Communications Minister (NBN)
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, and Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation (MRRT, FairWork Review)
Attorney General (Plain Packaging)
Health Minister (Plain Packaging, Hospital Reform, NDIS)
Water Minister (Murray-Darling Basin Plan)
Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government (MRRT Spending)
Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth
Trade Minister
and the list goes on.

They have all spoken out against Rudd in recent days and can fully expect to be punished if he resumes the office of prime minister. Where is he going to get that number of new frontbenchers from - the backbench? People most of us have never even heard of.

Does anyone seriously believe that the Australian people will accept such a wholesale replacement of senior ministers who are charged with implementing some of the most difficult and far-reaching reforms any Australian government has ever tried to put in place? Labor already has a serious problem trying to get the public onside with all of these major reforms. Replacing the faces that are advocating them will only further alienate voters and give them less reason to trust what they are hearing.

Putting aside who I like and don't like, who is right and who is wrong, if Rudd wins on Monday Labor will be thrashed at the next election and can expect to spend a long time in the wilderness. There is then a very real risk of these reforms being repealed or at least watered down.

Stick with Gillard. Stick with the plan. The alternative is unthinkable.


February 23. 2012 01:07 AM


They have all spoken out against Rudd in recent days and can fully expect to be punished if he resumes the office of prime minister. Where is he going to get that number of new frontbenchers from - the backbench?

that's hyperbole.

Some have said they support the PM...but not gone for Rudd's throat like Swan & Burke.

Swan has been dragging his feet & stumbling the past year...it's time he went. He's acting as useless as when he stuffed up the family bonus-related figures yonks ago. He's too tired, worn out.

Bring in Shorten. Shorten did not piss all over Rudd on Q&A.

They would make a powerful team...showing bridges can be built.

Combet should take Industrial Relations in a Rudd ministry. He's been very calm...and not pissing on Rudd either.

Plibersek, Albanese, Smith, Conroy etc. same. All top ministers.

They're professionals. They'll get the job done.

I outlined above a number of others who can come into the ministery...under Rudd...or a third candidate like Smith (see above). Many have made a name for themselves on SKY or ABC shows.



February 23. 2012 01:19 AM


How's this for a start:

If Kevin Rudd was to take the leadership I would expect Stephen Smith to keep the Defense portfolio...

Combet in Industrial relations...Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, Member f...

Bill Shorten as Treasurer...

Tanya Plibersek remains in Health

Richard Marles
as Foreign Minister

Jenny Macklin or Stephen Jones as Minister for Immigration and Citizenship

Mark Dreyfus as Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for Justice

Kate Ellis or Jacinta Collins
as Education minister

Peter Garrett as Minister for The Arts

Chris Bowen as Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Minister for Disability Reform

Replace Burke w/ Ludwig  

Leave Conroy, Roxon, Ferguson, Wong, Bradbury, Carr & Albo where they are. Complex positions being run efficiently.

Kate Lundy or Andrew Leigh as Environment minister...something similar to Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Minister for Industry and Innovation...

I would also try and bring in Nick Champion, Yvette D'Ath, Ed Husic, Stephen Jones (if not immigration), Melissa Parke, Amanda Rishworth & Gai Brodtmann.

Forgive me if I missed some. It just gives you an idea that there are many useful, known people in the ALP ranks.



February 23. 2012 01:52 AM


Hi NK,
pretty fair summary of the situation. Too hard to say for sure how many current ministers will forgo having a hand on the wheel for the 'privilege' keeping a backbench seat warm.

your support for Mr Rudd is admirable, however, I believe misguided.

How any member of caucus could support him after last night's revelations by Mark Riley is beyond me.

See this which has just come to hand:
Explosive claims MP lobbied for Rudd with Clubs Australia

That he was allegedly involved in the campaign by Clubs Australia to target and undermine his own colleagues even if only partly true is treachery beyond belief.

Mr Rudd has publicly lied about his dealings and covert operations in this whole circus. His resignation speech was a fairytale and indicate that he has learnt nothing from his downfall and a return to the leadership would only massage his oversized ego further.

Make no mistake I am no great fan of the way Ms Gillard has handled this and she has shown herself to be more than a little amateurish in this affair.

NormanK is most likely on the money a change to Rudd will most likely cause an early election and annihilation of the government.  


February 23. 2012 02:49 AM


There are many interesting words that have been generated since Mr Rudd conducted his precision stealth attack on a sitting Prime Minister as elected to lead the Labor Party and endorsed on the floor of the the lower house of parliament.

There are too many too link to so I offer this one to start your day:

Caucus must give Julia space to get on with the job  Bob Hawke @The Australian  
http://goo.gl/WqWhJ - this link should bring up a Google search page with an obvious link to follow.

If that doesn't work Google Search this URL


February 23. 2012 06:58 AM


Someone needs to go all EXPENDABLES on that Syrian regime's ass...anyone watching that poor innocent baby struggling to breathe yesterday on CNN before it died from shrapnel wounds has to agree.

Now the brave reporter who told us about it is gone too:


All these concerns about arming those people being slaughtered by those bloody monsters...gimme a break. I don't recall reading that when we armed the freedom fighters taking on that sh*t Hitler that we asked:

Hey man! How big on capitalist democracy are you? Show me some ID that proves yer gonna buy into our consumer society after this.

Being there means ya might win 'em over oneday...standing by and watching them get slaughtered means yer no better than a doctor who walks away from a patient who can be saved.

BTW, Rudd got the call right on Libya. And Assange.
Just sayin'.

We didn't build the Western social security, healthcare, education & workers' rights system ...nor ensure blacks & women had equal rights...by acting just like armchair imperialists looking the other way when people needed us.

Sometimes at least ya gotta do the right thing.
More often than not.

Someone needs to get all EXPENDABLES on that Syrian regime's ass.



February 23. 2012 07:30 AM


That he was allegedly involved in the campaign by Clubs Australia to target and undermine his own colleagues even if only partly true is treachery beyond belief.

If the claims are true...and the ones about him saying he'll call off the media inquiry...then he's lost my support.

Let's see the proof.

If it's BS then I'll support Rudd full-bore.

I've had my say.

I'll let the Rudd backers in the media & politics defend him for now.
Time for reflection. And sleep. Smile

Just one last thing. Did the ALP really believe that knifing a sitting PM, one who helped bring them out of a nigh on 12 year wilderness, was going to create trust w/ the public?

It's an open wound...eventually we were gonna have to deal w/ the pain again.

Stuffed if I know how it's gonna be healed.

Another candidate perhaps?

Smith? Who knows.

I'm keen to read other contributors views. Yer generally a wise, articulate bunch on here.



February 23. 2012 07:58 AM

Von Kirsdarke

At first I was leaning in support to Julia Gillard not because I didn't like Rudd, but because Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott had said repeatedly that they would not support Labor in a change in leadership. To support Rudd is to support throwing the whole Labor government into jeopardy.  

But now after hearing what ministers and members are saying, I'm afraid that I would not support Kevin Rudd for his efforts to sabotage Labor for nobody's benefit except himself.

For crying out loud, if the Government had a good week, he could have easily played the part of a team member and spruik the achievements of the ALP, but instead he picked up the phone and said "By the way, Laurie, here's the latest goss on Julia" and Labor's message would be instantly destroyed. The fact that Julia Gillard is so disliked by the public is partly because Kevin Rudd's efforts sabotaged her. And I don't find that fair.

And now it turns out that he planned to do as much damage as Tony Abbott to Labor's progressive legacy. If that's true, I cannot support such a man as Prime Minister.

Von Kirsdarke

February 23. 2012 08:07 AM


TT ~ Watching Lateline last night was very nerve racking indeed. Firstly I agreed with Emerson. Then I agreed with Cameron. And THEN I agreed with Beattie..arhhhhhh
They all had valid points.

Then,  I agree with NormanK and others that Rudd couldn't possibly be leader now. Till I remember that The Liberals still have a big following with Abbott, Hockey and Robb !

So WHO knows what the people will accept.


February 23. 2012 08:26 AM



It’s on., James Higgins , The Politics Project
Of course, many are going to cry doom. Analogies will be made to the final years of the NSW Labor Government, an endless revolving door of ALP leaders. But they’re wrong…
Rudd will not have the credibility problem Gillard has had. His return will not be viewed as a

A ballot for Monday, James Higgins, The Politics Project
feel sorry for Gillard, I really do. I think she has shown tremendous resilience since becoming PM and her negotiation skills are phenomenal. And, who knows, she may survive this. I think it’s unlikely though. While Rudd might lose in the ballot on Monday, he’ll remain on the backbench, agitating and campaigning

Upon reflection…James Higgins, The Politics Project
The Labor Party has a leadership problem not only in terms of Gillard vs. Rudd, but also in terms of its willingness to lead the public debate in this country. It seems that the Labor government, under both Rudd and Gillard, has never been comfortable with leading the country. It has been reactionary and centrist,

The f**** Kevin post we had to have, Tim Dunlop, B SidesI know the names of some of those he has spoken to. I know where he said it – in his office – on a parliamentary sitting day – and I know what he said. He told them a challenge would happen; he told them he was prepared to lose the first ballot and go to the backbench;

Pre 2007 Insights about Rudd – The Latham Diaries Revisited,Preston Towers, The Preston Institute
from what Latham has said about him in his diaries. Rudd’s media cheer squad haven’t changed that much from the judgment and commentary Latham offers. We can expect to hear a lot more from them in the next four days.

Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister; blames Gillard silence , The Power Index
I also feel very uncomfortable doing this from Washington, and not from Australa. But I don't feel that I have a choice," said Rudd. Australian officials will manage Rudd's remaining tasks in the United Sates

Kevin Rudd resigns – But to where is he headed?, Dylan Caporn, Body Politics Australia
However, a concerning issue for the Gillard government, is if Kevin Rudd decides to bow out of politics all together. Such a move would then require a by-election in his seat of Griffith, and would be very hotly contested, and no doubt could mean the end of the government.
Statement from Deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swan, Dylan Caporn, Body Politic – Australia

It’s on, John Quiggin
Gillard has totally lost the trust of the Australian people and if she leads the government to the next election, there is no chance whatsoever of a Labor victory. The result will be the election of Tony Abbott, someone who matches Gillard in terms of a lack of any consistent principles or concrete achievements,

Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister, The Conscience Vote
it’s the caucus who’ll decide the leadership, in the end. They’ll have to weigh up whether they want to preserve the kind of factionalism that ousted Rudd in the first place – or take their chances with someone they treated appallingly for the sake of retaining government,

Let’s All Play Hollow The Leader, Bernard Lagan, Global Mail
And in the resulting public imagery, it is not Kevin Rudd who is seeking to return to the Prime Minister's office; rather it is a semi-reluctant Kevin Rudd who is being ferried along by a group of ministers, MPs and Labor fixers who believe the only way that Labor can win against Tony Abbott and the Coalition at the next election is for Rudd to resume the leadership

Mounting Precious , Mr Denmore, The Failed Estate
"We are all fed up. It is time to talk Turkey, or Vegemite if you prefer," said one source, who declined to be named in full and who asked to be called just Kevin, but the ABC decided this might provide a false impression about the scale of the pressures building inside the pressure cooker so would prefer to keep him nameless if you don't mind

Tell Rudd to Stop the Rot,  Heermeswitch
We cannot risk an Abbott led government. The ongoing spill speculation is leaving many of Labor supporters feeling disenfranchised, angry and without loyalty. If the Government falls because of an ego, what have you all done, in the end, for those rusted on Labor supporters who put their faith in you. It will come to nothing. NOTHING

Rudd & the media: playing them like a Wii, Tim Dunlop,The Drum
In a quite amazing piece, Barrie Cassidy is clear about the way the media allows itself to be manipulated. Not only does he all-but call Kevin Rudd a liar, he nails precisely how the media, simply by doing their job as they understand it, act as enablers for that very deception

Will Labor keep marching off the cliff, Malcolm Farnsworth, The Drum
Forty-one Labor MPs hold their seats on margins less than 10 per cent. Twenty-five of them are under 6 per cent. These are the people who have to decide if defeat is inevitable and whether Rudd can make a difference. Their decision will be bound up in all manner of deals, jobs and factional balances.

The young and the Ruddless   ,Benjamin Thomas Jones, Independent Australia
We have had Prime Ministers serve two separate terms before, but never in circumstances quite like this. A truly unique story in the history of Australian politics will unfold over the next few days

Kevin shifts a gear, Mumble
Kevin Rudd has shown why he is far superior at politics to most of his colleagues. Certainly better—much better—than Julia Gillard. By “politics” I don’t mean the face-
to-face or backroom dealings; I mean at relating to or, put less generously, manipulating “the mob

The ALP  Tosses Itself Into A Washing Machine, The Art Neuro Weblog
I kind of held my tongue and stayed my pen this early part of the year because I thought I should give Julia Gillard a fair crack of the whip but the more I think about it, I can’t see how the ALP can’t go back to Kevin Rudd and hit the polls. Unless they really want to be in opposition for another 10 years. I guess for the insiders, this is a terrible choice, bartneuro.wordpress.com/.../

Rudd Gives Caucus Three Days To Recant, Under The Milky Way
Rudd has resigned because he got wind that JG is calling the spill. He will lose the ballot and then resign from the ALP and become an Independent. He will then selectively vote against ALP bills thus causing Wilkie or Windsor to support a Coalition no-confidence motion hence early election hence Abbott => PM.

Rudd should not have been allowed to stay – now the ALP is paying for its mistake, Norman Abjorensen, The Conversation
The fact the party kept Rudd within the tent was a major mistake. Those who had worked closely with him and who had deserted him well knew that he was incapable of working as part of a team, which was precisely why he had been deposed.

Kevin Rudd resignation: expert reaction, Carol  Johnson, The Conversation
But the Gillard government is obviously in extremely dire straits. This is one of the lowest points historically for the Labor party, and even if you allow for combined support of
the Labor and the Greens, you’re still looking at a Liberal victory. So these are really desperate times for Labor

The Age online poll- Has Kevin Rudd done the right thing-, Clarencegirl, North Coast Voices
The Age asks the question Has Kevin Rudd done the right thing? and so far over 46,000 people reply in the affirmative.

Where to Next for the Member for Griffith?, Aussiepollies
The only sure thing is that this saga will continue until at least Monday or Tuesday, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday turning out to be must watch days in Australian politics. However, my money is on the fun not being over yet and I wouldn’t mind betting a Keating style tilt

Dangerous Days for Democracy, Niall Cook, The Bannerman
turmoil and rumour being stoked by media sources, which simply can NOT confirm any of their speculations, is being directed by forces external to the ALP. Specifically, the Conservative parties. Her Majesties Opposition

GOOD RIDDANCE: Kevin Rudd cracks the quits, Vex News
former party leader should get respect, a former Prime Minister should too. But Rudd’s actions have been so indulgent, so destructive, so fundamentally petty and pointless that he needed to be discouraged from persisting, one way or the other. His has never been a credible campaign for restoration,

Wages growth remains in the groove , Stephen Kouloulas
The data confirm that wages growth remains at a not too hot, not too cold but just right level. From an inflation perspective, wages growth is well contained, reflecting many things, not least the degree to which labour markets can react to changing circumstances.

Yes, there is more to life than happiness, Ross Gittins
Fed up with all the wrangling and speculation over who should be leading the Labor Party? Want something more substantial? How about the meaning of life - that weighty enough for you

Mining states bake while the rest shiver, Tim Colebatch
YOU know the old joke about statisticians. If you've got one foot in boiling water and the other in a bucket of ice, they will tell you that, on average, your temperature is normal.


Burke says Rudd resignation a gift to Abbott, 7.30 report

Leadership spill expected after Rudd resignation, Tony Jones

Laurie Oakes explains Rudd resignation explains Rudd resignation , Channel nine

ABC: Gillard supporters mount attack on Rudd

Mark Riley, Channel 7

David Bradbury affirms his support for Prime Minister Gillard

ABC: ALP leadership tensions continue

Josh Frydenberg MP: Sky AM Agenda (22 February 2012)

Kevin Rudd resigns as foreign minister, Sky News
Mr Rudd says he'll return to Brisbane on Friday and will make a full statement on his future before parliament resumes on Monday after consulting with family and colleagues.

Kevin Rudd resigns as foreign minister
The Labor Party’s leadership ructions have taken a dramatic turn, with Kevin Rudd’s shock resignation as foreign minister.
Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister, condemns Julia Gillard's silence

Andrew Bolt: This is a good, brave move by Rudd
David Penberthy: Now for the next episode of the soap opera


February 23. 2012 08:31 AM

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LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

February 23. 2012 08:38 AM



   Australian Newspaper Front Pages for 23 February 2012



February 23. 2012 09:47 AM


My first and probably last comment on Rudd's "resignation" and Gillard's potential "leadership spill" - frankly I'm over it and if they would prefer to go to hell in a handbasket playing games, let them - but don't take the country down at the same time.  I suspect there is an army of public servants who are actually keeping the country running at the moment.  

Rudd and Gillard both need to have a Bex and a good lie down.  This -> nowhiring.com.au/...Minister+of+Australia+ACT.aspx is probably the most valid comment I've seen (make sure you click on "Apply Now" for the assessment questions).

I really hate to say it but Abbott is half right - the ALP is dysfunctional, not the Government.  If the same effort was put into getting the Government's message out as there has been in a rumour campaign fueled by both Rudd and Gillard and their "supporters" - this forum would be much quieter as the obvious achievements of the Government since the timely demise of Howard would be presented in the media on a daily basis (leaving us a lot less to get upset about).

Rudd and Gillard seem content to be arguing about the spoils of taking the ALP to a certain defeat at the next Federal Election leading to a long spell in opposition.  Hopefully the ALP sort out their structural problems across the Country amongst the finger pointing and namecalling that will follow.  The scary thing here is that the poor excuse for an energiser bunny is likely to become the next PM - unless someone in the LNP has the cajoines to take him on in the hope of becoming PM.

For the record I was born in Brisbane and don't believe Rudd is any better person just because he lives here - I want the best person in the job as my passport and the money in my pocket says "Australia" not "Queensland".  The potential talent in the pool at the moment looks more like the scum on top rather that someone with any depth or substance, imagine the benefits if the effort they all spend on silly and pathethic games was actually redirected into planning for the country's future.


February 23. 2012 10:13 AM

Patricia WA

Hi, Lyn, AA, TT and al!  Just been working through some of Lyn's links and trying to start the day as if it were normal!   How depressing to find that even hitherto sensible writers like James Higgins think that Kevin Rudd should be promoted as a sort of Comeback Kid!  I've just finished giving him a tongue lashing at the Politics Project and told him to grow up!

Lovely Min at cafewhispers.wordpress.com/.../#comment-60684 has taken leave of her senses too, bemoaning the loss of the ‘persona’ which previously had endeared her to the public and suggesting that Kevin Rudd should replace her!  So who is going to clean up around him this time?

