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As the Fourth Estate falters, how should the Fifth Estate respond?

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Friday, 22 June 2012 16:02 by Ad astra
In the same way that climate scientists have been warning us of the changes we can expect from global warming, media climate analysts have been warning us of the changes we can expect from the digitalization of the media. But no one predicted the precipitous changes we have seen this week. Nobody predicted that Fairfax would reduce its staff by 1900, close down its two major printing plants, and go to a tabloid format. Nobody predicted that News Limited would consolidate its operational centres from nineteen to five and would release an unknown number of its staff, estimated to be around a thousand. This is a revolution akin to the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg around 1440.

The printing press allowed, for the first time, the distribution of written material to a mass audience. Until the advent of the Internet it remained the almost exclusive conduit for the mass distribution of written information. The Internet emerged in the late 1980s, by the mid 1990s it had become commercialized, and since then has expanded vastly into what we enjoy today, with still more to come, some of it as yet unknown. While it still allows mass communication through online news, magazines and books, much of it has become individualized, with messages being directed to a single individual through email, to groups through Twitter and Facebook, and to larger audiences via blogs. The communication mechanism has changed in just a few years from distribution of the same message via mass print media to anyone who chose to receive it, to individualized messaging.

In between the printing press and the Internet, we have seen the advent of radio and television that have served as mass distributors of information and entertainment in auditory and visual form, and with subtexts and scrolling marquees in printed form. Many people rely on these media for much of what they need to know. Newer television sets are now equipped with Internet capability.

The end of newspapers
Newspaper proprietors predict that newspapers will soon phase out; The Guardian estimates three years, and Rupert Murdoch says five years will do it, even although this week News Limited CEO Kim Williams re-committed to newspapers – he didn’t say for how long.

The growth of online news outlets has been spectacular. Fairfax says its online audience has grown by 30 per cent from 5.5 million to 7.2 million since 2007. Such growth will accelerate. By mid-decade what proportion of our information needs will be provided by the Internet? You guess. This week advertising guru Harold Mitchell told Jon Faine on ABC 774 Melbourne radio that he reckons that by the end of the decade 80 percent of the world’s media will be digital. Nothing can stop it.

So how does that affect those of us who own and use blog sites to transmit information? How will these radical changes to the Fourth Estate impact upon the Fifth Estate?

In my opinion, these changes offer those of us in the Fifth Estate untold opportunities to extend our influence, to compete on a more level playing field with the giants of the press.

Where do blog sites fit in?
Let’s look first at the purpose of blogs, such as The Political Sword. To me they provide an opportunity for ordinary citizens to express views and opinions about whatever subject they choose, in our case mainly Federal politics. In this field, are our opinions less worthy than those of the media insiders? What insights do they have that we do not?

While it might be expected that journalists who walk the corridors of parliament, who rub shoulders with politicians, who are on the ‘drip feed’, who are able to swap stories with their colleagues down the corridor or at their favourite watering hole, would be better informed and better able to predict, that has not been the case. Remember how the Canberra Press Gallery was caught flat-footed at the time Kevin Rudd was removed by his party, and again when PM Gillard presented Bob Carr as the new Foreign Minister. Reflect on how many times it has predicted a leadership coup by this date, or that date or another date, only to be wrong every time. And still to this day journalists are talking about leadership. Even the last leadership contest, when the PM soundly defeated Kevin Rudd, was not predicted by the mainstream media, so much as it simply followed the event as it unfolded with the Gillard forces well in control. Were their predictions of the final numbers accurate? No.

Do they have information we cannot elicit or access? We know that we are not equipped to be investigative journalists, although some, like Peter Wicks, manage to get hold of information that even the MSM journalists cannot. Apart from investigative endeavours that require ‘wearing-out boot leather’, or ‘working the phones’, we get the same information as journalists do nowadays. We have access to online news outlets that are not pay-walled such as ABC News, ABC News Radio, SBS World News, Bigpond News, all the ABC programs such as AM, The World Today, PM, Lateline and The Business which follows, as well as Insiders, Inside Business and Q&A, in addition to all the online news services here and overseas, some of which are pay-walled. Then we have Lyn’s Twitterverse and Twitterati that are often linked to news items. And on top of that, we have brilliant search engines such as Google, and Wikipedia, which are so comprehensive that almost any piece of information one wants is there for the taking. Sometimes even the pay-walled items can be circumvented by using Google, for example those in The Australian.

What about the items to which we can’t get access without paying? Well, anyone who really needs them will pay. For example, many of us subscribe to Crikey where much useful information and opinion is available. But if we don’t wish to pay, what are we missing? Take a look. Much of it is ‘he says, she says’ journalism, derived from readily available information that you and I can access and about which we could have written. Much of it is simply opinion, which is often unbalanced, biased or flagrantly partisan. Of course Rupert Murdoch regards ‘opinion’ as ‘news’. Why are our opinions not as valid as those of journalists? Moreover, much of their ‘opinion’ is the product of groupthink among journalists who work together, drink together, watch or read each other’s offerings, and so often rely on the same sources, some of them unreliable.

Rupert Murdoch has often expressed his anger at what he terms ‘the aggregators’, such as Google, whom he accuses of ‘stealing’ information that has painstakingly been gathered at great expense to him by his well-paid journalists. This is why he decided to pay-wall his online outlets.

Why look beyond the pay-walls?
While we are on the subject of pay-walls, ask yourself why you would expend your money accessing articles, for example, written by Dennis Shanahan. Almost everything he writes is unbalanced, partisan, and too often downright incorrect. Just this week he wrote a story about PM Gillard being ‘slapped down’ at the G20 summit by the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. That was wrong. Barroso’s comment had been in response to a question from a Canadian reporter and directed towards Canada’s PM Stephen Harper. Despite knowing he had it wrong, he wrote in another piece, "Europe won't be 'lectured' by Julia Gillard, EC chief Jose Manuel Barroso has said", and he persisted with questions at Julia Gillard’s press conference in Los Cabos along the same lines, trying to justify his initial assertion, and was twice put in his place by her answers. He could have written a story that was complimentary of Australia’s outstanding economic situation, a story that made us proud, but such a story might have reflected favourably on the Gillard Government, and that would never do, would it? The man is incorrigible; almost every thing he writes is anti-Gillard, anti-Government; he is part of the push by The Australian to dislodge her and her Government. So why would anyone pay a cent for his warped writings?

And it’s not just Shanahan. Why would anyone pay for reading Peter van Onselen, Matthew Franklin, or for that matter Paul Kelly, who seem to have morphed into supplicant mouthpieces for Rupert Murdoch? Kelly’s piece on the Fairfax ‘upheaval’ makes some interesting points, as do most of his pieces, but being heavily laced as they are with his anti-Gillard, anti-Government sentiments, leaves the balanced reader annoyed at his persistent antagonism. In this piece he echoes Murdoch’s oft-repeated tirade against public broadcasters, the BBC and the ABC, that being funded from the public purse, they constitute unfair competition to commercial media outfits. Kelly writes: “Given the market vacuum opening, Australia can no longer afford a heavily taxpayer-funded ABC locked into a fashionable "writers festival" political culture that caters to a dedicated "true believer" minority.” Murdoch couldn’t have said it better. So why would anyone seeking balanced journalism pay for such writing as this?

I would pay for an article by George Megalogenis, but for few others that write for The Australian or any News Limited outlet. But to access them, News Limited requires a subscription, a big price to pay for access to just the few writers worth reading. Fairfax has a better proposal, a quota of ‘free’ articles, say twenty per month, after which payment is required, presumably for the desired articles/writers. That seems a fairer system – pay only for what you want, rather than paying for access to the lot, dross and all.

By not having access to pay-walled News Limited material we are not missing out on much of political importance, and a bonus is that our equanimity is maintained. Most News Limited media is directed to those who already believe what their journalists do – it reinforces their entrenched views – or to those who still have an open mind and whose opinions News Limited wishes to shape to its own.

Murdoch domination
Another reason to avoid crossing the News Limited pay-wall is that it is Murdoch controlled and reflects his will and intentions, which as we know include regime change in Federal politics. Having read much of David McKnight’s book Rupert Murdoch – An Investigation of Political Power (Allen & Unwin, 2012), it is crystal clear that Murdoch controls his empire, sometimes subtly, but if needs be, with an iron fist. There is a myth around, perpetrated by his senior staff, that he never instructs them. Technically that may be so, because he lets it be known in subtle ways what he wants, what Robert Jay QC described at the Levinson Inquiry as a ‘pirouette’. Even with this subtlety, he gets what he wants. But don’t believe for a moment that Murdoch is always subtle. Page after page of McKnight’s book describes how ruthless Murdoch is, with examples of how he has replaced editors whose approach has not coincided with his own views – so much for editorial freedom! There is no doubt that Murdoch has habitually used his media outlets to pursue not just his commercial interests, but also his ideological position. The extent to which he has interfered in high level politics is mind-boggling. The Levinson Inquiry is uncovering some of this, but you would need to read McKnight’s book to marvel at the way he repeatedly exercises his power and influence at both a national and an international level. So why would we voluntarily pay for the emissions of his media empire, except to wonder at his audacity.

In a word, because of its already poor standard of journalism, we bloggers could ignore all News Limited publications and lose almost nothing.

Rinehart, a mini-Murdoch
As if it isn’t bad enough having a 70 per cent Murdoch dominated metropolitan press in this country, we now face the prospect of another 20 percent, that dominated by Fairfax, coming under the control of its 19 percent owner Gina Rinehart, who is now insisting on three seats on the Fairfax Board, including deputy chair, and is refusing to be subject to the charter of editorial freedom to which the Board currently subscribes. Commentators assert that she wishes to use Fairfax media not only to promote her mining interests, but also to push her stridently conservative ideological position. This would be consistent with what she did when she acquired a large shareholding in Channel Ten, whereupon she gained a seat on the Board and promptly installed Andrew Bolt and his extremely right wing Bolt Report. There seems little doubt that she wants to be a mini-Murdoch, using Fairfax to promote her extreme political views. We would then have 90 percent of the metropolitan press and a very large chunk of the regional press, estimated as over 80 per cent, controlled by two autocrats prepared to shamelessly use their media power in their own commercial and political interests. What value would that be in the pursuit of truth, balance and fairness?

And if Murdoch gets his way with his attempts to neuter the ABC, which would likely occur if Tony Abbott were elected, the mainstream media would deteriorate even further.

Where to now in the Fifth Estate?
So how does that place those of us who operate in the Fifth Estate? In my view, as the powerful retreat from the mass circulation print media to the online media, we are strengthened. We could never compete in the print media, but we can in the online media, which is the only milieu we know. We are at home there. We have access to almost as much information as they. We can go online to seek it via a variety of news sources that are not behind a pay-wall, to a plethora of websites to many of which Lyn links us daily, to many official sources, such as, for example, Hansard, and to accessories such as Google and Wikipedia to research our offerings. We lack almost nothing to research and document our contributions.

Where the mass online media still outstrips anything the Fifth Estate can offer is the extent of distribution. While, for example, online news from Fairfax media boasts over seven million subscribers, almost a third of Australia’s population, the Fifth Estate can access but a tiny fraction of that. Where we make up for the low penetration of individual blog sites is through our collective, where we have a wide audience for our offerings. Remembering that we run specialized websites, the potential audience is considerably smaller than the whole population. So while we cannot access the large audience of the online news outlets, we are able to influence thinking in our chosen field among those who have similar interests. In other words, our influence on the wider population is exerted through the much smaller select audience who come day by day to read what we have to say, something we could never have achieved in the pre-Internet days when print was king. This influence is now substantially extended via Facebook and Twitter, where all those who share our interest in politics talk incessantly with each other. Even those who do not have a Twitter account where messages from those followed can be read hour by hour, we have our own Lyn aggregating and posting interesting tweets for us twice a day. The Twitter information flow from politicians, journalists and interested observers is extraordinary – sometimes it is mind stretching to take it all in.

Writing in The Conversation , one of the quality alternatives to the mainstream media, Malcolm Fraser says: “How much can new media, social media, the Internet, Facebook or Twitter, The Conversation or advanced schools of journalism make up for these deficiencies? Certainly the Internet makes it possible for people to read half a dozen papers each morning, or more, including journals that maintain high standards, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, the Financial Times or those with another language, French or German papers. Here we can find diversity. It is more and more readily available, it will certainly mitigate the coming lack of competition that will be evident in the Australian print media.”

Seize the day!
So let us seize with both hands the opportunity that now presents as the penetration of mass print media, where we have almost no place, decreases, and online media penetration, where we are comfortably at home, increases. They are moving onto our turf, turf with which we have been familiar for years.

We in the Fifth Estate can virtually match the Fourth Estate in accessing information, and our opinions are as valid as theirs because we put as much effort, perhaps more, into formulating our opinions, and we can express them at least as lucidly and convincingly, often more so, than they do. Much of what is offered by the Fifth Estate is superior in quality to that in the Fourth Estate, and that will increasingly be so as the latter sheds journalists in the hundreds, leaving those who remain to do what many more once did. Standards will drop even further. Competition from the mainstream media will diminish.

Moreover, through our links service so diligently overseen by Lyn, we have become a distribution hub for the Fifth Estate, knowing as we do that many visit here not just to read the pieces and the thoughtful comments that our visitors leave, but also to link widely into the web of information that we know as the World Wide Web. This is a service the mainstream media in the Fourth Estate does not offer.

We in the Fifth Estate are looking at a stunningly exciting future – let’s join hands as the accelerating media revolution we saw this week gains momentum, and make the most of it.

What do you think?

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June 22. 2012 05:36 PM


If one cross-checks and searches wide and often (it does not take much time)one can gather up most if not all and sometimes(as we have seen)more information and news than the spielers on MSM.
Personally, I think they (the MSM. journos') have to carry a lot of the blame for toeing the line on submitted content that has deminished the news product.
Any professional or tradesman who allows his skills and good name to be used and abused with the presentation of an inferior product can expect the blame to be sheeted straight back home to them....The "Boss" will have a retinue of lawyers and excuses that will get him off the hook (witness Murdoch and his fall-guys in London), but the worker will cop the flack every time....Let's hope it is "lesson learnt".


June 22. 2012 05:53 PM


another fine piece also referenced on PB today,so the links are extending and with the time will be a good broadining of our base. may the force be with us


June 22. 2012 06:56 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your comment.  You are right – the journos, seeking to please their masters, go along with the prevailing line, which for most is Julia – bad; Tony – good.  The proprietors sit back and absolve themselves, although they are the ones who set the agendas, sometimes overtly, but mostly covertly.

Thank you for your kind comment.  I was pleased to see that the piece had already been referenced on PB.  This is how the Fifth Estate works – through networking.

Ad astra

June 22. 2012 06:58 PM




Welcome back for the first time today Friday.

I'm still waiting for the reforms "embraced" by the electorate ..... one eg will do. I suspect other readers are still waiting to see if for once you "put up".

It's been the best part of 2 weeks now.

Come on Tom ..... just admit it ...... you know you were just hyperbowling and gave no mind to the truth or the facts.

Only by admitting your dishonesty can you start again and readers here might even begin to trust you. Well, maybe!!!!!


June 22. 2012 07:12 PM



As I said on PB early this morning, many people have not got a clue about the nature of mental illness. Often, uncharacteristic behaviour is the first obvious symptom.

When someone near and dear is afflicted, quite suddenly we learn what it's all about, just as some well known homophobic fathers suddenly understood that issue when their own offspring came out.

It is a matter about which we shouldn't cast stones.


June 22. 2012 08:41 PM


Another great piece, AA.  
Just out of curiosity, how does Fairfax calculate its online audience?  If Lyn links us into an article by Laura Tingle, for example, and we all read it does that make us part of the Fairfax audience for that day?  If it does, then the figures are deceptive because we aren't really part of a Fairfax audience as such but are all reading very selectively.  
In fact, this cherry-picking is part of our newly acquired reading habits too, isn't it?  It's why I think good journos will always be able to make a living even if they all have to go freelance in the future, because thinking people will want to hear what they have to say.  The ones who might disappear into oblivion are those hacks who seem only able to regurgitate one another's stories in an endless round of repetitive drivel and anti-government propaganda.


June 22. 2012 09:07 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind comment.  I can’t answer your question about how Fairfax counts their audience.  I use Google Analytics to check traffic on TPS, but I expect they would have much more sophisticated counters.  Any visit to their website, no matter from where it came, would be counted as a ‘visit’.  How they count their subscribing customers may be different.  

I understand that online outlets give advertisers more valid data, as it is possible to check whether someone who has clicked on an ad actually takes some resultant action, whereas with newspapers it is not possible to track what someone who reads the ad actually does.  Advertisers therefore prefer online media.  It won’t be long before it will be possible to track whatever we do online.  It’s rather frightening.

Ad astra

June 22. 2012 09:17 PM


Interesting comments on the Murdoch media. I suspect that at least on of its newspapers might be the first to go. Does anybody believe that once Rupert is moved on (one way or another) and  the money men take charge The Australian will last? Its so called influence is hard to understand  ... for a national newspaper its circulation is really pretty poor (allegedly as few as 10,000 in WA where I live and most of them would be the rusted on Tories you refered to like my brother in law) I guess the ultimate example came thgis week when the Fairfax changes were treated as a genuine news story in The Age and SMH with a balance of comment whereas we had double page spread in News papers saying what a genius the CEO is! That suggests that one group of editors is independent and the others are just the lackeys on an American billionaire whop has been shown in evidence at the Levson inquiry and elsewhere to be a pretty ordinary bloke.


June 22. 2012 11:22 PM


The Australian's "so called influence is hard to understand"
Given its circulation it is a bit of a mystery, & I think it's because it's a subsidised clearing house for the commentary Murdoch demands & by extension most of the rest of the media toes the line to. "If it's in the Australian there's an agenda" from the well known Bushfire Bill sums it up. It seems to fill the role of a dictator, perhaps a small enough person, who nonetheless somehow calls the shots.
So I join with you in hoping that once Murdoch's gone a new generation of more disinterested money men will hive it off.


June 22. 2012 11:46 PM


Ad astra
The single aspect of this blogsite which I find most remarkable of all is that, without ever straying from your avowed purpose of "Putting politicians and commentators to the verbal sword", you manage week by week to come up with ever-fresh articles, -relevant, provocative and cutting-edge, in clear unadorned terms, often pointing out unrecognised elephants in rooms, always on message.
It's hard to say this without sounding sycophantic, but it's not sycophancy when my (our) admiration and respect for you is utterly sincere. I think I speak for us all here. So there.

I first learnt the term Fifth Estate on TPS. I became a dedicated blogger here too. I get my facts and the range of opinions I need to make up my own mind to my own satisfaction mainly from here too - from Lyn's Links I can go anywhere. I have not bought a newspaper in years and may never do so again. I have no idea of the extent of our readership, or more importantly the daily reach of all Lyn's efforts, but I do know for sure that the future will not be printed on dead trees.

Carpe Diem you urge, yes we are increasingly at home on the WWW now, but TPS in particular is most important to me because it is true to its dedication. I think of it as a fighting blog, the best way I know to try to "Fight for the Right" (in the Man of La Mancha* sense) against the vandal hordes of the Right (in the Fascist sense.) I too see that the Internet is the only ground we have to fight on where we have the advantage, that's why Merdeoch so hates the NBN because he can't control it, but it's the particular focus of The Political Sword that makes it the focus for me too.
Thanks Ad astra. You really are a legend. Kiss!

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfHnzYEHAow

Inspirational themes!


June 23. 2012 04:11 AM


       Go back and read my question again! I'm not questioning her mental status,I like you don't know!
However what I have a problem with is! that a "trained lawyer"(and a union busting one at that) who can sit in the federal parliament and be trusted to pass legislation seems to invoke the "drunks defence" at the first sign of "hardship"!

Mental illness or not those who are advising her here in Adelaide are trying to turn a sows ear into a silk purse!
The great unwashed aren't that stupid!



June 23. 2012 08:05 AM


As a regular poster in forums on the "Forth Estate", I became gravely suspicious when I noticed a sudden surge in right-wing facile and trite postings cancelling out the reasonable commentry and then the difficulty in having ones' posts accepted or even culled AFTER posting, along with the noticeable abscence of other left-leaning regulars. Of course, if one was to enquire about the discrepancy, one wasn't posted!....This pointed to a deliberate policy to swing the arguement (on climate change for instance) to that side chosen by the moderators.
Such is the Forth Estate...: Trying to fool all the people All the time!


June 23. 2012 08:32 AM

Ad astra

Talk Turkey
What a heart-warming message you have left for me overnight.  Thank you so much.  You continual encouragement and support is cheering and uplifting.

And what an stirring accompaniment is The Impossible Dream from The Man of La Mancha.  The music is delightful and the lyrics inspiring.

I was taken with the top comment under the YouTube video:

”For those who are saddened by the real world, keep this in your heart. Always reach for that star. Yes, this is silly. Yes, this is cliché. No one is a knight in this day and age.

“But keep this nobility in your heart. Man, woman, and child, everyone can follow this quest.

“Heroism is not just made of fantasy and dreams, but is in the heart of all.

“Everyone can reach for that unreachable star. And woe to the wicked!”

How apt.

And the words in the second version of ‘La Mancha’ that stood out: The wild wind of fortune will carry me onwards…onwards to glory we go.”

We face a formidable foe, but inspiring words lift our spirits, steel our resolve, and carry us onwards to the stars.

‘Ad astra’ comes from my school motto: Sic itur ad astra:  Thus you shall go to the stars".

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 08:44 AM


Unfortunately, The Australian's influence is out of proportion to its relatively small readership. I guess as a title it carries a sense of prestige, being the only national broadsheet in existence, and one of only a handful of broadsheets left in the country.

The ABC runs with its stories day in day out. The process begins before the break of dawn (hi Fran!), which set the editorial tone for the coverage and bulletins that follow through the remainder of the day, on the ABC as well as other, commercial, media.

Once the Murdochian editorial lines have been "laundered" through their ABC, they are endowed with a new layer of respectability, the ABC still being perceived by many as a principled and untainted news provider.


June 23. 2012 09:15 AM


Email To Mal Washer

Dr Washer's Staff Please ……. This is Constructive. Please forward to Dr Washer

Good Morning Dr Washer

Congratulations on your courageous and heartfelt statement yesterday. I know you will be getting many emails so I will write in point form and succinctly.

* You spoke from the heart. Now you must act cognitively.

* The only circuit breaker will be the passing of the Migration Act amendments. You know this.

* The amendments are generic. That the government might choose Malaysia is irrelevant. Turning boats back to Indonesia is on par with Malaysia. The amendments will ensure Nauru is not challenged should this be effected.

* You must gather a small number of like minded House liberals (small L) and at the party meeting on Tuesday speak out and state an intention to cross the floor on a Migration Act vote.

* You must publicise this.

* The result will be to see this passed in the House. This will encourage Abbott to concur …… bad for his leadership etc
* You will have to work on Senate liberals. I think about 8 will be needed to cross, to overcome the Greens.

* Hopefully by then, you will have established a momentum and gaining 8 Senators to cross the floor will be (a) possible or (b) not needed on the off chance Abbott reconsiders.

* I know that as someone under the Hippocratic oath you really do not agree with the hardline of Abbott and Morisson

* Comment on Malaysia: There is a very good chance that asylum seekers will not want to come on boats if they know 100% that they will be returned to Malaysia, further away and in the opposite direction to their embarkation point.

* Comment on Nauru: This worked to a degree because a third of the applications were rejected and the asylum seekers were returned. But the HC has found that the method of assessment was an illegal application of the Act ie no appeals allowed.

* See Plaintiff M61/2010E v Commonwealth of Australia; Plaintiff M69 of 2010 v Commonwealth of Australia [2010] HCA 41 (11 November 2010)


June 23. 2012 09:22 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody


Call it. Don't put his stunts to air. Show walking away. MT @dogmaa: Why does Abbott avoid scrutiny & Qs from journos? http://tiny.cc/6kobgw

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwaValuing
the Environment a Capital Idea - Ross Gittins http://bit.ly/MCJj5u

Brigadier Slog‏@BrigadierSlog
Tory Macguire asks Do you want to be hidden away when you’re old? www.thepunch.com.au/.../Didn't even know it was an option, where do I sign?

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
CRAZY Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey WRONG AGAIN Euro stimulus package boosts sharemarkets worldwide http://bit.ly/MpcgEi ALWAYS WRONG TONY

Low & middle income earners gain most from #carbon tax cuts & super tax changes. Good! http://goo.gl/egAhy#waytogo#keepitup

David J‏@ERN_Malleyscrub
Police reject Mary Jo Fisher claims www.abc.net.au/.../4087378 @abcnews Giving Mental illness a bad name?

