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Julia Gillard can defeat Tony Abbott in 2013. But how does she neutralize Rupert Murdoch?

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Saturday, 5 May 2012 09:10 by Ad astra
The ‘secret’ is out. We have known for ages that Rupert Murdoch has wanted PM Gillard out. Robert Manne wrote about Murdoch’s aspiration in The Monthly in Bad News: Robert Manne on Murdoch’s Australian and the Shaping on the Nation and many, many in the Fifth Estate have testified to his intention to oust our PM and install Tony Abbott - after all it’s his turn! But last week Murdoch’s twitter finger got the better of him and he tweeted: @rupertmurdoch 
Dramatic, slimy events in Australian politics. Country desperately needs election to get fresh start. 
28 Apr 12. There’s no room for doubt now – Murdoch wants an election and expects that it will be the end of Julia Gillard and her Government.

While PM Gillard needs to defeat Tony Abbott and the Coalition at the next election, that is not her most forbidding task. Her most powerful enemy is Rupert Murdoch. It is he who must be countered for electoral success. Our PM has two virulent enemies, and an unequal battle with them.

For Murdoch to tweet this message so soon after his most recent appearance at the Levinson Inquiry where his influence over the political process and politicians in the UK was placed under the public microscope so forensically, and where he denied having such influence despite overwhelming evidence that this was so, is a sign of the man’s arrogance and self confidence.

He has been subtler in the past, but seems to see no need for subtlety now. When all but one of his 175 papers worldwide editorialized in favour of US involvement in the Iraq War, he claimed that he had not instructed them to do so, or even influenced them. But they all knew what Uncle Rupert thought and wanted, and followed sycophantically. Just as kids know what their parents think, so do Rupert’s children, and knowing on what side their bread is buttered, readily, even enthusiastically, comply.

At the Levenson Inquiry, Murdoch put the lie to his earlier contention that: ‘I don’t instruct my editors’ when he said: ‘If you want to know what I think, just read the editorials in my papers’. The counsel assisting the Levinson inquiry, Robert Jay QC, used a telling description of the relationship between Rupert Murdoch and those he wishes to influence, and in turn, who want to influence him. He described it as a 'pirouette', where each circles the other subtly indicating wants and desires, without a telling word being spoken to convey the message – the ‘pirouette’ was all that was necessary.

On the Australian scene though, Murdoch’s pirouette seems unnecessary. Everyone knows his power, his capacity to make and break political leaders. After his first personal meeting with Murdoch over lunch, Tony Abbott said: ‘I hope he liked me’. We understand why.

Murdoch’s tweet was no subtle pirouette – it was bare-knuckle advocacy, Abbott style.

Most recently, a majority of the UK parliamentary committee set up to investigate phone hacking by News Corporation described Rupert Murdoch as “not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company”. This ‘unfit’ person is the one who tweeted that Australia needs an election and a ‘fresh start’.

But let’s go back to ‘Julia Gillard can defeat Tony Abbott in 2013’. Attribute by attribute, Julia Gillard is superior. As two political leaders in a face-to-face contest without the pernicious influence of the mainstream media malevolently distorting the truth, without the influence of Murdoch’s outlets gunning incessantly for PM Gillard, how would they measure up?

Negotiating skills
The old adage, coined by Prussian politician Otto Von Bismark in 1867: ‘Politics is the art of the possible’, is as true now as it was then. Negotiating what is possible is therefore a crucial skill. Julia Gillard has this in spades; Tony Abbott does not.

From her days as a legal advocate, through her time in parliament in ministerial positions in industrial relations and education, to her period as Deputy Prime Minister and then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has exhibited outstanding negotiating skills. After seventeen long days following the 2010 election, she, and Tony Abbott negotiated with the Independents, seeking their support to form a minority government. The PM won hands down. Stories gradually emerged about Abbott’s approach – ‘I’ll do anything, offer anything to become PM’. As Tony Windsor reported, and repeated this week on Lateline, the only thing he said he wouldn’t offer was the nether part of his anatomy, and he’d even consider that. His desperation to do whatever it took to gain power was starkly exhibited when, sitting with his shoes parked on his coffee table, he offered Andrew Wilkie $1 billion to rebuild the Royal Hobart Hospital, an offer that Wilkie described as ‘almost reckless’, one he rejected as irresponsible, preferring instead Julia Gillard’s $100 million offer. Because Abbott failed to indicate from where the money would come, Wilkie moved toward Gillard on the grounds that Labor's proposal was "a much more ethical way to go than simply just grabbing $1bn for Tasmania". Despite the obvious appeal of a massive grant for his electorate, Abbott’s dubious ethics repulsed Wilkie.

Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott too gave PM Gillard high marks for her negotiating skills and Abbott very low marks. We know the outcome, so painstakingly spelt out on that fateful day in October 2010 when they held their press conference to announce their support for PM Gillard.

She also negotiated a compromise with the three big miners over the MRRT, which although some think is inadequate, is nevertheless now part of our laws.

And if anyone is entertaining the idea that Tony Abbott’s negotiating skills might be on the improve, just listen to his latest advice to Windsor and Oakeshott. He advised them “to wake up to themselves” and vote for a no-confidence motion in the Government; an admonition hardly likely to draw them to him.

Negotiating skills: Julia Gillard 9, Tony Abbott 0.

Policy creation
Even conceding that the party in Government is the one charged with the responsibility of formulating policy in order to pass legislation, the score of over three hundred pieces already passed is impressive. And many of those have been momentous. The much maligned carbon tax as a prelude to an ETS, the MRRT, the repeal of WorkChoices, the heath care and education reforms, changes to the private health insurance rebate, plain packaging of cigarettes, massive infrastructure projects, notably the largest ever, the NBN, and more recently the aged care reform package and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, are but some of the important measures that the Gillard Government has put in place. This is a vigorously legislating and courageous Government, which has achieved what it has against almost continual opposition and obstruction from the Opposition and its leader. Next week it will return the Budget to surplus after going into deficit to shield this nation from the ravages of the global financial crisis that devastated so many other developed nations.

What policy has Tony Abbott created? He excuses himself from announcing policies on the grounds that he will do so ‘in good time before the election’, which of course he insists should be held right away. What we have seen is an extravagant PPL scheme that favours the wealthy, a thought bubble about a nanny scheme for working mothers, an immigration policy that is simply a re-run of the Howard Government scheme, with the added hairy-chested effrontery towards Indonesia, Abbott style, which has already evoked anger in that nation. He has his expensive ‘Clayton’s’ Direct Action Plan to combat climate change that will pay the polluters to stop polluting and send the $1300 bill to householders. Economists won’t endorse it. Environmentalists doubt if it will work. Abbott also says he would set up a mechanism for monitoring government expenditure, which he insists he would prune radically; he would remove 12,000 public servants and abolish the climate change department as part of this pruning.

Is there anything else? Yes, he will piggy-back on the NDIS, for which he announced he is indeed ‘Dr Yes’.

His attempt to cost his shadow budget last year was beset with shonky figures and an $11 billion black hole; his efforts to find $70 billion of savings in his budget this year will be watched with great interest and suspicion.

Oh, I almost forgot, Abbott will repeal the carbon tax, the MRRT, stop the NBN, reverse the health insurance rebate, all if he can, and yet retain many of the goodies that flow from these Government policies, using his magic pudding approach.

If any Coalition supporters have read this far, please let me know if I’ve forgotten any innovative Abbott policies.

Policy creation: Julia Gillard 8, Tony Abbott 1.

Vision for the nation
Here the comparison is stark. While Julia Gillard has spelt out her vision for the nation repeatedly, one the tune deaf media cannot or will not hear, and has developed a policy agenda that embraces many far-reaching and courageous reforms that her Government is steadily having passed through the parliament, Tony Abbott has opposed most of them and has offered almost nothing.

Has anyone ever heard him make a comprehensive vision statement? If so, please post it in the comments.

Vision: Julia Gillard 8, Tony Abbott 2.

Understanding of global economics
Few words are needed here to describe the contrast. Julia Gillard was part of the team of four that fashioned the Government’s successful response to the GFC, and she is involved day after day with her economics team, Wayne Swan, Penny Wong, Bill Shorten and David Bradbury in attending to the nation’s economy, currently the envy of the world. Tony Abbott is bored with economics, should not be let anywhere near money according to Peter Costello, has made almost no statements on how Australia’s economy should be run, and what he has said has shown his ignorance. His team of Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb and Mathias Cormann add very little.

Economics: Julia Gillard 8, Tony Abbott 1.

Communication skills
The media would give Tony Abbott high marks for ability to communicate with the public, and mark Julia Gillard down.

When virtually all communications are endlessly repeated slogans and virulent attacks on the PM and her Government, communication is straightforward and seemingly effective. But what about Abbott’s current affairs appearances? He rarely appears on programs that probe, preferring to interact with sycophantic shock jocks like Alan Jones. His only appearance on 7.30 this year was with the flaccid Chris Uhlmann in the chair, a prerecorded event that allowed editing of the bloopers. His press conferences are tightly controlled, and when the going gets tough, he walks away. He did it again this week when asked probing questions about Christopher Pyne’s prior contacts with James Ashby, Peter Slipper’s accuser.

Skill in communication is needed when complex matters need to be explained and when the questioning is tough and insistent. Tony Abbott avoids these situations; Julia Gillard encounters them almost every day and takes multiple questions.

The problem Julia Gillard has is that whatever she tries to communicate is masked or overshadowed by the media, misreported or not reported at all. Journalists mark her down for her voice, her delivery, her demeanour, and her content, which it claims does not cut through, but never accept any responsibility for this lack of ‘cut through’.

Springboard diving includes a weighting for difficulty. Tony Abbott usually launches into a ‘bomb’ that any kid can do; Julia Gillard faces a substantial degree of difficulty almost every time she launches. That ought to be acknowledged when rating their respective skills in communication.

Communication: The media would rate Julia Gillard as around 2, and Tony Abbott as 9. I would rate her as 7 and him at 5.

Fairness and egalitarianism
Julia Gillard’s mantra from day one has been one of equality of opportunity for a good education, a rewarding job, fairness in the workplace, and equal opportunities for the disabled. What has Tony Abbott offered? A Rolls Royce PPL and the possibility of a nanny scheme that would favour the wealthy, and, despite his colourful denials, a veiled threat to bring back some of the features of WorkChoices. Is there anything else he has offered in the name of fairness?

Fairness: Julia Gillard 10, Tony Abbott 1.

Julia Gillard has exhibited dignity and restraint in her public appearances, even in the hurly-burly life of parliament. In stark contrast, Tony Abbott has exhibited snarling attack-dog behaviour ever since he became leader. Always demeaning PM Gillard herself, and virtually everything she says and does, he has spread such vitriol that deep-seated hatred of her has been generated in some of the electorate. He has appeared against a backdrop of placards displaying ‘Ditch the Witch’ and Bob Brown’s Bitch’. His venom seems to have no bounds; his charity is invisible. He is the most destructive politician in living memory. Should you have forgotten his malignant words or those of his colleagues, take a look at the video on Archies Archive on 2 May, The Right and Polite Discourse and the ‘list of ten insults and threats to our current Australian Prime Minister’.

Despite this verbal abuse, despite the media’s rudeness, despite much of the media insisting the electorate has stopped listening to her, she continues to exhibit equanimity, resilience, courage, strength, determination, and a sense of purpose. Few could have withstood these personal attacks as calmly as she has.

Abbott’s words have debased not only the PM and the Government and every action it takes, but the economy as well, the best in the developed world. He is a major contributor to the diminished confidence that the people and businessmen exhibit. We live in a wonderful country, the envy of the world, yet Abbott talks it down incessantly, frightens people with his talk of doom and gloom, scares voters with dire talk about the carbon tax and almost every other move the Government makes. As David Marr observed on last Sunday’s Insiders in the context of the poor popularity ratings of both leaders, “Abbott has managed to pull her down to him”. His incessant negative talk is dangerous and harmful to our nation.

Behaviour: Julia Gillard 7, Tony Abbott 0.

Let’s give them equal scores for intelligence, persistence, endeavour, and connection with the people. Julia Gillard does not rate well for trustworthiness in opinion polls, but neither does Tony Abbott.

So on a face-to-face contest with a neutral media free of unfair interference (what a bonus that would be), Julia Gillard would beat Tony Abbott hands down on vision, policy formulation, and negotiating policies through a parliament that has a minority government, thereby getting done an imposing set of reforms that will set this country up for the decades ahead. She would overwhelm him in the area of economics, fairness, and behaviour. It would be a ‘no contest’ event.

Tony Abbott is not a fit and proper person to be the leader of this nation. He lacks the necessary competencies, but more telling, since becoming leader his behaviour has been destructive in the extreme. He is incapable of building, incapable of leading this nation.

Yet we all know that the next election will be a mammoth contest, not because the skills of the leaders and their vision and their plans are well-matched, because they are not, but because the sinister spectre of Rupert Murdoch casts a dark shadow over the contest, so threatening, so menacing that unless it can be countered, victory will be impossible.

Every move that PM Gillard makes is blunted by the Murdoch media, aided and abetted by Fairfax and the ABC that now seems slavishly to follow the News Limited lead, echoing the headlines, often repeating the lines word by word. It seems that the majority of journalists, but thankfully not all, are captive to the Murdoch domination of news and current affairs, perhaps afraid that should they step out of line in this world of shrinking opportunities for political journalists, they find themselves on the outer.

Think how many announcements of splendid Government initiatives have been deliberately overshadowed by other events adverse to the Government. It is no accident that the Slipper affair entered the public arena just as Julia Gillard announced her important aged care reforms and the NDIS. As soon as she announces something that might bring credit to the Government, the media trumpets on its front pages a negative counter story. When did you see a positive Government story dominate the headlines of the Murdoch tabloids or its flagship, The Australian? Good news for the Government always gives way to bad news. Is it any wonder that Julia Gillard despairs that she will ever get fair and balanced coverage from the Murdoch press, or for that matter any other part of the media.

And when Coalition members and supporters step out of line with inflammatory comments, such as Graeme Morris’ ‘kick her to death’ remark, there is scarcely a murmur anywhere in the MSM. Christopher Pyne’s involvement in the ‘get-Slipper’ campaign is glossed over and quickly buried, even when more evidence of his complicity is uncovered.

The simple fact is that most, but providentially not all of the mainstream media, is engaged in a concerted and unremitting campaign to demean PM Gillard, to diminish her Government, to paint a dishonest picture of the state of our economy, to give scant credit to the Government for its achievements, to highlight perceived shortcomings, and to exaggerate so-called ‘scandals’. At the same time, it fails dismally to hold the alternative government to account for its lack of vision, policies and plans, its shonky economics, its incompetence and its appalling behavior. All the Coalition’s manifest deficiencies are glossed over, seldom challenged or simply not acknowledged. This is done via the well-tried editorial devices of burying the Government’s good news in the back pages or well down the news bulletin, overshadowing the good news with the bad, or simply not reporting it at all, and endlessly repeating the bad but not the good. Even the ABC exhibits this phenomenon, and in many of its interviews uses ‘wet-lettuce’ questioning of Coalition members, and acerbic, interrupting, harassing, rude questioning to intimidate and diminish Government interviewees.

How has this disgraceful and unfair state of affairs come about? In my view, the prime perpetrator of this malfeasance is Rupert Murdoch.

We have all known about the influence he exerts via his 70% ownership of metropolitan newspapers, and through his TV outlets here in Australia, and in recent months we have seen his pernicious influence on politics in the UK and the depths to which he will stoop for a salacious story. I expect we might see something similar in the US.

Rupert Murdoch has always sought to influence politics in every country where his vast empire has its tentacles. He has now stated overtly what we all knew, that he wants PM Gillard and her Government out and Tony Abbott and the Coalition in, and will use all his massive media power to achieve that end. He will not ease back, he will not take the pressure off, he will, through his media, one overseen by sycophantic hirelings, wage relentless war on our PM and her Government. It is to the mainstream media’s eternal shame that so many of the others have followed the Murdoch lead.

Julia Gillard would trounce Tony Abbott were the election to be based on competence, performance and behaviour, and an accurately informed electorate. But we know that the Murdoch factor will ensure that not only is the electorate not informed about the Government’s achievements and its plans, but that it will be deliberately misinformed through distortions, omissions, and at times downright lies.

Julia Gillard can defeat Tony Abbott, but can she counter the Murdoch menace? How possible is that? Can the Fifth Estate reduce the effect of the Murdoch hazard? How?

What do you think?

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May 5. 2012 10:12 AM


Once again, blame everyone else for Julia Gillard's problems. No wonder the Labor Party is in perpetual decline.


May 5. 2012 10:18 AM


Ad astra,
Julia Gillard would trounce Tony Abbott were the election to be based on competence, performance and behaviour,
There is your answer, Ad astra.  The more the rabid Abbott traverses the country spewing out his bile the more he takes on the image of a seething, putrid, muck-raking maggot.  As is usual with people of Abbott's ilk, when they find a meme that appears to work they tend to push it harder and harder until there comes a time when they, themselves, look like the sewer they're trying to foist onto others.  Abbott has reached that milestone.  

Murdoch's leather hide has been well tarnished in the UK and I don't think it will be long before the wizened old prune cops some of the same in this country given the way his employees have involved themselves in playing kingmakers, and indulging in dirty journalism since 2007 when Labor came into office.  The times, they are a-changing and the 5th estate will grow stronger quite quickly as the NBN is rolled out across the country.

So, I still am reasonably confident that Labor will win in 2013.

I no longer see Abbott just as a desperate opposition leader willing to say and do anything to grab the reins of power.  Everytime I see or hear him now I get an image of  a rotting carcass covered by a seething mass of maggots and I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one.


May 5. 2012 10:25 AM


Top piece Ad.
It's truly disturbing that compulsive bomb throwers like Abbott & Murdoch have so much influence in this great country.

You wrote:

The PM won hands down. Stories gradually emerged about Abbott’s approach – ‘I’ll do anything, offer anything to become PM’. As Tony Windsor reported, and repeated this week on Lateline, the only thing he said he wouldn’t offer was the nether part of his anatomy, and he’d even consider that. His desperation to do whatever it took to gain power was starkly exhibited when, sitting with his shoes parked on his coffee table, he offered Andrew Wilkie $1 billion to rebuild the Royal Hobart Hospital, an offer that Wilkie described as ‘almost reckless’, one he rejected as irresponsible, preferring instead Julia Gillard’s $100 million offer. Because Abbott failed to indicate from where the money would come

Funny you should mention this...my wife only yesterday was saying she was beginning to suspect Abbott and a few Libs had setup Peter Slipper...

she went on to say that "Abbott would do anything to get power"...

and then brought up the negotiations with Tony Windsor...mentioning specifically his desperate statement that he'd "do anything".

It got me thinking that Abbott would "do anything" to stay in power too.

And we know Murdoch is much the same.

I imagine the Tampa fiasco, an Iraq War based on dodgy evidence, the Aboriginal intervention, WorkNOChoices are just the first ingredients of one grotesque cake these loons hope to shove down the public's throat.



May 5. 2012 10:30 AM


Thank you Ad Astra, as usual from you well said, well timed and on target.  This needs to be said often by us all here in the fifth estate, but we also need a circuit breaker within the fourth, the Failed Estate, as Mr. Denmore describes it.   Is there some political figure of weight and stature in this country willing and able to do what Tom Watson has done in the UK.

Mr. Denmore asked this question after, as you have, pointing  out what a blight on democracy Rupert Murdoch is,
‘Who will have the guts in Australia to take him on?’



May 5. 2012 10:37 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Of course, the media made Gillard-
•  Appoint the dubious Sipper as Speaker.
•  Break her written commitment to WIlkie.
•  Say she has “complete confidence in Thomson”
•  Implement the carbon tax she promised not to.
•  Knife Rudd.

Blame the media!

Tom of Melbourne

May 5. 2012 10:41 AM


Remember! “True Liberty Is When Free-born Men Speak Free!”

John Milton’s Areopagitica,
Crying freedom for the press
Back in 17th century England,
Resisted monarchy’s excess.

His tract was a mighty weapon
In democracy’s progress.
We are the beneficiaries
Of his most eloquent address.

But we ‘free-born’ are complicit,
As we watch and acquiesce
While that freedom is abused
With a brazen shamelessness.

We encouraged one man’s ambition
To buy up, control, possess
As property our thoughts in print,
And we applauded his success.

We shared profits with this behemoth
Who now destroys our happiness,
By publishing news of our world,
Writ as he commands it be expressed.

This threat of global tyranny,
Warns us it’s time to re-possess
What for him is now a licence
To break all rules and decency transgress.

Our precious freedom so perverted
Has caused democracy’s regress.
Let’s use our laws while we still can,
Redeem ourselves, and truly free the press.



May 5. 2012 10:57 AM

Ad astra

Thank you for your comment.  Your description of Julia Gillard’s adversaries is apt.  I too believe that the Fifth Estate can and will play an important role in truthfully informing at least some of the public about what is really going on in Federal politics.  Lyn’s Twitterverse this morning was full of interesting snippets.  Increasingly, the public will be informed by the social media, especially the younger folk, whose futures are being jeopardized by Coalition policies.  We have a role to play and must use it to the full.

Thank you for your complimentary remarks.  I’m sure you are right.  Abbott has tried for two years to upend Julia Gillard and her Government, and has failed every time.  He is becoming more desperate as time goes by at his lack of success in overthrowing this ‘illegitimate government’, and as the benefits of the carbon tax and other legislation kick in, and as all his dire predictions prove to be wrong, he is going to feel more desperate and look like the liar he is.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 11:05 AM

Ad astra

Patricia WA
Thank you for your kind remarks, your clever poem, so fitting a description of the Murdoch threat, and your link to Mr Denmore’s 2011 piece, which really spells out the danger to society of the Murdoch syndrome.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 11:06 AM

Ad astra

I've a couple of hours of shopping - I'll be back later.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 11:12 AM


Mal Brough's involvement with and counseling of James Ashby on the front page of The Australian.

Perhaps even Rupert has smelled a change in the wind. Or has he simply met Tony Abbott?

At least now we know why, with Brough's involvement, just why Shouldabeen was so 'specific in his knowledge' that no Coalition-affiliated individual "in Canberra" had assisted Ashby.

Which further proves the truth-shaving mendacity of the man. Tiny, that is.

Well, all of them under him.


May 5. 2012 11:34 AM


Top poem Patricia.

I might add,
I've stood up to Murdoch and his minions from the first day I started posting...including telling them in no uncertain terms how I felt about their propaganda efforts on their very own Fox News site back in the early 2000s.

I just wish more of our cajoled and whipped pollies and other authorities had done so a good long time ago.
That includes my fellow Brits.

Memories...the post I wrote in 2010:

Our Very Own Stasi Mess – Courtesy of Rupert
September 28, 2010 by nasking


I reckon many of us have felt confined, surrounded by walls for a good long time thanks to the Murdoch empire’s decades long desire to become  No. 1 global puppetmaster.



May 5. 2012 11:45 AM



Ad's gone out for the nonce, I have taken the presumptuous liberty of reposting your twitterverse in accord with your request to him, we all know he would and will approve.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good Morning Ad, Bushfire Bill and Everybody

Twitterverse this morning;-

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
Peter Slipper rival and former Liberal cabinet member Mal Brough confirms he urged James Ashby to sue [free] http://j.mp/J8xxAD

paddy bts‏@paddybts
Best piece for ages. Kudos! RT@BernardKeane.@murpharoo produces a ripper

Mal Brough admits meeting Slipper accuser
Michael Edwards reported this story on Saturday, May 5, 2012 08:02:00
Audio and transcript available shortly.

Andrew Greene‏@AndrewBGreene
Speaking to Mal Brough shortly on #weekendbreakfast over his involvement in the Slipper affair and plans for a return to politics #abcnews24

Andrew Greene‏@AndrewBGreene
Former Howard Government Minister Mal Brough tells @abcnews24 "I have done nothing wrong" on Peter Slipper affair

Joe O'Brien‏@joeobrien24
Brough: A yng man went with high hopes to wrk in Spkrs office - he had wrongdoing agnst him of heinous nature. He didn't know where to turn.

Fit & Proper SpaceK‏@SpaceKidette
aziazone Now I may not be a journo, but surely attempting to bring down a govt is FRONT PAGE NEWS at anytime. #LtdNews #mediafail #LNPLies

Mal hears about it on 23 march. But Pyne and Ashby had drinks on the 19th march #auspol #abcnews24

Dreyfus and Brandis debate politics, Lateline
Brough: I urged Ashby to go to court, Channel 7

ABC Radio‏@amworldtodaypm
Coming up on AM: Mal Brough has thrown his hat into the Lilley preselection ring. Find out more in our interview http://bit.ly/aKzaGo

The plot gets even more thicken, now it's Ashby/Pyne/Brough/Bradford wait there's more Lewis+Uhlmann partnership, so no mention on ABC, hmm

The dam is bursting first Prissy Pyne forced to admit he has contact with Ashby. Now Brough has been forced likewise -

Marian Rumens‏@mrumens
The fact that Ashby was actively working for Mal Brough's election in Peter Slipper's seat was just coincidence? #auspol #liars #gotcha

Fit 'n Proper rocket‏@sprocket___
Listening to the Brough interview om ABC newsradio, he is either naiive or the dumbest politician we have. Or he is not telling us all.

Wait there's even more ... Ashby, Pyne, Lewis, Brough, Bradford and now Ms. Simpson
www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120504-1y47p.html & throw in Uhlmann if you like

BerraBek: Slipper accuser Ashby was secretly helping rival.#SlipperGate http://www.theage.com.au/national/-1y4in.html” oh dear #noalition what can the matter be..

Rebekah Freeman‏
Slipper accuser Ashby was secretly helping rival.#SlipperGate

Slipper accuser Ashby was secretly helping rival http://fb.me/137xzFxb4

Possum Comitatus‏
Jesswrightstuff: I left 20 msgs Mal. Didn't you get em? RT Pollytics: Brough runs to sympahetic News Ltd http://bit.ly/K6Hazg

The Punch‏
Everyone is wrong: Gillard will lead Labor to the election: Here’s a novel thought. Julia Gillard might be right...Laurie Oakes

Slippergate Update – May 5 2012 Daily Derp



May 5. 2012 11:46 AM


Katherine Murphy has an excellent article @ The National Times today

[/b]History repeats?[/b]  http://goo.gl/8w1DR
What the Prime Minister says is true in this respect. The Rudd and Gillard governments have worked punishingly hard since 2007, adding substantial chapters to the story of modern Labor, staying just a nose in front of their tendency towards self-destruction.


May 5. 2012 12:07 PM


Hi Ad

I have moved the Twitterverse over here for our readers. This Slippergate is growing and growing:-

David Donovan‏
Did Mal Brough pay Ashby $50,000 to help bring down the Government? thedailyderp.net/.../ Where is the ABC in reporting all this @markscott?

Fit & Proper Geek‏@geeksrulz
Abbott weasel words: "I had no specific knowledge of any of this " I think that goes for everyone in the coalition in CANBERRA

How have Pyne Brough and Murdoch's newsltd colluded in the campaign to use Ashby & Slipper to unseat Gillard Govt? Asktony

Andrew Greene‏@AndrewBGreene
Speaking to Mal Brough

ABC News‏@abcnews
Former Liberal MP Mal Brough denies he was involved in a conspiracy against Peter Slipper http://bit.ly/JZsovS

Joe O'Brien‏@joeobrien24
Brough: A yng man went with high hopes to wrk in Spkrs office - he had wrongdoing agnst him of heinous nature. He didn't know where to turn.

Mal hears about it on 23 march. But Pyne and Ashby had drinks on the 19th march #auspol #abcnews24

Dreyfus and Brandis debate politics, Lateline

Brough: I urged Ashby to go to court, Channel 7

ABC Radio‏@amworldtodaypm
Coming up on AM: Mal Brough has thrown his hat into the Lilley preselection ring. Find out more in our interview http://bit.ly/aKzaGo

The plot gets even more thicken, now it's Ashby/Pyne/Brough/Bradford wait there's more Lewis+Uhlmann partnership, so no mention on ABC, hmm

The dam is bursting first Prissy Pyne forced to admit he has contact with Ashby. Now Brough has been forced likewise -

Marian Rumens‏@mrumens
The fact that Ashby was actively working for Mal Brough's election in Peter Slipper's seat was just coincidence? #auspol #liars #gotcha

Fit 'n Proper rocket‏@sprocket___
Listening to the Brough interview om ABC newsradio, he is either naiive or the dumbest politician we have. Or he is not telling us all.

Wait there's even more ... Ashby, Pyne, Lewis, Brough, Bradford and now Ms. Simpson
www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120504-1y47p.html & throw in Uhlmann if you like

BerraBek: Slipper accuser Ashby was secretly helping rival.#SlipperGate http://www.theage.com.au/national/-1y4in.html” oh dear #noalition what can the matter be..

Rebekah Freeman‏
Slipper accuser Ashby was secretly helping rival.#SlipperGate

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Slippergate Update – May 5 2012 Daily Derp



May 5. 2012 12:33 PM


Top stuff:

Bowel cancer program to get budget boost
Posted May 05, 2012
ABC news.com

The Federal Government is announcing extra funding for bowel cancer screening as part of next week's budget.

At the moment screenings are only provided free to people aged 50, 55 and 65.

The Government is spending $50 million to extend the National Screening Program so that people aged between 50 and 70 will be offered free tests every five years.

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek says the program will gradually be expanded so that free screening can take place every two years.

"This is really important because bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death with 80 people dying each week from bowel cancer," she said.


Two thumbs up.



May 5. 2012 12:51 PM


Bwahahaha...they must be panicking:

The Heartland Institute is out with what is quite possibly its most ill-considered publicity stunt to date: a poster ad campaign comparing a belief in global warming to the psychology of mass murder.

The Chicago-based think tank notorious for denying the basic facts about global warming on Thursday launched billboards in Chicago featuring the likes of Ted Kaczynski (better known as the Unabomber) and convicted murderer and cult leader Charles Manson, saying these notorious criminals "still believe in global warming" and asking viewers if they do, too.

The first billboard appeared on Thursday over the Eisenhower Expressway, the interstate freeway running west from the Chicago Loop.

"Of course, not all global warming alarmists are murderers or tyrants," notes Heartland in its press release (some killers also simply think puppies are cute, breathe air and tie their shoes one at a time).

It isn't the first anti-environmental campaign to draw such outlandishly false connections, though it is probably the most prominent. The website Vegetarians Are Evil, for instance, makes such meaningless revelations as identifying Genghis Khan as a vegetarian.


A reminder:

The Heartland Institute

is a American conservative and libertarian public policy think tank based in Chicago, Illinois which advocates free market policies.

The Institute is designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service and has a full-time staff of 40, including editors and senior fellows.

The Institute was founded in 1984 and conducts research and advocacy work on issues including government spending, taxation, healthcare, tobacco policy, global warming, information technology and free-market environmentalism.

In the 1990s, the group worked closely with the tobacco company Philip Morris to question the science linking secondhand smoke to health risks, and to lobby against government public-health reforms.

More recently, the Institute has focused on questioning the science of climate change, and was described by the New York Times as "the primary American organization pushing climate change skepticism."

The Institute has sponsored meetings of climate change skeptics, and has been reported to promote public school curricula challenging the scientific consensus on climate change.

The Heartland Institute advocates for free-market reforms in healthcare and opposes federal control over the healthcare industry. Heartland supports Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), replacing federal tax deductions for employer-based healthcare with a refundable tax credit to allow individual choice over health insurance, removing state and Federal healthcare regulations aimed at providers and consumers of healthcare, and reducing litigation costs which are associated with malpractice suits.

Check out their funding:





May 5. 2012 12:58 PM


Worth reading:

The Heartland Institute Self Destructs
Posted: 05/04/2012 7:37 pm

It is an environmentalist's dream come true. The once feared "Heartland Institute," funded by the secretive Koch brothers in their campaign to undermine science and deny the plain evidence for climate change has just committed a very public suicide on the Eisenhower Expressway on the outskirts of Chicago.

That is where the first billboard appeared the other day to launch what has to be one of the kookiest public relations campaigns in history. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw the image on the internet -- the disheviled "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski glowering down at commuters asking: "I still believe in Global Warming. Do you?" The weirdest part of it is that the Heartland folks actually put their name on the bottom of it for all to see. In other words, the notorious group has come out of the shadows (where they have been lurking for the last decade or so funding false front groups and harassing hard-working scientists) and finally fessed up to being the kooks and fanatics that we long suspected they were.

The free market "think tank" was discredited in February when documents leaked to the press revealed its plans to disseminate a new school curriculum which aims at "dissuading teachers from teaching science." The documents detail how the organization has funded a rogue's gallery of debunkers (mostly non-scientists) to sow seeds of doubt about the clear consensus of researchers worldwide that our climate is warming due to the rising levels of CO2 released into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels.

But evidently this huge public fiasco only whetted Heartland's appetite for punishment. The billboard campaign which they have just initiated will undoubtedly finish off the spectacular crash and burn which the leaked "Climategate" memos initiated. The Kaczynski ad is only the first in the goofy series which are being put up in preparation for the group's so-called "7th Annual Conference on Climate Change" scheduled for the end of this month. Still to come are billboards featuring Charles Manson, Fidel Castro, Osama bin Laden and James J. Lee (who took hostages inside the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in 2010).


Downward spiral. It ain't pretty.



May 5. 2012 01:14 PM

Robert Tobin

Rupert "The Dirty Digger" Murdoch is a Knight of Columbus of the Evil Rotten Roman Catholic Church.

Tony, "The Mad Monk" Abbott is a "short robe" Jesuit having been brainwashed into the Evil Rotten Roman Catholic Church at St. Ignatius College, "Riverview" run by the Evil Rotten Jesuits.

Abbott is also the pupper of George Cardinal "Go To Hell" Pell, Cardinal ARSEBISHOP of Sydney. Both evil characters have strong conections with "Opus Dei" that secret and dangerous organization of the Evil Rotten Roman Catholic Church.

If Abbott becomes PM, the Government of Australia will ben runb from St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney by George Cardinal "Go To Hell" Pell.

Robert Tobin

May 5. 2012 01:24 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thank you, and TT too for reposting the Twitter comments this morning.  I see your list has expanded.  The Twittersphere is very active – what a way of spreading a message quickly.  It leaves the MSM for dead.

What an interesting collection of tweets there are about the Slipper/Ashby/Pyne/Brough/Simpson, and let’s not forget Lewis affair, getting more tangled by the day.  Ashby doesn’t come across as one loyal to his employer – actively campaigning against him in his seat.  Such behavior will call into question the veracity of the man and his evidence.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 01:33 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for the Katherine Murphy link; what a sensible, balanced article that was.  We know there are some clear thinkers in the MSM, outnumbered though by the Murdoch sycophants, hell bent on destroying PM Gillard and her Government.  If only more of the clear thinkers would come out of the closet and start some positive groupthink that others might follow.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 01:35 PM


AA, I don't think News Limited is going to be a problem in 2013.  The UK Parliamentary Committee responsible for such things has ruled that the Murdoch's are not suitable persons to be in control of a media network.  This unprecedented ruling will be followed up in the UK Parliament - no one is quite sure how yet because apparently it has never happened before.  However it places a degree of uncertainty on the company as one of the unspecified actions of the UK Parliament may affect the company financially.

I suspect News Limited is still highly geared (it owes a lot of money to the financial world) it nearly went bankrupt less than 10 years ago.  Assuming the creditability of his company goes down (in the view of the general public worldwide) due to the finding and the subsequent penalty, less people will purchase the newspapers or watch the networks controlled by News.  Apart from "ethically responsible" companies who must be starting to review their advertising in News Limited outlets, others will reduce their exposure due to a reduction in readers/viewers.  

Which leave Murdoch with a choice or two.  Either News attempts to regain credibility and therefore readers or it sells a few assets to pay down debt.  Either way, they have to demonstrate that the assets are worth buying - and at the moment they are seen by a lot of people as tainted which reduces the "readership/viewers", and less readers means less advertising and the value of the assets suffers a consequent reduction as well.

Remember about 20 years ago, a bloke called Conrad Black (a Canadian billionaire media owner) controlled Channel 10.  One minute Black was going to rule the media world - the next he was on charges (fraud in this particular case).  There was a fire sale to end all fire sales, where he went from hero to zero in about 6 months and served some jail time.  I seem to recollect he died recently having never regained his reputation or money,  

While Murdoch suffering the same fate really doesn't worry me, it's a shame his Mum is around to see it - she seems like a really nice lady.