How can anyone imagine that letting Kevin Rudd bully and manipulate his way back into leadership of his party or Australia would be anything but disastrous for the ALP and for the country? One term was enough to show how his colleagues how dysfunctional he is as a human being. Now he is revealing himself to be that to the public at large.   Tony Abbott is similarly dysfunctional, and more obviously so, if only the media would focus on his failings more.

Neither of these men should be our Prime Minister.  We need a good leader with a healthy, strong personality who can take our country forward, into the bright future it surely could have and out of its current crisis of confusion and denial. We need a Prime Minister with a capacity for greatness.  Neither of those two giant egos have that.

Julia Gillard played a heroic role as Deputy when Rudd was PM, holding the public image of Cabinet and Caucus together, resolving conflicts behind the scenes, facilitating legislative processess while Kevin '07 was off trying to solve the problems of the world and leaving massive unresolved ones at home. Many of those problems were exacerbated or even caused by his inadequacies.

It’s not surprising that somewhere Julia lost that bubbly and loveable  ‘persona’ which was so endearing.  I doubt that it's gone for good. But listen to the overwhelming number of her parliamentary colleagues talk about the qualities for which they admire and love her now and which are not yet fully appreciated by the public. They should be appreciated, and they will be if, non-Labor MPs like Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have their way. Australia would be crazy to miss out on the talent and negotiating skills of the Julia Gillard who has emerged from the crucible of her term as Deputy to Crackpot Kevin Rudd.  

If anyone can get some sort of national consensus on how we manage climate change and develop relationships with our neighbours about the movement of massive numbers of displaced people which will be caused by that as well as by political upheaval, she can.  

Patricia WA

February 23. 2012 10:34 AM

Patricia WA

Apologies for all those typos. Rage does something to my editing skills!

I just have to stop writing and start thinking.   Lyn, can you give me the link for that lovely, but sad picture of Julia Gillard close to tears, please.  Was that a currenty, image?

Patricia WA

February 23. 2012 10:39 AM


Good morning all,
*J*U*L*I*A* about to speak. Emerson in hot support.

I don't understand why anyone is hostile at Burke and Swan and all the other powerful frontbenchers who have come out in full cry in support of her and in condemnation of Rudd.

Never forget Kevin O'Lemon, he was nothing but an object of derision t

Listening to our lovely determined courageous articulate smiling Prime Minister. She is making a splendid soap-box photo-op of the presser she's doing. Answering questions with great confidence decisiveness and purpose. I leave this post with a post Bushfire Bill reposted on PB - And I say amen to BB's amen.

Bushfire Bill
Posted Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:34 am | Permalink
Landeryou at Vex News…

Not since Doc Evatt, Labor’s worst ever parliamentary leader (even including one of the state ones who was convicted of child sex abuse) has there been a more selfish, hateful, vengeful, paranoid, scheming, wrecking, loathsome character running around.

He makes Latham look good.

Amen to that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh but one more thing, my Eye of Time didn't see exactly this happening, but it sees this-all working well in the end for *J*U*L*I*A* her Ministers the Government and Australia.

Abbortt Remember
The Ides of September
Fire Out by November
Dead Ash by December

Oh and the ABC loses its feed before end of questions.
Congratulations ABC!

Then it gets it back.

Faceless men? WHO WAS THAT RUDE JOURNALIST!!!!?????


February 23. 2012 11:00 AM


Hi Patricia

It was on the story in "Today Links" by The Conversation.

You have a look and I will too



February 23. 2012 11:12 AM


Hi Talk Turkey

I really would like to answer your post up above, where you said you disagreed with me .  Firstly that's fine by me because looks like I am related to DebbieP my opinion is changing by the minute. Funny how our human minds work.

Now my friend you said:

I don't understand why anyone is hostile at Burke and Swan

Quick answer is ethics and loyality.

It seems to me both are being thrown out the window. I won't go into
scenarios because I am sure you know thousands yourself.

Cheers to you Talk TurkeySmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 23. 2012 11:26 AM


Lovely Min at cafewhispers.wordpress.com/.../#comment-60684 has taken leave of her senses too

so anyone who doesn't support your view has taken leave of their senses?

Julia Gillard played a heroic role as Deputy when Rudd was PM, holding the public image of Cabinet and Caucus together, resolving conflicts behind the scenes, facilitating legislative processess while Kevin '07 was off trying to solve the problems of the world and leaving massive unresolved ones at home.

So she says. Interesting that Gillard forgot to mention that she got a friendly Senate after some mths...whilst Rudd never did.

When Gillard first became PM her government also went nowhere...East Timor, knocked back re: Malaysian solution etc.

I noticed Gillard brought up the carbon price...what a cheek. Wasn't it Rudd's govt that got the ETS thru...only to be stopped by Abbott knifing Turnbull?

And wasn't Julia one of those who convinced Rudd to backoff on the ETS...which damaged him? (might add, I did call that particular ETS a turdburger...but that's beside the point).

And when Gillard introduced the MYSchool program in schools under Rudd it was detested by teachers due to the fact it was far too limited/reductionist. Yet she was stubborn over it.

And will this present mining tax do the job? Many think not.  

Rudd points out that a number of important policies and reforms have been dumped, watered down. I agree. The HECS deal re: Maths & Science students included. Also the Green car program.

Now, I was impressed by PM Gillard's feistiness & the fact she brooked no crap from the antagonistic reporter.

Perhaps if Gillard had shown such communication nous the past year we wouldn't be dealing w/ this battle now?

There's obviously SPIN from both leaders.

But I was impressed by the fact Gillard gave permission for journos to provide any off the record stuff w/ her in order to prove she wasn't working behind PM Rudd's back.

Rudd should do same.

If Rudd did leak...or direct others to leak...during the 2010 campaign...damaging the ALP's prospects...I would find it hard to justify that and forgive him.

I want the truth out...it should've come along time ago.

Neither of these men should be our Prime Minister

Tells me a great deal Patricia about where you've parked yer bias. Women uber alles eh?

This should be about which INDIVIDUAL is worthy of the leadership.

Frankly, I reckon both these leaders are damaged badly now.
What a waste.

I intend voting GREENS first in both Reps & Senate now...

usually I vote GREENS 1 (or Dems), ALP 2 etc. in Senate...but ALP 1 in REPS.

Not anymore.

I can see Turnbull getting pretty excited.

Abbott's useless...and detested by too many.



February 23. 2012 11:31 AM


Notice that Abbott is using Swan's words to support his own attacks.

Nice one Swanny.




February 23. 2012 11:32 AM


Hi Patricia

The Picture was on the Conversation story in "Today's Links"

Scroll down a bit on the article.

Link or you :

Kevin Rudd resignation: expert reaction, Carol Johnson



February 23. 2012 11:39 AM


Hi Nasking

Abbott would be having a lovely time licking his chops, he has
thousands of words to use in his dialogue against Labor. No wonder Abbott is quiet not only is he licking his chops, he is busy chewing and grinning.



February 23. 2012 11:43 AM


Bad Kevin

Return of the Glass Jaw Kid.


February 23. 2012 11:45 AM


Hi Ad

Piece of interesting information:-

ALP Leadership
On 23 February 2012 Prime Minister Gillard announced that there would be a special meeting of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party on Monday 27 February at 10am, to conduct a ballot to decide the leadership of the Party.

Details of Federal Parliamentary Labor Party leadership changes and challenges since 1982 follow:

Date Change or challenge Votes
16 July

1982 Hawke challenged Hayden unsuccessfully Hayden 42; Hawke 37
3 February

1983 Hawke became leader without a ballot -
3 June

1991 Keating challenged Hawke unsuccessfully Hawke 66; Keating 44
19 December

1991 Keating challenged Hawke and won Keating 56; Hawke 51
19 March

1996 Beazley became leader unopposed following Keating’s resignation -
11 November

2001 Crean became leader unopposed following Beazley’s resignation -
16 June

2003 Beazley challenged Crean unsuccessfully Crean 58; Beazley 34
2 December

2003 Latham defeated Beazley in ballot following Crean’s resignation Latham 47; Beazley 45
28 January

2005 Beazley became leader unopposed following Latham’s resignation -
4 December

2006 Rudd challenged Beazley and won Rudd 49; Beazley 38
24 June

2010 Gillard challenged Rudd, but the anticipated ballot did not occur -



February 23. 2012 11:48 AM

Ad astra

I haven’t got time for a long response, as I have soon to go out for the afternoon.  I watched this morning’s drama and all the commentary.  The most impressive speaker by far was our PM.  Julia Gillard gave a press conference where she spoke, almost unassisted by notes, for I reckon 20 minutes and then answered questions lucidly, even rude ones at the end.  She put paid to the myth that the MSM likes to promulgate that she is a poor communicator.  She was, in my view, brilliant.

She is a courageous, tough, resilient and highly intelligent woman, whom I am proud to have as my PM.  Despite all the nonsense in the media about ‘lack of vision’ and ‘what does she stand for?’ she spelt it out clearly today, as she has done many, many times before.

The last few days has revealed what we but dimly suspected about the Rudd Government’s modus operandi – that chaos and disorder reigned, and we now know that Kevin Rudd has been undermining the Gillard Government from its beginning.  I now suspect that either he or his agents furnished the leak to Laurie Oakes that derailed Julia Gillard’s election campaign in 2010.

In my opinion, to return to Rudd’s leadership now would be not just retrograde, not just jeopardize the great reforms that are in train, but would invite a return to chaos and serious damage to Labor.  I hope Julia wins convincingly on Monday and that Kevin gets the message that he has had his day and his party no longer wants him, nor does it want his destabilization to continue.

Thanks Lyn for the history of leadership changes.

I'll be back later today.

Ad astra

February 23. 2012 11:53 AM


You would know I only disagree with you 1 nanoparticle.

We are at one on the rest of the universe.

I don't think those ministers are being unethical or disloyal though, I think they are saying what needs to be said.

Pre-emptively, but obviously after long, long frustration at having been effectively gagged for so long in the face of unremitting sniping by Kevin Rudd.

The only one I am unhappy about is Dougie Cameron.

Therese Rein eh. I seem to remember someone wondering aloud on this very TPS not long ago, whether indeed she was The Leaker.

Once Rudd is cauterised, and the damage he has been doing for so long brought to an end, *J*U*L*I*A* will have clean air.

Anyone who thinks she won't win has never yet seen her in full cry without this constant deliberate distraction.

Rudd just stfu ok. You are heading to a despised old age if you don't. A working-class traitor is something not to be.

RECAPTCHA: political autvie



February 23. 2012 11:54 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Ash tells it his way:-

Rudd has not changed, Ash, Ash’s Machiavellian Bloggery

Julia Gillard has been not only trying to forge workable policy in the midst of a minority government, the relentless assault by the coalition and big business interests re tobacco and mining and clubs, she had to also try and keep Kevin in tow. Suddenly my admiration rises for this woman. Also explains why her office staff have occasionally dropped the ball.

With Rudd still in the caucus and still an elected MP and the frigging foreign minister, the Prime Minister and other ministers had to hold their tongue. Swann’s response to Rudd’s resignation is a sign of what they had to keep bottled up.


February 23. 2012 11:58 AM


Abbott would be having a lovely time licking his chops, he has
thousands of words to use in his dialogue against Labor.

Hi Lyn,
there's also many a word that can be used against Abbott coming from his own side...and from his own weathervane, culture warrior mouth.

Thank goodness.

BTW, brill job on yer part. Yer amazing.


to be fair...I would vote ALP in the REPS 1 if any of the following became leader:

Tanya Plibersek, Stephen Smith, Anthony Albanese, Greg Combet, Penny Wong, Bill Shorten.

As for Anna Bligh...she's doin' a top job all things considering. Brave lady. Great campaigner. I feel for her.



February 23. 2012 12:05 PM

Patricia WA

Yes, Nasking, you have to have taken leave of your senses if you think that a political party should elect as leader a man they know first-hand to be a manipulative, dishonest and dysfunctional human being, loathed by most people who work for him and to whom they have already given a massive vote of no confidence.

Similarly our media representatives, who have now come to know Kevin Rudd even more intimately than his colleagues,  are mad if they don't seize this opportunity to really serve their reading, viewing and listening public.  They can now tell us all about him and his leakings and love-ins with them at secret rendez-vous and in clandestine phone conversations. It makes great copy.  It's true!  Also it's a great opportunity for them to recover their  self respect, their credibility, and their sanity!

PS  A friend just called with this comment from the air waves.  [b]Kevin Rudd is a self made man, who worships his creator![/b]

Patricia WA

February 23. 2012 12:07 PM

Patricia WA

Let me repeat that last sentence as I meant it to be read


Patricia WA

February 23. 2012 01:02 PM


Sir Ian Crisp:  Your comment at 08.11a.m. on  February 21 referred to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald that day headed: “Expert report on insulation could have spared lives”  and you made the following comment: “Ad Astra, you'd do well to stop reading ALP press releases.”

Jason Dowling, the bylined author of the report, makes one of the most ridiculous assertions in saying in his introduction: “A secret report from an expert advisory panel might have saved lives and hundreds of millions of dollars had the federal government commissioned it before launching its disastrous $2.45 billion home insulation program in 2009”.

The report continues: “The 47-page Insulation Advisory Panel Report  obtained by the Herald through freedom of information laws provides a scathing assessment of the home insulation program.”

Well,  the establishment of this advisory panel was no secret.   In a speech to Federal Parliament on March 10, 2010, Greg Combet, then Minister Assisting the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (www.climatechange.gov.au/.../sp20100311.aspx) announced that “To ensure industry and regulatory involvement in the design and implementation of the foil and non-foil inspection and risk mitigation programs the Government has appointed an advisory panel.”  The membership was that mentioned in Dowling’s report.”

It really is difficult to understand how an advisory panel set up to monitor the design and implementation of the foil and non-foil inspection and risk mitigation programs could have been commissioned before the HIP began more than a year earlier.

Dowling’s report is short on detail to indicate how this panel’s eventual 47-page report “might have saved lives and hundreds of millions of dollars”.

The only statements remotely resembling details are these:

“It (the panel report) says there had been ‘systemic issues’ surrounding the quality of insulation installation under the bungled program.”   No details are provided of what these “systemic issues” are.

“Allegations to the panel included ‘that some insulation workers, including sub-contractors, were forced to cut corners to achieve larger profit retention for the employer or principal contractor’.”

Dowling does not say, because he cannot, how  profiteering by unscrupulous employers and/or principal contractors, would have been avoided if the advisory panel had been commissioned before the HIP was launched.

He neglects to mention, which the Hawke Report and the  Federal Auditor-General (ANAO Audit Report No. 12 2010-11 Home Insulation Program) did, was that the objectives of the HIP were to generate economic stimulus and support jobs and small business and to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

The 211-page Auditor-General’s report, released on  October 15, 2010 at paragraph 15 notes: “The Government commissioned advice on the proposed remediation programs and the design of the proposed Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme (REBS), which was to replace the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme (REBS).  This advice was given by Dr Ron Silberbeg, Mr Tony Arnel and Mt Peter Tighe.  The advice centred on improvements to program administration, quality assurance processes and systems.”

It seems the recommendations of this “secret” report were no secret to the Auditor-General and that he did not have the exalted opinion of it as Dowling.

Sir Ian, former New Yorker journalist A. J. Leibling must have had you in mind when he said: “People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.”


February 23. 2012 01:23 PM

Patricia WA

Just off the phone to Melissa Parke's office.   Been told that I should not believe everything I read in the papers!   Calls are apparently running at 50/50 but they won't necessarily inform her final decision.   She is making no public statements, even to refute newspaper lists etc. since she doesn't want to fuel flames......yadiyadiya......

Make of that what you will!

Patricia WA

February 23. 2012 01:30 PM


I am gobsmacked at the way Kevin Rudd appears to have been behaving whilst holding one of the most senior positions in this country.  In my experience you can go on forcing the nasty stuff to the bottom of the swamp, but sooner or later the water level goes down and the mess is revealed.  What a tragedy for our country that a great government has been trashed in the self interest of a such small man.

Ad astra, Patricia and DMW - much loud applause for your posts.


February 23. 2012 01:34 PM

Patricia WA

Well said, Catey.

What a tragedy for our country that a great government has been trashed in the self interest of a such small man.

Patricia WA

February 23. 2012 01:39 PM



Thank you for enquiring about my mother.  We have been able to find a permanent place in an excellent high care dementia specific nursing home.  She was transferred from hospital on Monday and, although the slightest change upsets her, we have high hopes that she will settle down, although of course she will remain very frail and her dementia is becoming increasingly severe.

The best advice I could give anyone searching for a place in a nursing home is to hire a placement agent.  We have done this twice over the years and each time we have been offered a place in an excellent facility within 2 days.  No one tells you this, but it has worked for us here in WA - a bit expensive, but well worth it.


February 23. 2012 02:53 PM


Hi Catey

I am so pleased you saw my post to you the other day.  I was very worried about you and your Mum.

Thankyou for telling us all about the new high care dementia specific nursing home.  I really am so pleased to hear, if the care facility is up to your expectations, I think that is the best anyone can do for demetia patients. My Mum passed away from Dementia in 2008.
Mum was kept in an elevated baby capsule for 8 years, with a drip feed in the stomach. My only consolation was that she didn't know.
I can understand your heartbreaking torment, my thoughts are with you.

Very interesting info  place in a nursing home is to hire a placement agent.   Excellent service.

Cheers and chin up SmileSmileSmileSmile


February 23. 2012 03:40 PM


Ad Astra

Thanks for your new topic.  I have enjoyed reading it this morning.  You certainly know how to use the hammer and nail, the nail gets hit 100% of the time and a bulls-eye as well.  Have you ever played darts? Smile

As for this latest kerfuffle. Wow, I have to agree with Patricia WA and Ad Astra with their remarks.  This had to happen.  I have railed against the media for so long that I didn't stop to think how, every time Julia and the crew achieved something, within hours there was not only the Nopposition, but someone else totally denigrating all their efforts or achievements.  

I will be so disillusioned if Rudd gets the nod.  I don't know that I could follow politics anymore.  I only got really interested when Kevin came on the scene, and I can't understand why I feel so against him at the moment.

I do know that Julia has given her every last breath to do the right things.  I was so proud of how Julia finally spoke up about all the backgrounding that Rudd was doing.  She was so strong and clear and didn't once denigrate him.  If the Labor party do the right thing and keep Julia as PM I think it would give Julia some clear air, provided Rudd doesn't keep undermining her.  

Okay, now you can skip the rest as it just a small update of our last three weeks.  We have just about sorted the unpacking, but now have trouble remembering where we put things.  Had the grandkids for five days while parents went for a well earned rest. Plus there was a Blues festival on and the boys were allocated stalls, and did dancing and stuff.  School raised a good lot of funds. Had other son and his boys visit a couple of times, it is so unusual to see them so regularly.  We are just loving it. The last two days we have actually had time to put feet up and relax, although we have a welcome house guest for a few days.

Off to meet new great niece on Saturday and catch up with Mum and other family.  

I hope everyone has been keeping in good health.  Lyn, I didn't  realise how much I missed seeing your tweety bird.  Welcome to all newcomers, The Political Sword is growing with every new topic.