Troy Bramston‏@TroyBramston
Great yarn @franklinmatthew Has the Coalition been involved in a conspiracy to undo the Speaker? m.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fndckad0-1226405995227 #auspol

It is against the Crime Act to prevent or interfere an elected MP performing his/her duties, let alone the HOR Speaker http://www.google.com/

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
July1st is not only the day CO2 pricing commences it's also the day people earning less than $80,000 will benefit http://bit.ly/Lo8hb3

Tattered Remnant‏@TatteredRemnant
@mumbletwits This @markatextor article shits me on so many levels www.smh.com.au/.../...-at-play-20120622-20tci.html

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
Tony Abbott Scott Morrison Christine Milne in fact all Coalition & Greens MPs must take the blame for DEATHS@SEA http://bit.ly/LofQhR ACT

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
Is Gina after Fairfax's Adele Ferguson's job? http://bit.ly/MP69oB Gina Rinehart The Untold Story of the Richest Woman in the World

Fran Barlow‏@fran_b__
On Brandis, #Fairfax the carbon "tax" and existential stupidity. blogs.crikey.com.au/.../#comment-7814 #IPCC #carbonprice #AGW #climatechange #auspol

@tonyabbottmhr get out of the way ! Opinion - The West Australian au.news.yahoo.com/.../via @Y7News


June 23. 2012 09:59 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
You never rest!  Here you are on a Saturday morning providing us with another set of interesting Twitterverse.  You are the one who makes TPS a hub for the Fifth Estate.  From what you post here at the ‘hub’, we range far and wide along the spokes to the periphery and learn from a myriad of sources.  

What a lot of useful information there was today.  The Ross Gittins piece that all economists should read, the Matthew Franklin article that peeled a couple more layers off the Slipper/Ashby affair, and the revealing article by Dennis Atkins that calls out Tony Abbott for his flagrant media avoidance, are just a few examples of why folk come here every day.  Thank you.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 10:09 AM

Ad astra

rocco, BSA Bob
Stories vary, but the conventional wisdom from media buffs is that The Australian has never made a consistent profit.  It is Rupert Murdoch’s Australian plaything, to be preserved at all costs, at least while he’s in charge.  

Although it has a modest circulation of a little over 100,000 copies, Murdoch sees it as exercising disproportionate influence as it’s the business world and the conservative clique who read it, and these are the groups he seeks to influence.

A hard headed businessman, focused on the bottom line, would likely close it down, but making money from it is not Murdoch’s purpose for The Oz.  Peddling power and influence is his purpose for his favourite newspaper.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 10:11 AM

Ad astra

Please fill us in – where have you noticed ‘a sudden surge in right-wing facile and trite postings’.  We have just a few here.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 10:17 AM

Ad astra

I agree with your comments about the ABC’s sycophantic attitude to News Limited stories.  It is nauseating.  Is it simply lazy journalism, or lack of staff to write stories with an ABC flavour, or is it more sinisterly a deliberate process of currying favour with Murdoch?

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 10:28 AM

Ad astra

I like your open letter to Mal Washer.  I see Judi Moylan has joined him this morning.

Mal Washer’s email address is: Mal.Washer.MP@aph.gov.au

Judi Moylan’s email address is: J.Moylan.MP@aph.gov.au

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 12:16 PM


The Abborttians are so set on sending boat-borne refugees to Birdshit Island, and the Greens are oh-so-noble-bloody-minded, that we have no system of dealing with the problem at all. But you know who really #*cked things up?


Note that they didn't all think that way. The Government was very confident before the challenge to its legislation, dismayed and confounded by the HC decision. Politics?

I wonder if the majority judges are looking hard into their mirrors today . . .


The Hon. Dr. Mal Washer MHR!

Now also, we hope,  

The Hon. Judi Moylan MHR!  

I do adjure and earnestly entreat you,
in the name of Dog Albitey and common Humanity!

FFS Do the right thing, sheet the blame for the kind of Parliament we have to where it belongs, your own mob. And then if necessary cross the floor on votes. Your present situation is untenable and less than credible, there is only one way to display the courage of your convictions and you must know that. You must walk away* from these your party colleagues, they are indeed the reason for the present low ebb of Parliamentary behaviour and esteem and most importantly co.operation as you well know. Now that lack of co.operation is causing Australian policy on boat arrivals to be as helplessly at sea as the boats themselves, and whether or not this latest tragedy can trace its origins to the present hiatus, it has been predicted that it will lead to exactly this kind of situation recurring on a frequent basis. All because instead of trying to arrive at a rational decent best-available course, both the Abborttians and the Greens have thought it expedient to play Politics.

Greens can argue their high-mindedness but we've heard all that before about carbon pricing and gambling. You want everything, with rainbow icing, yesterday, so everybody gets nothing, yeah greatthanks a lot.  

Mal Washer, and now also Judi Moylan: Robert Oakeshott and Tony Windsor will be your staunch friends if you walk away* from the Abborttians, you could not ask in all the world for finer company. I think you could be of comfort to the truly hurt Craig Thomson too, who has not so far been found guilty of anything, but who has been outrageously defamed and pushed to the very brink. You cannot be proud of your Party's treatment of this man, and in the case of you in particular Dr Washer we are aware that you are righteously and honestly ashamed.

We honour your words, but your actions are and will be what defines you in fact.

You would find many fine Labor people who would genuinely sincerely honour you for taking a principled stand here.

You must know you can't stand where you are.


"You can tell a man (etc) ". . . HOW TRUE!


June 23. 2012 12:42 PM


Could there be some familial history that is driving Gina's newspaper ambitions?

West Australians may remember a previous Hancock foray into newspapers.

More info will follow as it comes to light.


June 23. 2012 12:50 PM


Did anyone catch Emma Allerbichi with Jason Clare interrogating him about the times of the first notice given of the stricken boat in strife, she kept going on about a six-hour delay, he had no idea what she was talking about, no bloody wonder, he went away mystified, but before the end of the program he had checked, her information was utter crap, she hadn't checked it at all,

Here's the link to the interview, look especially at the very last two paras of the transcript (as well as the footage).



June 23. 2012 12:59 PM


Sorry about the Piggy link at 12.16, this one will take you to the youtube site I meant:



June 23. 2012 01:51 PM


I've done my best over time to argue Julian Assange's case, only mind you as an Australian citizen, I think he is in very deep trouble.

I am astonished at the breadth and depth of illwill towards
Assange even here on TPS, for reasons I think seem to be driven by the MSM and by ignorance of the issues. Here's a Monica Attard article as an antidote to the last.

I guess what I worry about is that there is something else too, a sneaky nastiness towards tall poppies? It wouldn't matter so awful much, but a man's life and certainly his liberty is at stake here, I don't want to be in the position of saying I told you so, by then it will be academic and all too late. Why is Assange so reviled even by those here on the Left? (You put aside his mother in this, I'll put aside what *J*U*L*I*A* said about him being guilty or whatever it was she said, fair deal, OK?)  



June 23. 2012 02:49 PM


So is it a case of like father, like daughter.

Gina's dad, Lang, started his own newspaper, The Sunday Independent, in WA in 1969 which was later sold to News Ltd.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Independent_(Perth)

It begs a question or three.

Is Gina out to prove she can go one better than Lang in the newspaper game?

Does she hope to make a motza with some sort of deal with ol' Rupe?

Interesting times indeed

HatTip: a very fine and upstanding Rupe whose family name is not Murdoch.


June 23. 2012 03:17 PM



I wrote: I am the last person on earth to support the Opposition. But anyone who is prepared to judge a mentally ill person knows nothing.

To those pontificating in judgement about MJF, your chances of understanding mental illness some day are pretty good …… very few of us go through life without direct contact with mental illness in family, friends or other ones close to us.

You wrote: Psyclaw, I don't know where the truth lies with MJF and her "mental" state,but for some reason her whole defence thus far seems to be a new way to get around the now defunct "drunks defence"?

Then I wrote: As I said on PB early this morning, many people have not got a clue about the nature of mental illness. Often, uncharacteristic behaviour is the first obvious symptom.

When someone near and dear is afflicted, quite suddenly we learn what it's all about, just as some well known homophobic fathers suddenly understood that issue when their own offspring came out.

It is a matter about which we shouldn't cast stones.

And then you wrote: Psyclaw, Go back and read my question again! I'm not questioning her mental status,I like you don't know!
However what I have a problem with is! that a "trained lawyer"(and a union busting one at that) who can sit in the federal parliament and be trusted to pass legislation seems to invoke the "drunks defence" at the first sign of "hardship"!

It is to this sequence of dialogue that I now respond:

1) Your comments are clearly value laden and judgemental. You write about "the truth or lies with MJF" and "her 'mental' state" and "that she's "getting around the now defunct 'drunks defence' "  that she can "sit in parliament and be trusted" but "seems to invoke the 'drunks defence' at the first sign of 'hardship'".

Your views about MJF are clearly not open-minded. They are pre-judgements. The bolded words and your use of inverted commas show that you have a pre-existing view about both mental illness and the law's view about crime and intoxication.

2) The question you asked me to re-read (the first quote from you above) is not literally or semantically a question. It is a sentence with a question mark tacked on. It is a statement, not even a rhetorical question. It gives voice to your doubts that MJF is unwell.

3) One issue about mental illness is that a change in conduct is often the first symptom that others might see. But usually the ill person does not see this and in fact often (psychologically) denies it, until some calamity .... an outright emotional break down, a car accident, a serious work place misjudgement, or the commission of a crime. In a case with which I am very familiar, the sufferer misplaced for 6 months an expenditure authorisation of more than $1 million and did not even realise it until auditors found that it had not been expended at all, to the detriment of clients. Undoubtedly MJF would have gone through a period of unawareness and maybe un-acceptance of her illness.

4) You write that you are not questioning her mental status and that you don't know. Yet after writing that, you go on to describe "what I have a problem with......" which is predicated on the inference that she is being dishonest.

5) Neither trained lawyers nor bush lawyers are exempted by nature from mental illness.

6) Your (several) pejorative uses of the words "drunks defence" suggests that you do not accept the legitimacy of such a defence.

7) The  idea that the "drunks defence" is defunct is wrong. This is a complex area of law. While intoxication will not be accepted as a defence in all cases, there are many circumstances where it is still accepted. The HC Case of O'Connor, and the various state criminal codes specify this. (See for example s 268 and s269 of your own SA Criminal Law Consolidation Act).

My life experiences have included close contact with mental illness, its nature, how it emerges, and its consequences. By all means condemn the Abbotteers for their hypocritical double standards viv a vis their views and exploitation of the two individuals MJF and CT. But in the matter of mental illness per se, the glass house of mental wellness that many live in can be easily shattered by an unexpected stone, in the form of mental illness.


June 23. 2012 03:37 PM

Ad astra

I saw that interview, but because we had visitors, I did not follow the detail, but of course I can now with the transcript in hand.  From the outset, it seems as if ABC journalists have been trying to nail Jason Clare, and through him the Government, over what the ABC has sought to represent as an unnecessary delay in dispatching rescue assets to the stricken asylum vessel.  

I picked up that sentiment on ABC radio in AM, The World Today and PM, and Emma Alberici was on the same theme in Lateline, presenting to Clare some faxes that he had apparently not seen, with date/time stamps that seemed at variance with the version given by Clare.  He seemed mystified, and now we know why.  Alberici, ignorant of the protocol for date/time stamping in this region, thought she had him on ice, only to be told just before the end of her program that she had it wrong, resulting in a rather sheepish withdrawal, if not a real apology, and a retraction accompanying the transcript.

Not only ought we to expect that ABC journalists get their stories right (after all they are not working for News Limited, where adherence to the facts is optional), but also we ought to doubly expect that when they are addressing important matters such as this where it appears around a hundred may have lost their lives at sea, and especially if their intent is to ping a Government minister and the Government and accuse them of negligence.  But it seems that their desire for a ‘scoop’ or a significant ‘put down’ of the Government overrode the essential checking of facts before embarking on such an adventure.   I hope Emma learns from this, but I’m not holding my breath.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 03:50 PM


Ad Astra,

Thanks for your response to my earlier comment.

A few years ago I might have concluded that the ABC's drop of standards was due to lack of resources / staffing.

And no doubt that still partly explains it.

But I've seen so many incidents now of bias, unethical editorial conduct and the like that I must conclude, as many others are doing these days, that something more deliberate is at play.

The ABC has gone from being a world-class public broadcaster just a few years ago, to something often as openly partial as News Limited. A dramatic slide like that doesn't just happen because of scarcity. The ABC has lived with scarcity the whole time it's been around, I should think. No, there are forces that have been, and are, driving this precipitious shift. I'm sure I'm not in need of a tinfoil hat. The Australian public have the right to know just what has beset the national broadcaster. In my opinion, of course.


June 23. 2012 04:13 PM


       While I accept your rebuttal most of the people I know when we've been arrested cop it sweet!
We don't go fishing for excuses imagined or real,or have our work colleagues like Andrew Robb did yesterday in a press release where he said "Sadly, this burden has been exacerbated enormously in my view by the effective persecution she endured for more than 12 months at the hands of South Australian police authorities"www.andrewrobb.com.au/.../...t-Mary-Jo-Fisher.aspx

I should also add Jamie Briggs member for Mayo was also on Adelaide radio saying the same as Robb.

I may not have the legal or medical insight that you have,and you are probably correct in everything you've said however it doesn't pass the front bar test!


June 23. 2012 04:16 PM

Ad astra

I have just now emailed Mal Washer: Mal.Washer.MP@aph.gov.au and Judi Moylan: J.Moylan.MP@aph.gov.au

My email to Mal Washer read:

Dear Dr Washer
I applaud your statement about the need for the Coalition to collaborate with the Gillard Government to bring about an end to the people smuggling trade and the consequent loss of life that occurs when the risky voyage from Indonesia is beset by maritime disaster.

As a humane country, we cannot countenance the continuance of the people smuggling trade for the want of collaboration at a political level.  This is far too important an issue to be obstructed by political cussedness.  The legislation proposed by the Government would allow any party in power to select its preferred offshore processing method.  It deserves, indeed in the light of recent tragedies, demands bipartisan support.

Please be assured that should you present a proposition for collaboration to your party room, it would be with the strong support of many Australians who recoil in horror as these unnecessary deaths continue.

Yours sincerely

I copied this to Ms Moylan and Tony Abbott: Tony.Abbott.MP@aph.gov.au

The more who email them, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 04:23 PM


Hi Ad

Thankyou very much for another delightful article, your writing never fails to enthral and captivate me.

Ad Astra you are a fine example of the powers of the Fifth Estate.
The 70% owned newspapers have been slow to adapt and still are. This is evident in their Journalists use of Twitter even, they do not understand digital .

Ad thankyou for your lovely post  09:59 AM, you and TPS are providing inspiration for us all.

I have a copy of Paul Kelly's piece in Today's newspaper, the Google search is not working to give us a link.

I can post the article here if you want me too, I think it's interesting as talks about Abbott, the carbon tax. Fairly long though
what do you think?


"Bigger government means smaller citizens" is an Abbott slogan. It sounds great. But delivering smaller government for grander citizenship is truly hard. The whole world knows Abbott is a born sloganeer. But slogans aren't enough. Abbott must persuade the public to trust him and provide real intellectual leadership of his party.


June 23. 2012 04:42 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thank you for your ever-so-kind words.  I’m glad that you enjoy what I write, and that you appreciate so fully the influence TPS is having, much of which is due to your efforts.

I think it would make interesting reading for our visitors if you were able to gain access to Paul Kelly’s article and post it here for all to read.  It is noteworthy that Dennis Atkins has today taken Tony Abbott to task, and from the snippet you posted from Kelly’s article, it seems as if he too is querying Abbott’s strategy.  

Perhaps the media is finally waking up to the shallowness of the alternative PM, and that if they push the Coalition wheelbarrow so hard it wins in 2013, we will all be lumbered with hollow-man Abbott.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 05:13 PM


Hi Ad

Here is the article it was necessary for me to fly deep within the enemies trenches to snap up line by line.

I will wait in anxiety for your analysis.  My thoughts tell me you
will arrive at the same opinion as mine.

Abbott's gamble on cultural change by: PAUL KELLY, EDITOR-AT-LARGE From: The Australian June 23, 2012 12:00AM

BENEATH his notorious negativity, Tony Abbott and his senior frontbenchers are devising a blueprint to change decisively Australia's national policy and philosophical direction.

The carbon tax is the engulfing fog that dominates yet obscures.

It has defined Abbott's leadership since December 2009 and is the instrument he has used to ruin Labor's brand. Yet the Opposition Leader's anti-carbon tax crusade has constituted a dramatic trade-off: the price he has paid to destroy Labor in the nation has been a negative personal rating.

For Abbott, it is a willing bargain. The consequence, however, is the public either remains unsure about the values that will infuse an Abbott government or still clings to the long list of anti-Abbott prejudices that begins with his alleged hostility to women.

While the media recycles talk of Malcolm Turnbull returning as leader down the track, Abbott's hold is entrenched.

He is far advanced in the recasting of the Liberal Party. It is not a solo project. On the contrary, it is underpinned by tight frontbench collaboration and deep backbench support.

Global and domestic events have imposed essential changes on the old Abbott, once besotted by the utility of state power. Abbott and the Coalition now stand, above all, for three core ideas.

The first is a deep commitment to the prudent state typified by surplus budgets, debt reductions, dismantling "Labor values" spending and an attack of sorts on the entitlement culture, an idea pushed by economic spokesman Joe Hockey, long seized by the fiscal task he faces.

Second, the Coalition seeks a rebalancing between enterprise and the environment with a sweeping agenda to dismantle Labor "green and red tape", purge regulatory complexity, facilitate development, promote northern Australia as an export food bowl and run environmental policies that are more direct and practical.

In this sense, carbon tax repudiation, important in its own right, symbolises a decisive switch in values, policy and political culture.

Third, as a social fabric conservative Abbott wants to curb the idea that "government knows best", limit interference in people's lives, cut social engineering and, as a perpetual volunteer in his personal life, promote Edmund Burke's concept of "little platoons"-Abbott's notion of social communities based on individual initiative and much greater personal responsibility.

Facing an election where he cannot spend much money, Abbott will campaign on values. This sounds fine in theory but, in fact, it is an electoral risk. The essential test is whether the Australian public accepts Abbott as a reliable, predictable and stable leader capable of steering this basic change in the nation's direction.

In many ways there are two Abbotts on display - the uplifting leader with the personal ability to engage and win the confidence of stakeholders for his agendas, and the testosterone-charged political brawler who can't stop throwing punches, bouncing on trampolines, impersonating Teddy Roosevelt and seemingly incognisant of the real scale of the fiscal agenda he enunciates.

Even on values, the risk is that Abbott projects better what he hates rather than what he loves. Above all, he detests what he sees as Labor's fixation that government has an answer to every problem including the ultimate conceit that it can change the earth's temperature.

At this election Abbott seeks to channel public opinion to a revised balance on green issues. This is an article of faith across the Liberal and National parties and tied to the quest for greater productivity.

Finance spokesman Andrew Robb, chairman of the policy development committee, says this is a visceral sentiment: "The stuffing has been knocked out of people. The disconnect between city and country is profound and growing year by year. There is a despondency in many parts of the nation about new projects and the sheer difficulty of getting them off the ground. The balance is out of whack and it must be restored."

Abbott will use the carbon tax not just as a cost-of-living weapon (where his epic exaggerations make him vulnerable) but as a template for the broader changes he wants.

Much of the vast policy, agency and regulatory apparatus Labor has established to cover the environment and climate change will be swept away. Abbott's future environment minister, Greg Hunt says the savings across the forward estimates will be upwards of $10 billion.

Agencies to be abolished are the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Energy Security Council, Climate Change Authority, Climate Commission, and the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. This list is not yet concluded.

Abbott and Hunt believe Labor has created a bureaucratic monster tied to carbon pricing and the ETS. The departments of Environment and Climate Change will be merged. "We will be getting rid of 30 of Labor's programs at the national level," Hunt says.

The main item in the $10bn savings comes from abolition of Labor's industry assistance (as distinct from household compensation) to offset carbon pricing.

In addition, the Coalition will save another $10bn off the budget given that this is the capitalisation for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Environment is a case study in Abbott's philosophy of liberalism - getting rid of green and red tape, reducing agencies and simplifying process. "We have thought through every agency and every policy," Hunt says. "We will be making these changes in the first year of government. We want a single national approach to emissions reductions."

Hunt plans to rationalise the federal-state shambles of multiple green schemes. The new single national agency, the Emissions Reduction Fund, will run the Coalition's "direct action" or abatement funding mechanism.

At the same time, Hunt says the single "one-stop shop" for environmental project approval will be vested at state level. He says federal-state duplication is now absurd and the issue "is no longer about standards but about productivity". This means amending the federal Environmental Act and related laws. The aim is to purge "pointless bureaucracy".

The Coalition argues Labor's "green" record is much talk and poor results - the exhibits being the home insulation disaster and related failures on green loans, cash for clunkers and solar programs.

Labor's problem, documented in the recent Lowy Institute poll, is that most Australians no longer subscribe to immediate action on climate change. The poll showed 63 per cent oppose Labor's carbon law with 45 per cent "strongly against". Only 36 per cent, down from 68 per cent, want immediate action even if that involves significant costs.

On the pivotal carbon-pricing issue, Abbott will give instructions for its abolition on day one. Hunt says the bill will be introduced in the first week of parliament (a simple negation of the price mechanism).

Abbott's aim is to knife Labor swiftly. He will force Labor into an immediate post-election vote on carbon tax abolition. If it refuses, he will launch a renewed campaign as prime minister on Labor's repudiation of the public's verdict as a prelude to creating, as fast as possible, the grounds for a double dissolution. Hunt says the entire process including abolition of carbon pricing at a joint sitting can be accomplished within 12 months of any initial victory.

As the July 1 countdown to carbon pricing approaches, there are two realities: Labor will expose Abbott's "end of the world" exaggerations and Abbott's own campaign will make the carbon tax as unpopular as ever.

But remember the bottom line: Abbott's future, probably his survival, depends on the prolongation of the European and US economic crisis. This is because the sinking of the Western economies keeps any global carbon price on the backburner. If this situation were reversed and international momentum rekindled, then Abbott's epic rejection of carbon pricing would be in trouble.

At present, there is no sign of that: Abbott in 2009 read the future much better than did Labor.

Meanwhile the Coalition, behind the scenes, has finalised about 50 policy documents via meetings of its senior figures: Abbott, Julie Bishop, Hockey, Robb, Hunt, Warren Truss and Barnaby Joyce.

A buoyant Hockey said: "We have done the policy work and we will deliver the surplus in our first year and every later year. Our policies are now fully costed, fully funded. The Australian people will see all our policies and costings before the election."

He had better be right given the costing blunders last election. Obviously, the Coalition will not release such costings until the campaign.

Abbott elevates Howard as his model - yet Howard's final years betrayed a fiscal softness rather than the steel Abbott and Hockey will need. Labor is contemptuous of Abbott's ability to steer any consistent course. It points to his record in opposition of calling for smaller government and opposing most of Labor's savings. Is this just tactics or proof of a deeper flaw in Abbott's character?

Abbott has been the most effective opposition leader in decades but the bigger test is his ability to implement his agenda in office.

As a populist he has exploited the natural instincts of the public. Yet the transformation in political culture he envisages is daunting. It works only if Abbott has toughened up with the courage to impose genuine productivity-raising policy.

"Bigger government means smaller citizens" is an Abbott slogan. It sounds great. But delivering smaller government for grander citizenship is truly hard. The whole world knows Abbott is a born sloganeer. But slogans aren't enough. Abbott must persuade the public to trust him and provide real intellectual leadership of his party.


June 23. 2012 05:24 PM

42 long

  When these typse of immigration matters are made party political, really bad results emerge that do our country no good whatsoever. It's totally predictable. Abbott has gleefully watched more boate come as he thinks that advantages his position. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Howard solution is not applicable to the current situation. I won't even bore readers with the details, as thay have been well covered by others.
   A couple of thinking liberals may make the difference. Demonising refugees has to stop. Scott Morrison makes me ashamed. He always seems straigh out nasty.

42 long

June 23. 2012 05:49 PM

42 long

  Kelly has obviously been doing a bit of commendable research there. I would accept it as a fairly accurate representation of the way the LNP wants it to go.
I'm not surprised by any of it. I have been of the opinion that several years ago reps of the LNP went to the USA and being impressed by the Tea party/Republican direction , have decided to adopt it. ( Imitate it).
   It's got enough of the "drill baby, drill" and eliminate all regulatory bodies that stand in  the way of just getting on with it. Even the EPA goes in the USA.Unions who needs them and get rid of that N888er, in the WHITE house.
   It;s not nice over there, and I am sure it won't be nice over here under Tony's republican model. It would be good ihey had thought of something that suits Australia. Americans have a total obcession with not paying tax and locking people up in gaols and not having free medicine or education . They have the death penalty too. Nice enough people as individuals but their system? The gun lobby influence in NSW. A taste of things to come, more widely, also? No thanks

42 long

June 23. 2012 06:04 PM


Ad said
The more who email (Moylan and Abbortt), the better the outcome is likely to be.

Yes, never underestimate the power of talking turkey! Smile

So I did that Ad, not to Abbortt but to Washer and Moylan, I sent them both the main body of my post @ 12.16 above, but without the FFS! Smile

Maybe they will clutch at their own self-respect, we would love them for all the most honourable reasons if they lead a movement for decency in the LNP.