Nas - it's also encouraging to read your links above from the Huffington Post.


May 5. 2012 01:36 PM

Ad astra

That was an interesting story about the Heartland Institute and the Koch Brothers.  Could this be the beginning of the disintegration of extreme right wing groups, the Tea Party types, and the astroturfers?  Wishful thinking perhaps, but If that is so, I hope it spreads to here.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 01:44 PM


Hi Talk Turkey

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May 5. 2012 01:46 PM

Mark Hyde

All the pro-Abbott posts here seem to be able to sum their views up in only one sentence. Kinda makes me wonder whether they really have looked at the history since the 2010 election. Their denial seems obvious, to me at least.

Thanks for the saner comments in reply to this excellent post. Maybe there stance is from a frustration that they won't get a 'do over' election any time soon? Tactics to produce one on the by and by tend to produce a steely resolve to get on the with job entrusted to labor by the parliament. You know, by governing the country....

Mark Hyde

May 5. 2012 01:48 PM

Ad astra

The bowel cancer screening program extension is good news. But I wonder how much media coverage Julia Gillard’s announcement will get. Bowel cancer is a common cancer and kills many.  Screening enables early detection and cure.  Another positive for Abbott’s ‘incompetent  Government’; they really shouldn’t spoil his story of utter hopelessness in everything the Government attempts to do by churning out all these positive policies.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 01:49 PM

Catching up

I like to think that the PM will win this very unfair and ugly battle.

The reason I have this hope, is that Mr. Abbott is becoming impatient, desperate and as each day goes, is becoming careless.

Each new stunt is more extreme and  the Opposition over reaching.

Each day shows that they are not acting as a team. One can get many different opinions on anything, any day from different members of the front back.  

Mr. Abbott, himself is showing no consistency away from his mouthing of a few slogans.

Every time, he gives an answer away from the slogans, he puts his foot in his mouth.

I do not believe that time is on the side of Mr. Abbott.
The uttering's on the carve up of the GST this week, shows that.  

The PM has had much bad luck, most manufactured by the Opposition and media.

Mr. Abbott's luck must also run out.

Catching up

May 5. 2012 01:53 PM

Catching up

Patricia, this PM does not appear to jump to Mr. Murdoch's tune.

That is a rarity in this country.

Maybe for that reason alone, the PM deserves to win the next election.

Catching up

May 5. 2012 01:55 PM

Ad astra

Robin Tobin
I think you have been here before, but anyway welcome to The Political Sword family. The church that lurks behind is another influence that needs to be factored into any analysis of Abbott’s behavior and that of a clutch of his colleagues educated similarly.  There is no doubt about the influence and the power of this church.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 02:03 PM

Ad astra

Mark Hyde
You are so right.  The one-sentence responses of the Abbott supporters focus on ‘blame’, yet what this piece is about is the undeniable and pernicious influence of Rupert Murdoch and his media sycophants.   They don’t comment about that.  Do they believe his is not using his power and influence to dislodge the Gillard Government?  Surely not!  What this piece is saying is that Julia Gillard has two mortal enemies, Tony Abbott and his Coalition, and Rupert Murdoch and his empire.  The latter is the most dangerous by far, because it suppresses or distorts the truth.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 02:11 PM

Ad astra

Catching up
I agree with your assessment.  Julia Gillard has decided she will not kowtow to the media.  The effrontery of that in the eyes of the all-powerful, omniscient media and its subservient journalists is, I believe, what makes them so angry and antagonistic.  They believe they can administer severe payback through their columns, which they do every day.  Michelle Grattan come immediately to mind.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 02:15 PM

Catching up

"All the pro-Abbott posts here seem to be able to sum their views up in only one sentence."

Is there such a thing as a Pro-Abbott group.  I wonder, as most seem to be anti Gillard.

Catching up

May 5. 2012 02:17 PM


Was just watching the informative  Situation Room on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and balaced reporting of Elizabeth Warren"s Nth American Indian past came up...and the HYPED ATTACK by her critics for identifying herself as such.

Warren is running as a Democrat for the Senate...she's a top lady...so of course the usual suspect media are attacking her.

And of course the hypocrites attacking her never worry about the fact they oft go on about their Scottish and Irish and Italian etc. links...

and how many business people use their ancestry to get a leg up...create a connection for business interest purposes?:

I'm thinking Mr. Trump...and Mr. Murdoch for instance:


Hypocrites I tell ya, hypocrites. Republican hypocrites.



May 5. 2012 02:19 PM


Make that:

Was just watching the informative Situation Room on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and balanced reporting...


May 5. 2012 02:19 PM

Ad astra

We can all see now the origin of the weasel words: ‘specific’, ‘in Canberra’, a cover up for what Abbott has known for weeks.  It is implausible that Brough, who wants to join Abbott’s frontbench, would meet three times with Ashby and Abbott know nothing about it.

Perhaps even The Oz has woke up to the fact that if it avoids this story, it will be seen as complicit.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 02:32 PM


We could be in for some very different 'news' stories alter today and tomorrow:

Michelle Grattan ‏ @michellegrattan
Very hard to find Abbott press staff today.

Stephanie Peatling ‏ @srpeatling
@michellegrattan Indeed. Silencio.

No budgie smuggler pics, no flouro encrusted stunts today. How boring


May 5. 2012 02:36 PM


More on Elizabeth Warren here:


In an interview at Newsweek, Warren commented, "To restore some basic sanity to the financial system, we need two central changes: fix broken consumer-credit markets and end guarantees for the big players that threaten our entire economic system."[

I would hate to think the Obama administration is copping out once again by not giving her their full support for her Senate run...

...as they have done by hitting whitleblowers but protecting war criminals:




May 5. 2012 03:58 PM


Ms Grattan seems to be changing her tune - slightly (apologies if this link is already up):



May 5. 2012 04:06 PM


How to defeat Murdoch and Limited News?

Well, I think the whole Slipper affaire may well blow the Opposition out of the water without requiring action against the Sun Kink.

However, the following agenda could - and in my opinion - should be followed:

1. Reinstatement of the cross-media ownership laws.

2. Breaking up News Ltd under the monopolies provisions of the ACCC Act.

3. Enacting legislation along the lines of the Canadian statute whereby radio and TV licensees are prohibited from broadcasting "any false or misleading news" - though I'd extend that to ALL commercial media whether electronic, print, or otherwise.

4. Terminate Mark Scott's employment with the ABC.

All that could be in place by the end of this year.

Smile Smile Smile


May 5. 2012 04:10 PM

Ad astra

What an interesting article by Michelle Grattan.  She smells a rat.  Next thing she might write something nice about Julia Gillard!

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 04:11 PM


Thanks again for another good analysis Ad.

Maybe we are starting to see a decline in Murdoch"s and News Ltd influence as the results of the UK council elections have shown a huge swing to Labor away from the Tories. It could be argued that the austerity measures in the budget influenced the results. But it cannot be overlooked that the elections were held after the Senate committee made the finding of Rupert Murdoch as "unfit" and a bad week in Parliament for David Cameron.

The Leveson inquiry will report its finding's before our election is due. Interesting to note the USA has also requested information from Leveson...

Murdoch closed News Of the World only after advertisers refused to advertise... come on Australians let organise a campaign where we target the advertisers and demand ethical reporting.

I Slipper affair is interesting- so many angles. So many people with their own agendas.  Hopefully the truth will prevail. Until then hang in there Labor and our one ethical PM will doesn't background the press.


May 5. 2012 04:17 PM


Does Tony Abbott really want Mal Brough in Parliament? The Mal Brough who was touted as a future leader back in the Howard days?

The Mal Brough who, just like Howard, lost his seat in the 2007 election? The most senior Liberal politician to do so after Howard himself? Who might see himself as Lazarus With a Triple By-Pass #2?

Abbott will not want Brough back, certainly not as a Liberal 'hero' come in to put a 'clean' MP in the place of Peter Slipper.

Could history repeat itself here? Might an unelected Queensland Conservative politician be made Liberal Party leader before he's actually been elected? Queensland Can Do such things.

However things play out in the end, James Ashby's foray into the smearing world of Coalition attack politics as originally personified by Godwin Grech will end badly for the Conservatives.

And not just "in Canberra".


May 5. 2012 04:18 PM


She might, Ad astra, but in the interests of your continuing good health I recommend against your holding your breath ;)


May 5. 2012 04:33 PM

Ad astra

It is those first three moves that News Limited fears.  Remember the fuss it made about the recommendations of the Finklestein Inquiry that a News Media Council be formed to replace the toothless Press Council.  Although the intent was benign enough, not nearly as radical as your suggestions, we heard all and sundry screaming about ‘freedom of the press’, which in media parlance means being able to say whatever they want, whenever they want.

It will be interesting to see where the Slipper affair ends.  It may be the torpedo that holes the Coalition ship, whereas it was intended to hole Julia Gillard’s.

Thank you for your kind remarks.  The Slipper/Ashby affair is becoming more convoluted by the day as the Coalition’s involvement becomes clearer.  Hopefully, ‘the scandal’ will now focus on Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne, Mal Brough and their mates, and leave Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan with some clear air for the Budget.  What a pleasant change that would make.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 04:37 PM


Ad Astra, you are living in fantasyland.  There is nothing that anyone in the Labor can do stop a bloodbath at the next election regardless of when it is held.  Tony Abbott is eminently electable, Gillard (or anyone else the ALP puts up) is not - its as simple as that.


May 5. 2012 04:40 PM


The police in the UK now doing the right thing:

Retired Met detective arrested over bribes

A former Metropolitan Police detective was arrested yesterday by police investigating illegal payments to public officials by journalists from Rupert Murdoch's News International.

The 57-year-old man, who served in Scotland Yard's special operations command whose responsibilities include counter-terrorism, was arrested at his Surrey home at 6.30am on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

The retired officer is the 27th person to be arrested by officers from Operation Elveden, the Yard's investigation into alleged bribes paid by journalists to police officers and public servants including civil servants and members of the military.

The Yard said the man, who was being questioned at a south-west London police station while a search of his home was carried out, was not involved in the original investigation into phone hacking by the News of the World in 2006.

The force refused to disclose the rank held by the officer when he retired or in which part of the special operations command he had served.

The latest arrest was based on information provided by News Corporation's management standards committee – the body set up to investigate allegations of wrongdoing inside NI titles, including The Sun. Eleven current and former staff at The Sun, including its royal editor, have so far been arrested.


I'm proud of the police who did not allow themselves to be bought...and/or used by the Murdoch empire to push their own profiteering propaganda agenda.



May 5. 2012 04:44 PM

Ad astra

I’m pretty fit, but I dare not hold my breath that long.

I feel sure Tony Abbott would see Mal Brough as a threat.  The Coalition feels certain it will win the next election, but surely some must look at Tony Abbott’s popularity figures and ask if, having got the Coalition into what they regard as a winning position according to the polls, that he is now a liability, and expendable, or to use Abbott’s words, ‘road-kill’.  If the Coalition could engineer Brough into parliament soon, he might be seen as a leader more acceptable to the electorate than attack-dog Abbott.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 04:57 PM

Ad astra

I feel sure Tony Abbott would see Mal Brough as a threat.  The Coalition feels certain it will win the next election, but surely some must look at Tony Abbott’s popularity figures and ask if, having got the Coalition into what they regard as a winning position according to the polls, that he is now a liability, and expendable, or to use Abbott’s words, ‘road-kill’.  If the Coalition could engineer Brough into parliament soon, he might be seen as a leader more acceptable to the electorate than attack-dog Abbott.

If you haven’t been here before, welcome to The Political Sword.

It must be comforting to have such a simple view of politics, so cut and dried so far out from the next scheduled election.  Harold Wilson’s adage: ‘A week is a long time in politics’ is as true as it ever was.  He also said: ‘I'm an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat’.  I hope you have a raincoat.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 05:02 PM


Ad and all,
I find it a bit more than odd that a man who was supposedly being sexually harassed at work would go to his bosses competitor to get advice - Mal Brough in this instance - and spruik another competitor via You Tube.

I'm not making a judgement as to whether sexual harassment occurred or not...but if I was in that position I would go to the proper authorities within the party...perhaps get legal advice...but one of the last things I'd do is go to competitors because during legal proceedings it could give the impression I was working to undermine my boss.



May 5. 2012 05:30 PM


Ad astra, your usual thoughtful, insightful work. A great post, yet again.

Fiona @4.06pm, in answer to your 4 very pertinent and important points.

1)Emphatically YES!

2)Should be done post haste. The utmost speed is required.

3)Should be done urgently, without fail. With heavy punishments for breaches-jail and/or very large fines and licences revoked for long periods.

No mercy should be the mantra for the likes of Anal, Dolt and the rest of Rupert's robots.

4)Yes and double yes! And should be done immediately. Crassidy, Uhlmann and Enema Alberici should also get their pink slips at the same time unless they adhere to the principles of fair, objective and truthful reporting.

I don't want the same sort of sycophancy the msm delivered with the Rodentochracy and now with Liealot.

I want an msm which will inform us truthfully, fairly and impartially about both the the government and the opposition.


May 5. 2012 05:47 PM


Seems protecting Murdoch and austerity measures haven't done much for the UK Tories...nor the Lib Dems being in bed with the Tories:

David Cameron is under intense pressure to change the course of his government after suffering a severe electoral defeat that saw Labour chalk up gains across the country, and Ken Livingstone run Boris Johnson closer than expected in the London mayoral contest.

The prime minister's hopes that the elections would represent a chance to turn the page on a catalogue of errors since the disastrous budget were dashed as the Conservative right immediately called on their leader to be more assertive over his Liberal Democrat partners.

Ed Miliband, seizing control of 32 councils across the country, claimed Labour was back on the people's side, but promised he would work hard every day to win the electorate's trust. His aides, delighted by a strong showing in Scotland and southern England, admitted Labour had benefited from Tory abstainers as well as converts.

Senior Liberal Democrats warned that another set of resultslike Friday's would spell the end of the party as an independent nationwide force.


Predictably some Tories knee-jerkly call for more Righty policies...but acting like a bunch of backward looking tosspots will only serve to demonstrate how archaic, old school tie, homophobic, xenophobic and mean-spirited the party can be.

Cameron needs to be courageous as tell it as it is re: Murdoch and the empires' UK approach to doing business.

He could end up being seen as a born again hero.

Rather than a lame duck.



May 5. 2012 05:50 PM

Gary M

Sexual harassment indeed. If I wasn't happily married for over forty years, anyone the same age with a pulse could have sexually harassed me anytime they felt like it.

You really can't make this stuff up. For mine it was possibly an unrequited advance to the Slipper man from Ashby, and was possibly rejected. Hell hath no fury like a  women/man scorned. I mean with the Slipper all dressed up in his speaker apparel, and with that wig, a nice after shave, I can see how Slipper could arouse the animal in anyone. I mean, he's and old fossil but he aint ugly.

If Ashby had any nurries he would told Slipper to F.O. while he was well off, and not be taking legal action, how embarrassing. What a wimp.

This is a set up plain and simple, if the Australian public falls for this even with the opposition being aided and abetted by the self serving Australian media, well,  they should all hang their collective heads in shame.

Gary M

May 5. 2012 05:51 PM


Should be:

Cameron needs to be courageous and tell it as it is re: Murdoch and the empire's UK approach to doing business.



May 5. 2012 05:51 PM


Thank you Ad and Jane. If I could still blush I would...

As for the demi-virgins of the media swooning about the Finkelstein recommendations (yes, milder than mine), I'd just tell them to get over themselves, stop writing/saying crap, and behave like real journalists who tell the truth.


May 5. 2012 05:53 PM

Ad astra

It is odd; the whole saga gets odder by the day.

Thank you for you complimentary remarks.  

You say: I want an msm which will inform us truthfully, fairly and impartially about both the government and the opposition.

And so say all of us.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 05:53 PM

Ad astra

I'll be out for the evening.  Back tomorrow.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 07:42 PM


Interesting info revealed during an Amanpour interview:

In the explosive second part of his exclusive interview on Friday’s Amanpour, Ehud Olmert, former Israeli Prime Minister, said certain elements in the Jewish community in the United States had deliberately derailed the peace process.

Olmert was speaking of the peace plan he proposed in 2008, when he was Prime Minister.  Knowing the political risks, Olmert sought a “full comprehensive peace between us and the Palestinians” - a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.

“It broke my heart, the most difficult decision of my life,” said Olmert, once the Mayor of Jerusalem. “Because for me to propose a division of Jerusalem was really terrible.  I did it because I reached a conclusion that without which, there will not be peace.”

But Olmert’s plan was never adopted.  

“It was a killer for me,” he said.  “It was a killer for me not only because of the opposition in Israel.  I think that, by the way, in Israel the majority of the Israelis would have supported my plan, had it come for elections.”

Then, he leveled his astonishing charge:  “But I had to fight against superior powers, including millions and millions of dollars that were transferred from this country (the U.S.) by figures which were from the extreme right wing, that were aimed to topple me as Prime Minister of Israel.  There is no question about it.”


Requires further investigation.



May 5. 2012 07:43 PM


Dog, Dog,
I dig dis Blog!

La Stupida began that farticle:
Regardless of whether there is any Coalition ''honey trap'' involved in the case of Peter Slipper's staffer James Ashby, there is certainly a sticky spider web and it is snaring prominent Liberals . . .

and ended thus . . .

The moral is: guys, best to tell the WHOLE truth.

Guys eh Michelle. Buddies of yours eh and you want the world to know it. Nice fellers really. Cobbers.

" . . . best to tell the WHOLE truth."

Yeah it'd be good if YOU did.

Because the whole truth is that sly wording of yours shaves the truth as bald as Sinodinos. The truth is not that they failed to tell the whole truth - that is not even a sin, let alone a crime, you have the right to silence and the presumption of innocence in Labor's world, remember Michelle?

The truth, and the sin, Michelle, is your guys telling lies.

They will become the crime of perjury when Pyne and Brough and who knows who else are charged with the very real crimes of conspiracy and whatever else is involved here, unless one of them sings of course.

These people are outright LIARS! CROOKS! TRAITORS!  

Your Buddies Michelle.

HTF do you justify attacking *J*U*L*I*A* ALL THE TIME, when creatures like Abbortt and the Poodle are the alternative?

What is your religious persuasion if any Michelle, if you don't mind my asking? (Well I'm asking anyway.)

In the absence of certain knowledge, I'd guess that genuflectors are pretty well represented in that little cabal . . .

Might sound bigoted a bit . . . but I'm completely outclassed there, in comparison to Archbigot Pell whose shoes are not even worthy of my spitting on . . .

Read more: www.theage.com.au/.../...frame-20120505-1y5dn.html


May 5. 2012 09:43 PM

Ad astra

What an interesting result in UK council elections.

Gary M
The Slipper/Ashby affair gets more curious by the day.  I wonder what will come out under the forensic examination of the matter in court.  At present at least it should keep the Coalition occupied defending itself and thereby giving Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan a little clear air for the Budget,

I hope Michelle Grattan reads your comment.

Ad astra

May 5. 2012 11:20 PM

Gary M

Gary M
'The Slipper/Ashby affair gets more curious by the day.  I wonder what will come out under the forensic examination of the matter in court.  At present at least it should keep the Coalition occupied defending itself and thereby giving Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan a little clear air for the Budget,'

Indeed it does. What will come out in court is anyone's guess?

No matter the outcome I do know this, from comments read at right wing blogs, it is obvious the chattering class will and do believe anything.  Unless the Labor party comes up with a prima facia case that the opposition has been involved in this saga, it will be business as usual.

I firmly believe this is the last throw of the dice for Abbott. He must get the government to an election before the predictions of Armageddon come to nothing, after the carbon tax is up and running.

To be fair, the relentless media campaign against Gillard is nothing new. I remember the Whitlam dismissal it has all the same hall marks. Whitlam was accused of everything from the bubonic plague to Herpes. Eventually as you know, the battering of Whitlam and the government paid off, they eventually  after one further election, had him dismissed before the second. The rest is history.

I fear for our future.

Gary M

May 5. 2012 11:48 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Whitlam wasn’t a liar.

Tom of Melbourne

May 5. 2012 11:53 PM


Jnice @10.18am, couldn't agree more. I've never been able to stomach the Liars.

When you examine their track record. it's littered with this sort of stuff, like Menzies reds under the beds and yellow peril, dutifully reported by the msm, but with far less hysteria.

The difference now is, that at the behest of a corrupt media mogul, who could be quite comfortably be compared to Goebbels, although with less good points and personality, they're conducting a sustained and vicious smear campaign against a single person-the PM of this country.

The truth is of no account, lies are the new truth, and the urgers and touts are spruiking it for all they're worth.

Now if they were giving both sides the same treatment, although it would be far less than ideal, they would be on equal footing.

However, as it is, not only are both sides not on eqyual footing, but the side which is clearly inferior is the side the ancient foreigner has annointed.

That his chosen side is not only inferior, but represents a clear danger to the economic health and welfare of this country, means absolutely nothing to this wizened mobster.

Fortunately, the wind is changing; his corruption has lodged in too many throats and the foundations of his empire are cracking. Not a moment too soon.

The rats have started abandoning the sinking ship as the wind and tide of exposure drive his creaking vessel toward some lovely jagged rocks.

Fiona @5.51pm, I like your recommendations better; they're simpler, fewer and they'd force idiots like the shock jocks and oafish commentators like Dolt etc, to tread very carefully.

They'll have to resign en masse, none of them would know the truth if it bit them on the bum!

I echo your sentiments-the msm should "get over themselves, stop writing/saying crap, and behave like real journalists who tell the truth."

Nas' @5.02pm, right on and @5.47pm, couldn't agree more. I suspect the tories in this country either don't have the wit or are too complacent to see the signs. Even Coke Bottles is finding it difficult to put a positive spin and a lid, on this mounting scandal.

Funny, isn't it the msm can't resist a really juicy titillating scandal with all the trimmings-fiddling the books, gay sex, back stabbing, bribery sucking the LOTO, Mal Brough, a spurned assisstant and the heas of opposition business into its maw.

Couldn't happen to nicer people! rofl.

@7.42pm, and the skinny corrupt claws of the Tea party and their hangers on reach out to wreck and ruin.

" . . . best to tell the WHOLE truth."

TT if she'd even told a grain of truth, it would redeem her a little. And that goes for the rest of the pig-nosed bunch of gits.

We should find the largest pile of excrement in the world and shove their noses in it up to their eyes! Oh wait........they already are!

Go the spider and its web! The stickier more widely cast, the better. All the better to snare them with.


May 6. 2012 12:02 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Just getting back to the actual thread…

How did the media cause Gillard to?...
•  Knife Rudd
•  Break her written promise to Wilkie
•  Say there would be  “no carbon tax”
•  Have “complete confidence” in Thomson
•  Appoint the dubious Slipper as speaker

It seems to me that Gillard exercised her own free will on each of those issues, which have proven to be political miscalculations. Gillard has to wear the opprobrium associated with her own miscalculations.

But “blame the media” if you wish. That’s denial leading to defeat.

Tom of Melbourne

May 6. 2012 12:59 AM

Gary M

"Whitlam wasn’t a liar.
Tom of Melbourne"


. 1. Knife Rudd
• 2. Break her written promise to Wilkie
• 3. Say there would be  “no carbon tax”
• 4. Have “complete confidence” in Thomson
• 5. Appoint the dubious Slipper as speaker

1. Gillard did not knife Rudd. They took (Gillard & Co) a political gamble that depending on your opinion, may have back fired or not. We will see.

2. Are you serious? Gillard like all politicians will say and do anything to keep power, it is the nature of the beast. Do you really want a list of the lies the Howard government are guilty of? This very comment from you and your ilk, just goes to show the naivety of conservatives. Politicians lie so what's new?  

3. A broken promise so what? Was that a core promise or non - core promise?

4. Although I believe Thompson is a sleaze, he has  not been found guilty of F.A.

5. Well hello!!! It's called politics. You don't fight the enemy with your hands  tied to your bollocks. Gillard is shrewd get over it. It is because she is shrewd, articulate, intelligent, bright and bubbly the conservatives hate her guts. Of course being the daughter of a Welsh working class family is just tooooo much isn't it? After all, scratch a conservative and there for all the world to see is a red necked racist arse hole.

Yep that's conservatives for ya. If they're not worrying about boat people, and the workers getting paid enough for luxuries like food and clothes, they're peering through people's keyholes to make sure people are not having sex out side of the missionary position. Yep I can just imagine ol John peering through a keyhole watching a couple at it doggy style, the poor man would be mortified.

Gary M

May 6. 2012 01:18 AM


TT, Coke Bottles should definitely take her own advice.

Gary M @11.20pm, you're right. Whitlam was crucified the same way Gillard is now.

The amusing thing is the barrackers who squeal about "THE LIE". It's hard to tell if they're just stupid, easily manipulated, deluded, or all three.

And isn't it interesting that they find it so easy to brush aside the fact that four members of the Liars Party are either convicted of a crime or have a case to answer, including the LOTO.

Not a word of criticism when he resolutely stood by each of his criminals, but a world of confected outrage when Julia Gillard stood by an MP who has not been charged with or convicted of ANY crime.

And boy do they crank up the faux outrage when they're called on their hypocrisy.

Apparently, even when Liars Party MPs and Senators have been convicted of a crime as serious as assault, barrackers claim it doesn't matter because they're not in government.

So if they were in government they'd suddenly becone paragons of virtue?

Oh, but wait. Weren't they in government when they lied about invading Iraq? When Phone Card Reith embezzled $50k? When AWB bribed Saddam $300m, which just seemed to escape their notice?

And these model citizens are the people who will be in government if they win in 2013. We'd better  make sure they can't find the strong box.


May 6. 2012 01:43 AM


How do we neutralize Germaine? Mind you, she is largely right in her observations but what's happened to the Greer of old who poured scorn on the double-standards applied to women?

It's notable that a GG, even a male one, has a clothing allowance but a PM does not.

It's high time for Gillard to roll up her sleeves
Germaine Greer
May 5, 2012

Read more: www.smh.com.au/.../...-sleeves-20120505-1y569.html


May 6. 2012 01:51 AM

Gary M

"The amusing thing is the barrackers who squeal about "THE LIE". It's hard to tell if they're just stupid, easily manipulated, deluded, or all three."

Indeed. Mostly all three me thinks. Its really weird you know, all the political party's over the years have had their share of corruption, jobs for the boys etc, etc, but it's only the Labor party that's guilty.

At the current period in time we have a couple of politicians that one of whom may be guilty of a little sexual innuendo, and another that may, and I repeat may, have fiddled the union till.

These minor peccadillo's against sending Australian troops to their deaths in Iraq looking for non existent weapons of mass destruction, and the scandal of the Australian wheat board, just pale into insignificance.Yea right of course they do. Of course don't get me started on the money Tones withdrew from the health system when he was a Minister. Not illegal of course, a scandal none the less.

Millions of dollars ending up in the pockets of abject scum bags, and we are supposed to be in the matter of Slipper, worried about a little unrequited love.

As an aside, who could forget the A.M.A. when Medibank was first introduced, they said "Socialised medicine would rooon us all, rooooon us all I'm telling you.(Think carbon tax)

The first three months of its inception about 100 Doctors got prosecuted for defrauding it. Ah!!! Free enterprise I think they used in their defence.Or was it they wern't making enough money? I forget.

But I digress.

My wife wants to know why I drink.

Gary M

May 6. 2012 09:54 AM

Ad astra

Thank you for your overnight comments. They make interesting reading.

We will be on the road for most the day back to the south coast.  I’ll be back this evening.

Ad astra

May 6. 2012 10:26 AM


Ad astra said

I hope Michelle Grattan reads your comment.

That's what it is about the blogosphere, and this blog in particular Ad,
I have this notion that once a notion is put out here, it is Out There;

. . . and due to influences such as, and most particularly, Lyn's Daily Links, the best notions go viral.

Dog Albitey, the 3 Stooges sure have, (iyswim), DYWAT! just as trivial examples, they all started their careers right here. BISONs (the Finnigans) and Ol' Coke Bottles (Bushfire Bill), the terms might only be fun and a bit triv, but they help to raise our spirits, by ringing true, or being cute, and that is not actually trivial!

But at the more important level we can hope to shame the Media into covering stories such as the inversion of the Ashby affair, even if they hate it and try to bury it.

One of my earliest memories relates to the term *Air Mail*.

Mum was always sending letters by *air mail* see, and I knew they had to have a stamp and the right address to send them, there were special *air mail* letters made of really thin paper. Well I had no idea how it all worked, I had this notion that you took these thin letters out and threw them up in the wind. And they would find their way to the addressee.

Isn't that cute.

Anyway that's what I do think about the best political blogs, the Political Sword most centrally, that it's like throwing my letters into the air and them finding the right addressees.

Oddly, that is Yous!


Dog AllbloodyBitey! Lopsiders just showed Graeme Morris's 'kicking her to death' rant! Oh and Frau Kelly and Minilopenis are all outraged by it suddenly! It's taken how long? Hardly two comments in newspapers over that time, nor on TV. Taken 'em till now.

Did the blogosphere have something to do with its coming up now at last?

- I said a couple of days ago, it was the most buried comment in history, and that given the opportunity I would use that particular example as a stake to stab through Murdoch's black heart.  

Maybe I shook Their ABC! They knew I had the weapon . . .
And they know that I know the back passage through which I could reach his heart too . . . Smile So they've moved to cover the old bastard's arse (and thus their own . . . )

Howzat for a metaphor Comrades? I only just used that image first time now but I did say wtte, stake through his heart is better. Nastier than any Count Dracula but, uglier and greedier and richer.

Turns out this is on thread!


May 6. 2012 11:17 AM


In the Queensland Sunday Mail this morning.


The rest of it is paywalled and (as I've read the "dead tree edition version) also doesn't follow the News Ltd script.


May 6. 2012 11:36 AM


Talk Turkey:

HTF do you justify attacking *J*U*L*I*A* ALL THE TIME, when creatures like Abbortt and the Poodle are the alternative?

It would be interesting to explore Grattan's animus towards our Prime Minister. To some extent it might be the outrage of much of the third estate that Gillard never, even when Deputy PM, sucked up to them. To some extent it may be the way that Gillard now publicly dismisses Grattan's sillier questions (i.e., most of them).

But there's something else, and just at the moment I don't know what it is...

Top dissection of Grattan, "piece", btw, TT Smile


May 6. 2012 11:54 AM


Hi Ad

Joe Hockey has come up with a novel solution to the Slippergate:-

Leave Slipper matter for the court: Hockey May 6, 2012 - 11:14AM SMH
Mr Hockey has hit out at the commentary and says the case should be left to the courts. He would not be drawn on the Brough issue.

"I'm appalled at the more recent comments from the foreign minister that seek to discredit the complainant," Mr Hockey said.

"I'm quite appalled at the debate going on at the moment, trying to treat this guy as a political football. It's got to stop.

"I'm not going to join in the speculation on this matter."


May 6. 2012 11:57 AM


Hypocrisy, thy name is Hockey.


May 6. 2012 12:48 PM


Morning all. Watching the insiders this morning and Barry's interview with Joe Hockey. Mr Hockey made the comment "we were put under real scrutiny then" while discussing budget figures in their last election campaign. I waited for Barry to ask the obvious "So you are not under real scrutiny now, why would that be" but nothing. Come on Barry you where handed an opening to hold the opposition to account, why didn't you take it.


May 6. 2012 01:18 PM


Gary M @1.51am, oh how we larfed @ the old "Gillard knifed Rudd", boo hoo.

You must know that sort of thing has NEVER happened in the history of politics.

No! No! Why are you dragging carcases out of cupboards like that! They just fell on those knives when they were peeling an apple, I tell you!

Stabbed in the back, hey. Hmmmm. Oh, I know, they were trying out for a post politics career in a circus. Roll up folks and see the politician peeling an apple behind his back!

Works for me. roflmao!

WRT Rudd, I think it's clear he was the architect of his own demise. Politics, like business is ruthless; if you're not up to the job, pack your bags!

I do believe barrackers are just allergic to the truth. Brings 'em out in a rash and covers their tongues with pimples.

I suspect everyone here with a couple of exceptions knows why you drink. lol

TT, @10.26am, it's all a misunderstanding. Frau Kelly and Mr Minlopenis were kidnapped, held hostage and forced to watch endless repeats of The Brady bunch and when they werre released they were so traumatised they could neither hear nor speak until just now.

Had they been free at the time they would have whispered their disapproval from the Ltd News basement.

Lyn, perhaps we should send a tweet, email or a note to Joe Hockey wrt his statement on the Slipper case and ask if he now intends to publicly extend the same courtesy to Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper and apologise publicly to both men.

I encourage you to keep breathing while awaiting a response.


May 6. 2012 02:02 PM


Hi Jane

Joe Hockey is getting plenty of Tweets, I believe there is nothing I could say to his hypocrisy that hasn't been said this morning.  They are still going on him at this moment.

lynlinking How on earth does he look at himself in the mirror in the mornings? It just takes your breath away the hypocrisy of this moron

mrumensonya Marian re Hockey, they wanted to bully slipper before the Pyne/Brough/Ashby details emerged, now want to hush it up, no way!!

Hi I'm @JoeHockey I've harassed, bullied and taunted the #PM when she was alone and I was with #Pyne.& I'm appalled at the bullying of Ashby

Joe Hockeys stock answers; "I'm not going to get into this" "I'm not going to answer this"

Marian Rumens‏@mrumens
davidlen2 @JoeHockey Remember a video of either Pyne or Hockey or both taunting Julia Gillard like the vicious little schoolboys they are

Jennifer Wilson‏@NoPlaceforSheep
Joe "I have standards" Hockey is appalled? Ahahahahahahahahaha! That's really feckin funny.

Joe Hockey calls for end to public commentary on Ashby, but not to ongoing attacks on Slipper. www.smh.com.au/.../...egations-20120506-1y6ll.html #auspol #PotKettle

Possum Comitatus‏@Pollytics
Apparently this passes for political analysis these days

Josh Taylor‏@joshgnosis
Why is Joe Hockey asking Barrie questions? #insiders

Greg Jericho‏@GrogsGamut
Joe in trouble, so he runs as fast as he can to "the carbon tax!!" #insiders

Mark ‏
Rcynicq: we have the right to know who in pm's office knew of au day conspiracy>> AFP has cleared everyone of any wrogdoing....as U know


Cheers SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile


May 6. 2012 02:36 PM


Joe Hockey on Insiders....NEGABORE

Go start up a deli Joe...you'll be much happier slicing and cuttng and munching there...free of Abbott and his devious plans.



May 6. 2012 02:44 PM

Gary M

"I do believe barrackers are just allergic to the truth. Brings 'em out in a rash and covers their tongues with pimples."

I think the pimples are caused by conservatives having their tongues stuck  up the chutney lockers of their heroes. Mostly liberal party politicians and the royal family. They also have trouble with their knees, but I surely won't tell you why.A hint! It's been reported that church numbers are well down with conservatives, they have finally realised that God, if there is one, is on the side of the righteous. It leaves them with no one to talk to really. So I will leave the cause of their knee problem to your imagination.

As you know history starts for most conservatives about last Sunday, and books are something to start a b.b.q.with  or prop up a short leg on a table.

Drinking...My brother in law will be over today for the Sunday roast, he is a conservative. Yep I'll be drinking so I can fall into a coma. 1. So I can't hear his relentless twaddle and 2. It stops me giving him a black eye. Besides if I whacked him, the women I have been married to for over forty years would probably join in. She hates conservatives tooooo. We are indeed a close knit family.    

Gary M

May 6. 2012 02:53 PM


From Insiders:

BARRIE CASSIDY: We'll start with the Mal Brough matter. Are you satisfied there has been no collusion between the Liberal Party or any of its members and James Ashby over the Peter Slipper matter?

JOE HOCKEY: Well, the fundamental issue here is the alleged sexual harassment of a member of staff by the Speaker of the Australian Parliament. I've been listening carefully to the debate. I'm appalled at the more recent comments from the Foreign Minister that suggests that - or seek to discredit the complainant. And frankly, when there is an allegation of sexual harassment it should be left to the courts without all of this speculation around it and any attempts to try to intimidate the staffer that is making the complaint.


BARRIE CASSIDY: Why do you suppose it is that whenever Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott are asked about this they use that term 'no specific knowledge', does that imply they have general knowledge?