February 23. 2012 03:45 PM


Hi Patricia

Go Patricia, you are proving our go, go girls worth again.

You mentioned typo's in your above comment, I tell you what if I leave one more t out of the or r of the end of your, or i out of ing I think I will jump in the river and drown
Sometimes I feel like the kids talking in their lingo, u for you etc.

I don't blame any of them for not wanting to talk to the media. Did you see last night one of Julia's Government cars ran over one of the Journalists feet.   Poor fellow I know but the media scramble in
Adelaide was horrific.

I loved your post at 10.13am, you did notice though that James wrote 3 consecutive pieces last night.  Judging by what I have read so far, there are not too many people definate in their opinions.

Did you hear Julia’s Presser this morning:  she told one Journalist off for being rude, another she said I can’t answer you if you keep talking over me.

mishaschubertMisha Schubert
Gillard clashes with a reporter for 'rudeness' at the end of her presser.
theageThe Age
Julia Gillard was her normal calm self, until a journalist tested her patience. Was this the 'real Julia'?

www.theage.com.au/.../...julia-20120223-1tpds.html via @theage

Journalist apologises to Prime Minister

by: Staff reporters The Australian

February 23, 2012 2:06pm

MICHAEL Owen, a reporter for The Australian in its Adelaide bureau, has apologised to Prime Minister Julia Gillard for his conduct during a press conference this morning.

Owen contacted the Prime Minister's office following the press conference to express his regret for the manner in which he questioned Ms Gillard as she discussed the impending Labor Party leadership battle with Kevin Rudd.

The Australian's editor-in-chief, Chris Mitchell, said Owen regretted his behaviour and meant no disrespect to the Prime Minister.


Gillard calls leadership ballot


Julia Gillard has vowed to go to the back bench – and has urged Kevin Rudd to do the same – should she lose Monday’s ballot for the Labor leadership


Cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 23. 2012 04:50 PM


Hi Talk Turkey

I love your term disagree with you 1 nanoparticle

I don't think those ministers are being unethical or disloyal though, I think they are saying what needs to be said

When I said ethics and loyality I meant in another way.
It's like if you have a group of Doctors and they all prescribe a different medicine, one Dr doesn't bad mouth another Doctor, that's not ethical. By loyality I meant loyal to party decisions.

Martin Ferguson on ABC 24 said what I mean::-

He did not attack Julia Gillard saying he is proud of the of Labor under both Mr Rudd and Julia Gillard as prime minister.

ministers who had attacked Mr Rudd on TV since he resigned are writing the advertisements for the coalition

Whatever the outcome of Monday's vote, the party should pull together

declaring his support for Mr Rudd, but would like to serve on the frontbench if Julia wins.

In politics we work with colleagues irrespective of strengths and weaknesses because that is our  responsibility,

"What I dread is an Abbott government."

Ferguson declares support for Rudd,  VIDEO
Posted February 23, 2012 15:58:42

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson is the first member of Cabinet to publicly declare his support for Kevin Rudd if he contests the Labor leadership ballot.




February 23. 2012 07:43 PM

Tom of Melbourne

All this proves (yet again) what absolute liars politicians are, and how hopelessly wrong people here are in their political judgments.

Only a matter of days ago, people here were still saying that this was all just media speculation and there was nothing in it.

When will so many of you learn that politicians generally, and the likes of Gillard and Swan particularly, should not be taken at their word?

Now so many are attacking Rudd with the type of language and bitterness usually reserved for Abbott.

Tom of Melbourne

February 23. 2012 07:55 PM


   "Now so many are attacking Rudd with the type of language and bitterness usually reserved for Abbott."

Well as a card carrying member I think I've paid for that right!
If you think it's wrong come to Adelaide and pry my membership card out of my hand!
If not STFU!


February 23. 2012 07:59 PM

Tom of Melbourne

How interesting Jason. I suppose everyone has to be an ALP member to have an opinion!

Some hurdle you’ve set for participation here.

On the other hand, I was an ALP member for many years, and think I’m entirely qualified and informed to provide comments, particularly when YOU AND OTHERS HERE GOT IT SO HOPELESSLY WRONG.

Tom of Melbourne

February 23. 2012 08:34 PM

Ad astra

I too have been surprised and dismayed at the revelations about Kevin Rudd’s behaviour while PM.  To return to that would be damaging to good government.

Thank you for your kind remarks.  I’m glad you enjoyed the piece and that life is settling for you somewhat.

Thank you for replying to Sir Ian, whose presumptions once more were incorrect.

After an afternoon at VCAT, I’m calling it a day.  There will be plenty more to comment on tomorrow, and I need to get a piece together for the weekend.

Ad astra

February 23. 2012 08:34 PM


So the AFR tells us that the 'known' numbers are:

Gillard 59, Rudd 19 Unkown (unknowns?) 25

An interesting list:

Hmm: 'showeye judges' says reCaptcha


February 23. 2012 08:45 PM


   If it will help I'm quite happy to also be a member of the Australian Democrats!
Other than you how many members are there? and do they have a branch in Adelaide?
call me on 18005477692773!


February 23. 2012 08:56 PM



For gawd's sakes Patricia,
you do realise we need a candidate who can beat the seasoned veteran & as sharp as a tack Tony Abbott backed & advised by the likes of Howard, Sinodinos & Textor don't you?

We're not running for Emily's List.

It's about putting up an individual who can challenge Abbott on his family values' policies...

who can out-church him...and demonstrate that the government works for all voters, including those who live charitable lives because they actually believe in something...in traditions and a messiah steeped in history...who may be somewhat mythical...but his teachings...and those of his disciples motivated millions, if not billions to create communities and nations that did THE RIGHT THING by the people.

The same kind of believers who put their lives at risk to help persecuted Jews...who walked into leper colonies to feed and nourish the rejected & suffering...the same kind of people who stood up to Roman dictators and were tortured & murdered for their beliefs.

Yes, Kevin Rudd might not be a perfect person, but then, who is? Perhaps some of his deals, fixed or potential, seem opportunistic...seem inappropriate...but let's face it...he's attempting to tame some of the corporate, highly influential bullying beasts (if reports are true)...

we know full well the damage they can do to our election campaigns, politicians' reputations, policies...

Is a deal w/ miners the likes of Rio Tinto & BHP any better?...

a deal that strips the public of billions of potential dollars that could be redistributed to truly assist small business, the disadvantaged, the environment?

Do you really believe that PM Julia Gillard has more integrity than Kevin Rudd?...

Where is this pure as driven snow integrity when it comes to the carbon price? Ask the people. You here them voice their distrust on this issue everyday when it comes to our present PM.

Where is the integrity when it comes to asylum seekers and East Timor? Or the Malaysian Solution? One a load of BS, and don't the people know it...the other simply unpalatable for many of the public...seen as more of a political strategy than an answer to saving lives...and securing the border.

Where is the integrity when it comes to knifing a sitting PM...one whom she, Gillard, worked closely with, day in & day out?

Why couldn't Julia use her brilliant powers of negotiation to convince Rudd to up his game...take a holiday...or go for his heart op earlier?

The people ask the same...it runs thru their minds everytime they remember the assassination of their democratically-elected Prime Minister.

That's what they think. That's what they believe.

And nothing you or any other Gillard supporters say is going to change that between now and the next election.

Patricia, I'm about winning elections. I don't have that luxury of finding a pristine candidate...this is politics...it's a bloody dirty game.

Politicians exaggerate...they make crappy deals...they make promises they can't, don't keep...they put their core principles aside sometimes...

think of the great Bill Clinton...
the man who can back from hell to win a 2nd term...helping to create many more jobs...and putting into protection so much wilderness that even Bob Brown would smile...

they do it because they know they MUST get across that line FIRST.

Because once you do...you can do wonderful things.

Sometimes rapidly, sometimes incrementally.

Create conditions, implement policies that ensures that people like you & I have the luxury of being able to criticise & moan & pontificate & wax lyrical in a functioning, participatory democracy without fear of real persecution...or tragic consequences...

unlike those poor beggars in Syria.
And Iran.

So let's put aside this fairytale about Gillard having more integrity than Rudd...

and focus on who has a better chance of winning this election...

and beating the man who took a billion dollars out of healthcare...

who backed John Howard when he kowtowed to GW Bush as they took us into one of the great strategic misadventures of our times...

a Liberal politician who seems buzzed about slicing and dicing tens of thousands of public service jobs...families who need that money to pay their mortgages...provide for their children...their education...and healthcare...

Tony Abbott, an individual who seems to have no problem w/ telling women how they should act w/ their bodies when he thinks he'll get political advantage from it...

a character who is a true weathervane when it comes to political policies such as the carbon price & subsidies for manufacturing...primarily because he truly is full of sh*t...

a sycophantic fool willing to destroy the NBN and continue the infrastructure neglect left by his former leader John Howard...willing to deny the people their fair share of the miners' gigantic profits...in order to keep the Gina Rineharts and Clive Palmers on side...

unwilling to admit that he would be more suitable for the Vatican...or as a propagandist for a crusading army...or as a participant in marathon sports...

than to be the Prime Minister of this moderate country that prides itself on avoiding extremist wankers taking power into their grasp for too long...having witnessed the insanity of American politics...and religious wars.

I say, give me an ALP leader who can beat this man, this charlatan, Tony Abbott.

I believe that leader is Kevin Rudd.

The man who ended the far too long, damaging, neglectful Howard reign over us Australians.



February 23. 2012 09:08 PM


Make that:

the man who came back from hell to win a 2nd term



February 23. 2012 09:27 PM


and would you vote for Judas?


February 23. 2012 09:32 PM


The man who ended the far too long, damaging, neglectful Howard reign over us Australians.

FFS, reality check. Just about anyone would have beaten Howard in 2007.

A possible exception may have been Latham.


February 23. 2012 09:37 PM



Whatever other argument you may choose to make please give up on this 'democratically elected leader' nonsense and the repeated use of 'knifing' and 'assassination'. The Caucus elects the leader not the people. As senior ministers are starting to speak out it is becoming more and more obvious that Gillard's leadership challenge (which was all done above board according to current evidence) was more of a surgical removal of an advancing cancer than a 'knifing'.

I made the point yesterday (and I stand by it) that Rudd would need to replace most of his senior ministers or work with a Cabinet full of people who not only don't want him as leader but are now expressing a complete lack of trust in him. Look at the AFR list that DMW linked to - almost every minister is against Rudd. There will never be a stable Labor government under Kevin Rudd.

As you well know because you have seen it happen before, the day after Rudd takes over the leadership the press will be on his case to drag him down again in just the way they did in 2010. What is humbling for me is that much of what they were reporting then is now being shown to have been based in fact. Fits of temper, constipated lines of communication, dictatorial oversight of every policy detail, obsession with the media cycle.

This might win me no friends but winning the next election is not as important as bedding down the current raft of reforms. Rudd will prevaricate just like he did last time and Sweet FA will get done.


February 23. 2012 09:41 PM


Wonderful heartfelt post Nasking


February 23. 2012 10:02 PM


I have it on not very good authority there is one group of people extraordinarily happy with the recent developments.

The staff at the Department of Foreign Affairs have been seen walking around with huge smiles on their dials.


February 23. 2012 10:06 PM


Which would you prefer -
- (since in this case
the options are mutually inclusive) -



February 23. 2012 10:17 PM


Hi Kate

Nasking devotes a lot of his valuable time to supporting TPS.

his well thoughtout opinions and posts are always interesting to read.

Thankyou for your appreciation of Naskings efforts.  



February 23. 2012 10:36 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Prime ministers who have been kicked out of office:



October 22, 1929 to January 6, 1932.

Scullin's time in office was described by one of his ministers as governing a `serpent's nest'. In 1931, the `Lang Labor' splinter group who held the balance of power in the House of Representatives aligned themselves with the opposition. The group then challenged the government and passed a `no confidence' motion, which brought down the government on November 25. Labor lost the election held on December 19 and the United Australia Party formed the next government in January 1932.


Country Party (coalition) August 29, 1941 to October 7, 1941.

Arthur Fadden spent `40 days and 40 nights' in office before his coalition government fell after being defeated in a vote in the House of Representatives.


Liberal (coalition with Country Party) January 10, 1968 to March 10, 1971.

John Gorton was the only senator ever to become prime minister and the only prime minister to vote himself out of office after a tied 33-33 party vote of confidence in his leadership.



December 5, 1972 to November 11, 1975.

After a series of scandals involving ALP ministers and attempts to acquire foreign loans, the Whitlam government's budget was blocked in the Senate by the Liberal-National Country Party, who tried to force an election. On November 11, 1975 Governor-General John Kerr removed Gough Whitlam from office and Liberal leader Malcolm Fraser stood in as leader until an election was called.


Labor March 11, 1983 to December 20, 1991.

In 1991, Treasurer Paul Keating contested Bob Hawke's leadership but lost the ballot in mid-1991 and retired to the backbench. On December 12, Hawke was advised by Labor ministers to resign and another ballot was called when he refused. Keating narrowly won the leadership vote and Hawke was removed from office.



December 3, 2007 to June 24, 2010.

Australia's second most popular prime minister Kevin Rudd is forced to resign and make way for the country's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Rudd agreed to step down, avoiding a leadership ballot with Gillard


February 23. 2012 11:54 PM


Sorry folks!
Make that mutually EX-clusive! at 10.06!

By which I meant,
just imagine who would work with Rudd now!
just imagine who Rudd would work with now!

All those well-intentioned high-status front-benchers who have spoken off exactly the same page against him!

He was not stabbed in the back
He was not betrayed
He was not white-anted
He was SACKED by his peers!
Exactly as a football coach may be sacked by the Club members!

He was NOT elected as Prime Minister as he falsely claims, that doesn't happen under our Constitution. He was elected as the Leader of the Labor Party, the Labor Party won power, that made him PM, and it also meant that his Caucus colleagues, NOT the Australian people, have and had the right to dump him. All else is BS.  

He didn't even have the support to challenge that
Only blubbered and then zipped.
As he zipped again today.

       What part of
      We divorce thee!
      We divorce thee!
      We divorce thee!
       don't people get?

What is so hard to understand in the IndependAnts' declarations that if *J*U*L*I*A* is rolled that all agreements are off?

and that would mean a new election
and that would mean an Abbortt Government
and that would mean that all that great reforms that *J*U*L*I*A*s Government has put in place could still be reversed!

Who has supported Rudd? What heavy hitters?  

And come the open vote on Monday, which will already plainly be a whitewash by *J*U*L*I*A*, what currently uncommitted Caucus members will be stupid enough to jeopardise their prospects by going with Rudd?

Does nobody else have any thoughts about Therese Rein's possible
Queen Termite role?

Put it this way:

Of all us people, do I remain
The only one to suspect Ms. Rein?
Is everybody too politeful?
Or don't you think girls get that spiteful? Smile

Wormtongue Jones was utterly disgraceful with Smithy tonight, gee I despise the ABC now. They can't even keep their feeds
unbroken, let alone hold pressers in which you can hear the questions - let alone see the questioners! -  

But their bigotry is outrageous!

Every time Jones interrupts Smith - as is the case with OOman interviewing Plibersek as I write - the camera cuts INSTANTLY to the pig-mannered interviewer, WHY?


February 24. 2012 12:32 AM


Well Talk Turkey I would rather it was thought through and heartfelt; necessarily mutually exclusive? I don't think so.  Some people are so full of hatred, turning on each other with such venom.  

Lyn, thanks for your welcome.  You seem always to avoid the acrimony.  Many of us are distraught at the turn of events but perhps carnage can be avoided;  it becomes more difficult when viciousness predominates.  

This may be a wound that can't heal; was the original injury avoidable?  It seems to me that history always favours the victor.  How can we really tell where the fault lies when we readily criticise opinion that differs from our own preconceptions.  How open minded are any of us when we are fearful? How prepared to accept verbatim "facts" that would have had us recoiling previously.  In the end we all respond emotionally with our own notions of fairness - can we try to do so without attacking those who disagree with us?


February 24. 2012 01:00 AM


Great post Ad astra, as always. I'm really enjoying having some time to myself at last so I can read what is happening at TPS.

I have been preoccupied for the last couple of months with health issues relating to my mother in law and her partner having a melt down because of them.

Hopefully, they have been resolved for the time being.

NormanK @7.28pm 19/2, thank you for that information. It shows that forecasts are only as accurate as the information you have at the time you make them.

You only have to read the weather forecast, to know that forecasts are never set in concrete, unlike some people's minds.

TT, like you, I think Julia will prevail if there's a spill. And she'll come back longer and stronger, raring to go.

First cab off the rank will be to rip Liealot's heart out of his chest and shove it down Little Prissy Whynne's gullet!

She's right, of course. And it does people like me no credit at all.'

Then stop the hypocritical hand wringing and do something about it, like tell the truth f'rinstance! How hard can it f*cken be?

Swan must have had a lot of pent up anger against Rudd. I felt that there was strong antipathy between them as early as utegate. I'd say Swan has finally got it off his chest and will be feeling all the better for it. I

I didn't want to believe that Kevin Rudd would have been the author of all the leaks, but my faith in him was obviously misplaced.

I'm with Patricia, DMW and TT on this one; Rudd is now officially a Labor Rat afaic.

Nas' @8.56pm, Liealot ran rings around Rudd. He had no answer to him at all; in fact he looked like a deer in the headlights.

Kevin Rudd had every opportunity to out-church, out family values, out whatever else Liealot spruiks and he failed dismally, otherwise he would still be PM with a healthy majority.

By his actions, Rudd has shown himself to be a vain, spiteful self absorbed man who would willingly sacrifice this country to satisfy his ambition and get his revenge.

If Swanny chooses to give him a bollocking, I'll wave a flag. I feel betrayed.


February 24. 2012 01:02 AM


It's instructive to look back on these two articles from Election eve 2010. The first one gives the lie to claims made in the past 48 hours that no one mentioned Rudd's dysfunctional management style. The second, reinforces that Gillard was committed to a price on carbon.

These articles also provide a check-list against which we can measure Julia Gillard's methodical progress through various policy matters.  

Rudd's leadership in the GFC cannot be denied, ditto the Kyoto signing and the apology but he crashed and burned (himself and others) and left a long list of policy matters to be picked up and progressed by Julia Gillard.

I'll do it my way, declares Julia Gillard.

'Before Mr Rudd was replaced by Ms Gillard as prime minister, there had been complaints within the government that [i] the former prime minister's management style had been disrupting the government's ability to make decisions.'

So reported Dennis Shanahan and Paul Kelly in The Australian
August 20, 2010 12:00AM:


Julia Gillard's carbon price promise.

Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan. The Australian. August 20, 2010 12:00AM:

'In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price.'



February 24. 2012 01:07 AM


I do not want get into an arguement with you, especially in the written form as you are so well educated and used to expressing yourself in this way.  You have great flair with the English language. I on the other half had to basically educate myself after I left school as I had learning difficulties in maths and spelling etc.  I still find it difficult now in my sixties.  
I do enjoy your comments but have to disagree with you somtimes.  
May I ask that you do not try to involve Therese Rein in all of this character assination.  She just happens to be married to Kevin Rudd and other than that I believe that she is not politically involved.  Ms Rein is a wonderfull person who has helped a lot of people.  She is gentle, caring and understanding.  Sure she has made a lot of money but what is wrong with that?  It is not illegal.
I see no crime in standing up for your man especially when he is constantally attacked.
I only ask this because I have not heard any such gossip anywhere else.  Only one other time when you put the question on TPS inviting people to speculate on the idea.


