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Abbott and the Goebbels Factor

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Thursday, 26 July 2012 18:36 by Ad astra
As an example of emotion overwhelming reason, there is no more compelling one in Federal politics than the indifferent standing our PM enjoys in the eyes of the electorate, judged by the one metric that is regularly thrust in our faces as a legitimate measure – opinion polls. Leaving aside their validity and reliability, both of which are questionable, let’s look at other measures of her popularity and the respect in which she is held, together with her actual performance, and see how these tally with her poll ratings.

‘Softer’ measures include the reaction of individuals, groups of people, and those attending community events. From all accounts, PM Gillard is well received when she meets person to person with people whether in small numbers or in larger gatherings. She is personable, charming, and easy going. Even her detractors concede that. So the dislike of Julia Gillard that is evidenced in some sectors of the community seems not to be related to an abrasive manner, or social ineptitude, or snobbishness, or rudeness. She comes across as a pleasant person to meet, and with whom to converse. Think about the many TV clips we have seen of her with schoolchildren, parents, teachers and school administrators. Has anyone witnessed unbecoming behaviour? It seems that we have to give her a tick for interpersonal relationships at this level.

Reflect on her performance in larger forums such as community meetings. In all that I have witnessed she comes across as attentive to questions, respectful of questioners, intelligent, articulate, honest and non-evasive in her answers, and almost always convincing. While there has been the occasional heckler who has harangued her, for the most part audiences have been respectful and attentive, and the feedback largely positive. While some might give her the thumbs down, most do not. Another tick.

Think about her many appearances at workplaces, replete with hard-hat and fluoro vest, and reflect on how she has handled them. While the accoutrements irritate some, they seem to be required dress. Here again, she answers questions directly and clearly, and makes her points pithily, complying as all pollies need to do with the demand of TV viewers and radio audiences for brevity. Some may contest her statements or debate her reasoning, but few would assert that she fails to make her position clear.

Recall her more formal addresses to conferences, business gatherings, the National Press Club, and to political or social institutes. To me, she has presented herself well and stated her case soundly. Her speeches read well. Of course some disagree with her ideology, her policies, her plans, but that is the norm in political life for any politician. Some political commentators have lamented what they describe as her lack of a narrative, but rarely give a clue about how that narrative might read. Likewise, they bemoan a paucity of vision, but again never spell out what vision they expect. They long too for ‘leadership’, search for it, but never seem to see it, let alone tell us what they seek. In my opinion, the calls for a narrative, for a vision, for leadership, are no more than easy catchphrases that journalists use, knowing that their readers will be impressed with their erudition but will almost never probe them about what form a narrative, a vision and inspired leadership might take. Without this explanation, these words are just a journalistic cop-out; empty, albeit plausible, words.

I first wrote about this in September 2008 in In search of the political Holy Grail – the Rudd Government narrative. Having spelt out the elements of a narrative, I detailed the Rudd ‘narrative’ that I had heard over and again, ending with: “So there it is. Although the words scarcely lend themselves to soaring oratory, they do have the potential to catch attention and engender assent. There’s nothing there that we haven’t heard before. It’s just an aggregation of announcements that have been made by the Rudd Government since its election. Is this the narrative columnists are so eagerly seeking, or something like it? Maybe we’ve all heard the narrative over and again without realizing it.”

Then in October 2010 I wrote, The enigma of the ‘overarching’ narrative a term used by Paul Keating in his book After Words. Again, somewhat exasperated, I concluded: “The Gillard Government does have a clearly articulated ‘overarching and compelling story’. Many of us can see its narrative, but according to Keating many can’t, and of course many won’t because they don’t want to.”

I wrote about vision in Julia Gillard’s Vision for the Asian Century in November 2011.

‘Leadership’ too has been the subject of several pieces. In August 2010 there was The enigma of leadership; in February 2011 Leadership - what do the people want; and in August 2011 What is political leadership – Do you know?

Before anyone comes here condemning Julia Gillard for a lack of a narrative, or vision, or leadership, please read these pieces first.

She has twice appeared solo on Q&A for hour-long questioning, sometimes from hostile questioners, and has done well. The amount of positive feedback that resulted suggested that there was approval by many.

She has often appeared on 7.30, and although sometimes subject to hostile questioning, has answered firmly, maintained her equanimity, and has got her message across. Last night’s appearance was superb.

Recently she entered the social media environment with an hour-long session on Google+ Hangout. I watched it all and found her performance polite and respectful and her responses plausible and in line with her stated positions. Some will disagree with some of these positions, but when two thirds gave her a ‘dislike’ rating, were they expressing dislike of her policies and positions, or their dislike of her personally?

So far I’m scratching to find anything of moment to hang around our PM’s neck. She seems to perform well in these community environments, yet the opinion polls, for what they are worth, tell us that for a long while now she has had a higher disapproval rating than approval. What is the basis for that disapproval?

How does she perform on the international stage? Despite her initial uncertainty about how she would handle relations with other heads of state, she has done well, is respected by them and gets along well with the greatest of them all, President Obama being a case in point. Although some criticized her initial apprehension, few have said anything derogatory since.

What about her parliamentary performance? Most commentators would give her credit for her ability in Question Time to answer questions, no matter how nasty or curly, often without notes, and when she uses them, she seems to have anticipated the question and has facts and figures at her fingertips. She has had the better of her questioners, much to the chagrin of the Leader of the Opposition and the Manager of Opposition business. Despite them heaping venomous abuse on her day after day, she has maintained her equanimity and countered them with verve. Even her opponents would give her a tick for her parliamentary style.

In parliamentary committees, and in COAG, an example of which we saw yesterday, she maintains control, will not tolerate intimidation, and does not buckle under duress. The Independents testify to her friendliness, her skill in negotiation, and her willingness to find solutions and sometimes accept compromises to ‘get things done’, to use her phrase.

Whenever she speaks, no matter on what subject, she seems to be across her brief thoroughly, a formidable task for any national leader in today’s complex world.

I’m still wondering why she is so unpopular with much of the electorate.

What about her appearance? It seems that she has been subject of much unwarranted criticism. But about what? Her jackets, her jewellery or lack of it, her earlobes and earrings, her pointy nose, and of course ‘her big backside’? Hardly objects worthy of censure! Then there is her voice, her ocker accent, her drawl. Again, is this aspect of our PM more off-putting than Bob Hawke’s gravelly diction, John Howard’s voice, both the butt of comic mimicking, or the whining voice of Billy McMahon? Is it because she is a woman that she cops so much?

Is her marital status a reason for voters’ disapproval, or her childlessness, or her atheism? Or her opposition to same-sex marriage? For some it may be, but any or all of them are hardly a substantial reason for the level of disapproval we see.

Let’s then look at her policies. There is no doubt that some have generated deep antagonism among some voters. The ‘carbon tax’, the minerals tax, and her asylum seeker strategy are policies that have all evoked virulent criticism from many. No doubt that explains some of her unpopularity. All politicians suffer unpopularity among those of a different ideological view, but while such differences evoke disagreement, even antagonism, it is unusual for them to evoke the strong feelings about PM Gillard that many voters have, in some instances amounting to profound dislike, even vitriolic hatred.

Some dislike her, not just because of her policies, but also because of what they deem to be her incompetence. How many times have you heard her described as hopeless, inept, without a clue, error prone, never able to get anything right, indecisive, a poor decision maker, a back-flipper, in fact the worst PM this country has ever had, leading ‘a bad government, getting worse’, one that is bungling and ‘chaotic’? But this assessment does not tally with her actual performance.

She has led a reforming Government, has successfully tackled some of the thorniest issues of our time – climate change, tax reform, education, health and disability reforms, social welfare and parental leave reforms, and a variety of critically vital infrastructure projects, the NBN being the largest. Even forming a minority Government required consummate negotiating skills, ones superior to those of the Opposition Leader, and keeping it going has required both skill and perseverance. The result is over 330 pieces of legislation passed already; the only ones pending are those for which Coalition or Greens’ support is needed but wanting.

An objective and fair appraisal of performance would have to rate PM Gillard’s and her Government’s efforts to date as first class, even if not agreeing with the substance of some of the legislation passed. She has got things done. Many, many things! And in the process, only two ministers, Joel Fitzgibbon and Kevin Rudd have been removed from their portfolios. The Gillard Government has been an efficient and active one, already having passed three times as much legislation as the Howard Government did in its first term. So she and her Government should get a big tick for achievement.

On top of that, all the parameters of Australia’s economy are excellent. The economy is booming, the best by far in the developed world. The Rudd and the Gillard governments have managed it brilliantly.

There must be much more to explain why this personable, intelligent, well-informed, hardworking, efficient and accomplished PM is so unpopular.

Let’s get down to what I believe is the nub of Julia Gillard’s unpopularity problem – the image that has been indelibly stamped on her persona by Tony Abbott, Coalition members, shock jocks and the media. She has been portrayed as a back-stabber, disloyal, treacherous, untrustworthy, deceitful, and, most of all, a liar.

First, the way in which she came to power has rebounded on her head almost from the day she replaced Kevin Rudd, certainly from when, during the election campaign, Laurie Oakes asked his question about that fateful night. Although right up until the last moment she stated repeatedly and genuinely that she did not want prime ministership and agreed to allow her name to go forward only under pressure from the powerbrokers, she has been tagged ever since as a backstabber, especially by Queenslanders, many of whom still hold Kevin Rudd in high regard, and feel he was poorly treated. She has unfairly copped most of the ignominy of that event, while the perpetrators have slinked away.

Tony Abbott and his Coalition colleagues have ensured that this event has been imprinted on her as a cattleman brands his beasts. In the eyes of those who despise her, she might as well have it seared into her forehead for all to see. Every time they look at her, no matter what she is doing or saying, they see this branding, and like any branding, it will never disappear. The true story behind her coming to prime ministership is irrelevant to them; all that they see is the metaphorical brand in the centre of her forehead. Sadly, no matter how many good things she does, some will never credit her, will never forgive her for her ‘back-stabbing’ of Kevin Rudd. Who are these people? I suspect that most are Coalition supporters, but some will be disenchanted Labor supporters, whom Labor needs to enfold again.

But the most damaging tag that has been indelibly applied to her is the ‘liar’ label. This has arisen from her change of tack over an emissions trading scheme, something she committed herself to during the 2010 election, but it turned out to be an undertaking she was unable to deliver once she was confronted with a hung parliament that required negotiation to bring about a workable minority government. She had to compromise to achieve government. She had to put aside her: ‘there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead’, something she really meant when she said it. What she wanted was an emissions trading scheme from the outset, without a preliminary price on carbon. She could not achieve that, so she had the option of having nothing or having a compromise solution. She chose the latter and has been demonized for that decision ever since. Only the occasional journalist paints the true sequence of events, the true picture.

It is a LIE to say that she has broken a solemn promise; it is FALSE to call her a liar because she compromised with the Greens and the Independents to achieve a workable outcome rather than none at all. Yet that is what Tony Abbott, his Coalition members and his sycophants in the media, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Co. have done with ferocity seldom seen even in the rough and tumble of Federal politics. They have called her ‘Ju-liar’, and have associated themselves with placards bearing ‘Ditch the Witch’ and ‘Bob Brown’s Bitch’. Jones has said that she and Bob Brown and sundry others should be put in a hessian bag, taken out to sea and left to swim back, something he has repeated many times. Graeme Morris has said she ‘should be kicked to death’. Their venom is incredible.

Abbott, Jones and Hadley have repeatedly demonized our PM, treated her with disdain and have done this publically. They have repeated ‘Ju-liar’ endlessly. Is it any surprise that the polls, the one measure of popularity that journalists use, remain persistently poor for Julia Gillard and her Government? And every time the polls are in the field, particularly Newspoll, News Limited ensures that its pages are filled with stories condemnatory of her and her Government, thereby ensuring the continuation of poor polling for Labor and her personally. Each poll influences those that follow; each bout of relentless negativity feeds into the next, in a vicious spiral that defies recovery.

This is where the Goebbels Factor comes into play. As Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany, Goebbels built his strategy on this dictum: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” He went onto say: “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State (my bolding).”

Abbott, Jones, Hadley and their followers have used this strategy consistently and tellingly since the 2010 election, when Abbott believed he was robbed of his rightful place as Prime Minister of this nation.

Another of Goebbels’ dictums was: “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”. Again, Abbott has used that Goebbels strategy to great effect.

Another Goebbels aphorism: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play”, illustrates exactly how Abbott has managed his anti-Gillard propaganda; the press, particularly News Limited, has been deeply complicit.

In summary, this piece argues that by any reasonably objective measure, Julia Gillard has been an outstanding, if not perfect Prime Minister. She and her Government have introduced a series of profound reforms designed to set this nation up for a low carbon economy and the Asian Century, and has achieved great success against the odds, in the face of the most venomous opposition and obstruction. The economy is prospering.

Our PM is a personable, devoted and intelligent leader, determined to bring Australia into the era ahead, well equipped to take advantage of what the new age offers. Yet she stands condemned by so many voters, persuaded by the Abbott/Jones/Hadley propaganda that she is an evil, back stabbing liar that must be thrown from office as soon as possible.

It is ironic that it is Canberra’s most habitual liar, Tony Abbott, who leads the ‘Ju-liar’ charge.

So far the Goebbels Factor is working for Abbott and his sycophants. Most of the media is doing everything it can to perpetuate the Goebbels strategy, with just a few Fairfax and independent journalists and the Fifth Estate fighting a rearguard against this formidable foe.

For some, even some in Labor circles, the struggle against these forces seems too hard. They look for an opportunity to throw in the towel, to let the polls, and the media that use them against Julia Gillard and her Government, have their way.

Such surrender is cowardly. What is Labor if its supporters surrender to the malevolent forces that seek to destroy it using Abbott’s evil Goebbels Factor? Julia Gillard remains defiant, refusing to submit to death by opinion poll, refusing to let Abbott’s Goebbels Factor triumph, refusing ‘to lie down and die’. Her supporters need to get resolutely behind her.

What do you think?

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July 26. 2012 07:30 PM


There is an old Italian parable about public opinion and its' foolish conclusions.
"One day a boy came to St Francis and asked how he could get people to like him. Francis merely told the boy to go saddle up the donkey and come with him. They went to the steep hill where a rough track wound up the side. Francis kifted the boy into the saddle and they set off...a little way up the hill a group of people met them. "Look", they said, "the sprightly lad rides while the old man stumbles over the stones..how thoughtless!"
Francis took the boy down and rode the donkey...They soon met another group.."Look",they said,"The man rides comfortably while the young boy stumbles along behind..shame!"
Francis lifted the boy onto the donkey and they both rode up the track..The next group they met were outraged.."The poor donkey", they exclaimed,"He has to carry two healthy persons over this rough track..it could injure itself..disgraceful!"
Both Francis and the boy dismounted and led the donkey up the hillside...The last group of people they met shook their heads in amusing disbelief.."Look at that", They said laughing,"They have a good, strong animal to ride but instead they both walk..How foolish!"
And there you have it...lesson learnt..there is no way to satisfy most people...and that parable is centuries old and probably repeated in numerous cultures with differing characters.  


July 26. 2012 07:31 PM

42 long

Lengthy but very appropriate. The audience that Abbott APPEALS to is not very high minded. He targets base instincts ignorance and prejudice. None of these approaches should make anyone proud. I am sure that they do nothing but demean australians generally, and I am amazed that they HAVE been so effective.
   Time and facts are the enemy of this approach. Also the element of "TRASH everything" is there( with Abbot) and some of it sticks. Sure it does, but we are all demeaned and reduced by it. It reeks of "I will destroy what I must but I will be the ruler of what is left".
   Abbott has to accept the lions share of the blame for the fact that  Australians regard their politicians with much more contempt than they used to.  The parliament of this country is an institution that should be respected. Most pollies go there with high aims  hoping to make something better for their input. They certainly don't do it for the money they earn  when there, but some may do it for the reward they get in retirement, with the sort of jobs that come their way. That aspect is worth watching.
Those around him  ( Tony)in the front row of the opposition are complicit also. He selected them and the rest of the LNP seeing Victory, went along with the revolting exercise, of character assassination demonisation and pure propagandising . I believe in their enthusiasm they even went further than that  and that " Slippergate and the Thomson" affairs may be "bigger than BEN HUR" The potential is certainly there and they will indeed  be some very silly and even criminal people if that is the case.
   Altogether not one of the "inspirational" parts of our political history.