JOE HOCKEY: No, I'm not going to speculate. I'm not going to join in the discussion on this matter. If there is any insinuation or any suggestion of a conspiracy it will inevitably appear before the courts. It will be used as evidence or they will call people as witnesses. I'm not going to join in what is an attempt to try and harass someone making a complaint about sexual harassment against the Speaker of the House of Representatives. I'm not going to do it.


Frankly, I reckon Joe's nervous he's gonna get struck by yet another madly swinging Abbott wrecking ball:




May 6. 2012 02:57 PM


Gary wrote:

Drinking...My brother in law will be over today for the Sunday roast, he is a conservative. Yep I'll be drinking so I can fall into a coma.




May 6. 2012 03:09 PM


Michael Stutchbury on Insiders assessment of the government's school bonus payment:

"Being the Liberal hearting cynic that I am...and once a well paid hack for Rupert's Sinistry of Propaganda and Public Dumbing Down...I believe this school bonus is nothing but an attempt to copy the brilliant approach of our Lord and Saviour John Winston Howard and buy the votes of the bludgers...I mean battlers".

I think that's what he said.



May 6. 2012 03:11 PM


Hi you guys

Gary and Nasking  ROFL too

Gary I have some of those relentless twaddle's in my family too. Don't even follow Politics but know all about everything,

funny that!



May 6. 2012 03:39 PM


Shirley wrote:

"Come on Barry you where handed an opening to hold the opposition to account, why didn't you take it."

I wonder why that would be so, Shirley?

Hi, Lyn.

Good to see Sloppy's getting the rounds of the kitchen.

They also have trouble with their knees,.....

I think it's more likely to be carpet rash, Gary. Good luck with the b-i-l.

Nas' wrote:

Michael Stutchbury on Insiders assessment of the government's school bonus payment:

"Being the Liberal hearting cynic that I am...and once a well paid hack for Rupert's Sinistry of Propaganda and Public Dumbing Down...I believe this school bonus is nothing but an attempt to copy the brilliant approach of our Lord and Saviour John Winston Howard and buy the votes of the bludgers...I mean battlers".

I think that's what he said."



May 6. 2012 03:43 PM


on Insiders...that pic of Tony Abbott on the Financial Review Magazine really freaked my wife out:



Meant this one:


Santamaria's monster.



May 6. 2012 03:44 PM

Gary M

"Gary I have some of those relentless twaddle's in my family too. Don't even follow Politics but know all about everything,"

Gee Lyn I feel sorry for you. You must drink as well?

My brother in law is the king twaddler, he gives a new meaning to the word dumb. He's as dumb as a bag of hammers, in fact, he is the most useless (like all conservatives) man and I use that term loosely, God ever shovelled guts into.

He reckons (now dig this) The people in the western suburbs of Sydney are like sheep and gave us Kevin Rudd. I shit you not. This from a f*&^%$ who couldn't find his own arse hole with both hands. Give this man a screwdriver and a hammer any where near a good solid house, after ten minutes of any interference from him, you would need to call a demolition company, the house would be f&%$#@.

This peanut, this holy than thou conservative, now get this, was on the dole for ten years. I tried to explain to him with out the union movement and Labor party there would be no such thing as the dole. I said in some countries f*&^%$* like you who are useless and non productive, could very well find themselves on the end of a rope.

If he lived in Germany sixty years ago I'm sure he would have ended up in the Waffen SS as Stormfuher sh#t for brains.

But yep you guessed it, I get more intelligent conversation out of my pet Gala. Who BTW probably has more words in his vocabulary than my thick brother in law.

Conservatives how hate them, let me count the ways.

Gary M

May 6. 2012 03:45 PM


Fiona at 11.57

good avatar.


May 6. 2012 04:02 PM



I really think, if you are to be fair and reasonable on this blog, that you should remove the disgusting contribution Gary M just made to this blog. Not only is what he said baseless, it is deeply offensive and on par with the sort of comments you denounce from commentators such as Alan Jones.

If you keep this comment up on this blog people must take it as you condoning such comments.


May 6. 2012 04:04 PM


It is really great seeing all the people speaking up for Julia GIllard, and telling the truth about Tony Abbott,about his liars, decitfulness, shit stirrer, when he does an interview he is the 1st Politician I have ever seen have so many ifs and buts in his anmsweres, and when the questions get truthfullnes he runs like awounded rat with that smearky grin.
Keep up the great work I love it, and will pass this web site onto as many people as possible


May 6. 2012 04:32 PM

Gary M

"If you keep this comment up on this blog people must take it as you condoning such comments."

Poor JJ you're so precious. Hey the Labor party and its supporters have had to put up with the swill from the ILiberal party and by way of its personal secertariate the Australian media for months now. We are allowed to get a bit tetchy our selves. But hey you know what they say? If the hat fits old bean, old chum, toodle loo.

Gary M

May 6. 2012 04:55 PM


I thought long and hard about this problem. I think I have the answer and it is not comforting. Julia Gillard is the subject of an Australia-wide meme, created and promoted by the mass media, Menzies House and all the "haters" on twitter#auspol!



May 6. 2012 07:44 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Why Julia Gillard will win the 2013 election
Thursday, 5 April 2012 12:48 by Ad astra

Julia Gillard can defeat Tony Abbott in 2013. But how does she neutralize Rupert Murdoch?
Saturday, 5 May 2012 09:10 by Ad astra

AA, it seems you have moved from a position of strong conviction, i.e., Julia Gillard will win the 2013 election to a less forceful Julia Gillard can defeat Tony Abbott in 2013. May I suggest that you allow a healthy pause (about 8 hours) between reading your horoscope and putting topics up for discussion.

Consider this clanger:

I'm not convinced that Labor will lose here in Qld...I thought so a few weeks back...but Campbell Newman has run a limp campaign, his leadership is in doubt...plenty of LNP candidates come across as equally limp, or complete misogynistic xenophobic dills...

Fancy a team of limp, complete misogynists and xenophobes forcing the ALP into a position where it doesn’t even meet the requirements to be recognised as a political party (10 or more members) in order to qualify for party offices, staff and resources.

As you can see AA, The Political Sword is not the meeting place of the clairsentient. AA, don’t shut out the vox populi unless you have a desire to tip a bucket of excreta on yourself.

Sir Ian Crisp

May 6. 2012 08:26 PM


I dunno, jj. Seems accurate to me. After all, Gary is in a better position to judge the character of his brother in law than we are.

SIC, I think the Liars are doing a pretty good job of showing the voters just what they're really like. Even coke Biottles has pulled her head in a bit and good ol' Sloppy has really demonstrated the true character at the heart of the Liars Party.

It looks as though this isn't going away too soon.


May 6. 2012 08:51 PM

Ad astra

I’m back on the south coast after a long day driving, and have read your informative comments.  

It seems Joe Hockey’s performance on Insiders was not well received.  But you have to admit that for obfuscation, deviousness and hypocrisy, he scored top ratings.  His capacity to turn any good move by the Government into a negative is a sublime skill that warrants full marks.  Did he look somewhat disconcerted this morning? If so, let’s see more of it.

Michael Stutchbury was true to form: still insisting, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary that the stimulus was too large and allowed to continue for too long.  At least he’s consistent, even when he’s wrong.

Could someone explain to Sir Ian the difference between the two pieces that he quotes.  I can’t be bothered.  You don’t have to use simple language by the way; he is erudite and understands big words.

Maybe jj can be our exemplar for acceptable language, which we might deferentially follow on this blog.

Ad astra

May 6. 2012 11:40 PM


Hello Lyn,

I've found a new blog site which a bright young bloke has just established.  He appears rather astute and speaks our language.  I'd be pleased if you were able to link his topics if you get the opportunity.

His site can be found here: http://theblogicalvoice.com/




May 6. 2012 11:44 PM



I am Liberal, hear me lie
At levels too loud to deny,
And I have so many powerful lying friends!
And I don't care what you say,
Lying's in my DNA,
So I lie and lie and lie and lie again.

Oh yes I tell lies
I just lie and lie again!
Little porkie pies
And look how much I gain!
If I want to
I can say anything!
I am rich!
I am invincible!
I am Liberal!

You can prove that I'm a liar
But it only fuels my fire
And no-one ever holds me to my word!
So although my nose gets longer
I just get stronger and stronger
Even though I'm just a putrid lying turd!
Oh yes I tell lies
I just lie and lie again!
Little porkie pies
And look how much I gain!
If I want to
I can say anything!
I am rich!
I am invincible!
I am Liberal!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You said something wtte rimewrithing was easier for me than for you, don't know where you get that idea, but I tell you what, before I started writing on the Sword I had written only a few parodies like the above, now it's almost second nature. You should try it, you said once you couldn't do it but you can, it's almost cheatily easy, a few words just randomly interconnect in my head with one line - in this case the first line, I am woman hear me roar  >>> I am Liberal hear me lie . . . and the rest often just falls into place.

It's only derivative art but it is undeniable and quite satisfying because then you can sing it or have it on your mind. The bad part is that if the lyrics are deprecatory as in the above - (not all of mine are nasty, just most!) - it sort of is a bit of a downer on the original.  Lyrics of which appear at the end of this post  . . . Apologies to Helen Reddy et al.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I've been watching a long program on child abuse by priests in the Catholic Church, Deliver Us From Evil.

Dog help us! What is it with people that they believe any of this crazy religious crap in the first place! Let alone letting filthy priests get away with rape on little children - 5-year olds! - and doing nothing about it for many years!

One quote comes through from that program:

The only time Jesus ever got angry was when he went to church.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ad astra

Your assurance that Limpy is erudite on account of he knows such big words is hilarious!

Every now and again he uses a word he has found in his peregrinations that he didn't know, he writes a special sentence contrived however tortuously to manifest his erudition, and send most of us resort to the onomasticon . . .

But what it really shows is the same as what it shows that he is self-beknighted . . . namely . . . he is a pretentious poseur.

Language is for communication . . . Not for one-upsmanship games . . . so it's not erudition, it's a demonstration of arrogance and ignorance. Fact.

He won't like this will he!  

And as for poor jj, what a precious petal s/he/it is!

If I ever talked direct to trolls
I'd say
Ohhhhh zere zere nezzer mine icky bubby jj
Mummy kiss all better  . .

But I don't.

I Am Woman

-Artist: Helen Reddy from "Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits": EMI ST 11467
-peak Billboard position # 1 for 1 week in 1972
-Words and Music by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton

I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
'cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again

Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am woman

You can bend but never break me
'cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul


I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe
As I spread my lovin' arms across the land
But I'm still an embryo
With a long long way to go
Until I make my brother understand

Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to I can face anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am woman
Oh, I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong

I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong
I am woman

Transcribed by Robin Hood with help from Maid Marian


May 7. 2012 02:17 AM


Two consecutive posts on Poll Bludger. Do check the link, it does give give you a wriggle of pleasure. Barnyard eh, I can't hardly believe it. And Coke Bottles!

Ashby's goose is cooked. And all the golden eggs they thought it was going to lay, and some of the other LNP gooses as well.

If William Bowe hadn't picked out the sentences below, I was going to.


Posted Monday, May 7, 2012 at 12:07 am | Permalink

Julie Bishop and Warren Entsch now involved in the Ashby affair



William Bowe

Posted Monday, May 7, 2012 at 12:09 am | Permalink

From the Michelle Grattan article linked to by spur212:

These details emerged as the Nationals leader in the Senate, Barnaby Joyce, hit out at Mr Ashby, saying ''he seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper''. Senator Joyce said the question was what Mr Ashby was doing at Mr Slipper's house - where some of the inappropriate conversation was alleged to have taken place. ''He wasn't dragged into the house,'' Senator Joyce said, adding that Mr Ashby was ''not a boy in his teens but a man in his 30s''.

I must say this all sounds uncannily, hilariously, cosmically ironic. Given the 'presumption of innocence' principle so trampled by the Abborttians re both Thomson and Slipper, Yee Har, how the biter has been bit! Hockey squealing! Har Har Har! Abbortt disappeared! Ashby in cryogenic crypt somewhere for the duration! Brough in furious confirmation of his complicity in the conspiracy to bring down the government! Pyne is a CROOK! They are ALL CROOKS! Now Julie Bishop is in on it! Seems like Uncle Tom Cobbley and all! Dog Albitey, sool 'em! Sniff out these lying conniving vermin, nail their duplicity, we have to get the goods on them, and make sure the Truth destroys them.

This is Godwin Grech Reloaded, On Steroids! Utegate  brought about Turdball's demise, this is a much bigger more devious more sinister conspiracy and its implications are majorly criminal.
Attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Dam, it's an attempt at a palace coup!

These people deserve GAOL! Years and years!

This is no piddling matter, it's sedition!

Are all the main actors Catholics, I wonder?
If it's a Popish Plot it's a Popish plot.
I'm not saying it is a Popish plot . . .
But if it is a Popish plot it is only right for people to know that it is a Popish plot . . .

POOPOO we know is part of the Plot . . .
Abbortt's the most Popish of the whole lot
And as we all know very well
They're both genuflect to Archbigot Pell.

These people are religious fundamentalists.

They are every bit as dangerous as Zionists or Muslim fanatics.

They are crazy! - But worse still, remember, Catholics of Abbortt's stamp are especially dangerous, because they are absolved of all wrongdoing every week at least, they regard the Confessional as like a cosmic dry cleaners of their souls, doesn't matter what you did during last week, abu, all forgiven, [i]go forth and do it all over again with new twists this coming week,
yeah cool.

I don't think most Aussies are going to like the idea of a Popish plot a lot . . .  Because the conspirators in Popish  plots do not owe their primary allegiance to their homeland . . .  

. . . And the very thought of a Popish Minister for Science . . ! . .


May 7. 2012 07:44 AM



Abbott and Slipper 2- The Tar Baby, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
This week has shown that whenever Abbott gets an advantage over Gillard and Labor, he blows it. Any attack on the Budget will be blunted by his failure to dispose of low-hanging, rotten fruit like Thomson and Slipper. The idea that Abbott might fancy his chances against

Democracy v. Party ‘democracy’, The Piping Shrike
The shenanigans at the HSU may be in extremis, but they highlight several things that go beyond just one union. It’s worth pointing out that the timing of the “actions” taken by the union leadership, t

Why people don’t care about politics anymore- Leadership, polls and the proble, The Blogical Voice

Penbo and the Bogans – Using the Working Class as a Weapon against Sneering Hipster, Preston Towers, The Preston Institute
quick examination of the ALP’s policies and actions would show that they take the working class very seriously. But Penberthy, I think, is confusing the ALP with a smattering of people at inner city dinner parties he attends and those who go up to Joe Hildebrand in

The Murdoch Virus Part 2 – Hillsborough, Dan Gulbery, The Daily Derp
In Part 1 of the Murdoch Virus, we saw how Murdoch’s publications (Sydney’s Daily Mirror and Britain’s News Of The World), published fabricated stories about rampant teenage promiscuity which resulted in the suicide of a 13 year old boy and a 15 year old girl. This pattern of “making shit up,

More policy less air Hockey,  Shaun Newman, Independent Australia
I have just watched Joe Hockey on the ABC Insiders program and was left frustrated by the way he skirts around simple questions; basic questions such as how the LNP budget papers would be legitimized, saying something like “watch this space”.

The Peter Slipper illusion, Independent Australia With LNP powerbrokers Mal Brough and Christopher Pyne now having been revealed to have met James Ashby at least six times in the immediate lead-up to his civil and criminal claims against Speaker Peter Slipper, Ian Harris asks if the whole affair is just an illusion.

Wanda's World, (Only The Depth Varies
There's no requirement that I know of for politicians to be intelligent. In most democracies the majority of adult citizens are eligible to run for public office. There's no minimum IQ, no minimum education requirement, no psychometric testing to ensure that candidates are suitably focused on public service,

Unforgettable, Miglo, Café Whispers
My regular Sunday Abbott bashing frenzy can wait another week. He’ll still be there in a week’s time providing us with something to mock. One of his uncontrolled thought bubbles will float to the surface over the next few days and his motor mouth will do the rest and bingo, another blog topic will be born.

My thoughts on the Ashby versus Slipper affair, Justin Barbour,   Justin's Ineffable Rantings
there is a clear pattern of behaviour from several senior Coalition officials that is troubling and leads to the impression that they have something to hide on the issue. These are questions that need answering outside of the ordinary legal processes that will take place in the federal court in Ashby’s action against Slipper

For a Balanced View of Julia Gillard and Against a Balanced Budget, Peter, Aussie Views News
So why not judge Julia Gillard on what she has done, rather than on what someone else tells us she did or did not say, imply or mean? For a start, she has held together a government despite, during the first year, having only a cobbled together majority in the

Michelle Grattan Finds A Way To Blame PM Gillard For Pyne/Ashby/Abbott, Turn Left 2013
The Slipper affair tipped the balance, because she wasn’t going to be able to sustain her stand. The opposition and crossbenchers had the parliamentary numbers to keep him out of the chair. In more normal circumstances, Gillard might deserve some credit

Global Mail teething: tensions and changes for Attard’s baby, Andrew Crook, Crikey
The Global Mail has a yearly budget of $3 million, drawn from Wood’s deep pockets that, according to BRW magazine, hold wealth valued at about $337 million. (Wood did not return Crikey’s calls

Christopher Pyne, Mal Brough & James Ashby - the plot thickens, Clarence Girl, North Coast Voices
Liberal Party frontbencher and Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne protesting his ‘innocence’ in The Sydney Morning Herald on 2 March 2012:

Mr Hockey – The bet is ON!, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
Mr Hockey is framing the bet, it seems, in terms of whether there will either be a surplus or not: That is if expenditure is reduced to the level of revenue, then the Budget is in balance and yet lower expenditure than revenue means a budget surplus.

Taxing the family home at the wrong time, Crispin Hull
The result is that some first-home buyers buy smaller, cheaper places (and have to upgrade later) and others get shut out altogether. High duties encourage existing owners to extend rather than move and they deter empty nesters from moving to smaller places. They also discourage people from moving to get a job

"Blitz on dental waiting lists to benefit low income Australians"Gov
Funding injections into two additional programs will help to increase capacity in the dental workforce and boost services in the public sector and other areas of need, providing necessary foundations for continued improvement in dental care. “These are significant steps towards a better system of dental care.”

Hockey casts doubt on surplus promise, Channel 7
"Whatever they claim on Tuesday night is flawed because nobody - including members of the Labor party - believes that Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard are going to be there to actually have to deliver it."Mr Hockey also cast doubt on the government's budget process

The power and the glory: Australia’s politicians face an upheaval, Everald Compton, On Line Opinion
commentators emphatically predict the death of the ALP. Many are also forecasting the final days of the National Party, and some are anticipating a major change in the political alignment of the Greens. There are those who are of the view that Bob Katter’s party

Household assistance estimator, Australian Government
The Estimator will guide you through a process to identify the average price impacts and cash assistance for a predetermined household type that most closely matches your situation, based on the information you provide. The results of the Estimator

Tony Abbott! What An Arse!, Patricia WA, Polliepomes
Tony Abbott’s echoing of Germaine Greer’s criticism of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s appearance has told against him amongst women voters as I’m sure internal party polling has informed him.

Surplus will provide cushion, Australian Financial Review
The Australian government is certainly alert to challenges and opportunities in the region and we look forward to the white paper on Australia in the Asian century later this year. However, it is clear that not all sectors of the economy are benefiting from the mining boom and, as the government recognises,


Scandals dog Labor Government, The Insiders
Insiders takes a look at a chaotic week for the Labor Government, with decisions to suspend Craig Thomson and sideline Peter Slipper leading to questions about the PM's judgment.

Laurie Oakes interview
May 06, 2012: Political editor Laurie Oakes sits down with Wayne Swan ahead of the government's budget release 6 May 2012 |

Meet the Press
Greens Leader Christine Milne is guest and is asked about the


May 7. 2012 07:48 AM



Australian Newspaper Front Pages for 7 May 2012


May 7. 2012 08:27 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

May 7. 2012 09:20 AM


Lyn provided the link of course, I've posted the article in full.

I think it is a great challenge to Sloppy Joe from Stepehen Koukoulas (read to the very end) and everyone should know about it. Hockey will be a renegger for sure I'd say. Well he already is.

But Stephen The Political Sword deserves to be one of your fave rave sites.


Mr Hockey – The bet is ON!

Despite Mr Hockey offering to bet “the contents of his pocket” that the Budget will not contain “genuine savings”, the Shadow Treasurer has rejected my willingness to take the other side of the bet.

Here is my desire to take up Mr Hockey’s offer for a bet: www.marketeconomics.com.au/1917-mr-hockeys-offers-up-a-bet-but-will-he-follow-through

Mr Hockey’s squibbing on the matter is probably because he knows there will in fact be “genuine savings”.

Mr Hockey is not willing to bet that there will be a cut in real government spending in 2012-13, something that neither the Howard or Fraser governments ever achieved in 20 Budgets.  He knows there will be a cut in real Government spending in 2012-13.

Mr Hockey is not willing to look at the matter another way – taking the government spending to GDP ratio to a level below the average of the 12 Howard Government Budgets.  He knows the government spending to GDP ratio will be around 0.5% of GDP below the average delivered by the Howard Government.

To most, these would seem to be reasonable criteria by which to assess “genuine savings”.  Mr Hockey would prefer another way.

In rejecting the bet on either real cuts in spending or a lower spending to GDP ratio, Mr Hockey twittered:

Joe Hockey ‏ ‪@JoeHockey
■@TheKouk reducing expenditure to level of forecast revenue…let’s take the table at back of Budget Papers re % of GDP. Ps well done on 50BP

Just to repeat:  Mr Hockey has set the criteria to be “reducing expenditure to the level of forecast revenue”.

Mr Hockey is framing the bet, it seems, in terms of whether there will either be a surplus or not:  That is if expenditure is reduced to the level of revenue, then the Budget is in balance and yet lower expenditure than revenue means a budget surplus.

Even though this is another squibb as a return to surplus is not necessarily a question of whether or not their are “genuine savings”, I will take up the challenge from Mr Hockey.

That said, if the Budget does not return to surplus due to a global double dip recession, for example, hitting revenue, this has nothing to with “genuine savings” in the Budget.  This is why I think Mr Hockey has defined hit bet the way he has.


If the government does not deliver a surplus in 2012-13 in underlying cash terms, I will donate $500 to Beyond Blue.  It if does deliver a surplus, Mr Hockey, you can make a donation to your favourite charity.


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Lyn, Patricia,

The page


cannot be found . . . according to this little black box anyway.


May 7. 2012 09:53 AM


Hi Ad

Here is more news about the Slipper/Ashby Coalition involvement:

Thanks to Ian Black for this. The net widens: "A STAFFER of Speaker Peter Slipper twice contacted the office of...


Thanks to Ian Black for this. The net widens:

"A STAFFER of Speaker Peter Slipper twice contacted the office of Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop claiming he had been harassed in his workplace before public allegations were made against the Speaker.

She said the staffer, who had not specified sexual harassment, had been told by her staff to contact the Finance Department, which handled staff employment. Her office informed her about the matter after the second contact, but she was not told the man's name and did not know whether her office knew it. As far as she was concerned ''that was the end of it.'' After Mr Ashby's claims were reported in the media, she spoke to Tony Abbott's office about the contact".

mmmmm.....she told Abbott after it broke in the media?


May 7. 2012 10:00 AM

Gary M

It is 0750 hrs over here in the west, I have just choked on my toast from reading the Helen Reddy song dedicated to evil lying scumbag Liberals.

Hey Catspan and  JJ not a good day for yous is it? One of the worlds biggest sleaze bags got the bums rush this morning. One can only hope the dawn of enlightenment doesn't stop in France. Too bad the poor Poms will have to wait an eternity do get rid of their pox doctors clerk they call a P.M.  

Gary M

May 7. 2012 10:19 AM


TT, Lyn and anyone else misled - I messed up while sorting out my home site last night.  My apologies!

Only fit for clearing out jobs last night, even then I pressed all the wrong buttons.  Then I got caught up with Miglo's latest at Cafe Whispers which Lyn has linked to.  Found myself reminiscing about the end of World War II.   Odd, isn't it, TT, how one's inner voice won't speak up until the just right moment.

Right now Tony Abbott seems to have become the Invisible Man.


May 7. 2012 10:26 AM


Hi Talk Turkey

Won't work for me now either, not your black box. Maybe Patricia is doing some modifications at the moment.

Love your work this morning, go Turkey go.

Opposition Slipper story slips Michelle Grattan

OMG it's a cast of Lewis Ashby Pyne Brough Bradford Simpson Bishop Entsch & Abbott with Barnyard called Ashby "Dodgy"
Opposition Slipper story slips Michelle Grattan



May 7. 2012 10:46 AM

Ad astra

I see Michelle Grattan has got her teeth into the Slipper/Ashby story.  If she attacks there as viciously as she attacks Julia Gillard, it should be a fascinating story to follow.

I see Julie Bishop and Warren Entsch had prior knowledge of Ashby’s concerns; it seems improbable that Tony Abbott had no prior knowledge.  

According to Grattan: “Barnaby Joyce, hit out at Mr Ashby, saying ''he seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper''.

Will Christopher Pyne now demand Joyce apologize to Ashby, as he has demanded Bob Carr apologize over his tweet: ''This Ashby seems more rehearsed than a Kabuki actor.''


Ad astra

May 7. 2012 10:51 AM



Sarkozy's reign ends

Despite a last minute increase in support, Mr Sarkozy failed to overcome his own popularity and a growing rejection of austerity measures.



Greek pro-austerity parties suffer major blow
By Europe correspondent Philip Williams, wires
Updated May 07, 2012 09:43:00


A warning to all governments and parties who take austerity measures too far...and allow the mega-rich and robber baron corporations to keep on shovelling money and assets into their big gobs.



May 7. 2012 11:44 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
The cast widens – it will soon match that of Ben Hur.   I wonder why the media scavengers haven’t been onto Christopher Pyne for his reaction to Barnaby Joyce’s comment about Ashby: “''he seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper''.  I hope in the interests of consistency that he will insist that Tony Abbott reprimand Barnaby and ask for his apology to Mr Ashby, who, according to Joe Hockey ought to have his sexual harassment complaints heard by the courts, and not be subject to condemnatory remarks by those “seeking to discredit someone complaining of sexual harassment.”

Stephen Koukoulas’ article offers a real challenge to Joe Hockey.  Will he take Kouk’s bet?  Joe is a blowhard who needs to be challenged by real economists.  An amateur at economics like Barrie Cassidy is not up to the task, allowing as he does Joe to blather on, bamboozling him and some of his audience, but dismaying those who really understand economics.  There needs to be a round table debate between Joe Hockey and solid economists that give sufficient time for all to be heard.  Only then will Joe’s paucity of understanding of economics and his disingenuousness be exposed.

Ad astra

May 7. 2012 12:00 PM


From Robert Reich @ Huffington Post:

What to do? Learn from our own history.

The last great surge in productivity occurred between 1870 and 1928, when the technologies of the first industrial revolution were combined with steam power and electricity, mass produced in giant companies enjoying vast economies of scale, and supplied and distributed over a widening system of rails. That ended abruptly in the Great Crash of 1929, when income and wealth had become so concentrated at the top (the owners and financiers of these vast combines) that most people couldn't pay for all these new products and services without going deeply and hopelessly into debt -- resulting in a bubble that loudly and inevitably popped.

If that sounds familiar, it should. A similar thing happened between 1980 and 2007, when productivity revolution of computers, software, and, eventually, the Internet spawned a new economy along with great fortunes. (It's not coincidental that 1928 and 2007 mark the two peaks of income concentration in America over the last hundred years, in which the top 1 percent raked in over 23 percent of total income.)

But here's the big difference. During the Depression decade of the 1930s, the nation reorganized itself so that the gains from growth were far more broadly distributed. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 recognized unions' rights to collectively bargain, and imposed a duty on employers to bargain in good faith. By the 1950s, a third of all workers in the United States were unionized, giving them the power to demand some of the gains from growth. Meanwhile, Social Security, unemployment insurance, and worker's compensation spread a broad safety net. The forty-hour workweek with time-and-a-half for overtime also helped share the work and spread the gains, as did a minimum wage. In 1965, Medicare and Medicaid broadened access to health care. And a progressive income tax, reaching well over 70 percent on the highest incomes, also helped ensure that the gains were spread fairly.

This time, though, the nation has taken no similar steps. Quite the contrary: A resurgent right insists on even more tax breaks for corporations and the rich, massive cuts in public spending that will destroy what's left of our safety nets, including Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, fewer rights for organized labor, more deregulation of labor markets, and a lower (or no) minimum wage.

This is, quite simply, nuts.

And this is why a second Obama administration, should there be one, must focus its attention on more broadly distributing the gains from growth. This doesn't mean "redistributing" from rich to poor, as in a zero-sum game. To the contrary, the rich will do far better with a smaller share of a robust, growing economy than they're doing with a large share of an economy that's barely moving forward.

This will require real tax reform -- not just a "Buffett" minimal tax but substantially higher marginal rates and more brackets at the top, with a capital gains rate matching the income-tax rate. It also means a larger Earned Income Tax Credit, whose benefits extend high into the middle class. That will enable many Americans to move to a 35-hour workweek without losing ground -- thereby making room for more jobs.

It means Medicare for all rather than an absurdly-costly system that relies on private for-profit insurers and providers.

It will require limiting executive salaries and empowering workers to get a larger share of corporate profits. The Employee Free Choice Act should be an explicit part of the second-term agenda.

It will require strict limits on the voracious, irresponsible behavior of Wall Street, from which we've all suffered. The Glass-Steagall Act must be resurrected (the so-called Volcker Rule is more ridden with holes than cheese), and the big banks broken up.

And it will necessitate a public educational system - including early child education - second to none, and available to all our young people.

We don't need socialism. We need a capitalism that works for the vast majority. The productivity revolution should be making our lives better -- not poorer and more insecure. And it will do that when we have the political will to spread its benefits.

Much more here:




May 7. 2012 12:18 PM


Where's Tony? And where's Peta Credlin?
I bet she's involved in this meddlin'!
And if that is true
They've been lying with POO -
She'll need Napi-San for washing their bedlinen in!

Joe Hockey please notice that this disgusting piece of scurrilous scuttlebutt is a deliberate and outrageous attempt to involve and besmirch a woman on whose character there is not the slightest stain. It is misogynistic rumour-mongering of the most despicable kind, and even hints at sexual shenanagins between the lovely Ms Credlin and our honourable Most Catholic Leader of the Opposition. It even insults your pious Nearly most Catholic Manager of Opposition Business by referring to him as POO.

And I did it all myself. Smile

Oh speak of the Angel, here's Sloppy Joe as I go to post!

Sounding STUPID!

He hasn't a CLUE!

The Great Dismemberment begins!

Hockey on defensive . . . MSM on attack!

They smell blood here. No joy to be gained from Labor.

I predict Hockey will cut this short asap. I'll wait and see.

Hockey's flobbering. Head-bobbing, toe-rocking, wriggly and faux giggly, Oh the next months my friends are going to be fun as They come unstuck.

He stayed to the end but departed very ungraciously.
Only one question about Ashbygate.

They are all running for cover.
But they will be unable to hide now.

Abbortt Remember
The Ides of September!
My Eye of Time sees
You begone by December.


May 7. 2012 12:51 PM


The Media Smell Blood On That Elusive Liberal!

We seek you here,  we seek you there.
We journos seek you everywhere.
Are you a bit crook, or really unwell?
Come out, Tony!  Come on, tell!
You said there’d be a Dissolution
Now you could pass that resolution
Right at the start of Budget week,
Before Slipper got the chance to speak.

We seek you here, We seek you there!
We journos hunt you everywhere!
The word is out.  We’ll get a bell,
Then we’ll  track you.  We know your smell.
Tony, call us!  We need your story!
Come on!  Tell it!  Make sure it’s gory!
Answer our questions. Don’t cut us short.
It looks so bad when you’re a spoil sport.

They seek you here, they seek you there
The lefties seek you everywhere!
Till now you gave them nothing but frustration
Now they want your decapitation.
Gillard can call for your execution.
After all you did cry,  “Revolution!”
Okay, stay lost.  Your story‘s dead.
Tomorrow’s headline will be,  “Off with his head!”


May 7. 2012 01:19 PM


From adam abdool on Poll Bludger

Posted Monday, May 7, 2012 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

An objective assessment of our PM:


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is why I write her name *J*U*L*I*A* !


May 7. 2012 01:23 PM


Ad Astra

Terrific piece, and am so glad all here know it to be true.


Your poem at 12.51 is just excellent as usual.

Well, the ABC is living up to its wonderful new standards.  Bash Labor by the hour, dead silence on the opposition.  I think it must be only the people on blogs or twitter that are aware that and awful lot of Liberal/National politicians are involved in setting up Mr Slipper.  Nothing, ziltch, nada......on any ABC medium at it at all.

Oh oh, now we have the report on the HSU.  Let's make up lies about Craig Thomson.  


May 7. 2012 01:28 PM


My view of why Gillard has it tuff:

I don’t think it woulda mattered what Gillard had done…the Murdoch empire and its clones were out to get her and this government…

too many of the mega-rich and corporate privileged are worried about the precedents being set…

look how the super profits mining tax is spreading across the world…governments need revenue…to provide opportunities for the many…

with the kind of media and business vice Gillard was/is in it’s not surprising she stumbled sometimes…any small stumble is expanded into a supernova these days by a media also looking for an audience…struggling financially…

Gillard reaches out for allies, some companies…but who can you trust in this panicked world of dog eat dog, dogs and old school ties, dogs collude for profits, dogs bark loud in need for more and more profits driven by the demands of shareholders? A lady will never be safe & secure amongst the hungry dogs.

Then you have a grumpy electorate…more more more (sing it)…and attacks from all sides expecting infinite from finite…

And tired, overworked, house & child & eldely parent burdened incurious drivers and listeners…congested and sleepwalking…looking for easy answers and reasons to explain the sense of malaise and exhaustion and loss of youth…radios blaring with misogynistic shock jocks feeding on their apathy…spreading cynicism like a virus…infecting, infecting…

and some of the elderly watching the sun get lower and lower…in more pain than ever…looking for answers in all the wrong places…oft taking the traditional route…
MSM…where Gillard is now ENEMY NO. 1

Pragmatic lady making hard calls…fixing the problems of the past few PMs…Keating letting Murdoch off the leash…Howard’s neglect and carrots to too many buying votes…Rudd’s sometimes careless spending…

Any wonder its hard for her in this sunburnt, sometimes rain-soaked outpost…where men have the inside track and luv it…and the corporate aristocracy thunder.



May 7. 2012 01:54 PM


Isn't that a great testimonial, TT!   Says everything we already knew about her and more!

Gravel, I'm glad you like it.  Sadly I think he won't stay elusive for too much longer, so my pome won't last the day in currency.    Never mind, it was fun while it lasted and I have to thank Talk Turkey for the smell blood idea!

In fact, I think our Tone has already surfaced alongside the PM at a Red Cross Function.  It seems our heroine got a big laugh when she introduced herself and Tony Abbott there.

“I’m Red and he’s always cross!”  Mr. Abbott was not amused!



May 7. 2012 03:31 PM


Gary M,

If the ALP existed in France it would be considered a right wing party, and so to claim that a win for the extremist left is a win for the ALP, or your side of politics, is a myth. Even under their now ex-president, the size of Government as a percentage of GDP was 56%; a figure considered totally ridiculous by all economists in in the non-European Western world.

Oh, and if such leftist winds were to sweep the world we would be seeing Christine Milne as our PM in the next few years; and even you, i am sure, would not want that.

Simple correlations are used by simple minds...


May 7. 2012 03:59 PM


  Worry about these winds blowing about the place!
Ashby's character may be in for a seeing to.



May 7. 2012 04:02 PM


IMHO Christine Milne would be a better bet than Tony Abbott.

Considering the Leader of the Opposition was a part of the Howard "core and non-core promises", "children overboard", "AWB" fiascos, Christine Milne seems to understand that a better all round result is gained by negotiation, agreement and a touch of truth in advertising.

It would also have the additional benefit of a number of media proprietors and self made "shock jocks" spin so fast they'd be drilling a hole to China before the first 30 days were up Laughing.


May 7. 2012 05:30 PM


Sue at Cafe Whispers has given us the link to the Red Cross do.