June 23. 2012 06:12 PM


Ad Astra..The prime culprit for a swing to the right in my opinion is the ABC.s Drum.
I noted that Mondays were right-wing days where it seemed nigh on impossible to get a contrary post on...of course those were the IPA. or Reith or Switzer days...where right-wing opinion could set the tone for the week!
I noticed that fellow left travellers also became somewhat noticebale by their absence....of course, it is difficult to verify any coincidence as there was no way to cross-check with them personally...However, if those who used to post on the Drum read this, perhaps you could verify my observations, or prove me incorrect. I am not one for conspiricy theories, but do have suspicion of collusion in regards the ABC. and the LNP.


June 23. 2012 06:15 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for taking the trouble to post Paul Kelly’s piece Abbott's gamble on cultural change, in today’s issue of The Weekend Australian.

It reads as if Kelly has been briefed as an ‘insider’ on Abbott’s and the Coalition’s plans, and has written a ‘puff piece’ to place them in a good light.  Of course he throws in some caveats to give the appearance of balance.

We cannot know whether Kelly is right when he describes Abbott’s ‘three core ideas’: surplus budgets, debt reductions, dismantling "Labor values" spending, and an attack of sorts on the entitlement culture; a rebalancing between enterprise and the environment with a sweeping agenda to dismantle Labor "green and red tape", purge regulatory complexity, facilitate development, promote northern Australia as an export food bowl and run environmental policies that are more direct and practical; and curbing the idea that "government knows best", limiting  interference in people's lives, and cutting social engineering.  Is this what Kelly has been fed, or is it his interpretation of what Abbott and his Coalition more loosely says it intends to do.  Only time will tell.  Or is Kelly actually formulating the Coalition’s policy agenda from what he has gleaned from talking with them.  Being a Murdoch man, we should not dismiss the possibility that this is yet another Murdoch thrust to set the conservative agenda, as he has done so often, here and overseas.  Anyone who doubts this should read David McKnight’s book: Rupert Murdoch – An Investigation of Political Power.

While Kelly’s outline is superficially plausible, we don’t know how much is based on fact and policy work already done, and how much is projection, how much supposition.

More conjectural is whether, even were Abbott’s ‘core ideas’ real, how this man, who has shown us nothing but negativity and obstruction, who has been able so far to mouth nothing but slogans, can quietly morph into a constructive, forward-looking statesman with a positive vision for this nation, indeed whether has a Plan B, and if he has, whether he can put it in place.

Reading between the lines, it seems as if Kelly himself might have his doubts.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 06:20 PM

Ad astra

I suppose for The Drum their use of Reith, Switzer and Co constitutes their facade of balance.  There are some who feel that ABC journalists ought not to be writing opinion pieces, a sentiment with which I agree, but as Reith and Switzer are not ABC people, I suppose the ABC feels that are fair enough to use.  The problem is their conservative opinions are hardly balanced by progressive ones.

Ad astra

June 23. 2012 06:58 PM


Jason at 4.13
Whatever the rights & wrongs of the mental health issues, Fisher is just more collateral damage. Even Abbott & his MSM crew would perhaps have trouble keeping the Craig Thomson issue going while they have the possibilty of a serial lawbreaker in their own ranks. Not worth taking the risk. Sorry Mary Jo, but you're going under in the service of a higher cause...
Thanks for the Andrew Robb link, I saw Jamie Briggs spouting about police harassment last night. I think he worked in "faceless", didn't he? But it's interesting, an illustration of how far today's right wing is prepared to go. Because it doesn't give them what they want, the S.A. Police force is bad, just as the courts are bad for not dutifully following Kathy Jackson's every twist & turn. Society will be destroyed in order that they get elected.

I don't rate myself too highly in the grand policy stakes, so I'll be looking with interest at others' comments on the Paul Kelly piece.


June 23. 2012 07:21 PM



Thanks for your reply.

Do not talk down your own skills .... they have been obvious to us all here for ages. We all come from different life experiences and each of us can make our own unique contribution. And we can learn from each other as well as fight the good fight against those who look backwards.

Probably the most dominant tactic of the far right all over the world is to present a simplistic view of everything and anything. The problem with this is that things are rarely what they seem. Humans and human interactions are invariably complex.

So with regard to our criminal judicial system whilst it is easy to think, for example, that murder is murder is murder, the reality is far different.

Take the case of a drunk person stabbing another who dies as a result.

Did he plan the stabbing and got drunk to gain "dutch courage"? Was the plan a revenge plan after an argument the previous night? Was it a plan of weeks in the making, to gain from an insurance policy? Did he, whilst out for a night's drinking, get into a fight and in the heat of it, use the knife he always carries for bravado? Or did he take the knife off the stabbed person and use it? Were others shouting "stab him!"? Was it a one on one or was it during a disorganised brawl? Was he a cleanskin or did he have many convictions for strong violence? Did he intend to kill the other person or just to hurt him? Was he trying to stab someone else and in the circumstances stabbed the wrong person?

The scenarios are infinite, yet all will be reported as "murder" if the victim dies.

The legal system recognises this complexity of human behaviours and motives and so the defence is entitled to build up the most accurate picture of the circumstances it can. Obviously many "try it on" but they are usually sorted out by cross examining, by the rules of evidence, and by the judge and jury. It's not always perfect though.

This is altogether different to "fishing for excuses". Anyone accused of a crime who does not in their defence point out any ameliorating or mitigating aspects has poor legal representation indeed.

I remember being thrashed as a school kid and at times the thrasher teacher would ask "what have you got to say for yourself? " A reply "Fred told me to do it" was treated with scorn, whereas something (true) like "my dog was run over and killed this morning" might rightly have been accepted. (It was a scenario like this that Commodore Kafer of ADFA failed to appreciate, that lead to his suspension).

In the case of MJF this is what lead to her being found guilty of assault (the mitigating circumstances were not accepted) but having no conviction recorded nor incarceration (the mitigating circumstances were accepted in this part of the proceedings).

The Abbotteers do MJF no favours in their mouthing of excuses and it shows them out to be shallow opportunists.



June 23. 2012 07:27 PM


TT Comrade

Did you see Ms Bishop the Elder on TV a few nights back?

It would put you off pearl necklaces for life!


June 23. 2012 07:33 PM



Thankyou for your post in reply to Paul Kelly's article. Just as I thought you think the same as me.  Kelly's  article a thinly veiled camouflage obscuring things to deceive.

A couple of tweets regarding the article:

Ben Hider‏
Drag0nista I agree with all your ‪#NoCrapApp‬ pics, except Paul Kelly's wishful thinking about a future Abbott govt. Abbott's a big govt cons

benhider Thanks for the feedback. I thought it an interesting attempt by either Kelly or Abbott camp to frame things ‪#NoCrapApp‬

2hBen Hider‏
Drag0nista I saw it as an attempt by small govt conservatives to try to set the agenda of a future Abbott govt. Don't think it'll work


June 23. 2012 07:41 PM


       Thanks for your response!After this I wont labour the point any further, my mind was made up when fairly or unfairly
MJF's defence team decided to do what I think is similar to "jury tampering" put out this explanation of "mental illness" although she never had a jury, but you get my drift.
Also how often do you see "QC's" down in the magistrates court defending shop lifting and assult charges? and now MJF's legal team want the "tax payer" to cover the costs of her first trial.
I just find the whole case very strange indeed!


June 23. 2012 08:08 PM


From Paul Kelly's article:

"Meanwhile the Coalition, behind the scenes, has finalised about 50 policy documents via meetings of its senior figures: Abbott, Julie Bishop, Hockey, Robb, Hunt, Warren Truss and Barnaby Joyce."

Seven "senior figures" conclude "50 policy documents"???

Does anyone seriously consider any of the listed names a major contributor to a single policy debate in recent Australian history, including the last three years or so of Howard's government?

If Kelly's information is accurate, the Coalition's "50 policy documents" will be Swiss cheese under anything more searching than pats to the back for just having words on paper scrutiny by fellow Conservatives.

I have no faith at all in the Coalition, old guard, new guard, Young Turks, previously ministers, line them all up and label them, but...

If I was a younger Coalition parliamentarian and I was told I had to cut my cloth in future government to policies "finalised" "behind the scenes" by the seven individuals named above, I'd be wondering what was 'my' point in entering politics.

I'd also be wondering just how long I had to wait to get past all those 'previous Howard ministers' that seem to be shoo-ins for nice big offices under Abbott, PM.

From what I've seen of the newer faces and heard of their louder voices on the Coalition benches, they aren't the types to die wondering. Or want to spend any time at all wondering.

(re Captcha - an extra "n" has crept in, but it reads 'istonny another') Another...?


June 23. 2012 08:52 PM


Peter Slipper MP‏@PeterSlipperMP

All expenses in order. No point in talking. with Steve Lewis who always tries to do a hatchet job. Report contains distortions/inaccuracies.


June 23. 2012 11:41 PM


Psyclaw said
TT Comrade

Did you see Ms Bishop the Elder on TV a few nights back?

> No I missed her! Dam! Why didn't somebody give me a heads-up? How can I continue to live, knowing that I was asleep while the vision of my dreams was appearing on my magic box . . ?

It would put you off pearl necklaces for life!

> Keep the pearls. Lose the neck.

But if they let me nuance *J*U*L*I*A*s appearance, she'd pick up 3% right then! . . . Slightly less-austere  hairstyle . . . bit less-tailored look to her jackets . . . in pastels often . . . and a nice modest necklace, yes, a single row of freshwater pearls is fine. It's only more or less a bit like a tie on a bloke . . . I just think it completes the picture. I don't care much for facial cosmetics though! That bloke was right in that ad long ago, - remember that, Ad, long ago? - where the man says to his OH You look lovely without makeup, yep.


June 24. 2012 12:06 AM


Re the Kelly article.  Michael had it in one - fifty policies from those seven dills?   Fully costed?   Fully funded?  No red tape?   No green tape?  Carbon pricing simply negated?  Pointless bureaucracy purged?

Abbott, the ultimate snake oil salesman!  

You're right, AA, I don't think Kelly has bought it.


June 24. 2012 12:27 AM


Bob Ellis on the imminent assassination of Julian Assange



June 24. 2012 12:48 AM


Nearly Caviare time . . . Good Luck Girl!

Luke Nolan up! . . .

Adoration from the crowd.

I just like the horses too.

I don't bet on them.

Dog she does look splendid.

They're moving up now . . .

They're RACING!





June 24. 2012 12:50 AM


And now at last I know how to spell her name!

Well done our girl.


June 24. 2012 08:05 AM


The damage that would be done to the social fabric, the lives that would be destroyed, just to shift money from one pocket to another...but the "first pocket" would be national, whilst the latter would be a "MAAATES"!
They better start building those "gated communities"w/security...that or bigger prisons.
One despairs at the lack of intelligence in the right-wing "think-tanks".


June 24. 2012 08:52 AM


TT Comrade

Keep the pearls. Lose the neck

More words of wisdom from TT.

Incidentally, on the TV Bishop the Elder as well as her pearls was decorated with a Vampirella style lipstick smudge-over ..... all in all a horrific scene, exacerbated by the drivel she spoke.


June 24. 2012 09:39 AM


Morning all,

An interesting story in the Courier Mail yesterday (I only read it this morning - life got in the way) giving an critical assessment on why reporters don't "take it up" to politicians in general - and LOTO in particular.

www.couriermail.com.au/.../comments-e6frerdf-1226405820225.  Its not paywalled.

We'll see if my comment is published.


June 24. 2012 10:23 AM


Doctor Washer
If you're Kosher
Cross the bloody Floor!
If you won't
FFS don't
Bang on any more!

Dr Washer I don't really mean to be rude, not to you, because I can believe there is a lot of sincere humanity in what you feel.

But nobody but you has put you into this disgrace of a Party, and no-one but you keeps you there. You are not a mug so you must recognize the inherently untenable nature of your situation. You by yourself could force Abbortt to behave - every single Member has huge leverage in this hung parliament as you well know. With the support of your colleague Judi Moylan you could quite quietly bring about genuine bipartisanship, all it needs is for the LOTO to be prepared to let the Government find the best way it can to bring reason to this parlous situation.

It's not a political problem except insofar as Abbortt has made it so. It is an international social and moral problem, and we have responsibilities which a policy of turning back boats fails to address.    

Dr. Washer You personally stand metaphorically astride the opposite sides of this strangely balanced situation. You must know that the Government has been prepared to bend in every direction, even to partial reopening of Nauru, for which there are grave problems, whereas your own party has been utterly unwilling to compromise at all. Its sole demand has been to reopen Nauru, and as you would know too, that is probably not even acceptable in international law.

In the meantime many people have died, many many more will, some might be on the high seas as I write. As you read this. There is no beautiful solution, the world is ongoingly cruel, and desperate people will still take to boats if they judge their survival chances better there than in their present location - Wouldn't you? But the present confused unresolved situation means that people, be they unscrupulous or desperate or both, will be willing to think the high seas the best chance.

Poor, poor people! Australia can't take them all or even a big part of the world's refugees but we can surely do our share, and we can surely do better than the chaotic situation than we have atm.

Doctor Washer?


June 24. 2012 11:24 AM


On Insiders Russell Broadbent, Ruddick and Turnbull were also named as supporters of Dr Washer's view.

Time to forward your Washer emails to those three as well.

With Washer and Moylan, there's enough momentum to give Abbott a big shake if they're people of action and just not mere words.

Come on Swordsters who haven't done so yet. It only takes a minute or too!







June 24. 2012 11:25 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse for you all:_

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Future of journalism relies on more self-starters in the digital space, argues Bruce Guthrie: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/-20vb8.html

What do you expect of the LNP? #auspol Belt-tightening does not reach as far as the budget for mints www.theage.com.au/.../...mints-20120623-20vis.html via @theage

The Punch‏@ThePunchHQ
In response to nothing, the special anti-Gina legislation: The proposed mass sackings at the Fairfax media group... http://bit.ly/PQNI70

Debate about boat people imminent: Debates are to be raised about who is responsible for the estimated 90 deaths... http://bit.ly/PRayeS

Kevin Rudd visits gym at Parliament House. Some think this means he'll be PM again... #auspol http://bit.ly/Lpdykz  Samantha Maiden

GwilRabbitBlack☞ ‏@Gwillotine  
Dear Toby If the political hyperbole doesn't get you, the reality check will www.theage.com.au/.../...-will-20120623-20vb5.html   Misha Schubert

'We were children of a lesser dad' www.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...0120623-20v9c.html via @brisbanetimes A great Australian,says Tony

Even the conservative Queensland press are getting alarmed by Joh-Lite: Read it and weep Queensland Frown "Mr Newman... http://fb.me/1rr5Yl8Gd

Such a shame so many ppl believe the lies Abbott has pedaled up and down this country. That man is a disgrace! http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/-20uwa.html

Chris Johnson‏@seearjay
Tony Abbott says he got "a buzz out of boxing'. Who knew? www.frankstonweekly.com.au/.../2600807.aspx

Turnbull will urge Tony Abbott to take a more bipartisan approach on border protection #auspol http://bit.ly/Lp17VQ

Juzzy Zelig‏@JuzZelig
As good an article you're gonna get all year on refugee policy by @dyrenfurth . We need action not moralizing ! m.theage.com.au/.../...-debate-20120622-20tph.html


Mr Jatan‏@nickjatan
@TurnbullMalcolm go on Mal, go with yr heart and cross the floor with Washer, Broadbent, and Ruddock? #insiders #rightThingToDo

Kimmaree ‏@kimmaree_tweet
Good on you Mr Carr - the gap between reality and the media reporting of the achievements of this Gov is huge #insiders

Abbott won't compromise to find a solution for asylum seekers. Why? Because he wants conflicts not solutions!! #insiders #auspol

Agnes Mack‏@AgnessMack
#insiders Ah Gerard, asylum seeker boats really a Greens problem, not that of Abbott & co.

Brendan Brooks‏@HyperBrendan
Mal Washer a shining light in a very very dark Coalition party room #insiders

People Skills‏@people_skills
Abbott said he didn't know about reinhart's editorial influence in ch 10. Bolt Report, hello!!!! #insiders


June 24. 2012 11:26 AM


Sorry ......Broadbent


June 24. 2012 11:49 AM


South Aussie trivia question.
Kathy Jackson's (current) legal man is a Mr Rofe QC.
Wasn't a person of that surname our DPP some time back?

My 5c worth on Paul Kelly
Typically for the media he writes himself out of awkward historical facts. Mentioning the coalition's costings problems at the last election is laughable. Because the coalition didn't have any costings problems. Kelly & his mates made bloody sure of that with their complete disinterest in the issue.


June 24. 2012 12:03 PM


BSA Bob,
       Yes there was! his name is Paul Rofe QC, but I have no idea where he is or what he's doing.


June 24. 2012 12:11 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the tweets, and those related to Insiders.

It was good to hear that Malcolm Turnbull wants a bipartisan approach to asylum seekers, but if one can judge from Gerard Henderson’s comments on Insiders today, such a move by the Coalition seems unlikely.  Henderson peremptorily dismissed Turnbull’s advocacy, laid blame at the Greens’ door for the fact that the Government’s post-High Court legislation was not passed, overlooking the fact that if the Coalition had supported it, it would have.  

He was dismissive of the Malaysian arrangement on the spurious grounds that it catered for only 800 arrivals, conveniently ignoring the deterrent effect on asylum seekers who reached Christmas Island being taken to Malaysia for processing.  He airily dismissed the opinion of past Immigration Department head, Andrew Metcalfe, who has said that Nauru will not work any more, and Malaysia will.  And he capped off his tirade with a few gratuitous backhanders to asylum seekers generally.  

Henderson was very defensive today of the Coalition’s position, and of Abbott. Not just over asylum seekers, but over Gina Rinehart’s involvement in Fairfax, claiming she had not influenced Channel ten to throw our Paul Bongiorno, whom he claimed was left wing, but not mentioning that she had insisted on installing Andrew Bolt.  He was condemnatory of Julian Assange, clearly a Coalition position, and dismissed the issue of possible Coalition collusion in the Ashby/Slipper case, echoing the Abbott line that all that mattered was the sexual harassment case.  

He was in fact a more articulate advocate of the Coalition line that Abbott would have been had he been in Henderson’s chair.  He seemed particularly grumpy today; is he sensing a turning of the tide against Abbott?  The only concession Henderson made was to acknowledge that Bob Carr had done a good job in the Libya matter.  By the way, I thought the interview with Carr was good; I like his direct manner of answering questions.

I noticed that Phil Coorey retreated somewhat from his article about the Labor leadership, conceding that any change of leadership would be difficult.  I agree – in my opinion it would be seriously ill advised, even stupid.

I noticed too that Dennis Atkins, whom I find sound, did not elaborate on his piece about Abbott walking away from difficult questions.  Perhaps he feared Henderson would jump on him.

Andrew Catsaris’ Poll of Polls, which give the polling trend rather than individual polls, showed a small improvement in Labor’s position, but nothing to write home about.  Better I suppose than trending the other way.

All in all a reasonable session, except of course for Gerard Henderson.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 01:21 PM

Tom of Melbourne

So when Gillard said “Another boat, another policy failure” and when Rudd said “You’d turn them (the boats) back”, were they being bipartisan or opportunistic?

The ALP has been just as guilty of feeding off the bottom of this issue as the Liberals; it’s delusional to pretend otherwise.

Tom of Melbourne

June 24. 2012 01:56 PM

paul walter

THe cherry for this strong article is the quote included of Paul Kelly, surely the most arrogant of the  lot.
Oh yes, no doubt, the plan has been to privatise the ABC, that's why its been dumbed down for a new, younger demographic addicted to noise and trivia.
It would have been in the bag long ago, except for the exposure of Murdoch's serial criminality in the US, Britain and other parts.
Never mind, Conroy and the board have done their job, we see the handiwork every day, particularly in mortgage belt oriented current affairs and news.

paul walter

June 24. 2012 02:02 PM


What a brilliant piece!  Thank you for a positive picture of the crash/burn future of the MSM.  We have all been let down badly in recent years and I agree that the emperor is wearing no duds.  Somebody needs to say what everybody is thinking: the Australian media is clueless.  I have read more insightful pieces in the blogosphere than ever seen by the "professional" pundits.  And I would like to thank Rupert for nailing up that paywall.  For years now I have been trying to ween myself off that incessant drivel but never could.  I stopped buying the papers a long time ago, but something deep inside me enjoyed being outraged, I suppose?  Since the paywall went up I can safely ignore The Australian completely.  

I agree, if we cannot collectively take advantage of the MSM’s monumental confusion and sow thoughtful and considered content we don’t deserve this chance.   In the same sensevthat the David Jones website must now complete with a lady selling inexpensive tops from her lounge room, then so too the part-time blogger shares political content with the Dennis Sheahan's of this world.  I know who would make the most sense.

Thanks for your views.


June 24. 2012 02:10 PM


I thought Andrew Catsaras was the best of the lot today.  His little talk on the Greeks and Democracy was a refreshing pep talk for us all.

Cassidy was careful to avoid the nastiness of News Ltd and their misreporting of the PM's address to the G20. That was a major ommission.  The media should have done quite a bit of self-flagellation over that.


June 24. 2012 03:04 PM


Lyn,  thanks for the link from the Gold Coast Bulletin website.  There has also been criticism of Newman in the Courier Mail (so those who frequent the website and buy the paper have told me - I get it only on Saturdays).  It nearly makes me wonder if News Ltd now realise that they got had by Abbott and are making some attempt to keep Newman to account.

Of course they could do more, but it's a start . . .


June 24. 2012 03:22 PM

Ad astra

Welcome to The Political Sword family.  Do come again.

Thank you for your complimentary remarks. I agree with your comment: ”… if we cannot collectively take advantage of the MSM’s monumental confusion and sow thoughtful and considered content we don’t deserve this chance.”  We must and shall.  After all this is turf with which we are familiar, and  although each of our voices is small, collectively we can make quite a lot of noise.  I heard Marcus Padley make a remark on Inside Business today about ‘half-witted bloggers’, so we must be getting up his nose!  At least he knows we exist, even although we have only half our wits.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 03:38 PM

Ad astra

I agree about Andrew’s contribution.  Well thought out and well delivered.  He is a balanced commentator.

No, the Shanahan misreporting of PM Gillard’s Mexico visit did not rate a mention.  I suspect that there is an unwritten code of behaviour among journalists that they don’t come down too heavily on each other, perhaps for fear of retribution, or perhaps it’s ‘there, but for the grace of God go I’.  

I noticed that with regard to Steve Lewis’ involvement in the Slipper/Ashby matter, his name was not mentioned much initially – it was just ‘a journalist’ or ‘a News Limited journalist’, but now his name comes out more readily, ever since Nicola Roxon ‘outed’ him.  Why not say it the way it is: ‘Steve Lewis, the News limited journalist who was implicated in the Godwin Grech accusations against PM Rudd and Treasurer Swan that turned out to be a false, is now involved as the reporter who broke the sexual harassment claims of James Ashby against Speaker Peter Slipper, even before the claims were forwarded to the proper authority.’  Readers would soon make the connection and draw their own conclusion.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 04:01 PM



Welcome back to TPS. Hope you're having a pleasant weekend.

How is your research going. Have you been able to find an example of a genuine reform "embraced" by the electorate yet?

Time's running out for you. It's nearly 2 weeks since you made up this creative claim in an attempt to smear the PM


June 24. 2012 04:09 PM

Ad astra

paul walter
For a long while Rupert Murdoch has decried the ‘unfair advantage’ that he believes publically funded broadcasters, such as the ABC and the BBC, have over commercial operators, and if he could emasculate them, he would.  Paul Kelly’s statement to that effect simply echoes Murdoch, as a good and faithful servant ought to do.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 04:10 PM


A revealing quote here from Ian Verrinder of the Sydney Morning Herald (20 March 2012). It's from a piece in which he discusses the benefits of the mining tax. After he's said that Australia is a virtual tax haven for resource companies, Mr Verrinder says:

[i"]...Not that you will read that anywhere else. More than likely you will continue to be beaten about the head with dire predictions of impending doom and threats of mass defections from our big mining houses."[/i]


"Not than you will read that anywhere else."

Hypothetically speaking, if there was anywerhe else in the mainstream media putting that view, Ian Verrinder would certainly have mentioned it, perhaps named it, right? In words like the following, for example:

It's only here in the SMH and on the ABC that you will hear this view of the mining tax. Other media outlets and commentators will continue to beat you around the head with their dire predictions of doom and gloom.

But he didn't, of course. Because he's correct. There is no one else in the mainstream media putting the 'unorthodox' / non-Liberal view. Not even the supposedly independent ABC. No, the public broadcaster and commercial media are as one in their message - a one-party media on the mining tax, as well as other issues.

What we're looking at is a one-party media in what is essentially a two-party system. One-party media; two-party system. There is an obvious mismatch there... and the loser is us and our democracy.