February 24. 2012 01:21 AM

Joe Homer

If there was a choice between Tony Abbott and Fat Tony D'Amico in Springfield, I'd vote the latter. Even turkey beak Montgomery Burns of the Springfield nuclear plant might do a better job than our Tony Abbott, for P.M. For one, we need a P.M. that isn't a windbag. Lies aren't getting Mr. Abbott anywhere. Lets see some real solid action rather than words. At the very least, we may count on Lisa Simpson to speak the truth ! And Bart ? Why not ? Wait ! Maybe Rainier Wolfcastle for P.M. ?

Joe Homer

February 24. 2012 01:35 AM


It seems from the comments on this blog and others that Labor parliamentarians and supporters are irrevocably split.  It seems more than the usual argy bargy of political life.  This had real malice.  People whose views usually offer solace are unrecognisable in their brutality.  Its become a war that nobody can win.

Journos whose views are usually mocked are being cited as fonts of all knowledge.  Truth and lies are black and white.  He/she's an angel; he/she's a devil.  

Life's not like that, its infinitely more complex.  Politics is a brutal business but surely we must preserve some decency and avoid tearing down what takes so long to build up.  I have always believed Labor offered a more moral underpinning to our society.  We cared more, were more ethical.  I don't feel like that tonight, we have descended into the abyss with Abbott and Co.  Where is our superiority now?  


February 24. 2012 02:53 AM


Wonderful heartfelt post

Cheers Kate,
Building up to each election campaign I like to interact w/ other bloggers/commentors like a think tank, throw ideas & criticisms out there related to policy & prospective candidates...see what comes back...

by pushing certain buttons, presenting varying views/hypothetical scenarios I get a sense of the online mood towards political characters and compare it to that coming thru the MSM by way of the selected public interviews, polls, feedback from other pollies & media commentators...testing for the percieved strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities of certain candidates.

It's exhausting but a useful exercise.

I reach a certain point when I require a deep sleep...only a few hours...but awaken refreshed...the jumble in my mind becomes keenly focused.

I choose a candidate to support. The one I believe has the best chance of winning the election.

In this case, it's Kevin Rudd.

I do believe he's pretty well TEFLON at this point...like Howard & Clinton once were.

Rudd has that special something that gets him the oft positive attention that is required to beat a marathon attention-seeker like Tony Abbott...

Abbott also has that special something...respected for his effort...but is generally seen by many as an odd creature, catering too oft to extremist, kooky ideas...not quite trustworthy...hiding a streak of meanness, unpredictability, zealotry...and underlying rage that could lead to a bullying PMship if put under too much pressure...or bouts of incompetence and heading off for long bike rides and other cathartic acts leading to a confused government...and neglect & infighting affecting economic conditions.

To beat Abbott we need someone who can pull in the audience...SELL THE GOOD STORY...drain the attention away from Abbott. Push Abbott's buttons...force him to reveal those things the public suspect about him.

Unfortunately, Gillard is the best friend Abbott has. In order to bring out his negatives she is forced, it seems intrinsically, to show her own...petty, nasty, annoyingly loud, testy, brittle side...as tho the two are in a custody battle. It makes them equals.

But Gillard is also percieved as the untrustworthy backstabber who stumbles...oft shoots herself in the foot, ambitious pragmatist who cannot identify w/ the average religious believer and their family struggles. It's sad...but the labels have stuck...whether they be valid or not.

The public are not enchanted by Abbott either...they really want to see another Liberal leader...but in order to get rid of Abbott the public generally feel they need to downgrade Gillard in polls further than they might otherwise...because by bringing Rudd back they feel it will inevitably dispose of Abbott...one way or another.

The public feel they have the right to decide the fate of Kevin Rudd...they were robbed...they feel robbed enuff in life, in these volatile times, w/out their representatives contributing to it by knifing a sitting PM who won the majority of seats...and helped them get thru the GFC tsunami...they are determined to take back that right from the perceived faceless men, powerbrokers.

If Abbott is replaced, it's possible Rudd will lose...but I doubt it.

I'm confident that Kevin Rudd has EVOLVED.

And with proper sleep, less paranioa and controlling behaviour...less confrontation, more appreciative of other's effort, more diplomacy using the skills he's boned up on as foreign minister...less pressure on him related to his heart condition since the op...a great deal of reflection & knowledge acquisition related to his previous stint as PM...and the backing of a wonderfully supportive family...add the confidence that comes w/ age, experience and popular sentiment...

and I expect he will be a competent and far more cooperative, less interfering PM when it comes to the caucus...and other departments.

He's a brilliant & effective campaigner...

and I cannot see him undermining popular policies that assist in bonding the ALP w/ the various cross-benchers who make up this minority government.

Rudd has the ability when he puts forward his charm & humour to bring the public w/ him on issues...particularly when he's a guest on various popular TV shows...

I expect he will be received warmly...in some ways like a cuddly bear...or an eccentric superstar.

He has great influence overseas by way of his many contacts...and how handy is it to have a PM who can attend big functions who knows the overseas biz thru & thru.

I'm sure the government will run just fine w/ Rudd acting more as a Presidential campaigner...and advisor, coordinator. Sometimes leaving negotiations to other professionals in the government.

We all generally learn over time to trust others...and delegate.

And focus on what we're best at.

Nasking devotes a lot of his valuable time to supporting TPS.

his well thoughtout opinions and posts are always interesting to read.


many thnx. I do my best w/ the stamina I have. The blog is worth supporting.

Thankyou for yer amazing effort...I found the Prime ministers who have been kicked out of office an interesting reminder.

I will add tho, this dynamo called Rudd is unique...rare.

Some in his cabinet & other critics believe he cannot pull everything together in time to win the next election whilst getting bills thru the present parliament & managing the minority government.


It all depends on how much these people are willing to put their egos & biased past memories behind them...and truly move forward.

Cap'n Rudd had some great moments...

Admiral Rudd will have alot more.

They should realise...politicians & department heads expect other staff to deal w/ change, be flexible when they pass down policy.

They need to be as flexible themselves. Walk the walk.

I have been preoccupied for the last couple of months with health issues relating to my mother in law and her partner having a melt down because of them.

I'm sorry to hear that. Refreshing tho to read yer comments again.

FFS, reality check. Just about anyone would have beaten Howard in 2007.

If you really believe that then you didn't follow the race closely enuff.

Rudd on the ground amongst the people...his cheery family...his upbeat, slightly oddball, positive, endearing campaign approach undermined the Howard machine's ability to use fear-mongering & carrots...

Howard was confused by Rudd...and the bloggers and some media who backed him...

as was Murdoch's lot...

they were pushed onto the backfoot....they underestimated Rudd's energy, stamina, ability to get headlines and other attention...

they underestimated the spreading of info power of the online community...and the union campaign at certain key points.

It was beautiful to observe...and participate in.

Howard stuffed up by not adapting...or stepping down for another rising star.



I doubt many others in Labor could've achieved what Rudd did at the time.

It's why I backed him.

BTW DMW, you come across as cynical towards Rudd as Tom Switzer on The Drum.
I chuckled when he spoke. The desperation.




February 24. 2012 03:22 AM


It actually was necessarily mutually exclusive in the above case, because as Nasking will confirm, he has in the last 10 days or rather less gone from supporting *J*U*L*I*A* to supporting Rudd to supporting Smith, back to *J*U*L*I*A*, back to Rudd, and now I think his position is he'd support any of several persons as PM, I think you'll find his current list on this current thread somewhere. Now you may think I'm being nasty to Nasking, well No, it is the truth I believe, I might have missed or added a tooth in that cog but it's sure done a bit of spinning in the last little while. So I'm being rigorous, as I do try to be. If what I'm saying is seriously flawed or spun, I stand to be corrected. It's not important to anything important except that it is the truth, and it does mean incontrovertibly that the Grizzly Bear's comments while obviously heartfelt are not exactly thought through! or I wouldn't have said so. But please be clear, I am just being rigorous with the truth, nothing personal. I have no hatred whatsoever towards Nasking. So I do hope you weren't thinking I am one of the people to whom you refer, "so full of hatred, turning on each other with such venom." Because that would not be true, though like several of the ministers today with regard to Rudd, I have indeed been known to bite back after sufficient provocation. If ever I do it unjustly I humbly apologise. Afa I know I have no backlog of overdue apologies atm.

Glad we are on the same page - I have not wavered from my position and I think everybody should stand firm! Anybody who saw Julia Gillard today, across every issue, sticking it to that Owen creep and handling every question, supported emphatically and individually and spontaneously on the MSM by nearly every heavy hitter on the front bench, what a fighter, give us another year without being Rudded and then tell me we can't win in 18 months! Smile
I don't know this quote though, could you please explain?
She's right, of course. And it does people like me no credit at all.'

I write to the best of my ability but it makes not a jot of difference to the validity or otherwise of anything I might say, if it's true or valid it would be just as true and valid in broken Pidgin, and indeed one of my favourite posters on Poll Bludger is my say (sic), whose punctuation and spacing and spelling and syntax are a disaster bugaup but whose good sense and humanity sparkle like diamonds on that blog. So please don't make me feel like a heel for paying adoration to my English Muse,
I can't help it and don't know any other way. Like you can't fall off a bicycle once you've learnt to ride one, or you can't sing out of tune convincingly if you can sing in tune. I'm a slave to English you see.  

Now, to the matter of Therese Rein. I have absolutely no evidence that she has been Queen Termite, any more than anybody seems to have on Lindsay Tanner, at whom a Finger Of Suspicion of being The Leaker has always been pointed since those first days. Yet neither have I evidence to the contrary, and there is no reason I can see that the question of the possibility of her having been It should not be raised. If I were a cop charged with finding out for sure, would I not go carefully into Ms Rein's movements contacts and so on? Dam right I would, or be derelict in my duty.
It can't have been Tanner anyway because the white-anting has gone on and on. But if it's been Kevin, it doesn't have to be Kevin directly leaking at all!

See it could indeed be Therese, it would explain a lot, and I see no reason she should be above suspicion. That's the thing with underhand activities, suspicion must fall on the innocent and the guilty alike.

I know. It's happened to me on occasion, and with a vengeance too.  

But I take your point too, in fact I knew it before I ever wrote about her.  I am not accusing anyone.


February 24. 2012 05:19 AM

Patricia WA


Kev Rudd aint dead?
No! Kevin Rudd aint dead!
In Canberra Labor people sigh.
He just will not be told.
He is done for,  has been rolled.
The feller just don’t understand,   “Goodbye!”

Journalists there dread
When all the world’s in bed
If he’s awake and wants to vent his spleen,
He calls out all the press
And gives a long address
On the evils of the ALP machine.

“We are gathered here today
So I can have my say
On how badly I was done by
And not given all my dues.
No one listened to my views
While Julia Gillard gave me the evil eye.”

“Don’t complain that this is night.
I have to catch a flight!”
But just to keep them pacified
And to earn a bit of glory
He’ll feed them with a story
Making sure they know it’s classified.

And so off they go
And harass ASIO
Whose agents really know him.
With their mates in DFAT
They’d like to join the brass hats
In Defence and find some way to show him!

Why aint Kev Rudd dead?
When each Department Head
And every leftie politician
Have come to hate his guts?
Cos he’s nowhere near as nuts
As that other one in Opposition.

Patricia WA

February 24. 2012 08:36 AM


Still reading, just sitting on the fence (and amazed at the hype that various people here are using to support their perferred politician).  Abbott is getting all the ammunition he needs here to win the next election . . .


February 24. 2012 08:52 AM



A Quick & Dirty List of Declared Supporters, Frank, A Frank View
No bull, no guessing. These are the MPs who have publicly declared their support that i have come across so far. Will keep the tally going as we go along. Please let me know new ones or if i have stuffed up

Labor spill 2012: MPs in quotes, ABC
While some caucus members have told reporters who they will support, others have made positive statements in regard to a candidate but have not yet publically pledged their vote.

The Numbers Game, Dylan Caporn,  The Body Politic – Australia
We’ll be updating this every night to show each official announcement by Labor MPs over who they’ll be supporting on Monday

The measure of a government is what that government achieves for the Australian people”, James Higgins, The Politics Project
please forgive any analytical inconsistencies on my part in relation to this leadership hullabaloo. I am trying to post things as they happen, occasionally with opinions only half-formed. When all this is over, I promise a measured and long-term look at this whole affair. In the meantime, please, bear with me.

You can’t thwart the ambitions of some people in a democracy” — Tony Windsor,James Higgins, The Politics Project
There will be casualties from Monday’s ballot. If Rudd wins, people like Simon Crean and Wayne Swan could not possibly remain in cabinet (and I doubt they’d want to). Moreover, there’s a number of ministers who would refuse to serve under Rudd (though I imagine that number will significantly drop after the ballot

Why Aint Rudd Dead? Patriciawa, Polliepomes
Listen to the overwhelming praise she has earned from her Cabinet and Caucus colleagues and the real loyalty she still has from them. The Independents, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor are not Labor men but both are of sound judgement. They know that Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister this country needs. As does Bob Brown, leader of the Greens.

Labor In Freefall As Rudd Challenges, Ben Eltham, New Matilda
We have open warfare in the Labor Party. We have the former prime minister battling the current Prime Minister. We have duelling press conferences, non-stop news coverage, Twitter in meltdown, and Labor figures trashing each other’s reputations at every chance

Julia Gillard has finally explained the events of mid 2010, writes , Norman Abjorensen , Inside Story
Rudd’s continuing approval rating with the public exemplifies the disconnect between the political arena and the electorate outside it: the public sees the smiling, articulate politician, cruelly cut down by a combination of faceless men and Lady Macbeth, whereas those on the inside know only too well the self-serving deviousnes

Catalyst, The Piping Shrike
What is inevitable is that the faction system and the power structures of the ALP that he has pitched himself against are on their way out. They are the internal side of a two party system that ran its course 20 years ago and had its long, tedious sunset in the culture war bore of the Howard years.

Media WINS!, Massivespray, Spray of the day
By far the best possible outcome is that Rudd loses the vote resoundingly and goes quietly to the back benches. Of course if it is indeed all about him and not what’s best, when he loses he would have a dummy spit and quit all together forcing a by-election…thereby proving the point that he is not the right man for the job

It's time to let the facts get in the way of the story, Michael Gawenda, The Drum
Barrie Cassidy, for instance, has refused to let the Rudd campaign run with the acquiescence of silence from journalists who know things we deserve to know. But Cassidy apparently was not personally the recipient of Rudd's innermost dreams. He could say only that he knows of four journalists who were so privileged.

Labor’s suicide pact, Paul Barry, The Power Index
just in case there was any doubt about that, Gillard's numbers man, Stephen Conroy went on Channel 9 this morning to tell the world that Kevin Rudd had, "contempt for the cabinet, contempt for cabinet members, contempt for the caucus, contempt for the parliament. And ultimately what

Who? Why?, Miglo, Café Whispers
Will the shoot-out be between Gillard and Rudd or will there be other hats thrown in the ring? Will Wayne Swan still be the Deputy Prime Minister on Tuesday night? Will it be Roxon, Shorten or Crean? If Rudd wins, will he see a lift in the polls or if Gillard wins, can she turn the screws on Abbott?

Rudd has not changed, Ash, Ash’s Machiavellian Bloggery
Julia Gillard has been not only trying to forge workable policy in the midst of a minority government, the relentless assault by the coalition and big business interests re tobacco and mining and clubs, she had to also try and keep Kevin in tow.Suddenly my admiration rises for this woman.

Ah, I think I understand how the media convince themselves it wasn’t a beatup, Jeremy Sear, Pure Poison
those journalists interested in helping the Australian public not be deceived and make an informed vote, can I suggest some questions for the Leader of the Opposition? He’s more than happy to pop his head up this week, so how about you ask him some pointed questions about what he’d do if he were PM? For example, what’s he blogs.crikey.com.au/.../

Making sense of Labor’s leadership showdown, Upstart
With the independents’ support, the numbers in the House of Representatives were 76-73, after Harry Jenkins resigned as speaker and Peter Slipper took the job. If Labor loses Griffith, and the Coalition wins that seat, the numbers would go to 75-74, which could spark a re-negotiation process with the independents.

The Tumbling Machine, Art Neuro
When I think about the fact that it is Tony Abbott lurking out there hoping to cash in on this fracas, then I want the ALP to pick who ever they think they can win with; not whoever they think they can live with as PM. That still means Kevin Rudd, and he told us so himself in his press conference.

Win-win for Rudd, The Conscience Vote
Steve Gibbons called him a ‘psychopath’. Simon Crean said he was a ‘prima donna’. Nicola Roxon advised us to get over the idea that he’s a ‘messiah’. And from Treasurer Wayne Swan (also Treasurer under Rudd) came an extraordinarily petulant spray that his media advisors clearly never saw until it was too consciencevote.wordpress.com/.../

Alan Jones gives Tony Abbott his electoral instructions, Ian McPherson
Is the Liberal Party, headed by the climate change denier Tony Abbott, and backed by the conservative cheerleaders and arch-deniers Jones, Bolt and Akerman, qualified to lead Australia into a carbon-free future?

Bushfire Bill,  Posted Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 8:35 am  Comment 94
I hope Gillard dumps the biggest possible bucket on him today and in the coming days. Now is not the time for diplomacy. It was until yesterday. Now it’s all hands to the pumps, filling those buckets to overflowing

LIKE A BOSS: PM Gillard shows the strongest steel comes from the hottest fire, Vex News
Her performance at this morning’s press conference showed her at her best. Tough, direct, firm but fair, brutal when required.In crisis, the mealy-mouthed, half-arsed words were thrown out. Under fire, the lawyerly non-answers, the polite but meaningless spin were a memory

Gillard vs Rudd – the re-match, William Bowe, The Poll Bludger
an error-ridden effort from The Weekend Australian which was corrected the following Monday, and this from the Sydney Morning Herald. The former was rather kinder to Rudd. There are 51 out of 103 whom The Oz and the SMH agree are firm for Gillard,

ALP leadership spill: it’s on, Amber Jamieson, Crikey
Crikey live blog: The Australian Labor Party remains in turmoil in the wake of Kevin Rudd’s resignation as foreign minister, with a leadership ballot for the prime ministership to be held on Monday at 10am.Both Julia Gillard and Rudd have publicly spoken this morning about leading the nation — although Rudd has not yet formally announced he will nominate.