I thanked her and told her much I love the picture of the PM sitting alongside Abbott with her little girl ‘aren’t I naughty’ grin, Very natural and endearing.

Sue then pointed out that in that in the video clip "when Abbott arrived not only did he not greet Matilda House he ignored the PM. He apologised to Matilda House. But not to the PM."

I think it was after that the PM made her little quip.  Who can blame her.

But anyway he did look like a very angry, or at least distracted man, from the moment he stepped up on that stage.  The PM looked very happy throughout.


May 7. 2012 05:31 PM

Gary M

"If the ALP existed in France it would be considered a right wing party, and so to claim that a win for the extremist left is a win for the ALP, or your side of politics, is a myth. Even under their now ex-president, the size of Government as a percentage of GDP was 56%; a figure considered totally ridiculous by all economists in in the non-European Western world."

JJ like mine, that is only an opinion. The Labor party consists of many factions, some of it's members would no doubt make you look like a communist. We unlike the conservatives have to serve many masters,and very unlike the conservatives,  who in the main all have the same M.O. Greedy, indifferent, Er,  actually it can be summed up in a few words, most of them are that shallow they could parachute out of a snakes arse.

That's just their good points.

Your economic theory holds about as much water as my 'Scrotum' Sarkozey got the arse because he is 1. A sleaze.  2. Taking France down the road with  austerity measures that will mainly affect the poor. Besides the French are a bit more sophisticated when they know they're being screwed, they are known to revolt, storm the Bastille.

It is true, conservative politics in this country at this stage is in the ascendancy, why wouldn't it be? It has the media in this country in its back pocket, and is spewing out  anti Labor propaganda 24/7. With absolutely (in the scheme of things) no balance and accountability for the opposition. Even the ABC is getting like PRAVDA.

Unlike some on this blog, I admit my Labor party has had its problems. But don't piss down my back and tell me its raining. The Liberal party under the tutelage of John Howard made corruption, jobs for the boys, and out right lying, an art form.

People would be less inclined to insult you if you would have the decency to stop gilding the lily. The Liberal party has just as many sexual deviants, shysters, and lying arse holes as the Labor party.

Christine Milne is a star, and yes I would have her as the P.M. any day. She makes Tony Abbott look like a hillbilly you would find in the hills of Kentucky.      

Gary M

May 7. 2012 05:53 PM


Gary M
What have you got against Kentucky Hillbillies? Smile

*J*U*L*I*A* looked marvellous on the stage with that boor.

*I'm Red, he's always Cross!*

As Patricia said, she was wearing "her little girl ‘aren’t I naughty’ grin, Very natural and endearing."

Abbortt looked ill. Everybody else enjoyed the joke which was very much at his expense.

Good on you J-Girl. Go for the throat.


May 7. 2012 06:52 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Has anyone here heard the latest "media beat-up" about Craig Thomson??!!

Tom of Melbourne

May 7. 2012 07:19 PM


That was one great quip, well delivered by our PM. I've watched the video a few times now on the link provided (Thanks PatriciaWA). Before watching it online, however, I saw the report of the event on the Ch 9 6pm News with Peter Ovington. I was left wondering if they were a record of the same event.

The 'doctored' video on Ch 9 made it look as if not one person laughed and that the PM was left. I know how they edited the video to give that impression but why? Why such vitriol and wilful mis-reporting of our extraordinary PM?

BTW the link at media.smh.com.au/.../...-always-cross-3276915.html works better. It does not have that long video of how to bath a baby preceding it.

We are now beyond the half way point in the ABC 7pm News in the ACT and there has been no mention of the Red Cross event.

Not only did Abbortt ignore Matilda House and the PM but he reached across the PM to shake hands with Christine Milne.

It will go unremarked in the MSM.  


May 7. 2012 07:22 PM


OOPS! meant in para 2 to say 'PM was left, mouth open like a failed stand-up comic.'


May 7. 2012 07:29 PM


   I have heard something about it! However since you are to lazy to even vote and participate in the "democratic process" who cares what you think?
You're a grub on about the same level as "rock spiders"


May 7. 2012 07:33 PM


The Red Cross event did not rate a mention on the ABC 7pm News. We had the Budget being overshadowed by the Fair Work Australia & Craig Thompson matter. The same intro that we had from Uhlmann.


May 7. 2012 07:54 PM

Tom of Melbourne

That’s terribly coherent Jason.

No doubt entirely in accordance with the protocols for commentary on this site too.

I've heard though, FWA has made some adverse findings against Craig. Can you believe it? They're probably part of some anti ALP Murdoch push.

Tom of Melbourne

May 7. 2012 08:37 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

AA, you should have put it like this: Julia Gillard will defeat Tony Abbott in 2013. But how does she neutralize Rupert Murdoch? That statement dovetails nicely with your earlier statement: Why Julia Gillard will win the 2013 election.

When you use a passive word like ‘can’ you merely deflate the upbeat mood of TPS’s ALP acolytes and soon enough the dark clouds of doubt appear.

Sir Ian Crisp

May 7. 2012 08:52 PM


   "I've heard though, FWA has made some adverse findings against Craig. Can you believe it?" Yes I can! and as I understand it they are "civil matters" not "criminal".

However "if" he's done the wrong thing and is found to have done so, well hang him high! I unlike you was unaware that he had been found guilty! Mary Jo Fischer from here in SA was found Guilty of assault ( should've gone for shop lifting as well),but the judge declined to record a conviction and she's still in the senate,so is there a point to this or is it just something get off on?


May 7. 2012 10:10 PM


Yes, Casablanca, they do that all the time.  They either ignore her altogether or distort their reports and footage to diminish her.  Appalling isn't it?   I tried to cheer myself up today by actually getting a new post together after all, TT and Lyn.  polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../.

I did a bit of distorting myself today, set off by the smell of blood from you, TT.  I hope you like this new version, now The Damned Elusive Liberal!  All wishful thinking, I suppose, about Abbott being hunted down by the media, and getting his just deserts. I thought I'd better post it with a few notes before he and his Murdoch mates get a chance to wipe Ashby/Slipper/Brough/Coalition nexus off the public consciousness.   Mind you, tomorrow promises to be very interesting!


May 7. 2012 10:32 PM


Hello Swordsfolk.

About four or five of us from Cafe Whispers will be meeting up in Sydney on Saturday, May the 19th. We'd be delighted if anybody from TPS would like to join us. Kindly drop a note at the Cafe if you're willing to come along and I'll email you the details.




May 7. 2012 11:54 PM


Evening All,
It has been a long day checking the traps - did I miss anything?

Didn't think I had.

Seeing as the budget will be delivered tomorrow and we will get lot's of commentary while it is as all 'spewing forth' at you keep this in mind:

Leaked… Hockeys Flow Chart for #budget reply  WolfCat @InsertCleverTitleHere


May 8. 2012 07:36 AM



Black Budget Blasts Battling Blue Bloods , Mr Denmore, The Failed Estate
Don't talk about alleged "middle class welfare" to Prudence Hetherington-Alswyth. This is a woman who already felt she had sacrificed enough. And now with Wayne Swan's heartless budget, her struggling family feels it has reached rock bottom. This is their story.

LIFE OF THE PARTY: James Ashby accused of procuring unwitting young men for HIV positive millionaire mate for pleasure palace “partying, Vex News
Speaker Peter Slipper’s harassment accuser and political player James Ashby has been accused by those familiar with his exploits on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast of socially introducing young gay men to the acquaintance of a close millionaire friend without disclosing the friend is HIV positive

FWA urges civil suit against Thomson: experts respond , Justin Norrie, The Conversation
Third, reform of the relationship between unions and the ALP is long overdue. With the decline in union and party memberships, the relationship has become too narrowly based and operates too much like a closed network. A more open relationship is required,

Compare The Pair – Tony Abbott refuses to answers questions V Arrested Development Chicken Dance, Turn Left 2013
Tony Abbott deals with anything he doesn’t like, for example, for a man who has been running an election campaign since he lost in 2010, endlessly fronting the media, he has been strangely absent for the past several days

Budget BonBons, Only The Depth Varies
My response, via Twitter, to Paul Murray's question was that the change occurred during the Howard years, when each budget included some kind of allowance or bonus or tax cut to help Howard's 'Aussie Battlers' - families in the mortgage belt...except that we got greedy.

Who’s a low taxing government? This one, Stephen Koukoulas
If Mr Hockey and the Coalition are to deliver this guarantee, yet aim for Budget surpluses of 1% of GDP at the same time, which is also a Coalition objective, they are going to have to deliver net spending cuts of around $20 billion per annum. Throw in the fact that they are rescinding the carbon and mining taxes

Reserve steals Swan’s budget forecasts thunder, Ross Gittins
While normal people are awaiting tomorrow night's federal budget to see if the measures Wayne Swan announces are naughty or nice, misguided souls in business and the financial markets are more interested in knowing Treasury's forecasts for the economy in2012-13.

TIP FOR SWAN- The right way to present budget forecasts, Peter Martin
Stephen Bartos at ACIL Tasman tells me the Bank of England introduced them in 1996, the UK Office of Budget Responsibility uses them too.Our Reserve Bank is moving in that direction. It's latest collection of forecasts uses a very wide range of projections for the out years.

The many adventures of Clive Palmer, James Thomson, The Power Index, James Thomson, The Power Index
Palmer says he will target Wayne Swan's seat of Lilley, although Opposition Leader Tony Abbott seems more than a little unsure if the entrepreneur would actually get pre-selection. But Palmer is talking much bigger than a Brisbane seat. "I see it very important

Monday in Canberra, Miglo, Café Whispers
We have been following the “slippery slipper” across a few stories . But it may end up with its own thread with the revelations today in the Age.  Just how many Liberals are involved will soon be left to the bookies, I guess

That Damned Abusive Liberal!, Patricia wa, Polliepomes
Four days from Friday to Monday without an interview or statement for mainstream media was a record for him. When he did front this morning on stage with the Prime Minister at a Red Cross function

Keneally's nihilism and the mother of all backflips, Mungo Maccallam, The Drum
In other words, the Prime Minister should stand in parliament and announce that she is repealing the legislation that she has spent nearly a year and a half manoeuvring through both houses, so abandoning all her principles and allies in a last, desperate effort to kowtow to the rent seekers, shock jocks and opinion polls; http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/3995528.htm

4G faster than the NBN? I don’t think so, Renai LeMay, Delimeter
However, the long-term future for the NBN is even better than that of Telstra’s 4G network. Long-term, the NBN can be upgraded to support gigabit speeds. That is, 1000Mbps or similar. Will Telstra’s 4G network ever offer gigabit per second speeds? Not in the foreseeable future. Right now, it will be a very hard ask even to get it to do something a tenth that speed over the next decade or so — 100Mbps. And that’s still a theoretical peak speed,

Too hard for Coalition to reverse NBN, says Forrester, Australian Financial Review
the opposition party has promised to halt further development of the NBN,” the report said. “NBN Co has made binding agreements that will be hard for any incoming government to reverse and even the opposition has vowed to lift Australia’s performance with its alternative broadband policy.


Opposition reacts, Government responds to HSU report release, 7.30pm Report
Opposition Leader in the Senate Eric Abetz reveals the contents of the Fair Work report on the Health Services Union, and Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten responds

Episode 14, 7 May 2012 , Media watch
The Convergence Review's Final Report was released to the media at 11am last Monday. But some papers had already been busy telling us what would be in it - and getting it wrong. Four days earlier, The Australian had run this on its front page:

Thomson named in FWA report, Lateline
The Fair Work Australia investigation into the Health Services Union has been released under parliamentary privilege, naming Federal MP Craig Thomson.

Show me the money... Q and A ABC
Here are the questions our panel faced this week. Tell us what your answer would be or what you think our panellists need to say.


May 8. 2012 07:38 AM



Australian Newspaper Front Pages for 8 May 2012



May 8. 2012 08:24 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

May 8. 2012 08:57 AM


Gracias for all the valuable links and tweets today and over the weekend.

Tony Abbott this morning:

Even this surplus is like a culinary delight...and being that my last budget reply was based on rubbery & artificial figures...I'm going to project that onto the Treasurer's surplus...and keep boringly saying my negative label for the week to see if it sticks...artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial me...I mean them...the surplus...not me...definitely not me...I'm not artificial am I Joe?...Joe?...JOE?...artificial, artificial, artificial, artificial...



May 8. 2012 09:06 AM


Here's a thought...instead of trying to neutralise Murdoch, how about the PM stops treating us like half-wits and stops diminishing her office with cynical realpolitik??? FFS it's like bloody Mafia runs the country these days. Forget the light on the hill - its all about the red light outside the brothel.  


May 8. 2012 09:06 AM


Example of an artificial sweetener:

Anything offered up by Tony Abbott that his Lib and Nat colleagues won't go for...and the country cannot afford:








May 8. 2012 09:40 AM


Now courtesy of Sky News (partially controlled by Rupert's Sinistry of Propaganda and Public Dumbing Down) Tony Abbott's latest words of pissdom:

As long as the government does what John Howard and I have done in the past by accepting a democratically-elected member of the parliament's vote this is a tainted love affair with Coalition style politics...and we can't have that kind of tainted love reminding the Australian public yet again how truly tainted Coalition politics has been since the AWB scandal, Tampa affair, children overboard lies, Iraq War bum slumming with Bush based on sexed-up evidence, the Gretched Affair, accepting Peter Slipper's vote to win the leadership then knifing him...tainted, tainted, tainted, tainted, tainted tainted me...NO NO NO NO
them...not me...them...we're not tainted..are we Malcolm?...Malcolm?...MALCOLM?...tainted, tainted, tainted...



May 8. 2012 09:44 AM


Good Morning Ad

Here is this mornings Twitterverse for everybody:

Latika Bourke ‏
Tingle: Swan to forecast $1.5b surplus and scrap biz tax cut: www.afr.com/.../company_tax_cuts_at_risk_lermqmlXdQN4s1B94qoxHP

Stephen Koukoulas‏@TheKouk
To all the surplus knockers, would a deficit of $10b? $20b? be better? Why not $30b? See how silly their argument is?

Rob Stott‏@Rob_Stott
Could someone please tell me how the PM is supposed 'disown' Craig Thomson's vote? He can vote however he wants and she can't stop him.

Rob Stott‏@Rob_Stott
2FBS Made more ridiculous by the fact the PM has no power to reject a vote. She's done all she can by kicking him out of Labor

ABC The Drum ‏@ABCthedrum
Budget 2012: a recipe for disaster - a piece by Bill Mitchell http://bit.ly/KSbEo2 #budget2012

John Hanna‏@John_Hanna
I don't suppose @BreakfastNews will be interviewing Gail Kelly from Westpac.

Hands off Julia Gillard, says Westpac boss www.smh.com.au/.../...pac-boss-20120507-1y954.html

David Bradbury MP ‏@DavidBradburyMP
Good story in the @PenrithPress about Nepean Clinical School built with Federal Government funds http://ow.ly/1LPBs4

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
Ahead of #Budget2012 @SwannyDPM makes his case for a return to surplus in @FinancialReview [free]
www.afr.com/.../restraint_creates_room_to_move_TRD9pzOf8cRys0Jdx8yDCK #auspol #ausecon

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
IMF says advanced economies must cut public debt but the mix of austerity vs growth should vary by country [free]
www.afr.com/.../austerity_versus_growth_false_debate_OSliF6C9pBLEmCDMu6uw0N #ASX

The Age‏@theage
Budget? What budget? We're too busy watching the sex scandals, says Tony Wright
www.theage.com.au/.../...steam-20120507-1y95l.html via @theage

The Age‏@theage
Thomson damned by HSU findings www.theage.com.au/.../...dings-20120507-1y96q.html via @theage

Paul Bongiorno‏@PaulBongiorno
Just yesterday the FWA inquiry was " politically motivated cover up" or "incompetent" now the Opposition says it's "thorough

Top quality journalism from the Age again

How do you 'disown' or 'not accept' a vote? #auspol #confused http://bit.ly/IDoRyq

jan jay‏@batterbox
Both sexes are to blame for misogynist vitriol against Gillard
www.smh.com.au/.../...-gillard-20120507-1y8zg.html via @smh

Mark Reed‏@champagnesocial
Not standing by Thomo, standing by agreement. Distinct difference. RT @perthnow: Windsor standing by Labor Thomson http://bit.ly/KT65FY

Joyce takes Brough to task over meeting with Slipper's accuser | http://smh.com.au -

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU
Swan's song to be in the key of austerity www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120507-1y94s.html via @NationalTimesAU

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU
Phillip Coorey
Joyce takes Brough to task over meeting with Slipper's accuser
www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120507-1y95o.html via @NationalTimesAU

Malcolm Farr
Tonight is about the surplus, not leadership speculation http://bit.ly/JQUdWb #auspol #ausbudget

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU
Thomson's credit card lies confirmed www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120507-1y964.html via @NationalTimesAU

ABC The Drum ‏@ABCthedrum
Video of the Day (via @ABCMediaWatch): The media's misreporting of the convergence review http://bit.ly/zoMZ4h #mediawatch



May 8. 2012 10:34 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for yet another great set of links - wasn't Mr Denmore's piece delightful - and the Twitterverse, so varied, so intriguing.

I'll be out for a couple of hours but hopefully back in time for the start of parliament.

Ad astra

May 8. 2012 10:34 AM




But he's actually

"That Constipated Liberal"!

You said
"You said there’d be a dissolution,
Now you could pass that resolution,
Right at the start of Budget week,
Before Slipper got a chance to speak."

No, Abbortt can't pass resolutions -
Too much trouble with ablutions!
Eighteen months to move that motion:
Windsor prescribes a laxative potion! Smile

Abbortt him one nasty Janus:
Him two-faced, each mouth an anus!
Stand well clear, but never fear:
It's only verbal diarrhoea!

I don't think he can move anything while Slipper is still in the Chair, and when Slipper has finished being in the Chair he's not in the House any more I think . . ? . . So that will be that.

Oh here's a funny thing. I've thought about this for a while but I can't see anyone else mentioned it . . .
when Anna Burke is in the chair she might give Ministers a little more rein in answering questions. . . I think Slipper was too tight altogether on Relevance, to the extent that he called *J*U*L*I*A* several times for simply comparing Labor's performance etc with the NOposition's. I think genuine comparison and contrast is a fair part of any answer. If so there'll be some lively hatred coming from Them crying Foul. But they do that anyway no matter what.

Will Anna do her 'nana?  

Stand by for today's drama Comrades. What will happen, and what might happen today, is all unprecedented.

And this week is very important to Labor. Swan was perfect on doorstep, completely on focus and sounding very confident in whacking the Thomson questions away, and in doing so letting the journalists know their business. I think Swan is great.

Wasn't there somebody called Ashby? No mention of him on ABC this morning, not one on Q&A last night! Duck me fed those questions are crooked! The first one was a story all in itself, these questions are vetted first, they are not randomly picked from the audience!

There's Wormtongue Jones KNOWING the questions, smug creep, gleeful at the tone of the question he has personally chosen! That's not what's supposed to happen! It's the equivalent of astroturfing, well no it's 'way worse! Does no-one else see this as a parody of what Q&A is supposed to be about? Vetted questions!? Like that first one last night?
*What do you think?*    


The Prime Minister need not accept Thomson's tainted vote.

Give me strength.

Oh Windsor and Oakeshott should wake up to themselves . . . again . . .

Abbortt remember
The Ides of September

And see I'm right about the perfectly balanced budget . . .

$1.5 billion . . . Howzat for perfect balance!

"Twenty pounds and a penny!"

What it shows is that the Government is in superbly nuanced control.

Will that make Australia the first developed economy back in balance?

I love little Tweetie's
Bright notes every dawn!
By the time I have read them,
The whole morning's gorn! Kiss  


May 8. 2012 10:38 AM


Great article ad so refreshing to get balance. And thanks for all the links. I despair at the thought of federal labor going the way of QLD. If the electorate keeps having this unbalanced view forced on them by Murdoch (and lets face it the ABC is no better - they really get up my nose)the Australian people will be the losers. Abbott has no policies and it looks like if 'we' are going to give him power then why should he do anything other then be this hideous attack dog, with these relentless one liners. His PPL? I can't believe this gets serious consideration by the media? What he is saying is some babies are worth supporting to the tune of 75K and some are worth 15K, or 8K and if you don't work ...well hey yours are worth nothing. And we see no problem in that?


May 8. 2012 10:48 AM


How many people with kids, mortgages, debts work almost til they drop? Plenty.

And they are so exhausted they don't have much time to do anything but trust that their financial leaders are doing the right thing.

More and more over the years tho they've begun to wake up to the mess...the corruption...the arrogance that lies beneath.

More and more people are starting to believe too many leaders of the world's finance companies/corporations are takin' them for a ride.

Are in fact psychopaths...morally bankrupt...criminals.

Helping a privileged few at the expense of the many.

Not to be trusted. Unable to recognise their contribution to the GFC.

Increasingly the people are becoming annoyed, angry, rejecting austerity measures that wound the many...but too oft turn out to be wagging fingers...minimal punishment and deterrents for the psychos and highly testosteroned and conniving sh*ts that ran the financial system and housing markets into the ground.

The trust has been lost.

I wonder why?:

Sandy Weill, Builder Of Too Big To Fail, No Longer Accepts Blame For Crisis

The man who brought you Too Big To Fail has had just about enough of everybody blaming him for big banks failing.

In an interview with Fortune's Nin-Hai Tseng, Sandy Weill, the former CEO of Citigroup, said his lumbering beast of a bank, and other lumbering beasts like it, aren't to blame for the crisis.

Weill was the CEO of Citigroup until late 2003, during the key "becoming a monstrous disaster waiting to happen" phase of its existence. He lobbied, tirelessly and successfully, to break down Depression-era regulations against banks becoming too big. He even has a plaque in his office that boasts "The Shatterer of Glass-Steagall," according to a New York Times report.

And after (or, really, before) those regulatory shackles were cast aside, Weill worked tirelessly and successfully to bolt as many moving parts onto Citigroup as he could. Every other bank followed suit, just to keep up. Citi was king of them all for a while, the biggest bank in the world, and Weill rode off into the sunset in 2006, when he retired as chairman, his handiwork complete.

And then the wheels started to come off. About a year and a half after his departure as chairman, Citi announced horrific losses due to its exposure to subprime mortgages, and a year after that the government pumped $45 billion into the bank to keep it from creating a black hole into which all of our money would be sucked. Citi has ever since been shedding as many of the parts Sandy Weill bolted on as it can.

So, naturally, Sandy Weill, whom Time magazine labeled one of the "25 People To Blame For the Financial Crisis," feels deep regret for all of this, no?

No! Are you kidding? Do you really think the man who loaded half his family tree onto a Citigroup jet for a Mexican vacation just weeks after the bank received the second of its enormous taxpayer bailout checks still has a functioning shame gland?



and the bankers wonder why we don't believe them when they make justifications for sucking more and more money out of us...

and when they attack governments trying to tax the bigwigs more to provide more opportunities for the many.

Clean house I say...clean house. Demolish some.

Time to rebuild.

Regain trust.



May 8. 2012 11:14 AM


Good Morning Nasking

Thankyou for being brilliant, providing a constant source of information.

You are definately keeping TPS's engine revved up. Fast forward.

(Gracias for all the valuable links and tweets today and over the weekend)          the very same back to you Nasking.



May 8. 2012 11:28 AM


plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose (the more things change, the more they stay the same):

Mitt Romney is campaigning across the country as a business-turnaround specialist, casting himself as a political outsider who understands “the real economy.”

Yet to craft his economic plans, the Republican presidential candidate has turned to a group of Washington insiders.

Among the financial and business experts advising Romney’s campaign are Columbia University’s R. Glenn Hubbard and Harvard University’s N. Gregory Mankiw, both economists who headed the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush. Rounding out the team are former Missouri Senator Jim Talent and onetime Minnesota Congressman Vin Weber, now Republican lobbyists at Washington-based firms...

Ties to Bush
Hubbard, who helped craft the 2001 Bush tax cuts, played a key role in drafting Romney’s tax initiatives. He, and later Mankiw, chaired the Council of Economic Advisers amid the slowest job growth for any prior president since World War II.

Glenn Hubbard helped George Bush turn record budget surpluses into record deficits with massive tax cuts for the rich, and he’s ready to do the same for Mitt Romney,” said Obama for America Policy Director James Kvaal in an April 25 statement.


More on Glenn Hubbard:

Inside job - Glenn Hubbard backed into a corner



So Americans can TRUST Mitt Romney and his team then?



May 8. 2012 11:31 AM


Hi LadyinRed

You definately need a big thankyou for your comments. I hope you make TPS Your Place to Come Too.

hideous attack dog you said, well it seems he is very cranky today, and barking like a rabies  ridden dog.

Here is some Abbott gossip:

Fit & Proper
Breaking: Abbott to refuse Thomson's vote in support of a no confidence motion. #auspol

Latika Bourke ‏
PM Julia Gillard on her and Tony Abbott being bipartisan for Red Cross - 'I'm Red, he's always Cross.' #lol

Askgerbil Now‏
bJillHallMP Tony Abbott's idea for a carbon tax was stolen by the Gillard Labor Government blog.gerbilnow.com/.../...cular-government-in.html #auspol #carbontax

Sky News Australia‏
Abbott re Thomson: "this is a tainted government relying on the tainted vote of a tainted member."

Zuvele Leschen
If Julia Gillard is to blame for everything that happens in a union, does Tony Abbott get to wear the blame for corporate fraud? #auspol



May 8. 2012 12:01 PM


Cheers Lyn. Yer a gem.

Doin' it tuff:

Black Budget Blasts Battling Blue Bloods

Don't talk about alleged "middle class welfare" to Prudence Hetherington-Alswyth. This is a woman who already felt she had sacrificed enough. And now with Wayne Swan's heartless  budget, her struggling family feels it has reached rock bottom. This is their story.

True blue Australian battlers, the Hetherington-Alswyths did not land here off a boat.  (Well, not quite, Prudence's great-great-great grandfather Horace did arrive in Adelaide on a clipper in the 1870s to buy a 50,000 hectare pastoral property in the South Australian hinterland).

"Christmas Island? I'd like some of that," says Prudence with a snort. "We haven't had a decent Christmas at Whistler in at least three seasons. Lawrence is looking at skiing in Innsbruck this year. And have you got any idea of the price of the ski-lift there?"

Lawrence, an investment banker, has seen his bonus halved in the four years since the financial crisis, lost his paid parking space due to the crackdown on fringe benefits  and now as a high income earner faces losing his tax concessions on super.

"Success has become a sin in this country since these jackboot socialists and their tree-hugging, koala-cuddling mates dragged their fat behinds across the line in 2010,  "Lawrence says. "I mean look at the wine cellar. We're buying cleanskins for goodness sake! Have these people got any idea about the dignity of the Aussie family?"

Thnx for the link Lyn.

Mr. Denmore knows a family, dynasty in strife when he sees one.


Playing a Sad Tune on Tiny Violin





May 8. 2012 12:41 PM


Okay, I am already strapped in and ready to watch Question Time on ABC24 and hope they show the lot......probably not if it is going to look bad for the Nopposition.


Thanks for your great links, and the extra bonus of some tweets.  I don't understand how twitter works but I am following quite a few people, and you seem to pick a few of the good one's I see.


May 8. 2012 12:42 PM

Gary M

"Does no-one else see this as a parody of what Q&A is supposed to be about? Vetted questions!? Like that first one last night?
*What do you think?*"

You must be some what confused, didn't you mean the 'Kelly O'Dwyer'show? This women apart from being more plastic than a Chinese toy factory, is smug to the point of nausea.  Does she ever, I mean, does she ever shut the F.U ? Never before have I heard a women prattle on about ten minutes with out taking a breath, and say absolutely F.A. She was dead set going blue from lack of oxygen. She could no doubt swim to the bottom and back of the San Andreas trench in one breath.

I mean how old is this women? The way she prattles on about the world, I would have thought she was born in about 1860. She may just have been a friend of Florence Nightingale who knows Jesus!.

I have no doubt she is a twin of Sophie Mirabella they both have  facial expressions that look like they came out of Madam Tussuad's. Fixed in a constant state of 'Smug'

Then there was old Richo. Now anyone not growing up in Australia and taking a passing interest in politics, would think this over weight gas bag was a paid up member of the ILiberal party. The real laugh was when he said Labor was in his DNA and he would always vote Labor. Yep I bet that's real cold comfort to Julia Gillard who he sat and bagged all night. Yep folks there it is the modern Labor party in action. If it was up to me I would cancel his membership. What a laugh.

OBTW who was the blond air head on the panel who giggled now and then and just looked, well just looked blond?

Yep take out Mark Bouris and Mark Butler the only two on the panel who actually said anything with any depth, we were left with a three ring circus. A fat man, an air head and a female Albert Einstein impersonator.

Tony Jones. The joke about the credit card went down like a lead balloon. Just like his show I guess. What a load of unmitigated crap.

No more for me this show is done.        

Gary M

May 8. 2012 12:43 PM


From the tweets offered up by Lyn:

Zuvele Leschen
If Julia Gillard is to blame for everything that happens in a union, does Tony Abbott get to wear the blame for corporate fraud? #auspol

I wonder if any of Abbott's team were partners in firms that defended big tobacco?:


How many deaths by tobacco?

Perhaps Abbott shouldn't accept that vote.



May 8. 2012 01:03 PM


Hi Gravel

You are such a little sweetie.

Tell me your twitter name and I will follow you, then you get to see the tweets of who follows me.  Also you can follow my followers then they will follow you back.

Howz that.

cheers Gravel SmileSmile


May 8. 2012 01:17 PM



The Final Collapse?
The Nuclear Industry Has Melted in Japan and France


There are zero commercial reactors operating in Japan today.  On March 10, 2011, there were 54 licensed to operate, well over 10% percent of the global fleet.

But for the first time in 42 years, a country at the core of global reactor electricity is producing none of its own.

Worldwide, there are fewer than 400 operating reactors for the first time since Chernobyl, a quarter-century ago.

And France has replaced a vehemently pro-nuclear premier with the Socialist Francois Hollande, who will almost certainly build no new reactors.  For decades France has been the “poster child” of atomic power.  But Hollande is likely to follow the major shift in French national opinion away from nuclear power and toward the kind of green-powered transition now redefining German energy supply.

In the United States, a national grassroots movement to stop federal loan guarantees could end new nuclear construction altogether.  New official cost estimates of $9.5 to $12 billion per reactor put the technology off-scale for any meaningful competition with renewables and efficiency.

In India, more than 500 women have joined an on-going hunger strike against construction of reactors at Koodankulam.  And in China, more than 30 reactors hang in the balance of a full assessment of the true toll of the Fukushima disaster.

But it seems to have no end.  Three melted cores still smolder.  New reports from US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), confirm that at least one spent fuel pool suspended 100 feet in the air, bearing tons of hugely toxic rods, could crash to the ground with another strong earthquake—a virtual certainty by most calculations.

Those uncovered fuel rods contain radioactive cesium and other isotopes far beyond what was released at Chernobyl.  A fire could render vast stretches of Japan permanently uninhabitable (if they are not already).  The death toll could easily claim millions worldwide, including many of us here, where the cloud would come down within a week.


But windpower makes noise...hasn't got the aesthetics required for the landscape...warms the ground a bit more...



May 8. 2012 02:16 PM


You are a deep wide minefield of information. Your writings are the broadest of anyone's I know. I don't always agree with you but I dips me lid on content and original opinion and peregrinicity. Hang in Bear Man.

Ten minutes to the players coming onto the field.

The ump is expected to swallow his own whistle before the game gets under way.

And then we'll have an umpirella! Now that will be something!

Here we go.


For the beginning of the third quarter!

Slipper acknowledges Country.

He starts Gawd's Prayer (and the broadcast sound almost fails!)

Now he is making his statement.

Go Slipper! He is sounding staunch and rightly so.

He protests his innocence and calls for the reaffirmation of the presumption of innocence. Beware Abbortt! Slipper sounds very sure of his grounds here. Hands over to Anna Burke, steps down, exit.
Nothing more, (and that was about as I anticipated.)

Condolences now.

Phony war time while frontbenchers oxygenate their lungs . . .

And QT must be about to the hostilest ever!

The throat, Guvnors! Go for the throat!


May 8. 2012 02:28 PM


How sweet...the People's Party of Spain are about to bailout Bankia...no links between them of course:



Spain to spend billions on bank rescue


Nationalise the banks? Out of the question. Where would the sweets come from?

The people really cleaning house?

No Way, José

Just handover the dinero suckers...the voracious beasts must be fed.
You can go to the back of the line.



May 8. 2012 02:29 PM


Gary M

I am getting to be a fan of your acerbic sprays . . .

And Anna Burke sounds very firm indeed to POOPOO.

Oh they've got the sound fixed at last.


May 8. 2012 03:05 PM


Pyne put forward the motion to suspend standing and sessional orders today. He's become yet another Abbott lacky.

Pyne's judgement can't be criticised...he's one of those "always gets it right" characters:

"Now Barnaby Joyce has that job as (shadow) minister for finance, I'm very confident he'll do it well."





May 8. 2012 03:12 PM



You shut POO-POO up the World's Coolest Manner!

He looks like he's stuffed with a monster banana!



May 8. 2012 03:49 PM



In the past week I have chosen not to contribute here, nor have I been visiting for a read.

I am always enthusiastic about debating issues and reading others' research, poems, and points of view.

However I have come to the opinion that some of the posts here are in dire need of moderating. I am not a puritan and can and do curse and swear and talk crudely, but in a time and place.

In the past week or so comments of the ilk of the following have been published here:

"trying to r**t your mate's missus"
"sniff the air t see if she f**ted"
"watching a couple do it doggy style"
"try to lick your a*se"
"tongues stuck up the chutney locker"

I have abbreviated a few words , unlike in the original posts. These are but a few of the available examples.

As a visitor to a number of sites, I have very very rarely seen this level of uncalled-for vocabulary  exceeded. IMO it reduces the appeal and otherwise good quality of TPS.

In good faith.


May 8. 2012 04:08 PM


Psyclaw @ 03:49 PM

I second the motion.


May 8. 2012 04:25 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind remarks.  I wonder does Tony Abbott remember Brendan Nelson’s remark that ‘all babies are equal’.

You are a fountain of useful information.  Thank you for your postings from multiple sources.

Ad astra

May 8. 2012 04:26 PM

Ad astra

It is my desire, as I see it is yours, that this site be free of impolite and crude comments.  There is no need for them and they do detract from the quality of the site.

I have asked repeatedly that we abstain from personal abuse, and that we all show decorum in making our points.  Sometimes, in the passion of the discourse, some bloggers go over the top and use indecorous words.

I once more ask all who blog here to be respectful and courteous and use civil language.  It is a pity when otherwise useful contributions need to be deleted because they include unacceptable language.

Ad astra

May 8. 2012 04:35 PM


Cheers Ad & TT.

I does me best. Smile



May 8. 2012 05:04 PM


Got a chuckle out of me:

Worst budget in the history of the world balanced media discussion open thread
May 8, 2012 – 11:47 am, by Jeremy Sear
@ Crikey blogs
And this is what we demand of Wayne Swan:

He must cut government waste
He must not cut any services any of us actually like
He must produce a surplus
He must not increase revenue by raising taxes
He must keep interest rates low although this means the economy’s COLLAPSING
He must not tax the rich (class warfare)
He must keep inflation down.
He must keep growth high.


Good old Pure Poison blog...always spot on.

BTW, I wonder if Hockey's reply to the budget will be original...or the words of a backseat driver?:




May 8. 2012 05:10 PM


Many thanks AA

As my examples show, my issue is about extreme crudity. By and large I think that your urgings for no personal abuse on TPS is pretty well and widely observed. Indiscretions are fairly rare.

Whilst some level of personal abuse occurs in the hustle and bustle of political debate on most websites, outright crudity gives the impression of a site which is not too classy.

I wish that TPS remains the classy site it has been in the past.



May 8. 2012 05:18 PM


Hi Ad

I have collected some tweets for you on Question time today.  Anyone that missed QT should nearly know exactly what happened by reading the tweets.

2 censure motions :-

Stephanie Peatling‏
Slipper - I am entitled to presumption of innocence and a proper hearing in the courts. Trial by media is unfortunate. #qt #auspol

Marian Dalton‏
Slipper: 'I believe I am entitled, like any other person, to have the presumption of innocence'. #qt

Justin Barbour‏
It's straight up with a suspension motion from Christopher Pyne

National Times‏
Video of Peter Slipper's statement to Parliament: media.nationaltimes.com.au/.../national-times

Peter Slipper has declared his innocence as the Opposition tried to bring back former Speaker Harry Jenkins.