42 long

July 26. 2012 07:41 PM


Just watched Julia on last night's 7.30 Report and you realise why the Media, the Noalition, the shock jocks want to to get rid of her, she really is a phenomenal person. Leigh Sales is either a complete idiot or just deaf. She asked the PM questions about cost of living pressures and was informed of measures that the Government has done to ease these pressures and she went on and on about utility price rises  whe the PM informed her it was not the Carbon Price but the poles and wires being the reason for huge increases in prices. Sales either did not compute or is just plain thick. I would,love to tell Sales that utility prices have risen every year since day one. It is the toxic,morally bankrupt, partisan and just plain lieing media that really is the problem.Julia Gillard is a fighter and will never give in to these maggots who want to,get rid of her. Go Julia.


July 26. 2012 09:07 PM

Ad astra

What an apt parable, one I have not heard.  It describes the dilemma Julia Gillard faces; for some, no matter what she does, it will be wrong.  However,  there will be enough people who will come to see the truth, and that will see her returned on 2013.

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:16 PM

Ad astra

42 long
I believe your assessment is right: “Time and facts are the enemy of [Abbott’s] approach.”   Just today more evidence is uncovered about the Slipper/Ashby matter that is adverse to Ashby, Brough, McArdle and other LNP figures, and there seems to be less evidence against Slipper.  It is slowly exploding in their faces.  The Thomson affair too seems to be running out of puff.  I suspect we may see another Grech affair or two.  Their own malfeasance might bring them down.

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:23 PM

Ad astra

I share your feelings.  No matter the forum: Q&A. 7.30, ABC radio, PM Gillard is proving to be formidable.  She is steadily mowing down the adversarial interviewers, some of whom may soon begin to respect her, and show her respect.

It may be a long while though before interviewers come well enough prepared, free of tiresome cliches, devoid of partisan bias.  I suspect Leigh Sales might have learned something from last night's interview, and will come better briefed in future.

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:30 PM

Ad astra

Ian and others
From the last thread, the format of The Political Sword is determined by the blog engine we use.  It has always had lateral margins.  But DMW is right – if you use Control + on PCs, or Command + on Macs, you can enlarge the format to virtually fit the width of most screens.  

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:32 PM



Regarding the last post on the previous thread:

The Greens) set up the scene for a double dissolution ... and Rudd squibbed it.

Let's have a bit of logic here.

It is just not logical to argue that an earlier event (Greens' recalcitrance and shortsightedness, and do-nothingness) without which the very existence of a number of later events would not have occurred (Rudd's option to seek a DD; the continuance of AGW as a contentious issue; the emergence of Abbott, to name a few) is not the cause of those later events .... all of those events.

Had the Greens passed the CPRS, in accordance with their supposed policy, then none of those latter events would have arisen.

In the context of logic, the very existence of Rudd's choices to do or not do a DD  arose because of the Greens conduct, as did Abbott as LOTO.

Rudd is of course not a pure innocent in all of this, and has provided some contributory negligence but the sine qua non of the matter is Greens' "principled" wimpiness.

( "sine qua non" = "without which, not" ......... trying to be helpful, not just being big-headed)


July 26. 2012 09:40 PM


Talking of LSales, did you see her tonight.

What a lightweight.

She asked Harry Jenkins a first question "Now we'll get this matter over with from the start. When you left the Speakership, were you pushed?"

Mr Jenkins gave his answer that it was his decision, and he explained a number of coalescing reasons.

Then proceeded the rest of the interview. Another 10 or so questions all about the same matter.

No other issue was canvassed except one attempted gotcha at the end about JG's leadership, and a quip about whether HJ would miss calling out "order! order!"

It was plain to see that the whole object of the I/ V was to get HJ to comment negatively on his leaving the Speakership and/or JG's leadership.

Purpose of interview  0/10
Purpose achieved   0/10


July 26. 2012 09:41 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
I’m still catching up with comments as I was away most of the day, since our electricity was off.

The first thing I read on returning was your Twitterverse, which I found fascinating.  7.30 used as a caption tonight The plot thickens as indeed it does over the Slipper/Ashby/Brough/McArdle affair.  I suspect there’s more yet to come out.

Regarding Labor and Labour, the ALP website has an informative history of the ALP.  One paragraph headed: ‘Labor or Labour’ reads: ”A common query from new members relates to the spelling of the word ‘Labor’. The records tell us that, in the early days, the ALP was known as both ‘Labor’ and ‘Labour’. The report of the party’s federal conference in 1902 was spelled ‘Labor’; in 1905 and 1908 'Labour' and from 1912 ‘Labor’. This final change is thought to have reflected the influence of the then powerful United States labor movement, and especially the influence of Labor’s prominent American-born member King O'Malley. The change also happened to make it easier to distinguish references to the Party from the labour movement in general.”

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:47 PM

Ad astra

You are right – Leigh Sales was transparently trying to get Harry Jenkins to say, or imply, that he was pushed.  He could have stopped that line of questioning in its tracks if he had started with an emphatic ‘NO’, and then elaborated about the coalescing factors.  I wish politicians would just say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ first, and elaborate afterwards.  It would cut short the silly repetitive questioning we saw from Leigh tonight.

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:48 PM

Ad astra

I'm calling it a day.

Ad astra

July 26. 2012 09:51 PM

Tom of Melbourne

” I’m still wondering why she is so unpopular with much of the electorate. “

Stop wondering!

It’s because she is (correctly) see as being untrustworthy, and there is ample evidence to that.

Abbott is equally unpopular, which (I think) largely puts paid to the “media manipulation of the dumb electorate” mantra that is repeated so often here.

Gillard is an electoral anvil, not a “vote magnet” and people have sensibly stopped listening to her…and they didn’t need Abbott or the media to tell them

Tom of Melbourne

July 26. 2012 10:32 PM


catty, ToM...catty!


July 26. 2012 10:32 PM

42 long

Without your so thoughtful contribution TfM we would be lost for inspiration
You are a bit like Tony. People don't know how negative he is/you are till you absent yourself for a while. I think most of us here have a feeling for what's good and proper. You are not of good intention. You have an agenda as many do. You are dedicted to achieving an outcome , not contributing to a serious discussion. IF this changes I am sure we will welcome you. i do not presume to speak for everyone. My instinct is to not be provoked into a reply but I always give people the benefit if the doubt. This has not done me much good, so far. My initial instincts being the ones I should have heeded.

42 long

July 26. 2012 10:36 PM


equally your logic is most likely flawed.

Simple fact, it was the smartest man in the room, Mr Rudd. who chose to wedge the opposition on the issue.

Mr Rudd outsmarted himself.

Subsequent events were very much a result of that inept political choice.

To lay the 'blame' for the rise of Mr Abbott at the feet of the Greens, while it suits the current narrative, is to give them more credit than they deserve.

With respect to the Greens as a political force they are now approaching the crossroads that faced the German Greens sometime back where they had to choose between being fundamentalists or pragmatists. It will be interesting to watch it unfold.


July 26. 2012 10:41 PM


One has to marvel, ;Abbott is a natural at having people despise him...it takes all the spiteful capacity of the MSM. to get anyone to despise the Prime Minister.
The bathos of the right-wing is in their incapacity to criticise their own party....they can't..they have nothing else to hang on to and they cannot survive on their own...they are weak.
Many of us here are not completely in-step with the party, yet we acknowledge that the party has the capacity to heel and tack to make the journey interesting!......ALL AboARD!


July 26. 2012 11:41 PM

Catching up

There is always hope.  The PM is slowly getting on top of the media.

Abbott said, no promised he would spend everyday of the six weeks breaks, out in the community fighting the great, toxic, carbon tax.  

He promise to do this every day for six weeks.  He added to this promise, when he said he deserved the wage rise, because he would be out everyday fighting for us.

What do we get.  Ten days overseas, which appears to be for two events.  No travel lag for Mr. Abbott.

Even there, he managed to make a fools of himself.  The visit to the USA gave the impression of electioneering for his Republican mates.

Cannot help but think, the strategy was to get Abbott out of the limelight.  

Catching up

July 26. 2012 11:49 PM


Tom of Melbourne, I see you have given up on Wixxyleaks, no onrlistened to you there, so now trying here i see, this is an excellent article on on why people should not listen to TA, he is full of BS, no Policies, three word slogans, tell us One policy that TA has and we might just listen to what you have to say.


July 27. 2012 12:14 AM



If you believe one's logic is impaired, you need to point out the impairment.

Are you saying that the Greens did not hold the ye or ne of the CPRS in their hands?

Had they said ye, the CPRS was done and dusted, settled and legislated, dead as an issue. As the in-good-faith agreement later showed, the Coalition were not far removed from it anyway and certainly its venom as an issue would have been gone...G-O-N-E!

Of course this didn't happen, the in-good-faith process was invoked, and this period of time allowed Minchin to get into gear. The rest is history. It is not a matter of giving the Greens credit or not. These events actually occurred.

Yes, sitting on the sidelines and trusting the in-good-faith agreement, KR was snookered by the Minchin /Abbotteers who had been presented with their opportunity ie available time to act , provided for themmby the handsitting, handwringing Greens.

And at this very moment as we argue about their CPRS conduct, the Greens are again doing exactly the same thing regarding Asylum Seekers and the Migration Act ....... supporting the Abbott agenda by passively watching the main game pass by as they handwring and cry and froth at the mouth about their no-action "principles".

Sadly the Greens' "principles" tolerate the prospect of an Abbott PM-ship and all that that will bring to the nation, rather than do something by way of a productive anti-Abbott compromise.

They are a mob of obstructive vacillators, wolves disguised in the clothing of high "principle". And their form is on the board already, from the CPRS debacle they engineered.


July 27. 2012 12:43 AM


Once again, Ad astra, you give us plenty to think about. You've articulated eloquently the reasons Julia Gillard struggles in the popularity contest leadership has now become.

The constant negative drumbeat of the Murdoch press, backed up by those appalling purveyors of lies, obfuscations and malevolence, the shock jocks, pounds its hateful lies and negativity into our heads, obeying its vile master's will to annihilate this government and its infuriatingly resilient leader, to facilitate the election of his yapping, mendacious sycophant.

On this site and others like it, we inoculate ourselves against the malevolent Murdoch disease with the truth about this government's achievements, the honesty and courage of the Independents and the courage, resilience and indomitable will of our PM.

Courage, resilience, indomitable will are the characteristics this PM possesses in spades which infuriates her detractors.

She's not supposed to be still on her feet, fighting the good fight and refusing to bow down. That's why they hate her so much. Bloody woman just will not lie down and die!


July 27. 2012 12:59 AM


psyclaw @12.14am, agree with your assessment. Standing on your dig is all well and good, but if doing nothing exacerbates the situation, it's time to stop sitting on your hands.


July 27. 2012 01:34 AM


Not on thread, haven't read it, save to grok tomorrow.

I've read the posts though. What a great bunch of people write here. And Jaycee that was a great parable, thank you. All too true in today's Oz, no joke at all.

I suspect that I am no orphan in my urge to help make the whole social media network become an interlinked sort of dome of sanity, a sort of Faraday Cage of Truth where the nonsense of hateful religion and nasty political philosophy would be as rejected by the whole community as Limpy Crisp and ToM and jj are here, where teaching and learning are rationally and scientifically and sensitively handled at every level, because otherwise the planet really is doomed. Humans haven't even started to get serious yet, our frogs are desperately close to boiling now and still there are Plimers and Moncktons, funded by the worst people in the world. Never since time began have there been such criminals. They have their faces set towards the destruction of Life itself. This is not even the slightest exaggeration. Not just no Humans, but no Numbats, no termites, no bacteria that live in termite's guts, I mean NO LIFE ON  EARTH. I have lived in fear of that scenario all my sentient life. Politics is the ONLY force that has/had a hope of averting it.

Commerce doesn't want to warn you. Bread.

The media doesn't try to educate you. Circuses.

The Political Sword is our sole weapon.

Lyn is the darling of the whole twittersphere, Dog knows how many lurkers she attracts back to her breakfast smorgasbord here on TPS! (Lurker's not a pejorative term imo, no evil intent, like 'sandbagging' in old CB radio terms, people would listen politely on the side, saying never a word. Trolls by contrast are today's equivalent of what were then Bucketmouths, who specialised, all too effectively, in swamping conversations with noise. Trolls can bombard us but they hurt not, troll after all rhymes with scroll . . .)

Link Lyn everywhere you go folks, that is what makes her 100% voluntary effort most worthwhile, and link back to TPS.

I know I'm stating the bleeding obvious, but Lyn and Ad astra are very much one-offs, great forces for good. The more they're used, the better. And what they give us comes free to us, but I know it costs them a lot.


July 27. 2012 02:29 AM



Have no fear, our day will come. JG's reputation is based on falsehoods and misunderstanding by an ill informed and basically ignorant electorate. But the truth will out, perhaps not in the form of "Oh I was wrong about JG" but by default as the true Abbott and what he stands for is outed.

This morning I sat in a Westfield centre outside a Woolies supermarket, on the lounge provide for lazy husbands. There are about 6 double lounges and 6 singles all together in a big circle.

All were full and I just sat and eavesdropped on the discussions. It was about 10.30 am and many Daily Terrorgraphs were present, freshly read.

Several of the discussions were of things political, ranging from how bad JG is and how we need an election, to Abbott making a good speech in China.

All of these old codgers were clearly working class and mainly pensioners. All the discussions I heard were based on wrong, untrue, spurious facts. All of them were cutting off their noses to spite their faces, confident that Abbott is the saviour of battlers.

It took great equanimity on my part to refrain from grabbing numerous fools by the scruff of their necks and setting them straight. The whole dialogue was based on the News Ltd bible .... the Terrorgraph.

The assumption that the electorate is "informed", is pie in the sky. Will it change ....... yes.

The big sleeper is the fact that there will be an election campaign before we actually vote. The wood will be on the Abbotteers to actually argue policies and costings.

Some will say they did so in 2010 but this is not so. That was a highly idiosyncratic campaign, waged by a nervous JG in the context of Latham and Rudd leaks and whiteanting, and in the hypersensitive context of Rudd's demise.

But remember this ..... she won the first week hands down. Then came Oakes/Rudd "scoop", JG's "real Julia" faux pas,  and the "reconciliation" Rudd/Gillard event when the photo of each staring at a map was broadcast across the nation. The Labor campaign quickly deteriorated into probably the worst ever.

And yet!!!!!!!! Abbott couldn't roll her. He had spent the whole campaign tightly Credlinised with his only message being an amplification of every Labor campaign calamity. At no stage did an actual policy debate occur. And his personal poll numbers to this day remain at the low point where they have always been. He has attempted to trample JG for 2 years but in doing so has not progressed himself one iota.

As for 2013, will it be the same nervous nellie JG ..... no way!

Will there be another "real Julia" event ...... no way! The real Julia has been with us for months now, probably since the "don't write crap" NPC event, and the real julia has been widely commended, as recently as today following 7.30 last night.

Will the Rudd demise still be an influence..... yes .... to some degree, but it is no longer a raw issue and JG is well practised and comfortable about it ....... there is now no Archilles heel in the Rudd demise for JG.

Will the Ministers let her down ..... no way! So many of them, (all?) are now following her lead and talk affirmatively to all questioners. Like her, they now firmly take no crap.

Will the 2013 campaign be a policy campaign ..... for sure! Abbott has expended so much of his "JG is bad" capital that his relevant mantras will be insufficient. There are meaty policies on the table now ...... an operational, legislated ETS, an NBN well advanced, the issue of "flexible" workplaces, the MRRT, and of course the NDIS.

Abbott can run from a policy driven campaign but in the end he can't hide. He and his mob are very nervous about such a campaign, hence their desperation for 2 years to bring on an unscheduled, crisis driven early election in which the campaign agenda would simply be "we have to get rid of this bad government".

On the proviso that the 2013 election is called by JG at her convenience, the government's war chest of ammo is abundant. Abbott's arsenal is by comparison of midget proportions.

To use the catchcall of the race tipsters every Saturday morning "JG will win and she will win well".