Transcript of Press Conference, Washington DC , Kevin Rudd


Gillard puts reporter in his place, channel 7

Laurie Oakes political wrap, Channel 9
Political journalist Laurie Oakes discusses what we can expect as a result of Kevin Rudd’s resignation. 23 Feb 2012

Labor's leadership war becomes numbers game
As the leadership showdown looms, Julia Gillard looks to have the numbers in caucus but opinion polls tell a different story, pitting Kevin Rudd as the much preferred leader

Health Minister gives assessment of ALP leadership issues.m4v . 7.30
Tanya Plibersek, Health Minister and staunch Julia Gillard supporter, provides gives her take on the coming ALP leadership ballot

Independents watch on as leadership issue plays out, 7.30pm report, Tony Windsor

ALP Leadership Drama: Kevin Rudd resigns, Collated Video’s
Since there has been so much about the drama we figured we’d collate all the videos into this one post.
Here’s the event that kicked off the latest drama
ABC: Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister

Gillard calls leadership ballot, ABC

'Who can beat Tony Abbott?' - Yahoo!7 News Video
Between now and Monday, MPs will consider not only who's best to lead the Party, but who ...

ALP Leadership Spill
Undoubtedly the nation has been bombarded with news, views, analysis and endless procession of people declaring their support for either Gillard or Rudd. And yet there remains more and more video uploaded to the internet


February 24. 2012 09:08 AM


Good Morning Ad

I can only say Phew! this morning.  When that lot of brilliant writers went up today, I just let out the loudest Phew!

all of Today's Links are recommended reading, but there is one there in particular you must not miss

It's time to let the facts get in the way of the story, Michael Gawenda, The Drum


Greg Jericho just came in so would you be kind enough to include the article for me please Ad.

Fire, fury and the ALP fight for 'frankness', Greg Jericho, The Drum
The ALP spent a good 10 years believing they could convince the Australian voters to stop liking Howard; it now seems many want to believe they'll convince the voters to stop liking Rudd. Screenwriter William Goldman once said the reason why Titanic was a hit was that "people wanted to see it - the rest was mythology". For some reason voters want to see Kevin Rudd; why is almost unexplainable. They just do.



February 24. 2012 09:10 AM



Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 24 February 2012



February 24. 2012 09:16 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

February 24. 2012 09:43 AM



This from Tim Dunlop BSides:-


Amazing how few words Team Kevin had to change in order to make this their theme song:

Iam Kevin, hear me roar
In numbers too small to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
'Cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again

Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to
I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am Kevin

You can bend but never break me
'Cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
And have you seen the latest Gallaxy and Newspoll?



February 24. 2012 10:08 AM


Good old Ruddy...classic...son of Satan, or at least grandson of Satan. Smile

He's so right...the criticism is so over-the-top...so desperate. That shock & awe nonsense we're used to seeing from the Murdoch empire. Now & previously the Gillard supporters.

Quite sad really.

I luv that quirky, charming Rudd. The beaut & loyal Thérèse  by his side. I've had a headache since he was knifed. It eased a bit today.

Go Ruddy.

Let's right that oh so bad wrong.

People power yea! That's what Labor should be about...has been about. United for all, to provide a fair-go for all.



February 24. 2012 10:28 AM


Talk Turkey at 3.22
That quote you mention, "She's right, of course..." was, I think, in the Global Mail a few days ago. That's the best I can do. Go Julia!
Echoing to an extent 2353, all most of this is achieving is writing Abbott's next generation slogans for him. Don't see any way around it though.
The little I saw of Abbott yesterday, he was positively bug eyed with self absorbed delight.


February 24. 2012 10:35 AM


At the core of Kevin Rudd's pitch is that he can beat Abbott.

Didn't happen last time they went head to head.

Didn't happen so resoundingly that the Labor Caucus unanimously (they decided not to vote, remember) endorsed Julia Gillard to replace him.

Subsequently, the Gillard government has passed the most substantial list of nation-building legislation of this generation.

Rudd couldn't get himself up to do it.

Abbott wants to undo it all.

Gillard-led Labor did it.

Do you want government, or do you want a highly visible Prime Minister? That was Howard's style. All over the media, but boiled down, he did nothing but hand out bribes-as-entitlements and jumped in to whack the workers with WorkChoices once he had control over both Houses of Parliament.

Visibility is no substitute for capability.


February 24. 2012 10:42 AM

Paul of Berwick

And the next surprise by Rudd? How about a joining of him and Turnbull to take on the irrelevant power bases that make up the traditional political landscape?

Money would pour in. It would fracture the Coalition & the Labor vote. It would set up parliament to be truly representative of the people!

Paul of Berwick

February 24. 2012 10:47 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
I have added Greg Jericho's piece to LYN'S DAILY LINKS.

That and Michael Gawenda's piece are essential reading.

Of the Front Pages, typically The Oz carries the most adverse headline for Labor.

Ad astra

February 24. 2012 10:55 AM

Ad astra

I'm having a busy week, with more commitments to come, so I have had little time to sit by my computer.  Thank you all for your comprehensive comments, which make TPS such an interesting place to be.  Please keep them coming.

This afternoon I'll try to get some peaceful time to prepare a piece for the weekend.  There's no prize for guessing that it will be about the Gillard/Rudd leadership contest.  There have been many comments from politicians and journalists about these two, but as I haven't yet seen a comprehensive objective comparison, I'll attempt to provide that for you to analyse and critique.  I hope to have it ready for posting on Sunday.

Ad astra

February 24. 2012 10:57 AM


Hi Kate

Thankyou so much for your fantastic comments, you present a very interesting point of view , we appreciate your sharing with us.

People whose views usually offer solace are unrecognisable in their brutality. Its become a war that nobody can win.
Some people are so full of hatred, turning on each other with such venom.

It’s even happening with the Mp’s now I am disappointed  with Nicola Roxon, I know they are trying to be open,  but I wish they would be more diplomatic
these comments are going to come back and smack them in the face, depending on the outcome of  Monday’s vote.

Looking forward to more comments ,thanks Kate.

Joe Homer

Thankyou very much for commenting on TPS  , a big welcome and appreciation for your participation.  Please keep coming back.

Even turkey beak Montgomery Burns of the Springfield nuclear plant might do a better job than our Tony Abbott, for P.M. For one, we need a P.M. that isn't a windbag.

Hi Sandy

Your comments are always deliciously lovely, your participation is appreciated very much.

May I ask that you do not try to involve Therese Rein in all of this character assination. Ms Rein is a wonderfull person who has helped a lot of people. She is gentle, caring and understanding.

Therese Rein is a very gentle person & seems extremely caring,  in fact I wish she didn't do that interview.  They did ask her some stupid questions.

Hi Jane

We have missed your spunky words , it’s great to see you ,  you know very well how much we appreciate you .  I am sad to hear your news though and wish you all the best from everyone on TPS

I have been preoccupied for the last couple of months with health issues relating to my mother in law and her partner having a melt down because of them

TT, like you, I think Julia will prevail if there's a spill. And she'll come back longer and stronger, raring to go,  
Love your faith

First cab off the rank will be to rip Liealot's heart out of his chest and shove it down Little Prissy Whynne's gullet  

Good one Jane,  go girl go , we are the go go girls.



February 24. 2012 11:04 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

For anyone that is interested, this is Kim Carr's article:

As to the rules of engagement over the next few days -- there needs to be respect for the integrity of all those who have different views on these questions. Personal vilification and denigration of senior party members cannot possibly be defended. We should all remember that we have to work together after these events are over. The party lives on long after we have all left the parliament



February 24. 2012 11:33 AM

Ad astra

Joe Homer
Welcome to The Political Sword family.  Do come back.

You are right about the fearful prospect of an Abbott Government.  Many people realise that, which is why his unpopularity remains high, even when the polls favour the Coalition.

Hi Lyn
Thank you for responding to the comments so ably.  I haven't had the time to do this myself this week, and now have to prepare something for the weekend, so I won't be around much.

Ad astra

February 24. 2012 11:34 AM


As I said over at my old fave coffee stop:

Abbott looked very worried this morning.

I also noticed that the head of Murdoch’s Newspoll pretty well promoted Abbott last nite…tells me everything…

We need to bring Rudd in ASAP…

get on w/ pushing the important bills thru…promoting the FAIR GO policies.

And then Rudd can get out there for Anna Bligh in QLD. Spread THE SHINE.

The chronic headache I’ve had since Rudd’s knifing is easing…seeing him speaking comfortably, realistically, determined, bravely, humourously w/ the beaut & loyal Thérèse by his side…well it warmed my heart…


it ignited my passion..

I’m motivated…

to WIN.

Kick Abbott’s butt into the next decade.  

Great to have Nick Champion & Ed Husic on board the good ship Ruddy.



February 24. 2012 11:36 AM


Hi Michael

Thankyou for your bad Abbott report this morning, but just check out what he said on channel nine this morning:

Mr desperadophilosophy  himself on Channel nine this morning.  Karl Stefanovic introduces desperado  “Good Morning Prime Minister

Abbott  says Oakshott is not credible, him and Windsor are the ones that put this shambles of a Government in place.

February 24, 2012: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott joined TODAY from Brisbane to discuss the Labor Leadership crisis. 24 Feb 2012


Michael Said:-
Do you want government, or do you want a highly visible Prime Minister? That was Howard's style. All over the media, but boiled down, he did nothing but hand out bribes-as-entitlements and jumped in to whack the workers with WorkChoices once he had control over both Houses of Parliament.

Visibility is no substitute for capability


February 24. 2012 11:36 AM


Tony Abbott:

rich mining barons’ sycophant…
missionary in yer ovaries
Howard’s boil
paranoid android
shock & bore
marathon mouth
terror train weathervane
Mr. NoChoices
Howard’s wrecking ball
Lead balloon
Smuggler of inflexible work conditions
Say one thing, do another
Coalition snake
Workers’ nightmare

That’s for starters.



February 24. 2012 12:27 PM


This little squeeze of Kevin O'lemon took longer than it looks!

Please sing it to yourself
(or the multitude?)
and make it worth my while?
Please? Smile


I'm NOT a happy Vegemite!
I'm mad as mad can be!
I'm squealing like that little Piggy
Wee wee wee wee wee!
'Cos *J*U*L*I*A* leads the Labor Party
And it should be Me!
And it has got me all uptight!
Because I am PM by right!
But my support is way too weak!
But my support is way too weak!


February 24. 2012 12:46 PM


Imagine how exhausting it was for Rudd as PM…dealing w/ the GFC…the change of government w/ heads who’d been under Howard…having to communicate policies w/ a media so dominated by the Murdoch empire…watching his back for those who made it clear from the start he wasn’t their ideal Labor dude…watching the Chinese & USA screw him over on the ETS…and then after all that work seeing Abbott stab his ETS ally Turnbull…and watching the NSW disease stuff up some of the insulation stuff…having Arbib farting on to the Yanks behind his back…woulda been exhausting.

I reckon Rudd w/ Shorten as Treasurer and Combet as Industrial Relations/Climate change reform and Tanya Plibersek in Health & Albanese in Infrastructure again would be a mighty team.

And we need to remember that Rudd will now have a much friendlier Senate.
No Family First dope to deal with.

It’s one reason that Gillard has got the carbon price thru.

It doesn’t surprise me that Shorten is supporting Gillard for now…he’s Hawke’s man…waiting to takeout Gillard closer to the election.

He’d rather be leader than Rudd’s Treasurer…but he may have to compromise soon enuff. Smile



February 24. 2012 12:57 PM

Ad astra

I'll be away for a while writing the next piece for TPS

Ad astra

February 24. 2012 01:40 PM


John Mendoza interview

Kevin Rudd's senior adviser on mental health John Mendoza says he quit his job due to the former PM's dysfunctional leadership.


February 24. 2012 01:48 PM


Women of Australia!
Have the good sense to get behind the only female PM you are likely to see in a generation!

Atheists and Agnostics!
Have the good sense to get behind the only avowedly non-*religious* PM you are likely to see in two generations!

Redheads and Those Who Love Us! Smile
Have the good sense to get behind the only Ranga PM you are ever likely to see in your entire lifetime!

The atheist one is REALLY important. I would hope that even those who would style themselves "religious" would be honest enough to admit that religion should play no part in politics. It can't not with Abbortt, and it can't not with Rudd. They are both "Believers", and probably creationists at that - (Well if you're going to believe in Virgin Birth and Walking On Water, what else?)

Oh and btw what odds can I get on Labor atm please those who access such figures? They must be spiking! Great investment!

Rob Oakeshott is calling for a Coalon leadership spill. He is brilliant. He is dauntless, when he has more to lose than most. He deserves recognition for his true courage. He is fighting a great individual front, as is Tony Windsor. Heroes of the Realm. The real thing.

When *J*U*L*I*A* wins hands down on Monday, the puff will instantly disappear from this story. No more leadership challenge, because Rudd will be rolled so overwhelmingly. No hope of comeback at all.  Poof!
The blowtorch will then turn on Abbortt's budgies  - where else?
The MSM have Failed Failed Failed and they will blame Abbortt now, they will have to feed on something and they will make Stupid Stew out of the Coalons, with Tony Abbortt Laughing Stock for Extra Piquancy. Smile

And that will bring him down, mark my words.
Our apparent fortunes will turn around because the focus will be on the fools.

We will all have Stupid Stew, Lyn, I'm already licking my chops!

You know it makes sense! Smile  


February 24. 2012 02:17 PM


We should all remember that we have to work together after these events are over. The party lives on long after we have all left the parliament

That's a useful reminder by Carr. Thnx for putting it up Lyn. Great job.

The atheist one is REALLY important. I would hope that even those who would style themselves "religious" would be honest enough to admit that religion should play no part in politics.

but it will. We're dealing w/ an Abbott here...not a Fraser.

remember how much Obama struggled dealing w/ the GFC...after two+ years he was accused of being paralysed, leading from behind...he had the usual suspect media all over him...his polls went down...

imagine if the Democratic Party could've/had axed him?

What a disaster that would've been...he perservered...got some sleep...took some hols & trips...built on his confidence, changed some staff...learnt from his mistakes...now flying well.

Rudd shoulda been given that chance. Gillard shoulda negotiated a break for him...using her skills...

instead, the ALP got too impatient.

It's cost them bigtime.

Regardless of the bills flowing now...the people can't forgive Gillard & the factional union bosses. Abbott will win by default if Ruddy is not brought back.

Imagine how DEFLATED the voters will be if he doesn't get the leadership back.

Labor thinks its in trouble now. Abbott will be LARFING...all the way to the winner's box.

If Rudd wins the leadership back...there will be a SHINE he can spread.

Abbott will panic bigtime...as will his party.



February 24. 2012 02:37 PM


That Mendoza interview says it all doesn't it!

Nasking please listen to it!

Poor Mr Rudd. I mean that sincerely, I do feel his pain but dam, it's self-inflicted, *J*U*L*I*A* is overwhelmingly preferred amongst those who must work with the PM, and no-one wants to work with Rudd! It is now clear (as was not before, not entirely anyway) that *J*U*L*I*A* was virtually shanghaied into the leadership, she was doing wonderfully well in The POLLS whenever Kevvy was overseas which seemed a lot of the time.

This whole affair is giving Labor a wonderful opportunity to explain What Really Happened, I'm lovin' it! Rudd has given The People an opportunity to reassess *J*U*L*I*A*

Cripes I just had a thought
Maybe it is a self-negating act of pure gallantry on KR's part to see that JG gets that opportunity, and so give her a fair shot at the next election!

O Noble Kevin ! Smile *

Beware, you Abbortt, in the aftermath! Labor is already speaking more with one united voice than for years, openly, gutsily, the few pathetic self-pitying Ruddistas can squeal all they want right now but in less than 48 hours as I write they can STFU for good! and put their shoulders to the wheel instead of strewing obstructions in our path. Be Labor! Our Party is bigger than all of us put together, as TPS is on a smaller scale, ffs let us get on with fighting The Enemy!

*Self-effacing heroism to stand alongside of Darnay in Tale of Two Cities . . . or John Wayne in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance!


February 24. 2012 02:46 PM

Patricia WA

Thanks, NormanK, for linking to the Mendoza interview. www.abc.net.au/.../3850764   It has been suggested elsewhere that Mendoza has his own frustrated vested interests for suggesting that Rudd has mental health issues.  But I don't think so.  It makes such good sense.

Personally I had never thought of that before as an explanation for Rudd's apparent delusions of grandeur and his Jekyll and Hyde personality.  Until I listened to that tape it was simply a rhetorical question in my mind.....who but a madman would want to lead a party whose most influential members loathed him..... But that would explain so much, and enable us all to feel more kindly about him, and send him off with the hope that doctors would prescribe complete and permanent rest!

I think we owe it to the country to draw that possibility to the attention of our local members

Patricia WA

February 24. 2012 02:54 PM

Patricia WA

NormanK, that link didn't work to the Mendoza interview.

Try this one www.abc.net.au/.../3850764

By the way it's a convincing argument, one I think should be vigorously pursued so that Kevin Rudd's advisors come up with a coherent response.

Patricia WA

February 24. 2012 04:00 PM


Quite frankly, I'm beginning to think that some who support Gillard are stooping so low they are no better than the Abbott forces.

Such grotesque negativity. Dimming THE LIGHT.

If Rudd loses on Monday I will stop blogging...full stop.

I will leave it to the Gillard zealots to promote her cause. I'm not willing to waste my time any longer...if the ALP feel compelled to keep shooting themselves in the foot...as they have done since disposing of Rudd as PM, then they can take responsibility for pushing the ALP during the next election campaign...and inevitable loss.

It's tragic.

I'm disgusted w/ the kind of approach taken by the likes of Norman, TT & Patricia. Bringing mental illness accusations into this demonstrates how desperate some are to tarnish this good man's reputation.

Have a good day.



February 24. 2012 04:17 PM


"It's a question of trust", said Mr Rudd.
Yes indeed it is.
He said on the evening of the coup Ms Gillard had also agreed to work with him to address concerns over his style, only to return 10 minutes later and declare “all bets were off”.

There were three people present in the room that night and the only reference to what happened that we have heard before today was during the explosive leak during the 2010 election campaign. Julia Gillard has said that she would take that conversation to her grave. Confidential should mean just that - at the very least it should remain secret until all of the participants have withdrawn from public life and any disclosures are not likely to impact on their careers. Apparently, for Kevin Rudd confidential means kept secret until such time as it would be to his advantage to reveal his version of what occurred.

Total candour was only way to stop him
by David Marr    SMH
No Kevin. This isn't a breakdown in civility. Your colleagues are at last telling us why you were sacked. And here the political is inescapably personal: you couldn't run the place. The result was, as Julia Gillard said yesterday and every newspaper and television station has been repeating since, ''chaos and paralysis''.


February 24. 2012 04:21 PM



Did you even listen to the Mendoza interview? Forget about the mental health references and listen to a fairly objective assessment of what he experienced in trying to work with Rudd. It got so frustrating that he resigned and he felt Rudd's commitment to mental health reform was all talk no action.


February 24. 2012 04:28 PM


       NormanK  put up this "Kevin Rudd's senior adviser on mental health John Mendoza says he quit his job due to the former PM's dysfunctional leadership."

NormanK didn't say anything! merely put up a link from the man who said it!

Find Mendoza's email and tell him! but NormanK done no wrong, read the facts nasking if you can take your blinkers off long enough!