That's why it's impreative that blogs such as The Political Sword, Independent Australia, TurnLeft2013 and other independent outlets grow in readership and influence. There really is no altenative.


June 24. 2012 04:27 PM


While I was scrolling up the new posts, there was Ol'Tom, back again with his old collection of old 78's...scratched, so that the needle gets stuck on that favourite old song....you know the one that's always sung by the Liberal Party Old Boys' Choir...:"No-way Man"..to be followed by that other favourite; "There's No Business like No Business", with a solo moment from T. Abbott, crooner extrordinair.
So tell us, Tom..do you also have a set of footy cards?..Great!..let's see them sometime.


June 24. 2012 05:08 PM


Hi Ad

Some comments about Julia Gillard by Stephen Koukoulas and a link to the Daily Telegraph about her anniversary, note the nasty comments they allow through the moderator disgusting:


JuliaGillard is now the 18th PM to have had more than 2 years in the job - out of 27 PMs since 1901.

JuliaGillard June 2013 she overtakes Whitlam to be 14th; then August 2013 she overtakes Gorton to be 13th

JuliaGillard Sep 2012; she overtakes Scullin to be 17th; Jan 2013 she overtakes Rudd to be 16th; Mar 2013 Barton to be 15th; 1/2


June 24. 2012 05:55 PM

paul walter

This expensive business of transferring asylum seekers from one location to another indicates a feature apparent over the entire decade, the willingness the politicians and bureaucrats to finance their evasions with blank cheques.
Poor Paul Bongiorno. If he is "left", I must be Che Guevara.

paul walter

June 24. 2012 06:30 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Yes, the comments are disgusting.  The Liberal team is out there poisoning the public, Abbott style.  It's part of the Coalition strategy.

That is what I fear - a one party media in a two party system.  With Fairfax under Gina's influence, that is where we're headed.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 06:36 PM

42 long

We seem to be adopting the technique of calling anyone who is not rabid right, a communist. or left winger. The fear of the left and taxes is a USA thing.  I have many USA contacts but the taxes (or thought of them ) keep them away. I hate to harp on it but I doubt if Australia is ever going to go that far. Our history and anti "toff", Fair go etc Hopefully keep it at bay'
  Henderson was so doggedly "whatever" he is not worth discussing. If you think what he  says is right, you might support him but he hardly contributed to the whole picture, at all.
   I thought this "Insiders' was better than most.
   How could anyone say there is no difference between the two major parties,currently?  Abbott has changed the nature of the party he "controls". It's a nastier more dogmatic show these days. I believe he has polarised society more than we previously had it. People don't discuss things as much or listen to the other's view.
There are some scary things like demonising scientists, greens,asylum seekers mothers who don't keep receipts etc.
   This man is a blot on our landscape really. I'm bloody ashamed he is an australian, when I think about it.
   I hope they come out of the Slipper Ashby Thomson HSU case looking like the "CREEPS" they are.  

42 long

June 24. 2012 07:42 PM


Hi 2353

Mr Can Do everything is not making himself very popular now, maybe he is finding running the State very different to running the Council.  I didn't vote for him as you would well know. What with Warren Truss as our Federal MP makes me want to cry tears of blood.

See this :

Giovanni Torre‏@GiovanniTorre
Campbell Newman spending $45,000 of the public's money to air a speech tonight telling Queenslanders to 'tighten their belts' #qldpol #what?

Campbell Newman spends $45K on 7.30pm broadcast on how much money he's saving #qldpol

Anthony Chisholm‏@AnthonyChisholm
Surely the LNP should pay the $45k for Mr Newmans ad 2night. I am not aware of any premier from any state appearing in a govt funded ad spot

Does the Newman advertisement meet the Queensland Government Advertising Code of Conduct?
@AnnastaciaMP - AnnastaciaPalaszczuk


June 24. 2012 07:43 PM


Lyn, once again thanks for all the links and tweets. It takes me a good long time to read all of them and the comments section. Sometimes I add my two cents' worth.

Having said that, I savour Ad Astra's posts like a very delicious casserole. This meaty post is no different.

Like quite a few people here and elsewhere, I no longer read "news"papers, particularly anything published by the Murdoch Empire.

Reading sites like TPS, CW and in particular wixxy's well researched and accurate reports, keeps me very well informed.

And of course reading the tripe that ToM and other barrackers dish up, reinforces my decision to cease rewarding the wizened foreigner in any way shape or form.


June 24. 2012 08:05 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
What Newman is doing is what I talked about in What is making Labor stalwarts gloomy? under the heading Deteriorating State Liberal Governments

By the time the 2013 election comes around, there will be several under performing, disappointing or dishonest Liberal State Governments, that will remind the people that they are no panacea, despite all their pre-election rhetoric.


Thank you for your encouraging words.  It is such that keeps our spirits buoyed and our resolve strong to continue the unequal battle against the dark forces of the MSM.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 08:05 PM

Ad astra

I'm calling it a day.

Ad astra

June 24. 2012 08:53 PM


Ad Astra, it appears that power has well and truly gone straight to Newman's head and some Queenslanders are regretting handing him carte blanch to do as he pleases. He seems to be trampling his election promises underfoot.

Qlders would have done well to note who his blighted mother is-the appalling Jocelyn Newman.

However, having said that, I think the ALP government had run its course and voters were left with Hobson's choice.

However, I wouldn't mind betting that by the time of the next election in Qld, he and his cronies will have exhausted all their political capital.

If that is the case, I trust that a much chastened and renewed ALP will not repeat their mistakes.

If I'm talking out of the back of my neck, I'm sure NormanK and other Qlders will put me in my box.


June 24. 2012 09:40 PM


O'Barrell's latest Assault on workers. MSM shouting their outrage from a deep cut mine.



June 25. 2012 06:58 AM



Newmania- The King's Speech, Only the Depth Varies
Newmanians, you have no-one to blame but yourselves. I usually prefer to avoid blame. It achieves nothing. Far better to find the cause, allow the people responsible the chance to rectify the problem and learn their lessons, but in this case, Newmanians must accept the blame for electing a CouldDo LNP Government

Why do people believe Tony Abbott?, Denis Allen, Independent Australia
For over 18 months now, Abbott has been rampaging around the nation like a door-to-door snake-oil salesman — dropping in on every single manufacturing business he thinks will let him in the door and give him a platform for his manipulative and calculating Chinese whispers.

It’s the ones we love who hurt us the most, Victoria Rollison
And as of July 1st, in one week’s time, Australia will have a Carbon Tax and a Mining Tax, just as Gillard promised. What is this failure you speak of Marius? Is it anything more than a failure in the opinion polls? And if so, why is Gillard having such trouble communicating her successes? It wouldn’t be something to with the media would it? Marius, you too have jumped the shark.

Leadership Challenges And Newspoll, Dan Gulbery, The Daily Derp
You can just about set your watch by it. Every time there is a Newspoll out in the field, the Murdoch owned News Limited fish wrappers will run a story on a supposed leadership challenge by Kevin Rudd against the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. This weekend is no exception.

‘I am not a tech head’, Ash, Ash’s Machiavellian Bloggery
You see, electricity prices for the last 10 years have been going up and up. And not by 10% a year. Oh no. By 20, 30 and in some cases 55%. This is not a new phenomena. Turns out that there is TWO costs. One is the cost of the actual electricity and the other is the cost of getting the electricity to the consumer.

Are LNP members breaking ranks against Tony Abbott’s deadly boat refugee policy? Turn Left 2013
Broadbent was part of the “Gang of Four” who stood up to John Howard. So called because in the entire Liberal Nationals, only four had a conscience. Others included Petro Georgiou, Judy Moylan, Judith Troeth, Bruce Baird depending on this issue.

Self Imploding Press Journalism Week, 730 reportland
To save money Press Journalism turned to the local library for inspiration and discovered a whole new type of writing called `fiction`. Press Journalism quickly realized it could rebrand fiction to something more catchy like `Analysis` or `Opinion` and Corporate media releases could pass as news.

ABC News 24 preferred a stunt over policy, ABC Has gone to Hell
Government Minister talking about the implication of policy is not considered one of those “breaking stories”, unlike the rare phenomenon of the Leader of the Opposition at someone’s place of business talking about his alternative climate change policy how terrible the price on carbon will be.

Tony’s baby leave doesn’t add up, Mungo MacCallum, The Echo
3,200 biggest companies in the country would be affected, and that they can all afford it. If not, they could always try putting a levy of their own on the salaries of the CEOs and directors – about 75 per cent might be appropriate. The companies are kicking of course; even Peter Anderson, the die-in-a-ditch Liberal Chief Executive of

PUTTING ON THE WRITS: Multiple faux pas to please lawyers and remind us the death of Fairfax is quite a jolly affair, Vex News
STUTCHBURY IS A “COWBOY” – NORMALLY HIGH PRAISE HERE BUT IS HE ALSO A GOAT?When Stutchbury was being denounced by some in the lefty fraternity of scribes as a cowboy and right-winger, naturally we interpreted this as high praise indeed and immediately looked positively upon him. His messy desk impressed us. When we heard he was fond of using military analogies,

Rupert Rinehart: Australia’s new fair and balanced (free) news media, Ethicalmartini
If Rinehart gets her way – and she will – then it is she who will set the editorial tone across the Fairfax titles. Her interest in Fairfax is not commercial, its political. The idea that she is a white knight who will turn around the fortunes of the failing company is a fairy tale.‘What’s the problem?’ the free speech  

Bob Carr, in full flight from the facts on Assange, Bernard Keane, The Stump
The substance of Carr’s position, however, is the careful insistence that the Americans have not told the Australian government that they have any plans to extradite or otherwise harm Julian Assange and that therefore the only issue is consular support for Assange

Labor or Liberal Government Debt?, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
It seems that a day doesn’t go by without someone from the Coalition side of politics recounting the fact that the Howard Government inherited $96 billion of net Government debt when it won the 1996 election and that over the course of the next decade, it “paid it off”.

Summary of many tax and benefit changes on July 1, Ross Gittins
The government has taken to announcing changes in taxes and benefits long before they take effect. But that day has to come eventually and a host of changes - big and small, good and bad - are set to start tomorrow week, July 1, the first day of the new financial year.

Firies Turn Up The Heat On Barry, New Matilda
NSW firefighters rallied in Macquarie St yesterday and won an exemption from Barry O'Farrell's new WorkCover scheme. NM was there and got these pics of the firies hosing down State Parliament

Fly, Fly Away , Mr Tiedt, A State of Mind
Given what has happened in the last few months (not least of all the changes to WorkCover), I'm expecting at least a small move back to Labor in the next NewsPoll.
To me, the seat doesn't look winnable for the Coalition. So this comment from the excellent @PrestonTowers seems pretty spot on:

Julian the Asylum Seeker, ffgqc, Nothing like the Sun
In Assange’s case, the extradition proceedings have been going on since December 2010 when the Swedish prosecutor issued a European Arrest Warrant against him. That’s a long time and anyone would find it extremely wearing and stressful – probably a bit like having a long illness with an uncertain prognosis. However…

Fairfax Time For a Circuit Breaker, Peter Brown, Inside Story
In Australia we’ve tended to worry most about media proprietors who want to use their outlets to gain political influence and shape public opinion. But developments at Fairfax over the past few weeks have highlighted how an open share registry can be just as corrosive of good quality journalism.

Don’t Come Here By Sea!, Patriciawa, Café Whispers
As in December, 2010, there is much shocked speechifying by politicians and calls for bipartisan action to prevent another such disaster. Already, we see Tony Abbott taking his stance. Bipartisanship is not enough, it seems, we need an effective policy i.e. my policy! Nauru!

The mining tax explained , Jessica Wright,Sydney Morning herald
What is the Mining Resource Rent Tax?The tax will impose a 30 per cent levy on the ''super profits'' of the big Australian coal and iron ore miners who have profits above $75 million.When does it begin?

Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 25 June 2012


June 25. 2012 07:13 AM


Good Morning Ad

Just testing Tweety has gone a bit orange this morning.


June 25. 2012 08:06 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

June 25. 2012 08:09 AM

Ad astra

Good Morning Lyn
You Gravatar looks as gorgeous as ever.

I'll be in transit to Melbourne today, so you won't see much of me.

Ad astra

June 25. 2012 09:04 AM


Email to Albo this morning.

Swordsters should be aware of this case and the abuse of the Migration Act by Howard so they can use the info whenever they can.

Staffers ….. this is VIP for QT today …. please ensure AA gets to see it!!!!!

Good Morning AA

I am writing to you lest the message gets lost in the avalanche of emails Chris Bowen is probably getting at the moment. Please pass the info on to him and to anyone else who might be able to use it at QT ……. the PM maybe ???

When the Opposition talks up Nauru, the fact that the HC in November 2010 invalidated their asylum seeker processing there is never brought up in counter argument by the press nor the government. The link to the case is below.

If Nauru ever had any deterrent value it was because of the high rejection rate of about one third.  The HC found that they were using the Migration Act selectively and and illegally, because they had removed all forms of appeal from the process ….. this enabled unfettered rejection.

The opposition and especially Sneerer Morrison need to have their noses rubbed in this every time they utter the word "Nauru".

Over to you.


Plaintiff M61/2010E v Commonwealth of Australia; Plaintiff M69 of 2010 v Commonwealth of Australia [2010] HCA 41 (11 November 2010)


June 25. 2012 09:56 AM


Bad (read 'cutting nose off to spite face') Abbott.

The last few paragraphs from today's Phil Coorey SMH article here:


concerning Australian government asylum seekers policy, seem to be doing two things.

"Labor has offered to use Nauru as well but Abbott refuses point blank to bend.

Some claim it will split the Coalition, yet Gillard had the guts to push it past the Labor Left. For Abbott, it is his way or nothing, but he should reconsider.

If he consents and the policy fails, it will be the government's failure.

If it works, it will be one less problem for him if he is elected."

In realpolitik terms, they lay out how Abbott can't lose if the Malaysian option works. Unless, of course, if it does work, that will involve him making a future concession to acknowledge the fact, and he is preemptively avoiding that possibility of looking like he might ever, ever, have been even slightly, the tiniest bit, wrong.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, in 'wind turning' terms, Coorey writes about Julia Gillard having the "guts" to push the policy through. Being prepared to lead her party to a decision it is bound to, rather than Abbott's mooted "split Coalition" if there is any flexibility hinted at on this policy.

Abbott's the tough guy, remember, it's always been his 'guts' that are the mark of him as the superior politician, and yet Coorey acknowledges it's Gillard who's cemented a position that's taken wider-world thinking and negotiation, whereas Abbott's sticking with "No".

The implication is that his style of gutsiness is the easy intransigent option that will, damagingly, allow for nothing to be ceded or worked out collaboratively, at home or abroad, under an Abbott government.

Characteristics manifestly obvious in the man since Day One of One Vote majority to claim Coalition leadership, but skated past or even glowingly commented upon in the mainstream Press on as, well... guts.

It's not exactly the blowtorch, the match may not even be out of the box to ignite the first sputtering flames of the blowtorch, but here as in so many other stories in the Press over the last few months, eyes are being turned on to Abbott, eyes that are looking and not just seeing.


June 25. 2012 10:33 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Steve Lewis up to no good again:-

Press office The Hon. Wayne Swan

Story in News Limited Papers Wrong
The story by Steve Lewis in today's Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Adelaide Advertiser and Courier Mail claiming bottled water and fruit snacks for school students visiting Parliament House have been cut is completely wrong



June 25. 2012 10:40 AM


Hi Banana Benders
You may appreciate this

Anita Heiss ‏@AnitaHeiss
For my friends in QLD - thoughts from Anna B? http://pic.twitter.com/qW8WBstz
Retweeted by Sweary Cat


June 25. 2012 10:57 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Steve Lewis lying again.  This man has no shame.

Good work.

Is an asylum seeker landslide about the engulf Abbott, in the party room, and maybe the MSM?

Nice photo, good reminder.

Ad astra

June 25. 2012 11:02 AM


Most trivial post of the year?

Mungo MacCallum said
...Indonesian President, Susilo Bambam Yudhoyono,

er Mungo that's Bambang,
Bambam I do believe is Fred'n'Wilma Flintstone's anklebiter!

Lyn you can see how valuable your Links are!

Oh and I seen you, all kissy-kissy on Twitter, you sure got lots of Lovebirds following you! When Emmo and his ilk are noting your tweets and replying to you in warm comradely terms you KNOW you are connecting importantly, you are a conduit like no other. And because TPS is your home-base nest, you bring people back here, and that makes Ad's leads and even lesser beings like Turkeys' comments more worth the time and effort, and that is a motivator to us all. TPS is so blessed, with Ad astra our Rock and you Lyn our Peregrine Canary.

Like that awful idiotic slurred drawled unclever Yank voice-over incongruously undirectedly at the end of every Lopsiders:

You're makin' us all feel very excited about bein' here

Only this time it's in Australian voice, sincere and directed. We're very lucky there's you Lyn: may your *power* (which it is) continue to grow at the phenomenal exponential rate it has here, I know you do realize that you are making an important difference, but the more people realize the full importance of your work (which it is, in every sense!) is, the more important and worthwhile it becomes . . .

And I also know that your great motivator is the determination to do your best to help re-elect this wonderful Government. Thanks every day Lyn.

BTW Tweety looks in fine yellow plumage today!


Addressing Olympian hopeful *J*U*L*I*A* just cracked a joke about the lousy food our champions will have to cope with . . .
More like she cracked an egg on her forehead! Smile


Thus last Parliamentary week before a 6-week winter recess will see Labor prevail in the argument about asylum seekers. The hollowness of the Abborttian position will be exposed. Abbortt is fearing this week and so he should. 90-something people's martyrdom to inhumanity has focussed attention on the issue. I didn't expect the deaths but I have long predicted that Labor would tackle the Greens and/or the Abborttians on this very matter during this short session - or miss the boat, unfortunate metaphor maybe. Maybe not! AS is the sole unresolved matter for the Government, we MUST win, and we will, by our GOODWILL, and our determination to achieve a rational humane practical best-available-option.

Morriscum's defiant snarling BS on the AS issue this morning sounds like a cornered threatened dog (but not at all noble like Our Dog Who Art In Human ) and underlines their imminent implosion on the issue. There are too many wavering Liberals, so there bloody should be, and the Greens should be hanging their heads in shame, not even making excuses, we've heard it all before over the MRRT in 2010.

Greens' record has been to want everything yesterday, for free and with rainbow icing. Who do they get anything from?  Only Labor, the same Labor they almost got thrown out at last election and which they have bled pink with petulant pettinesses which in this last case have possibly resulted in all these deaths. I'm not going to justify that statement with the logic, just don't anybody argue, I'm not in the mood. Dead people, Greens. You work it out. Labor did long ago.

Started out trivial eh. I'm gritting my teeth now.

If Greens won't lend a hand at least they can get out of the bloody way. OR they will be beaten to the compromise table by the anti-Abborttian Liberals forcing the issue from Their side!

How do you think that will play to your support base Christine Milne? SHY?  

Milne covering herself with intransigence as I write.

Never mind Swordsfolks. We are right on track. Follow the wild winds of fortune wrt this issue this week, Labor WILL prevail. It won't be clean or pretty but we will achieve a beginning to the end of this terrible untenable situation.

I don't mean to give her a hard time about her looks (we all look the way we look) but this is true, the lines around CM's eyes and mouth makes her look like a wildcat! Smile          


June 25. 2012 11:34 AM


TT Comrade.

I heard the intractable that you refer to as Morriscum and who I refer to as Sneerer Morrison on AM this morning.

Sabra Lane did well and asked him quite a few follow up questions to the crap he was talking but he ignored them.

Did you notice how fast he was talking ..... anxiety ..... a good sign. He was going to spit out his scripted drivel cum hell or high water, rather than actually participate in a genuine I/V.

Please Dog, one of Washer, Moylan, Broadbent, Ruddock or Turnbull will have enough gonadic equipment to raise the issue in their caucus and create enough imbalance to precipitate a momentum of morality.

(Yes... the Liberals do have a caucus and faceless men, despite pretending otherwise)


June 25. 2012 11:36 AM


Re Ad Astra's comment above

Is an asylum seeker landslide about the engulf Abbott, in the party room, and maybe the MSM?"

I've had this litte phrase in my head for the last few days, not knowing for certain whether it may well be a hint of what is to come that will bring Abbott undone or not, but, here it is - anti-Tampa.

"Anti-Tampa" as in, could this be the big game-changer in public response to Shouldabeen?


June 25. 2012 12:07 PM

42 long

  There are some interesting personality traits coming evident relating to Tony. and questions arising therefrom
   Can he put a five word sentence together?
    Will he ever give a fullsome thoughtful answer?
   Could he ever apologise (  Hypothetically) IF he was ever wrong?
   Does he EVER compromise/negotiate? This is actually harder than just sticking to your guns through thick or thin.
   Who does he seek advice from. He doesn't trust economists the IMF. NASA, Climate science, etc etc. or any accepted source of FACT. He must get it from above via the archbigot
. Preaches "If you don't understand it, vote AGAINST it" and then proceeds to confuse the issue as much as possible.
    Since it is well accepted that Rupert thinks he would be the best PM. Could Rupert give us a few reasons why this is  still true? ( IF it ever was.) except for those who now contribute wealth to the liberal  party, and whatever that other mob are called. You know, the one Ashby resigned from before he went to work for Slipper, and no-one knows who the leader is.

42 long

June 25. 2012 12:33 PM

Tom of Melbourne

•  So now that everyone wants to “STOP THE BOATS!!!”, is it still just a 3 word slogan?
•  Why is it that stopping the boats was so very objectionable in 2007, but it is good policy now?
•  Did the boats stop because of Nauru or because of temporary protection visas?
•  Why is it that off shore processing now nice, but it used to be inhumane?
•  Why is it that so many here just fall into line with the latest  ALP talking points?
•  Why is it up to Abbott to resolve the issue when Gillard used to say “another boat, another policy failure’?

Tom of Melbourne

June 25. 2012 12:46 PM

Ad astra

I'll have to leave your post to read this evening as we about to get on the road to Melbourne.

Ad astra

June 25. 2012 12:57 PM

42 long

It's not an easy question ToM. The scene has moved on somewhat on. Whatever we do will get a lot of scrutiny from the courts and the United Nations etc
There are millions of refugee's out there, and the brunt of looking after them has fallen on places like Syria Iran Pakistan.
  All of the abbott ideas have been exposed as not workable by qualified people but  as I said above  he listens to no EXPERTS in most matters.
   I don't and havent liked to see this matter politicised by either party. The media should have done the investigation of some events back there. It's never been up to the task.
   I don't like any pollie trashing the reputation of australians for a fair go and justice, and demonising people just to appeal to the "shockjocks view " of "asylum seekers" so called.

42 long

June 25. 2012 01:04 PM


So here is "Tom" again. Why do we just know what he is going to say?....Why?..Because we have all "met" Tom sooo many times in sooo many places throughout our lives. We have met him on the "shop-floor" of the factory, on the building sites, on train stations or bus-stops while waiting for public transport..he is the generic complainer..:Too big, too small, too much, too little, too late!
As a matter of fact, I recall meeting "Tom" many years ago when picking grapes in the Barossa Valley. High summer, at least 90degs'(in the "old money"). We were all stretched out under the vines having our lunch, but not "Tom",he was striding..yes, that's the word; striding up and down the gap between the vines, warning us all about the Asians coming here to take our jobs.."They can have mine!" one wag called out. Then it was the "Blacks" stealing back our very backyards..then it was the "dole-bludgers" stealing "our" money..at least one person gave me an exaggerated wink under the vine!The old German bloke next to me whispered;"He iz not der Englander...so..in this sun..he must be ze udder!"
Strange though, after lunch, "Tom" suddenly disappeared!!?.."He had to attend some business in town" we were told."Oh..so he was a businessman?..that was why he only worked for a couple of hours".
And THAT is the perenial "Tom"...So much to talk about, not much to say and even less to contribute.


June 25. 2012 01:09 PM


ToM @ 12:33 PM
My responses from my narrow perspective
•  So now that everyone wants to “STOP THE BOATS!!!”, is it still just a 3 word slogan?
Many wiser than me say that no matter what is done we will NOT 'Stop the Boats'. There is some merit and 'feel good factors' which encourage some to think that it is better to discourage and maybe prevent people from taking to the boats.

•  Why is it that stopping the boats was so very objectionable in 2007, but it is good policy now?
Times change. The reality of governing bites.

•  Did the boats stop because of Nauru or because of temporary protection visas?
Some minor influence but what TPV's did was to encourage an in increase in numbers particularly of women and children.

•  Why is it that off shore processing now nice, but it used to be inhumane?
Times change. The reality of governing bites.

•  Why is it that so many here just fall into line with the latest  ALP talking points?
Why do Melbourne Football Club supporters believe they can win? not withstanding yesterday's result. Smile

•  Why is it up to Abbott to resolve the issue when Gillard used to say “another boat, another policy failure’?
It is up to the government to resolve the issue. No one else.

It would be helpful if the opposition didn't play low rent xenophobic politics with the issue but the pursuit of power does funny things to people.