July 27. 2012 07:30 AM



The Battle for the NDIS – Colin Barnett, Julie Bishop  and the Elephant in their Electorates, Frank, A Frank View
The Government’s Groundbreaking NDIS Scheme has hit a Roadblock – All thanks to thr Coalition Premiers, including Colin Barnett here in WA.That makes me Fuming – for a very personal reason .  My final word on the matter ? It may sound Crude, or even offensive:Mr Barnett, Don’t be Retarded – Just support the NDIS !!!!!!!

Ministerial responsibility in Australia: accuracy please, Independent Australia
Has the Labor Party replaced the Liberal-National Coalition as the conservative force in Australian politics in honouring Westminster parliamentary standards? Does a wafer-thin working majority improve accountability by focussing the ministerial mind?

Has The ABC Gone Mad Or Have I-, Archie, Archie Archives
There is a report on the ABC NEWS Online website this morning.About how those wild claims trumpeted in Question Time about 300% increases in the costs of refrigerant gases. have been shown to be fraudulent. The firm concerned, as with a number of others, did the wrong thing, blamed the Carbon Price for the whole of the price

The Greens are insane, Monthly Quadrant Review
The Greens are swanning around thinking they are the masters of the universe. They are also taking the victim role in the current ALP sledinging. Sorry kids, but if your goal is the “replace the bastards”, you can not act like innocent sheep in the political wars. The lack of concessions on the Off Shore Processing and the original ETS may make you ideologically pure, but it also paints you as extremist unwilling to take the best deal that is going to be offered..

ABC News Online can’t get the story straight, The ABC has Gone To Hell
Ockenden then spends an equal amount of words regurgitating the debunked claims made by The Opposition and the lobby group, Refrigerants Australia, about massive price increases! He just wrote about the ACCC ruling that essentially called it bumpkin, yet goes on to frame the unfounded scaremongering as if it were still legitimate and the fault of the carbon price, not dodgy companies.

Seven boss bagged for spruiking Lib candidate, Matthew Knott, Crikey
Conservative powerbroker Nick Minchin has berated the head of Channel Seven Adelaide for publicly backing a candidate contesting the Liberal Party senate seat vacated by Mary Jo Fisher

Public Space For Sale, Jeff Sparrow, New Matilda
Many of Melbourne’s public utilities have been privatised; its public transport sold off to inept private companies. Everyone knows that, were a garden precinct to be designed today, it would be privately operated along user-pays principles, with an entry fee, gift shops and overpriced kiosks abounding and perhaps even an electronic system counting the precise number of trees at which visitors looked so that they could be billed accordingly.

Greensparty shoots itself in the foot once more, Vex News
Rundle’s entire piece is a distortion, full of blatant untruths and gross misrepresentations. He offers no evidence to back up his wild speculations and conspiracy theories.Every falsehood as outlined above could have been addressed with an hour or two of basic research and a couple of phone calls.

Whodunnit? The great phone hacking cover-up, Paul Barry, The Power Index
But finally, let’s get back to the Murdochs, because that’s the most interesting question of all. Did Rupert and James really not know what was going on? Were they, to quote a favourite line of Lachlan Murdoch’s and James Packer’s from the One.Tel fiasco in 2001, “profoundly misled”?

Down the memory hole part 1: Repeat a lie long enough someone will believe it, Ethical Martini
I have collected more than a dozen editorials from The Australian that relate to media regulation, the Finkelstein and Convergence Review recommendations and the war on free speech that is currently crushing the news media. I have a pile of op-ed pieces 20 centimetres high and I’m slowly piecing together the story of the memory hole and the big lie

Harry Jenkins to retire, Dylan Caphorn, The Body Politic Australia
During his term as speaker, Mr Jenkins regularly criticised the attitude of MPs during Question Time, and he was adverse to throwing MPs from the chamber. Regular names who had section 94A of the Standing Orders used against them included Christopher Pyne, Joe Hockey and Peter Dutton

The good news we won't believe. Inflation is extraordinarily low, Peter Martin
The new annual inflation rate of 1.2 per cent reflects dramatic slides in the prices of fruit and vegetables and also in the prices of staples such as bread which is now 3 per cent cheaper than when opposition leader Tony Abbott identified it as problem during the 2010 election

No more crocodile tears on electricity, Stephen Koukoulas, Market economics
With all the hyped-up rubbish being spoken about the rise in electricity prices and how it will hurt the average householder, the June quarter inflation data present some home truths that comprehensively disprove the “poor bugger me” whingeing and whining about electricity prices that is frankly as boring as it is wrong.

Playing politics with the disabled,  Min, Return to Blogocracy
Queensland: From the most right of the right wing rags, The Courier Mail: “THE fortunes of Queenslanders with a disability will continue to rest on the precarious position of the state’s finances, after Premier Campbell Newman shrugged off an insurance scheme until at least 2014.”

ABC: Governments wrestle over disability insurance funding, Australian Politics

End of an era? Making sense of Rupert Murdoch’s retreat from News International , Brian McNair, The Conversation
Few outside of his inner circle know what Murdoch senior has in mind, of course, and those who do aren’t telling. Australians might now ponder, however, the implications for their own political and media culture of a Murdoch empire once again centred hers.

Canberra Connect, Miglo, Café Whispers
A jet lagged Tony Abbott, in the meantime, has made a big hit in China with his talk on tougher investment guidelines. Here’s the reaction:Some in the Chinese system have laughed off Mr Abbott’s tougher investment guidelines as the empty talk of an opposition leader.

Kathy Jackson drops Federal Court HSU appeal , The Australian
The move came only a day after Ms Jackson was granted an expedited hearing in the Federal Court in Sydney to challenge the decision last month by Justice Geoffrey Flick to appoint former judge Michael Moore as administrator, sack the elected leadership, divide the union into separate Victorian and NSW/ACT branches, and move to fresh elections.

Emails portray possible Slipper political plot,  Hayden Cooper, 7.30pm report
Some 600 pages of evidence being used to defend Peter Slipper in the Federal Court suggests a political plot against the Speaker with plenty of questions raised

Today’s Front Pages
Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 27 July 2012


July 27. 2012 08:33 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 08:50 AM


Psyclaw..not to demean my fellow 'proles', but you are up against it when seeking the spark of high intellect amongst such!!...I'll regale you with one of my experiences of eavesdropping..
Smoko on the building site..somehow the conversation had got around to waterfalls (as they do!)and a proud Kiwi announced that..:"In New Zealand, we have the highest waterfall in the world....thirty thousand feet"....
There was the usual silence as this wonderful information sunk in..then, one of the "smarty-pants" of the group said ; "Hey!..the highest mountain in the world is only twentynine thousand feet!"...nonplussed, the Kiwk rounded on him..
"Well we're not talkin' about effing mountains, we're talking about waterfalls!"
I think, Psyclaw, we're going to need all the luck we can muster.


July 27. 2012 09:10 AM


Ad Astra wrote:

It is ironic that it is Canberra’s most habitual liar, Tony Abbott, who leads the ‘Ju-liar’ charge.

This is an umistakeable example of a phenmenon I've observed frequently enough to have dubbed it Right-Wing Projection: the Right projecting their own behaviour / motivations onto their opponents.

It's been pointed out on other blogs as well as social media that an established Goebbels technique was to accuse the Fascists' enemies of what they (Fascists) were guilty of themselves.

Examples of this tactic abound in contemporary Australian politics. And American. American Progressive commentator, Rachel Maddow, shows numerous examples of Mitt Romney projecting his own weaknesses onto Obama. Contemporary use of tactic comes from right-wing propaganda guru, Karl Rove, and is becoming more widely recognised as a calculated political tactic. In fact Maddow says it's Romney's ONLY tactic.

{Thanks to @TheGaffhook for the lead.}

Watch the video: Romney takes a page from the Karl Rove playbook


That's how it's done.

Laurie Oakes also picked up on the Liberals' use of Right-Wing Projection, in this piece in the Herald Sun, 05 November 2011 (My emphases):


[i]It was an extraordinary complaint from Tony Abbott. "It's very difficult to have a sensible debate," he said, "when you are confronted with a feral Government".

Politicians don't come any more ferocious and brutal than Abbott. He reverted to the wild the moment he got his paws on the Liberal leadership.

His style is pure attack dog, as feral as you'd get. Everything, irrespective of merit, has to be opposed and torn to pieces.


might be fine in Opposition, but the advantages are short-term. Abbott is making a rod for his own back in government.

[b]Abbott's feral irresponsibility
was also on view in Parliament over the Government's decision to support improved resourcing of the International Monetary Fund as it deals with the fallout from Europe's financial crisis.[i]

So when Abbott accuses the government of being "feral" what he is really saying is, it's he himself and his colleagues who are "feral"!

As a matter of fact, when you analyse what they say, most accusations that the Right wing level at Labor can actually be sheeted home to the behaviour / motivation of the hypocritical Right themselves.

Right-Wing Projection: Distract from your faults by ascribing them to others.


July 27. 2012 09:23 AM



So true.

Here's an example of where they get their "info" .......  I have mentioned this one here a few months back.

In NSW Sydney radio 2SM runs the Super network. It goes all over the east coast from some s-e areas of Victoria, through Sydney and the regional heart of NSW and as far north as Gympie in Queensland. Their evening announcer, a well known redneck right up there with Hadley and Jones does the show.

On this particular night an old codger prole rang to criticise the government for favouring Labor electorates. His claim was that they were spending $28 billion (ie more than the NBN government contribution) on a new bridge in Perth.

The announcer asked if the guy meant "millions" not "billions" and he insisted on the latter. So off went the announcer on a rant that the government was so poor at economic management that it was furtively spending more on one bridge than on the NBN "and noone knows about it till now".

So their audience got the heads up on what they could whinge and whine about at the pub and the club and on Westfield lounges tomorrow.

Pathetic hey!


July 27. 2012 10:20 AM


Psyclaw said, with a lot more:

The big sleeper is the fact that there will be an election campaign before we actually vote. The wood will be on the Abbotteers to actually argue policies and costings.

I'm sure he meant to say Abborttians but that's not the point Smile

Which is, That's right!

I just tweeted: We will CREAM them in the election campaign. WHAM WHAM WHAM, FORCE the media to corner them on policy and funding, call out the apologists for their lies and bigotry,
we MUST use this medium to its best advantage to raise funds and conduct the coming campaign. We need new paradigms in the conduct of this next campaign, big happy social events for well-wishers in Hyde Park(s) with recruitment booths, soapboxes, fun things to do for people who should see that Labor is their great friend. As things stand the Media is 100% committed to an Abborttian win, how that came about is a matter of utter amazement to me but there it is. We must undo the Gordian knot with which Murdoch has the people bound, remember how Alexander the Great solved the problem? We got the Sword!


July 27. 2012 10:43 AM

Ad astra

Thank you for your comment.  You eloquently identify the problem: “The constant negative drumbeat of the Murdoch press, backed up by those appalling purveyors of lies, obfuscations and malevolence, the shock jocks, pounds its hateful lies and negativity into our heads, obeying its vile master's will to annihilate this government and its infuriatingly resilient leader, to facilitate the election of his yapping, mendacious sycophant. “ and end with the rallying cry: ”She's not supposed to be still on her feet, fighting the good fight and refusing to bow down. That's why they hate her so much. Bloody woman just will not lie down and die!”

I enjoyed reading what you wrote.  The story of the old codgers shows what we are up against – entrenched attitudes that have been planted there by the media, as jane points out.

In my view the attitudes towards our PM, ones that dominate the opinion polls, could be reversed if the media began to represent the facts genuinely, instead of the disingenuous nonsense they dish up day after day.  It is disinclined to do this because we know that at least the Murdoch press wants the Gillard Government gone.  But as you suggest, they might not be able to fly in the face of the facts indefinitely.  I can envisage the media turning around as the positives of the Gillard Government continue, and the lies and misrepresentation of Tony Abbott and the Coalition are revealed for what they are.

Thank you as always for your encouragement and your assurance that come the election campaign, things will turn around as Abbott, Hockey and Co. flounder.

Thank you for your careful analysis which I shall re-read this afternoon after completing some business.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 10:44 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
We have to do some business this morning, so I’ll read your interesting-looking links this afternoon.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 10:46 AM


Ad, Apologies for the tag/s I failed to close. Hope it did not impair the meaning too much.


July 27. 2012 10:58 AM


Two things.

Someone at work the other day was talking about a "gotya" a media organisation did on Federal politicians of all tribes a week or two ago.  A number of politicians were asked what they thought of (the mythical) "Marmalade Files".  None of the "victims" questioned the existance of the files in the first place but all claimed they hadn't received a brief on them yet.  They just can't say YES or NO as alluded to above.

That someone in the ABC thought to headline the 7:30 Report last night with the Ashby/Slipper affair is indeed interesting.  It shows there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We will know there has been a real vistory for truth, justice and the Australian way when NewsCorp is forced to report it and the involvement of one of its reporters.


July 27. 2012 11:00 AM


Para 2, line 3 - should read real victory (fingers are the fault for this one - not the Mac).


July 27. 2012 11:08 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Paulwello said – ”Tom of Melbourne, I see you have given up on Wixxyleaks”

Not at all, it’s simply that Wicks has found my intrusion into his invention annoying, so he’s blocked all my comments.

Wicks is now proven to be an inventor of stories, particularly about Lawler, and he says he’s just “trowing mud” at Jackson. He says nothing he writes has any bearing on proving Thomson’s innocence.

But he’s banned this discussion, clearly he’s timid.

Tom of Melbourne

July 27. 2012 11:29 AM


If I understand you correctly your proposition is that the Greens failure to pass Rudd's CPRS was a major factor in Abbott's rise to  the leadership of opposition. Rudd's actions had no bearing on the outcome.

Ok, I am happy for you that you see it that way and that your reasoning is absolutely correct.


July 27. 2012 11:40 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse for you:-

Text messages reveal Slipper discussed homosexuality with his accuser Ashby, Louise Hall

Exposed: James Ashby's double-dealing
Mr Ashby's text read: "Or would you be able to convince Abbott not to run an LNP candidate against you if you brought down the government? You would effectively bring down the carbon tax too. Hmmm you're in a very powerful position Slipper; the nation is watching."

Ashby given redneck warning, Louise Hall, The Age

Stephen Feneley‏
Ashby's past www.heraldsun.com.au/.../story-e6frf7l6-1226413362447

Will Glasgow‏
Former Australian Olympian (unconfirmed) now AFR political editor Laura Tingle’s column www.afr.com/.../leadership_past_tense_about_the_tBfItELCrGDaLAM4dIVxnO Features Dr Who

Financial Review‏
Most read on http://afr.com right now: meet the Chinese billionaires with Australia in their sights [free] bit.ly/.../meet_the_chinese_billionaires_with_lu0nMufEkENCzyMWv0DVSL

Matthew Ross ‏
Sad day #auspol RT @smh: National News: I've done my bit, declares Jenkins http://bit.ly/ONlWVW #australia

Chris Barrett‏
His own party hates him #herewejohagain Premier Campbell Newman pressured to concede on NDIS | The Courier-Mail http://bit.ly/N6cZXm

Ken ‏
Typical Liberal Barry O'Farrell is under pressure re Rozelle Village development due to his friendship with Ben Elias http://bit.ly/MNcENz

ALP Vic’s Noah Carroll reveals Labor was 14 points behind Greensparty when Melbourne by-election began #springst... http://bit.ly/QK9axt

TurnbullMalcolm , please comment “@ashermoses: Google unveils 100 times faster internet service in US www.smh.com.au/.../...ce-in-us-20120727-22x4k.html” #NBN #auspol

Liberal councillors give head office a headache as allegations swirl www.smh.com.au/.../...ns-swirl-20120726-22v5l.html Cab charge rorts, embezzlement

australian NDIS undermined by politics | The Australian http://bit.ly/Ofph5o In other words Gillard is a dill! #mysay What else is new??

Tony Abbott said he only told China that Australia has a bad government. Fancy going o'seas and running down Aust. like that #auspol

Abbott spinning #NDIS claiming it's the federal govt i.e. PM Gillard playing politics. Australians are so blinkered they may believe him

Jack Sumner‏s
If anyone doubts the negative effect media can have on democratic process, i suggest they read News Ltd coverage of the NDIS at COAG.