February 24. 2012 04:30 PM

Patricia WA

NormanK, I think we can give up trying to convince anyone of anything now.   Now that Rudd has somehow been persuaded that he's in with a chance and should front up to the vote on Monday on the terms suggested by the PM - that the result be accepted as final - I think we can relax, have a good weekend and come back to a better world on Monday.

Patricia WA

February 24. 2012 04:35 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

This is frightening stuff :

Rudd win could test Governor-General's ABC
With the Labor leadership ballot locked in for Monday, questions are turning to what might happen if Kevin Rudd wins back the prime ministership.
If Mr Rudd does run and secures the support of the Labor caucus, there are still some constitutional hurdles he will have to overcome.

Constitutional law expert Anne Twomey says he would need to secure the support of Governor-General Quentin Bryce before he moves back into The Lodge.

"The first thing to know is that it doesn't automatically make him prime minister. In order to be prime minister the Governor-General needs to appoint him," she told ABC News Breakfast.

"The independents can't themselves advise the Governor-General and say 'hey, call an election', but what they can do is say 'we will not give support to the new Labor leader, we will support Tony Abbott to the extent that when he comes into power, the first thing he's going to do is advise the Governor-General to call an election'.

So if the Governor-General is inclined to think this whole issue that should be resolved by an election, she would be able to appoint Tony Abbott who presumably would not want to be stuck dealing with independents and therefore would advise her to call an election - that would be the way to achieve it."

Tweets by Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, ABC
Curated by Gary Kemble
Updated February 24, 2012 15:29:57

The Labor leadership crisis, through the eyes of the Twitter accounts of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former foreign minister Kevin Rudd


February 24. 2012 04:38 PM


I was one of those that bagged people for watching Days of Our Lives, Home & Away and all those soapies.

Watching this Labor LeaderShit Soapie unfold has helped me understand why soapies are so addictive


February 24. 2012 04:45 PM


Patricia WA

that the result be accepted as final
Pigs might fly.
Still, I do take you point but I'm not sure that I'm trying to convince anyone of anything - just putting up relevant information as it comes to hand. Unfortunately for Rudd supporters, I'm not coming across much that supports their case except that Rudd is popular with the people.
So is Kamahl.

My biggest annoyance is this fixation on the next election when it is 18 months away. Is it any wonder politicians get the reputation for only seeking to stay in office and not working for the greater good? Half-way through a period in office backbenchers and a few others start to have kittens about winning the next election. Self-serving in the extreme. Get this over and done with and get back to implementing policy and bedding down bills already passed and worry about the next election when it rolls around.


February 24. 2012 04:52 PM


I thought I noted a vague pro Rudd tone to the little ABC radio I heard today. I can't escape the feeling that with the idea of a Rudd comeback the ALP is being invited to stick its head in the lion's mouth, which will then decide if & when to bite. Rudd's a skilled orator, comes across more so than Gillard & has or had big ideas but he was taken down by his opponents before. I've often said, along with others, that his honeymoon won't be long, just then I got to thinking that a sensation loving media may string him along a bit to provide a "contest" before destroying him as it did previously.
And the media, complicit in this through & through, will write itself out of it all.


February 24. 2012 05:17 PM


Patricia WA

I hope you read this before responding to my comment @ 04:45 PM.
I should say that I don't feel as though I am trying to convince anyone of anything but it is fairly obvious that I am grinding an axe. Smile


February 24. 2012 05:45 PM


[ If Rudd loses on Monday I will stop blogging...full stop ]

Why wait till then


February 24. 2012 05:53 PM


ok, to balance Mendoza's views a little - this is a link to an interview this morning by Jon Faine with Maxine McKew.  Its the third item down.  Let's recall also that Mendoza has been Abbott's man since he resigned - appearing with him on many occasions to spruik their policies



February 24. 2012 05:54 PM


Hi Everybody

Julia's Press conference :-

Gillard, Rudd on course for leadership showdown, Video
February 23, 2012 19:18:13

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd attacked each other's leadership credentials as the Prime Minister announced a Monday morning spill to settle the ALP's bitter civil war "for all time".


Kevin Rudd's press conference:-

Rudd to challenge Gillard for leadership, Video, Kevin Rudd Press Conference
Posted February 24, 2012 16:05:28

Kevin Rudd announces his intention to challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard for the Labor leadership on Monday


2 tweets concerning independents:-

Good on you OakeyMP Throw spanner in works & support Malcolm Turnbull Love it Adds perspective After all we're a democracy

mattmoran10newsMatt Moran
There seems to be a push on by some independents to try and beat up leadership tension in the Libs by suggesting they'd support Turnbull

2 Positive tweets for Julia:-

bow_and_arrowLe Grace
I wanted feisty Julia and I got her.
18 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply

politicsprojectJames Higgins
Journos all out of questions as Gillard bats them away like a pro #respill


February 24. 2012 06:00 PM


Thanks for reminding everyone Kate

Let's recall also that Mendoza has been Abbott's man since he resigned - appearing with him on many occasions to spruik their policies

Cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 24. 2012 06:10 PM

Tom of Melbourne

The “poet” who struggled to find a rhyme for “faggot”, is now demeaning Rudd.

What rhymes with “bitter”?

Tom of Melbourne

February 24. 2012 06:27 PM


    I couldn't care less if "Mendoza" appears with Abbott! NormanK put a link up and said nothing!
For Nasking to behave like a "maiden aunt" says more about him it was one mans opinion and if nasking has a problem he should take it up with "Mendoza" not blame others for simply put up the comments of the day! Lets not forget today Nasking is back in camp Rudd so anything said against Rudd, Nasking will find offensive.


February 24. 2012 07:39 PM

Patricia WA

Ian!   Norty!

NormanK - Sorry, not suggesting you were putting a view about the content of the Mendoza link, rather just thught you were trying to persuade 'N to visit the site.

I'm all argued out - not so much making comments, but just reading the arguments back and forth.   I think there's not much more than can be said or done until that vote on Monday!  

Hey, TT, we seem to be posting in a parallel time frame.  Liked your Little Vegemite verse.  I am in need of input on penultimate verse in my Why Aint Rudd Dead? pome.  Got stuck on a rhyme for 'know him' or some way to re-write whole stanza.  But I ran out of time and patience burning the midnight oil.  Any ideas?

By the way, TT. couldn't work out that reference to a rhyme for 'faggots' - am I missing something somewhere?  I am a bit bug-eyed today.

Patricia WA

February 24. 2012 08:48 PM


Posted on "A Frank Veiw" earlier

I think it's about time that all this"knifing Rudd" bullshit was put firmly back in it's box.

Rudd was removed because Rudd was incompetent. No ifs, no buts,  no maybes. I'll repeat it.. Rudd was removed because Rudd was incompetent.

Imagine, if you will, that this country is a corporation competing in an open market, providing diverse goods and services to an even more diverse customer base. This corporation has a one trillion dollar annual turnover. This corporation has to provide its own armed security, pensions and health care for all its people and operate in such a way as to engender respect and trust in the broader worldwide community. while ensuring  that all are fed, watered, housed and safe.

This company cannot afford the weakness of ego fulfilment from its CEO. Neither can it afford the paralysis of indecision and politically advised paranoia. The governance of the company demands maturity, strength, courage and the ability to understand that the future is intrinsicly linked to the decisions of today.

Kevin Rudd had his chance to write history. He had his chance to listen to those who would tell him he was wearing no clothes. He chose not to listen. He chose the history.

Kevin Rudd was not "knifed". Kevin Rudds ego delivered him to the petard of his incompetence. He chose to climb the stairs.


February 24. 2012 08:54 PM



Thanks for the link to the interview with Maxine McKew - I missed that in my rounds.
She spoke very passionately but didn't sway me with her pre-occupation with the polls. Like a good many others, I was inclined to believe that it was Rudd's slide in the polls that caused the caucus to act as it did and I thought it cowardly. That impression soon dissipated but it wasn't replaced by anything and we were left with a vacuum. We are now starting to see a different set of reasons for why they replaced Rudd so to compare polls from then with those of now is not especially insightful.

I have to say again that I don't know why some sections of the ALP are starting to fixate on an election which is as much as 18 months away. If this talk was taking place 12 months from now I could understand it. Just get on with governing while you have the time.


February 24. 2012 08:55 PM


I had a bit of time to think about Gillard vs Rudd today while driving a couple of hundred kms,  

Yes, Rudd did win the 2007 election and the actions of his Government maintained Australia's 20+ year record without a Recession however there has always been a suggestion the man is a bully at best - what he did to the Queensland Public Servants that were seen to be National Party appointees when Goss won the first time round could be considered to be cruel and unusual punishment.  (For those who can't remember the short version of the story was he sent all the "identified" Public Servants - mostly Directors and above - to "work" in a non-airconditioned building near Roma Street Station (the opposite end of George Street to Parliament House), gave them a desk, a phone and nothing to do).  The rumours of being a bully have followed him ever since.

Gillard has a pretty good record since the 2010 election where she has implemented her plan almost chapter and verse.  If only she could sell herself and her government.  The only tome we see any "life" out of her is when someone really S***s her off" where she inevitably departs from her prepared speech and gives a good account of herself.  She would have had to "sell" her legal cases better - otherwise how did she win a thing?

The others who are fanning the fires (Hawker, Crean and so on) need to learn to shut up and say nothing.  While the ALP may understand the rationale to air the party's dirty laundry in public, to the rest of us it seems like they are so caught up in the internal workings of the ALP, running the nation takes 2nd place.  Advertising by Holden saying that Ford Cars were unsafe would be pulled in a matter of minutes by the Advertising Standards Council (if it got to air in the first place), why does the ALP think advertising their particular bitches about the "other" side should be any different?  After all - they all allegedly "treasure" the same morals, ethics and history.

The Liberals are the only real winners here - they have enough material for attack ads for the next 10 years - and they will use it.  To me the argument that the attack ads are unfair will hold little water as the ALP has brought this on itself.  I believe that if Gillard wins on Monday, Rudd will try again despite his promise to the contrary, Gillard on the other hand will retire to the backbench and represent her community very well into the future in the unlikely event Rudd gets up.  That Rudd has been indirectly asking the public to ring their (ALP) MP and tell them to support Rudd show he really doesn't have much hope.  There is an interesting article in the Global mail discussing this issue which is worth a read.

A disclaimer here - I have med Rudd years ago when he was just the local member for Griffith and he seemed like a nice bloke - I've never met Gillard.


February 24. 2012 09:28 PM


HI Norman K

You keep asking why they are talking about an election, I suspect it is because the Coalition can bring on a vote of No Confidence, causing an election.

See Links below:

I have to say again that I don't know why some sections of the ALP are starting to fixate on an election which is as much as 18 months away. If this talk was taking place 12 months from now I could understand it. Just get on with governing while you have the time.

I suspect this is why

GG's power tested if Rudd wins ballot, Video, ABC
Updated February 24, 2012 11:33:17

What would happen if Kevin Rudd wins the Labor leadership ballot? Constitutional law expert Anne Twomey explains.


8 February 2012, 3.43pm AEST
Explainer: motions of no confidence and the constitution, Anne Twoemey, The Conversation
After declaring the Gillard government was entering its “endgame”, opposition leader Tony Abbott is believed to be preparing to table a motion of no confidence.

Since Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie withdrew support for the government after Gillard tried to renegotiate gambling reform, the Government holds a majority of only one seat in the House of Representatives.


Rudd win could test Governor-General's power, Channel 7
"The first thing to know is that it doesn't automatically make him prime minister. In order to be prime minister the Governor-General needs to appoint him," she .

"First of all you need a vacancy, and that would mean Julia Gillard would have to resign. Assuming she did resign, then the Governor-General would have to make a choice.




February 24. 2012 09:52 PM



I have no idea about that reference, I didn't make it either.

I think ToM might start with agate. He always was one for fun.

Unforch I actually don't quite know what your pome is about neither! I think perhaps you might profitably burn a bit more oil tonight . . .

Debbiep you actualy deserved a better reply to your post addessed to moi a day or so ago. You wrote

TT ~ Watching Lateline last night was very nerve racking indeed. Firstly I agreed with Emerson. Then I agreed with Cameron. And THEN I agreed with Beattie..arhhhhhh
They all had valid points.

Then,  I agree with NormanK and others that Rudd couldn't possibly be leader now. Till I remember that The Liberals still have a big following with Abbott, Hockey and Robb !

So WHO knows what the people will accept.

Well it seems to me that we just do our best, being staunch, not wavering, writing up the Government's record, talking it up, taking the fight up to the Coalons in the grocery shops and on the beaches, shock Jock radio, everywhere you can, that's all we can do. Just as the Government is doing all it can, which is why we can have confidence that we will prevail. If that approach doesn't work nothing will save Australian decency anyhow, so what've we got to lose?

Apart from a chance ever again of a decent society that is.

Just have faith in *J*U*L*I*A*. She is tough resilient and effective, that's why she is so hated as was Gough and Don Dunstan, it is a great compliment and tribute to her that the enemy is so set on her destruction.  A few weeks of clear air, you won't be so nerve-wracked soon. Eye of Time see.    

Does everybody (except Nasking Smile ) feel happier already?

Rudd has blown his chance of a seat at the UN. No more globetrotting neither now. What a diplomat he turned out to be.


February 24. 2012 10:19 PM


Hi Everybody

Some may like to read this article by Andrew Probyn:-

Resurrection of Saint Kevin, Andrew Probyn

No one does victimhood like Kevin Rudd. Forget the fact he's the bloke who calls the Prime Minister "the bitch" - or worse - behind her back, to senior figures in industry, to newspaper editors and to members of the Press Gallery. Forget the fact that he's lying when he denies briefing journalists a fortnight ago

It is on the basis of Mr Rudd's alleged popularity that Mr Hawker has forged plans for the Rudd redemption.
Mr Rudd's strongest allies as PM were never in caucus but they nonetheless had a name:

Messrs Newspoll, Nielsen and Galaxy.

Many of his colleagues think they are already in enough trouble without turning to Captain Chaos, saint or no saint.



February 24. 2012 10:35 PM


It's People Power @ it's finest

Have your say @ Mr Rudd's blog:

Kevin Connects: Transcript of Press Conference - Waterfront Place, Brisbane


February 24. 2012 10:45 PM

Von Kirsdarke

For a change of subject, regarding Journalists, I was watching a show on ABC24 regarding American politics. They were interviewing a veteran BBC journalist who covered the 2000 Elections.

He was saying along the lines that basically people could see that Al Gore had the right skills to be President, but that he was a boring campaigner, that he struggled to catch the imagination, and that as president he’d just bring in another 4 years of the Clinton administration without the ‘pzazz’.

And so most of the US Press Gallery supported Bush in the campaign, ‘because they wanted to make it more interesting for themselves’ and that Bush was a more colourful candidate and could make more stories.

Yeah, and look where that got the world. I’m just gobsmacked that journalists do this thing and see nothing wrong with it. So, if the candidates were a boring, yet stable, skilled president and a ‘colourful’ warmonger with outrageous social policies and an economic plan from space, the journalists would twist the narrative to make the warmonger electable and take down that boring guy that doesn’t have a chance of waking up one day and deciding to end all civilization before breakfast.

It’s just sad that Australia has also gone down this path.

Von Kirsdarke

February 24. 2012 10:49 PM


Hi lyn and thank you for your kind words. I must say the current high drama in Canberra has raised the old BP a bit. I feel certain the PM will prevail and go from strength to strength now that everything's out in the open.

Not just the PM, but the whole team. I do hope they have got it out of their systems now and stop bagging Rudd. I now have no time for him, but to keep raging looks bad.

Now it's time to settle down for Parliament and concentrate on their legislative program and more importantly (not really) on reducing the Liars Party to a pile of ash.

TT @4.27pm, hear! hear! He betrayed us all, I feel only anger towards him!

Ian @8.48pm, an excellent analogy. There's no room for sentiment or tolerance for poor performance in politics or business. Kevin Rudd wants our sympathy, but isn't prepared to perform.


February 24. 2012 11:16 PM


Hi Lyn
      I noticed not once in the last few months when Mr Rudd had been asked "do you support the PM" he said nothing.
Then on Saturday night just passed a "clip" turns up on youtube, yet at nearly midnight Rudd is quite happy to have an interview with sky news in the Airport "studio" as he was ready to board a plane, are we to assume Rudd et al expected no reaction from said interview?
Sunday came and went and his interview was the topic of the day, another day the party couldn't get its message out.

Come Monday Crean blasts Rudd on radio and a man who couldn't put an end to the "speculation" that he wished to be PM again resigns from his position as FM because the PM didn't "stand up for him" because of Crean's comments!

Rudd and his"sock puppet" Bruce Hawker knew quite well what would happen hence the "plea today" by the "Rudd family" to ring your Labor MP and tell them you want "me" (Rudd)as it seems he has nowhere near the numbers so employ a good "media" strategy to try and get the "public" to do the hard work on his behalf.

I don't know what Rudd will do next! However at some stage nearer the next election he needs to have his "pre selection" taken away, and if he wishes to run he can run as an independent.


February 24. 2012 11:20 PM


Hi Lyn,

Thanks for the links. I understand all of that but it is the 'Rudd camp' that is making all this noise about the next election as though it were in a few months time. Maxine McKew is a prime example. quoting polls as if the election were next week not late next year.
The No Confidence situation has not actually changed since Gillard formed government - Wilkie withdrawing support just returns us back to a one seat majority. Abbott is no better placed now than he was then.

Of course, if Rudd were to win on Monday the whole thing gets chucked up in the air.

My question was actually rhetorical. This is one occasion when I would find great benefit in using a few expletives when asking these backbenchers what is going on in their minds that they think it is okay to disrupt what could be a productive period of government.
Another rhetorical question because the answer is that they are worried about their seats, their jobs, their entitlements and the election isn't for another 18 months. Losers.

Thanks for the links though. Laughing


You owe me an extra strong coffee for indirectly causing me to read the comments section of that Rudd website. Hairs on my tongue and a dry mouth from spitting. Frown Frown


February 24. 2012 11:31 PM


Can I claim in my defence that all I was doing was providing information?


Two lumps or Seventeen?


February 24. 2012 11:33 PM


Seventeen! I come from sugar country.


February 24. 2012 11:38 PM


I always knew you were a sweet thing Smile


February 24. 2012 11:48 PM


There seems to me to be a disconnect in Mr Rudd's campaign

You the people are not powerless tell your member what you think and then an appeal the the real electorate - the caucus - I buggered up when when I stole from you the right to vote for the ministry so I will let you have that crumb back if you vote for me.

So on one hand Mr Rudd says don't listen to your heart or your head listen only to the people and vote for me but then listen to your heart and your head and vote in the members of my support crew.

I am getting more and more confused by this guy.


February 25. 2012 12:04 AM


Hi Norman K

Wow !!!

I just checked in for my last look at our commenters, and I find wow! look at that, 2 comments to me,  one from Jason and one from NormanK.

Thankyou so much you guys, you have made my day.  There is a but though,  you are both too cluey for me.