June 25. 2012 01:19 PM


42 long,
       ToM can't even be bothered to vote! So there is no answers to his little quizzes, and if there were he'd ignore it anyway!



June 25. 2012 01:45 PM


No the boats didn't stop because of Nauru or Temporary Protection Visas - they stopped because of the geo-political situation in the area that affects those who choose to seek refugee status in Australia.

Something over 90% of refugees sent to Nauru by Howard, Abbott and Rudduck were (after health and security checks) permitted to enter Australia or New Zealand for resettlement anyway, so there was no real deterrent effect in any case (you just got a couple of extra free airline flights).

All processing of refugees (as opposed to Visa overstayers who traditionally arrive by 747 or 777) should be done either at point of origin, at a transit point or in Australia - regardless of which tribe is in power.  Visa overstayers are committing an illegal act - people claiming refugee status are not (if they are genuine - hence the checking process).

Personally, I would like to see the green tribe and the red tribe come to an agreement and wedge the blue tribe on humanity grounds.  Australia needs to be working with Indonesia to understand where these people come from - not pay petty political games.


June 25. 2012 01:46 PM



Government policy is not "stop the boats", it's ensure that the boats have no reason to set out from shore.

Coalition policy is combative, stentorian and illegal.

Government policy is destroy the business of people smuggling, a business that trades on the legal aspirations of asylum seekers, but is in no way the creation of asylum seekers.


June 25. 2012 01:53 PM


And don't forget there are millions of refugees crossing borders within Europe on an annual basis. Australia's "problem" is a beat up - every person in this country is an immigrant; some just have a 40,000 year head start to others.  As a considerable number of our ancestors "just rocked up" without permission what gives us the right to refuse entry to others because they "just rock up" in 2012?

Malcolm Fraser's Government with justification allowed the entry of a large number of South-East Asian refugees with bipartisan support.  It's tragic that we don't have the maturity to do the same thing 30 years later.


June 25. 2012 01:59 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse for you:

amanda meade‏@meadea
See all #Fairfax coverage here, including Storify "Twitter erupts as Fairfax staff step down" | The Australian http://bit.ly/LKEzeq

amanda meade‏@meadea
Our story today: Why Amanda Wilson and Paul Ramdage are out of Fairfax: The Australian http://bit.ly/LKj65B

Patrick Lion‏@patricklion
Three Fairfax editors from SMH and Age all appear to be resigning

Elliot Giakalis‏@ElliotG78
Treasurer has released statement re claims made by Steve Lewis in newsltd papers.. Chances of it being corrected? ministers.treasury.gov.au/.../051.htm&pageID=003&min=wms&Year=&DocType=0

Jack Sumner‏@preciouspress
Kids visiting parliament http://bit.ly/Lt1BKv Can't recall Tele reporting school kids bonus on its front page but this does. Funny that?

Momentum is growing in opposition ranks to reach a compromise on boat people policy #auspol http://bit.ly/LsDTML

Wendy Bacon‏@Wendy_Bacon
Spin NOT news. Oz reporter interviews CEO News on Sky reported by Oz reporter. Sigh! www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fna1k39o-1226407049630

Nic Christensen‏@nicchristensen
Is Twitter partially responsible for damaging the business model of traditional media outlets? www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg996-1226407027762

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
NBN has sparked never before seen competition with the Telcos jostling for a bigger market share http://bit.ly/Mguskx WRONG AGAIN TONY

ABC NewsRadio‏@ABC_NewsRadio
With Labor still on the nose, we speak to the Trade minister about tax handouts and boat arrivals...(audio) http://bit.ly/MlbJlq #auspol

Chris Ogilvie ‏@ChrisOgilvieSnr
Qld's new owner RT @couriermail Mining magnate Clive Palmer's push to dump tailings risk a to Great Barrier Reef |.. http://bit.ly/LKfv7x

Australian Media‏@aus_media
THE ABC has been derided for its failure to break news stories by News Ltd CEO Kim Williams www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fna1k39o-1226407049630

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
CRAZY Tony Abbott's downhill slide with asylum seekers & now Andrew Bolt & Clive Palmer to address Liberals says it all www.theage.com.au/.../...erals-20120624-20wfm.html

ABC News‏@abcnews
If you missed it on @BreakfastNews earlier, watch a sneak peek of tonight's @4corners story on Gina Rinehart: http://bit.ly/LKtYyK


June 25. 2012 04:19 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Twitterati, Question Time

Agnes Mack‏@AgnessMack
SSO.. Abbott trawling through slur, gossip & innuendo on Labor leadership

Latika Bourke ‏@LatikaQT
Sussex St squad coming for you too Swanny, warns TAbbott.

Neil Adolphson‏@ennelay
This SSO has no grounds whatsoever. Ridiculous! #qt

@GrogsGamut JG to explain why they got rid of Rudd & haven't improved, explain why "they've lost their way", yep it's gotten down to this

Justin Barbour‏@justinbarbour
Tony accuses the PM of "seeking asylum." That is a very poor choice of words. #qt

Agnes Mack‏@AgnessMack
#qt Abbott moves SSO to allow PM to say why she removed Kevin Rudd....,fulfilling his obligation 2 provide News Ltd w/ tomorrow's front page

John Psaltis‏@JohnPsaltis
Mad monk totally off his trolley Returns to ridiculous SSO strategy

Catherine Rollison‏@catrollison
Tony Abbott refers to an absent PM as 'seeking asylum'. Today of all days. I could weep & have lost words for how much I loathe him #

Justin Barbour‏@justinbarbour
Really disgusting. RT @bravotrav: Shameful use of inappropriate language from Tony Abbott. #Qt

Latika Bourke ‏@LatikaQT
No glossy brochure celebrating 2 yrs? asks Tabbott. #qt

Agnes Mack‏@AgnessMack
#qt Pyne interrupts Albo 2 ask if he'll consider extending time for SSO 2 allow Rudd to speak..smart arsery rules in Abbott/Pyne game book

Michael Wyres‏@mwyres
Pyne trolling the Speaker... #qt #sso

Zuvele Leschen‏@ZuveleLeschen
Who's looking hysterical now?....um, you, actually, Julie...#qt

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
CRAZY Tony Abbott accuses PM Gillard of "seeking asylum" what an atrocious comment & so inappropriate COALITION MUST REPLACE TONY ABBOTT

Judith Ireland‏@CanberraCamper
Vote lost 70 to 73 and that's the end of #qt. Thomson, Oakeshott, Windsor, Wilkie (and Rudd) vote with Govt.

Dave McRae‏@DaveMcRae
#QT SSO fails 70-73. Finished up. Treasurer gets up to correct a Lewis lie swallowed by shadow treasurer. Hockey says contemplated=real FFS

Even Bishop looks embarrassed #qt

Craig Emerson MP‏@CraigEmersonMP
Christopher is at risk of bursting a poofle valve. @bernymcatlady

Sloppy Joe -- bumbling thru another #QT like a hippo trying to pick up a pea. Hopeless. #auspol

That crap outburst from Hockey again showed up the Dep Speaker as totally incompetent and the Opposition know it and are using her

ABC NewsRadio‏@ABC_NewsRadio
Monday House Of Reps Question Time recording (incl suspension motion) now available for download: http://bit.ly/ParliPodcasts #QT #Auspol

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Treasurer Wayne Swan is in Parliament demanding Steve Lewis and the Daily Telegraph publish a Pg 1. correction on the snacks story.

Bradley Gunn‏@bradthegunn
www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg996-1226407045061 Greens trying to block biased media ownership ...Go you good things..

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Heard Harvey Norman ad this morning telling parents they should buy a new computer from them with the Schoolkids bonus. #cashforyou

William Rollo‏@willrolloABC
Kim Williams says the ABC doesn't break much news. I think he'd be quite surprised if he visited a regional ABC office. www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fna1k39o-1226407049630

Jonathan Holmes‏@jonaholmesMW
Tonight on #mediawatch our thoughts on the revolution at #fairfax and #newsltd: no more proud separate papers, no more free news 1/2

9.35pm: Q & A: Tony Jones will be joined by Kate Lundy, Minister for Sport and Multicultural Affairs, George Brandis, Shadow Attorney General, Tim Freedman, musician and John Lee, academic and China expert.

Tonight on #Lateline Emma Alberici asks NT Deputy Chief Minister, Delia Lawrie, why the territory is imprisoning mentally impaired people


June 25. 2012 05:31 PM

42 long

QT with the 61st "suspension of standing orders" abuse of question time to get publicity is  the familiar Abbot "rant" with all things recurgitated that we are familiar with in the past. Monotonous repetition of no real substance. I thought that Abbott's performance this time was more "raving looney" than  i have seen before. I cringe to think there are visitors from overseas parliaments there to witness the standard of what goes for process in our parl't.
  This really is abuse of process. The number of times this has occurred makes it invalid. What it does is get full coverage on ABV TV for uncontestable statements to be made by two of whoever's turn it is to rave on with derision of the government with the coverage  to cut off not allowing  a response. ABC news 24 usually keeps going, but ABC 1 stops at 1500.
  The Lindle Curtis interview of Julia afterwards was quite good and Gillard was quite restrained.
   I wonder how abbott will handle the 4 or so unhappy pollies on his side. Good on them for making an unpopular move  (within the LNP) but we will now have to see what they are made of when they are ignored. ( Mirabella dismisses it as they always have been like that and are just a minority)

42 long

June 25. 2012 06:14 PM


All strength to the unhappy Liberal Party pollies.  May they go with their head as well as their heart.  It will also be interesting to see what Abbott does to a demonstration of the so called core Liberal values of diversity in opinion.


June 25. 2012 06:29 PM


If one was to reflect on the driving force behind the right-wing surge to gain power in so many structures, one has to wonder what they think they can achieve that JW Howard didn't with his majority in both houses, so many sychophants in the academic, media and business sector..wars on two fronts, plus the culture wars at home and the demonising of refugees and unions along with the polarising of the community and the spiteful treatment of those on welfare etc.
What is it that Tony Abbott and his legion of destroyers want to do that hasn't already been done?
He tells us that people are "doing it hard"...but he wants to cut back on "entitlements".
He tells us he'll "stop the boats" but he will restore that whole-nation internment camp : Nauru for the boats he wont stop.
Is he intent on hardening us up to create a new "warrior class" for an Atilla the Hun take-over campaign!?
I could go on, but what the hell!...there's any amount of contradictions and ironies. And the Ginas, Clives and Twiggys of this world, do they want to get richer? Wiser? BIGGER!? or is this entire pantomine being played out by the commercial and political arms of the right-wing for no other reason than they loathe the left-wing?....well, if that is the case..what can one say..what can one say?


June 25. 2012 06:31 PM

42 long

There's only one value with out Yony. He wants
the Lodge." Albo called it the "Biggest dummy spit in political history"
Quoted Tony as saying it was not like you wife or kids dying but equal to the death of a parent(ON tthat Scale). Hockey was lamenting the other day how "awfull" it was being in opposition.  The voters PUT you there mate. even with the usual help from people in "HIGH" places you didn't make it
  Is this a reflection of "the only legitimate government is US" attitude? Born to rule syndrome.
   Julei Bishop's "Boganville" title for the Lodge with the current inhabitants comes straight from K RUDD.
   Nice having friends like you Kevin. You Almost rate with RICHO for damage to the party.
  Abbotts as bad. He will damage parliament and his party before he admitts defeat, which he will snatch from the jaws of victory.

42 long

June 25. 2012 08:12 PM


My email to Sneerer Morriscum just a few minutes back.

Good Evening Mr Morrison

I have heard/seen you interviewed 3 times today. In all interviews your speed of speech has been very much fast-forward.

I wonder if from deep within your soul is coming an unconscious anxiety, an unconscious realisation of how so very much you are doing the wrong thing, of how so very much you are actually working to keep the issue alive for your crass political purposes. It could be this which is causing your excessively fast speech, ie your inner self is talking to you through this automatic bodily mannerism.

Your stubborness and lame excuses for not working constructively to solve the problem is an intense character flaw in your make up. And I believe that I read somewhere that you describe yourself as a Christian. How sadly untrue that is. You and Abbott are together redefining "Christian" to be a mode of conduct  despised by ordinary people.

I am ashamed to be an Australian and to have a man like you as a MP. I can assure you that I am not at all alone in this view …. it is widespread and growing. Words fail me.

No further comment is required about my loathing of this poor excuse for a human being.


June 25. 2012 08:16 PM


What a surprise. I just noticed that my gravitar has now come up on TPS, a couple of times today.

Thank you Dog Albitey and anyone else who brought this about.


June 25. 2012 08:41 PM


TT, Bambam is/was Barney and Betty's anklebiter. Pebbles belonged to Fred and Wilma. The joys of a life spent in intellectual pursuits.

Let's hope that great Christian Morriscum gets his. Is there any chance in the world that these characters are actually familiar with the life and times of Jesus.

......he wants to cut back on "entitlements".

Only for people who actually need them, jaycee. He'll be very generous with rich pregnant women.


June 25. 2012 09:00 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Who was it that changed the reception of illegal boat people? Mmmmmm, that's a tough one. Let's hop in the Time Machine and visit the year 2007.

Prior to the 2007 federal election, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) resolved to implement significant changes to asylum and immigration detention policy if elected, including a commitment to end the ‘Pacific Solution’ (while still retaining the excision of Christmas Island, Cocos Islands and Ashmore Reef); to give permanent, not temporary, protection to all refugees; to limit the detention of asylum seekers for the purposes of conducting initial health, identity and security checks; to subject the length and conditions of detention to review; to return management of detention centres to the public sector (the Howard Government privatised the operation of detention centres in 1997); and to create a new Refugee Determination Tribunal.


It was alleged ALP luminary K Rudd and the ALP gang that changed the system. It should be the ALP camorra that fixes the mess created.

Sir Ian Crisp

June 25. 2012 09:06 PM


Dame Ian,
        "illegal boat people?" stop it you'll go blind!


June 25. 2012 09:15 PM


Good Evening Swordsters
Any who watched the recent ABC docu-drama Mabo would likely recall the name Ron Castan, one of the leading silks in the Mabo case.

Monash University is the home to The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (http://www.law.monash.edu.au/castancentre/) and you can read a bit about why the centre was named after Mr Castan in this brief bio www.law.monash.edu.au/.../roncastan.html

The director of the centre is Sarah Joseph http://www.law.monash.edu.au/staff/sjoseph.html whose twitter handle is @profsarahj.

I followed a very informative discussion Sarah had the other evening with a few 'tweethearts' about the Asylum Seeker issue and afterwards felt better informed and more confused all at once. Not hard considering the complexity and perplixity of the issue.

Sarah pointed to an article she wrote in January this year on the issue which, should you read it, you may find yourself better informed and more perplexed at the same time.

Sinking boats: a reason to reconsider compassion?
... in the last year, another argument has come to dominate the debate.  That is that we must stop these leaky unsafe boats to save the lives of those who would otherwise get on them.

Set aside your current thinking and views on the topic and have a read.


June 25. 2012 10:53 PM


News from Café Whispers.



June 26. 2012 07:19 AM



Journalism beyond newspapers, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
Dennis Shanahan's reputation for veracity is gone. In 2007 he became a laughing stock for insisting that Howard's poor polling would turn around, an error of judgment compounded over at least a year and still unaccounted for. Nowadays Shanahan is cited by right-wingers keening for validation; but after putting words into the mouth of the EU President he is not just past his best, but finished as a  

From Citizen Kane to Citizen Mayne, Mr Denmore, The Failed Estate
a John Quiggin providing real-time analysis of economic events or a Piping Shrike doing the same with politics - why are the media still given special privileges? What makes Quiggin or the Shrike any different than, say, Terry McCrann or Michelle Grattan? It certainly cannot be on the basis of quality.

Tony Abbott plays Seduce and Destroy, Ash, Ash’s Machiavellian Bloggery
They will turn the claim to not being about policy, but about the government. They will make the absurd claim that they do not trust the government to implement the policy and you may have the farce where the coalition vote against their own policy. You know it. I know it.

Witches and demonisation: from The Scarlet Letter to Julia Gillard,  Graham Jackson, Independent Australia
newspapers promote his view, spruiking for Abbott and demonising Gillard, branding her with the scarlet letter, in column after column by Bolt, Kelly, Shanahan, Akerman, Albrechtsen. Milne goes completely over the top and, surprisingly, has to be dumped. The IPA joins in the chorus. Then the super confident Abbott makes a few endorsements of his own, including Kathy Jackson and James Ashby

After July, The Piping Shrike
But it is precisely his detachment from the natural instincts of the public that is Abbott’s problem. While Kelly thinks his negativity has been a problem, right from the very beginning Abbott’s unpopularity has been about the opposite – that despite all the back-flips and ducking and weaving, there is a suspicion that Abbott is a right-wing political animal and has an agenda – and the public don’t like it.

Fasten your seat belts: turbulence ahead, Jennifer Wilson. No Place for Sheep
Mr Abbott will no doubt adhere to his demands that the government re-open his beloved Nauru detention facilities, because, he will argue, when they were operative they stopped the boats. Quite how the Nauru option will stop the boats is unclear to me, after all, practically everyone who got to Nauru was found to be a refugee and resettled.

Carbon Price Countdown: It takes a first step , Alex Scholtzer
It’s important to remember as Tony Abbott and Senator Brandis blame everything on the coming price on pollution that many energy companies are also passing on significant costs of their failure to properly maintain and upgrade their networks and infrastructure; among other reasons.The price on pollution is not going to see the sky fall in.

Newman swimming in a budget that’s a sea of red, Ben Eltham ,Crikey
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is a go-ahead sort of a leader. So it should be no surprise that he is pushing ahead with significant spending cuts to the Queensland public service. Newman and his Treasurer Tim Nicholls campaigned openly on lower government spending before this year’s election. Now elected with a massive majority, the razor gang is sharpening its blades

Almost 90% of top stories on Fairfax site from AAP , Justin Norrie,The Conversation
The study by Dr Martin found that Fairfax sites theage.com.au and smh.com.au shared about 97% of their content with at least one other metro site. The Brisbane Times shared about 88% of its copy and WAtoday 95%. Of the four News Ltd sites, the heraldsun.com.au carried the most shared content – 13.6% monthly.

Desperately seeking a survival strategy at Fairfax, Peter Ryan, ABC
The initial appointments of an editor-in-chief and a director of news confirm that Fairfax is serious about major change, locking-in key editorial positions before Mrs Rinehart ups her 18.67 percent stake in the company.But will this be enough for Fairfax's best

The More Things Change, Geoffrey Barker, Inside Story
Gina Rinehart could safely sign the Fairfax charter knowing that there was little chance of any Fairfax editor campaigning against the mining industry and supporting the minerals tax. Her industry is of national importance and it is not in the nature of newspapers to support new taxes or tax increases that penalise businesses of this significance. Fair (but subordinated)

Newmania- The Slippery Slope, Sal Piracha, Only the Depth Varies
Until it became Impossible to hide their problematic truth, that King Newman will not be able to tick off all of the items in his 100 day Action Plan within his hundred day schedule. Suddenly, around the first week of this month, the chart stopped appearing in the Courier Mail. Rather than admit, or even worse, publicise the LNP’s failure to meet their own KPIs, they heaved the graphic altogether.

When social networking becomes your social life, Dominic Knight
Twitter came along at about this time too, and I quickly got addicted when I realised it provided not only an endless stream of breaking news and interesting articles, but a guilt-free way of cyberstalking celebrities. I can make no better argument for the importance of Twitter to human civilisation than by pointing out that it lets us access everything Kanye West thinks, in real time.

All eyes on Stokes, Smart Company
Seven Group chief Kerry Stokes is looming as the wildcard in the battle for Australia’s pay TV industry, with reports today suggesting Stokes could take on Rupert Murdoch by launching a counter offer for James Packer’s pay TV group, Consolidated Media.Murdoch’s News Corporation lobbed a $1.97 billion bid for Consolidated Media last week in a move that would increase News Corp’s ownership of pay TV operator Foxtel from 25% to 50%.

LEAKER SPRAYED: Stephen Mayne expects puff piece, only to have it blow up in his face, Vex News
Stephen Mayne sees himself as a masterful spin-doctor and media manipulator. He very rarely gets good press other than in Crikey and even they have grown tired of him. You put a bow around a turd and it remains a turd. I heard John Elder couldn’t find anyone who had a kind word for him about his activities in Manningham. If he gets on Melbourne council, he’ll do the

ABC call it “misleading”, others may call it bias and lies, and tweet about Craig Emerson disappears, Turn Left 2013
In a tweet that has since been deleted @ABC_NewsRadio said With Labor still on the nose, we speak to the Trade minister about tax handouts…

Migrants The Other Greek Crisis, Charles McPhedran, New Matilda
There are as many as 1.3 million migrants currently in Greece, say demographers, of a total population of just under 11 million. And after Italy and Spain tightened controls at border crossings and overhauled deportation treaties with North African nations, Greece has been handling around 90 per cent of all unauthorised entries  

What is needed," said Abbott, "is not compromise for compromise's sake, but policies that work." In other words, they'll only consider their own policies.And now it seems the government is playing along - they are considering reopening Nauru, as Phil Coorey reports, "in the outside hope it may work but also to prove Mr Abbott wrong".

WHY DO THEY Come, The Hoopla
All those lost at sea are someone’s father, son or brother. All have names. When word comes of their death in the deep blue depths, so far from their birthplace, they will be mourned by their families and loved ones. All hope for a better life has been swept away.Just how does a beloved child become an anonymous “boat person”?

Everyone has a book in them, Dave Gaukroger, Pure Poison
The Daily Telegraph’s Steve Lewis and the ABC’s Chris Uhlmann have teamed up to write a fictional work centred on Federal parliament

More Facts Behind the Howard Government’s Debt Elimination, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
To pay that $56 billion off, the Howard Government sold almost $72 billion of Government assets meaning the move to negative net debt was not really due to any miraculous and bold fiscal settings, but owed everything to a series of asset sales.Footnote: The spreadsheet where is move the asset sales to constant June 2007 dollars is available on request.

TRENDS- Loss of trust spreading beyond Parliament, Essential Vision
Labor’s flat-lining polls are widely attributed to Julia Gillard’s ‘trust issues’. Mind you, Tony Abbott isn’t considered to be excelling in the trustworthy stakes either. They barely muster a pass mark between them.

Palmer, Abbott butt heads over lobbyists, Chris Uhlmann, ABC
Mr Palmer has told his supporters Mr Abbott's response was visceral. He claims the Opposition Leader swore at him, that he felt physically intimidated, and that Mr Abbott threatened to kick him out of the party.Mr Abbott's side of the story, alas, lacks the colourful details

Remembering Lang, Ellen Fanning, Global Mail
It was easy to dismiss Lang Hancock as an old rogue. A prospector with some mad ideas. But he was brutal when politicians wouldn’t bend to his will. Will his daughter use the same approach

Rollout of the National Broadband Network - Third Report
On Monday, 25 June 2012, the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network tabled its report entitled Rollout of the National Broadband Network - Third Report. To view or print the report, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.®

Opinionista: Greg Jericho
Our Opinionista Greg Jericho on the changing media landscape in Australia and the coverage of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's controversial economic advice to European leaders at the G20 summit.

Fairfax Media loses three editors in one day as digital survival struggle gets real , Main Street with Peter Ryan, ABC

Gina Rinehart - The Power of One - Four Corners

Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 26 June 2012


June 26. 2012 09:15 AM



Great links today. Mr Denmore again on top of it. Thanks so much.

BTW, it's raining here and has wet all our dry washing left out overnight. Bloody carbon tax!!!!!


June 26. 2012 09:22 AM


Interesting post by Space Kidette on PB just now. Ashby's witnesses are falling by the wayside, since the Commonwealth ramped up pressure by arguing a conspiracy.

The C'w is saying "look out Ashby co-conspirators ....we're coming for you too!"



June 26. 2012 09:22 AM


Gravatar gone today.


June 26. 2012 09:38 AM


Morning folks,

I see Reinhardt is threatening to withdraw from Fairfax if she doesn't get her way this morning - and instead buy more of Channel 10.  Also in the ABC News Online is a story that the court case over her administration of the family trust continues.  Three of her children are asking for a new administrator to be court appointed and for the new trustee to conduct a investigation into the trusts decisions in the past.

This could be interesting and open a real can of worms that even media ownership can't cover up.  I've suggested here in the past that the "Tea Party" movement will fizzle as quickly as it started - the financial arrangements of the super-rich posing as "poor miners" certainly won't asist in its longevity.


June 26. 2012 10:26 AM



Anyone in any doubt about Rinehart's motives sould now be the wiser after Four Corners' pics of her actively leading the chants at an anti Gillard rally.

She is now in a single minded pursuit of the Rinehart Agenda.

She is totally disinterested in the national interest.


June 26. 2012 10:47 AM


Be prepared the coup is nigh

Annabel Crabb ‏@annabelcrabb
Joe hockey just told the Reps chamber this could be the last sitting week of this Government.