July 27. 2012 11:54 AM


Another outstanding article, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

The Gillard Government will go down in history as one of the Labor greats, I' sure of that. Up there with Gough and Keating. It has put in the hard yards to get policy implemented which will stand us in very good stead for the future.

Yet people whine and whinge and the polls are in the toilet.

The conduct of Abbott and the MSM has been disgraceful.  And you're right about that too. It's been real Goebbels stuff.  Still, the first signs are there of a more critical media emerging. Just look at the 7.30 program on the Slipper affair last night. Perhaps they're waking up to the monstrosity they've created.

The Tories' disgraceful performance at COAG in refusing any participation in the NDIS will also impact. THis could be the bridge too far so far as the electorate is concerned. Most people are going to be pretty annoyed with this, I think.

Anyhow, good effort.


July 27. 2012 12:06 PM


I wish I could agree that Labor will win the next Federal election because the Coalition will be required to present and argue policies when it is called.

They didn't do that at the last one and came close to winning.

They haven't since, except for Abbott to essentially offer that 'the Howard government got everything "right", so that's what our policies are/will be'. (Running for cover on industrial relations, of course, but we all know that if there IS a 'landslide' Coalition victory, that will be claimed as an 'overwhelming mandate' to return to WorkChoices, however it is re-badged.)

I wish, I seriously seriously wish, that the broad Australian electorate was not so easily led by its self-interested and sanctimonious nose, but this is the country, after all, that returned John Howard to office over and over.

Are election campaigns ever about policies? Less and less so over the years, the so-called 'presidential style' campaigns having become the style, and that "style" is based entirely on personalities, on leader's perceived failings or capabilities.

The way Julia Gillard has been blackguarded by the Coalition and their cohort media mates it will take something very very special to open the eyes and ears of the serially gulled Australian 'holier than thou' electorate.


July 27. 2012 12:23 PM


*J*U*L*I*A* Cuts loose on Baillieu O'Farrell and especially Newman! GREAT to hear! Journalists in awe, don't even dare to try gotcha because they can see she will knock them flat if they do.

This is the real beginning of the end for Abbortt. His droogs have shown what he would be like, and oh, soon, the whole Ashby conspiracy is going to blow some Liberal politicians and hopefuls to mincemeat. BRING IT ON!


July 27. 2012 12:42 PM


ToM, you're not having a discussion with wixxy. You're just spewing forth Liars Party propaganda in the face of the facts wixxy has provided, because you don't like them.

It's like your obsessive hatred of Gillard based on the lies of the Liars Party. For instance, the carbon pricing act. You know very well that it is not a tax. You've been provided with the definition of a tax and it's NOT a tax.

Gillard didn't lie at all and she's NOT untrustworthy. Wilkie's legislation, which was a great idea, btw, will never succeed in the form he wanted. At least not in the life of this parliament. It won't pass the Lower House.

And Gillard is not one to just throw up her hands and do zip. The government and Wilkie are working on a bill that will go the distance.

You're never going to get a perfect fit. People have to be prepared to negotiate and compromise, or nothing would ever be done in business or in politics.

Smithie, good comment. Your reference to the state Liars refusal to participate in the NDIS is particularly relevant to me atm.

Friends' eldest son had an accident playing footy 3 weeks ago. He cracked 3 vertebrae and his spinal cord was trapped in the cracks. After a 6 hour operation to successfully remove the spinal cord, he remains paralysed and still having to breath assisted by a respirator.

Fortunately for him and his family, he doesn't live in a Liars Party state, particularly Campbell I don't give a f@ck Newman's Queensland, and the family will have the help they need.

His callousness is also highlighted by his nepotism.

Unfortunately there is an element which not only blames the disabled for their disability, but also accuses the parents of being bludgers!

God forbid a similar misfortune befalls one of these maggots children, but I'd be prepared to hope these creatures got a taste of life with a disability (apart from being morons).

Which leads me to the reaction of Liars Party voters and the biggest Liar of all, when the government decided to impose the flood levy for 12 months!

Their reaction was a disgrace, imo and another reason I'd NEVER EVER vote Liars.


July 27. 2012 12:54 PM

42 long

If things continue in the UK and maybe the US, Murdoch may not be the same 'force" as he is now.
  It is a complete disgrace that the truth is so difficult to access and so much effort is allowed to be expended without anyone being called into account for honesty.
   Any straight out facts /accusations that are found  conclusively to be false, should be corrected as strongly as they are published. Ie a Front page headline should be corrected in the same manner. Not a few lines on page 8. Surely this is not too much to ask.?
   IF the Canadians have a good system why don't we investigate theirs? Self regulation is ineffective.
   Perhaps we can support a SITE that has a tick of approval by some respected body or group of bodies that would carry weight. and grade the veracity of some contributions.
  No churches please,or active politicians (and perhaps other self interested bodies)  for obvious reasons. Maybe some university philosophy ethics study etc?

42 long

July 27. 2012 01:00 PM


Ad astra - I really liked this article.

It reminds me of what happens when a child is villified in school. Once the mob get the chant they decend upon their victim and they don't let up. Like sheep they follow each other, they fear being different. The victim carries all the sins of the mob and they hound and hound, and if asked afterwards no-one can tell you why.

So, perhaps Julia is carying the global uncertainty (like a sin, or the Jews) and because the average punter really is quite helpless, and in reality we can be certain of nothing in this world (existential angst), she has become the person people want to blame, and to bully, and whats worse no matter how much she gets bullied she just wont lie down and die (that is typical bully mentality). And then one day we wake up and when we get asked why no-one can really give a defintive reason.


July 27. 2012 01:37 PM

Truth Seeker

Aa, I know that this has not much to do with the current topics (at least not directly), but  I wrote it last night, to share with some friends in my writers group, this morning, who said it was worthy of sharing so I thought  a bit of light relief might be in order.

I called this "Run Rabbott Run".

The air electric, the chamber split
The vote was called on the dummy spit
Then Thomson,   moved to right the score
Decided he would cross the floor
The press watched on from the gallery
As he stood and walked deliberately
“How dare he”,  came the outraged shout
“His vote is tainted…..we must get out”

The rush was on quite earnestly
As the opposition tried to flee
The mincing poodle left his chair
And took off, like a startled hare
“I’m out he cried”, with a zealots glee
And found his office sanctuary
So there he stayed, his point to prove
And heroically refused to move

Not far behind the poodles flight
The Abbott ran, with all his might
“I’m coming Chris”, he cried with fear
As the speakers voice rang loud and clear
Though fleet of foot he crossed the floor
The shout rang out, “shut the bloody door”
So there he was,   stuck in the hall
With the motion carried,   Taint and all

So Abbott cried foul, and spewed forth bile
While that bastard Thomson had the cheek to smile
“How dare he?” cried the outraged right
“That bastard shouldn’t stand and fight”
But stand he did, to their chagrin
So they had an unusual win
Though at Abbott’s feet,   much scorn was laid
Running proved his stock in trade

So with the spectacle covered,   far and wide
And despite the shame of every stride
The Abbott saw his urge to flee
As a way to free publicity
So when questions fly,   he’ll duck and weave
He’ll sloganeer,     and then he’ll leave
And commentators have their fun
With that old refrain of….. run…Rabbott…run.

I hope you enjoy!

Truth Seeker

July 27. 2012 01:56 PM


So NewsCorp has picked up the Ashby/Slipper emails (as per Lyn's Twitlinks - thanks again for the work Lyn).  And it seems that NewsCorp is preparing to eat Ashby with the "high brow" article on The Australian website and the "lower brow" on the Herald Sun website.  I hope he doesn't have the mental issues the Herald Sun claims he does - otherwise he might harm himself.

Maybe the Courier Mail is too busy caning Newman (which is pretty easy to do at the moment).


July 27. 2012 03:05 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Not at all Jane. Wicks has invented a range of smears, and I pointed out a range of stuff he’s made up. All my comments are factual, which annoys him.

Wicks banned the discussion on his blog, and then started emailing me to continue it!

Why on earth would I want to continue an email exchange about an issue he wouldn’t discuss on his blog?

Tom of Melbourne

July 27. 2012 03:39 PM


Ad Astra

No matter what everyone throws at Julia, as long as Labor can hang in there until the next election is due, it will allow all the good work get cemented in and very hard for the next government to change.  

Australian's I am sure will one day come to the conclusion that we have, as a Leader, Julia is and was a brilliant Leader.

42 long

Thanks for your Labor Labour explanation.  I did enjoy your little Grovel.


I didn't actually think anything of 42 long's misspelling of my handle, thanks for your concern and I did a girly giggle at his explanation.  Ooops now I am assuming that 42 is a guy.....sorry if you're not,


Thanks for your explanation about Labor/Labour, it must have been while I was ill and missed Ad Astra's discussion on it.  Thanks heaps for your links, I catch up and then I get behind and then I catch up....... Smile


July 27. 2012 03:46 PM

Ad astra

I believe that you are right and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but not The Telegraph tunnel.  You may ne interested in an article in Crikey today by Andrew Crook and Tom Cowie that starts:

Australia's second-highest selling daily newspaper failed to cover a bombshell barrage of secret correspondence between its most-read journalist, LNP flack James Ashby and a cabal of operatives apparently hell-bent on knifing House of Representatives Speaker Peter Slipper.

“The Daily Telegraph, an influential tabloid edited by powerful media executive Paul Whittaker, did not include any reference to the texts and emails -- contained in Federal Court documents released yesterday -- that appear to graphically illustrate how former Howard government minister Mal Brough and turncoats inside Slipper's office appeared to have conspired to bring down the speaker and the Gillard government.

“News Limited national political correspondent Steve Lewis was a key player in the saga -- when the original Slipper story broke on Saturday April 21, The Daily Telegraph and its sister tabloids splashed with s-xually suggestive text messages from Slipper to Ashby on its front page in a story under Lewis' byline.

“But today, the Sydney paper -- and its Queensland counterpart The Courier Mail (that covers many South East Queensland locales where the action took place) -- went silent.

“Yesterday's treasure trove included (read selected highlights here and here) amazing revelations showing how a cancerous cell allegedly connived to depose Slipper, topple Julia Gillard and insert Brough into Slipper's seat of Fisher.

“Ashby assumed he held the future of Australia in his hands, at one point asking an associate whether he would "put a bullet in my head to save the nation?".

“And in an apparent flagrant misreading of the constitution, Ashby came up with a brainwave last year to insert Slipper in the speaker's chair to allow him "to stay in parliament without having to have a seat".

“The court documents also reveal that another dissident staffer, Karen Doane, asked Brough to forward her resume to Clive Palmer and Queensland sports minister Steve Dickson as Lewis' scoop date neared. Contact between Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle was documented; he apparently counselled Ashby not to proceed with the king hit on his former boss.
“The unfolding drama is compelling in its detail and seems tailor made for the Tele's scandal-reared readership.”

Yet there was nothing in The Tele.  Which I believe suggests two things: first, The Tele is fearful of what is emerging from the Slipper/Ashby matter, especially as it affects its top writer, Steve Lewis; and second, how far such a tabloid rag will go to bury facts adverse to its interests.  This is what we are up against.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 03:57 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
I’m still to catch up with this morning’s links, but have looked through your Twitterverse en route on the iPad until its batteries ran flat. What an interesting collection, with more and more coming out re the Slipper/Ashby affair.  How can Ashby really press his case now when the hundreds of messages point to this saga being no more than an attempt to bring Slipper down, and unseat the Gillard Government?  You will be interested in the Crikey piece mentioned above.

The link to the Australian editorial shows how the media can set out to deliberately distort the facts, this time about the NDIS.  The way events are unfolding, it looks as if the reason for the impasse with the trial sites is nothing more than bloody-minded political opportunism on the part of the Coalition premiers, who at present, if one can judge from talkback, are coming off second best.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 03:59 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind words.  

I agree with your conclusion: “The Tories' disgraceful performance at COAG in refusing any participation in the NDIS will also impact. This could be the bridge too far so far as the electorate is concerned. Most people are going to be pretty annoyed with this, I think.”

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:11 PM

Ad astra

The efflux of time, the sterling performance of the Gillard Government, the scandals surrounding Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson that once did so much damage but are now rebounding on the Coalition, public awareness of the increasing hollowness of Tony Abbott and his front bench, and the inevitable narrowing of the polls as the election approaches, will all run in Labor’s favour.  Many a politician has had poor popularity but recovered to win.  Remember the 1989 Bulletin magazine cover: “Mr 18 per cent. Why does this man bother?”  John Howard went on to be PM for 11 and a half years.

Let’s all ignore the polls until the middle of next year.  Of course the media won’t, but we can.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:23 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your complimentary words.  I thought your analogy was apt.  Tony Abbott and the media are overt bullies, and have encouraged many in the electorate to emulate their bullying behaviour.  This is typical Murdoch behaviour.  David McKnight’s book: Rupert Murdoch - An Investigation of Political Power gives example after example of how he uses his media power to achieve not just his commercial objectives, but his ideological and political too.  He has bullied politicians for decades.  He hopes he can bully Julia Gillard out of office, but she resists.  This makes the bullying still more ferocious, as he uses his media more and more to enlist voters to his bullying campaign.  The more Julia shows that she will not lie down and die, the more the bullying escalates.  He is up against a formidable person, who will eventually wear him down.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:27 PM

Ad astra

Truth Seeker
What a delightful poem.  We are blessed with several poets here on TPS; you have joined their ranks.

How could I disagree with your conclusion: ”No matter what everyone throws at Julia, as long as Labor can hang in there until the next election is due, it will allow all the good work get cemented in and very hard for the next government to change.  

Australian's I am sure will one day come to the conclusion that we have, as a Leader, Julia is and was a brilliant Leader.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:28 PM


Another great read AA, lightens the heart in a sea of right wing turds floating everywhere.
  For an starter, could we start referring to the carbon price as what it is "a charge for pollution" Which even the whingeing wing nut would find hard to deny.
  I don't know how we can balance the scales when we have the murdocracy working flat out against anything good in this PM.
  Ive seen right wing before, but this lot are more right wing than the starboard wing light on an A380.
  My biggest hope is that, we see things unfold with the Ashby & Thompson conspiracy's & the lieberal complicity sees several being charged with sedition especially the poodle. Do we have any legal brains here that know the in's & out's of a charge of sedition ?

Not mine but so good it must be repeated.

The whingeing wing nuts family crest/creed :-
             “No ability, only liar-bility”


July 27. 2012 04:35 PM

Ad astra

You’re so right.  Julia refuses to bend to the opportunistic plays of the Liberal premiers who stand condemned in the eyes of much of the electorate; just listen to talkback radio.

The Ashby/Slipper affair is becoming murkier by the day.  Andrew Crook and Tom Cowie’s article in Crikey today, mentioned in my post at 3.46 pm exposes The Tele for its disingenuousness.  This may bring down some in the LNP rather than Slipper.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:40 PM


Michael @12.06pm, I think the electorate may find it difficult to rationalise and defend the indefensible wrt the Liars states miserly attitude to the NDIS.

Particularly Campbell I Don't Give a Feck about the Disabled Newman, who has found several hundred thousand to pay his wealthy mates for jobs they don't need and are most likely not qualified to do.

It seems arrogant nepotism is more important to the Qld government than their disabled citizens, an attitude which will rightly come back to haunt them.

LIR @1.00pm, what you say makes sense. There is a palpable air of uncertainty and people as always, need someone to blame for their perceived difficulties, even if they're not borne out by any evidence.

The biggest whingers seem to be people who are comfortably off by any measure, and well able to absorb the approximately $500/annum increase in energy and other costs.

Truth Seeker @1.37pm, love the pome.

ToM, wixxy doesn't make stuff up. He always provides links to support his arguments. He does the research.

I don't have an issue with you not wishing to continue the discussion via email. It's much better to have it in the open with each party providing evidence for their position, imo. That way others can contribute.

I'm not saying any of this as a personal attack on you, but you have to admit you're like a terrier dog with a bone. Smile


July 27. 2012 04:42 PM

Ad astra

42 long
It may be that the slow disintegration of the Murdoch empire over the next twelve months will bring about a diminution of the influence of News Limited here, which could coincide with the lead up to the next election.  

It is up to us in the Fifth Estate to challenge and expose every falsity perpetrated by the media.  Each voice is small but collectively it is audible, and amplified via social media, particularly Twitter, as Lyn demonstrates every day.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:49 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind words.