NormanK yes you are right, the no confidence vote possibility has been tossed around for quite awhile.  What I get worried about though ,is if we all lose faith, what are we going to do if Kevin Rudd gets in, we have to be loyal.  How can the Government work with Rudd when so many MP’s have expressed their dislike for KR.  Then if Julia wins and he goes to the back bench, like 2353 said will he still stir and stir. KR favourite Journalist, I would like to know who those Journalists are though.

They should have been reporting the truth, what is their catch cry the "public’s right to know”.

Your right quoting polls is just mad.   Speaking off :-

bow_and_arrowLe Grace
Why are these polls coming out so early? I would have thought they'd be out Sunday night. I guess to try and influence the decision?

http://bit.ly/ylM5dE the faceless people in the polls revealed.Seems the pollsters are polling Liberal voters on Labor leader spil

lyndalcurtisLyndal Curtis
3 different opinion polls in the papers tomorrow. Someone must be running for something.

mfarnsworthMalcolm Farnsworth
Morgan Poll: If 2010 preference flows are used, it shows LNP 51.5, ALP 48.5. Tables here: http://auspol.info/zg3Rkl

Galaxy Poll Preferred ALP Leader: Gillard 26 (-4) Rudd 52 (0) respill #auspol

Newspoll Preferred PM: Gillard 34 (-3) Abbott 43 (+3)

Newspoll Preferred ALP Leader (ALP Voters): Gillard 41 Rudd 58 #respill #auspol

Nielsen Poll Preferred ALP Leader: Gillard 34 (-1) Rudd 58 (+1) #auspol #respill

Galaxy Poll Should independents force early election if Rudd becomes PM: Yes 57 No 35 #respill #auspol


February 25. 2012 12:11 AM



Why they hate Kevin Rudd so much  Laurie Oakes @HeraldSun


February 25. 2012 12:22 AM





I guess there's no such thing as a 'tame' journalist.


February 25. 2012 12:23 AM


Hi Everybody

DMW mentioned Laurie Oakes so does Stephen Kouloulas:-

Laurie Oakes - you can put an end to it,Stephen Koukoulas
Journalists never (rarely) reveal their sources, especially when they get a blockbuster scoop.  It is unreasonable to expect them to do so, because the risk is that future "sources" will never trust them and they will miss out on that next scoop.

That said, in the current Labor Party leadership ructions, the sage of the Canberra press gallery, Laurie Oakes could, if he wished, change the course of Australian politics.

If Mr Rudd was in fact responsible for the hugely damaging leaks to Mr Oakes during the 2010 election campaign (Deputy PM Mr Swan said "he (Rudd) sought to tear down the 2010 campaign") and if Mr Oakes confirmed this, Mr Rudd would be outed and be forced out of Labor leadership contention for ever.  His milky bar kid cuteness and good fella persona would be exposed as a facade

Mr Oakes' silence will help Mr Abbott win the next election.

My guess is that it's unlikely we'll see Mr Oakes or any other journalist confirm Mr Rudd's destabilising actions.  As mentioned, it probably isn't reasonable to expect them to do so.  But if they did, it would help to end a drama that risks spoiling the fantastic position Australia is in at the moment



February 25. 2012 12:40 AM


another coffee?

Looks like we may need a few before the weekend is over


February 25. 2012 12:55 AM

Patricia WA

Thanks, DMW, for getting that to us so quickly. KABOOM! indeed.

Interesting that Oakes has published that article under his own by-line.  It's almost a complete reversal of his earlier Channel 9 interview on the leadership issue, which was almost entirely pro-Rudd.  Has he only just received that article and had a  sudden re-think about Rudd?   He may well take up Stephen Koukoulas's challenge in that case.

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 01:03 AM


Cheers DMW, I'll pass and hit the sack.
A bit of light reading for the night owls.
Caution: Beware of falling glass.

Time we heard truth about the real Kevin
by James Button    SMH

But Rudd's prime ministership failed, and the failure was above all his own. The story of his government, and of its end, has still not been fully told. The consequence has been deep damage to Australians' faith in politics and in government.

The truth is, Rudd was impossible to work with. He regularly treated his staff, public servants and backbenchers with rudeness and contempt.




February 25. 2012 01:08 AM


Thank you for acknowledging my comment.  No need for you to feel like a heel at all.  It is your skill and love of English that makes your poems and writing so enjoyable and sometimes instructive as well - which is nice - thank you.  

You are such a sweetie pie!
Yes, I agree re Therese Rein and that interview.


February 25. 2012 01:24 AM

Patricia WA

Sorry NormanK - your KABOOM!   I jumped the gun there in my excitement.   Is this the end for Rudd?  Will I be able to change my pome from "Why Aint Rudd Dead?"  to

Poor Rudd is dead!

Poor Rudd is  dead.
At last Rudd is dead!
At last the truth's been been told.
He is done for, has been rolled.
Cos Laurie Oakes refused to tell a lie.

Or is that wishful thinking?

TT - sorry!  I guess if you didn't pick it I didn't do a very good job of leading the reader into the rhythm of this one.  

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 01:29 AM

Patricia WA

Sorry!   Correction!

Poor Rudd is dead!

Poor Rudd is  dead.
At last Rudd is dead.
Canberra's press people heave a sigh.
At last the truth's been been told.
He is done for, has been rolled.
Cos Laurie Oakes refused to tell a lie.

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 01:56 AM

Patricia WA

NormanK, I see you've linked to James Button's SMH article now!

Isn't this fantastic?   All this truth telling in these articles!  And their publication in Fairfax and News Ltd. papers!

Do you think perhaps the sudden jump in the ALP's poll ratings, influenced for some people by the thought of a Kevin Rudd win on Monday, might have something to do with it?

No! That's too cynical!

Who cares!   If the truth, which is as many of us long suspected, is at last being published I'm happy!

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 02:45 AM


Patricia WA

I have always been a great admirer of your pomes but your latest contribution I think is unhelpful and unsafe in the current highly charged environment. I refer specifically to the use of the word 'dead' in 'WHY AINT RUDD DEAD?' or 'POOR RUDD IS DEAD'.

If you are employing a reference to a contemporary or classical poem or song it has escaped me.

The charm of your pomes and writing is that you convey your ideas clearly and with humour. So far as I can recall you do not usually resort to any vitriol.


February 25. 2012 03:07 AM

Patricia WA

Thanks, Casablanca.  I hadn't given that a thought at all.  I was using the Poor Judd Is Dead song and its rhythm for the pome.  The humor of the song entirely obliterated any thought I might have had about political violence.

I will perhaps wipe it off the record entirely.   Sometimes we can be quite stoopid!

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 07:49 AM


Here's a thought.

Kevin Rudd, initially popular in Australia, but been accused (with some justification) of being obsessive, a bully, poor administrator, having a glass jaw, independently wealthy and unpopular with his political party of choice.

Campbell Newman, popular in Queensland but has been accused (with some justification) of being obsessive, I know he's a bully, a poor administrator, having a glass jaw, independently wealthy and unpopular with his political party of choice.

See the link above by DMW (mine's white and one sugar thanks DMW - I used to live in sugar country Laughing) regarding the alleged influence journalists had over the Bush/Gore Presidential Campaign.  See a similarity?

There are two issues here.

1. Is there a trend of political parties picking the leader because of their image in the public rather that what they can do.  An obvious example here is Newman being made leader by "the faceless men" of the LNP over the existing not as charismatic leader and "living" with the resultant ego?  Both Rudd and Newman really came out of nowhere as far as the public is concerned.  Also witness Abbott's "populist" almost daily media event (although he has kept pretty quiet in the last week since he's been on the receiving end of the ALP gift that keeps on giving) where he gives the media sheep a story and some nice pictures for the 6pm news.

2. Given the rationale of this blog is in part exposing the media for it's lack of transparency, how do we help to inform ourselves and the public of the potential for manipulation of the leader of our Country because "someone will give us more stories to write"?


February 25. 2012 07:53 AM


Meant to include in the above.

Julia Gillard, a reasonable level of popularity at best, and has been accused of being consensus driven, warm and friendly (on a one to one basis), a good administrator, an amazing ability to roll with the punches, probably financially comfortable and popular with her political party of choice.

Interesting comparison - isn't it?


February 25. 2012 07:59 AM


Just my opinion, but I think Simon Crean's interview with Uhlman on 7.5 last evening will have an impact on our journalists.  Oakes has already come up with an article that is not all sweetness and light in regard to Rudd.

Contrary to what everybody else is saying, I think Labor will come out of this mess and, under Julia Guillard and her team, has more than an even chance of winning the 2013 election.  I've said it before and I say again that Rudd has done himself in by coming out into the open where his victims have a chance to defend themselves.

There is still a way to go before this all settles down and I do feel for Rudd's family when the volcano in his brain erupts, which it seems to me, won't be too far off.  He's is becoming more and more irrational and twitchy.


February 25. 2012 08:23 AM


Good Morning Janice

I am really, really pleased to see you.  I didn't miss your comment to me on Franks blog but by the time I got back there I couldn't find you. I really like Frank because he owns The Beautiful Set Of Numbers, isn't he doing well with relatively new blog.

Anyway thankyou now Janice.

Simon Crean's interview with Uhlmann on 7.30pm Simon was having none of Uhlmann's nonsense saying more about the media than I have ever heard before, Uhlmann didn't like it either .

Former Labor leader reacts to current ALP struggle, Simon Crean
Staunch Julia Gillard supporter Simon Crean responds to Kevin Rudd's confirmation as a contender in the ALP leadership ballot on Monday


Joe on ABC 24 says they should let the camera's in on Monday's vote.

joeobrien24Joe O'Brien
LetTheCameras In Labor should agree to a live broadcast of the Caucus Meeting on Monday. This is too important for behind closed doors.

brynnobrienBrynn O'Brien
Because filming and live broadcast really make for frank, honest debate as well as forthright negotiation #letthecamerasin #



February 25. 2012 08:23 AM



Yore speling is apalling


Pore Jud is Daid

But it wasn't the rhythm, I just couldn't see what you were getting at. (This is a first I hasten to add.)


February 25. 2012 09:54 AM



We don't see enough of you but love it when we do.

You said:
Contrary to what everybody else is saying, I think Labor will come out of this mess and, under Julia Guillard and her team, has more than an even chance of winning the 2013 election.

Whoa there Girl,I have since the first moment of this stoush prognosticated a net benefit, even a decisive one, coming from it. I think many others are feeling similarly, especially after the chorus of criticism of Rudd, and support from nearly every hitter on the front bench who have tried to work with him. Rudd's supporters in the PLP are nearly all people you wouldn't want running a chook raffle.

The People did NOT elect Rudd as PM, that is a falsehood being hammered time and again into a full-blown lie by Rudd and his Few. Here is some palooka from WA Senator Mark Bishop supporting Rudd, why, because the people in his electorate love him says Bishop.

You've had your fair shake of the sauce bottle Kevvy, now you'll just have to suck your thumb on the back bench, all your own doing. But please get out of the way of the loyal Members of our great Party. You Rudd have been a great spoiler, Labor's fortunes are depressed because of your ongoing sabotage.

Can you imagine what a front bench Rudd would have if he won!

Bishop the Ruddista is talking down the performance of the Gillard Government. He mixes it up with present popularity. He's a mug, the performance as a Government is superb, and it is exactly Bishopish comments and Rudd's sabotage that are responsible for our low popularity.  But we will rise joyfully in The Polls when Rudd is reined in, not much pun intended.

Good Morning Lyn, I haven't been able to keep up with your Links in the last few days, you are ever more amazing with each passing day and issue.



February 25. 2012 09:56 AM

Ad astra

I’m soon off to a family birthday party but will be back this afternoon to complete my piece The Gillard - Rudd comparative scorecard.
Hi Lyn
Thanks for your links and tweets. You do keep us well informed

I find myself in accord with all you have written.

Thank you for your insights.  In my upcoming piece, I will have something to say about the ‘popularity cult’ built on opinion polls, which seems to elevate popularity above good governance.

Ad astra

February 25. 2012 09:58 AM



We don't see enough of you but love it when we do.

You said:
Contrary to what everybody else is saying, I think Labor will come out of this mess and, under Julia Guillard and her team, has more than an even chance of winning the 2013 election.

Whoa there Girl,I have since the first moment of this stoush prognosticated a net benefit, even a decisive one, coming from it. I think many others are feeling similarly, especially after the chorus of criticism of Rudd, and support from nearly every hitter on the front bench who have tried to work with him. Rudd's supporters in the PLP are nearly all people you wouldn't want running a chook raffle.

The People did NOT elect Rudd as PM, that is a falsehood being hammered time and again into a full-blown lie by Rudd and his Few. Here is some palooka from WA Senator Mark Bishop supporting Rudd, why, because the people in his electorate love him says Bishop.

You've had your fair shake of the sauce bottle Kevvy, now you'll just have to suck your thumb on the back bench, all your own doing. But please get out of the way of the loyal Members of our great Party. You Rudd have been a great spoiler, Labor's fortunes are depressed because of your ongoing sabotage.

Can you imagine what a front bench Rudd would have if he won!

Bishop the Ruddista is talking down the performance of the Gillard Government. He mixes it up with present popularity. He's a mug, the performance as a Government is superb, and it is exactly Bishopish comments and Rudd's sabotage that are responsible for our low popularity.  But we will rise joyfully in The Polls when Rudd is reined in, not much pun intended.

Good Morning Lyn, I haven't been able to keep up with your Links in the last few days, you are ever more amazing with each passing day and issue.


February 25. 2012 10:18 AM


Hi Ad & Everybody

Here are some positive tweets and blogs for Julia, she has never had

"a fair go"

aniwallerAnnie Waller
JuliaGillard good luck PM. U have been a wonderful PM with unfair media coverage. admire u 100%.

becoming obvious jg has more integrity in her little finger than krudd & 90% of journos

Fair shake of the sauce bottle Kev - you had your chance, you are not the messiah now bugger off and let Julia maul Abbott

Paul_MJPaul J
Travesty is the word that comes to regarding the way Julia Gillard has been treated. Journos reporting dysfunctional Rudd

Bushfire Bill
Posted Friday, February 24, 2012 at 5:28 pm comment number 52

Re. Gillard’s “falling support levels” when she inevitably wins on Monday
I think it could well go the opposite way. She has been making a good case for her time as Prime Minister. She has been forthright and strong (e.g. not taking shit from retarded journalists). She has answered every question, within the bounds of decency. She has shown herself to be a strong leader who has gotten things done that Rudd only talked about

I did find it funny that Rudd accused Julia of being soft on Carbon Pricing, when she was the one that got it through, when he – for whatever reason – was unable to. He even gave her a peck on the cheek for it when it passed. Didn’t look like a “failure” to me.


Reading the Poll Data Badly, Stephen Koukoulas

With 18 months until the next election, there is still a lot of time for the Gillard Government, free of the Rudd ball and chain, to return the focus on the wonderful position of the Australian economy, the budget surplus, low unemployment, education reform, carbon price, MRRT, disability insurance, Australia hosting the G20 meeting in 2014, low inflation, company tax cuts, superannuation increases and the like. There are two Budgets in that time as well to add to the policy agenda
We know from the Essential Research findings this week people like the bulk of the policies of the Gillard government by margins of up to 20%

A Quick & Dirty List of Declared Supporters, Frank, A Frank View
ALP Members For Julia Gillard PM – 61 (out of 103)

ALP Members For Kevin Rudd – 17 (out of 103)


The Challenge, Ash’s Machiavellian Bloggery
The fascinating aspect of this leadership challenge is the insight into why the ALP caucus decided to get rid of a Prime Minister in his first term after that man had lead the party from an 11 year period in opposition into a 24 seat majority. Why the hell would you do that?

Twenty months on, the party is finally dealing with the vote they had to have in June 2010. They should have forced Rudd to stand against Gillard back then and let the numbers of that be shown to the public. It would immediately be seen as no confidence in Rudd and he would have been finished.



February 25. 2012 10:20 AM


Bleeding economists - they look at things differently.

This is possibly the most apt description of the leadership dilemma:

Mr Rudd is like the proverbial arsonist who, having lit the fire, wants to don the firefighters outfit and ride to the rescue to put out the fire.  It would clearly be a different scene had he not lit the match in the first place.

Reading the Poll Data Badly  Stephen Koukoulas


February 25. 2012 10:24 AM


Von Kirsdarke @ 10.45 PM

This is a very perspicacious comment. The MSM's connivance for sensationalist impact is very close to criminal, and most certainly is antagonistic to good governance.

You said
. . . most of the US Press Gallery supported Bush in the campaign, ‘because they wanted to make it more interesting for themselves’ and that Bush was a more colourful candidate and could make more stories.

Yeah, and look where that got the world. I’m just gobsmacked that journalists do this thing and see nothing wrong with it. So, if the candidates were a boring, yet stable, skilled president and a ‘colourful’ warmonger with outrageous social policies and an economic plan from space, the journalists would twist the narrative to make the warmonger electable and take down that boring guy that doesn’t have a chance of waking up one day and deciding to end all civilization before breakfast.

It’s just sad that Australia has also gone down this path.

Yes. Or as the Bard would have it:

Who cares about good governance?
Look! A white ape in red underpants!


February 25. 2012 10:49 AM


Good Morning Talk Turkey

You have been working hard, thankyou so much for your tireless effort for us on the Political Sword.  Your comments and verse are always enjoyable.

Good Morning Lyn, I haven't been able to keep up with your Links in the last few days, you are ever more amazing with each passing day and issue. Thankyou for saying that TT

Yes it is hard to participate and keep up with all the information at the same time.

Never mind you are doing a good job.  People keep repeating "Soap Opera"  but I tell you what I don't view this as a soap Opera, this is bigger history than when Julia took over, and it is getting bigger by the minute.

Saturday Live blog: Labor at War, ABC
Updated February 25, 2012 10:41:16

10:25am: And Hawker comes out swinging. He tells @George_Roberts that "I think the PM should actually think about whether she stands on Monday. It's that serious ... if the Labor Party wants to remain in government it's going to have to put Kevin Rudd in the PM's job."


Cheers to you Talk TurkeySmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


February 25. 2012 12:06 PM


*J*U*L*I*A* has just given the speech of her life.

A speech to shame Rudd - whom she did not even mention.

A speech to destroy Abbortt - whom she attacked with a flurry of slaps from which he is reeling as I write, and from which he will bear scars for good.

A speech to raise our spirits and confirm her leadership.

A speech to win the next election.

I believe.

1Albo now. Fingers crossed.

No! He's supporting Rudd!  


February 25. 2012 12:57 PM


Hi Everybody

Anthony Albanese teaches everyone about integrity & moral principles, his speech heartfelt, honourable, genuine.  
Anthony is a very admirable  man.

This is what I was saying recently on TPS, when I expressed my disappointment in Tony Burke who was the first I heard..

It is a real shame the others that came out knocking either Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard did not give more thought to the consequences, or even just how hurtful they were behaving.  