Greg Jericho‏
Abbott's use of "debt ceiling" shows his use of right wing US political tactics continues unabated. #qt

Greg Jericho‏
LNP talking gross debt instead of net debt. Geez this is stupid. #qt

Brigadier Slog‏
51 failed SSOs in the house, 51 failed SSOs, if the Libs move another SSO it will be 52 failed SSOs in the house.. #qt#auspol

The Daily Telegraph‏
Opposition attempting to suspend Thomson http://bit.ly/KWmeKXTHE Opposition is attempting to suspend former Labor MP Craig Thomson from parliament for 14 sitting days

SBS News‏
Opposition attempting to suspend #Thomson

Judith Ireland‏
Wilkie moving to the coalition side again #thomson #standingorders

Judith Ireland‏
Vote lost 72 to 70 #thomson

Hypocrisy at its best, media reporting Slippers accusation of "trial by media" in which the media are the judge, jury & executioner #Auspol

Jennifer Wilson‏@NoPlaceforSheep2FBS Indecent assault: www.smh.com.au/.../1089694611809.html


May 8. 2012 05:22 PM

Ad astra

After a busy few days with family matters, I’m trying to catch up with political events.

What an intense period it has been.  It seems extraordinary that just when the Government needs some clear air for this most important event of the year, the Budget, the Craig Thomson affair should have come to a head the day before the Budget is to be presented.  Is this just an unfortunate coincidence?

We might have expected that the media and the Opposition would be all over the Fair Work Australia report on the HSU when it came out, and they are.  Let’s hope that after this afternoon’s lamentable session in parliament, the way has been cleared somewhat for proper reception of, and debate about the 2012/2013 Budget.  It is hard to imagine how the Opposition could carry on as they did this afternoon when important economic matters that concern the future of the nation need attention.

I hope that Opposition supporters witnessing today’s charade in the House will realize that Tony Abbott and the Coalition are much more focussed on destructive politics than they are in contributing to the economic future of the country.  Winning power by destructive and obstructive behaviour is all that interests them.  The nation can go to pot as far as they are concerned.

Last night’s Q&A was appalling in many ways.  Graeme Richardson was at his destructive worst.  There is nothing as despicable as a turncoat.  Kelly O’Dwyer seemed unable to stop the flow of vindictive words aimed at Julia Gillard and the Government.  Tony Jones had difficulty stemming her overbearing logorrhea. What a contrast Mark Butler was. Calm, logical, articulate and not overbearing.  He commanded respect and attention.

I thought businessman Mark Bouris was sound and balanced, and made a worthwhile contribution. Kate Miller-Heidke seemed to be there mainly to sing at the end.   Her contribution was paltry, and at times rude.  Clearly, she knew little about the questions being asked; once again we saw our PM spoken of in a most disrespectful way.  Surely Tony Jones could tell his panel to show respect not just for our PM, but for all parliamentarians.  It is no wonder there is such disrespect for politicians and our parliament when ABC programs allow such condemnatory remarks to be made, as occurred when Germaine Greer was on the panel, and again last night.  It is yet another example of the media being a central part of the Government’s problem.  Tony Jones was salivating at some of the nasty anti-Government questions and comments.

Let’s hope tonight’s appraisal of the Budget will be fair and balanced.

Ad astra

May 8. 2012 05:36 PM


I don't watch Q&A anymore. I lament what the ABC has become. I found this on Ashby. hmmm.



May 8. 2012 05:38 PM


Hi Pysclaw

You place Ad Astra in a very precarious position. You have not named the particular commenter or post you are offended by.

Ad Astra does not have the time to read every single post and perhaps some words may go unnoticed at times.

You will remember just a day or 2 ago there was a barrage of troll comments, this caused Ad Astra grave concern in deciding whether these people should be banned or just deleted as the offending posts are discovered.

You will appreciate that owning and moderating a "not for profit Blog site" is not as easy as it looks.  Maintainence is time consuming, writing and posting articles takes time. Decisions may not always please some.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ad Astra for providing "The Political Sword" as a platform for all the over 400 commenters that visit here.  

I trust you and Norman K will take the time to consider what you

would like Ad Astra to do to please you????  

Does Ad Astra bann the person/persons concerned, that means remove their registration from the system?

Does he punish the commenter by deleting his/her post?

Does he name and shame ?


May 8. 2012 06:49 PM


I enjoy psyclaw's comments.

Being a classy joint I believes we should dress appropriate:





May 8. 2012 07:16 PM


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ad Astra for providing "The Political Sword" as a platform for all the over 400 commenters that visit here.  

Well said Lyn. I'll join you in that.

Gracias Ad.



May 8. 2012 07:26 PM


I don't watch Q&A anymore.

same here.

I got tired of the usual dump on PM Gillard and government opening question...

the catering to Labor rats who prefer to dump on an ALP government to bring in the dosh than try to help promote their good cause...

the spruiking of News Ltd types...

Tony Jones acting like a smart-arse ring-master and egotistical prat instead of a dignified host...

the list goes on.

I have no desire to visit that circus again.

It's well past its use-by-date.



May 8. 2012 07:46 PM


Hi Nasking

Thankyou for seconding me in thanking Ad Astra..I can vouch for Ad in his efforts to maintain a standard on this blog, I have been seeing this happen for three years....

  I just admire Ad Astra and am understanding of the amount of time he dedicates to this blog.    I know there were numerous comments deleted recently, the decision would not have been made without a considerable amount of deliberation from Ad Astra.

With regards to words appearing here and there I would imagine they would be easily missed from time to time.
BTW the comments have been over 70 lots of days and even more, very difficult to read every single comment in detail by one person.

Nasking I must tell you I like your classy Dinner Suit, real fur too.

I do enjoy everybody really.



May 8. 2012 08:21 PM


Swan majestic, unruffled by occasional outbreak of braying.

Anna Burke sounding Don't-You-Dare-Try-Me! to the Abborttians, and I think she will be the best Speaker of all, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Look out Pyne and Abbortt! More Power to you say I Anna. No pomp, just firm sound rulings and just enough wriggle room to make it a sensible working place to be.

Slipper was good for the time, ruling with his mace after the disgrace of the Abborttians under Harry, (who never since 2010 had the numbers to name offenders), but Anna Burke looks as though she will just do the job without airs and graces but with aplomb.

She made a brilliant ruling today when she refused Pyne a second-bite question because he'd wasted his first call on calling a SSO first up instead of asking a question

Heather Ewart didn't slag the Budget!
Chris Richardson insipid.

I think Swan has delivered a brilliant baby. Congratulations Wayne and *J*U*L*I*A* and all in attendance.

In interview with OOman trying and trying, interrupting repeatedly, to find gotchas and putdowns and naysays, Swan is totally on message, and right across the financial management of this nation.

OOman is disgusting. Swan has him on toast. (Urgghhh.)


May 8. 2012 08:40 PM


Just saw 7:30 report agree OOman is disgusting. Constantly interrupting and belligerent attitude to Swan. Agree Swan held his own, but the OOman attitude is offputing and I think he turns the interview into an opinion piece - his own. Did give Hockey some good questions but his mannerism is noticeably different with government than opposition.


May 8. 2012 09:16 PM


both you and Ad and other contributors have done a fab job...it's alot of work keeping a blog going.

I don't mind the odd Dinky Di Aussie comment...provided our contributors are treated with basic respect.
A wee bit of robust discussion helps to ignite passion...provided it doesn't go overboard.

I'm sure all contributors here are seeking to add something worthwhile to the blog even if we differ and get a headrush now and then.

I'd hate to see the discussion becom stilted...and certain passionate new contributors put off.

I'm sure tho compromises can be found...language moderated somewhat...yet the passion and views still presented effectively.


As for the budget...it's Labor returning to core Labor values.

Nothing fancy. Practical. Useful.

Helps and provodes opportunities and incentives for the lower income families...and part of the middle class...and many underprivileged. It ensures the well-off sacrifice more.

No big surprises. Looking out for the working families...battlers.

Dentalcare funding (tick)...more healthcare funding including bowel cancer testing (tick)...National Disability Insurance Scheme funding (tick)...more money for families with school kids (tick)...money for the Pacific Highway (tick)...

sounds generally good to me...bar the foreign aid slowdown...and I'd like to see the Newstart Allowance increased...to show we are a compassionate, fair society.

All up tho I reckon the government is on the right track with this solid budget.

And heading steadily toward the forecasted surplus.

More here:

2012 Australian federal budget




May 8. 2012 09:21 PM


Couple of errors above due to being stuffed. Long few weeks.






May 8. 2012 09:32 PM


Hi Lyn
I had AA's email address a year back but after a hard drive crash I lost it. I would have preferred to have spoken to him by email, privately, but not possible.

I make absolutely no criticism of AA. he runs an excellent ship and you are a most important asset to him.

As to what AA can do, one suggestion is that he deletes any ultra crude phrases/posts he sees. I accept your view that he can't always read 100% of posts, but having said that I do believe he does peruse virtually all of them.

My intention was in fact to give him support. I had no doubt that what I have seen in the last couple of weeks he has seen too. I also have no doubt that he would have been troubled by the particular comments. My post was to say to him that I am one who had noticed the poor tone and I fully anticipated that he would see that I was affirming his good standards.

I don't believe that a name and shame or a deregistration is needed, but certainly if I saw my posts being deleted I would do some self examination.

BTW what I refer to is much more than "words appearing here and there". It would be hard to miss about 16 examples in one week.


May 8. 2012 09:33 PM

Gary M

"As my examples show, my issue is about extreme crudity. By and large I think that your urgings for no personal abuse on TPS is pretty well and widely observed. Indiscretions are fairly rare."

Offended oh please give me a break. I find it equally offencive, but just as amusing you only use my examples in your burst. I can find comments on this blog by regulars who use the F word with gay abandon.

Besides who made you the arbiter of what is crude? You have obviously led a very sheltered life. You should try visiting a shearing shed, you may get an education.

Of course this is not about crudity is it? You have got on a hobby horse because your moralising just doesn't stop at what people say, it's about what they think as well. This in a nutshell is not about crudity, otherwise I wouldn't be the only one under scrutiny. You were found wanting in our debate about Thompson where you couldn't get your own way. I might add, it was you that started the insults not indirectly, but directly at me.

No I don't need a book on what constitutes good manners, crudity, or indeed what constitutes the logic in any debate about morality. There are commenter's here who say exactly the same as I do masking it in other language. I can break bread with shearers or kings so spare me the faux indignation.

OBTW Thomson I might add, is on borrowed time.

Gary M

May 8. 2012 10:10 PM


This from Annabel Crabb…some more interesting nips and tucks in the budget:




May 8. 2012 10:15 PM


Swanny tomorrow will be singing this tomorrow when he does breakfast TV!



May 8. 2012 10:29 PM

Per Ardua

Gary M,
  I am a long time lurker (and a very occasional commenter) on this site and have been so for a number of years. I take issue with your statement "There are commenter's here who say exactly the same as I do masking it in other language".   I read every comment posted here and have never seen any that could compare with your level of crudity. I know there are a lot who do lurk here such as I do, who are interested in respectful and courteous debate which is the norm for this site. However comma I fear that your distasteful expressions and aggression, regardless of your affiliations/passion, have the potential to drive us away. If I want this sort of gutter discourse I would frequent sites that provide it as a matter of course.  Please lift your game.

Per Ardua

May 8. 2012 10:47 PM


Hi psyclaw - doesn't the contact form above work for you?   My experience is that Ad does address one's concerns, if not fully he gives his reasons.

I'd be sorry not see your opinions pop up here from time to time.   I certainly appreciate them.

We all have a  slightly different style but my sense is that we do share common values about politics in particular and a general empathy for our fellow humans.  Some of us express our opinions more often and more exuberantly and vehemently than others, particularly when feelings are more involved than just rationality.   If I exceed the bounds of good taste from time to time I hope you allow a little licence if only in the interests of rhyme, but also for the passion I feel for the Labor movement and my pride in our Prime Minister struggling so bravely against overwhelming odds.  So if overly colorful words and metaphors escape me onto the page, please forgive me.....and come back to TPS with your insightful and lucid comments, please.


May 8. 2012 11:16 PM


Comrades all,

Sticks and stones may break one's bones:
Bad words harm but little:
So I use this pictograph for Tones: (*)
It's better than 'lickspittle'!

But  come on  folks, let's not be too gratuitously liberal with the most extreme obscenities, nor too hurtful personal insults (where's 'Ol' Ckoke Bottles' f'rinstance?) - and on the other hand goodness me let us not be too precious neither!

The thing is it's not the language anyway, it's the intent that matters, I have always hereon spoken of Goodwillians and illwillians, I still reckon that's the great divide, I don't know why so many people are curdled but they are . . . ain't no such thing as uncurdling . . .

Most people here proudly wear their Labor leanings on their sleeve, because that is what proper Labor people do. Many have deep sympathies with the Greens, and I have empathy with them, but I'd never vote any other way but Labor and urge good-hearted Greens never to put Labor down and please give Labor your preferences. And there might be honest Liberals (?!???) who post here, but I don't think so, the few people of the Rightish sort of position are so hateful! They are the illwillians of whom I speak and Dog Albitey Deliver Us From Them. They are little local outriders of the same spiteful hordes of the Abborttians.

They are like the Big Bad Wolf trying to blow Ad's little house down, and to divide us is always their best hope. So all of those of us sheltering inside, let us sort it out and not chafe each other too much over nothing important eh?

I am running with the hare and hunting with the hounds a bit here . . . I am not entirely without sin . . . perhaps . . .  a little Smile
But I do it for emphasis and passion, as one may see the author of the above impressive collection does too, there is artistic choice involved. And there is a stern argument supporting the right to use bad language, though using it too freely is a bore.

But there is a countervailing interest here, and that is our host's wishes. Just his wishes. Ad would prefer that it be, not precious, but pretty polite.

Gary I can tell you that Psyclaw is a clever and helpful frequent contributor here, while in turn no-one can doubt the pent-up rage in you -(which I applaud, should be more of it), - the urge to fix Their Little Dirty Black Wagon for good.
I am with you on that, but there you go, *J*U*L*I*A* says 3 syllables, no obscenities, Don't write crap,  and does more good than I will ever do with all my rants!

And then she says I'm Red, he's always cross, How brilliant! And that's why she's the Best, and all without even getting nasty. By being witty.

We must keep our eye on the big picture, the enemy are those who are illwilled towards the government and to this blogsite and I don't think either of you is. Just work it out amicably please eh, Ad would like that.  



May 8. 2012 11:27 PM

Ad astra

I've been watching the ABC News 24 almost all day until Lateline finished just now.  What an interesting day it has been!  After the interruption occasioned by the Pyne/Bishop assault in QT, all of this evening has been dedicated to in-depth discussions of the Budget, which, after all, is what Budget Day ought to be about.

I've had but a quick glance at your comments.  Thank you for your supportive remarks.  I'll attempt to respond more comprehensively tomorrow.

Ad astra

May 8. 2012 11:31 PM


BTW to save Ad astra from explaining this, the program used for this blog does not allow him to alter or excise any part of incoming posts, he must either allow them or remove them.


May 8. 2012 11:37 PM


Hi Patriciawa

Thank you for pointing out the contact form. Mea culpa, I didn't even look for it. Just spent time unsuccessfully searching for old emails from AA in my mail and totally overlooked the obvious.



May 8. 2012 11:45 PM

Gary M

"I am a long time lurker (and a very occasional commenter) on this site and have been so for a number of years. I take issue with your statement "There are commenter's here who say exactly the same as I do masking it in other language".   I read every comment posted here and have never seen any that could compare with your level of crudity. I know there are a lot who do lurk here such as I do, who are interested in respectful and courteous debate which is the norm for this site. However comma I fear that your distasteful expressions and aggression, regardless of your affiliations/passion, have the potential to drive us away. If I want this sort of gutter discourse I would frequent sites that provide it as a matter of course.  Please lift your game."

I can only repeat what I said. Distasteful expression to some is high brow poetry too others. I am not going to debate with you about my expression or otherwise. Suffice to say this, I have only replied in kind when provoked, and until a complaint was made by my interlocutor their was no problem.

My only debate with the complainant was very robust, it was he/she who insulted me in the first instance. Thank you very much.

Besides if you don't like my self expression easy, my avatar is there for all to see, if you don't like it don't read it. Simple.

I would suggest you look up the top of this very page there are many metaphors not of my making that mean the exact same thing. My sexual innuendo or some may call crudity is, has always been, in (like beauty) in the eye of the beholder.

Lenny Bruce (look him up) sold books making profanity an art form. People that were offended didn't buy his books.He sold plenty but.

The people have been fighting censorship of the type you want from  before the time I was born. The book 'Lady Chatterlies Lover'(Look that up) Can be found under Church pews now. Thank God!

Finally crude or other wise at least I don't have an air of superiority which is found in most wowsers. Lift my game, indeed.


Gary M

May 9. 2012 01:03 AM

Chris T

Here is the problem. When the Labor party made the biggest blunder in Australian political history by removing the most popular Prime Minister in our history, we tried to justify it by arguing that people vote for a party and its policies and  no one man is bigger than the party. Yet, here we are now debating what Julia Gillard needs to do to beat Tony Abbott and Rupert Murdoch. We can't have it both ways.

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of the voting public do base their decision on who they like the best. And just like a reality TV show, their decision as to who they like best is based on who the show/media portrays as the good guy (or girl).

When Labor removed Rudd, Rupert Murdoch had already struck what will end up being a fatal blow because it was his relentless smear campaign and dodgy polls that spurred the faceless/spineless men into action. ,It certainly was not brought about by anything that Tony 'blithering idiot' Abbott did, that is for sure.

I can't see how Julia could possibly turn things around because Rupert Murdoch is just one of many powerful enemies that want Labor out. Alan Jones, Clive Palmer you know who they are. In 2007 Kevin Rudd had a numerous MSM options that favoured him and helped build his profile. The two important ones in my eyes were Ch7 Sunrise (obviously) and the other which doesn't get enough credit was Rove McManus.

Julia and the Labor party now have absolutely no friends in the MSM. The mining tax immediately halted any Ch7 support because in mining you have two choices, you either buy Caterpillar trucks from Westrac or hire them from Coates, both of which along with Ch7 is owned by Kerry Stokes(along with his business partners the Carlisle Group). Rove saw it coming and left the country and the ABC has been hijacked by Abbott lovers. (by the way, how much should we,the tax payers, invoice Clive Palmer for that sickening PR stunt on Foreign Correspondent?)

Anyway, the end result will be that come 2013 the Australian people will willingly vote for a new Prime Minister, a man who we know as the mad monk and I am certain he is also referred to in the bible as 'the abomination of desolation'. Oh yeah, and lets not forget his sidekick, the wicked witch of the left.

It makes me ill just thinking about it.

Chris T

May 9. 2012 01:54 AM

Gary M

"We must keep our eye on the big picture, the enemy are those who are illwilled towards the government and to this blogsite and I don't think either of you is. Just work it out amicably please eh, Ad would like that."

There is no way I have any ill will to his blog. As you say the enemy is not here. My crude delivery is not, and I would have thought obvious, not directed to anyone on this blog apart from the rancid right wingers who may drop buy to read it.

If you think for a nano second I use my routine at home or any where else for that matter, you are much mistaken. I use profanity because I know it drives right wingers nuts. I use sexual innuendo and smut because it drives them even more nuts. I know whilst they are out campaigning against pornography, they are hanging around public toilets. So I don't fall foul of the censorship brigade again, what they are doing there I will leave to your imagination.

I am an x digger and tradesman, when I couldn't get a job to go right I said, " Oh dear that nasty thing is just not working out, I will tell mummy when I get home and she will console me with an extra spoon of suger in my milo.

If you want to read real profanity, warmongering rhetoric, boogey on over to A Bolts blog.

You cannot defeat these people by being nice. Julia Gillard is just starting (a bit late no doubt) to find that out.    

Gary M

May 9. 2012 02:03 AM


20000 Public Servants Jobs to Go -
Joe Hockey

Tune Men of Harlech


Workers in the Public Service
Must be feeling mighty nervous!
From Abborttians Dog preserve us! -
Go it Julia G!

Just beware of Fat Joe Hockey
He wants to make your life rocky!
(Though tonight he seems less cocky: Smile )
Hearken, Folks, to me!

You like your job do ya?
Does it matter to ya?
Sloppy Joe -
I'm saying so you know -
Is plotting ways that he is gonna screw ya!

Men and Mothers!
Girls and Brothers!
Understand this now, and tell the others:
Joe won't care about your druthers -
Then how sad you'll be!

You'll be frettin'
And regrettin'
If Abbortt and his mob ever get in -
We must see they don't get let in -
Unity's the key!

(Repeat last two lines
Slow and straight and gnarly
with clenched fist)

We must see they don't get let in -
Unity's the key!


May 9. 2012 07:31 AM


GaryM - me thinks you protest a tad too much.

The budget seems to be reasonably well received - despite the negativity that seems to be inherent in Australian politics at the moment.


May 9. 2012 07:44 AM



Craig Thomson, political football, Marian, The Conscience Vote
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott thundered that this was a ‘stinking, putrid mess’. Shadow Attorney-General George Brandis scolded the government for relying on a tainted vote. On ABC1′s QandA last night, Kelly O’Dwyer opined that the whole affair smacked of a government cover-up.

The Federal Budget and health: what’s on the table (or not, Melissa Sweet, Croakey
Like the eye of Sauron, the Gillard Government’s attention remains firmly fixed on a surplus. Twelve months ago, its gaze was fixed briefly on mental health. Treasurer Swan went as far as to call the $2.2bn 5 year package the ‘centrepiece’ of last year’s budget

Wayne Swan Austere Budget – Unlike Europe, No Marching in the Streets, Peter, Aussie Views News
Treasurer Wayne Swan will bring down in a few hours. It will be an austere budget, at least by Australia standards. And it follows a period in which company after company have either laid off Australian workers or announced that they soon will. Well, Qantas has not exactly announced how many engineers will loose their jobs in Victoria,

Ross Gittins Says – Media missed it, but growth will accelerate, Turn left 2013
read the entire article and when Swan brings down the budget, you will understand that the Oppositions scare campaign about the ‘bad’ economy is just a tactic to bring down the government and force an election, and does not reflect reality.

Corporate tax cuts at risk – but are they really required? , Graham White, The Conversation
In the last 24 hours, we have heard mutterings about the possibility that an earlier commitment to cuts in the corporate tax rate may not go ahead in the budget. Some in the business community have, unsurprisingly, raised alarm at this possibility

Kathy Jackson, The Power Index,
She's also been slammed for pocketing more than $26,000 in fees for sitting on the board of the HESTA industry superannuation fund over the 2010-2011 financial year. All the other union representatives on the board donated their fees to their union.HSU insiders also question her motives, saying they believe her anti-corruption

Labor’s ‘fair go’ budget to conquer political pressures, David Twomey, Eco News
Similarly, he also refused to say whether he would back a new education rebate.He described the government’s revamp of the education tax refund into twice-yearly payments as “dressing mutton up as lamb”.Mr Hockey said the policy change amounted to giving

The Opposition Says , Café Whispers
Get the picture? Click on any of the hundreds of related articles in Google News and you won’t have to look hard to see somewhere that “the Opposition says . . .”The Treasurer is about to hand down the Budget and I’ll be back later to add more of what “the Oppositions says .

A surplus of rhetoric as the government chases battlers, Bernard Keane, Crikey
The opposition, which you may recall couldn’t balance its books before the last election and is still looking for tens of billions of dollars in savings, has accused the government of “cooking the books” — indeed, it’s a “a cooked-books surplus based on fiddled figures”, according to Tony Abbott, to which he added that the Prime Minister was “living on borrowed time as well as borrowed money”. Nice line.

Kochie's Federal Budget Breakdown, David Koch
The Reserve Bank will wait for the Government to prove that it will get all the budget measures passed through the parliament before it does anything but most economists are forecasting between 0.5 per cent and 0.75 per cent cuts before the end of the year

Budget 2012: e-health gets $233m boost, ZDNet
According to the government, Australians will be able to register for a record online, by phone or at Medicare outlets. Of the allocated money, $161.6 million will be devoted to operating the PCEHR system over the next two years, while $4.6 million will be used to maintain safeguards for privacy of the records.

Biggest cuts to defence since Korea, John Kerin, Australian Financial Review
The magnitude of the planned cuts and delays has already triggered an outcry from the opposition, defence analysts and former military chiefs that it will undermine the ADF’s capacity to defend Australia.

The Budget At A Glance, Ben Eltham, New Matilda
Where are the spending cuts? Who's getting extra cash? Everything you need to know about Budget 2012-13. Fresh from Budget lock-up, Ben Eltham has the highlights
Highlights of Wayne Swan’s Budget 2012-13 $1.5 billion surplus for 2012-13, growing to $7.5 billion in 2015-16.

It's tough at the top but you win some, you lose some, Video, Ross Gittins
IF YOU are having trouble seeing the horror budget we were told to expect, that's according to plan. This government has always wanted to be tough in principle, but never in practice.For most people, Wayne Swan's fifth effort doesn't contain much that is nasty and includes a few things that are quite nice.

Drum wrap: experts analyse the budget, ABC featuring 5 video’s
The 2012 federal budget has been released. The Drum takes a look at what commentators across the country are saying.
Dark clouds hang over government - Michelle Grattan [National Times]

Back to black as Swan budgets for the boom, Simon Cullen ABC
The Federal Government is scrapping billions of dollars worth of company tax cuts, instead redirecting the money to welfare payments as it reaches for a budget surplus.


Bribes, debt and cooking the books: Robb, Lateline

Back to black as Swan budgets for the boom - Federal Budget 2012

Joe Hockey Budget 2012-13 reply interview

Penny Wong's interview on the 2012-13 budget

Posts from the ‘Daily Fix’ Category, Australian Politics TV


May 9. 2012 07:46 AM



Australian Newspaper Front Pages for 9 May 2012



May 9. 2012 07:51 AM


Good Morning 2353

Nice to see our bright and cheery comment early in the morning. I am usually here by myself at this time.

(The budget seems to be reasonably well received )

Yes isn't it great news all reports are looking good, except for Hockey, Robb and  Abbott.  

Front pages are excellent really to what I was expecting.

Guess we will see what the day brings, another theatre in QT probably



May 9. 2012 07:53 AM


sorry my "Y" is missing should be your


May 9. 2012 08:41 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

May 9. 2012 08:51 AM


Some sobering words by Paul Krugman in America...

they help you to realise how lucky we are to have Labor governments that ensure we have a useful safety net we can bounce off...who fund training for youth...provide enuff free and affordable education...and provide money for parents and guardians to be able to get the necessary learning tools...fund school maintenance and the latest technology...and don't throw tons and tons of teachers out the door so they can afford to bailout corporations...a Labor party that ensures the public doesn't go broke due to healthcare needs...and tries to support manufacturing in the face of corporate games and sabotage...and funds essential infrastructure...is building a country-wide broadband network...and putting in place a national disability insurance scheme...and prioritising aged care...whilst preparing to rollout funding to help create new cleaner energy research, businesses, projects and jobs...so we don't have our eggs in too few baskets...

how often do too many in this country take that for granted?:

Now, there have always been people claiming that there's no such thing as involuntary unemployment, that anyone can find a job if he or she is really willing to work and isn't too finicky about wages or working conditions.

There's Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for the Senate, who declared in 2010 that the unemployed were "spoiled," choosing to live off unemployment benefits instead of taking jobs. There are the people at the Chicago Board of Trade who, in October 2011, mocked anti-inequality demonstrators by showering them with copies of McDonald's job application forms. And there are economists like the University of Chicago's Casey Mulligan, who has written multiple articles for the New York Times website insisting that the sharp drop in employment after the 2008 financial crisis reflected not a lack of employment opportunities but diminished willingness to work.

The classic answer to such people comes from a passage near the beginning of the novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (best known for the 1948 film adaptation starring Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston): "Anyone who is willing to work and is serious about it will certainly find a job. Only you must not go to the man who tells you this, for he has no job to offer and doesn't know anyone who knows of a vacancy. This is exactly the reason why he gives you such generous advice, out of brotherly love, and to demonstrate how little he knows the world."

Quite. Also, about those McDonald's applications: in April 2011, as it happens, McDonald's did announce 50,000 new job openings. Roughly a million people applied.

If you have any familiarity with the world, in short, you know that involuntary unemployment is very real. And it's currently a very big deal.

...There are now four job seekers for every job opening, which means that workers who lose one job find it very hard to get another. Six million Americans, almost five times as many as in 2007, have been out of work for six months or more; four million have been out of work for more than a year, up from just 700,000 before the crisis.

This is something almost completely new in American experience--I say almost completely, because long-term unemployment was obviously rife during the Great Depression. But there's been nothing like this since. Not since the 1930s have so many Americans found themselves seemingly trapped in a permanent state of joblessness.

Long-term unemployment is deeply demoralizing for workers anywhere. In America, where the social safety net is weaker than in any other advanced country, it can easily become a nightmare. Losing your job often means losing your health insurance. Unemployment benefits, which typically make up only about a third of lost income anyway, run out--over the course of 2010-11 there was a slight fall in the official unemployment rate, but the number of Americans who were unemployed yet receiving no benefits doubled. And as unemployment drags on, household finances fall apart--family savings are depleted, bills can't be paid, homes are lost.

Nor is that all. The causes of long-term unemployment clearly lie with macroeconomic events and policy failures that are beyond any individual's control, yet that does not save the victims from bearing a stigma. Does being unemployed for a long time really erode work skills, and make you a poor hire? Does the fact that you were one of the long-term unemployed indicate that you were a loser in the first place? Maybe not, but many employers think it does, and for the worker that may be all that matters. Lose a job in this economy, and it's very hard to find another; stay unemployed long enough, and you will be considered unemployable.

To all this add the damage to Americans' inner lives. You know what I mean if you know anyone trapped in long-term unemployment; even if he or she isn't in financial distress, the blow to dignity and self-respect can be devastating. And matters are, of course, worse if there is financial distress too. When Ben Bernanke spoke about "happiness research," he emphasized the finding that happiness depends strongly on a sense of being in control of your own life. Think about what happens to that sense of being in control when you want to work, yet many months have gone by and you can't find a job, when the life you built is falling apart because funds are running out. It's no wonder that the evidence suggests that long-term unemployment breeds anxiety and psychological depression.

Meanwhile, there's the plight of those who don't have a job yet, because they're entering the working world for the first time. Truly, this is a terrible time to be young.

Unemployment among young workers, like unemployment for just about every demographic group, roughly doubled in the immediate aftermath of the crisis, then drifted down a bit. But because young workers have a much higher unemployment rate than their elders even in good times, this meant a much larger rise in unemployment relative to the workforce.

And the young workers one might have expected to be best placed to weather the crisis--recent college graduates, who presumably are much more likely than others to have the knowledge and skills a modern economy demands--were by no means insulated. Roughly one in four recent graduates is either unemployed or working only part-time. There has also been a notable drop in wages for those who do have full-time jobs, probably because many of them have had to take low-paying jobs that don't make use of their education.

One more thing: there has been a sharp increase in the number of Americans aged between twenty-four and thirty-four living with their parents. This doesn't represent a sudden rush of filial devotion; it represents a radical reduction in opportunities to leave the nest.

This situation is deeply frustrating for young people. They're supposed to be getting on with their lives, but instead they find themselves in a holding pattern. Many understandably worry about their future. How long a shadow will their current problems cast? When can they expect to fully recover from the bad luck of graduating into a deeply troubled economy?

Basically, never. Lisa Kahn, an economist at Yale's School of Management, has compared the careers of college graduates who received their degrees in years of high unemployment with those who graduated in boom times; the graduates with unlucky timing did significantly worse, not just in the few years after graduation but for their whole working lives. And those past eras of high unemployment were relatively short compared with what we're experiencing now, suggesting that the long-term damage to the lives of young Americans will be much greater this time around...

...Educating the young is crucial for the twenty-first century--so say all the politicians and pundits. Yet the ongoing slump, by creating a fiscal crisis for state and local governments, has led to the laying off of some 300,000 schoolteachers.

The same fiscal crisis has led state and local governments to postpone or cancel investments in transportation and water infrastructure, like the desperately needed second rail tunnel under the Hudson River, the high-speed rail projects canceled in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida, the light-rail projects canceled in a number of cities, and so on. Adjusted for inflation, public investment has fallen sharply since the slump began. Again, this means that if and when the economy finally does recover, we'll run into bottlenecks and shortages far too soon...

Much more here:


AND this from one of the commentors:

50 minutes ago ( 5:37 PM)

And then there are those of us that are forced to work when we want to retire. For example I have played the game fairly and responsibly all my life. I started paying medical insurance premiums when I was 18. I made my first medical claim at the age of 55. Now at 60 and with a pre-exisiting condition even though I have enough money to retire I am unable to because I could not obtain medical insurance. My job is killing [me (inner city resource challenge population special education teacher who now has high blood pressure). I must work until I can obtain medical insurance. Same story for my 61 year old wife (RN inner city hospital surgical medical nurse). We would be bankrupt in less than a year if we retired and making demands for social services. Not complaining though because I know literally millions of other people are in the same boat. Yet we have enough money to search for weapons of mass destruction that do not exist.

Let's hope the majority of Aussies wake up soon.



May 9. 2012 08:53 AM


Abbortt with Sabra Lane
Sounding frantic!

And since I wrote that


REALLY TRIED to nail the creep to answering what he knew when he said No specific knowledge. (Failed, but was prepared to interrupt an Abbortt obfuscation, wtte "NO Mr Abbortt, the important thing is for you to answer these questions!"


May 9. 2012 09:13 AM


Sloppy Joe Hockey reckons this is a *confewsed* Budget.

So would that be like Bananaby's *naughty* Landcruiser that drove itself into the river?  

Sure it's the Budget that's 'confewsed' Joe?

Everyone else bar those who hate it for political reasons reckons it's a WONDERFUL budget!

Even the usual naysayers mostly.

Groupthink works for us for once!


May 9. 2012 09:47 AM


I thought PM Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan sounded professional, confident, determined and on top of their game this morn.

Was impressed. Real leadership. Core Labor values.



May 9. 2012 10:08 AM


I certainly don't think small business can complain.

Not with an instant $6,500 write-off for the cost of new assets.


Unlike big business, small businesses will receive some relief as they will be able to offset tax losses of up to $1 million against previous years.


Isn't it the Liberal party that blocked tax cuts for small business because it was too precious...playing games?



May 9. 2012 10:10 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse for you this Morning:-

Video | Tingle on the budget
| UPDATED: 09 May 2012 02:46:

Christine Milne budget 2012-13 interview

Interview with Joe Hockey
Updated May 09, 2012 08:53:12
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey discusses the 2012 Federal Budget

Cash splash takes us back to stimulus levels,  

Gillard and Swan won't be here – Hockey, Sky News
The federal opposition says it will oppose immediate cash payments to parents of school children that were outlined in today's federal budget

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
The carbon tax is a "dead cat on the table", says Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb afr.com/.../swan_spruiks_fair_go_budget_B645UziqoQipoz28JrIZhP

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
Live | @SwannyDPM declares #Budget2012 is not about saving @AustralianLabor in the polls [free]
www.afr.com/.../swan_budget_sales_pitch_begins_cRP1rOzdfvylvlnODn2b3J #auspol

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
Video | Business leaders on what #Budget2012 will mean for industry [FREE] afr.com/.../video_reactions_to_the_budget_dYqwvGxYTR3Fn3cneooAAJ #ausbiz

Sam Wells‏@SamWells_
RT @WebsterSmoggule Swan shows Astaire's flair http://bit.ly/LGZi54 #auspol #AusLabor

ABC Radio‏@amworldtodaypm
Tony Abbott is currently speaking to Sabra Lane live on AM - http://bit.ly/aKzaGo

Occupy Sydney‏@occupySYDNEY
theage: Full coverage of the federal budget. News, reaction, analysis

Tim Cooke
Ten News opens their budget coverage with "whats in it for you and what will you get". wow

Bernard Keane‏@BernardKeane
After weeks of bagging the govt for returning to surplus Tim Colebatch is now complaining about all the spending in the budget...