I like your idea of calling the ‘carbon tax’, ‘a charge for pollution’.  I heard an analogy the other day that went like this:  We cannot dump our household rubbish on the nature strip; we must bag it and pay for its removal.  Likewise we cannot dump our CO2 rubbish in the atmosphere; we must pay for it.  

I like your saying:
The whingeing wing nuts family crest/creed:            
“No ability, only liar-bility” 

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 04:57 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Jane, Wicks has made plenty of allegations about Jackson. Good for him. If they were made about a loyal union/ALP hack, they would be regarded as “union bashing”. But because they are about a union official who has become inconvenient to the ALP, it’s something different to “union bashing”.

Where Wicks went overboard, and where he is now embarrassed, is the smear on Lawler, and his inability to explain the content of the report given the ALP background of the people who supervised it.

You see, without the allegation/smear that Lawler influenced FWA Investigator Nassios to make 180 findings against Thomson, all Wicks can allege is that the report is incompetent, or inadequate. And that’s a whole lot less credible and juicy than the innuendo that it is tainted by external interference.

Wicks is able to attack Jackson, fine with me. But his credibility is condemned to zero by his inability to address the other issue I raised with him on his site.

Tom of Melbourne

July 27. 2012 04:59 PM

Ad astra

Catching up
You are right to remind us of Abbott’s extravagant promise: to “…spend everyday of the six week’s break out in the community fighting the great, toxic, carbon tax.   

He promised to do this every day for six weeks…

What do we get?  Ten days overseas, which appears to be for two events.  No travel lag for Mr. Abbott. 

Even there, he managed to make a fool of himself.”  Fancy him breaking a promise – does that make him a liar?

I agree that the PM is slowly getting on top of the media.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 05:21 PM


Pushed for time but thank you,  Ad Astra, for another lucid exposition of how our great Prime Minister has been demonised
and villified.  But there is surely a iimit to how much Abbott's sloganeering and his Murdoch cheer squad can get away with.  The truth must surely out, as we see with the Ashby/Slipper correspondence.

Just reading about her win with the NDIS trials funding!  

Truth Seeker, great poem.  Bring us some more!


July 27. 2012 05:22 PM

Ad astra

While out and about today, we did something we rarely do – we had a snack at McDonalds.  On the paper tray cover was an account of McDonald’s ‘Champions of Play’ initiative, whereby they plan to send five ‘champion’ children to the London Olympics.  Aimee Dickson was one of them with this story:

I play hockey.  Last year in the under 11’s I got the chance to be captain in one game, but it turned out we were going to be 2 players short.  We played anyway, and we all kept going, and going, we ran ourselves ragged.

Everytime the other team made a break, we rallied together, and ran them down.  Being outnumbered was hard, we had to stick together, and keep working.  I’d have to run from one end of the field, from defending a penalty corner, to the other end, to be part of the attacking penalty corner.  Then, we had a player get hurt, and leave the field.  It got even harder for us, and we all kept going, kept trying, kept working together.

As captain, I tried even harder!  Eventually the game was over, and we had played a nil all draw.  It was great team effort.  I was proud to be captain.”

As I read this to my wife, her face lit up as she saw this beautiful parallel to Julia Gillard, and I did not have to even mention her name!

And it’s not just an analogy that fits Julia so well; it is an object lesson for the malcontents and Nervous Nellies in Labor that it is working together that produces results, especially when the going is tough.

Julia is our Aimee.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 05:33 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your complimentary remarks. I agree with your comment: “ ...there is surely a limit to how much Abbott's sloganeering and his Murdoch cheer squad can get away with.”

Thanks for the heads up on the latest NDIS development.  The premiers must be feeling the heat.  Certainly Newman’s non-participation will cost him, which is why he’s lashing out.

The story is here: www.abc.net.au/.../4159724

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 05:46 PM


Ad Astra

Thanks for again explaining Labor/Labour.

Just watched, or tried to with power going out during press conference, how Baileau has back flipped and is putting in $42million, and talk of Ofarell putting money in.  Sorry about spelling of their names.

That was a lovely thing to read at McDonalds, and the analogy is so apt.


One has to marvel, ;Abbott is a natural at having people despise him...it takes all the spiteful capacity of the MSM. to get anyone to despise the Prime Minister.

That is very astute, I never thought of it like that.

Wow, there has been some wonderful comments and even a new poet on here today.  How I love your site Ad Astra, thank you for all your work and time.


July 27. 2012 05:51 PM


another excellent piece as you are well aware I have been advocating this "Goebbel's effect" for the last couple of years and calling for Labor to get on the offensive, sack their current media team who appear to have been asleep since 2007 mind you the mob Kevin had were not much better, from Abbott's Industrial manslaughter claim which Kevin and his team should have slapped down within 24hrs but as we all know Kevin was a control freak and stifled responses, which is why we are where we are today.
Come election surly the noalition have to have some policies, and be brought to account.


July 27. 2012 06:03 PM


Truth Seeker,

I LOLed at your poem and read parts of it to those in the room with me. Shades of Paterson/Dennis/Lawson in there methinks!


July 27. 2012 06:25 PM

42 long

  Personally I don't despise Abbott. In another situation I would be sorry for him, but I think he will be an absolute disaster for this country so it's a serious matter.
K Rudd is also a bad choice for his demonstrated flaws, in his personality and people handling skills, etc etc....
  We (collectively) should select our leaders far more carefully or we will regret it. The stakes are very high not just within the country but for foreign policy which becomes an essential area for wise action , not just an add on afterthought or luxury if we get around to it
  Kevin could speak Mandarin but the Chinese didn't think he understood anything about THEM. I won't even mention Tony's skills in that area. ( But you don't lecture to people mate.
There's something really australian about the Abbott
I've worked it out. He's one of the biggest GALAHs we have out there.

42 long

July 27. 2012 06:36 PM


Unlike everyone else here I have been to meetings with Gillard in 2002 and 2003 and she is as cold as ice.  Nothing warm or nice or decent about her.

Sorry to burst that particular bubble but anyone who tells a desperate young man that he should go home to Iran even though he would be stoned to death because he is homosexual is not much of a person.

Anyone who can try and trade away human beings and call it saving lives is a monster.

She still believes we should be killing Afghans but has no problem locking them up here or sending cops to stop them even coming to safety.

Here is the thing - if you cannot be bothered learning the law then the consequences are dreadful, like the report today on Indonesian kids jailed here with murderers, rapists and pedophiles and the forced deportation of a mentally ill Tamil man.


July 27. 2012 07:03 PM


       "Unlike everyone else here I have been to meetings with Gillard"
I had drinks with her in Tony Zappia's office near "easter time" she seemed fine!But unlike you I don't come across like a drunk who's had one to many and can't shut up.
I would say the reaction you got from the PM would be the same you get from everyone you meet!


July 27. 2012 07:28 PM

Tom of Melbourne

I've met Gillard several times. Marilyn is right.

Tom of Melbourne

July 27. 2012 07:38 PM



Please read my post @ 2.27am today.

The 2013 election campaign will be totally different to the 2010 campaign for many reasons which I have listed.

The context (Rudd demise), the issues (all the policies legislated since 2010), and the participants are all different. There will be a very confident PM with runs on the board and there will be a now proven NO NO NO   Loto who is incompetent in the 2013 subject matter ie policies.


July 27. 2012 07:49 PM



My young apolitical nephew had the PM visit his restaurant for a cuppa. The staff of about a dozen, all in their early 20s were so delighted at the warm and personal way JG treated them.

I'm pretty sure her warmth gained her about 15 new votes that day.


July 27. 2012 07:49 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind comments.

You and I are one in our belief that Abbott follows the Goebbels dictum, either consciously or otherwise.

He is a present day Goebbels.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 07:53 PM

Ad astra

Those who dislike Julia Gillard will see he every word, her every action, as abhorrent.  Those who like her will see her as charming and personable.  There are no absolutes here.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 07:53 PM


ToM..The eye specialist..nicknamed "the Optomotrist"..: The eye man...."I've done this".."I've done that".."I've got an opinion".."I've got a penis..look I am holding it!"..."Wanna see something else I can do!!?..."

No, thank you "ToM"..we know your capacity.


July 27. 2012 08:01 PM

Ad astra

I'm delighted that Julia Gillard has overcome the resistance to the NDIS from two Coalition premiers.  She characterises the change of heart of Ted Baillieu and Barry O'Farrell as a victory for disabled people, not for herself.  Ted says he hasn't backed down. OK, let him have that.

As for Campbell Newman, this man is contemptible and disingenuous.  He can be left out in the cold, with  his Queenslanders lamenting that they have elected such a nasty and extremely conservative premier.  

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 08:03 PM

Ad astra

I'm taking an early night, so I can get up at 5.30 am to see the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 08:22 PM



Newman is an ideologue.  The current "debt" argument is rubbish.  What he is saying can be compared to a person who earns $50k per annum having a $65k debt based on assets of around $140k.  This persons debt may go to $85k in a couple of years and plans are in place to pay it out completely in 6 years (according to the previous accountants) assuming there is no more major damage to the house or the partner doesn't have another year off.  The new accountant reckons there will be considerable damage to the house (another 2011 flood event) and the partner will have a few more years off (a couple of years of additional schooling will be added) and the debt will rise to $100k - most banks would lend to a greater ratio that 71% without question.

Queensland has the worst Credit Rating in Australia at AA+ (Stable) - hardly a junk bond status.  Queensland Treasury's website actually has some data disproving the "debt" argument.  The new Treasurer was overseas trying to drum up business when Newman made his Spain comment -  hardly clever.

The usual LNP sycophants in the Courier Mail (and to a lesser extent) The Brisbane Times are finding it difficult to get there message across because of all the complaints about Newman.  The really funny thing is that Fairfax (Brisbane Times) and NewsCorp (Courier Mail) are trying to outdo each other with negative articles on Newman & Co.

Pity we're stuck with him for at least another 2.5 years.


July 27. 2012 08:23 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
I’ve just now caught up with you morning links.

It was interesting to read that with 17 ministers falling on their swords, John Howard had the government with the most ministers walking the plank in recent times, followed by Fraser with 12, and Hawke, 7.  Julia Gillard has had two.

Stephen Kouloulas’ article is worth reading, putting as it does the modest rise in electricity prices into perspective.

I see Kathy Jackson has dropped her appeal to have another administrator appointed for the HSU East Branch.  Smart move!

Tony Abbott does not seem to have had much impact on the Chinese.  No doubt they laugh politely behind their hands.

Front Pages still has no signs of the carbon tax end-of-world scenario.  My, how that scare campaign has died, of course until T Abbott tries to breathe life into its inert corpse.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 08:25 PM

Ad astra

The more negative Newman articles the better.  After all, he deserves them.

Ad astra

July 27. 2012 08:58 PM



Pity about the 200,000 (or thereabouts) Queensland Public Servants that don't know if they'll have a job this Christmas either.  You would imagine that none of them are spending anything they don't have to.  Funny how Newman was going to rebuild the economy and have unemployment at under 5%.

He could be doing Abbott a real favour as a lot of Queenslanders I talk to are connecting the dots.


July 27. 2012 09:31 PM


Psyclaw, hi.

Re your comment above, "Please read my post @ 2.27am today" about my observations on the likelihood of a 'no policies from the Coalition at the next election' approach from them.

I seriously support your take on what will be the virtues and skills and runs on the board for the Gillard Government in an election campaign, even if it was called tomorrow.

My perspective is that, taking on AA's thesis for this overall post, and incorporating other posters here's observations on overhearing 'ordinary Australians' talking in blithe but damning ignorance about Labor in government, we'll be up against boneheads with voting rights having all their prejudices daily stroked by a cynically (and apparently already "wargaming" their election practices - not policies, practices) Opposition who will talk everything but their policies during an election.

It worked last time, it will work again. For example, Hockey and Abbott still trot out their claimed "50 billion dollars of budget savings" when that figure has been so comprehensively proven false we can only believe that they've been told by their strategists that any lie will sink in with voters who get their 'facts' from repetition not erudition.

So while Labor lists provable and measurable achievements that voters have actually experienced, whether it be in tax cuts, family assistance, redundancy assistance, or any other number of directly delivered Government policies that have not only tickled but stroked the famous little Aussie bleeders' hip pocket nerves, the Coalition will talk "bad government" and coddle voters' selfishness, won't release comparily debatable policies, and will smother their 'costings' in subterfuge, until they do or don't win government on the election's results.

I'm not saying they're a shoo in - I'd dig Mount Everest down to a Jumbo jets' landing strip singlehanded if it was celestially certified my spadework would guarantee Coalition electoral oblivion - I'm just saying if Labor supporters expect a logical, sensible, policy-debates focused next Federal election, that's... sweet.

Is the answer to be as vacuous and dissimulative as Abbott and co?

Of course not, but if we expect commonsense and good behaviour at election time from a Coalition purpose-built to lie and deprecate, and having done so to a gullible and smallminded electorate for so long, get used to the taste of bile.

All the above said, politics anywhere on the planet can turn on one event, one altered perception, one act, one realisation, and if there's one politician in this country who can do that meaningfully, in a political landscape re-setting way, it's Julia Gillard.


July 27. 2012 10:06 PM

Truth Seeker

Thanks guys for your kind words about my little piece of poetry, glad you liked it.

Truth Seeker

July 27. 2012 11:24 PM


ToM, I don't think it's a matter of union bashing. I think wixxy has made some very valid points about Jackson, which included:
1 her trying to contact the judge hearing her case,

2 her personally delivering HSU docs to Nassios which he was to use to investigate the union she was in charge of,

3 that she was living with and discussing the case with a senior official of FWA, which was also conducting an investigation into HSUeast and

4 Nassios' complaints that there were documents missing from the boxes she had delivered.

This has been well documented and frankly doesn't inspire much confidence in Jackson as an honest upright person that you'd trust with the family silver.

In fact, she sounds like she'd be more at home in the Gambino family.

Marilyn, Ruddock was the minister for Immigration in 2002-3, so it's clear that she could not have sent anyone anywhere.

She has announced that Australian troops will be brought home asap, so it would seem she's not so keen on slaughtering Afghans.

As for the young Iranian man who was facing deportation and certain death if he was deported, I think you'll find that occurred in England.

Despite your desire for onshore processing, sadly I don't think it will happen. We can keep putting the pressure on, but in the present poisonous political atmosphere, it's a lost cause.  

Ad @7.53pm, I doubt Liealot has the wit to selsct it himself. I'd say that comes from the devious brain of Peta Credlin.


July 27. 2012 11:59 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Fine Jane, but-
1)  Jackson isn’t in parliament, so it’s mainly a complaint that should be of concern to the HSU.
2)  Traditionally a politically motivated attack on a union official is called “union bashing”
3)  Jackson is, most probably, simply following a rich tradition of unethical behaviour, established by Thomson and his ilk
4)  Wicks’ fabrications about Lawler fall apart under even light scrutiny.
5)  Without these fabrications, there is no link between Jackson and any influence/interference in the FWA report.
6)  He is flummoxed in providing any explanation about Lee and Ross, their past union/ALP associations and, given this, their roles in allowing such a tainted report to be published.
7)  Wicks has decided to ban scrutiny because it is inconvenient to his agenda.

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 12:06 AM


Jane, I think you're being too kind by far to ToM. Rather than a "terrier dog with a bone", he's more like a "terrier dog with a lower colon disorder", crapping all over the intertubes...

As is usual with ToM, he picks a particular point of argument, usually closely aligned with Lieberal talking points, and prosecutes that for all he's worth, to the exclusion of all other evidence.

For example, in the Lawler matters, which are actually only a relatively small part of wixxy's investigations, TOM purposely and completely ignores the evidence of Lawler's interference in HSU matters.


Is this the work of an impartial officer of the court? There's a ship load more that our ToM has chosen to ignore or obfuscate over wrt Lawler, but then that's not at all surprising either, given his history across many blogs.

Jane has nailed it here: ToM, you're not having a discussion with wixxy. You're just spewing forth Liars Party propaganda in the face of the facts wixxy has provided, because you don't like them.