Mr Abbott must have the mother of all Matter of Public Importance ready for Thursday which will be followed a vote of no confidence in the government.

Oops can't be that.

Jovial Joe has predicted the government will fall during the winter recess.

Knock me down with a feather I thought the for the government to fall it had to lose the confidence of the house.

So it must be that Abbott and fellow travelers are going to stage a coup. Wonder if they hoping the military will assist in this endeavor?


June 26. 2012 11:21 AM

42 long

  Its getting very hard to trust anybody any more. The stakes are high folks. Everything fits into place if you are around long enough and keep looking all the time. It's not a pretty picture, but it won't go away if you ignore it. (as much as you would hope).

42 long

June 26. 2012 11:29 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

June 26. 2012 11:40 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for your links, Twitterverse and Twitterati of yesterday, which I have read in pieces.

I've got a busy few days ahead so you may not see much from me.

I missed QT yesterday and will also today, but hope I can catch it later in the week when the Hockey prediction that DMW mentions might come to pass.  Interesting times are ahead.  I wonder with the Ashby/Slipper case and the HSU/Thomson/Jackson matter both coming to a head, the Coalition has decided on a pre-emptive strike before everything turns sour for it.

Ad astra

June 26. 2012 11:43 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse for you all:

Clive Palmer has called a Presser this arvo to issue a Duel to Tony Abbott after Abbott tried to bully & headbutt him - www.abc.net.au/.../4091566

(B1) The wheels seem to be falling off this liberal party-driven entrapment case ... "The sexual harassment... http://fb.me/16iXkx9Rh

The Masked Crusader‏@themaskedcrus
An end to the blame game | The Australian http://bit.ly/LMpd9l Abbott is playing politics - we all know that - he would rather no solution.

Tony Abbott labelled 'disgraceful' for rejecting new talks on boats m.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fn9hm1gu-1226408670533 @CraigEmersonMP

It's started .... stand strong fairfax, don't let yet another media outlet become the voice for narcissistic... http://fb.me/15LCzSAAF

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
Copper-based broadband services to remain more dominant than faster, fibre #NBN experts say [free] http://bit.ly/Kzjf9s #auspol #tech

The Australian‏@australian
Editors spiked as Fairfax newspapers get digital and 'white knight' Gina Rinehart circles http://fb.me/1rppN8FyV

Karina Carvalho‏@Karina_Carv
If you want to read Gina Rinehart's response to #4corners in full, here is it: http://bit.ly/MwxNrV #fairfax @BreakfastNews

Abbott's narcissistic lies are about to be exposed to even the most gullible ... "But what if the Opposition can't... http://fb.me/GSthr95F

So Gina is prepared to walk away from SMH if she doesnt get her way - www.smh.com.au/.../...ride-off-20120625-20ylu.html - well, SMH should tell her to

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Niki Savva - Julia Gillard has squandered he enormous goodwill that greeted her Prime Ministership: http://tinyurl.com/83smc7e

Greg Jericho‏@GrogsGamut
Seems that joke front page of the SMH by @danilic wasn't far off the mark - http://bit.ly/MoxYHi

Angela Lo Rosso‏@AngelaLoRosso
Rinehart sends ultimatum to Fairfax board m.theage.com.au/.../...x-board-20120625-20ymw.html OUT OF Control. CO2 nothing to do with ice age, ignorant.

Daniel Hurst‏@danielhurstbne
Letter warning union over job cut media leaks is leaked to the media www.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...0120625-20yc9.html #qldpol

Australian Media‏@aus_media
BREAKING: David Leckie quits as boss of Seven West www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg996-1226408692100

Peter van Onselen‏@vanOnselenP
My feature today on the asylum seeker standoff in The Australian... www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg6z6-1226408324421

ABC News‏@abcnews
The latest on Rinehart upping her stakes in Channel Ten, plus her threat to abandon Fairfax: www.abc.net.au/.../4092206


June 26. 2012 11:59 AM

Tom of Melbourne

DMW,  thanks for a thoughtful reply.

” Some minor influence but what TPV's did was to encourage an in increase in numbers particularly of women and children.
I’m not sure that I agree with this. All we hear about from Bowen is the “business model” of the people smugglers. It apparently requires permanent residency to succeed.  Therefore TPVs should act as a significant discouragement.  Certainly it is far more humane that sending minors, women, elderly back to Malaysia.
I think it’s just a political objection from the government, they criticised the Howard government so vehemently that TPVs is just to much of a stretch for them.  But apparently sending the ailing back to a country that isn’t a signatory to the UNHCR isn’t.

”It is up to the government to resolve the issue. No one else.

It would be helpful if the opposition didn't play low rent xenophobic politics with the issue but the pursuit of power does funny things to people.”

I agree with all that, though it would also be helpful if the government hadn’t played “low rent xenophobic politics”.

Tom of Melbourne

June 26. 2012 12:26 PM

Wake Up

And in breaking news..........


Wake Up

June 26. 2012 01:48 PM

Wake Up

Funny how News Ltd aren't reporting the Steve Lewis/Ashby piece despite it trending massively over at Fairfax........ hmmmm !!!

Wake Up

June 26. 2012 02:35 PM


Wake up,

The ABC isn't reporting it either.  Surprised?


June 26. 2012 02:40 PM


BTW, it's raining here and has wet all our dry washing left out overnight. Bloody carbon tax!!!!!

Sun's shining and the washing's nearly dry, here. Bloody carbon tax!!!!! lol

2353 @9.38am, how tragic if she doesn't get her way. That should cause a spot of pouting. perhaps she should take to the streets.

And @10.26am, Rinehart is disinterested in anything that doesn't feed her massive ego and wealth.

The PM has just assured the House that cats and dogs will be safe from cobra and python attack after 1 July.


June 26. 2012 03:19 PM


Bingo - well done Wixxy


Look whats hit the ABC!


June 26. 2012 03:23 PM


ToM is visiting TPS again. Bloody carbon tax!


June 26. 2012 03:24 PM

Wake Up


No, not surprised at all, especially since Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis have written a book together titled "The Marmalade Files".

Hang on, just checked ABC are running it online now.........


But wait, there's more...........


Looks like the Noalition's wagon is running out of wheels !!!

Wake Up

June 26. 2012 04:00 PM


Hi Ad & Everybody

Twitterati, Question time tweeted by Marian Dalton, her blog is "The Conscience Vote"

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Bronwyn Bishop tries it on: you can't contrast policies, she says. (facepalm) That's what they all do! #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Member for Casey booted under 94A. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
A question to the Arts Minister - but not about Arts, of course. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Abbott cops a warning. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
The Opposition are basically a one-note symphony today. Playing keepings-off with asylum seekers. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Bradbury mentions the new fliers - Julie Bishop flies to the box to say it's 'an internal Liberal party matter'. In people's mailboxes. 3qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Yet another carbon price question. Surprised that JG hasn't brought up the Opposition fliers targeting Labor electorates. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Oppos seek to table documents. Low chants of 'no, no, no' underscore Albo's refusal. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
After providing a slew of examples of biz that's making new investments despite carbon pricing - Combet gets invited to give some more. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Combet given the opportunity to spank the Oppos (again) over claims that carbon pricing will destroy the world. #qt

Space Kidette‏@SpaceKidette
crazyjane13 Whyalla Wipeout - watch here: http://www.whyalla.com/page.aspx?u=71 #auspol

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
SpaceKidette That is PRICELESS. #auspol

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Chris Pyne booted under 94A. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
So, will we see crowds of doomsday cultists gathering at Whyalla on Sunday morning? #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Swanny: 'We'll be waiting on Sunday morning for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Swanny refers to the Coalition anti-carbon price campaign as 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
We've had Fluffy and Fido, and Skippy. I'm holding out for JG to mention how dropbears will be hurt by the 'carbon tax' next. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Oakeshott: invites the PM to respond to GST review and comments that COAG reforms are 'stalled'. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Both parties have no trouble exploiting these procedural issues when it suits them. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
I'd have a go at Speaker, if I could take my Nerf weapons.#QT

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Bishop's question wasted on the 'citizen's assembly vs carbon tax' riff. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Julie Bishop starts up - is immediately interrupted by Albo seeking to table the Sydney Morning Herald. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Anna points out somewhat wearily that it's not a sub judice matter to table documents that are already in the public domain. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
The article to which Albo is trying to refer re Steve Lewis and Ashby: http://tinyurl.com/7llnw3j #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Member for McEwen booted under 94A. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Albo dances with the delicacy of a ballerina around the sub judice issue by quoting public news articles. Pyne stomps up with a POO. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Pyne tries to stop any discussion of Ashby. We now have a tussle of POOs regarding sub judice. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Here goes Albo, sledging Steve Lewis. Starts with #utegate, and effortlessly segues to Lewis' alleged collusion with Ashby. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Member for Dawson booted under 94A. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Ooh. Dixer on 'media integrity'. Here comes a sledge about James Ashby. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
JG: 'Presumably he'll be out there tomorrow trying to scare Skippy the bush kangaroo'. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Another 'Fluffy and Fido' question. You can see the speech: 'These silent victims of the carbon tax ...' #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Anna: 'The Member for Sturt is a relentless ... interjector'. #qt #thatsonenameforit

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Today, Fido and Fluffy are apparently the 'forgotten victims' of the 'carbon tax'. #qt

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
So the Libs are starting up the ratfucking again? Quelle surprise.


June 26. 2012 04:43 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the interesting Twitterverse.  It looks as if the wheels are falling off Ashby's case against Slipper, and  Steve Lewis show that he has not changed from when he 'outed' the Grech case.

Wake up, jane
It will be interesting to see how the ABC handles the latest on the Ashby/Slipper case; we can be sure News Limited will make little of it.

Ad astra

June 26. 2012 04:57 PM

42 long

  Conspiring to prevent elected members carrying out their duties in parliament. Trying to get a government dismissed by conspiratorial means. Perhaps my phraseology could be better (but you get my meaning?) Are these things serious, or what?'
  Now the ABC MUST show some guts. They have broken the ice there is no turning back. If Abbott gets in after this you are finished, anyhow.
  Remember how GOOD the BBC were with Thatcher/argentina and Blair's Iraq thing. Be inspired and do it.

42 long

June 26. 2012 05:02 PM


The Peter van Onselen twitter link above (June 26. 2012 11:43 AM) reiterates Phil Coorey's comments on asylum seeker policy that I commented on here: June 25. 2012 09:56 AM

Are we entering the period of anti-Tampa politics?

And with the HSU scandals coming out of 'Jacksonville' and onto the national stage, are we also seeing just how prophetic Jumping Joe Hockey actually is..?

Except it won't be the government that falls during the Winter Recess, it will be Shouldabeen as leader/chief obfuscator of the Opposition.

I might wish said Joe will step into his position, as any 'new' leader of the Opp will find that standing in Shouldabeen's shoes, the stink's still on them.


June 26. 2012 05:11 PM


Great last post. I sent SpaceKidette's link of Whyalla to my rels so that we can all watch the disappearance live.

What a historical event ....no-one should miss it.

When Whyalla is gone, maybe a cloud will descend from above with Dog Albitey on it.

And he might have a megaphone through which he calls on the Mad Monk to join him on the cloud to be off to the next life. Then out of the haze of the collapsing Whyalla walks Abbott holding hands with Sneerer Morriscum and together off they go forever with Dog.

One can always dream.


June 26. 2012 05:52 PM



In his own mind Hockey is probably right.  They have since the 2010 election actually thought they run the country - because the LNP has never understood how Gillard out negotiated them.  There are a number of parts to grief, the first being disbelief Laughing.

Jason @9:06 last night - Post of the month - congratulations Sir!


June 26. 2012 06:22 PM

42 long

  Poverty is supposed to be character building. Being in opposition is some kind of poverty.
   Most religeous types spend some time "in the wilderness". Who knows, they, (the opposition) might come out enlightened and reformed, sinners/ wanderers with new insights. They sure as hell need them. What a mob and what a mob they associate with. the ones that they are a fully owned subsidiary of.
  If media is not for propagandising and opinion shaping, why does everyone with money want to get media so they can convince people of "Anything", and thereby control them, and make more money.
  Just keep reciting anything over and over and it will come true. Advertisers and the religeons do it as well. Proven technique.

42 long

June 26. 2012 06:34 PM


    Thanks! Although thanks should go to you since "jj" hasn't surfaced since your last post of the month found him wanting and missing in action!


June 26. 2012 06:47 PM


Jason - Thanks.  I didn't even notice s/he had gone (so much for absence making the heart frow fonder)!.  


June 26. 2012 06:48 PM


Uuugh! - "grow fonder" not "frow fonder"


June 26. 2012 07:12 PM


Swordsfolks g'day,
My computer was FULL as from yesterday morning.

Only fixed late today.

Dam, I'm weeks behind in my reading now! Lyn you served whole smorgasboards for hungry hordes today. I'll never even be ale to taste all the dishes. And they have never been more bitter-sweet.

Bitter, because of our shame at the deaths at sea.

Sweet, ironically, at their expense. They could not have drowned more opportunely.

What a terrible thing to think, let alone say. Yet it is achingly true.

Abbortt and the Greens were warned this would happen. It will continue to happen without resolution.

I have said before that this very week is the time *J*U*L*I*A*s Government must take the AS issue head on. I did not know that we were about to have 90+ martyrs as arguments on our side, but they are certainly convenient.

Deeply sorry, O Wraiths.

But your deaths will not be in vain.

This is the coldest possible comfort I know, but this tragedy will at last result in a rational decent humane best-available option. Greens can stfu and hang their heads, they have dealt themselves out unless they join Labor, the Abborttians are on the run and fragmenting, so they should be. You can see that Mal Washer never joined that Party to be a party to the way they are now.

I said a little while back that this week we would get on top in this argument, the last great challenge for Labor. It has taken many innocent lives but however much the Greens and the Liberals are to blame for these particular deaths, be sure that Labor has been trying its best to avoid such tragedies. The Liberals will bend now, they must, and that will break Abbortt and he knows it.


The Drum. A shot of Reith the Crook, with a Bent Brandis chaser. And simpering Analbelle as our barmaid.
Too lazy to stir, let alone shake.  

Analbelle Smile the Slyly-Sidling Crabbe says (approvingly) wtte Tony's position has always been consistent

So complete intransigence is a virtue when it's Them , yeah that'd be right.  


June 26. 2012 07:24 PM


TT, did you notice she had a string of pearls on today? She looked pretty good, I thought.

In light of Gina's threat to dump Faifax, I thought this cartoon was apt.



June 26. 2012 07:50 PM


Those pearls were GROSS! She should listen harder. I told her: modest pearls, freshwater ones for preference.

Or Venetian Glass beads, the ones in which every inflorescence is different. Or similar.

Tim Are you listening?


June 26. 2012 08:44 PM


speaking of absence making the heart frow fonder  Tong

I am missing NormanK's thoughtful and often wise commentary

Trust all is well Mr K and if not best wishes and hopes for pleasant times ahead.


June 26. 2012 09:08 PM


   I thinking the same thing! Hope all is well.


June 26. 2012 09:15 PM


Hi Jason
thx for your tweet earlier tonight.

In case you missed my reply - having a few family hassles and work is driving me batshite stupid.

Dipping in and out of twitter & the Sword is helping restore some sanity

as far the political situation goes, missed a lot the last couple of days but it seems like:

Same shite, different day


June 26. 2012 09:41 PM


DMW & Jason

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I have been struggling with whether to make this comment - the compulsion is rather strong. Perhaps Psyclaw can explain the motivations at work.

On Saturday night I lost my little sister after a six year battle with cancer. All very peaceful and quick but .....

Isn't it funny how siblings are still 'little' and 'big' no matter how old we all get?

I have had some weird feeling of showing disrespect to her if I just jumped back in and started commenting as if nothing had happened but by the same token this is a political blog. Conundrum.

Anyway, I've done it now. Please do not send flowers (if you know what I mean Smile) just be kind to a stranger tomorrow when you have no particular need to be - who knows what sort of day they are having.


June 26. 2012 10:21 PM


that new gravatar is totally compelling

A fitting memory for little 'sis.

I too have had some struggles; 'lost' mother-in-law Sunday and sister-in-law today and and am sort of 'hiding' from it by tweeting and commenting.

Let us suffice with a cyber hug


June 26. 2012 10:29 PM


Geezus DMW. That's just awful. You have my condolences.

Let us suffice with a cyber hug

Done and done.


June 26. 2012 10:38 PM


NormanK & DMW,

My thoughts are with you both at this time.


June 26. 2012 10:46 PM


A late night thought via Senator Ursula Stephens ‏@ursulastephens



June 26. 2012 11:02 PM

Ad astra reply

NormanK, DMW
As fellow bloggers, our hearts go out to you both at this sad time for you.

Ad astra reply

June 26. 2012 11:05 PM


Cheers Jason.

My little act of rebellion for the day. An e-mail sent to the Queensland branch of the RSPCA.

Just a quick note to let you know that your Canberra branch has done you no favours by getting themselves involved in federal politics. As a regular contributor to your cause I can inform you that I will be thinking twice before making any donations in the future. When next one of your callers contacts me I will spell out to them in no uncertain terms just why it is that I am reluctant to contribute to an institution which has chosen to become involved in the carbon pricing debate in this manner. It is very likely that this action is going to cause a significant decrease in the rate of donations and I wonder how that is going to help you during what you foresee as a difficult period ahead as you adjust to the changes brought about by pricing carbon. Perhaps you would have been better advised to have approached the government, quietly, for assistance in meeting the increase in electricity prices instead of grandstanding in the media and bringing your entire organisation into disrepute.

Yours sincerely,

I probably won't go through with the threat since that only harms the animals in their care but I was ropeable this morning. Fancy the RSPCA getting into bed with Abbott.


June 26. 2012 11:05 PM


thanks Ad, Jason & NK


June 26. 2012 11:15 PM


Ad astra,

Thank-you. Sorry to put such off-topic things up on your blog but it does seem to have served a purpose.

After several weeks of AbbottWatch I have to report that at this stage there certainly does not appear to be a Plan B.


You have much to catch up on with regard to events over the last two days.
Slipper case unravelling before our eyes.
Morrison confirming that the Coalition will never vote with the government "just because".
Abbott being beat about the head with a dead fish over his outrageous carbon pricing claims and predictions.
Fabricated stories in the press being called out for being just that.

Not your average couple of days.


June 26. 2012 11:24 PM


After six years of sadness and pain
your sister is at peace at last.

Our hearts go out to you and her loved ones.


June 26. 2012 11:27 PM


all that, and 147 unread articles in my feed-reader AND all those links that Tweetie has provided as well.

Suspect I need to relearn speed reading which is a tough call for this old slow coach Tong

And not only that my hobby horse is also front and centre

A thought on that.

Imagine for one moment if the road toll in Australia for one week was as high as the loss of life asylum seekers in one day what would be the reaction of our pollies and for that matter the public.

The pollies would be all over themselves finding solutions and the public would be screaming for action.

Ninety asylum seekers losing their lives at sea is less important than one Aussie killed on our roads it seems.

It makes me sick.


June 26. 2012 11:27 PM


Just read your post.

Condolences likewise.


June 26. 2012 11:32 PM


NormanK & DMW, I'm so very sorry to learn of your sad news. My thoughts go out to you both.


June 26. 2012 11:44 PM


NormanK and DMW

Sincere condolences.

I understand what you say NormanK. Our littler siblings remain that way for life. We see them as vulnerable and needing our support because we believe that we have survived more vicissitudes than them (having lived longer) and wish them to get safely to the point in life that we have reached. They never do catch up of course, so long as we ourselves remain vertical, or if they predecease us.

We believe that we are in some way more mature, more wise, more life experienced and that we can use these strengths we have to advance them in all areas of their life.

Objectively, this is all not so, but subjectively and emotionally none of us can escape such feelings.

Some of my own mob are 40-60 years old but through my eyes they are all vulnerable youngsters.

Eventually "getting on with it" is a major component of dealing with it all, but it's always best to do it in your own unique way and at your own speed.

Don't forget that bereavement is a two edged thing ...... recognising and honouring what we have lost, and continuing to play our own role as a human despite our loss. If not for the latter, everything would come to a quick fullstop.

Good luck.

DMW ...... in-laws is a funny expression ..... as if they're not real rels. But often we spend the first two decades as part of our nuclear family and then 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 decades very close to our in-laws, all things being equal. So your losses are of people very close to you and will take some getting over. All the best in that.


June 26. 2012 11:57 PM


Hi Psyclaw,
it is a weird and wonderful world we live in and thank you for your words and thoughts.

I have just been 'reliving' my fathers funeral and wake.

Although close to thirty years ago I can still see it as though it was yesterday.

The wake was was one of the best 'parties' I ever attended as many gathered to celebrate a life well lived by an incorrigible old blighter.

As tough as it can be when mourning the loss of a loved one we can be well served by celebrating all that they have given us in many ways not the least the children, grandchildren that they have helped bring into our lives.


June 27. 2012 12:16 AM


Yes, DMW, I had been wondering about NormanK's whereabouts.  So now we know about both of you.

be kind to a stranger tomorrow when you have no particular need to be - who knows what sort of day they are having.

I will do my best.  I will think of you both.


June 27. 2012 12:34 AM


Avaaz has a petition to urge Stephen Conroy to support a Greens bill to prevent media ownership changes unless they pass a public interest test.

Conroy has expressed interest in the bill, but Avaaz reckons he is more likely to support it if he realises the public supports it.

A ruthless raid on Fairfax newspapers by Australia’s richest woman threatens to turn our media into a dangerous mogul duopoly -- with Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart in charge. But this urgent threat to democracy is building the momentum for reform -- and now we have a real chance to save our media.

This week, the Greens are introducing a bill into Parliament to prevent media ownership changes unless they pass a public interest test. Labor Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is supportive of the idea -- but the media moguls are already attacking the proposal -- and without his support, the bill will die. But if we give Conroy our backing now, we can push Labor to side with the public and stop the runaway consolidation of our media.

The media used to serve the public as a check on government; now these corporate media barons are using it to control government. Sign the petition to Minister Conroy now to ensure Labor backs the bill to stop them and send this to everyone:



June 27. 2012 01:07 AM


Psyclaw said
DMW ...... in-laws is a funny expression ..... as if they're not real rels. But often we spend the first two decades as part of our nuclear family and then 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 decades very close to our in-laws, all things being equal.

Well I remember this amazing line (in bold below) from when I studied some Anthropology in the 70's. You figure it out.

Sur la prohibition de l'inceste - Le rituel et la matériel
... epigraph of the Elementary Structures of Kinship could summarize the Lévi- Straussian theory on the incest taboo: “A relative by marriage is an elephant's hip.”



June 27. 2012 01:51 AM


Speaking of TalkTurkey  . . . Smile

From thewest.com.au
Oppn will talk if govt offers TPVs: Pyne

AAPJune 26, 2012, 9:22 pm

Senior opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne says the coalition would "talk turkey" with the federal government if Labor re-introduced temporary protection visas (TPV) for illegal boat arrivals.

Labor and the coalition remain in a political deadlock over the offshore processing of asylum seekers after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott knocked back a return to the negotiating table.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for talks aimed at securing a bipartisan breakthrough to stem the flow of asylum seeker boats making the dangerous journey to Australia and which has peaked at 19 known vessels so far this month.

There has been a renewed emphasis on the issue after the latest tragedy where around 90 people have died.

"If the government came back and said `we will reintroduce temporary protection visas', I'm sure the opposition would talk turkey," Mr Pyne told Sky News on Tuesday.

Your Crispmess is coming sooner than you think!
(but I think you can hear the knives being sharpened!)


recaptcha: December tingbit

That's if you last that long Pyne you slimiest of all MHRs any of us has ever seen. As MOOBthat is. After that you will be abackbench zombie forever.


June 27. 2012 07:25 AM


NormanK & DMW,

My sincere sympathies to both of you.  I lost a little brother (who was about 10cm taller than me by the way) a few years ago leaving a young family.  Still breaks my heart sometimes.  I suspect you get on with it rather than over it.

Heartly agree with your letter to RSPCA Norman, do you mind if I copy, alter and resend?


June 27. 2012 07:48 AM



From rescue to recovery, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
Having declared that "enough is enough" and "The time for talking is over", it's puzzling that Morrison complains that the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration haven't called him. They haven't called me either, Scott. Must be all that governing they are busy doing

IA’s Jacksonville investigation picked up by ABC, Independent Austalia
After over a month of detailed reporting by Peter Wicks and Independent Australia into Jacksonville – Kathy Jackson / HSU scandal – some of the investigation’s information has been published today in an article by the ABC’s chief political correspondent, Simon Cullen — along with a specific acknowledgement of Independent Australia as the source

Jacksons at centre of 'disturbing' HSU allegations, Simon Cullen, ABC
Pages of credit card statements have been uploaded to public website Independent Australia and detail a series of questionable payments in two union branches separately led by HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson and her then husband Jeff Jackson.It shows a HSU Victoria Number 1 branch credit cardwww.abc.net.au/.../4093190

Carbon Pricing- If any of these businesses put up their retail prices between July 2012 and Dece, Clarence Girl, North Coast Voices
Tony Abbott and Federal Coalition MPs encourage the butcher, baker and candlestick maker to put up their prices after 1 July 2012. Knowing that, in most cases, it would be difficult to justify any price increase above one cent per food or beverage item over the next eighteen months.