The Tax Institute‏@TaxInstituteOz
swannyDPM and davidbradburyMP's "Tax Reform Road Map" in #budget2012 papers a worth-while read

2DayFM 104.1‏@2DayFMSydney
AUDIO: @JuliaGillard on @KyleAndJackieO talking #Budget2012 and a "ring" from Tim http://bit.ly/JRrXy0 #Budget #AusPol

Matt Simpson‏
The PM @JuliaGillard reveals to @kyleandjackieo that her partner Tim has given her a ring!

Ms Hermes‏
Abbott getting a bit manic. Excellent. If you push this man you soon see his true temperament. And it is scary. @abcnews24 #budget

SBS News‏@SBSNews
The government's decision to increase the debt ceiling shows it's worried about its forecast surplus, Tony Abbott says http://bit.ly/JWDYa7

Sandi Logan‏
This is also a useful read, though 2010-2011 figures: www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/60refugee.htm

Carbon tax repeal not so easy www.theage.com.au/.../...-easy-20120508-1yavn.html via @theage

: New blog post: "Budget 2012: the key numbers" stilgherrian.com/.../ #budget [If it's good enough for @abcnews ... ]

Craig James‏@craigjamesOZ
Want an easy read on the Budget? http://bit.ly/JWNtG0

Judith Ireland‏@CanberraCamper
Slipper, Thomson and what went down in the House yesterday:www.canberratimes.com.au/.../...0120508-1ybc8.html #qt



May 9. 2012 10:13 AM


Hi Ad

This is another link for George Megalogenis, hope it works

Cash splash takes us back to stimulus levels
by: ANALYSIS: GEORGE MEGALOGENIS From: The Australian May 09, 2012 12:00AM


May 9. 2012 10:26 AM


So important we get on top of this:

Student charged over gun taken to school
Updated May 09, 2012 09:44:47

PHOTO: Boy allegedly took loaded gun to school (7pm TV News SA)
A teenage boy and his father have been charged after the boy allegedly took a loaded gun to school.

Police say someone telephoned them on Monday to say a Modbury High student had taken a gun to the school in Adelaide's north-eastern suburbs.

They searched a house in the area and allegedly found a revolver and ammunition in the boy's schoolbag.

The teenager and his 41-year-old father have been charged with offences including possessing an unregistered, loaded firearm.


The descent into mayhem can happen so quickly if guns become a normal way of life:


Nip this problem in the bud now whilst we still can...our population is small enuff.



May 9. 2012 10:31 AM


Our PM offered business some money,
But the Liberals said No you Don't Honey!
So without any fuss
She gave it to US!
Am I wrong, or is that really funny? Smile

That rabbit went down the big mining hole . . .
Taking with it a bag labelled 1%
And popped up again
through Swannie's top hat!

Brilliant. Well done Wayne.

You would hardly believe this but those businessmen who missed out on the 1% tax break because of the Noalition (AND THE GREENS) are whingeing now!

There was I thinking they'd be stoic . . . Take it on the chin like proper ANZACs, with a grin and a quip . . . Like Ah well more fool us Cobber! But, erm,  . . . Smile


May 9. 2012 10:37 AM


Hi Lyn,
Thanx for the useful links. Top job.

I'd check out George M's article if it was @ Crikey...or Fairfax...or New Matilda...or The Drum...even an independent blog...but I won't read it via The Australian.

It's part of the Murdoch propaganda machine...and that media empire has demonstrated itself to be as morally bankrupt as an underworld criminal organisation...or a totalitarian state security apparatus.




May 9. 2012 10:41 AM


Thnx for the tweets too Lyn. Good work.

Ms Hermes
Abbott getting a bit manic. Excellent. If you push this man you soon see his true temperament. And it is scary. @abcnews24

He's a worry.

Things don't go his way...



May 9. 2012 10:45 AM


Gillard and Swan won't be here – Hockey, Sky News
The federal opposition says it will oppose immediate cash payments to parents of school children that were outlined in today's federal budget

Miserly idiots.

Too busy looking after the interests of Gina, Clive & Twiggy.



May 9. 2012 11:01 AM


From Lyn's links...Graham White @ The Conversation:

In the last 24 hours, we have heard mutterings about the possibility that an earlier commitment to cuts in the corporate tax rate may not go ahead in the budget. Some in the business community have, unsurprisingly, raised alarm at this possibility.

It is worthwhile, however, considering the justification for such cuts, since the economic imperative is not altogether crystal clear. And this is even more so for a budget where the goal of a surplus poses risks in terms of cuts to the social wage.

One argument raised both in political debate and within the media is that the cuts in the corporate rate are a compensation for the mining tax.

However, for those who thought the latter had something to do with equity and with a broadening of the tax base, particularly for longer-term fiscal sustainability, this is a somewhat strange argument. It seems to be suggesting that there should be some compensation in terms of tax cuts for entities which were taxed in the first place because of their ability to pay. Strange!

The other, more economic, argument that is often put in favour of cuts to the corporate tax rate is that such cuts would stimulate business investment and economic growth.

On closer reflection, it is not at all clear what the mechanism at work is supposed to be by which a cut in the corporate tax rate would stimulate business investment.

If you think about business investment in terms of the fact that it’s generating extra productive capacity, then the critical element is an expectation of growth in sales. If growth in sales is not expected to change, it is unclear why businesses would speed up the rate at which they are expanding their productive capacity and thus the rate at which their investment expenditures are growing, even with an increase in current and near-term after-tax profits.

In this case, one is left asking why businesses would not simply “pocket” the tax cuts without any significant change in their investment activity.


going by what we've seen in America where many corporations have sat on their money...scooped up tax cuts and either gone partly offshore...rewarded management...and/or made their top shareholders happy...or used money to act like predators, barbarians...and for advertising blitzes to kill off smaller competition...

not to mention using it to buy political influence...

I'd rather see the money go elsewhere.



May 9. 2012 11:06 AM


Zombies reach Australia
May 7th, 2012
John Quiggin

The Australian edition of Zombie Economics, updated and with an additional chapter on Economic Rationalism, is about to go on sale. I’ll be appearing at a launch event at Gleebooks in Sydney on Wednesday (9 May) talking with Jessica Irvine of the SMH.

The launch coincides with the US publication of a paperback edition, with a new chapter on Austerity. The Italian translation also came out recently, and there are versions coming in French, Greek, Portuguese, Korean and Simplified Chinese. Collect them all!


Sounds like good timing to me.



May 9. 2012 11:17 AM


What's with Abbott and the Senator often giving him "I want you, I adore you" eyes and mouth over his shoulder during interviews of late?

Looks creepy...like some Berlusconi act.

I detest this "do anything, say anything" fella the more I see him.

That female Senator should get some dignity. Embarrassing for his wife.



May 9. 2012 11:31 AM


Peter Anderson is on TV whining for selected businesses.

Give it up!

Write-offs worth 6,500.

Tax loss carry-back measures.

More money into hands of many consumers to spend on goods and services.

A significant interest rate cut.

Gettin' greedy methinks considering the wobbles across the world.

They should talk to the unemployed on Newstart Allowance.

And those awaiting disability assistance.

You can't always get what you want.

We lost the dependent spouse rebate for this year.

We've adapted. Sometimes you've just got to suck it up...and change the way you do things.

And not take the good stuff for granted.

Too easy to be grumpy...and have unrealistic expectations.



May 9. 2012 12:13 PM

Gary M

"GaryM - me thinks you protest a tad too much."

Much ado about nothing.

But I will try and sleep tonight worrying about what you think.

Gary M

May 9. 2012 12:22 PM


I'm taking a break from blogging for a few days...and from watching the news...and reading about it.

I'm exhausted.

And quite frankly I'm sick and tired of the negativity of the media in general...the spinning...the attempts to take every useful policy and turn it into toxic sludge...

and I find the apathy of the general public pretty pathetic...demonstrating Murdoch and his Coalition minions under Abbott have achieved the great "dumbing down" they hoped for - when people prefer to be sucked in by manufactured "reality" TV instead of watching the budget ya know yer living in a country competing with America to be Dopeyville.

Anyway, I'm positive the clones of Murdoch will earn their blood money and spin this budget into another positive for dictator-in-waiting Abbott and his less than inspiring team...so he can hand the entire set of keys to the country over to scoundrel Rupert...the grand opportunist.

Shit happens.



May 9. 2012 01:07 PM


Swan grows in stature each year - he is really across his port folio. He gave an inspirational address to the Press Club. He said towards the end of his speech 'We are at our best when the voice of the optimists drowns out the voice of the pessimists'.

The Treasurer also said to the assembled journalists, 'Be as tough as you like on the Government but please also offer the same level of scrutiny to the Opposition'.  Good stuff.


May 9. 2012 01:52 PM

Ad astra

After spending most of yesterday afternoon and evening watching ABC24 right up until Lateline, I’ve now caught up with your comments, although I have still to peruse Lyn’s Links.

Thank you for all the useful information you have provided and the insightful comments you have made, you Nasking for the abundance of overseas intelligence you provide, and you Lyn for your links and tweets.  It has become almost a full time job reading the content on TPS; fitting in the writing of new pieces while keeping up with the site is a challenge.

I note that several of you have commented on the issue of indecorous language on TPS.  I thank you Lyn, Nasking, TT and others who have made supportive and helpful comments about this issue.  TT is right psyclaw, this blog engine does not allow me to edit a comment.  I have just two choices, leave it intact, or delete it in toto.  I am reluctant to do the latter when the comment contains useful information or opinion but includes indecorous language.  I realize that words that might be acceptable to some may be quite offensive or upsetting to others.  I acknowledge also that politics evokes deep passion in those who take seriously how our nation is being governed, and how it might be governed by an alternative government, and that passion gives rise to exaggerated language.  We all use extravagant language from time to time

In my opinion though, it ought to be possible, without emasculating it, to moderate our language so that it passes the ‘good manners’ test.  It ought to be possible to refrain from crossing the line between polite and crude language, and thereby avoid giving offence.

I would not want to dissuade anyone from blogging here and expressing views forcibly, but hope they could be expressed politely.

This comment is not aimed at any individual.  Please accept it as a generic statement.  Shall we leave the matter now and watch what we write.

Personal abuse against other bloggers here is another matter.  It is always unacceptable.  I have deleted comments where the abuse has been over the top, and will continue to do.

BTW, as Patricia WA points out, if you want to sent me a private message, click ‘Contact’ on the top menu, whereupon an email template is generated that comes to me, to which I can respond.

Ad astra

May 9. 2012 01:58 PM

Ad astra

I've been watching Wayne Swan's very good NPC address and was impressed by the proficient way he answered questions, and the Anthony Albanese's impressive presser on the Pacific Highway, and am now going off to watch QT.  I wonder what the Opposition will get up to today.

Ad astra

May 9. 2012 03:01 PM



See my comments above @ 1.07pm. I thought that the Treasurer's speech was better than 'very good'.

I was pleased that he answered some questions with 'Yes' or 'No' although he did go on to provide further justification for his response. Later in question time he just left the answer at a simple 'No'. I thought it an effective response.


May 9. 2012 03:19 PM


Labor Doubles the Fist!

Right on cue.

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is sure past the end of the beginning.

Labor Ministers sounding splendidly vengeful, and very confident of their record.

Great budget. Abborttians spitting chips.    

Red in Red as someone said. Her voice is like cut glass when  she talks to Pyne.

Go *J*U*L*I*A*.

Jenny Macklin pays 'em out!

Peter Garrett in full flight, gets a cheer too.

Anna Burke being perfect! Kiss

Not lax. Not pompous. Just sensible and in control, as any good teacher would be. But the Abborttians are more boorish than any class of youngsters, and much nastier.

Hooray for a sane WOMAN in the Chair!

I know that's sexist, albeit inverted, well so is the power play, the Coalition DARE NOT defy a woman! I predicted that yesterday before she took the Chair . . .

. . . I almost lost hope in the first few minutes as she let Pyne talk over the top of her, but it was like she was tickling a trout, when he was so-o-o-o sure he had her in his manly power, she grabbed him by the gills!

It was a brilliant ploy, and the Abborttians are suddenly VERY, VERY well-behaved today. GO ANNA! They know that this time they're screwed, this woman has proper control.

They have never been so subdued. HAR HAR HAR.

Anna Burke is the Speaker we really needed!

Best QT since *J*U*L*I*A* became Leader.

Tomorrow night the Abborttians will be given the opportunity  to account for its own budgetary plans. And after that they will be asked. Then the journalists will demand it of them.    
And finally, at long last, they will be hounded and corralled.

And that is when they will turn on each other. And I can't wait.


May 9. 2012 03:21 PM


Your statement at 1.52pm makes good sense.


May 9. 2012 03:36 PM


Cheers Ad,
will just be a few days…clear my head…recuperate…get some other duties and projects done.

You know what it’s like.

Til later,
Have a goodie


May 9. 2012 04:24 PM

Ad astra

Get well soon.  We will miss you.

You are right.  Wayne Swan has steadily grown in confidence and assurance.  The competent way he answered questions make Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb, and of course the LOTO, look like the rank amateurs they are.  How can Coalition supporters contemplate such incompetents running a trillion dollar economy?

Thank you for your comment.

Ad astra

May 9. 2012 04:38 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

In the morning the tweets I call Twitterverse, in the afternoon they

are called "Twitterati":-

Annabel Crabb‏@CrabbTwitsard
Keep in mind - Mr Thomson's speech will be under parliamentary privilege, so he will be free to unburden himself fully.

Robert Corr‏
Coalition has 72 members, only got 70 votes. Nice whipping.

Tony Wright‏
High brinksmanship on display in #qt. Careful dealing only slightly more obscure. Coalition motion defeated 70-72.

Under privilege, Thommo could also throw some of his own muds. It might backfire on Abbott & His 40 Thieves #qt

Annabel Crabb‏
Thomson stands. Says he will seek to make a statement. Anna Burke says he has three seconds. #harsh

Andrew Greene‏
This opposition suspension motion destined to fail - not helped by the fact the Member for Riverina Michael McCormack was kicked out... #qt

Wow! Pyne gets told to stop shouting! About time. Hasn't stopped him though. #qt

Financial Review‏
Christopher Pyne is seeking for Craig Thomson to make an immediate statement on the FWA report #qt

Crikey. Just heard Julia Gillard's call for Tony Abbott to "get off Sydney's north shore" and go talk to some real families...

LNP tried to stir up trouble over the budget & got nowhere so now they have gone back to their usual of trying to bring up Thomson issue #qt

Naomi Woodley‏
Pyne now moving a motion to force Thomson to make a statement about the FWA report. Leave denied, so he's moving a suspension motion instead

Myk says...‏@Myk42
Poodle wanted to SSSO - Cowardly little shite #qt

Aleksandr Kharkovsky‏@Epigrammist
Pyne moves obliquely onto Thompson. I smell a censure motion coming on #qt

Mike Stuchbery‏
Trying to frame Wayne Swan as some representative of the Occupy movement, bloody hell, that's just absurd.

Possum Comitatus‏Pollytics
Only way the Coalition could get sillier here is if Chairman Abbott launches a censure against the tripling of the tax free threshold #qt

The Wall Australia‏
Coalition in twist over school bonus http://dlvr.it/1Xg567

Annabel Crabb‏
The PM is luxuriating in Mr Abbott's answer when asked the difference between the school bonus + baby bonus... "They just are". #qt

Little Loud Guy‏@LittleLoudGuy
Christopher Pyne is the LNP's primary shit shoveller. At the moment he is shovelling it all over himself ROFL #qt #auspol



May 9. 2012 04:53 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Interesting Twitterati.

I’m getting the feeling that in parliament Julia Gillard and here ministers are steadily getting on top of Tony Abbott and his team.  He, and they, are sounding more and more frantic, and today Christopher Pyne was almost apoplectic. PM Gillard is wiping the floor with the LOTO and making him look foolish.

The 53rd motion to suspend standing and sessional orders to force Craig Thomson to make a statement failed, as it was bound to do.  The Coalition got what it wanted, but will have to wait about a fortnight for it, when the next sitting of parliament begins.

Ad astra

May 9. 2012 05:16 PM


Little Red Rosy Head and the Three Chairs

Once upon a time there were three Chairs named Harry, Peter and Anna, who all lived together in a big house on a hill.

One day Little Red Rosy Head's grandma called her to her side and said,
LRRH you have been such a good girl I am giving you the Golden Key to the big house on the hill.
Go there and open the big door, go inside and make yourself comfortable.

LRRH went up to the big door and stood on tip toe to fit the  key into the squeaky old lock. To her delight the key turned in the lock!

LRRH pushed as hard as she could aginst the big door. It took all her strength, but at last the creaky old door opened just wide enough to squeeze inside.

There she saw the three Chairs.

"Well Grandma told me to make myself comforable", thought LRRH, and tried the first Chair, the one named Harry.

But Harry was too soft!

Shall I go on kiddies?

Alright alright but you must help me with with the rest of the story.

So LRRH tried the second Chair - the one named P . . . .  

But P . . . . was too H . . . !

So then she tried the third Chair - the one named A . . .

And would you believe . . . Can you guess . . .

Anna was j . . .  r . . . . !!! Smile


May 9. 2012 07:01 PM


This is what happens when you give the keys of power to the LNP


May 9. 2012 08:24 PM


I really enjoyed that poem TT. I agree that today we saw a reinvigorated Government team, Mr Swan was really impressive at the Press Club, and I liked the visionary statement he made at the start. Made me remember what I like about Australians and Labor. A compassionate  society.

Tonight our Prime Minister gave her all against that clown Chris U on the 7.30 report. A definite winner with a gritty performance.

Then  they had a report on the current undermining within the  Liberal Party. It will be interesting to see how the MSM report the power struggles that are happening there. Clear air for the government perhaps. We can only hope. Could we really stomach a Costello return.


May 9. 2012 09:23 PM

Ad astra

What a clever story!

This is happening wherever there is conservative government ensconced.  It’s the same here in Victoria.

I agree with your comments.  Chris Uhlmann was downright rude to this nation’s Prime Minister on 7.30 – it was most unbecoming.  This man needs pulling down a peg or two.  His arrogance has outstripped his talent.

I’m now calling it a day.

Ad astra

May 9. 2012 11:25 PM


Ad astra

William Bowe has sinbinned Bushfire Bill for certain comments about certain persons, even though nobody doubts BB's intellectual contribution.

The poster above would appear to have no such value, only malice, and personally I wouldn't mind at all if he just  

What do you think? Smile


May 9. 2012 11:32 PM


Shirley said

I really enjoyed that poem TT

Erm which poem was that? I really don't know what you are referring to. Merci bien anyway.

I didn't see OOman with *J*U*L*I*A*, can't find it atm neither.


May 10. 2012 12:27 AM



Infuriating interview, TT, though the Prime Minister was brilliant and patient. Uhlmann introduced her with the line that her government is surrounded by the scandal of Craig Thomson - would you believe!   He then interrupted her continually and even talked over her at times!  She looked great and was calm and professional, across every detail of the budget. She made nonsense of the silly scandal questions he tried on.  She did us proud!

I've always been impressed by Wayne Swann's grasp of things economic and I could never understand the belittling of him.  But I must say he really is performing very well indeed.  Every inch the World's Best Treasurer we've been told about by Euromoney.

I think Shirley was commending your Men of Harlech poem, which I thought was pretty good too!


May 10. 2012 07:32 AM



Latest BISONs - 8 May 2012 - Bumper Budget 2012 Version,Home of Australia's BISONs
STOP PRESS: PM Gillard reassures the Nation: I don’t think people need to get too anxious about the price of bacon

Abbott delenda est, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
A Prime Minister who sets about wiping Abbott off the political map will not only have the power to get things done but be seen to get them done, and get credit for them, and lift the polls against a demoralised opposition that would not be able to set the agenda as it does today. The fact that the Coalition agenda consists almost entirely of Craig Thomson

A Day in the Life , Mr Denmore, TheFailed Estate
Meta Narrative that "This Hopeless Government is Doomed and Must Be Put Out of its Misery at the Earliest Opportunity" (subtext: because we love election campaigns and the story is just too damned good to give up on now). The punning headlines of 'Swan Song' and 'Black

Battlers and the big picture: budget's no game changer, Greg Jericho, The Drum
Well Swan did it. He forecast a surplus. This was no great surprise, given pretty much everything about this budget was leaked in advance, so the final result of a $1.5 billion surplus was a surprise only to those who had studiously avoided any mention of the Budget in the media.

Is Our Carbon Tax Really The Biggest? Sarah Lumley, New Matilda
If you turn on the news any night of the week, chances are you’ll hear Tony Abbott refer to Australia as home of the "the world’s biggest carbon tax".The Opposition leader hasn’t provided any evidence for this claim, but that hasn’t stopped the media from reporting it. The ABC, Yahoo, Fairfax and News Ltd have all run Abbott’s refrain without verification.

Alleged Costello comeback sparks infighting, Heather Ewart, ABC
The ABC has learnt the Federal Coalition is being rocked by claims former treasurer Peter Costello made a bid to return to the political stage late last year.The ABC's 7.30 program has found bitter factional in-fighting was triggered by the purported move by Mr Costello, who demanded a young MP step aside to accommodate him

Budget night: tales from the Kennedy Room, Andrew Cook, The Power Index
Crikey had been shifted to the less salubrious La Rustica for its long scaloppini session and with 3G reception non-existent, smartphones and dubious Shiraz were forcibly downed. Crikey was regaled instead by budget pointy head John Quiggin's impressive tales of correspondence with Paul Krugman and amusing opinions

Let's talk about the cover of today's Australian , The Vine
nothing in the past 26 years of steadily accumulating journalistic cynicism could have prepared me for what The Australian, our paper of national repute, put on its front cover today in response to the Budget:

Joe Hockey: comedian, Massivespray, Spray of the Day
Now as anyone older than 5 knows, the Howard government that Joe was a member of made an art form of the voter handout, and in fact got so good at it that they would throw us a $5 tax cut and expect us to worhsip the gournd they walked on for the privilege

What is $1.5b Actually Worth-, Only The Depth Varies
As promised, the ALP Government has delivered a juicy morsel of Surplus, with grand proclamations about the dark years of Deficit being over. Huzzah! We're in the Money, sharing the benefits of the

Winners and Losers, Budget 2012, Luiggi Berrospi, Law and Politic Blog
Here is a snapshot of the winners and losers from this year’s Budget

Accounting "tricks" behind the federal budget surplus , Graeme Wines, The Conversation
Government budgets are increasingly becoming more political documents. This has been particularly evident with the federal government’s pledge to return the budget to surplus

The tough budget that doesn't seem tough - today's commentariat-, Peter Martin
the $4.75 billion promised to business over four years as a company tax cut will now be taken away, and given to parents. Why? Employers don't vote for Labor. Parents might."

Mr Hockey’s Budget Knowledge Exposed, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
pity for me that is because the Budget last night embarrassingly exposed Mr Hockey’s misunderstanding about how the government is handling its finances in delivering the surplus. In terms of “genuine savings”, one only has to look at the following facts:

The myths that abound in Federal Budget Papers, Bill Mitchell, Billablog
Last night’s Federal Budget in Australia proved once again how dominant the macroeconomic myths are in policy development. You can read my pre-Budget comments – and apart from the 2011-12 deficit being larger than the Government planned as a result of the slowing economy undermining its

Germaine, you broke our hearts , Julia Baird, Daily Life
First, she said, unprompted on Q and A that Gillard had a “big ass” and had to “get over it” and dress accordingly. Then last weekend, she devoted an entire article to Gillard’s need to tailor, or discard her jackets. In doing so, she was simply upholding hoary clichés about women in politics. Cliches feminists have hammered with

Federal Budget 2012 – social media reactions, Turn Left 2013
Tony Abbott’s and Joe Hockey’s failure to give a coherent answer to how the Howard Government’s Baby Bonus is different from the School Kids bonus was a focus of much talk on social media sites. Abbott’s “they just are”

YES. THIS BUDGET’S FOR US , Wendy Harmer, Hoopla
My journey with the NDIS began some four years ago when Bill Shorten asked me to become a member of the National People With Disabilities and Carer’s Council - the peakcommunity advisory body to the Federal Government.

Peter Slipper’s Statement To Parliament, Australian Politics. Com
Slipper read a short statement that asserted his innocence of charges levelled at him, proclaimed his belief in the presumption of innocence, and decried trial by media.
Slipper then handed over to Deputy Speaker Anna Burke and left the House.

NBN termination to cost $1.8 billion , Charis Palmer, Technology Spectator
The government would face charges of at least $1.8 billion from NBN Co if the NBN was terminated. The cost has been highlighted by the government as a contingent liability in the budget papers, arising from the Equity Funding Agreement the government has entered into with NBN Co.

Budget 2012: govt's NBN liability hits $1.8b,Josh Taylor, ZDNet
The Coalition has indicated that it would seek to renegotiate the government's deal with Telstra, aiming to obtain part of Telstra's copper network so it can roll out a scaled-back fibre-to-the-node network, instead of the fibre-to-the-home approach that NBN

Nine problems stopping The Global Mail from getting an audience, Tim Burrows, Mumbrella
As we’ve discovered on Mumbrella, some of our best content can come in the comment thread that follows an article. I can understand the journalistic instinct – particularly when not many of the team seem to come from an online background – that the journo’s job is to


Prime Minister responds to budget and scandal, 7.30pm report

Why is the Labor Party in Crisis?, Slow TV, The Monthly
The discussion features Barry Jones, former President of the ALP and former Hawke Government Minister, Antony Green, ABC election analyst, and Robert Manne, Professor of Politics at La Trobe University. The forum is chaired by Marilyn Lake, Professor of History at La Trobe University

Abbott needs to 'get off Sydney's north shore' and back to the real world

Sky News PM Agenda 9/5/12

Julia Gillard, Labor PM, on The Project Channel 10, 9th May 2012
The PM Julia Gillard speaking with The Project panelists about the 2012 budget.

posts from the ‘Daily Fix’ Category


May 10. 2012 07:34 AM



Australian Newspaper Front Pages for 10 May 2012


May 10. 2012 07:41 AM


Apparently Uhlmann was his usual self when the Prime Minister graced his program with an appearance last night. (I say "apparently" because I no longer watch the show). He's said to have interrupted her constantly, though, not surprisingly, she's reported to have fended him off effortlessly. Audience complaints are on their way to #TheirABC over his attitude and approach.

I agree with those who say the PM and her Ministers should boycott appearances on all hostile media. (Yes, that would mean practically the entire media). I find it particularly inexplicable why anyone from the Progressive side of politics would appear on a talkback radio session, for example. When a shock jock pre-promotes an upcoming appearance by a government Minister, this generates interest among the audience, guaranteeing more listeners for the session. Which in turn benefits the jock, the station and those businesses who finance the station with advertising dollars. But it hardly benefits Labor because as soon as the interviewee departs, the jock opens the line to callers who (predictably for the medium) are hostile in their comment about anyone not on the conservative/right wing side. So why bother? You're never going to get through to a talkback radio audience because, almost by definition, they're rigidly rusted on to the far right. All that is achieved by Labor appearing is more listeners and proftis for the station. A boost for the enemy, so to speak. So just stop it, I say.


May 10. 2012 08:27 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

May 10. 2012 09:01 AM


Good Morning Ad

This mornings "Twitterverse" for you and everybody:-

George Megalogenis‏
New blog is up. It's on the free side: blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/.../

Mike Ahern‏
Michael Kroger seeing if a sitting member will vacate a seat so Peter Costello return to Canberra @tonyabbottMHR JOKE?

Brad A‏
Hyperbole. Innuendo. Waffle. Pure Bullshit. High drama as Thomson stops the clock, but can he wind it back? www.theage.com.au/.../...-back-20120509-1yd81.html via @theage

The Coalition no longer opposes the mining tax? Yes, really. #auspol http://bit.ly/KkfNlw

Wes Mountain‏
A fantastic piece by @GreenJ on real convictions and the value of a strongly held position.. even to point of arrogance
Can someone explain how in the space of just a decade our public discussion has been hijacked by the ignorant and the bigoted and their boosters in the mass media?

The Terror is at it again today. THIS really takes the cake: "An analysis of the federal budget by the Tax... http://fb.me/10WBboKRU

Katharine Murphy‏
How's this fight between Peter Costello and Michael Kroger? Epic. Fascinating tale

Financial Review‏
Nearly $8bn has been stripped out of #superannuation system since 2008 [free] www.afr.com/.../nothing_super_in_bn_retirement_strip_mgaTl8oJR8woAD3tiKIQHP #money

Michael Rowland‏
Barrie Cassidy tells @BreakfastNews there's more chance of the Red Sea parting than Josh Frydenburg handing his seat to Peter Costello

The Age‏
He speaks! High drama as Craig Thomson stops the clock, but can he wind it back? Tony Wright's latest www.theage.com.au/.../...-back-20120509-1yd81.html via @theage

Senator Assange‏@Senator_Assange
Did Peter Costello have any conversations with Christopher Pyne? Did they exchange 'phone numbers? #itsalive #aliveIsay

National News: Thomson should have been more upfront: PM http://bit.ly/Lh25z9 #australia


May 10. 2012 09:33 AM


I was listening ABC RN this morning at 5.00am and an old BBC radio game show came on....."My Word". Celebrities are quizzed about words, sayings etc.

One phrase that came up was "nobilis oblige"...... literally "the obligations of nobles".  It is several hundred years old and refers to the ethical and moral obligations and responsibilities the ruling class have to their subjects by virtue of their privileged position.

I immediately thought of Abbott whose character I would describe as being "sine nobilis oblige".


May 10. 2012 09:50 AM


Cuppa I agree with your sentiments. Just sent off another complaint to the ABC re Uhlmann's belligerent attitude towards the PM last night. He was hostile, his agenda was to entrapp and he asked only about the cuts to the budget and nothing about the spending and support for lower income families. Is that balance? It was so obvious. He really gets up my nose.


May 10. 2012 10:06 AM


Does anybody know offhand the state of play re the Media Enquiry? Is it going to make any difference?

Uhlmann must be stopped. Bigot and boor, the most arrogant ABC presenter ever, a disgrace to his profession. Yes I've now seen him starring with *J*U*L*I*A* last night, he should be stood down permanently. How dare he! Cuppa I am with you on this, (as I in my capacity as lurker often am with you in another place btw), a billet doux from the PM's office should find its way to the ABC now, regretting her disinclination to speak with Uhlmann ever again due to his bad manners and disrespectful attitude.

Well you can imagine the squeals, but Uhlmann is to the ABC as CatsCrap is to this blogsite.

(Good on you Ad btw, there may be about 3 people who write stuff here who would not cheer your removal of that really offensive creepy fellow's unlovely dummy spit, and it is pleasurable to realise that in exercising your prerogative as Blogmaster and emptying the cat litter tray you will also have outraged those few at the same time, who likewise come here merely to abuse. Double bunger!)

(It is a pity there are such haters but look at the leads they are following! Pell, Jones and Jones, Abbortt and Pyne, O my country!) There is no earthly reason to feel apologetic for excising them, Ad, in case you do; it is the equivalent of their coming in to your house and crapping on your floor, only much easier to make disappear. 99.6% of posters here applaud your action Smile

Uhlmann. Uhlmann. What are we going to do about Uhlmann.

The best thing of all would be for someone with great gravitas -say, Carr? - to stop him in his tracks with a withering serve when he has interrupted one time too many. It would be great if (say, Carr,) were to suddenly stop, poke his finger at Uhlmann's chest,  diverging altogether from the supposed subject to lay on him the truth about his boorish behaviour and lousy interview skills.

Don't we all live for that moment?    


May 10. 2012 10:10 AM


Hi Lady in Red

Chris Uhlmann is very upopular attracts many complaints.  But the ABC don't seem to care many are not watching 7.30pm anymore, according to the Twitterverse:-

Marian Rumens‏
ChrisUhlmann should interview himself rather than anybody from Labor. He'd then get the answers he wants #auspol #mediafail #abcbias

jolly good...brava. Uhlmann is disgusting. ABC should be ashamed to employ him. Taxpayers should demand he resign.

Neil Adolphson‏
A I wasn't enraged. I expect that from Uhlmann. But I burst out laughing when the PM smacked him down. Great to see. She's tough.

Agnes Mack‏
Was great 2 see PM refusing to take Uhlmann's nonsense.4 him debating & hectoring replace "professional" journalism @JuliaGillard



May 10. 2012 10:20 AM


My Word was the most-listened-to-ever radio show and it was down to just two blokes really, Dennis Norden and Frank Muir. SO clever they were.  

Loved it.

Psyclaw I only ever heard that espression en Francais, *Noblesse Oblige*.


May 10. 2012 10:48 AM


I assume/hope all Swordsters have googled "ABC 7.30", hit the feedback link and sent a rocket to/about Uhllmann!!!

You are likely correct re Francais origin. I could only interpret it phonetically (aurally) on the radio and went online and did find a Latin version.

Whatever the source, Abbott is sans or sine this aspect of character.


May 10. 2012 11:15 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
As usual, our links and Twitterverse are good reading.  BTW who or what is TAWNBPM‏?

It seems that Chris Uhlmann managed to enrage many of us again.  Let’s bombard the ABC with complaints.

No, I don't know where the Finkelstein inquiry is at.

Ad astra

May 10. 2012 11:28 AM

Ad astra

The winners of the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition have been announced. They are here: www.sydneywriterscentre.com.au/.../...etition.html

Feeding the Chooks was the winner of the ‘Commentary Category’ in which TPS was entered.  You can see it here: http://feedingthechooks.com/  

The People’s Choice was Edenland in the Personal Lifestyle Category.   You can see it here:  http://www.edenriley.com/

Our congratulations go to Mr Denmore who received the award for the ‘Outstanding advocacy post’ for his piece on pokies: Waiting for the Feature on The Failed Estate thefailedestate.blogspot.com.au/.../...eature.html

Ad astra

May 10. 2012 01:31 PM


4.9% unemployment - good news, but its patchy, so have to be mindful when saying its a good result. Good result that it fell rather than went up though.

Newman has started to encroach on the Wild Rivers and will no doubt get backup from Abbott. Graziers say they will fight Newman tooth and nail. QLD has no right to start interfering with the inland river flow into Lake Ayer. I am a Queenslander. Please lets keep fighting so that what happened in QLD with LNP doesn't happen in Canberra....Please, please we don't want a democratically elected dictator.


May 10. 2012 02:02 PM


I feel a limerick coming on!

See, there's Kroger . . . and ogre . . . and toga!

And Costello . . . and Othello . . .

Full house!

Too easy!  

I'm so sorry for Senator Kroger!
And her ex-husband, used-to-be ogre!
And their ex-mate Costello
Tragic as poor Othello
They've all got some blood on their toga!


May 10. 2012 02:31 PM


The government flaying the other side in Question Time today. Great stuff!


May 10. 2012 04:06 PM


Question Time all absorbing today, and there's lots of serious stuff to write about, but TT's limerick is too tempting.

There once was a pollie named Tony
Who was famous in Oz as a phony.
He was destined for hell
Except that Cardinal Pell
Intervened, because of his religione.  


May 10. 2012 04:16 PM



My twitter thingy is lynsan.  I often see your tweets on my feed.  I don't comment though. Smile

I also saw, quite by accident, 7.30 last night.  It was disgusting, but I was so proud of Julia, she didn't let him get away with much.


May 10. 2012 05:10 PM


Hi Gravel

I am delighted thankyou for letting me know. Gravel you have said Twitter thingy.  Well yesterday I found out your twitter name is called your "Twitter Handle"  oh boy there is some termanology to get around isn't there.

I am off now to find you in the crowd Gravel, now make sure when I follow you to click follow back won't you.  That way you will be on my Timeline.  

You said you don't comment just say hi to me.  

cheers Lyn


May 10. 2012 05:37 PM


Hi Ad

Here is the Twitterati some about QT.

You asked me about TAWNBPM the first entry below is from his face book page.  I think tawn is Frank Calabrese from AFrank View and the Finnigans with the BISON’S

Tony Abbott is an extreme right wing, redneck, homophobic, sexist, bible-thumping, puppet of the mining sector, climate change-denying dinosaur.