As did 42 long: I think most of us here have a feeling for what's good and proper. You are not of good intention. You have an agenda as many do. You are dedicted to achieving an outcome , not contributing to a serious discussion. IF this changes I am sure we will welcome you. i do not presume to speak for everyone. My instinct is to not be provoked into a reply but I always give people the benefit if the doubt. This has not done me much good, so far. My initial instincts being the ones I should have heeded.

It would appear your true intention is only to "poison the water" of wherever you deign to visit...


July 28. 2012 12:10 AM



Good reply. Thanks.

Yep, the media hurdle is a significant one. They'll undoubtedly push tonnes of disinformation and will leave their coalition-scrutiny skills at home each day

Nevertheless IMHO this will be a starkly different ball game, assuming the election is held "in full season" rather than as a result of some future crisis.

Even her performances today show that JG'S is a totally different person than in 2010 in terms of her confidence with the media. She has endured 2 years of incendiary like criticisms and has well gone to school on it.

As far as face to face presses, she has their measure and they know it. The print media is of course a different matter, but IMHO there are plenty of journals capable of writing pro JG'S and anti Abbott articles. While they do not do so consistently, it doesn't take to great a leap of faith to imagine that they can  and will place plenty of spotlight on any Abbott outright crap. D Atkins, P Coorey, L Taylor, L Tingle, S Maiden, L Oakes, P Hartcher to name a few have at various times written pro JG'S articles.

And let's face it, once the election is actually called, their No 1 topic will presumably by then be finally put to bed ... ie leadership challenges .... and they'll by then be in need of a fresh topic. If JG'S is still holding it together then, Abbott's manifest deficiencies might just interest them.

The 2010 campaign was atrocious for Labor. With the gate wide open, Abbott failed. His popularity since then remains unaltered.

Labor will run an excellent campaign next time ..... Wait and see. They have the subject matter and the personnel to do so. There is a ministry team with at least 10 powerful media performers.

Contrast this with the coalition shadow crocks ....... whilst Labor ministers have grown in stature since 2010 the reverse has happened with the shadows.

For me, quite confidence is the order of the day.


July 28. 2012 12:26 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Well excuse me Bacchus it I quiz you about exactly which of the Liberal points I follow, because that’s just another malicious invention from you. Do I follow their line on-
•  Marriage equality?
•  Indigenous issues?
•  Asylum seekers?

I’m challenging you to nominate a single policy area of the Liberal Party that I have endorsed. I also challenge you to point to any factual error in the points I’ve made.

Bacchus, you’re just another who gets all bothered and confused by people that actually debate policy, without retreating into an easy ALP vs Liberal, Abbott vs Gillard, Malaysia vs Nauru, Jackson vs Thomson.

With you, anyone who is critical of the ALP and Gillard defaults to Liberal, and for that you simply (again) demonstrate the depth of a fishbowl and the intelligence of the creature that inhabit it.

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 01:16 AM


Do I follow their line on-
•  Marriage equality?
•  Indigenous issues?
•  Asylum seekers?

Does Malcolm Turnbull follow their line on AGW?
Do all Lieberal members agree on Marriage equality? Indigenous issues? Asylum seekers?

Do all Labor members agree with all Labor policy positions?

Once again, all you've got is a spurious argument.

I’m challenging you to nominate a single policy area of the Liberal Party that I have endorsed.

Workchoices :lol:

ToM, I'm not "bothered and confused" - certainly not by the crap that you claim as "debate." This stuff is meant to "challenge" someone? - sorry, a junior high school student wouldn't be "challenged" by your crap!

Here you're treated with derision and treated as a "pet." Other sites have become tired of your behaviour and sensibly banned you, not because you challenge anyone's intellect - :lol: - no, simply because of your boorish conduct.  Learn to interact like any reasonable human being, and you may find more reasonable people will actually interact with you...


July 28. 2012 02:42 AM


ToM, it doesn't matter a fig if she's in Parliament or not.

If she's fiddled the books, has meddled with the docs she delivered to Nossios, tried to interfere in court proceedings and has discussed the case with a senior FWA official, which was conducting an investigation into her behaviour and possible mismanagement of funds.

It is well documented that she has meddled, interfered and discussed. Fiddling the books has yet to be proven or otherwise.

However, she has been in a position of responsibility of HSU for a number of years and if it transpires that she has fiddled the books as well, she's not less culpable because she's not a politician.

Wixxy hasn't fabricated anything. Jackson is living with Lawler and has been for some time and discussed the FWA investigation of HSUeast with him. If nothing else, it's unethical on both their parts.

Even the OO has reported on it.

And so far, in spite of all the Liars Party urgers and touts, Craig Thomson still hasn't had a charge laid.

So whether you think he's guilty or not is beside the point. There appears to be no charge to answer in his case and there won't be unless evidence of wrong doing is produced.

Let it go, ToM. The bone's buggered!


July 28. 2012 02:54 AM


2353 @8.22pm, it will be a long hard 2.5years. WRT the alleged debt, unless I read it wrong, in one report Newman claimed it was $4bn and $100bn in another, to justify his refusal to support NDIS.

"I'd really like to support the disabled, but I've got a plethora of hangers on who're desperate to get on the public teat, so all you gimps can get stuffed!"


July 28. 2012 05:19 AM


No Jane, it did not happen in England, he was in Woomera and the young lawyer worked for the Woomera lawyers.  Gillard was asked to intervene with Ruddock and refused to, just as she did with an Iraqi doctor whose wife and kids were trapped in Baghdad being tortured because they were Sabean Mandaeans.

I don't make up stories Jane and I have not had a drop of alcohol since 1988.

In the time in detention Vahid was shackled to the bed in the Woomera hospital, he is now insane and will never recover after one of Julia Gillard's colleagues intervened to have him released.

So Jane, dear don't ever tell me I am wrong.  I worked with the Woomera lawyers through Al Kateb, the Bakhtiyaris, Al Masri and hundreds of other cases and I have the Woomera records here so I don't have to make things up.

Peter Combe the singer had to drag me off Gillard before I tore her hair out over her abuse of Vahid.


July 28. 2012 08:58 AM


Greetings Swordsfolks,

I must say that I think the contributions here have never been better, more united of purpose and resolve, more articulate. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to write in such company, not for kudos nor recompense but for what we can do for humanity.  

Even those who are so unpleasant to us, who for their own bitter agendae try incessantly to bring down the tone and spirit of Ad astra's proudly benevolent blog, so far from succeeding, serve us well, bringing us together in neutralizing their splenetic spits, and making us aware of just how superior to their kind we are morally and intellectually, so Thank You ToM jj Glorfindel Limpy Crisp Calligula and any other Illwillians, You have served us well and I know you will appreciate our brown-eyed wink of acknowledgment.

A few people - Ad, Jason Obelix, Lyn - have some idea why my posts of the last week or so have been pretty sketchy, not quite at my best healthwise atm, a certain gender-related bit of surgery didn't go as planned and it will take a while to correct the accidental injury before the planned procedure bit can go ahead now. In the meantime I'm not too upbeat, in a good bit of pain and a bit on the depressed side, but fear not, I'll be back better/worse than ever in a few weeks. Having a bit of trouble keeping my mind on longer posts, but I must say Truth Seeker your verse gave me a real lift, Patriciawa too I bet. Well done, lots of fun, the great thing about good verse is it immortalises such events as Rabbbotts' Run as prose cannot. Well you've done it now, you've betrayed your talent to the world and now we will want much much more. (betrayed = Good in this app. btw)

Yesterday was a great day for *J*U*L*I*A*, Baillieu and then OFarrell caving in to the undeniable good sense and inevitability of the NDIS, not because of humanity but because of the condemnation of all decent people for their cupidity and cynicism. The evil creep Newman is looking isolated foolish and inhuman, while WA with its own version of the NDIS just looks pretty silly. From the point of view of publicity for the Government it could scarcely look better. All praise to *J*U*L*I*A*, the most effective negotiator in memory.

The Aborttians have lost a lot of skin over this. Let's make sure they don't get a chance to live it down. Rotten Bastard Newman, you are exactly the kind of person who finally convinced my pacifistically-inclined teacher-by-inclination Dad to leave the classroom to fight Hitler, and when he did it was in the most dangerous situation imaginable, navigator in Lancasters during WW2. I despise you Newman, even though I'm a Crowie, you betray Aussie principles of decency and you spit on the sacrifices made by my Dad and all who fought off your way of thinking and treating people. You are a traitor in my eyes.

This is a ramble I know. Blame the medications and the weariness of unremitting pain, but Campbell Newman and all your filthy ilk, don't imagine I don't mean a word of it. We will defeat your whole way of thinking at the next Federal election. You, Bolt, Ackerman, Abbortt, Anal Jones, Uhlmann, Brough, all your kind, we will show and shame you for the evil greedy self-serving creeps you are. And I will love every moment of it.    

Thanks Ad astra, Lyn, all those who make this a forum to bring staunch Goodwillians together in determined opposition to the bastardry of the Right.

Never doubt it: VENCEREMOS!

Nasking, Big Bear Man, we miss you though. We'd love to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours.




July 28. 2012 08:59 AM


Marilyn..Would you agree that the Greens' "left-wing" ideology is much more a "postmodern left" rather than a "Marxist/rationalist left"? I raise this because it is very important to get a perspective on the "direction" of such ideology.
A Modernist solution to the refugee-by-boat problem would be to resolve the issue at its' source ie. the point of departure.
We already have "onshore processing", but such a method requires the recipients to be rescued from a boat "offshore"...the princiole of "rescue" being(as we see more and more) to overload a risky vessel and launch it out into the open seas with a skeleton crew of kids and a mobile phone with one number on it!
To a postmodern mind, this must appear natural and what follows a reasonable solution, the problems for people like yourself seem to start from the point of detention....truly a risky situation.
Surely a better solution would be to arrange processing BEFORE departure by boat and therefore satisfy both the risk factor AND the onshore processing factor? I don't doubt there will be abuse of process and injustice and, perhaps, some corruption..but we have these in spades here already. But there must be a regional solution, if not AT-THIS-MINUTE, then in the near future..after all, this is not only about us and them, it is about nations and peoples and our neighbours to the north deserve as much consideration as ourselves.


July 28. 2012 10:14 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Poor Bacchus, spends a couple of hours after midnight, trying to figure out an answer to a simple challenge….and the best he can come up with is – I express opinions that are held by a minority of people in the Liberal Party, and a large number in the LAP too!

As for Workchoices Bacchus, which aspect have I supported” The lack of a safety net? Or the removal of job protection? Or a secret ballot for industrial action?

There isn’t a single Liberal Party policy that you’re able to identify, but typically of your ilk, you just make it up.

Really Bacchus, your argument is so thin, you would have retained more credibility by not bothering.
Jane, Wicks has fabricated plenty, and there is also plenty that he’s unable to address. He made up that Lawler and Nassios “shared an office” and did each other favours, and probably socialised, like everyone does when they “share an office”.

Without the smear on Lawler, what is the point of attacking the report on Thomson? It only becomes a debate about whether it is competent.

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 10:21 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Not LAP, "ALP"

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 10:30 AM


Have to agree with Bacchus. Considering the paucity of debatable comment, the sneaky snarling and scratching, I think it is time the mangy "House Pet" was taken to the "vet" and given an "humane" euthanase!
What say; AA...do us all a favour?


July 28. 2012 10:40 AM



"Bacchus, you’re just another who gets all bothered and confused by people that actually debate policy"

I would take zero notice of this bit of tripe.

The author never debates ..... he/she moves seamlessly from smear to smear, changing the goalposts of the discussion  constantly, especially when cornered.

Then comes a strawman or two, and pretty soon there is no resemblence between current comments and the original smear.

The aim is to get anti JG smears into the blogosphere as often as possible. Don't think that TPS is the only site ..... similar "contributions" appear in other places. The site changes but the modus operandi doesn't.


July 28. 2012 10:43 AM



Did you see the presser yesterday when the electricity failed and all went black.

If so, I'm sure you noted the PM's very first words when the lights came back on. They were delivered warmly and sincerely to the gathered press corp:

"are you all alright out there?"


July 28. 2012 11:14 AM

Ad astra

Thank you for your comment this morning.  All of us here at TPS wish you well as you recover from your surgery.  We hope your pain and discomfort soon eases.

You are an inspiration to us all.  While many are despairing, including some timid Labor politicians, you are always upbeat, encouraging and optimistic.  As indeed we should be over twelve months out from an election, with Julia Gillard and her Government going like a steam train, launching initiatives, passing legislation, powering the economy, and working ceaselessly for decency, fairness and equity for all of us, not just a privileged few.

You are right – yesterday was a good day for our PM who prevailed in her effort to identify sites for the trial of the NDIS.  Only the really arrogant premier would not come to the party.  He was left looking mean and nasty, and has already spent a large chuck of his political capital over this matter.

Turning to matters personal, I too hope we will soon hear from Nasking, and from NormanK, who has not been around for a week or so.  We hope both of you are well.  Call in and give us a quick hello.

I embrace your fighting words TT: VENCEREMOS!  We will overcome!

Ad astra

July 28. 2012 11:16 AM


Talk Turkey

Sorry to hear you are in pain and things not going well, have wondered why you haven't been posting a lot lately, but still following you on Twitter.  Take care and hope all comes good soon.


July 28. 2012 11:25 AM

Ad astra

Thank you for your overnight comments to which Talk Turkey has already paid tribute.  TPS is a blog for thoughtful, well informed and reasoning people.  It shows through in your comments and in the links that you Lyn and others provide in abundance.  Thank you for your sterling contributions.

I emerged from sleep early today to watch the splendid Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics.  Apart from the spectacle is was, I was impressed with the simple words used by those swearing the Olympic oath – the players, the referees and the coaches.  While the object of individuals and teams is to be the fastest, jump the highest and be the strongest, the emphasis given in the oath to fair play, not cheating and respecting opponents, made me ponder about how much better politics would be if those ideals were applied.  Instead, we see unfair play, cheating and disrespect.  What a shame.  Why don’t we have a parliamentary oath to observe fairness, decency and respect for opponents?  This is my wish, idealistic though it is.

Ad astra

July 28. 2012 11:37 AM


TT Comrade

May Dog Albitey give you good health soon.



July 28. 2012 12:20 PM


Jaycee wrote Have to agree with Bacchus. Considering the paucity of debatable comment, the sneaky snarling and scratching, I think it is time the mangy "House Pet" was taken to the "vet" and given an "humane" euthanase!
What say; AA...do us all a favour?

All I can say is seconded.


July 28. 2012 12:50 PM

Tom of Melbourne

How ironic!

On a thread with a Goebbels as its theme, the devotees seek to ban inconvenient alternative opinions.

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 01:00 PM

Ad astra

My policy is to delete comments that are offensive or abusive, especially to other bloggers on TPS.  Fortunately, there have been few in that category.

My approach to those who are irritating but not abusive, is to ignore such comments.

There is no intention to ban anyone.  We don’t have a mechanism with this blog engine of banning anyone by automatically deleting his or her posts.  Deletion has to be done manually by me when I see an offensive or abusive comment.  Eventually such bloggers go away or moderate their comments.

Ad astra

July 28. 2012 01:47 PM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Thankyou so much for our new article “Abbott & The Goebbels Factor,” Nazi propaganda minister exploited German media to launch propaganda”.
This is exactly what is happening with the MSM . Asby/Slipper & Jackson saga’s are perfect examples.  Media being blatantly used ,Lawyers chosen that use the Media.
As you say Ad “exactly how Abbott has managed his anti-Gillard propaganda; the press”.

Your article is  splendiferous  Ad Astra. I particularly enjoyed your paragraphs about Julia Gillard’s demeanor, behavior conduct, &  deportment.

I would like to join 2353 & Jaycee  concerning the  mangy "House Pet"  What say; AA...do us all a favour?  enough is enough. It’s day after day ,after day, Phew!!