Anthony is now trending in Australia:-  that means everyone is talking about him

'albanese', 'albo' & 'classiest' are now trending in Australia http://trendsmap.com/au

Here is some opinions on Twitter, but there are thousands and thousands:

bbaldwin2012Brenton Baldw

Very moving statement by @AlboMP on the Labor leadership. Love for the cause, what a Labor warrior! #proudtobelabor #respill

CeadaoinsChildDé Céadaoin's Linbh
Good on you, @AlboMP. Voting with your heart, just like I'd hoped. Gonna run out to Marrickville Rd & kiss the ground outside your office!

SpaceKidetteSpace Kidette
I think @albo has just cast the mould for what makes for a good politician in this country. #auspol #kevenge #respill

katielambeskiKatie Lambeski
AlboMP all class today, so is @JuliaGillard for not accepting his resignation and will work with him...well handled

latikambourkeLatika Bourke
Albo's also mounted the most powerful argument thus far for dealing with the 'trauma' of

MayneReportStephen Mayne
Three cheers for ALbo. Such an honorable, principled, emotional and sensible contribution. Nothing but respect. Make him deputy PM.

AgnessMackAgnes Mack
Disagree with alboMP but can't help loving him

John_HannaJohn Hanna
Best 'voting intention' speech of the lot of them. @AlboMP *respect*

mfarnsworthMalcolm Farnsworth
Albo: You won't hear any criticism of Gillard or Rudd from me... they've been great PMs... I like fighting Tories, that's what I do

Albo is a champ.

BerraBekRebekah Freeman
I don't share your views but I admire your honesty, decency & conviction AlboMP. Thank you.

Kathy_NovakKathy Nova
mishaschubert: He's a class act, that Albo. A textbook example of how to disagree with your leader with dignity.


February 25. 2012 01:08 PM


Hi Lyn, Albanese has shown the Labor party the way forward, I only hope that after monday they take heed, it would not surprise me at all if some within the party are looking at him with different eyes right now.


February 25. 2012 01:30 PM


HI Augustus

That's great thanks for dropping in, of course I love your comment. Umm I thought I have been missing you.

Hi Lyn, Albanese has shown the Labor party the way forward, I only hope that after monday they take heed

Yes wouldn't it be nice if they have all taken a leaf out of Anthony's book.  Maybe then they will get back to Governing instead of continual in fighting , about greed and ambitions, about getting elected.  The Government has run a good ship, all this is just getting so dirty.

It's not fair and a dreadful shame all this has happened, I still am upset with the media though.

Irony though the achievements and Policy has been getting out there more than ever in the past few days.  



February 25. 2012 01:47 PM


Hi Lyn, for myself the way Albanese has handled this has clarified things for me as Kevin Rudd is my local member, so it would be natural for me to want to take sides, however it is not the person and in Labor tradition it has always been the party. In a funny sort of way I am glad it has come to this to finally resolve a burning question and I trust that if who ever is leader as of monday we see a stable labor government take it up to opposition.

BTW thankyou for the warm welcome back.


February 25. 2012 01:56 PM


I think that next to the PM  Albanese is, arguably , the most effective parlimentary performer.

In any hor  debate from now on when the PM or indeed Albanese are making points the opposition will just ask a simple question….”.How can the l.o.t.h express such faith in a PM he voted against in a ballot of confidence?” or ” Does the PM fully trust the l.o.t.h. in this case. Given we know  the vote he recently cast expressed his mistrust of her and, obviously, her illegitimacy.”

The is no prize for guessing which will be the nightly news grab, or the attack line of the Bolts, Shanahans and others.

Albanese didn’t think and he has just bought a world of grief on both the PM and himself. He is a fool.

I posted this over at "A Frank Veiw" in reply to George...a great poster in more ways than one. It seems relevant to the conversation here. I am just to slower a typist and thinker to do a variation to suit. I do apologise.


February 25. 2012 02:04 PM


Ian, it would be only natural that the opposition run with a tact along the lines you have pointed out, but a major part of the problem has been the lack of unity, if the labor party can unify behind one leader then the oppositions attacks will be muted, the other interesting fact and from his own words is that Christopher Pyne has a great deal of respect for Anthony Albanese.


February 25. 2012 02:49 PM



I can only hope you're right.

In terms of respect I believe that the PM has the utmost respect of the opposition.....not that they'll admit to it! If they didn't have the respect for her they wouldn't be so manic and desperate in their endeavours to get rid of her...and to be brutally honest.... being respected by such as Christopher Pyne is not something that any thinking person should aspire to.

With all due respect imho I think that Albanese has made a hell of a blue and the PM, not him, is going to wear the consequences. I really do think he's a fool.


February 25. 2012 03:05 PM

Patricia WA

Ian, I've been with you all the way so far.  But re Albo I think he knows he has to be there if the vote is to be decisive on Monday and if the party is to move forward thereafter.

The behaviour of both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the House have been exemplary.  We know that we can trust both of them to put the Australian Labor Party first.  This is the kind of leadership the ALP needs.  It will give Caucus members the confidence to vote with similar conviction on Monday. I am sure they will make the right decision.

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 03:12 PM


Hi Augustus and Ian

Thankyou so much for your conversation.  Ian there is nothing in the wide world wrong with posting your comment on 20 blogs if you want to, you own it.  Thankyou for posting here for us to enjoy.

I could happily read the 2 of you conversing all day, you are both correct in your own ways.

Funny you should say about typing, well there would be very few of our excellent opinon sharers that have done a typing course, and yes I have watched friends labouring away, it's hard trying to find the keys , yes and slow.  

Augustus said;
In a funny sort of way I am glad it has come to this to finally resolve a burning question and I trust that if who ever is leader as of monday we see a stable labor government take it up to opposition.

I agree and maybe with a bit of luck the journalists will lift their game from now on.  The spotlight has been thrown on them for the last few days. Greg Jennett just gave a fantastic report on Albanese ABC 24, the newsreader was trying to say Anthony would have MP’s following his choice, Greg Jennett said no that is and not the intention :-

2:15pm: ABC political correspondent Greg Jennett pouring some cold water on the Albo effect on ABC News 24. "He doesn't necessarily bring with him large numbers of people." And as Albanese himself said, he's been on the losing side of leadership spills before.www.abc.net.au/.../3852596

Here is Anthony in case anyone missed out

Anthony Albanese declares hand for Rudd, Video

He said he was against Monday's vote being held, but saw it as his only opportunity to make a statement against the original spill.

He also expressed his disappointment at scathing attacks by senior ministers on Mr Rudd in recent days, saying he "despaired in recent days as I have watched Labor's legacy in government devalued".

"We have been a good government since 2007, under Prime Minister Rudd we advanced a great deal... we should be proud of our record and not undermine it," he said.




February 25. 2012 03:23 PM

Tom of Melbourne

I still think it’s quite remarkable that so may people have turned on Rudd, and so viciously.

The bitterness of the attacks reflects more on the state of mind of the attackers than it does on Rudd.

Tom of Melbourne

February 25. 2012 04:11 PM



"With all due respect imho I think that Albanese has made a hell of a blue and the PM, not him, is going to wear the consequences. I really do think he's a fool."

I don't see that way, I see it as more as being able to nail your colours and be gracious, afterall come monday after the ballot they are all going to have to work with one another still. I think he is trying to set a tone.

Lyn, I do think the media has been drip fed for quite a long time but will leave that one alone. Hopefully now they will be a little more choosy about what they report, time to recalibrate their bullshit meters


February 25. 2012 04:58 PM

Ad astra

Back from the family birthday, I have enjoyed reading your comments, and thank you again Lyn for your regular supply of important links.  I particularly enjoyed Stephen Koukoulas’ piece.  So sensible and logical.  BB too was spot on.

It’s good to see you back again. Albo’s speech made sense even if one disagreed with his decision.

Do you have a link to Julia Gillard's full speech?  The ABC has only excerpts.

I’m now going to concentrate on finalizing my next piece: The Gillard – Rudd comparative scorecard.

Ad astra

February 25. 2012 06:09 PM


[ Julia Gillard's decision to oust Kevin Rudd in 2010 came back to haunt her today as Labor heavyweight Anthony Albanese cited it as the key reason for his decision to back Mr Rudd in Monday's leadership spill. ]

The first para of the story on the abc link.It's going to get worse from here. It was unnecessary to give them this opening.

One of the strongest ALP figures votes against the PM in a ballot so important it goes to the governance of the country.

I believe Albanese made a bad choice and I do believe him to be a fool. However, that said and in fairness to all, this is the last I'll say on the matter. I'm sure that by this time tomorrow there will be more pressing concerns for me to go crook about.


February 25. 2012 06:14 PM


No tv guide has been put up as yet for the second week in a row, but it seems Oakes will be doing an interview tomorrow on 9 with Rudd! Not sure about the time!


February 25. 2012 06:30 PM


Back again after an almost 2 day row with our internet provider and what a 2 days it has been!

I am sad about Albernese - I'm guessing it's a leftwing thing more than an anti Julia thing - wrong choice all the same.

How come journalists are prepared to come out at this late stage and say what they know about Rudd's character.  Why could we not have been told the truth back in 2010?  I am deeply disappointed and disgusted with how the media has selectively handled information over the last few year.


February 25. 2012 06:36 PM


Hi Jason

Thankyou heaps for your comment to me last night at 11.16pm, I made myself so tired I couldn't read one more line.

I have noticed too, as you say another day Julia doesn't get her message across.  

I noticed not once in the last few months when Mr Rudd had been asked "do you support the PM" he said nothing.
Then on Saturday night just passed a "clip" turns up on youtube, yet at nearly midnight Rudd is quite happy to have an interview with sky news in the Airport "studio" as he was ready to board a plane, are we to assume Rudd et al expected no reaction from said interview?
Sunday came and went and his interview was the topic of the day, another day the party couldn't get its message out.

Cheers to you Jason SmileSmileSmile


February 25. 2012 06:51 PM

Patricia WA

Talk Turkey and Casablanca - very grateful to you both for your feedback.

I changed the title, and so the content needed modifying too

Talk Turkey,  I think the spelling is Okay!  But could you give it the once-over to see if it's worth keeping now.  The rhyming pattern and rhythm may not work now, since Pore Jud is no longer there to give it a lilt from the grave.


Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 06:53 PM


Hi Ad

Talk Turkey hasn't come by yet,so to help you I found these couple of links


Gillard calls for end to factional split
Posted February 25, 2012 12:53:36

Julia Gillard has addressed the party faithful at an ALP conference in Cessnock, NSW, using the occasion to speak of the reforms introduced by her government and calling for unity within the Labor Party regardless of the result of Monday's leadership ballot



February 25. 2012 06:57 PM



I posted this on another blog earlier today to the expected derision of the rightwing bloggers.

" I think one of the interesting sideshows of this whole affair is going to be the general public reaction to the media. Let’s face it… the public were not been fully informed about both the Rudd Prime Ministership, the removal and consequent destabilising campaign.

The Canberra Press Gallery knew what was going on, the reasons for the removal, though not the timing, and all subsequent dramas. They didn’t inform us. They used, cynically, cruelly and maliciously the understandable concerns of all involved to ease the hurt of Rudd, to create the monster called Gillard.

Let’s forget about Rudd for a minute.

Imagine how Julia Gillard must of felt, when, under the most vicious, unrelenting media attack. She knew that the press gallery attacking her, insulting her, trying desperately to break both the Govt and herself knew and understood the truth of things. How could anyone not look at them with a well deserved contempt is way beyond my ken. But the PM has and it would now seem she may very well get fair and decent treatment. That’s all any of us can ask.

As for Kevin Rudd…..I no longer care."


February 25. 2012 07:25 PM


Hi Patricia

I tweeted  for you and so far this is what I got back


Abusing all, even flight crew, How is it we never knew

Feb 24, 10:06 PM via Twitter for iPad  
In reply to…  

After the vote and all's been said Will Ruddy's face be truly red This really is the very last “Goodbye!” polliepomes.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/


February 25. 2012 07:33 PM


Lyn I wrote this hours ago but it went fwt when I touched something. And Optus Yes wireless broadband is No here in Somerton. It won’t arc up here so I do instead!

Lyn you are our Albo, you are the one who was so saddened by Simon Crean and all the other frontbenchers who followed him in outspoken condemnation of Kevin Rudd. I do not resile from my position which was right out  there with Crean, well it was indeed, Albo and you reserved your slings and arrows instead, and now (after Monday as I assume the result to be) you, and.  Well in the end I think it will be seen that those who first cast stones – if you don’t include KR that is – were ready to burst like a toxic and overripe boil, and that their statements were necessary to making Australians aware of Rudd’s shortcomings, the extreme difficulties of working with and around him. I don’t think it could have been avoided, and I do think the statements had to be thoroughly honest and quite unequivocal, strident even, in order to have the impact, because that is what the MSM will inevitably what to focus on – the impact. Like in the Mythbusters only dumber.

But Albo is now in the position of providing a bridge between Rudd on the back bench (if that’s where he goes when he’s rolled) and of salvaging a bit of dignity for him, I did know that Albanese was a friend of his but I still think Rudd is disloyal and dishonest.

And you Lyn, yes you did think Labor politicians were being unnecessarily abrasive, and you and Albo are among the few who would with equally good conscience shake hands with both KR and JG. I myself would hesitate to shake hands with Rudd, I do see him as untrustworthy and underhanded and prepared to be a traitor to Labor and Australia, but that is only because of what he has done!  I think his priorities can be expressed in simple mathematics : KRudd > All Else.

But if he clutches at himself he may yet hold a relatively honourable place in ALP and Australian history,
I do hope so.

I do not think that it is a bad thing to have happened, on the contrary, as you say yourself Lyn it has unexpectedly given Labor a platform to explain the Rudd sacking in reasonable terms, and also to tout Labor’s wonderful record of achievement. We have never had such photo-ops before!

Abbortt might well be happy but that’s because he’s so dumb he doesn’t realize what’s happening.  

As I write Melissa Clarke is saying that Albo’s position has taken down the acrimony in the  Labor Party,
(gee that must have hurt eh Missy?)

But I have to hand it to Albo and to you Lyn for forbearance.

We will come out of this well I do believe. Because not all the publicity is snide and horrible, it’s too newsworthy!

I have now lost TWO big posts today, this is half of the second version which I
had put on Word. I HATE the fact that I touch something, I know not what, but it’s GONE on the instant never to return.


Dam I’ve lost a lot of writing this way.
I had quite a letter to you Ad astra, anyway No I don’t got a video of the Albo video, the sound was broken up, Oh I’ve got really discouraged now, I went into a rave about the dreadful quality of the ABC today,
broken-up audio record,
no live video of Albo only a set photo,
microphone much too close to handclapping,
what sort of fools are these?
You can never hear journos’ questions,
let alone see the questioners!
WHY NOT? None of the ABC staff ever explains, and none of Yous ever complains!
Nobody even ever replies to me when I complain!

And I hate losing posts! Isn’t there some button I can immediately touch to bring a fwt post back? or doesn’t it happen to anyone else?

One thing I did say Ad astra, I look forward to reading your next thread on *J*U*L*I*A* and Kevin, and I hope it is out in time for the Caucus members to follow their usual practice of reading your latest thoughts before all important votes.

My other posts that went fwt were much better. Dam.


February 25. 2012 08:03 PM


Ad Astra, with regard to the original piece.

The lies Abbott and co. tell are woven into such a tapestry of spin and obsfucation that the truth invariably gets choked to death. Somehow they have turned truth into lies and lies into truth. The evils of political alchemy I guess. I would imagine all of us on the left have had the fantasy of " truth will out". That the intrinsic honesty, strength of character and decency of the individual would come to the fore. In Abbotts case I fear that will be a forlorn hope....and how tragic is that for our country.

The easiest option in life is believe the lie. It takes no effort.

To seek out and understand truth is hard. Too hard for most it would seem.


February 25. 2012 08:12 PM


Patricia WA

Well done. Don't get mad, get poetic!


February 25. 2012 08:17 PM

Patricia WA

Talk Turkey, you have my heartfelt sympathy re. losing copy.  My solution as another Learner navigator of the  who has lost lots of copy is to do a draft as a word document which I save and then copy to the site.  Typing a substantial piece directly onto a website is risky for me too, even comments.

I couldn't agree with you more about Albo being now in the position of providing a bridge between Rudd on the back bench (if that’s where he goes when he’s rolled) and of salvaging a bit of dignity for him.

I'm pretty sure that's how the PM saw it t when she talked to Albo this morning.  But that's probably not what Albanese intended, not consciously anyway. I've listened to his statement several times, hoping that it might have been like that, because nowhere does he say that Rudd would make a better PM.   He simply says he thinks the party's future prospects would be stronger with Kevin Rudd as leader.   He also seemed to say this was for him a way making a retrospective vote against what happened on 23rd June, 2010.

What a terrible thing a Catholic conscience can be!

Patricia WA

February 25. 2012 08:24 PM


HI everybody

Just short video of Peter Slipper worth watching:-

Peter Slipper gives an insight into Mondays caucus. The challenge for Prime Minister is between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

Peter Slipper Comments On Labor Caucus Meeting & Vote For Prime Minister


February 25. 2012 09:01 PM

Ad astra reply

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the links to the PM's speech.

I'm finishing off my next piece which i hope to post later.

Ad astra reply

February 25. 2012 09:32 PM


Ian, good post re the media.  Thanks for sharing it.  Politicians needs to make a clean start after Monday and journalists need to do the same.  Maybe they should return to calling themselves reporters to remind themselves what it is they are supposed to be doing ie reporting the facts honestly and fully.


February 25. 2012 10:49 PM


Hi Everybody

In case anyone is interested Laurie Oakes at 9 on 9 tomorrow:

latikambourkeLatika Bourke
Must watch! Laurie Oakes will interview Kevin Rudd tomorrow morning on Weekend Today

thetodayshowThe Today Show
Nine Political Editor @LaurieOakes will speak to @KRuddMP tomorrow on Weekend TODAY - his first TV interview since announcing he'll contest


February 25. 2012 10:51 PM


.......Christopher Pyne has a great deal of respect for Anthony Albanese.

He's been mauled a few times by Albo, hence the respect, I imagine. But I am disappointed with Albo's decision to back Rudd.

Catey @9.32pm, couldn't agree more.


February 25. 2012 10:57 PM

Ad astra

I have just posted The Gillard - Rudd comparative scorecard which I hope will prepare you for Monday's ballot.


Ad astra

February 25. 2012 11:21 PM


I typed out a comment and then thought that I should refresh the page before posting and guess what? My comment went 'fwt' just like yours and I had to retype it.  The refresh button was the culprit in my case.
Maybe that will be of some help for you?


February 25. 2012 11:33 PM

Ad astra reply

I agree with your comments about the media's role in the Rudd saga.  I have alluded to the media's complicity in not informing the Australian public about Rudd's removal in the piece I have just posted.

Like you, I hope the recent episode will encourage them to turn over a new leaf.

Ad astra reply

February 26. 2012 02:03 AM


I'm not hopeful Ad astra.


February 27. 2012 03:25 PM


I have been mystified why/how the following web page disappeared?? It was full of Abbott mistakes..


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