Victoria Rollison‏
And can someone also let Clive Palmer know that his Budget Reply has damaged Abbott? Thanks Clive. m.smh.com.au/.../...-australia-20120510-1ye8d.html #auspol

Speaking of shameless - @TheAustralian p1 sticking up for poor Tony Abbott - what a shocker of a story. www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fn59niix-1226351462739 #auspol

Clive Palmer holds a press conference to respond to the budget (?????). Even worse, the press turn up! Who on... http://fb.me/1lZIRXq77

Sabra Lane‏
C Pyne trying to suspend standing orders, to get PM to detail what contact her office has had with Sussex street re @DobellThommo

Marian Dalton‏
Pyne tries to run the argument that without Thomson, Labor would not be in govt at all. Yet yesterday it was all about the Independents. #qt

Sabra Lane‏
CPyne says the PM has been part of the "protection racket" keeping DobellThommo in a seat.

Paul Bongiorno‏
I suspect NSW Labor would need little encouragement from Julia, they can count probably better than Mr Pyne.

Judith Ireland
Vote lost, 69 to 71 ... #qt over

Clive Palmer delivers Budget reply script to Tony Abbott - www.news.com.au/.../story-e6frfku0-1226351966959 but still won't take his calls m.smh.com.au/.../...-australia-20120510-1ye8d.html #auspol

Cheers SmileSmileSmile


May 10. 2012 05:39 PM


Hi Lyn,

Totally unrelated to the topic but it is interesting that your Twitter name is called your "handle".  Back in the day of CB Radio ("breaker 1-9", "10-4 good buddy" and all that twaddle) the name you used on the radio was also called "your handle".  I wonder if Twitter will outlast the timeframe of CB Radio?

See you on the flip side . . . (Sorry, couldn't resist another CB phrase)


May 10. 2012 05:46 PM


Barrie Cassidy being sanctimonious and simpleminded (not at all strange bedfellows!) here:


To which may I say...

Set "new rules" that take away an elected member's vote and you've just disenfranchised every voter in that member's electorate.

Set "new rules" that can see a member ejected from the Parliament over civil or criminal allegations/charges not brought to a conclusion by verdict and sentence in a court of law, and you've just smashed the separation between judiciary and legislature.

And just imagine how 'creative' a bloodyminded Opposition or a teetering Government could get with testing the "new rules"?

You're not thinking things through, Barrie. But then, you are a fully paid-up member of the Australian mainstream media.


May 10. 2012 05:47 PM


Ad astra
While not for an instant gainsaying my conviction that TPS is the most valuable political blogsite in the Wide Brown Land, I agree that the sites chosen for the "Best Blogsite Awards" were very worthy indeed. Congratulations to them all, especially our esteemed comrade Mr Denmore.

But none has week-by-week comment to match your own Ad, and sure as shootin' none has a candle to hold to Lyn's Daily Links.


May 10. 2012 05:49 PM


TT's limerick set me off over at the Cafe where they have a Tony Abbott caption writing comp. cafewhispers.wordpress.com/.../

Remember! Preparing a budget
You’re not allowed to fudge it.
If your sums have been juggled
We know when they’re smuggled*
So that News can re-write and pre-judge it.

* polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../

Thanks for the Twitterati, Lyn.  It's just as well I don't join in.   I wouldn't be like Gravel. I couldn't hold back when I was explosive with rage as I was about the hypocrisy and time wasting of the Opposition in QT today.  Aren't they interested in the economic well being of the country?


May 10. 2012 07:04 PM


TAWNBPM = Tony Abbott will never be prime minister.



May 10. 2012 07:45 PM


Listening in awe to that Vogon Abbortt.

Reading every lying word.

Where's your blueprint Abbortt? Not a word so far.

When he does it will be in the vaguest aspirational terms.

Oh Abolish the mining tax.

And the Carbon Tax.

We'll find the savings to pay for (what?)

Dog be praised, TAWNBPM.


May 10. 2012 08:36 PM


That was a Budget Reply speech!

It was little more than a cut and paste compilation of every harangue that Abbortt has ever uttered.

Chris Uhlmann was so sharp tonight too. Firstly, it was inspirational inviting Peter Reith as his guest. Reith, a Liberal who is even handed in his analysis of policy and always such a model of probity as a Minister in the Howard Government.

What an insult from the ABC. I suppose we should be used to it by now.


May 10. 2012 08:37 PM


Hi Norman K

My post @05:37 PM  in answer to Ad Astra's question where Ad asked me who TawnBPM was:-

You asked me about TAWNBPM the first entry below is from his face book page.  I think tawn is Frank Calabrese from AFrank View and the Finnigans with the BISON’S

Tony Abbott is an extreme right wing, redneck, homophobic, sexist, bible-thumping, puppet of the mining sector, climate change-denying dinosaur.


May 10. 2012 09:38 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Well congratulations to the best blog winner!

They’ve had 9 posts since January with a total of 4 comments! A remarkable result.

It's incredibly tough competition.

Tom of Melbourne

May 11. 2012 12:21 AM


Good News

Just caught up with Crikey and the good news that Leigh Sales will return to 7.30 on 28 May 2012.

Sales back on ship. The ABC announced this morning that 7.30's host, Leigh Sales, will be returning to the program after six months maternity leave. She will be back on Monday fortnight, May 28.
That will see stand-in host Chris Uhlmann returning to his regular role as 7.30’s political editor in Canberra, with Heather Ewart back to Melbourne as "national affairs correspondent". Uhlmann has been host since the end of January when Sales went on leave. -- Glenn Dyer

Yea! But keep those complaints about Chris Uhlmann pouring into the ABC - if anything the man was a tad more mellow as the 7.30 anchor than he was earlier as the political editor.

Uhlmann's wife, Gai Brodtmann is my local member and I find that I cannot warm to her because of her husband. Unfair, I know, but....


May 11. 2012 12:59 AM


No one here to talk about the Budget Reply?

Is that because there wasn't one?


May 11. 2012 12:59 AM



Noblesse oblige is also the title of a book edited by Nancy Mitford and first published in 1956. It is about so-called 'U' and 'Non-U' language in England.

Interestingly, the term has also cropped up in blogs in the past couple of days in discussions about the budget and the noblesse oblige in respect of 'the deserving poor'.


May 11. 2012 01:41 AM


Not sure whether this site has been mentioned before on TPS but check it out

Stand Up For Julia Gillard



May 11. 2012 07:19 AM


Popping in for a quick comment.

I find both these articles extremely troubling related to the Bush administration, the US military and the war on terror...and Iraq war...

Not sure why the ABC has essentially ignored them:

Colin Powell's New Book: War With Iraq Never Debated

An analysis of the historical record by the National Security Archives in 2010 concluded that, “In contrast to an extensive record of planning for actual military operations, there is no record that President George W. Bush ever made a considered decision for war. All of the numerous White House and Pentagon meetings concerned moving the project forward, not whether a march into conflict was a proper course for the United States and its allies. Deliberations were instrumental to furthering the war project, not considerations of the basic course.”

The war, which President Barack Obama officially brought to an end Dec. 31, cost the U.S. government around $3 trill-lion, left 4,487 U.S. servicemembers dead and killed more than 100,000 Iraqis. The Pentagon counts 32,226 U.S. servicemembers wounded, but the toll, including cumulative psychological and physiological damage, may be as high as half a million.

In Powell’s explanation of how he came to provide the misleading and inaccurate account of Iraq’s WMD capability at the UN, the former secretary of state points an incriminating finger at Vice President Dick Cheney’s office -- confirming previous reports such as the one by Karen DeYoung, in her Powell biography.

In the new book, Powell describes his reaction to the initial “WMD case” from the White House. “It was a disaster. It was incoherent,” he writes. “I learned later that Scooter Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, had authored the unusable presentation, not the NSC staff. And several years after that, I learned from Dr. Rice that the idea of using Libby had come from the Vice President, who had persuaded the President to have Libby, a lawyer, write the ‘case’ as a lawyer's brief and not as an intelligence assessment.”



U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam

The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists, according to documents obtained by Danger Room. Among the options considered for that conflict: using the lessons of “Hiroshima” to wipe out whole cities at once, targeting the “civilian population wherever necessary.

The course, first reported by Danger Room last month and held at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College, has since been canceled by the Pentagon brass. It’s only now, however, that the details of the class have come to light. Danger Room received hundreds of pages of course material and reference documents from a source familiar with the contents of the class.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently ordered the entire U.S. military to scour its training material to make sure it doesn’t contain similarly hateful material, a process that is still ongoing. But the officer who delivered the lectures, Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley, still maintains his position at the Norfolk, Virginia college, pending an investigation. The commanders, lieutenant colonels, captains and colonels who sat in Dooley’s classroom, listening to the inflammatory material week after week, have now moved into higher-level assignments throughout the U.S. military.

Feor the better part of the last decade, a small cabal of self-anointed counterterrorism experts has been working its way through the U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, trying to convince whoever it could that America’s real terrorist enemy wasn’t al-Qaida — but the Islamic faith itself. In his course, Dooley brought in these anti-Muslim demagogues as guest lecturers. And he took their argument to its final, ugly conclusion.

“We have now come to understand that there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam,’” Dooley noted in a July 2011 presentation (.pdf), which concluded with a suggested manifesto to America’s enemies. “It is therefore time for the United States to make our true intentions clear. This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction.”







May 11. 2012 07:30 AM



Costello's Radetzky March, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
The whole thing has made him look like an amateur. If he was going to do it, he'd be in a press conference with the MP who was going to cede their safe seat to him, smirking. For the media it would be a complete bolt from the blue, as all big game-changer stories are; someone like the witless Katharine "

When’s the press gallery going to hold Abbott’s feet to the fire?, Jeremy Sear, Pure Poison
Seriously? Is anyone in the press gallery going to hold Abbott’s feet to the fire at all about his hideous little speech tonight? Uhlmann had Peter Reith instead – and without any questions about why Abbott was too gutless to be interviewed as Swan had been – but even then none of the rubbish was called out.

Unemployment rate- Down to 4.9%, Greg Jericho, Grog’s Gamut
So for all those thinking this result makes a mockery of the RBA dropping rates, I say, the employment sector is not booming, is still pretty flat, and hasn’t got close to returning to where we were prior to the GFC:

Time for a truly independent Australian Speaker,Independent Australia
It is now time for the Speaker to be also a “career official” — a parliamentary public servant. This would mean that the Speakership would be truly independent of both parties. It would also mean that

Is Labor Anti Business?, Ben Eltham, New Matilda
won’t rehash the general bemusement at the lurid response from News Limited to what was actually a fairly orthodox and conservative budget by Swan. Luke Ryan wrote a forensic take-down of the woeful effort, while Jonathan Green mourns the departure from public life

The constitution is more than a vibe, Ash, Ash’s Machiavellian Bloggery
The smear he tarnishes one minister now for political expedience will haunt the parliament forever. This man is single handedly destroying the 111 years of faithful service ofour constitution for his own political gain.Beware this man, Abbott. He is not of sound mind or body. And read the constitution ashghebranious.wordpress.com/.../

Tony Abbott’s Budget in Reply Speech, Dylon Caporn, The Body Politic Australia
My values are the product of an Australian life, a real life much like yours, with Margie, raising three daughters in suburban Sydney, paying a mortgage, worrying about bills, trying to be a good neighbour and a good citizen; appreciating that no one has a monopoly of virtue or wisdom, and grateful that our country has normally been free from

Labor handouts wedge the Coalition, Bernard Keane, Crikey
The real reason the Coalition opposed the education refund but supported the Family Tax Benefit A adjustment and income support measures isn’t at all clear. The carbon tax was invoked in both cases, in an apparent breakdown of logic by whoever prepares the Coalition’s talking points. The instinct of reflexive oppositionism,

The Abbott Fact Check & Other Matters, Stephen Koukoulas
The Leader of the Opposition Mr Abbott gave his response to the Budget a short while ago and while there were few facts relating to matters of the economy, there were a few assertions and judgments that should be put through the fact-check machine.The lack of any detail about how the aspirations would be paid for is another matter, but at a quick glance, here is what came out:

Right-wing respect – 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, Turn Left 2013
Joining other notable people from the Right-wing in media and politics who support rights for LGBTIQ and marriage equality – Nick Greiner (former NSW premier), David Cameron (UK prime minister), and Bill O’Reilly (USA fox broadcaster

Social Welfare and class warfare the give and take of budget balancing , Peter Whiteford , Inside Story
WHAT is most obvious is that pensioners with no private income have fared best since the Labor government came to office, receiving real increases of 12 per cent for couples and nearly twice that for singles. This massive redistribution to the poor occurred in the

Rebekah Brooks expected to tell all on PM texting , Paul Barry, The Power Index
Meanwhile, Rebekah Brooks, who has been arrested on suspicion of phone-hacking, corruption and perverting the course of justice, is said to be ready to tell Lord Leveson all about the text messages she and Britain's PM sent each other, sometimes up to a dozen times a day.

Abbott Blackhole , Tony Abbott must explain to the Australian people how is he going to fund his Blackhole of:, The Finnigans

Gusface Sez, A Frank View
Gusface has been busy tackling the Anti Govt Media to dispel the Myths regarding various Govt Issues, He has battled the Gatekeepers of #OhMike and Nightlife with Tony Delroy to spread the word – often with derision and attack from those who wish to spread the Liberal Line.

Schoolkids Bonus passes the Senate, ABC
The Opposition voted against the legislation, arguing it was a thinly disguised attempt at buying public support.But the legislation has now passed both Houses of Parliament, with the support of the Greens and most crossbenchers.Treasurer Wayne Swan says it will help cover the cost of education.www.abc.net.au/.../4003794

Julia Gillard’s De-Evolution on Gay Rights, Gladly the Cross Eyed Bear
Perhaps Gillard should consider that evolution favours those who can best adapt to changing environments. She, herself, has conceded that the political environment has changed with respect to same-sex marriage. And yet, it seems, while


Tony Abbott’s Budget Reply Speech, Australian Politics. Com
The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, has delivered his Budget Reply speech in the House of Representatives

Ghost of Peter Costello haunts parliament, Channel 7

Julia Gillard And Mark Geyer Geyer grills GillardPrime Minister Julia Gillard gets grilled by Triple M Grill Team's Mark Geyer the morning after delivery the Federal Budget.

Posts from the ‘Daily Fix’ Category


May 11. 2012 07:32 AM



Australian Newspaper Front Pages for 11 May 2012


May 11. 2012 08:26 AM


Hi Lyn

Oops! I posted in haste about TAWNBPM.
Sorry about that. Laughing


May 11. 2012 08:29 AM


'America's toughest sheriff' sued over rights abuses
By Stephanie Kennedy, wires
Updated May 11, 2012 08:18:57

RELATED STORY: Court sympathy for tough US immigration laws
MAP: United States
The US government is suing an Arizona sheriff for civil rights violations, alleging he and his office intentionally engaged in racial profiling and unlawful arrests of Hispanics.

The lawsuit cites systemic profiling, sloppy and indifferent police work and a disregard for minority rights by county Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a conservative Republican who styles himself as "America's toughest sheriff".

It is alleged the sheriff used a "volunteer posse" or a group of untrained civilians to carry out the sheriff's anti-Latino policies in a county of 4 million people which is 30 per cent Hispanic.

He is accused of wilfully denying Latino prisoners their civil rights in jail and arresting his political opponents for no valid reason.




May 11. 2012 08:32 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 08:48 AM


Cats Pan,
        The story about Shorten is just that! Derryn Hinch was all set to drop this "bombshell" on his radio show earlier this week until he found out the "P.A." in question is male.


May 11. 2012 08:57 AM


Hi Norman

That's Ok don't you worry your pretty little head. We all do that I am the first to be guilty.

I am not sure if TAWNBPM is Frank Calabrese , maybe you can tell me?
could you please. Tawn is a brilliant contributor and conducts an extremely interesting, informative Facebook page.  I support him because he has given me permission to copy & paste away, besides the fact his opinion is so worthwhile.

Cheers to you NormanK SmileSmileSmile


May 11. 2012 09:10 AM


Hi Lyn

Amongst your links:

Julia Gillard And Mark Geyer
Geyer grills Gillard Prime Minister Julia Gillard gets grilled by Triple M Grill Team's Mark Geyer the morning after delivery the Federal Budget.

This is both angrifying and exhilarating.

"Geyer grills Gillard" ?

Oh but No,


*J*U*L*I*A* Spit-Roasts Boor

That's more like it!

She is the best I've ever heard at cutting through interruption and staying on message, and biting back when she needs to.

Uhlmann is the worst of the lot, any pig has better manners than he.

Whoever said they couldn't feel warmly to Gai Brodtmann because she's his partner, yeah, it's incomprehensible that a Labor MHR could cohabit with him.  

As for Abbortt's "Budget" speech . . . words do fail me.


May 11. 2012 09:11 AM


Kroger goes ballistic on Costello via ABC.

How many times did Costello get exploited by the Howard team…and then pissed on from a great height to ensure he couldn’t get the leadership?

Apparently Costello has little good to say about Abbott, Howard etc.

Crap response to Abbott’s no budget reply…he’s nothing but a wrecker and a basher.

The Liberal party demonstrate that under Abbott’s Machiavellian, loopy, artificial sweeteners, weathervane, impulsive, Santamaria-like, missionary, lead balloon, rabid dog leadership they are not fit to govern.

Liberal party goes:

KABBBOOOMMM…post-budget announcement:


A rabble's chain reaction.



May 11. 2012 09:25 AM


That was your own self that said that, sorry Casablanca.

"Uhlmann's wife, Gai Brodtmann is my local member and I find that I cannot warm to her because of her husband. Unfair, I know, but...."

So you're Canberran then?


May 11. 2012 09:46 AM


Michael Kroger says Peter Costello is 'like a bear with a sore head'.

"Peter has got to move on and stop bagging everybody," says Michael Kroger.

"Peter doesn't seek to help Tony Abbott at all," he says.
Michael Kroger says Peter Costello must 'repair these relationships with people who were part of one the the great governments of our time'.

"It's time to stop this campaign against all these other great figures in the Liberal Party," he says.


Have a listen.

Real united lot.



May 11. 2012 09:46 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody

Here is the Twitterverse for you all.

I have been panicing to post, this Michael Kroger interview is explosive for the Liberal Party
"I think:-

Mark Scott‏@abcmarkscott
Here is the Jon Faine interview with Michael Kroger on @774Melbourne. Amazing listening.

Michael Rowland‏@mjrowland68
The most extraordinary political sledge by Michael Kroger on Peter Costelloplaying out now on @774melbourne and @BreakfastNews #abcnews24

Peter Costello wanted Kooyong: Michael Kroger, 774ABC Melbourne
A former Liberal powerbroker has confirmed that Peter Costello asked him to approach sitting Liberal members to give up their seats for the former treasurer.Former Victorian President of the Liberal Party Michael Kroger says they were at lunch in a Melbourne club when Peter Costello raised the idea of asking new sitting members to stand aside for him.

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Kroger says Costello basically hates everyone from Howard to Turnbull to Abbott.

Kroger on Costello "I've been his best friend of 35 years and even I've had enough" He called Abbott "economic illiterate" he's got to stop

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Michael Kroger goes on the record about former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello 'after 35 years….I've had enough.'

Joe O'Brien‏@joeobrien24
Kroger attack on Costello now on #abcnews24

Melissa Clarke‏
That was an EXTRAORDINARY interview with Michael Kroger on ABC 774! #auspol @BreakfastNews

Michael Rowland‏
In its sheer intensity I reckon it tops anything that was said during the Rudd challenge, don't you? Tks for watching!

Malcolm Farr‏
Just a suburban bloke. TAbbott asks us to believe he's normal. The Punch : http://rs.gs/5a

David Speers‏@David_Speers
Abbott warns family payment increase may be taken back when he moves Carbon Tax.

Frank Calabrese‏, Read and LEARN Laura - blogs.crikey.com.au/.../#comment-1254420 And William Bowe should know - he's been studying it long

The Daily Telegraph‏
PM's hold on power threatened: INDEPENDENT MP says the Craig Thomson scandal makes him question if Labor's cont... http://bit.ly/J1qpbH

Sophie Mirabella confronts Anthony Albanese as Question Time gets personal
THE political battle over personal integrity exploded in Parliament yesterday afternoon after Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella confronted Labor's Anthony's Albanese in a dramatic showdown.

Mike Kelly MP‏@MikeKellyMP
Treasury does some digging to offer a mine of useful myth-busting www.smh.com.au/.../...hbusting-20120510-1yfgf.html

News: Labor safe: Katter demands court ruling http://bit.ly/M0SO12

Byorgen Druffeldroff‏@bastardsheep
So Abbott "promised to identify" 50b in savings? Currently no clue where it'd come from? More hot air from an imbicile. http://is.gd/C6peBe

James Massola‏@jamesmassola
The Oz - good headline "Abbott fires bullets, misses details". http://twitpic.com/9jk215

James Massola‏@jamesmassola
Also, I'm finishing at the Oz and moving to the Fin: http://lockerz.com/s/207956037

"Tony Abbott's pitch. I'm like you. I'm from the burbs. I have a mortgage. I have bills. "The fundamental problem... www.smh.com.au/.../...-10-2012-20120510-1ye6b.html

John Pratt‏@Jackthelad1947
Palmer loses $40bn coal deal Must be a CIA plot. http://www.theage.com.au/national/-1yfp6.html



May 11. 2012 10:29 AM


Interesting discussion happening in the comments on this story today.


Apart from everything else on there, every time someone posts something favourable to the Leader of the Oppn, they are shouted down.


May 11. 2012 10:35 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn, Nasking
The Twitterverse is fascinating.  I heard the Kroger interview with Jon Faine on 774 ABC radio.  It was very frank and pulled no punches.  If Michael Kroger is to be believed, and he did sound authentic, Peter Costello is regretting his dummy spit after the 2007 election and wishes he was still in parliament.  He reportedly carries grudges against John Howard, Alexander Downer and John Hewson, and thinks Tony Abbott is an economic illiterate.  How much damage this will do to the Coalition is undeterminable.  Labor has its own Mark Latham who gives it a spray regularly without much affect.

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 10:57 AM


The Antipodean Budget Reply.

Our Antipodean Budget Process
Has rules as in the game of chess.*
Tradition says he must make The Reply.
Can Tony do it and not tell a lie?

Could he perhaps have more success
By starting his speech with,  "I confess
That unlike Swannie I’m no Grand Master.”

That might help him avoid disaster.

A compliment or two would show finesse
Would help his image in the press.
But,  no Chancellor of the Exchequer,
He decides instead to be a wrecker.

Aussies just don’t care for politesse.
He knows that!  The best way to impress?
To shout and carry on about that tax!
It hurts us all!  Who cares about the facts!

This was also a chance for him to obsess
About scandals and slime and Labor’s excess.
Slipper and Thomson!  They've helped by stealth,
To destroy Australia and steal our wealth.

His reply speech worked,  but nevertheless
Tony did regret the need for full dress.
News offered helped with their number jugglers
If he could've worn his budget speech smugglers.



May 11. 2012 11:32 AM


From Faux News:

Murdoch voices support for Israel in speech at Jewish museum dinner

Read more: www.foxnews.com/.../#ixzz1uWHsBSes

He went on to voice support for Israel in the face of a nuclear threat from Iran.
“Many people seem more worried about an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities than about what would happen if we allow Iran to build nuclear weapons,” Murdoch said. “When weak friends suggest that Israel may be part of the problem, we do nothing to encourage the peacemakers – and everything to embolden the warmakers.  So when the prime minister of a democratic Israel says that he fears Iran means what it says and intends to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, I will not second guess him from the safety of New York.”

I wonder if that’s Rupert’s way of saying:

“I’d really dig it if you attacked Iran…my cable and paytv news services and papers could really use a boost.

If I mention New York and nukes in the same breath do you think it’s enuff fear-mongering to bring even the left-wing Israel supporters on side?

You know my friends are the same ones who told me to use my media power to promote the Iraq War and the Lebanon bombing.

And has that done wonders for Israel’s security? Hardly any extreme Islamic recruitments these days. And the world cherishes Israel. Was cost effective. And it made Iran so much weaker. Your relationship with the states on your borders couldn’t be better. And the added bonus is the cheap oil I predicted.

Trust me. I’m an emperor who has mini-naps”



May 11. 2012 11:44 AM


Ad astra
Labor has its own Mark Latham who gives it a spray regularly without much affect.

Yeah but he is condemned as a weirdo,
Costello satteth on the right hand of Great Potentato Howard (who never ceased to give him the finger).

He was the World's Greatest Treasurer yada yada yada,
Now we got Fraser, Hewson and Costello all hate Abbortt, Kroger's spitting venom,
I don't think any of them like any of the others anyway,
Why would they?

NOBODY reckons Abbortt's BS speech last night bodes any good for his mob,
which bodes well for the Government.

Be of good cheer All, The Great Dismemberment is On.


May 11. 2012 11:46 AM


Not surprising:

Rupert Murdoch's most senior executive Chase Carey has leapt to the media mogul's defence over the controversial UK phone hacking scandal.

The News Corporation chief operating officer and president lashed out at a UK parliamentary committee's finding that Mr Murdoch is not a fit person to run a major international company.

His comments came as News Corp revealed the bill for the phone hacking scandal has hit $US167 million ($A166.81 million).

Mr Carey said Mr Murdoch, News Corp's chairman and chief executive, had the support of the board.

"The select committee delivered hard truths most of which we openly acknowledge," Mr Carey said during News Corp's third quarter results presentation on Thursday.

"However I flatly reject the report's notion that Rupert is unfit to run a major media company as unjustified in many people's opinion, including my own."


For some reason I got to thinking of Meyer Lansky defending longtime friend Lucky Luciano.

Still, at least these guys in News Corp only use media machine guns.

Empires don't have to be built using violence and shifting illegal booze these days.

Lucky got into the wrong business.



May 11. 2012 12:03 PM


Plus ce change...:

JPMorgan Chase Admits Big Losses On 'Egregious' Credit Trades
Huffington Post


C'mon baby...let's try and crash this economy again.

Everytime we do corporate profits go up...governments shudder and rollover...and we can cut pensions, create cheap wage jobs...and scare the bejesus outa the public...who then in desperation send their kids into our armies to do our dirty work...in farflung places we make a mint in...

Yea, c'mon baby let's do the con twist again.

I dug this comment from the site:

2 minutes ago ( 9:47 PM)
To quote Thomas Jefferson:

"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constituti­ons. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.­"

I'm sure the French woulda said it less euphemistically



May 11. 2012 12:46 PM


TT, Lyn and Ad,

Remember this?


The three stooges in action.

Any wonder that Costello is thinking of running? The economic team under Abbott is a joke.

His budget reply was woeful...more like a Tea Party protest than a dignified, informational response.

I thought Abbott was doin' a screen test for the Grumpy Old Men series.



May 11. 2012 12:48 PM


Hi Ad

Paul Keating measures Uhlamann the same way we do:-

Uhlmann impertinent, off point, Paul Keeting, ABC
His technique is to have the pap set question to hand.  And as the interviewee responds, he speaks over the top of them to demonstrate an aggressive credential.  This is broadly to conceal the fact that he is unable to follow an answer in a discursive way - to grow the conversation in a manner that is both informative and elucidatory


May 11. 2012 12:48 PM


Comment up there on Mark Latham.
I now consider him to be a media personality & essentially a product of the media. On any given day he's whatever an anti Labor media wants him to be; an insightful commentator if he's bagging Labor, a dullard who couldn't balance his own chequebook, or perhaps just a general weirdo. He seems happy to play this role.


May 11. 2012 12:54 PM


Tomorrow I look forward to seeing the following article or ones similar to it splashed across the weekend papers.

                         ABBOTT'S LIES

During his budget reply speech on Thursday night the Leader of the Opposition used many untruths and half-truths in an attempt to score political points against his opponents and to foster further unease and distrust in the electorate. In the interest of better public debate this paper will point out some of the weasel words and outright lies used by Tony Abbott during what should have been a landmark speech spelling out in detail his vision for Australia's future.
It causes this correspondent some discomfort to realise that the potential future Prime Minster of this country should rely so heavily on rhetoric and lies in order to make his case for a future Coalition government.

The Treasurer referred just once on Tuesday night to what he coyly called the carbon price before rushing to
assure people that it wouldn’t affect them.

He didn't 'coyly' refer to anything. He continued to use the title it has been given in the legislation.

Madam Deputy Speaker, I applaud the Treasurer’s eagerness to deliver a surplus – but if a forecast $1.5
billion surplus is enough to encourage the Reserve Bank to reduce interest rates, what has been the impact
on interest rates of his $174 billion in delivered deficits over the past four years?

It is not the surplus that will enable the RBA to reduce interest rates should it choose to do so but the withdrawal of public money from the economy which means that there is less upward pressure on inflation. This is no direct cause and effect between budget surpluses (or deficits) and the RBA's interest rate settings. Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard have never stated that there is a causal relationship.

He highlighted more spending on the Pacific Highway but not the get-out clause that it has to be matched
50:50 by NSW, not 80:20 as agreed with the previous NSW Labor government.

Anthony Albanese has categorically stated and demonstrated that no such 80:20 agreement exists.

The Coalition identified $50 billion in savings before the last election and will do at least as much again
before the next one.

Treasury found an $11 billion shortfall in its costings which were never audited to test whether the underlying presumptions were correct but rather were only given a run through a calculator to make sure the numbers added up. The accounting firm responsible has been chastised for its lack of basic principles.

Why spend $50 billion on a National Broadband Network so customers can subsequently spend almost three
times their current monthly fee for speeds they might not need?

The government is not spending $50 billion on the NBN. It is committed to providing $27 billion in initial funding which will be recouped with interest. NBN Co will raise a further $12 billion in private investment once the project reaches a level of equity such that investors can be confident in its success.
Current published pricing by ISPs for packages on the NBN show that they are basically on a par with current rates but for a far more reliable service with dramatically increased speeds and larger usage allowances.

Why put so much into the NBN when the same investment could more than duplicate the Pacific Highway,
Sydney’s M5 and the road between Hobart and Launceston; build Sydney’s M4 East, the Melbourne Metro,
and Brisbane’s Cross City Rail; plus upgrade Perth Airport and still leave about $10 billion for faster

The NBN is an equity investment. Upon its completion the federal government will own a piece of infrastructure that it can use to raise annual revenue through its selling of wholesale packages to private ISPs or it could sell the whole company for a predicted $20-30 billion profit. None of Mr Abbott's listed projects would be equity investments unless they were turned into toll roads or had other user-pays mechanisms put in place. Although it might appear that Mr Abbott is suggesting that the Coalition might redirect money into these projects, it would have to drag them on to the balance sheet in order to do so and subsequently would need to find more savings in the budget. Abbott has no intention of using NBN money to fund such projects because the dollars come from different buckets of money.

Madam Deputy Speaker, the Treasurer boasts that our economy will be 16 per cent bigger by mid 2014 than
it was in mid 2008 before the Global Financial Crisis.

What he doesn’t mention is that over the previous six years growth was 22 per cent; and over the six years
before that – spanning the Asian Financial Crisis, the Tech Wreck and September 11 – the Howard
government achieved growth of 26 per cent while still implementing far-reaching economic reforms like the

What Tony Abbott doesn't mention is the Global Financial Crisis which took us to the brink of recession and damaged economies all around the world for years. The effects of this crisis are still being reflected in most major economies. No mention of the Japanese earthquake which damaged our terms of trade with one of our major trading partners. These two events contributed to a $150 billion shortfall in government revenues over five years.
No mention of the summer of natural disasters that put further strain on the budget to the tune of around $10 billion.

And yes, there will be a fair-dinkum paid parental leave scheme, giving mothers six months at full pay with
their babies, to bring Australia into the 21st century, finally, and to join the 35 other countries whose
parental leave schemes are based on people’s pay.  

Parental leave is a workplace entitlement not a welfare benefit so should be paid at people’s real wage, like
sick leave and holiday pay.

What Mr Abbott doesn't mention is that most of those 35 countries who base their PPL schemes on people's pay are using frameworks that are funded by employee contributions not a government levy - see tax.
If parental leave is a workplace entitlement then the workplace should be funding it in the same way as worker's compensation is funded. If it is funded by a tax on business then it is a welfare payment ultimately funded by the average consumer through higher prices for goods and services.

As budget week has demonstrated, minority governments are too busy managing the parliament to manage
the economy properly. While they’re surviving, not governing our country is drifting, not flourishing.

By any reasonable measure Australia is flourishing when compared to its international peers. There is no doubt that we are going through a period of fundamental structural change in our economy, in the way that we work, in the way that we plan and fund our ever-lengthening retirement years and in the way that we respond to the greatest environmental threat that has been posed to modern Man. During a period of tumultuous upheaval (social, economic and environmental) Australia is maintaining steady growth, low unemployment, low interest rates and healthy wage levels. Mr Abbott has failed to spell out how he would further enhance the gains made in Australia over the last five years, choosing instead to undo the good that has been done and to impose a period of fiscal austerity at a time when such action is unwarranted.


May 11. 2012 12:56 PM


so Abbott has put a focus on nannies...

and young people learning languages...


Au Pair Girls


Hehehe...that rascally rabbit.



May 11. 2012 01:33 PM


NormanK - good stuff. Abbott doesn't let anything like facts or the truth stand in the way of a good rant. Thanks. I live in hope that articles similar to yours will appear - but I fear News Corp will use Costello on the front page and bury the budget reply. Maybe Kroger is working for Abbott now?


May 11. 2012 01:53 PM


Convo between reporter & Abbott post-budget reply:

Reporter: Tony Abbott, why such a bad performance last night?

Abbott: Shit happens.

Reporter: But Tony, so few details.

Abbott: The young must learn languages…and we should fund nannies…
that’s a start. I’ve forgotten most of the language stuff I learnt…but those
language teachers and au pairs…
Oh là là….

Reporter: So Tony, why the sudden interest in an expensive parental leave scheme at this time?

Abbott: Paid Parental Leave over my dead body!!!

Reporter: But Tony it’s part of your altenative budget.

Abbott: Whoops! The wind changed for a minute.I found myself pointing in the
wrong direction.

Reporter: Tony, do you believe you might be the next light on the hill?

Abbott: Well, those Coalition members down there with those flaming torches might
be wanting to light me up.

Reporter: Tony, do you think this might be the end of the road for you and the Stooges?

Abbott: Shit happens. Anyone know when the Tour de France starts?


May 11. 2012 01:56 PM

Ad astra

What a splendid analysis you have made of Tony Abbott’s Budget Reply last night.  What a sound exposé of his lies and misrepresentations.  Your comment fits well with the piece I have finished just this morning: The polluting power of poisonous politics, which I shall post later in the day.

Thank you for taking the time to lay bare Abbott’s deception.

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 02:03 PM



Yes, I'm proud to be a Canberran, born & bred in Sydney. I was posted to Canberra on a six months assignment in 1969 and have been here ever since.


May 11. 2012 02:08 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thank you for the Paul Keating link.  What a pointed appraisal that was.  If it doesn’t make Uhlmann squirm, there is no hope for him as a balanced interviewer.  His current technique makes him suitable only for shock jock shows like those conducted by Alan Jones.  Can he learn?  Can he ever attain the status of, for example, Kerry O’Brien?  The outlook is not promising.

Here is what I wrote to the ABC yesterday:

I join the others complaining about Chris Uhlmann's aggressive and rude behaviour when interviewing on 7.30.  Last night his approach to the Prime Minister of this nation was discourteous.  He must remember he is just the interviewer; it is the PM we wish to hear, not his rude interruptions.  Go back and look at the interview and the transcript and you will see what I mean.

We have come to expect that his behaviour towards Labor ministers will be belligerent; but when he shows such disrespect for the leader of this country, it is just too much for those of us who believe that, no matter what one thinks of the PM's politics, she deserves respect and courtesy, and should be treated with dignity.

Please give him this feedback.  We are very annoyed and upset at his egotistical behaviour.

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 02:45 PM

Ad astra

In addition to Lyn’s link that gives the audio and the transcript, for anyone who missed seeing the stunning oratory of our alternative PM last night, here is the video (and the transcript) of the Budget Reply from the Liberal Party website: www.liberal.org.au/.../...ment-House-Canberra.aspx

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 02:49 PM


Thank goodness for Michelle Grattan...I needed a laugh.

Abbott's failure to be more creative will bring criticism, but the Opposition Leader does not want to take any more attention than he has to away from the government.


Message to Michelle.... perhaps he can work on bringing some attention to himself for good policy, something worthwhile for a change?


May 11. 2012 03:36 PM


Did I hear that Tony Abbott is thinking of taking the axe to some of the family payments?