Talk Turkey I am sorry to hear about your health problem. I wish & hope you are improving a little each day.   Thrilled to bits you are enjoying Twitter the interaction is very good for your brain
Older People Who Use Twitter Are Less Likely To Be Depressed [STUDY]
The University of Alabama surveyed 8,000 men and women in the over-50 age group about their web surfing habits

There is not much going on today because of the Olympics.  I have gathered a few tweet links and comments for you:-


Tony Maher‏
Why the doomsayers are wrong. Gittins should be front page almost everyday.#ausunions #fb http://www.smh.com.au/business/-22zos.html

Simon Sheikh and GetUp have had a falling out? ....Too soon? http://ow.ly/1OnCS7

Campbell Newman experiences the week from hell | The Courier-Mail http://bit.ly/N98BH4 2nd grade player,trying to play 1st,Qld in Chaos

Chris Barrett‏
Watch this space #lnpfail RT @couriermail Public sector union warns hospital cuts will be statewide | The Courier-Mail http://bit.ly/OibXx6

smh.com.au ‏@smh
Business News: The greedy grocers http://bit.ly/OSB8RM

Breakthrough gives Julia Gillard a win on National Disability Insurance Scheme www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fn59niix-1226436934999

Carbon price fan‏
NBIS story gets pg4 in The Australian.Please @juliagillard can you now fix media bias. Ur a champ-U can do it-U can do anything #alp

Joint Doorstop Interview, Sydney, Posted on Friday, 27 July 2012
Subjects: Julia Gillard's carbon tax; Julia Gillard's mining tax; National Disability Insurance Scheme; Mal Brough; Defence spending; Lauren Jackson.
This Government has the Midas touch in reverse. Everything it touches, it just gets wrong, and we are seeing yet another example of this today with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This is a reform whose time should have come, but Julia Gillard is more interested in playing politics with this reform than she is in getting it right and that's why I've repeatedly said now to the Prime Minister, let's have a bipartisan parliamentary

Abbott defends Brough on Ashby
The court documents show significant levels of contact between Mr Brough and Mr Slipper's former aides, James Ashby and Karen Doane. He received stolen extracts of Mr Slipper's diary and tried to help Ms Doane secure a job with the LNP donor and mining heavyweight Clive Palmer.

National News: 'Important win' for disabled, Gillard says http://bit.ly/OQtIyy #australia

Abbott and Palmer head for collision, AGAIN, lol."Mr Palmer, a noted Sinophile whose fortunes have been... http://fb.me/26DVk3RCM

If he'd attacked Gillard, not Abbott, wd be big front page! Billionaire Palmer slams Abbott's warning to China #auspol www.smh.com.au/.../...to-china-20120727-230gv.html

Abbott moves on from the old battlelines, AFR

Paul Copeland‏
Good opinion piece from @GMegalogenis "Partisan politics rules, except when it comes to Greens | The Australian

Tony Abbott fails to back Liberal premiers on NDIS levy plan
TONY Abbott has undermined a push by conservative states for a Medicare-style levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme, saying it should be funded from general revenue.

The Punch‏
The world belongs to Kevin. It always will.: Kevin Rudd, the backbencher from Queensland? No such thing. In his ... http://bit.ly/OjQV0V

Ern Mallee‏
Nambour Hospital will defy Campbell Newman's funding cuts: www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/.../


July 28. 2012 02:29 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Thank you for your Saturday efforts to keep us informed.  I have just finished reading the collection of Twitterverse you left for us just now.  What an interesting bunch of articles.  It looks as if Newman is way out on a limb, and with him PvO, who thinks a ‘levy’ for the NDIS is the way to go.  Pity he didn’t get his marching orders from Tony Abbott, who does not agree with him, before he rushed into print.  The Oz is getting more partisan by the day – either attacking Julia Gillard as did PvO, or backing Abbott, as did Paul Kelly about Abbott’s approach to China.  These journalists are now so patently partisan in their writings, that their opinions are worthless for those seeking a well-reasoned balanced approach to Federal politics.

We are off to Melbourne now for a couple of days.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

Ad astra

July 28. 2012 03:42 PM


So Lyn, older people who use Twitter are less likely to get depressed.  It that because they go manic trying to get the subject to fit 140 characters?  Laughing (That's an attempt at humour by the way.)

Also from the Twitlinks - LOTO wants a bipartisan Parliament - Bwahahahahah!  What's LOTO's definition of bipartisan?

Are the Olympics on?  Haven't turned the TV on today - but the car looks really shiny!


July 28. 2012 03:59 PM


Well, I suppose what you say in regards deletions is fair enough,AA...But at least, if we are to act as a form of therapeutic medication for a disturbed mind, could you at least ask for a medicare number so WE can claim compensation?


July 28. 2012 03:59 PM

Truth Seeker

Hi TT, thanks for your kind comments, and glad my little poem gave you a bit of a lift at this time.
Hope your recovery is complete and you are back to your commenting best soon .

Truth Seeker

July 28. 2012 04:17 PM


This you gotta see! (Lifted from Twitter)

Thanks Peter Black‏@peterjblack

"The Queen's 16 Most Excited Faces Of The Opening Ceremony" http://pjblack.me/LTDOCF #olympics

And thanks to my well-wishers, much appreciated.


July 28. 2012 04:42 PM


"How ironic!

On a thread with a Goebbels as its theme, the devotees seek to ban inconvenient alternative opinions."

Well, one correct and truthful word. Wow!


July 28. 2012 05:04 PM


"What's LOTO's definition of bipartisan?"

Hehe - that's easy 2353: "My way or the highway" ;-


July 28. 2012 05:49 PM


Perhaps LOTO takes the word; "bi-parti-san" literally..:"two-parts-without"....ie, one-party!


July 28. 2012 06:56 PM

42 long

The NP and The Lieberals are an unholy alliance anyhow. aren't most of the independents and Katter dissaffected NP people. ( and how the party hates them.)
  Jocelyn Newmans little boy turned out to be a nice fellow didn't he?.When you sack lots of people to save the money that his mate ( Costello) said they would end up needing, and you scare lots of others wouldn't that create something of a recession. The out of work payments will help to ruin the Federal Budget Surplus, as the income tax side (Federal) will be reduced too. They'll blame Julia for that even though it is caused by THEIR mates. I'll bet on it ( and I NEVER bet)
  Bo'Farrel has cut spending and sacked workers too as all the Lieberal state governments have. The railways aren't being maintained.
    Because of the federal government's AAA rating the interest paid on any  GOVT loan is equal to the inflation rate so you are getting the money for practically NO interest
  Temby hasn't done the HSU members any favours. Don't these people know how to charge?) The old saying goes... It's NOT what you know it's WHO you know. and as quoted here Don't have an inquiry unless you are sure that you will get the answers you want. Of course the main factor here is where you look ( Or don't LOOK.)

42 long

July 28. 2012 08:30 PM


Hi TT, get well soon.  For once I empathise with her Maj.  I can't imagine anything worse than having to attend the Olympics, much less smile for cameras while there!   I see that Phil the Greek is in attendance again.  He must enjoy these things, after all he had a cast iron alibi for staying away in his convalescence.



July 28. 2012 08:53 PM


TT, sorry to hear about your health problems. Get well asap, so you can keep socking it to the barrackers.

ToM, you know wixxy backs everything up with links.


July 28. 2012 09:01 PM


Hi 2353

You guessed right " go manic trying to get the subject to fit 140 characters? worse it's not characters it's spaces so no punctuation,
yes there is skill involved along with manic.

Mike Carlton talks about getting the message across, he is scathing,a different perspective, how he  perceives the so called communication problem.  but terrified of Tony Abbott getting voted in. Carlton's article is applicable to Ad's topic.

Here are two examples of how the Prime Minister gets the communication thing so badly wrong, Mike Carlton, SMH


July 28. 2012 09:03 PM


Marilyn, this is the Iranian man I was referring to.

Gay Iranian who had been persecuted because of his sexuality and had been thrown in jail, shoots and kills himself after his UK asylum appeal is denied
A gay man who feared he would be executed if he were deported to his native Iran killed himself after the British government turned down his second appeal for asylum a coroner’s inquest was told on Tuesday.
Hussein Nasseri, 26, was terrified of being returned to Iran where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.
An inquest this week into his death was told that Nasseri entered the UK in March 2000 and claimed asylum. He told authorities that he had been persecuted because of his sexuality and had been thrown in jail when it was discovered he was gay.
Nasseri managed to escape and made his way to England.
. . .
On June 25, last year, just days after learning he would be deported Nasseri shot himself between the eyes with an airgun modified to fire .22 caliber bullets.
The plight of gay asylum seekers has been highlighted by LGBT rights group Outrage. The group has accused the Labor government of callousness.



July 28. 2012 09:31 PM


PS to my sourish note about the Olympics.  I always loved sport, netball, hockey, even cricket and was still into distance running as a vet.   I just hate so much time being spent watching rather than playing it.   I also find the jingoism associated with spectator sports sickening.

But that said, I was inspired by Cathy Freeman's success.

Happy for the Poms their opening went off without a hitch!  And Her Maj is a real sport becoming a Bond girl!



July 28. 2012 09:52 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Jane, you’ll get yourself as unpopular as me by inviting me into further discussion about Wicks or anything else for that matter.

Wicks has supported a range of his observations about Jackson with links, and the only issue I have with this is his motivation.

But there are a range of issues Wicks simply neglects to address because there are facts that are inconvenient to his agenda.

How does he explain that Tim Lee supervised the Thomson FWA investigation for 3 years? Lee was/is-
•  A former ALP ministerial advisor,
•  A former union official,
•  An ALP appointee as General Manger of Nassios’s division, and
•  An ALP appointee as a FWA Commissioner.

how would Lawler have provided the influence Wicks alleges, given Lee’s supervision of Nassios.

Wick’s response to this was to suggest that Lawler and Nassios “worked in the same office” probably socialised and “did favours”, “you scratch my back” etc.

All this is just made up by Wicks. He provides no links for any of his smears.

As I’ve said, the central thesis of Wick’s “mud throwing” is influence/interference in the Thomson report. If there is no external interference or influence, he has no real grounds to undermine the report. Other than arguing that it is incompetent. And that’s just would just be a matter of his opinion.

…and Wicks banned me for debating this with him, he finds these points inconvenient.

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 10:05 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Best I be entirely accurate, Wicks didn’t say Nassios and Lawler “worked in the same office”, he said ”they shared an office”

Tom of Melbourne

July 28. 2012 10:36 PM




July 28. 2012 11:45 PM


This blog never feels so like a family as when one of us is unwell. And then, of course it does, because that is the nature of socialists, or just lefties if you like. It confirms our sincerity, and I have to say I love us for it.

If this were a Christian blogsite people would say they are praying for me - though prayers would in my case be completely 'previous', there is no chance I'll be leaving you in the foreseeable future, my problem is not at all like that, just very painful and likely to be so for a month or so now, Dam Dam Dam. But I thank Dog I am spared prayers, your good wishes work very well for me where I know prayers don't!

Christians, indeed believers in all the Judaic religions, purport to believe that if they say the right words their personal Skywizard (who they reckon looks like us btw, if not vice versa) will intercede and give us victory, cure our cancer (not my problem btw), or bring us whatsoever outcomes or goodies we ask for. The fact that half the people in the bus crash get killed, or the victory goes to the other side, or the cancer progresses just acccording to its own logic, never for a moment causes them to doubt their deity, they say Thank God He spared me, ('cos He's definitely male, look what He done to Mary!,) never mind those who've lost limbs or sight or loved ones, God is merciful! He made suffering because He loves us so! Oh it has made me sick since I was old enough to add 2+2, about the time I realized that reindeer are not aircraft, the hypocrisy and the idiocy, the self-righteousness of the rich and privileged based on whiteness, born to ruleness, inheritance, and rarely on personal achievement.

Religion is the great delusory illness to which our species has fallen victim. Oh the deeds done in the name of God/s, most particularly that one of Abraham!

So here's me glad no-one has said they'll say a prayer for me. Not that it would be "appropriate" in the usual sense anyway, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon as I said, it just...hoits! And it severely limits my ambulation. But it has given me an opportunity to give Religion a serve, and see, I think Religion has more to do with politics than anybody on the Left is prepared to acknowledge.

Right now I think Australia is under huge threat of being re-Religioned, and not just as it was in days of yore when to be "Christian" had some claim to genuineness, along the lines of Jesus' teaching of the Good Samaritan, but by an evil hypocritical self-justifying inhuman life form, a mutant anti-civilization culture of which the man Pell and his Catholic proteges, and White Supremacist Protestants and Happy Clappers of the Barnardi stamp, are fairly typical. Their ilk reign supreme in much of the USA and are the base of the insane and deadly Tea Party there. Abbortt and his droogs are deliberately importing it in kit form and assembling it here holus-bolus. With frightening success.

We like to think of this as a secular society, but that is even more delusory than the supposed belief in God. I would suggest that only the uneducated mugs really do believe in a Deity, the priests and bishops and such plainly don't, they couldn't possibly, if they really thought they ever had to stand naked before an all-knowing judge how could they do to little children the unbelievable horrible things so many of them have done?

So really it is a class thing, the well-off and predatory over the rest. "Respectability" from going to the right schools and the right churches, open doors all their lives, friends who are lawyers, and basically it is very very easy for them to believe that God is on their side. Jews do things rather differently, Moslems otherwise again, but in all cases Religion is a clenched steely fist controlling society - and Australia's no exception. Look at St Peter's Old Scholars and see if I exaggerate. But it is set to get much worse. American-financed Hillsongers and their ilk are deliberately singlemindedly turning this into a society run by fundamentalist'Christians',
the nastiest and certainly most hypocritical and  humanoid ever misbegotten.  

And it is inevitably Right-Wing in its politics. It scares the hell out of me, and it's time we on the left recognised the huge and sinister role Religion is playing in our politics.

Enough. Thanks again for not praying for me! No joke.  



July 29. 2012 08:08 AM


Good morning all.

Talk Turkey, No use me praying for you Smile I'm an atheist of long standing.  However, I do send you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Our PM landed a few well aimed punches this past week so that the Coalition State Premiers had cause to do some quick back flipping.  

It is a cold frosty morning and I have a ginger cat demanding a lap to curl up on - so far he's walked across the keyboard, knocked items off the desk and now has pushed his way onto the chair behind my back forcing me to move forward.  So, in the interests of my comfort, I will retire to an easy chair and watch the TV until Champuss decides it is warm enough to decamp outdoors.


July 29. 2012 08:09 AM


Re; Bacchus..*sigh*....



July 29. 2012 09:32 AM


listening to Jonathan Green "soft-soap" Janet Albretchson this morning, I had to quizzically reflect..; I personally never had cause to address any supository with such civility!


July 29. 2012 09:43 AM


Ok, let's have some fun with ToM..hey!..it's Sundee and nothing else is happening!
Hello, ToM!...How's it goin'?...good, good!....Say, ToM?...When you say Mr. Wicks saw your points of order as "inconvenient", are you sure he didn't say; "convenience"?..ie. : Toilet?.as in ; " I'm going to the conveniences"...or perhaps in your case ; "I am 'convenienced!"
Which is where, I suspect, most of your "ideas" and "conclusions" come from.
Look forward to your reply, ToM...after all, you wouldn't want to "in-convenience" me..would you?


July 29. 2012 10:29 AM

Ad astra

Good Morning Folks
Insiders this morning was a mixed bag.  Despite the presence of the always-negative Piers Akerman, and the Abbott apologist Gerard Henderson, the session was reasonably positive.  I thought Barrie Cassidy was even-handed, Stephen Smith gave a sound interview, as is usual for him, and Annabel Crabb was supportive of Julia Gillard and Labor, against the negativity of Akerman.  I wonder is she learning to respect the toughness and determination of our PM ‘to get things done’.  I thought I detected a touch of admiration, but then I could be imagining it.  She was caustic about the commentators who chastised the PM for not taking the Newman ‘offer’ of a levy to fund the NDIS.  Wet-behind-the ears PvO was one who thought the PM had bungled yet again.  As Annabel said: “can you imagine how Julia would have been mauled with another ‘Great Big New Tax’.”

I’ll be out and about most of the day at a family birthday. I’ll be back this evening.

Ad astra

July 29. 2012 11:20 AM


Good Morning Ad

Thanyou for your genuine interesting opinion on the Insiders this morning.  Your assessment always considered and sound.  Everyone has been pleased with Annabel makes a nice change. Piers Ackerman's column in the Telegraph this morning is miserable and disgraceful. The link is below but I wouldn't advise anybody to waste their time reading it.