Will Jason Clare get an on air apology from the ABC-, The ABC has Gone to Hell
On Lateline last Friday night (22/06/12), Emma Alberici interviewed Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare on the latest asylum seeker boat tragedy. In the middle of the interview Alberici produced a number of ‘smoking gun’ faxes that allegedly proved the Minister was covering up his incompetence in mounting a speedy rescue effort. The mosthttp://www.abcgonetohell.net/

She’s a Lady, Peter Wicks, Wixxy’s Leaks
It should be remembered that throughout her time as Premier, despite Labor being hugely unpopular in the electorate, Kristina spent most of her time ahead of O’Farrell in the preferred Premier polls. It was only towards the end, and after a series of scandals, a press that had seemed to have grown beyond hostile,http://wixxy.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/shes-a-lady/

Newmania- Free Gift With Purchase, Sal Piracha, Only The Depth Varies
The Unions must be rubbing their hands together with joyous abandon at the thought of all the rare and exceptional opportunities King Campbell has given them! Imagine all that lovely lovely money that the unions won’t be able to pass onto the Labor Party unless their membership has okayed it via a ballot. Labor potentially misses out and the unions may suffer, but hey,

If that means deaths at sea continue, he said, so be it.”, Jennifer Wilson, No Place for Sheep
As I read today’s piece by Peter van Onselen’s on the asylum seeker policy stand-off, the following stood out: One well-placed Liberal source told The Australian that Abbott would rather see Labor continue to bleed politically with ongoing boat arrivals. If that means deaths at sea continue, he said, so be it

Tony Abbott’s refugee policy: If that means deaths at sea continue, so be it, Turn Left 2013
An end to the blame game Peter Van Onselen: The Australian June 26, 2012 12:00AM
One well-placed Liberal source told The Australian that Abbott would rather see Labor continue to bleed politically with ongoing boat arrivals. If that means deaths at sea continue, he said, so be it.

How does Newstart compare to the DSP and the minimum wage? Matt Cowgill, We are all Dead
I recently found myself wondering how the incomes of Newstart Allowance recipients have fared relative to the incomes of other representative individuals, like a minimum wage worker or a disability pensioner. In short: not well. The real disposable incomes of Newstart recipients have been flat for the past couple of decades,

Time to call the asylum seeker ‘impasse’ what it really is, Bernard Keane, Crikey
having paid close or not-so-close attention to federal politics since the early 1980s, I can’t do anything but conclude that the Coalition’s current stance on asylum seekers is the clearest example of outright evil that I’ve ever seen from a political party at the federal level.

Goodbye Gina? Hello Jack and Fairfax’s new power triumvirate, Paul Barry, Crikey
Insiders at Fairfax say it has long been obvious that print and online would have to merge, and that the battle has been about who would end up on top. It’s now clear who has won. The website has always had more celebrity stories, more shock horror, and more tittle-tattle, and that will surely be the way of the future.

Parliament's war is costing lives, Rob Burgess, The Power Index
Labor won't back down because it has been advised that the Howard era policies won't work -- if it thought they would it would have lost the political skin as soon as possible after the Christmas Island

Libs target Labor seats in campaign, Sky News
The federal opposition has sent small businesses in Labor-held marginal seats posters apologising to their customers for rising costs under the carbon tax.But the Labor government says businesses are at risk of heavy fines if they make false claims about the impact of the carbon price on their own prices

Thousands of jobs’ threatened by Qld solar cuts, David Twomey, Eco News
The biggest of which will see the solar feed-in tariff cut from 44 cents a kilowatt hour to just eight cents.Those who have already installed solar panels and provide power back to the grid will keep the 44 cents rate when the changes come into effect on July 9.“Rising future costs associated with delivering the scheme means change is essential to econews.com.au/.../

Stephen Koukoulas‏@TheKouk
example of a dodgy Liberal Party leaflet that embarrassed the RBA: Worth a read: www.rba.gov.au/.../mr-05-05-attach.pdf

On Old Media, New Media and the Fourth Estate,Joanne Jacobs
It is not unreasonable to speculate that collusion between governing officials and the press has contributed toward mass brainwashing in Australia. The number of people who refuse to believe in global issues such as anthropogenic climate change, while still maintaining that asylum seekers are a threat to Australia’s borders is not just depressing but baffling

Online file - Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia, Court Documents
In view of the high number of media requests for file access in this matter, the Court has established an online file on to which publicly accessible material has been placed and will be placed in the future. Consistent with Rule 2.32 of the Federal Court Rules 2011 restricted documents, such as affidavits and exhibits, only become public once admitted into evidence and approved by the Judge.

Journalist told Slipper staffer 'we will get him', ABC
Court documents claim the journalist who broke the story of sexual harassment claims against Peter Slipper sent his accuser a text message stating "we will get him".
The accusation levelled against News Limited journalist Steve Lewis was contained in points of claim lodged by Mr Slipper in the Federal Court.

James Ashby 'fixing black mark' of Peter Slipper link, court told , Lauren Wilson, The Australian
The documents allege that from the beginning of February, James Ashby had begun to contemplate launching court proceedings against his boss, "in the knowledge that such action would inflict damage against Mr Slipper and empower Mr Slipper's political opponents, including (former Howard government minister Mal) Brough and/or the LNP."

Changes to the ABC and SBS board appointment process, Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
These changes increase the transparency and democratic accountability of the ABC and SBS boards. It further strengthens our national broadcasters, ensuring they will continue to provide Australians with high quality broadcasting services, free from political interference.

Motion to Suspend Standing Orders, Anthony Albanese
The Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Treasurer [Joe Hockey] all run away from accountability. So we would certainly welcome a debate on a whole range of issues. But not a debate on their self-indulgence – a debate that says, ‘I’m so great. I’m so fantastic. How dare the Australian people not vote for me as Prime Minister!’

Today’s Front Pages
Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 27 June 2012


June 27. 2012 08:14 AM


I wrote all the following including the last bit over a year ago, in response to a previous tragedy.

dat ToM da Typo . . .
Fraudulent, really.

It would appear that he would be pleased if another boat went down with lives lost . . . Something juicy to sneer and jeer about . . .

At least that last boat wasn't known about until it was too late, not like SIV X (sp?) that Howard's lickspittles knew was unseaworthy but allowed it to sink with all aboard  - My memory is hazy on that but that's because the news was oozed out so sleazily that I never got a full picture but I think what I said above is somewhere round the truth. Then there's Reith and the Children Overboard Affair. Lying scum. Let not the likes of sidewinders like ToM presume to hold any sort of moral high ground here!

Of course Bowen will be working tirelessly to get good outcomes. How the ToMs would hate it if he managed to get a really good regional or even global arrangement! Australia might be able to start to take a lead and raise its head again instead of rightly being viewed as a pariah state, which is the state Howard - and Abbortt, of course - left us in, of refusing to take a fair share of genuine refugees even though we have a huge migrant intake. Which Gillard at least is not rushing to increase in rate.

Unaccompanied minors sent to Malaysia has a bad look, but a second look will reveal the conditions that Bowen is going to insist on by way of their treatment. Beware of skindeeps.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now for a little parabowl (cf. hyperbowl) to bowl sideways at that sidewinder.

[The old man in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is out alone in his boat, he's hooked onto a monstrous swordfish and night has set in. He knows he has to eat something to keep up his strength to fight the mighty fish. All he has is raw dolphin (fish not mammal) and a couple of raw flying fish.

Now read on ] . . .  

<<Under the stars and with the night colder all the time he ate half of one of the dolphin fillets and one of the flying fish, gutted and with its head cut off.

“What an excellent fish dolphin is to eat cooked,” he said. “And what a miserable fish raw. I will never go in a boat again without salt or limes.”>>

The difference between, on the Right hand, treating the asylum-seekers as despicable crimanimals as under Howard, or on the other hand like stateless unfortunates who need caring for for Humanity's sake, and trying to find acceptable situations, is like the difference between dolphin raw or cooked.

And notice, the old fellow would have been happy just to have had limes or salt. He didn't have to have everything perfect. Not like hypocrites like Morriscum.

A little bit of kindness and goodwill and humane treatment and listening to would go a long way to making up for those sad people’s loss of everything. Not so much to ask. From such a rich and , erm, marvellously generous bunch of people like us Aussies.

Of course Bowen will be doing his damndest to do the best he can. Merlin he isn't, but he's charming and persuasive and on the case, and he has made more headway to what, fingers crossed, might be a system of protocols vastly better organised throughout our region than the hateful situation the braying lying hypocrites like Reith left us. They used asylum seekers as chips in a cynical political game. Bowen has goodwill and humanity, and nous. That's why he'll get a decent deal. And the youngsters and everybody else will get looked after. Well that’s when Labor can straighten out Serco, a legacy of Howard unless I’m mistaken. Either way they seem, erm, pretty suss. Maybe this hopeful solution might circumvent them? But it is fair that the Government should make generous, proper handsome even, recompense to any foreign government that helps try to find best-possible courses of action wrt asylum seekers. And thus be able to insist on decent treatment for them. Sneerers and jeerers and crocodile-tear-ers notwithstanding, Bowen’s initiatives show the best hope yet of bringing rationality to a pretty chaotic situation based on intractable and uncertain circumstances, to which Abbortt can only say Stop the Boats.  

ToM can stick that up his nose. He is the one that should hang his head in shame. He’s made me cry now. Just that people like him treat this terrible global situation of lost stateless terrified destitute people like a political pointscoring game for him to jeer at people's misery. If it weren’t for people like him treating it so we could find ways that might work a whole lot better all round, but he’s just there to jeer isn’t it. And make it hard.

People like him disgust me. There now.  

Footnote: I had written all that last paragraph + 7 words in  the second person, i.e., directly to ToM, he got me so cross and sad. So I went back and put it into 3rd person, I am inclined not to address illwillians directly, they won’t have a listening for it anyway, and I don't want to talk to them.  


June 27. 2012 08:28 AM


The tide really has turned against Abbott the fool, at least re boat drownings.

1) In the first link Paul Kelly, the conservo sycophant actually condemns Abbott


2) Next the Herald Sun editor does likewise


3) M Grattan says on RN that JG has had a real compromise on the table for months and Abbott needs to do so too.


June 27. 2012 08:34 AM


How bright is Sarah Hanson-Young!!!!

She said to FKelly that if Australia stops the boats they'll just go in the opposite direction. I've been puzzling to discover what country to the N/N-W of Indonesia they might set sail for.

Malaysia ????  Burma ????   Sri Lanka ???  Iraq???? Afganistan ???? Even the UK perhaps ????

Swordsters, please help. What country in the opposite direction to Australia will asylum seekers who have made it to Indonesia set sail for?

Is SH-Y a fool, or is she a fool?


June 27. 2012 08:43 AM


Bad Abbott

Shouldabeen says "so be it", and it will.

Bye bye, Tiny, the days of anti-Tampa will sink you.


June 27. 2012 08:45 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

June 27. 2012 08:56 AM


The Herald Sun says Swallow your pride, Mr Abbott. Pick up the phone and at least start talking.

Abbott really isn't winning friends here.


June 27. 2012 09:05 AM


Abbott isn't winning any friends #2.

Gittens in the Fairfax Media www.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...0120626-210f7.html


June 27. 2012 10:08 AM


Albo Our little pitbull terrier,
Dog be with you, you little beauty!

Savaging the whole bloody lot!

Albo takes on Bolt on Sunday!

Look out Liberals, here comes LABOR!


June 27. 2012 10:33 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody


How long will you last in your job if your boss has found out that you stole company information to get him/her sack - www.smh.com.au/.../...np-rival-20120626-210mz.html

Salim Pickens‏@SalimPickens
"The Abbott opposition, led by a yelping Christopher Pyne..." Gold from Tony Wright http://bit.ly/M0baQU #auspol

“@australian: Peter Slipper plot linked to top of Liberal National Party http://fb.me/TfHxCjnM”... and, of course , the Australian.

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Paul Kelly on the impossible positions each side now hold on #asylum seekers, is a very good read: http://tinyurl.com/73p94om

(B1) And this appears in the Australian ... has the world turned upside down, or are even Abbott's biggest... http://fb.me/2gpFP61PF

Sky News Australia‏@SkyNewsAust
Come clean on Slipper case- Shorten http://bit.ly/NyT6J5

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
Tony Abbott must resign if there isn't a bipartisan asylum seeker agreement reached on asylum seekers b4 winter recess http://bit.ly/Mo1kI6

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU
Slipper diary 'was sent' to LNP rival www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120626-210mz.html via @NationalTimesAU

Guy Wilson‏@2xmEngineering
Mining magnates to be summoned before Labor MPs... http://ow.ly/bQuU2 #2XMRecruit

Mark White‏@jmwhite2
"News ltd will sort" Ashby bills. I'll bet they will! m.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...-20120626-20zl9.html

Mark White‏@jmwhite2
The plot sickens as Can Do minister goes to ground over #Ashby hacking m.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...-20120626-210ba.html

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU
Coalition, Labor trade blows on refugees www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120626-210ms.html via @NationalTimesAU


June 27. 2012 12:01 PM


Thanks again for the links Lyn.

It would appear the tide might be turning with Albo at the helm. He was spectacular at the press conference today, he truly let them have it, wonderful to watch. I doubt that any tangible link to Abbott  will be found (not that I think for one minute he wasn't in the know) but as we know inuendo, and the mear possibility of a link, will do it every time with our wonderful fair and honest press. He isn't looking very good at the moment. Combet gave him a hounding in parliament yesterday, scored the most amazing points off his doorstop visits. And then add to that his silly cats and dogs fear campaign that fell absolutely flat, Clive isn't helping either, sooooo things are not looking so chipper for him lately!


June 27. 2012 01:43 PM

Wake Up

No, surely not in The Daily Telegraph............


Wonders will never cease !!!

Wake Up

June 27. 2012 01:57 PM

Wake Up

And in The Australian...............


I guess they have to now as Chris Brown is likely to make a formal complaint and once that happens a Police investigation will follow.

It gets to point when you can't defend the indefensible........... even if you are News Ltd.

Wake Up

June 27. 2012 01:59 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks again for your links and Twitterverse this morning.  What an interesting collection.

How the Ashby/Slipper intrigue escalates by the day.  It is looking more and more like the Grech affair.  Same journalist, same Liberal Party involvement, same cover up, same attempt to bring down the Government.  

With the capsize of another boat with around 150 asylum seekers, including women and children on board, surely a way around the impasse on policy can be found.  How many people have to drown before Tiny Abbott comes to the party?

Ad astra

June 27. 2012 03:18 PM

Tom of Melbourne

” How many people have to drown before Tiny Abbott comes to the party?

The government has have countless policies on this in just a few years. Perhaps if they need the help of their political opponents they could prepare some bipartisan ground work by admitting they got so much wrong.

As for the diatribe/drivel from Talk Turkey, he’s just another who gets all huffy when people point out the history of the ALP on this issue.

Tom of Melbourne

June 27. 2012 04:07 PM


Ad Astra

I will help fight with the fifth Estate.  I gave up reading the papers, online, a couple of years ago, migrated to here and a few other blogs, and follow nearly all of Lyn's links.

Saw by accident Albo on tv this morning he was just brilliant.  Watched the start of QT and Julia was just so good, she made me feel like flying with pride.  Well done Julia.

Can't believe the horribleness the LNP are sprouting about the asylum seekers.  I got so angry the other day I even wrote a tweet.  


June 27. 2012 04:37 PM



Welcome back.

Have you been away "researching", to identify just one reform implemented by some non-JG former PM which was "embraced " by the electorate.

You remember claiming this in a JG smearing post just 2 weeks back yesterday.

Or are you just the fraudster most TPS readers consider you to be. Maybe the cat got your tongue?


June 27. 2012 04:51 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Question time:

I tried to put each speaker in order for you.  They haven't voted yet but people are saying the Coalition is filibusting to give them time to talk objecting MP's around to Abbott's view.

Malcolm Farnsworth‏@mfarnsworth
This is the Oakeshott bill Gillard will support in a few minutes: http://auspol.info/LAxwac - already passed the Second Reading.

Simon Cullen‏@Simon_Cullen
Rob Oakeshott wrote to all MPs in March to explain his legislation. Here's his letter: roboakeshott.com/system/files/Migration%20bill.pdf

Greg Jericho‏@GrogsGamut
Abbott seems to be now talking just to allow time for arm twisting to occur

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Hm, Mal Washer talking to the government whip. Might he cross the floor? #asylum #hor

Paul Bongiorno‏@PaulBongiorno
@Sandra_Sully Two possibly three coalition members will support the Oakshott Bill. Tony Abbott suspects or knows it.

Simon Cullen‏@Simon_Cullen
The Opposition is moving an amendment to Oakeshott's bill, to restrict offshore processing to countries that've signed UN refugee convention

Neil Adolphson‏@ennelay
What a fine politician Rob Oakeshott is. People of Lyne should be proud.

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Morrison moves an amendment: only countries that have signed UN Convention to be used for offshore processing. #asylum

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Morrison effectively wants to strike out most of the 2nd section of Oakeshott's bill, which currently reproduces govt's ideas. #asylum

Bronwyn Bishop speaks with a dead animal draped around her neck, symbolic of what's happening on the seas #qt #auspol

Bernard Keane‏@BernardKeane
Moral burden? The only moral burden Ruddock ever had was when he pinned his Amnesty badge on.

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Kelly O'Dwyer SHUT DOWN by Anna who won't countenance anything during this debate. #asylum

Bernard Keane‏@BernardKeane
Burke just snapped O'Dwyer back so hard her teeth are still rattling

Something up with Lib MPs in House - sounds like some prepared to cross floor on Oakeshott bill - problem remains Greens in Senate

Stephen Koukoulas‏@TheKouk
Keenan's upset is not matched by actions. He should do something to help so there are less tears in future

Stephanie Peatling‏@srpeatling
Malcolm Turnbull: It is our job as legislators and it is the PM's job as head of govt to reach a balance.

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Malcolm Turnbull - this is about pressuring and embarrassing the coalition, because it can't become law. #asylum

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Malcolm Turnbull - so PM, reinstate the JWH border policy and if that doesn't work, then you have a case for Malaysia. #asyulm

Turnbull telling PM to implement Nauru & then when it doesn't work you can argue 4 Malaysia-Nice fence sitting Mal #qt #auspol

Karen Middleton‏@KarenMMiddleton
Turnbull says the Govt knows that the Oakeshott bill wont pass the Senate so 'what is this about, other than to embarrass the coalition?'

Turnbull says this bill won't pass the Senate - but then urges support for his bill which wouldn't get Greens support either. #auspol #qt

Brendan Brooks‏@HyperBrendan
Dutton uses this for an election campaign speech #auspol #qt

Bernard Keane‏@BernardKeane
Kevin Andrews daring to open his mouth about human rights is the nearest thing this debate will get to outright comedy.

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Andrew Robb now. We're gonna be here all night. #asylum

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Shorter Abbott: do it our way or no way. #asylum

Misha Schubert‏@mishaschubert
"I say let's not just have a debate today, let's have a solution today": Tony Abbott.

morrison again... filibuster .. a very late night

Greg Jericho‏@GrogsGamut
“@CrabbTwitsard: Scott Morrison says not a day goes by when he doesn't examine his conscience on this issue”

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
Sense the Govt's patience is beginning to wear thin

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
Oh God. Mirabella. #asylum

Marian Dalton‏@crazyjane13
I cannot believe this. Mirabella yelling about costs of dealing with #asylum seekers. With a rescue in progress. #asylum #shame

Malcolm Farnsworth‏@mfarnsworth
Sophie Mirabella (Lib-Indi) speaks... in order to stop the tragic loss of life there has to be a policy that actually works...

Misha Schubert‏@mishaschubert
Julie Bishop: we can't compromise on this issue. We should not compromise on human rights #asylum

Misha Schubert‏@mishaschubert
Washer in talks with Crook and Pyne up the back. #asylum

Anne Summers‏@SummersAnne
Why doesn't #Albo gag debate? They've had two hours #qt

Simon Crean shoots down Abbott's amendment argument. But where's Abbott? - scuttling around under the table I'll bet #auspol

@SummersAnne Looks like the coalition are fillabusting

Financial Review‏@FinancialReview
#Gillard brings forward debate on Oakeshott bill to restore offshore processing to countries including Malaysia. [free] www.afr.com/.../gillard_brings_forward_asylum_debate_P8WyI0Jp2dp7ifAdYPXQEJ


June 27. 2012 05:36 PM


Hi NormanK and DMW

So sorry to read of your sad losses in posts last night.  I am sending my sincere sympathy to you both.

Best wishes to you from


June 27. 2012 05:46 PM

42 long

Master of emotional blackmail and the take no prisoners mentality. The great bloke TONY. give and take means you give I TAKE.
   Mirabella would heve been better to remain seated. She's just not class at all. We all know she thinks money is very important, but right now?
  Some good speeches in there but disappointing in the analysis overall so far. the whole boat people debate has been a horses a88se from wayback. Make a political issue of it and the worst comes out. Happens in every country.

42 long

June 27. 2012 06:33 PM


Turn Back The Boats!

Tony Abbott knows he has authority
To give commands, to turn the tide of history.
He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
Of course he can turn back those boats!

He has a sacred pledge or covenant
With God. He knows that government
Is rightly his….or soon will be. It must.
His blood oath on that just needs our trust.

For non-believers like Julia Gillard
And godless men of the old Red Guard
Who claim a democratic right to rule
He rightly has contempt and ridicule.

Businessmen must now make plans ahead
Heeding what this visionary has said.
Ignore those laws about a carbon price!
He’s warned them once! He will not say it twice!

That climate crap’s all hypothetical.
Believing it is now heretical.
Pretending to he once himself risked hell
Till shriven of his lie by Cardinal Pell.

Knowing himself to be pure of soul,
And with a clear mandate from Newspoll,
He demands again an immediate election.
Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

As if King Canute’s direct descendant,
He condemns her and any Independent,
Or Liberal who dares defy his orders,
To exile on Nauru outside Australian borders.


June 27. 2012 06:46 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Psyclaw, during a period of significant reform, Hawke & Keating won 5 elections in succession. Their reform agenda was obviously embraced by the electorate.

I don’t know what your problem is with this, but I think you’ll have to get over it.

Tom of Melbourne

June 27. 2012 06:53 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the Twtterati that reflects the awful debate that is extant in the House.  Tony Abbott talks compromise, but it has to be his way or none at all.  He walks away for compromise, like he walks away from just about everything else that doesn’t suit him.  The man is a disgrace: heartless, stubborn, and uncaring despite his words.  

He says asylum seekers must not be sent to countries that have not signed the UNHCR Convention, yet his policy of turning boats around would send asylums seekers to Indonesia, which is not a signatory.  The Howard Government sent asylum seekers to Nauru long before it became a signatory.  

The concern he expresses for the ‘human rights’ of asylum seekers is hypocrisy writ large.  It is simply a device he is using to stop the Government putting in place an arrangement with Malaysia that it is believed would stop or slow the traffic in asylum seekers.  If the boats were to stop Abbott would lose a political advantage, and he not prepared to do that.  So the tragedies will continue, because the Greens, in pursuit of their version of political purity, will not pass Rob Oakeshott’s bill in the Senate.  So much for their humanitarian stance!

Ad astra

June 27. 2012 07:23 PM


The Scott Morrison amendment of a higher intake was to me another offer to buy votes similar to the Wilkie hospital offer - didn't work then and hasn't worked now.  Of course they probably knew that but wanted to be seen doing something.  


June 27. 2012 08:12 PM


Christine Milne really didn't cover herself with glory (or explain herself well) on 7:30 tonight.  Not sure if she speaks like that all the time - but all it seemed to me was she was trying to hector Leigh Sales (who is usually a fairly reasonable interviewer).

Milne supports on shore processing - she needs to rationally explain why (and why everyone else should).  Until then the politics will beat her every time and she will come over as being somewhat removed from reality.  Bob Brown would have sold the position a lot better.

Recaptcha bingo - "performance, sysesen"


June 27. 2012 08:30 PM


The vicious sanctimoniousness on display from Shouldabeen and his Coalition rabble today sank to depths not seen since John Howard's heyday of 'children overboard' and Workchoices as the workers' passport to secure employment.


June 27. 2012 08:35 PM


I see the asylum bill has passed the lower house....of course the Greens will block it in the senate...unless!...now, I don't know if an amendment can be attached between now and the senate vote, but perhaps a sunset clause can be attached with a promise that if the offshore idea doesn't work after twelve mths', full onshore processing would be the policy.
Personally, I'm all for onshore processing.