Ya gotta love his side of politics:

WASHINGTON -- The House on Thursday passed its plan to spare the military's growing budget from mandatory cuts, instead slashing Medicaid, benefits for federal workers and programs to help feed hungry Americans.

"How do we reconcile more money for bombs while cutting money for bread?" asked Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio). "The real deficit that we are dealing with here is a moral deficit, and it's time that we face the truth."

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) accused the GOP of "whacking" the poor. He pointed to estimates from the Congressional Budget Office that found some 22 million households with children would lose aid to buy food, 300,000 children would be cut from school lunch programs, and 300,000 children would lose health insurance under the House plan.

Republicans "won't ask one penny more from people making over $1 million a year to help us reduce our deficit, not one penny," Van Hollen said. "The math is pretty simple after that. Because you ask nothing of them, your budget whacks everyone else."


In the conservative Murdochracy noone gives a damn if you scream.



May 11. 2012 04:01 PM

Ad astra

Here is my brief analysis of the Budget Reply; the speech is in italics, my comments in bold:

The job, Madam Deputy Speaker, of every member of this parliament is to help shape a better Australia.

It’s to listen carefully to the Australian people, respect the hard-won dollars they pay in tax, do our honest best to make people’s lives easier not harder, and honour the commitments we make to those who vote for us.

If that’s how we discharge our duties as members of parliament, politics is an honourable calling, the public can respect their MPs and MPs can respect each other even when we disagree.

Who would disagree?

My values are the product of an Australian life, a real life much like yours, with Margie, raising three daughters in suburban Sydney, paying a mortgage, worrying about bills, trying to be a good neighbour and a good citizen; appreciating that no one has a monopoly of virtue or wisdom, and grateful that our country has normally been free from the class struggle that’s raged elsewhere to other countries’ terrible cost.

Here is his authentication: I’m a genuine. ordinary bloke struggling with my mortgage and bills.

In a healthy democracy, people need not agree with everything a government does but they should be able to understand its purpose and to appreciate why it could be for the long term good of the nation as whole.


The fundamental problem with this budget is that it deliberately, coldly, calculatedly plays the class war card.

Here, in his sixth paragraph is his first barb.  He couldn’t wait any longer.  ‘Class war’ is one of his mantras, and he had to get it out early.  His class wars, removing benefits from low income earners, don’t count!

It cancels previous commitments to company tax cuts and replaces them with means-tested payments because a drowning government has decided to portray the political contest in this country as billionaires versus battlers.

It’s an ignoble piece of work from an unworthy Prime Minister that will offend the intelligence of the Australian people.

Now he’s right into the insults.

So on behalf of the Liberal National Coalition, I assert these fundamental truths:

Government should be at least as interested in the creation of wealth as in its redistribution.

Government should protect the vulnerable not to create more clients of the state but to foster more self-reliant citizens.

The small business people who put their houses on the line to create jobs deserve support from government, not broken promises.

People who work hard and put money aside so they won’t be a burden on others should be encouraged, not hit with higher taxes.

And people earning $83,000 a year and families on $150,000 a year are not rich, especially if they’re paying mortgages in our big cities.

Australia needs more successful people and more opportunities for people to succeed, yet this government’s message is: the harder you try, the harder we’ll make it for you.

Now he not-so-subtly mixes pious principles with barbed rhetoric.

Madam Deputy Speaker, from an economic perspective, the worst aspect of this year’s budget is that there is no plan for economic growth; nothing whatsoever to promote investment or employment.

Without a growing economy, everything a government does is basically robbing Peter to pay Paul.

With a growing economy, it’s possible to have lower taxes, better services and a stronger budget bottom line as Australians discovered during the Howard era that now seems like a lost golden age of prosperity.

It’s pretty rough economics, but many might agree.

As this budget shows, to every issue, this government’s kneejerk response is more tax, more regulation and more vitriol.

Where in Swan’s Budget Speech was his vitriol?

The Treasurer referred just once on Tuesday night to what he coyly called the carbon price before rushing to assure people that it wouldn’t affect them.

If the carbon tax won’t hurt anyone why is the government topping up compensation in this budget?

If the carbon tax won’t hurt anyone, why did the Prime Minister promise six days before the last election that there would be no carbon tax under the government she led?

If the carbon tax won’t hurt anyone why are Labor members of parliament now frightened to go doorknocking even in their heartland?

Let’s be clear about this: no genuine Labor government would be hitting the families and businesses of Australia with the world’s biggest carbon tax at the worst possible time.

No genuine Labor government would be hitting our economy with what amounts to a reverse tariff making Australian businesses less competitive and Australian jobs less secure compared to our overseas rivals who face no such tax.

It doesn’t matter how many times the Treasurer refers to a Labor government with Labor values, the real Labor people with whom I mix beyond the parliamentary triangle despair of the politicians who have sold their party’s soul to the Greens.

When was Swan ‘coy’ about the carbon tax?

Here is another tirade about the toxic carbon tax.  We’ve heard it all before ad nauseam

Madam Deputy Speaker, I applaud the Treasurer’s eagerness to deliver a surplus – but if a forecast $1.5 billion surplus is enough to encourage the Reserve Bank to reduce interest rates, what has been the impact on interest rates of his $174 billion in delivered deficits over the past four years?

How can the Treasurer be so confident of next year’s skinny surplus when this year’s deficit, forecast to be $23 billion in last year’s budget, has now grown to $44 billion?

How can he be confident that next year’s surplus won’t evaporate completely given that it’s already shrunk from $3.5 billion in last year’s budget and the cumulative budget bottom line has deteriorated by $26 billion in just 12 months?

The forecast surplus relies on the continuation of record terms of trade even though growth in China is moderating and Europe is still in deep trouble.

Yet on Treasury’s own estimates, a decline in the terms of trade of just four per cent would turn the surplus into a $1.9 billion deficit next year and $5.1 billion the year after.  

As everyone who’s managed a household budget knows, shuffling costs from one year to another, as the Treasurer has, doesn’t make them go away; and a tiny surplus in one year doesn’t outweigh huge deficits in other years.

Even if the Treasurer is right, it will take 100 years of Swan surpluses to repay just four years of Swan deficits.

Another dose of Abbott deception.  How has he calculated the years necessary to pay off the debt?  By dividing the projected surplus into the total debt?  If so, it exposes again his economic illiteracy

Madam Deputy Speaker, I know what it’s like to deliver sustained surpluses because I was part of a government that did; indeed, sixteen members of my frontbench were ministers in the government that delivered the four biggest surpluses in Australian history.

A little bragging.

By contrast, no one will know whether the Treasurer has actually delivered his micro-surplus till late next year; is it any wonder that he seems to be suffering from surplus envy.

If the budget really was coming into surplus, it stands to reason that the government would have no further need to borrow.

If the government really thinks that a surplus can be delivered, as opposed to being merely forecast, why is it proposing to add a further $50 billion to the Commonwealth’s debt ceiling?

I challenge the government to stop hiding this massive lift in Australia’s credit card limit in the Appropriation Bills and to present it, honestly, openly to the parliament as a separate measure where it will have to be debated and justified on its merits.

Another example of economic illiteracy.  He has had the eminently plausible reason for raising the debt limit explained to him several times this week, but has no intention of letting the facts get in the way of his disingenuous story.

Madam Deputy Speaker, just two months ago, the Prime Minister said that “if you are against cutting company tax, you are against economic growth. If you are against economic growth, then you are against jobs”.

In dumping her commitment to company tax cuts, the Prime Minister has reinforced her trust problem: why should this year’s budget commitments be any more reliable than previous ones, especially when so much is such obvious spin.

The Treasurer boasted about his aged care changes but failed to mention that everyone who is not a full pensioner faces up to $10,000 a year more for in-home aged care and up to $25,000 a year more for residential care.

He hailed the delivery of the National Disability Insurance Scheme but neglected to mention that it was short-changed $2.9 billion from the Productivity Commission’s version.

He trumpeted more money for the states’ dental schemes but not his plans to abolish the Medicare dental scheme.

He highlighted more spending on the Pacific Highway but not the get-out clause that it has to be matched 50:50 by NSW, not 80:20 as agreed with the previous NSW Labor government.

The Treasurer insisted that military spending could be cut, breaking more commitments in the process, without harming our defence capability even though defence spending, as a percentage of GDP, will soon be at the lowest level since 1938.

This chunk of his speech is littered with errors, deception and lies, some of which NormanK has already pointed out.

Madam Deputy Speaker, the Australian people deserve better than this and they’re looking to the Coalition for reassurance that there is a better way.  

The Coalition has a plan for economic growth; it starts with abolishing the carbon tax and abolishing the mining tax.

Abolishing the mining tax will make Australia a better place to invest and let the world know that we don’t punish success.

Abolishing the carbon tax would be the swiftest contribution government could make to relieving cost of living pressure; it would take the pressure off power prices, gas prices and rates; it would prevent more pressure on transport prices.

Abolishing the carbon tax would make every job in our economy more secure.

It would help to ensure that we keep strong manufacturing, vibrant agriculture, growing knowledge-based industries and a resilient services sector – as well as a mining industry – in a vigorous five pillar economy.

So the solution to growth and prosperity is to abolish a tax that is not even in operation.  This is incredible stuff.

Madam Deputy Speaker, Australians understand that a tax reduction to compensate for a tax increase is not a real cut; they know that the only sustainable tax cuts are based on a permanent decrease in the size of government or a permanent increase in the wealth of our nation.

Under the Coalition, there will be tax cuts without a carbon tax because we’ll find the savings to pay for them.

Here begins the ‘Magic Pudding’ formula.

The Howard government turned a $10 billion budget black hole into consistent surpluses averaging almost one per cent of GDP; it turned $96 billion in net Commonwealth debt into $70 billion in net assets.

Some self-adulation.

The Coalition identified $50 billion in savings before the last election and will do at least as much again before the next one.

It’s not as if savings are impossible to find.

Why should the government commit nearly $6 billion to power stations that the carbon tax would otherwise send bankrupt rather than just drop the carbon tax?

Why spend billions to put people out of work rather than into it?

Why does the Defence Materiel Organisation need 7000 bureaucrats especially when major equipment purchases are being put off?

Why does Australia need to spend millions to join the African Development Bank?

Why spend $50 billion on a National Broadband Network so customers can subsequently spend almost three times their current monthly fee for speeds they might not need?

Why dig up every street when fibre to the node could more swiftly and more affordably deliver 21st century broadband?

Why put so much into the NBN when the same investment could more than duplicate the Pacific Highway, Sydney’s M5 and the road between Hobart and Launceston; build Sydney’s M4 East, the Melbourne Metro, and Brisbane’s Cross City Rail; plus upgrade Perth Airport and still leave about $10 billion for faster broadband?

And why spend another $1.7 billion on border protection cost blow outs because the government is too proud to admit that John Howard’s policies worked?

Here are more ingredients in his Magic Pudding, deception and error included.

Madam Deputy Speaker, the Treasurer boasts that our economy will be 16 per cent bigger by mid 2014 than it was in mid 2008 before the Global Financial Crisis.

What he doesn’t mention is that over the previous six years growth was 22 per cent; and over the six years before that – spanning the Asian Financial Crisis, the Tech Wreck and September 11 – the Howard government achieved growth of 26 per cent while still implementing far-reaching economic reforms like the GST.

Strong economic growth will be the over-riding aim of the next Coalition government; we’ve done it before and can do it again.

We’ll cut business red tape costs by at least a billion dollars a year by requiring each government agency to quantify the costs of its reporting and compliance rules and delivering an annual savings target.

Public service bonuses won’t be paid unless these targets are met.

There’ll be a once-in-a-generation commission of audit to review all the arms and agencies of government to ensure that taxpayers are getting good value for money.

We will respond carefully but decisively to the problems that the community has identified in the Fair Work Act so that small businesses and their staff can get a fair go and our productivity can increase.

We’ll restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission, the successor of the Cole Royal Commission which I established, as a strong cop on the beat and the guarantor of $6 billion a year in productivity improvements in a vital industry.

Here are some more hairy-chested ingredients in the Magic Pudding, complete with shonky measurements.

And Madam Deputy Speaker, where union officials and business people commit the same offence they should face the same penalty; what’s more, unlike the government, we didn’t need the Fair Work report into the Member for Dobell to realise that some unions are corrupt boys clubs.

Let’s get tough with the unions.

We’ll work with the states to put local people in charge of public schools and public hospitals because they should be as responsive to their patients and to their parents as businesses are to their customers.

Our objective is to bring to the running of public schools and hospitals the “have a go mindset” that the move to the Job Network, that I oversaw, brought to employment services under the former government.

Madam Deputy Speaker, the Coalition wants more Australians to be economic as well as cultural contributors.

That’s why work-for-the-dole, or some other serious undertaking, should be mandatory for long-term unemployed people under 50.

Welfare quarantining for long term unemployed people should be extended from the Northern Territory to the rest of the country.

Where unskilled work is readily available, unemployment benefits should be suspended for fit people under 30 – as recommended by Warren Mundine, a former Labor Party National President.

And yes, there will be a fair-dinkum paid parental leave scheme, giving mothers six months at full pay with their babies, to bring Australia into the 21st century, finally, and to join the 35 other countries whose parental leave schemes are based on people’s pay.

Parental leave is a workplace entitlement not a welfare benefit so should be paid at people’s real wage, like sick leave and holiday pay.  

Plus there’ll be a Productivity Commission inquiry to consider how childcare can be made more flexible and more effective, including through in-home care, so that more women can participate in a growing economy if that’s their choice.

I will continue to work with Noel Pearson to help shift the welfare culture that’s sapped Aboriginal self-respect and with Twiggy Forrest to get more Aboriginal people into the workforce.

I will keep spending a week every year volunteering in Aboriginal communities and I hope that a tribe of public servants will soon have to come with me to gain more actual experience of the places we are all trying to improve.

That’s what good social policy does: it empowers people to make the most of their lives and to prove to themselves what they can do rather than what they can’t.

That way, it reinforces good economic policy.

Lots of platitudes, superficially plausible solutions, but paltry details.  Just generalities with lots of wriggle room.

Madam Deputy Speaker, in a productive and competitive economy, it should be easier to get things built, provided they meet the best environmental standards – so the Coalition will allow the states to be a one-stop-shop for environmental approvals.

The Coalition will reward conservation-minded businesses with incentives to be more efficient users of energy and lower carbon emitters.

Our policy means better soils, more trees and smarter technology – unlike the carbon tax which is socialism masquerading as environmentalism.

There will be a standing Green Army, an expanded version of the Green Corps that I put in place in government, to tackle our landcare problems so that beaches and waterways can be cleaner and land more productive.

More of the talk we’ve all heard before, but no details.  Who wouldn’t relish knowing how his DAP will actually work, and how his Green Army will eventuate?

The next Coalition government will fund infrastructure in accordance with a rational national plan based on published cost-benefit analyses.

We’ll also find the most responsible ways to get more private investment into priority projects so that the new roads, public transport systems and water storages that we need aren’t so dependent on the taxpayer.

So all it takes is a ‘rational’ plan and finding ‘responsible ways to get private investment’; it’s easy really.

Madam Deputy Speaker, too often, government’s focus is on the urgent rather than the important; on what drives tomorrow’s headline rather than on what changes our country for the better.

We are supposed to be adapting to the Asian century, yet Australians’ study of foreign languages, especially Asian languages, is in precipitous decline.

The proportion of Year 12 students studying a foreign language has dropped from about 40 per cent in the 1960s to about 12 per cent now.

There are now only about 300 Year 12 Mandarin students who aren’t of Chinese-heritage.

Since 2001, there has been a 21 per cent decline in the numbers studying Japanese and a 40 per cent decline in the numbers studying Indonesian.

If Australians are to make their way in the world, we cannot rely on other people speaking our language.

Starting in pre-school every student should have an exposure to foreign languages.

This will be a generational shift because foreign language speakers will have to be mobilised and because teachers take time to be trained.

Still, the next Coalition government will make a strong start.

My commitment tonight is to work urgently with the states to ensure that at least 40 per cent of Year 12 students are once more taking a language other than English within a decade.

So here is a plan to resurrect an Asian languages scheme that the Howard Government disbanded.  Bravo.  This is the only ‘new’ initiative in his speech.

Madam Deputy Speaker, the Coalition can find responsible savings to cover tax cuts without a carbon tax and emissions cuts without a carbon tax because, at least until the budget has returned to strong surplus, our plan for a stronger economy and a fairer society involves more efficiency rather than more spending.

Madam Deputy Speaker, there is little wrong with our country that a change of government wouldn’t improve.

On day one, a new government would order the carbon tax repeal and accept Nauru’s standing offer to reopen the detention centre.

Within a week, the navy would have new orders to turn around illegal boats.

Within a month, the commission of audit would be making government more efficient.

Within three months, the parliament would be dealing with carbon tax, mining tax and border protection legislation.

Within a year, national infrastructure priorities would be agreed and there would be more cranes over our cities.

Here we have more hairy-chested ‘promises’, or should I call them ‘aspirations’ so he can break them with impunity?

Every day, with every fibre of my being, I would be striving to help Australians be their best selves.

Madam Deputy Speaker, as someone whose grandparents were proud to be working class, I can feel the embarrassment of decent Labor people at the failures of this government.

As Ben Chifley famously said, the goal of public life, our “light on the hill” should not be making someone prime minister or putting an extra sixpence in people’s pockets but rather “working for the benefit of mankind, not just here but wherever we can lend a helping hand”.

Here is the ‘hand on heart’ assurance that he will pursue ‘with every fibre of his being’. May the Lord be praised for such selfless dedication!  But wait, the slings and arrows are being ’regretfully’ readied.

I regret to say that the deeper message of this week’s budget is that the Labor Party now only stands for staying in office.

Everyone knows that the Prime Minister is a clever politician but who really trusts her to keep any commitments?

She said she’d never challenge the former Prime Minister but did.

She said there’d never be a carbon tax but has imposed one because, she claimed, the Greens made her do it.

The Prime Minister told Andrew Wilkie: “there will be mandatory pre-commitment under the government I lead” but now tells clubs and pubs “there will be no mandatory pre-commitment under the government I lead”.

This week, the Prime Minister and the Treasurer have constantly invoked Labor values.

Were they Labor values the Prime Minister showed in carpet-bombing Kevin Rudd’s reputation; or in turfing Harry Jenkins as speaker for Peter Slipper; or in protecting Craig Thomson, the Member for Dobell, to this very day despite Fair Work Australia’s findings?

Because by a government’s actions will its values be judged.  

Budget week hasn’t just been about the budget – under the circumstances how could it be; it’s been about the Prime Minister’s integrity and judgment.

As long as Labor keeps voting in this parliament to protect the Member for Dobell and keeps paying his legal fees, his suspension from the caucus won’t end the sleaze factor paralysing this government.

Decent Labor people shouldn’t be bluffed by the deal with independents into keeping a leader who is trashing a once honourable political party.

Before this government dies of shame, it should find a leader who isn’t fatally compromised by the need to defend the indefensible.

Then this parliament can once more be a proper contest of ideas between those who see bigger government and those who see empowered citizens as the best guarantee of our nation’s future.

As budget week has demonstrated, minority governments are too busy managing the parliament to manage the economy properly. While they’re surviving, not governing our country is drifting, not flourishing.

With each broken promise, with each peremptory change, with each tawdry revelation, with each embarrassing explanation, the credibility of this government and the standing of this parliament is diminished.  

But a shrunken government diminishes us all; that’s why our country needs a change.

There it is – a rhetorical flourish replete with venomous barbs, poison arrows and slingshot.  He could not let the opportunity pass to harangue and abuse Julia Gillard and her Government in an offensive and, for the occasion, a totally inappropriate way.  He has no manners, no sense of occasion, no propriety.

I want to reassure the people of Australia that it does not have to be like this; we are a great people let down by bad government that will pass.

There is a better way.

The Coalition stands ready to restore hope, reward and opportunity so that, once more, all Australians can face a bright future with confidence.

So there it is in its shameful garb.  Has anyone ever heard such a vitriolic Budget Reply?  Has anyone seen such a Budget Reply so littered with lies, deception, misrepresentation and disingenuousness? Has anyone witnessed a Budget Reply so devoid of the detail we the citizens deserve from one who insists we hold an election right away so he can be PM, and lead this nation?

It is an insult to thinking Australians, to whom he is thumbing his nose, to whom he is giving ‘the bird’.

This Budget Reply must go down as one of the worst in Australian political history.  Even his sycophantic media mates thought little of it.  That tells us a lot!

What do you think?

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 05:58 PM


What do I think, Ad Astra?    No Budget Reply there! Just another cynical electioneering speech, as is everything Abbott says within sound of a journalist, camera or recorder.

Thank you to both NormanK and yourself for enlightening and informed analyses.  


May 11. 2012 06:01 PM


AA In true Yes Minister fashion we now have the "Costello/Kroger" stouch held over from November so as to misdirect the general punters after the abysmal budget reply by Abbort and away from the true budget. A few of the MSM are hinting that something is not right but in true fashion letting it slide. No wonder my son is so pi*** off at the moment.


May 11. 2012 06:03 PM


Thank you for joining me and hopefully many other swordsters in sending a rocket to the ABC re Uhllman.

Should be more of it.


May 11. 2012 06:12 PM


  The editor of the drum has this to say about Paul keatings letter on Uhlman!

Editor's Note
Paul Keating's attack on Chris Uhlmann's interview of a fellow Labor Prime Minister demonstrates an understandable tribal loyalty.  Keating sent it unsolicited to The Drum and we published it because this site has a culture of open and robust debate. But it cannot pass without comment. It is a personal and unreasonable assault on one of this country's best political journalists and interviewers. Uhlmann's interview with the Prime Minister canvassed the decisions made by her government to achieve a forecast budget surplus. He asked questions in the public mind - questions about savings made by breaking or shifting previous promises on business tax cuts, defence and foreign aid. He asked reasonably whether broken promises reflect on the credibility of the government and on its forecast. When the theme of credibility is infused into the very being of the current parliament, it's a fair enough line of inquiry. Later parts of the interview were about cash bonuses, the carbon price and Julia Gillard's judgement about Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper. These are matters that go to the heart of Julia Gillard's prime ministership. I’ve just re-watched the interview. Chris's tone throughout was respectful but probing, the appropriate tone for a political interviewer doing what political interviewers have always done – acting devil's advocate for a public seeking to better understand its leaders. I've been around long enough to remember Prime Ministers and their acolytes levelling similar charges of impertinence against ABC political anchors, from Richard Carleton to Kerry O'Brien. Chris Uhlmann, widely respected in Canberra and amongst his colleagues  as a decent, intelligent and no-nonsense journalist, continues a fine tradition.

Bruce Belsham

Head ABC Current Affairs


May 11. 2012 06:22 PM


  Bruce Belsham has a firm grip on something! reality isn't one of them.


May 11. 2012 07:03 PM


Belsham is living in la la land. If he thinks the tone of Uhlmann was respectful then he is the one who is suffering tribal loyalty.


May 11. 2012 07:14 PM


Hi Jason

The ABC don't care how many complaints they get about Uhlmann. Did you see the comments briefly at all.  Mr Uhlmann is very unpopular.
ABC go merrily along, have you ever seen an Editors note on any article before???

Don't you just love this part :-

I’ve just re-watched the interview.
Chris's tone throughout was respectful but probing,
the appropriate tone for a political interviewer
doing what political interviewers have always done
acting devil's advocate for a public seeking to better understand its leaders.

A few twitter comments on the editorial:-

Ben Eltham‏
Can someone send Bruce Belsham a box of tissues? He's feeling a bit sooky

Possum Comitatus‏@Pollytics
So who has the glass jaw here - Belsham or Uhlmann? Either way, they need to HTFU. Their respective roles aren't actually about *them

Possum Comitatus‏@Pollytics
Over 20 interruptions, most of them about little but Uhlmann himself, some of them not even marginally related to what was being said

Fit/Proper Gusface‏
Pollytics 26 times to be exact

Wolf Cocklin‏
so the "editors note" on PJK's demolition of Uhlmann http://is.gd/PVmjB8 goes up after comments are closed....

paddy bts‏@paddybts
Oh FFS!! The Drum has finally jumped the shark. Check out the "editor's note" on PJK's demolition of Uhlmann

Kasia Cichonska‏
267 comments re Uhlmann Impertinent, off point by Paul Keating and vast majority agreeing with him.Time to wake up Chris

Wes Mountain‏
If BBelsham felt the need to stand up for his employee, his post should have been a separate response. This is dodgy precedent

Fit & Proper Geek‏
The Drum has a culture of open & robust debate: Comments for this story are closed. No new comments can be added. http://is.gd/PVmjB

CUhlmann must have had quite the Prima Donna dummy spit to get @BBelsham to soothe his feelings with an unprecedented "Editorial Comment"

When's the last time you saw the head of ABC moved to add his own comment to a piece on The Drum? Wow. Just wow.

Mark ‏@markjs1
BBelsham PS: Please don't compare @CUhlmann 2 late Richard Carleton or gr8 'Red' Kerry O'brien...he's not fit to clean their boots! #auspol

'Specific' Spud‏@SpudBenBean
Oh really @BBelsham ? Compare and contrast Abbott www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2012/s3487266.htm and Gillard www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2012/s3499386.htm No one believes your editorial note.



May 11. 2012 07:35 PM


NormanK, along with Ad astra, yours will probably be the only analysis of Liealot's election speech, sorry budget reply, which has even a passing acquaintance with the truth!

ladyinred @2.49pm, don't hold your breath.

Nas' @3.36pm, a taste of things to come in this country? Let's hope that the poor will finally wake up to who has their best interests at heart and votes for the government that will look after them.

The rich are more than capable of looking after themselves. It would seem the GOP are racing to make the US a third world country.

AA, a side issue really. How come no one I know has ever heard of the dental care component of Medicare, let alone availed themselves of it?

Am I the only person in the country unaware that I could have had access to dental care by brandishing my Medicare card? Or is it just that Liealot hasn't got a clue? I intend voting for the latter.

Back to the subject, as you say, a speech chock full of the vitriol, lies, misinformation and big noting we have come to expect from this empty, talentless hack.

But as usual a speech lacking in depth and knowledge, clearly spruiking his lack of credentials to be PM and as usual a speech which barely acknowledged the subject. Another cynical, hollow effort from a man who echoes when he walks.

God help this country if he gets his hands on it.

There are those who blame Labor as the architects of their own demise, while refusing to acknowledge the role the msm has played in inventing and perpetuating the lies, distortions, misinformation and innuendo we have come to expect as the Liars Party's idea of political discourse.

Naturally, the government has made mistakes, what government doesn't? But the mistakes are far outweighed by their policies and their vision for the future of this country.

Once again you have correctly assessed this shallow and unaccountable LOTO, who has clearly plumbed the Stygian depths in his insane desire to be PM.

Jason, it looks like Belsham was watching an entirely different interview from what was broadcast. 26 interruptions in 15 minutes and no questions relating to the budget. His grip on reality is as frail as Liealot's, it seems.


May 11. 2012 07:36 PM


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response from the ABC to a complaint about Ullman - I sent one in around 6 weeks ago - still waiting for even an emailed acknowledgement.

So who do you complain to regarding the ABC's non-response?  From memory, the Financial Industry Ombudsman takes a couple of weeks and the BSA (Queensland Building Services Authority) takes a month or so.


May 11. 2012 08:44 PM

Ad astra

Isn’t it interesting that Bruce Belsham felt compelled to come to Chris Uhlmann’s defence.  There must have been a barrage of emailed complaints as well as the many comments following the piece, that were critical of Uhlmann.  Belsham, deliberately or ignorantly, misses the point.  No one is saying that Uhlmann is a ‘bad’ journalist; what the complainants were saying is that his approach to his interview with the nation’s PM was rude, disrespectful of her and her position, and arrogant.  Belsham, having viewed it, thinks it was ‘respectful but probing’.  We disagree.  It was, in our view and that of the many twitters that Lyn gave us, disrespectful, and arrogantly probing.

If the likes of Belsham set the standards of journalism on ABC current affairs, and really believes Uhlmann’s interview was acceptable, it’s no wonder the standards of the ABC are slipping.

Frankly, I don’t believe Belsham can really believe what he has written, and see it as simply a defence of one of his journalists who presumably was upset at the flak he received.  Poor Chris.  He had better review his interview with the PM, and compare it with the one with Tony Abbott.  If he can’t see the stark contrast, there is not much chance of him changing his behaviour.  My guess is that he was severely stung by the criticism, and will behave more politely in future when interviewing the PM.  If he doesn’t, we can only conclude that he is overly arrogant and partisan.

Jon Faine, Chris Uhlmann’s mentor (he was once Faine’s producer), also interviewed the PM recently.  He was probing but respectful throughout.  Uhlmann needs to go back to Faine to learn how to show respect while seeking information.

Ad astra

May 11. 2012 09:17 PM

Ad astra reply

Thank you all for your comments about the Abbott Budget Reply speech.  Your are right PatriciaWA, it was just another electioneering stunt.

Bilko, I believe that Abbott is fortunate that the Kruger/Costello stoush came to the surface right after his Budget Reply as it has distracted the commentariat somewhat from the substance of his speech, thus avoiding the scrutiny it warranted.

Jane, sadly you are right.  There has been little critical analysis in the MSM; the ABC has uncritically snipped bits of his speech, particularly the foreign language thought bubble, and Michelle Grattan characterized his speech as 'workmanlike'. Have you ever read such tripe?  NormanK and I have taken somewhat different approaches, which dovetail nicely.  It seems as if it will be left to the Fifth Estate to put such speeches under the microscope.  

Jason and Lyn
Thank you for keeping us up to date with the Keating comment and the multiple sequelae.

Ad astra reply

May 11. 2012 09:30 PM


I just heard an ABC Radio News reader saying that the Kroger/Costello stoush news item had 'taken the gloss off Tony Abbott's budget reply!'  Really!!!

If you ask me that stoush doesn't feel natural, either.  Is it staged to take attention from a really serious problem within the Libs?  Or even just attention from the star Budget speech from Wayne Swann and the generally world and local expert consensus that he really is the world's best treasurer! If they eventually have a very public reconciliation I'll be confirmed in that hunch.  

Jason, that letter from the Drum Editor, gives one some understanding of how deeply enmeshed into the ABC is conservative thinking.


May 11. 2012 09:30 PM

Ad astra reply

I don't expect a response to my complaint to the ABC.  Do let me know if you get a reply or even an acknowledgement.

Ad astra reply

May 11. 2012 09:34 PM

Ad astra reply

Please let us know if you get a response from the ABC. Someone must score a reply sometime.  If no one gets any feedback we need to complain.

Ad astra reply

May 11. 2012 09:40 PM

Ad astra

I have just now posted a piece to consider over the next few days: The polluting power of poisonous politics


Ad astra

May 11. 2012 10:16 PM


My comments in italics

ABC Editor's Note

Paul Keating's attack on Chris Uhlmann's interview of a fellow Labor Prime Minister demonstrates an understandable tribal loyalty.
So . . . Nothing to do with reasoned intellectual condemnation then.

Keating sent it unsolicited to The Drum and we published it because this site has a culture of open and robust debate.
"unsolicited?" When did the ABC ever solicit comment from PJK? Who needs him, you have Reith Reith Reith instead!
"A culture of open and robust debate"? This is the first time anybody can remember any such reply as the one you have provided, and all comments are already closed.  

But it cannot pass without comment. It is a personal and unreasonable assault on one of this country's best political journalists and interviewers.
So all the overwhelming majority of bloggers who agree with Keating's comments are also unreasonable. I take this as a personal attack and insult. No wonder people have turned off 7.30 in huge numbers.

Uhlmann's interview with the Prime Minister canvassed the decisions made by her government to achieve a forecast budget surplus.
"Blanketed her answers" is the more accurate description, he interrupted the great majority of the PM's comments. There is no excuse whatsoever for his failure to allow our Prime Minister to finish sentences.

He asked questions in the public mind - questions about savings made by breaking or shifting previous promises on business tax cuts, defence and foreign aid.
"The public mind" . . . So you know that?

He asked reasonably whether broken promises reflect on the credibility of the government and on its forecast.
Oh so he was reasonable, Keating and the rest of us are not ?

When the theme of credibility is infused into the very being of the current parliament, it's a fair enough line of inquiry.
The ABC has been no more diligent than the commercial shock-jock media in explaining the truth about the propensity of the Government and our PM in paricular to tell the truth, which is that she has never lied to Parliament nor to the people. A promise one is unable to keep because of changed circumstances is not at all a lie, and the ABC for the well-being and information of the nation should long ago have given a lie to the liars who call our PM a liar. Instead your publicly-funded organisation has aided and abetted their meme.

Later parts of the interview were about cash bonuses, the carbon price and Julia Gillard's judgement about Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper. These are matters that go to the heart of Julia Gillard's prime ministership.

I’ve just re-watched the interview. Chris's tone throughout was respectful but probing, the appropriate tone for a political interviewer doing what political interviewers have always done – acting devil's advocate for a public seeking to better understand its leaders.
This is pure cant. Respectful and probing, what crap! Impudent, combative, interruptive, ever trying for gotchas, that is Uhlmann's style with the PM and others in the Government. The record, of which you are in headlong denial, tells the story, an interruption every 40 seconds on average throughout the 15 minute interview!
In glaring contrast to Uhlmann's interview with Reith last night, or any interview I have ever seen him do with Abbortt.

I've been around long enough to remember Prime Ministers and their acolytes levelling similar charges of impertinence against ABC political anchors, from Richard Carleton to Kerry O'Brien.
That is a pathetic comment. They couldn't have been right by any chance? And how dare you invoke the name of the late great Richard Carleton in defending Uhlmann!

Chris Uhlmann, widely respected in Canberra and amongst his colleagues  as a decent, intelligent and no-nonsense journalist, continues a fine tradition.

Take no notice of all the public trying to tell you why they have turned off the ABC in disgust. You clearly know better.  

Bruce Belsham

PS Your transcript of the interview is utterly sanitised. It has erased nearly every trace of Uhlmann's interruptions.

Now THAT is a LIE!
You are a disgrace to the name Bruce Bruce. I happen to know!.

Head ABC Current Affairs


May 12. 2012 12:47 AM


Ad astra, I'm quite sure Uhlmann knows how to conduct an interview properly, but like the ignorant arrogant jerk he is, thinks he is on safe ground behaving as he does.

It's quite telling that instead of telling Uhlmann to lift his game, Belsham chose to tell Uhlmann's audience to lift their game!

Frankly, I think the ABC needs to be gutted of all Rodent appointees and sympathisers and the charter returned to its rightful place.

The rest should have an ultimatum - no more spruiking the Liars, or any other party's, propaganda, if they want a job. The wizened foreigner, his corruption and methods are persona non grata.  

TT great demolition of that pile of dog crap by Bruce Belsham, Liars Party ABC Spruiker.

Another one who should get an emphatic DCM.


May 12. 2012 04:10 AM


               just staggered in,thanks for your comments! yes how strange 99% agree with "keating" but from the bunker @730 the rest of us are the fools!

Maintain the rage!


May 13. 2012 07:42 AM

tom tesoro

Politicians, especially labor people, MUST get the message we know what they did! we know they WERE USED BY MURDOCH TO ATTAIN POWER AND OUR APATHETIC TRUST.First we MUST change their ( any reformist party) M.O. i.e. no newspaper or media support! ONLY US!Then we move forward to attain political power WITHOUT THE MEDIA! We then CHANGE THE MEDIA LAWS, to put power in the PEOPLE'S MEDIA (like this one!). FREE UNFETERED CONTINUED ACCESS!WE need a new style of re- educated, well read journalist ( a new word is needed for this profession). We need the UNI. PROFESSORS TO RE EDUCATE US IN HISTORY AND ECONOMICS in the popular press EVERYDAY, INSTEAD OF KYLIE MINOGUE AND THE LATEST kardashian's adventure!

tom tesoro

May 13. 2012 06:44 PM


Actually Gillard's primary enemy at the next election wont be eithe Abbott or Murdoch.
It will be the australian electorate who are waiting for her with baseball bats.


May 13. 2012 10:49 PM


Boyza, you and your fellow barrackers are welcome to move to some gulag or other so you can reap the fruits of a Liealot government for the rich, by the rich.

Hope you enjoy SerfChoices.


May 14. 2012 04:47 PM


The media do love a "breaking story or a scoop".
Starve News Ltd of any stories.
The Government should give "First on Channel....."or front page scoop stories to anyone other than Murdoch.


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