June 27. 2012 09:02 PM


Amazing day, so much I've stayed with the TV coverage and Twitter. I have said for weeks that Labor had to, and would, come to grips with the AS issue i this very period . . . But as I have also said before, the Eye of Time doesn't foresee the extraordinary - the defection of Slipper, and later his sidelining; the Rudd challenge, Bob Carr's elevation, Thomson's persecution, things like that. Eye of Time sees a big picture, not minutiae. But what minutiae in this particular timeslot! Ashbygate, Jacksonville, both ripening like a boil on your bum, ready to be lanced at last, and now, with not one but two sinkings in the open sea, the focus has come at the very best possible time to achieve at last a rational practical humane procedure to deal with asylum seekers on the high seas.

The blowtorch is now on the Greens. The Coalition to their eternal shame and self-diminution will not budge, fools that they are, but dare the Greens with 12% of the popular vote dare to defy the remaining overwhelming majority who will not for the foreseeable future accept on-shore processing? Greens whatever your notion of Democracy, you cannot justify preventing the government from dealing with this problem in its own way, as *J*U*L*I*A* said in her presser tonight, that it is the only possible legislation to deal with the problem immediately.

Abbortt, as I write, saying, with evident cat-got-the cream self-satisfaction at the thought, as I write, "By this time tomorrow the Prime Minister will be back at square one!"

Not hardly a question in sight. About one journo and two cameras by the looks. (There must have been two, I saw footage of one!)

Tomorrow: Ashbygate; AS debate in the Senate.

No mention of Ashbygate by Nick Grimm on ABC24. This morning it was white-hot in Albo's presser. Even half a day can be a long time in politics.

Enjoy the ambience Folks. We are doing fine. Glad we're not on the open sea in an unsafe boat though.    


June 27. 2012 09:05 PM

Ad astra

After the appalling debate in parliament today, it looks like we in the Fifth Estate have to fight on against the self-serving of our politicians.  They all say they are politicians to make things better, and I believe that was likely their initial intention, but once embroiled in adversarial politics, good intentions are swept aside in pursuit of political advantage.

It looks like the bill that has passed the House will be defeated by the Greens in the Senate.  We saw Christine Milne tonight on 7.30 trying to justify the Greens’ position.  She advocated increasing the quota and welcoming asylum seekers escaping persecution.  While those objectives are laudable, she did not, indeed never has explained how that will stop people paying people smugglers for a place on unsafe boats to make a perilous journey.  Everyone wants the boat traffic to stop, but how will Christine Milne’s proposal bring this about?

Even with a substantially increased quota, there will always be more asylum seekers than places for them.  There are close to 100,000 in Malaysia alone.  Given this, there would need to be an orderly process by which people came to this country when it was their turn.  Milne never says how they will get here, but presumably it would be by means other than leaky boats. But what about the people who, having the cash to buy passage on such a boat, are not prepared to wait their turn, which might be years hence?  Will they not, as they do now, buy a shortcut to Australia via a leaky boat?  The people who come on boats are not the impoverished; they are the impatient people with cash in their hands that can pay the $10,000 the people smugglers demand, while the poor have to patiently wait their turn.

I cannot see how an increased quota will stop the boats, and Milne has never explained how it would.

Does anyone know the answer that Milne never gives?

Ad astra

June 27. 2012 10:32 PM



Back again hey! And more rationalisation by you.

There's nothing to get over, except the fact that you clearly use hyperbowl to smear..... in fact more than that. You use hyperbowl to the point of outright dishonesty.

Being re-elected does not reflect "embraced" by the electorate. Being re-elected simply indicated that somewhere around 50% of the electorate wanted Labor to continue in government.  Some of the 50% might not in fact have even supported some of the Labor reforms.

So the best that could be said is that about half the electorate accepted the Labor reforms. This is not "the electorate embraced........."

You continue to use your typical conservo disdain for truth and facts, and so I am going to continue to call you out for it.

The problem is all yours, and it is a problem of dishonesty.


June 27. 2012 10:42 PM

Tom of Melbourne

So for weeks you’ve played semantics over the word “embraced”, must be half a dozen occasions or more. Obsessive behaviour?

No wonder you’re capable of thinking a “tax” isn’t one.

Tom of Melbourne

June 27. 2012 10:55 PM


Psyclaw...I think you've attracted a limpet!


June 27. 2012 11:07 PM


Psyclaw @8.34am, SHY is a twat!

LIR @12.01pm, Albo is absolutely wonderful, imo! So passionate and so devastating to the Liars Party hacks. Swan is getting into the swing with a vengeance as well.

There isn't a Minister who's letting the side down with weak replies or lack of competence in their portfolios.

Doodlepoodle, the higher offer was a direct steal of the government's proposed increase to 20,000 some time ago. Rejected out of hand by the Hypocrites Party and now smarmily espoused by that King of Smarm, Morrison.

Outside of Liealot, is there a more smarmy self-satisfied creep than Morrison?

2353 @8.12pm, I think it's because she can't really justify their bloody minded stance wrt asylum seekers.  

Ad astra @9.05pm, on the subject of asylum seekers, I think the Greens are every bit as disingenuous, dishonest, bloody minded and manipulative as the Liars Party.

Their position of complete refusal to negotiate or compromise is every bit as disgraceful as the Liars Party. They smugly claim the high moral ground but afaic, they are as low as the Liars and as undeserving of respect.

Milne and SHY are as bad as each other and as rigid.

They know they will NEVER get their way wrt on-shore processing, but still smugly (it's the word which best describes them, imo) reject any compromise.

The tears they shed over the deaths of these unfortunate people are every bit, if not a bloody sight more, as hypocritical as the Liars.

No, I take it back. The greens are a bloody sight more hypocritical, wrapping their faux concern in cloying falsehoods and priggish morality, when in fact they're just after political advantage.

So we see two sets of nasty self indulgent children tantrumming because they can't get their own way.

The only way to tackle this human tragedy is to compromise and come to an equitable decision which provides a just, humane and decent outcome for the asylum seekers.

In response to your comment on Ashbygate, it is indeed passing strange how similar it is to a certain other case of Liars' malevolent malfeasance, which will conclude with a similar result-egg liberally applied to Noalition faces and in the ultimate humiliation of Liealot.


June 28. 2012 12:25 AM


I think the MSM has deliberately given Abbott two massive "get out of jail" ticks.
The first is their refusal to point out that Abbott & the coalition did exactly what Gillard is now accused of, breaking an election promise. With Abbott's elevation the coalition not only reversed its position on its 2007 election promise to price carbon but opposed & ridiculed it.
The second is their allowing Abbott & the coalition to switch abruptly from proud hard heartedness concerning asylum seekers to a sick pseudo concern for their welfare, stopping these poor souls making this perilous voyage, for their own good of course.
Each designed to get him out of having to cope with inconvenient history.


June 28. 2012 12:48 AM



Don't like being held to account, do you.

So you employ your next strategy .... nastiness. Water off a duck's back to me.

After all it's your reputation under the spotlight, and it doesn't look too good.

Quote:  you’ve played semantics over the word “embraced”

Well ToM, it's your word. Are you now saying that it means something other than the dictionary meaning. You need to HTFU and accept responsibility for your own actions.

For the benefit of readers not up to date with this saga, here is a brief summary:

1) ToM is a known smearer of the PM.

2) Two weeks ago he smeared the PM saying that she is incompetent when compared to other PMs who have passed reform legislation which has been "embraced" by the electorate.

3) He chose to use the word "embraced" to exaggerate his smear of the PM.

4) By definition, genuine reform requires substantial change. In the political context, genuine reforms are invariable received by the electorate at best in a mood of "acceptance" and not "embraced".

5) For two weeks and on more than a dozen (not half dozen ToM) occasions I have invited ToM to give just one example of a reform "embraced" by the electorate.

6) He has failed to give an example.

7) More notably, he has failed to back away from his use of "embraced".

8) This means that he has wilfully and dishonestly used that word to ensure that his smear of the PM is graphic and that it has extra power to con unsuspecting readers.

9) So ToM's original post is a classic example of the conservo strategy to say or do anything to put an anti JG idea "out there" with no regard to truth and honesty.

10) Readers who did not already know it can be well informed by this saga that any post by ToM will be fraudulently based and should not be believed.

By the way ToM there has been one very important reform by a previous PM that is now certainly "embraced" by the electorate and that was very well accepted at the time it was legislated about 40 years back. Had you put it up as an example it would have added at least some evidence of your claim.

It was of course a Labor reform and as usual it was opposed at the time by your mob of scaredy cat conservos.

TPS readers! Beware! Take care to disregard whatever TomM writes. It will always be safest to assume the opposite.


June 28. 2012 01:05 AM



Let us all remember that it has only been the Liberal Party that has remained consistent on the need for offshore processing and pull-factors, not the Labor Party. Let us also remember that the PM stated that she was committed to only seeing refugees sent to countries for processing that were signatories to the refugee conventions. To strip all legally binding human rights protections from our asylum seeker legislation is much much further than Howard ever went, and i am sure that if it was the Coalition proposing such changes the Labor Party would be kicking and screaming about the evil Libs.
Labor members' morality seems to sway with the political winds of the day.

If the previous policies hadnt been dimantled then none of this mess would have occurred!


June 28. 2012 02:00 AM


jj I agree that the Liars party has remained consistently spiteful and mendacious wrt asylum seekers. And has consistently done its best to deny asylum seekers access to the legal system, only to be thwarted by the High Court.

And it's patently ridiculous to suggest that by some miracle the Liars' policies, and I use the word laughingly, could have any effect whatever on the number of people seeking refuge from war and persecution in their countries.

As for morality, one could never accuse the Liars of having any morality whatever to sway, swing or slump with a wind, gentle breeze or a baby's breath.


June 28. 2012 07:33 AM



Jacksonville: HSU members slave to the wage, Independent Australia
would love to hear details about what work was done by these kids — they clearly worked unsupervised as they operated from a different state. Not only that, but according to their payslips, they worked on a weekend when the HSU offices were closed.

Slave To The Wage, Wixxy, Wixxy Leaks
These hard working members must have felt like they had been kicked in the guts, when they heard that 2 children, a 15 and a 17 year old were worth over $24 an hour, while they slogged it out for less than $18. How humiliating that must have been. It would have been enraging to them

Threats against Rob Oakeshott… doesn’t his presence in Parliament just make the Right-wing crazy, Turn Left 2013
Rob Oakeshott would not compromise with Tony Abbott following the 2010 election, he is a wise, brave, honest politician – and that just totally drives the Right Wing crazy

Carbon Pricing- If any of these businesses put up their retail prices between July 2012 and Dece, Clarence Girl, North Coast Voices
Tony Abbott and Federal Coalition MPs encourage the butcher, baker and candlestick maker to put up their prices after 1 July 2012. Knowing that, in most cases, it would be difficult to justify any

The 'Malaysia solution': has its time now come? Clive Kessler, The Conversation
finely targeted obstructionism to all government initiatives (in other words, of “maximum possible nay-saying and mischief-making”), to make the country ungovernable.That is half of his strategy. The other half is then to spend the rest of his time sneering and jeering that the government is demonstrably hopeless, that it simply cannot govern.

Behind a beat-up: Joe goes all the way with Ray on school sweets, Bernard Keane, Crikey
Yesterday the Telegraph ran a page five item admitting that Monday’s story was wrong and claiming it was unaware of the Friday email from Wright. Lewis’ yarn was updated online. Other News Ltd outlets that ran the yarn did not run the correction.

A modest proposal to deter asylum seekers, Jonathan Green ABC
How many deaths will it take? Five hundred, a thousand? It matters little ... the asylum seekers will die out of Australian sight. There will be no domestic upheaval and wringing of hands. The strength of our borders will never be tested.

THEY CAN’T BE SERIOUS: The Age’s “editorial independence” means it’s OK to slag Abbott as a proud, arrogant opportunist on the front-page, Vex News
What the Coalition ought to worry about is that the situation in Afghanistan is worse than it was when they were in office. And it will be worse in five years time than it is now. If we were advising Abbott, we’d urge him to lock Labor in now to a bi-partisan position about offshore processing they won’t be able to back away from later when it’s convenient in Opposition

What The World's Richest Woman Gina Rinehart Thinks About Climate Change, Graham Readfern, Desmogblog
when it comes to arguably the planet's most pressing problem - human-caused climate change - the Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart dismisses out of hand not only the issue, but the expertise of the world's climate science community.Now, Rinehart, the head and owner of Hancock Prospecting, has revealed that she wants to use her substantial stakes in two leading Aust

Carbon tax is nothing to object to, Ross Gittins
If the industrial users can be induced to eliminate wasteful use of power, this will make a difference. And if power companies can be induced to replace their present generators with less emissions-intensive models when the time comes, this will make a big difference. Raising the price of electricity produced by burning fossil fuels helps make the price of power

Labor, coalition in ‘seat-by-seat’ carbon tax battle, David Twomey, Eco News
The minority federal Labor government and its conservative Liberal-National coalition opposition are poised for a seat-by-seat battle to win over voters once Australia’s carbon price starts on Sunday. Labor members of parliament have been briefed by Australian Labor Party (ALP)

Australia’s newspaper crisis is a failure of the market, not journalism , Jeff Sparrow, The Conversation.
For years, Federal Labor advocated an ABC-style newspaper – as Gough Whitlam put it, the party sought “national newspapers and journals which would share the news and cultural services of the Australian Broadcasting Commission and which would give Australians the same choice of news and views in their newspapers as they expect in their radio and television”.

You’re flat out wrong, NBN Co tells AFR, Renai LeMay, Delimeter
NBN Co this afternoon issued a statement noting that the AFR’s claim was simply false. “The report is patently untrue as both Silcar and Transfield have confirmed independently today,” the company said. “All existing construction contractors are committed to the project and are keen to bid for additional work. Far from scaling back, the delimiter.com.au/.../

The future of newspapers: Anybody’s guess at this stage, Ethical Martini
Most money is on the bet that Gina Rinehart will want to shift Fairfax to the right and into more ‘business-friendly’ reporting. This is assumed to include more climate change ‘scepticism’ and less criticism of the minerals industry.

Turn Back The Boats!, Patricia wa, Polliepomes
That climate crap’s all hypothetical.     Believing it is now heretical.     Pretending to he once himself risked hell   Till shriven of his lie by Cardinal Pell

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June 28. 2012 08:37 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

June 28. 2012 09:02 AM


If Greens help pass Govt AS Bill that will be all they can do. Else they'll be individually & collectively responsible for future drownings.Labor has bent EVERY possible way tho compromise, Aborttians and Greens have move not a millimeter. Abborttians we know about. How hypocritical though are the Greens! Holy sanctimonious mealymouths, come on Greens supporters, lobby them this morning or desert them
forever. This is not the party of high morality, it is the party of high dudgeon. Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor you are great Australians and humans, wonder if you are churchgoing Christians like Abbortt and Morriscum? Jason Clare thank you for your dedication to a decent result, I hope your work is not in vain.

GREENS?! Please! Otherwise your cynicism is absolute.


June 28. 2012 09:34 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Interesting misrepresentation there.

Apparently it’s particularly objectionable to say stuff like – ”the public embraced the reforms of Hawke and Keating because they were trusted, but Gillard lacks the trust of the public and her reforms not supported or something.... and I proved about 5 examples.

So outrageous is this that it requires harping over the semantics of “embraced” for weeks.

Mind you, everything I’ve said about Gillard has been factual, on the public record,  so I suppose I could play a semantics over the use of the word “smear”. But I won’t bother.

Tom of Melbourne

June 28. 2012 09:49 AM

42 long

  Can any thinking person swallow the turn back the boats( when possible)argument
   All the experts have said this cannot be done. Are you going to do it in Indonesian waters? ( where most of this is happening)
   None of these desperate people will just sit there and be towed back to Indonesia. They will jump overboard, blow up the boat or just sink it.
   We then pick them up, as we must, and take them to Indonesia, as we have done in the past. and they won't get off the boat ( as  has  happened).
   What do we then do? drive them off at gunpoint while the whole world watches us "behaving badly".
    Indonesia doesn't have to take them back.
  Indonesia cannot be expected to stop them leaving. How can it? the whole place is a mass of islands and people communicate by "BOATS".
   ANY solution to this is world wide. We rely on good relations with our northern neighbours who shoulder most of the cost and inconvenience of the forced migration that they are affected by much more than we are.
   Everything that the Mad ABBOTTs Mob do is insulting to our northern neighbours. Morrison and Bishop contrinually insult them with their denigration and arrogance. They just wouldn't know how to behave any differently. I just hope passionately that we are not all judged by the attitude displayed by  the reprehensible LNP
   Hanging their hats and crossing their hearts and saying they are comfortable with the stand on signing of the UN  agreements is BS. Look at some of those countries who have. ( I won't list the crook ones but there are plenty).
   Take the case of NAURU. It's not as big as a melbourne suburb. It will cost a fortune to re develop it and it will look BAD as it did before. Is it really a Country or just a group of people trying to exist after the Phosphate companies have ruined their home?
   Christmas island is nearly at Jakarta's front door. The people who sign the travellers up for their trip say. It's just over there. You can see it from here on some days.
   Attempting  get here by boat is NOT illegal. Arriving here is not illegal either.
   Tony says the legislation WILL NOT get passed by the Upper house. That MAY be true but how can he predict it? IS the debate a sham? obviously it MUST be IF Tony can assure us as he has of the OUTCOME before the debate has taken place.
  The PRESSURE IS now on the senate to perform a real function of ADDRESSING the issue, other wise we do have nothing but potitics and political pressure.

42 long

June 28. 2012 10:52 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse for you all:-

Simon Cullen‏@Simon_Cullen
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is wiping away tears as she speaks on the #asylum legislation

Kimmaree ‏@kimmaree_tweet
Scott Morrison and Mr Abbott doing hourly pressers, their polling must be showing how much damage their obstructionist attitude is doing

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU

Live video - the Senate debates Oakeshott's migration bill media.nationaltimes.com.au/.../national-times

ABC: Asylum seeker debate grips Federal Parliament http://goo.gl/fb/mavuo #auspol

Liberals dispute findings over political brochures - ABC Online news.google.com/.../url://www.abc.net.au/.../4097266?section%3Dact #auspol

National Times‏@NationalTimesAU
MPs stand up for their beliefs, and fall down on their duty to protect lives, writes Lenore Taylor @lenoretaylor www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120627-212yt.html

Sunili Govinnage‏@sunili
I turned yesterday’s flurry of tweety-rage into a piece on The Drum about how @OakeyMP’s bill isn’t about saving lives http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/4097206.html

GwilRabbitBlack☞ ‏@Gwillotine
THIS MEANS ALP HAVE GOT EVIDENCE >Come clean on Slipper links, Labor tells Abbott www.smh.com.au/.../...s-abbott-20120627-212yl.html via @smh

Ken ‏@KoenjiEikaiwa
Peter Hartcher: Parliament in disrepute after politicking rules again It will be if Greens & Coalition senators fail http://bit.ly/OtRK78

Tristan Douglas‏@TrisD
"The crisis isn't about us." Great, great piece. RT @bkjabour: What exactly is our "refugee crisis"? @JohnBirmingham www.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...0120627-212h1.html

Mr Denmore‏@MrDenmore
Why does the Coalition bother hiring media advisers when they have that grubby hack Steve Lewis working for them? www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120627-212yl.html

The West Australian‏@thewest_com_au
Gillard demands Senate backs asylum bill. http://yhoo.it/LC5yeb

The Australian‏@australian
PM's plea as boats bill heads for defeat: JULIA Gillard has made a last ditch plea for senators to pass a bill t... http://bit.ly/QmAZJI

ABC NewsRadio‏@ABC_NewsRadio
Marius Benson's daily political analysis - today with Heather Ewart...(audio) http://bit.ly/OyYSk0 #auspol

GOOD FOR THE GOOSE: Labor admits Abbott’s carbon scare campaign just like their GST scare campaign: Climate Chan... http://bit.ly/NDcgxp

Evan Dently‏@evandently
“@Colvinius: Labor to impose public interest test on media ownership: http://bit.ly/MUw4P6 via @FinancialReview” #in free

jaundiced view‏@JaundicedV
TheKouk In fact when you look at the policy, it does hang together, and lacks the pandering to racists the majors own. greens.org.au/.../immigration-and-refugees


June 28. 2012 12:23 PM



Case closed.

See again my post at 12.48 am today. This time read it.

You lose.

You continue to misrepresent.



June 28. 2012 12:51 PM


Just a quick note to let you all know that Patricia is in hospital after being hit by a car this morning while walking her dog. The damage is a fractured tibia and she should be home in a few days. We can be thankful it wasn't more serious. I'm sure you'll join me in passing on our best wishes.


June 28. 2012 12:58 PM


And to think they want us to vote for them next year


June 28. 2012 01:48 PM



I'm sure that I speak for all of us here in asking you to pass on our best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.

Thank-you for letting us know.


June 28. 2012 02:15 PM


Thanks Miglo,
that news has bought a tear or three to my eyes

Get well soon PWA


June 28. 2012 02:20 PM


I have been trying to stay out of the big debate.

It may not be a game changer but maybe a small ray of hope.

Leading human rights lawyer backs asylum 'compromise' Phillip Coorey @NationalTimes
One of the nation's most prominent human rights lawyers has called on the Greens to take a pragmatic approach and support offshore processing to end the deaths at sea of asylum seekers.

Sydney human rights lawyer George Newhouse's call is all the more remarkable because his firm represented the survivors and the families of the deceased on SIEV 221, which foundered on Christmas Island in 2010.


I am with George on this. While I understand and agree with the principles pragmatism and reality persuade me toward saying that Oakeshott's bill must pass.

I am sad and cranky to have to agree with Narau and Malaysia etc. but reality bites.


June 28. 2012 02:23 PM


Oh Gee Patricia, (thanks for telling us Miglo!)

Yes me too DMW.

Gee tell us more asap.

Bring something good back out of the pain and painkillers and whole experience Patricia.

Get well soon. Kiss


June 28. 2012 02:43 PM



Please tell us the full story of your Gravatar. I want especially to know exactly what the pointy thing is.
It's a fascinating graphic I reckon.


No comments in QT so far (unless in the first few minutes I missed) about Ashbygate. Nor Jacksonville. Just *Carbon Tax* surprise surprise. *J*U*L*I*A* whacking their balls over the pavilion. She sounds really completely in control, and why, well she is just about to win the War by  

Trusszzzzzzz wants to table a document,
Albo says with a big grin, He needs a break, YES!
and the single page is duly passed to Clerk.

Truss must have been astounded. I hope it had a doodle on it. He wouldn't have expected it at all.  


June 28. 2012 03:19 PM

Ad astra

I have just now posted a new piece: Tony Abbott - the man who walks away.


Ad astra

June 28. 2012 04:02 PM


Some of this seems to have been scramble from/in the last post. Sorry, but Tough.


No comments in QT so far (unless in the first few minutes I missed) about Ashbygate. Nor Jacksonville. Just *Carbon Tax* surprise surprise. *J*U*L*I*A* whacking their balls over the pavilion. She sounds really completely in control, and why, well she is just about to win the War by losing the battle in the Senate, and now also by the fact that every time the so-called Carbon Tax is mentioned, it will be a win not a loss for us. We had already lost all we could - as the facts give the lie to the scare campaign, people will be coming back to us. This is not a passive situation, it is one that can be worked by the Government and the more it is worked the better.

And the AS loss-to-be in the Senate has reversed the onus on the Abborttians, and given us the advantage, it's an awful situation but Labor has wrenched the practical ground from the Greens and from the Opposition. They are in bed with one another, can you imagine what Labor will do with that over the coming months. Pretty good trigger for an election after 2 more introductions! Imagine, we will be saying Stop the Boats! (with a decent proposal as to how to do that.) The Greens have made themselves irrelevant and the Abbortians will be confounded! Too bad about the drowners but what else can we do?!

*J*U*L*I*A*: The facts at every stage are his enemy

Another Kiss-it-better to Patricia.

Didn't I tell yous all, this would be the week we really get on top in the arguments. But I didn't foresee the deaths at sea, which have so focussed on ths most important of all issues for Labor to wrestle to a win, and I didn't foresee the ripening of Ashbygate and Jacksonville, and both of those are very juicy for Labor in showing what a bunch of crooks these LNP crooks are.    

We are strong and brave and determined and we are winning on every front. Be of good cheer.

We are just going to war at last. Can't you feel it! Smile

As I wrote that, Craig Emerson announcing on July First he's going to Whyalla! (For the Sky Falling Ceremony) -
Great Works Emmo, humour is our trump card and secret weapon!  

Emmo's last words - (How many times has da Turkey told you?) -

And WE WILL PREVAIL!  [/b][/u]


June 28. 2012 04:55 PM

42 long

  Maybe aspirants for the highest job in austraia should subject them selves to a personality and psychological assessment/stability test. After all we do give them a lot of power and trust. That shouldn't be too much to ask as astronauts and people who have to do a winter in antarctica have to.
  Think how much better the world would be had America done it for the last few decades. They might have had to dig deeper for candidates.
   It's an interesting idea don't you think? Who would have most to fear here. Julia  or Tony ? ( But we are asked to forgive Tony a lot of things aren't we?)

42 long

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