(B1) "(Julia Gillard) was legitimately elected and, despite her fragile hold on power, her government is able to... http://fb.me/11KeR45vU

4400 Qld public service jobs cut confirmed | Sunshine Coast Daily #qldpol www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/.../

Toastman‏ Piers Akerman
www.dailytelegraph.com.au/.../story- Typical of the Telegraph, extends past distorted journalism,Joseph Gobeles would be happy to see the party still alive.

LNP to determine Mal Brough's political fate, preselection for seat of Fisher decided today http://bit.ly/LVxfjf #auspol #qldpol #slipper

It's good to remember that not all Libs are not like Abbott! www.dailytelegraph.com.au/.../story-e6freuy9-1226437409443

Newman axe cuts frontline services for disadvantaged deeply | Gympie Times #qldpol www.gympietimes.com.au/.../

Qld LNP MPs are all class. Brings a tear to my eye, being a Queenslander. See for example this offering: m.couriermail.com.au/.../story-e6freon6-1226437556450

Wide Bay health services in critical condition | Fraser Coast Chronicle #qldpol www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/.../

Rudd groupies get their man. Get @KRuddMP back or we'll be doomed as a nation with Abbott at the helm for next 12 years http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/-232uq.html


Adrian O'Hara‏
If #Insiders was Middle Earth, Piers would be a Mordor troll, Gerard would be Wormtongue and @annabelcrabb a brave Hobbit

insiders Akerman & Henderson spinning Brough's involvement in Ashby case. Nothing to see there! Annabel Crabbe's onto Brought tho'. #auspol

Stephen Koukoulas‏
Which is more unpleasant... Piers Akerman or a turd in the swimming pool? #auspol #insiders

Gone Troppo Geek‏
And #leadershit makes it Peak Derp RT @watermelon_man: Sounds like this #insiders is the apotheosis of the conservative takeover of the ABC.

Damian Spruce‏
Annabel doing a brilliant job as lone defender of progressive values on #insiders this morning. Running rings around Gerard and Piers.

Agnes Mack ‏@AgnessMack
Piers to Annabel: this is not a cooking show. ....hmm nasty little jibe at #kitchencabinet.

Jack Sumner‏
JuliaGillard Didn't @annabelcrabb do so very well. I have not before seen Akermann so efficiently neutered.

  Agnes Mack ‏
#insiders Mal Brough has support of Abbott & JWH

Jack Sumner‏
annabelcrabb Thanks for taking up the #insiders challenge you were given today. Your counter punching was gold medal standard



July 29. 2012 11:54 AM


Janice Thanks and lovely to see you here, hope all is well with you and you are as sanguine as I am re the next election. Do be!

Jaycee good on you for making fun here, making fun of ToM da Typo (that's his full name) and making fun for us. I'm all for it meself.

Has Labor ever felt so robust since the election? You all know the answer! We are winning every position, the Slipper affair has turned on its conspirators, sympathy is now with Thomson and against Jackson, Labor now has the moral high ground (albeit only about as high as Tuvalu), Labor is manifestly doing its best and the Greens and Abborttians are equally hypocritical - and potentially lethal - in refusing the Government its legislation. But the issue is anyway no longer playing against us, even if no positive.  

And for the rest, we have the bluest economical skies in the world, and that's blue skies after good rains at that. Well some clouds over China, and there's much to fear in the future of the planet, the skies aren't really clear anywhere any more, but our sphere is Australia, and as John Lennon says, We're all doin' what we can.


As far as federal politics is concerned, I'm very happy with my stake on Labor on Sportsbet. At SEVENS, (gone to six atm),  Drinks on me on Election Night when we win which we will,  Well Jason Obelix and anybody in Adelaide, we'll have a party eh!

Ad astra my take on Lopsiders was very similar to yours, perhaps Crabbe and Crassidy are starting to wonder if the butter isn't going to be on Labor's bread after all . . . And Pigs Ackerman and Geriatic Henderson spinning like never before, their backs to the wall and trying anything to justify themselves. Crabbe wasn't brilliant, but she spoke over Pigs a few times, he's not used to that, and if he were his usual piggish overconfident know-it-all self he wouldn't have let her do it neither!(*J*U*L*I*A* is the best at speaking through interruptions of anyone I've ever heard btw, I mean bar none).

All that remains is to make the People aware of how much good we have done, and show them what Abbortt would take away from them. Campbell Newman is our great role model for Abbortt here, filthy himself, but the clearest possible warning to the People, and a bitter-sweet blessing in disguise to Labor federally.  


July 29. 2012 11:58 AM


Julia Gillard comprehensively won the recent NDIS stoush, making the Premiers who did finally come on board look mean even after they'd crumbled, and the ones who didn't, Barnett and Newman, simply look like 'manipulative politics ahead of people' mongrels.

She also managed to wedge Tony Abbott and the 'powerful nationally by seats-count if Queensland votes in Can Do numbers for Abbott' Queensland LNP.

How? Newman has nowhere to go on his rejection of joining an NDIS trial after his "we offered her an Obama-moment" smarminess, because that sucker-punch 'moment' was all about Federal Labor introducing a new tax in the form of stacking an extra impost onto the Medicare Levy.

And Tony Abbott subsequently and very publicly flat out rejected that.

So Newman's wonderful solution was squashed back into his pumpkin-like puss, with a whole whack of Abbottian rebuke in the process. Can Do does not like being told it can't be done. Gillard did when passing on his oh so generous suggestion - he might try to spin it. Abbott did - he has to kiss the leader's... shiny shoes.

Which I doubt Newman will forget. Nor, I reckon, will Abbott forget that he's very publicly laid one on Australia's currently most successful (ex) leader of the opposition.

And there, my friends, sits a shiny new wedge, which, in a time when Coalition politicians across the country are quite certain that they will soon be in Coalition governments across the country (you can't imagine they don't see the current Labor state administrations falling next local election around), and gleefully repudiating John Howard's scare campaign of "don't elect Labor coast to coast", on the basis that "it's different (that is, God's natural order) when it's us", the times are perfectly set for Coalition broad hubris and individual disjointed noses to unerringly find wedges to trip themselves up on.

People wanted to see Labor get in there and deliver political blows like Abbott and his cronies seem to have been given open slather to land?

We just did. And then some.


July 29. 2012 12:12 PM

42 long

The "Insiders" panel was  a poor line-up. Not even a mildly disguised attempt at balance. Ackerman is not even good at his job  if labour bashing, and IF I had been Ms Crabbe I would have been concerned at the put-down woman thing. I don't normally worry, but we are not in afganistan.
Smith was, as always, competant. I don't worry about HIM embarrassing our country every time he speaks, and Cassidy seemed to be more alert and in charge than normal. the end result was fair enough.
  The bully boys from the Rightwing governed states gave the game away with their body language.
  Newman thought he had Julia in a "pincer" move. Military strategy training coming out there Campbell? What was your pass mark in that subject? Did the Fuhrer wise you to the Another "BIG NEW TAX gazump" or did you think of it yourself?
  To her credit Julia is not trying to represent this as anthing but a victory for the disabled.
   Well despite their ganging up on her, she Did them proper. So I will say it and I won't be alone.
   Any cost they can pass over to the federal government to destroy their "balanced" budget, they will. Their state cost cutting measures  work towards that end also. (MASS SACKINGS).
   They are cunning but not really "SMART". The worst aspect of their plan is that they expect us to be DUMB and believe threir version of things. They have had quite a bit of success. Gerard Henderson talks of success when speaking of TONY. never of consistency honesty integrity dependability diplomacy. Just HE has been very succcessfull. Well Adolphe was pretty successfull up till about 1939 too. and a lot of people agreed with his ideas, but he wasn't a nice person, and he did not win the war, and by the way he wasn't an atheist.  

42 long

July 29. 2012 12:49 PM


Mike Carlton is pretty well always on the mark "led by News Ltd's very own Lady Gaga, Janet Albrechtsen".  As they used to say on "The Late Show" - comic gold.

Carlton also makes a good point in that while dispassionate may get people convicted/cleared (as appropriate) in a Court Room - it doesn't work in the court of publicity.  Every report I've ever read of someone meeting Gillard has said that in person she is witty, warm and so on; yet she comes across to a large proportion of the rest of us mere mortals that haven't met here as someone who is robotic, lacks passion etc.

I read somewhere the other day that the ALP has used the same PR strategy since the 2007 election.  I own a 2007 car and while it is still serviceable, it's missing a few of the "latest features" such as bluetooth, iPod plugs etc.  Occasionally the car reminds you it has been around the block a couple of times and something breaks (nearly a $grand a week or two ago!).  Occasionally we think about trading up - then find out that the car we already have has significant advantages over anything with the 2012 compliance plate.  

The same can be said for the ALP PR machine -  the 2007 strategy isn't bad but there is a few of the nice to have things that Abbott probably has in his 2009 model (with "software updates" to the engine's computer through the WA. Victorian, NSW and Queensland state elections) LNP strategy that seem to turn someone who seems to be a genuinely nasty person (look how he greeted the Chinese Leaders the other day, Bernie Banton, avoidance of scrutiny at Press Calls etc) into a puppy dog.

Thanks for the link Lyn - it was valuable.

By the way - AA, point taken about banning people.  My reason for agreeing with the proposal is that there are a few who post here often that add absolutely nothing to the conversation usually due to some ideological hatred of other websites or fairness and equity for all.  I stand (sit actually when typing on the computer) corrected.


July 29. 2012 02:36 PM


It's beyond me why BazzCazz keeps bringing back these "no-hoping bludgers" like Pliers Ankleman and Jihad Hangtheson. I mean, there must be thousands of clever, skilled professional and tradespeople out there who could give the public "inside infomation" on selected topics better than that bunch of criothans they call "guests" each week! And ACrabbe is probably as we speak being sent to a "re-education" camp somewhere in the basements of the ABC. tower to bring her back into line!
Seriously though..Gerard Henderson and Graham Morris...I sometimes get them confused because I believe they were both "test-tube" babies(a couple of the first experiments), only Graham was "sponged" out of the residue..I believe! Anyway, Ive learnt to tell them apart..one has got a wheeze and the other is a weazel!....but they are both alike in that all those things look alike once they are flushed through the 'S'bend!


July 29. 2012 03:20 PM


Yes Jane, I know of the case in England, but the case I was talking about was in Woomera, Australia in 2002.

A couple of Bangladeshi homosexuals won their case in the high court not long after.


July 29. 2012 03:44 PM


Janice, I have a black lump who imagines that it's his job to tromp on the keyboard, stand in front of the monitor, act as an irritating scarf, demand pats and try to knock the mouse off the desk with his tail!

He is known variously as The Black Menace, The Black Pest and The Black Nuisance.


July 29. 2012 04:05 PM


Brough pre-selected for seat of Fisher.


This is the best of all possible news for those of us determined to see Gillard Labor re-elected.


If as seems likely Brough is tainted by the resolution of the Ashby shenanigans, he'll be a confirmed 'dirty' candidate. Bye bye Mal. Splashed merde on all Coalitioneers associated. Hi Christopher Maurice, Joseph Benedict, Anthony John...

Until that (unholy) confirmation, Brough is now officially a candidate for the Coalition at the next Federal election under the leadership of Tony Abbott.

Well, duhh!

Think about it. He's the new 'Can Do' except for one small matter that may well be exercising the mind of Tony Abbott, and I would suggest is to the very forefront of the mind of Mal Brough, which is... he's not the leader in waiting.

Otherwise, which might be only a small detail to some, (himself, perhaps?) Mal Brough is, in the current 'narrative' (bogus word in politics, incidentally, which I will address some time soon) of the Coalition as the landslide can't-lose-it winners of the next Federal election, 'already' the Member for Fisher, once again (Ashby snafu notwithstanding) the 'Honourable' Mal Brough.

A shoo-in in the expected shoo-in. Which means, oh yeah, he can say now whatever he likes on the basis that he WILL BE THERE (Piers Akerman-style Coalition-thinking only, let me reiterate, but it does have the rubber-stamp of the great commentariat minds of this follow-the-leader land of Orstraeeya of ours, Grattan, Coorey, Hartcher, et al...) and, speculate, brothers and sisters, consider...

If the LNP could put themselves up to electors to form a Coalition government in Queensland with a leader at that time not actually sitting in parliament, then I ask you, oh yeah, what's to stop sure-fire Mal (the Returned, not Mal the Incapable NBN Demolisher) from unseating the clown who shouldabeen and stepping up to the plate as Leader of the Opposition in double-waiting?

Ask Tony Abbott what he really thinks about 'Mal Brough is back'?


July 29. 2012 04:10 PM


As Jaycee observes above, there does seem to be a ridiculously shallow 'talent' pool called on for "Insiders".

Is it the early morning start interstate that winnows out the wannabes who want a Sunday sleep-in more?


July 29. 2012 04:14 PM

Tom of Melbourne

On the subject of contributions, I would observe that there are one or 2 who (I observe) only pop in to make a snide remark about my comment.

They don’t address the issue or any point or provide any insight or offer any debate. Their only purpose is to provide a lazy and inaccurate insult.

Bacchus is the most recent example of this.

Tom of Melbourne

July 29. 2012 04:25 PM


Does anyone know if this is the case. I'm sure that to work in parliament as someones staffer you have to sign the official secrecy act yes/no?  
If so would Ashby & Doane copying Slippers (the speakers) diary & sending it to a journo would see both of them behind bars should it not?


July 29. 2012 04:35 PM


More work being done to help Mr Newman become the second one term Premier in Qld in the last 20+ years.


ROOKIE Broadwater MP Verity Barton has lambasted rail passengers as "icky", called on welfare payments to be stopped for single parents and couples with children, and said Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former leader Kevin Rudd should stop breathing.

Ms Barton, third-choice LNP candidate for the Gold Coast seat, also said she did not believe in climate change, wanted WorkChoices brought back and described some voters as bogans.


July 29. 2012 04:47 PM

42 long

Mal Brough the new preselected candidate eh!
   Well that means they think they have the Ashby/Slipper thing covered. Or they are serous gamblers.
   Look out Ashby. You will be dumped withiut a prayer. You know that when you lie with dogs you get fleas.
  Mal is supported by the rabid abbott. It will be OK for you, though He has all the friends in the media, and having met some of them I'm sure you're confident that they will support you, not just because it is a good story and get's at the government, it will be about truth and justice and a fair go, like you gave your employer. Chrissy will be a true friend though. I think he saw more in you than just a way to bring a government down. MAL, being a retired army man (as is Newman) would know the seriousness of trying to do "wrong" things in an attempt to bring down a duly constituted government, so Im sure he explained all this when he was advising you to get a lawyer. Good "Liberal" ones at that.
IF someone else had been given the "tick" it might have been a bit easier for you, as there would be less heat on it . Isn't politics tough?
   After all we are looking at helping tobacco companies, poker machine lobby. Unlimited coal and mineral exploration with lESS tax. Denying climate change. stopping the outrageous idea giving help to lower income groups. All a pretty worthwhile cause. Fair bit of money involved and when you help all those people they will thank you afterwards surely?
   How does a job as Cabin Boy on a tow boat in the balmy Timor Sea sound.

42 long

July 29. 2012 04:54 PM


Interesting that Abbott backs Brough for Fisher..I suspect he(Abb)wants someone he can trust to "cover his rear".
Well..that spells the end for Ashby..he'll be cut loose any day now...liability..and all he can expect from Mal now is a "bi' o' ruff-bruff!".
So..Tony's back...thought the city stunk a little....and I see we got our house pet stinking up the place as well! He wants us to debate and all he can do is whinge!...ponce!

I notice there are no takers on my issue of Modernism vs. postmodernism and the connection between the Labor right-wing, the GFC., refugees and Tony Abbott's continual negativity policy.
I'll raise the stakes a bit and propose that it is because of the adoption of postmodernist ideology and it's fragmenting of familiarial behaviour patterns in the human society and the breaking of the coherence of community that has brought on these disasters all at this point in time.
What we are witnessing these days is the collapse of postmodernist ideology. It was never going to last, but in its' rapid rise, along with the dismantling of stable financial and social and educational structural patterns, it has swept away the corporate memory of how things ought to work. In the thirty or so years since its' inception, a new generation has grown up without the experience or the knowledge of applied critical thinking understanding and application.
We are in dire straights. The laissez-fair approach to so many of our social necessities such as employment, education, financial houses and social services by a strange style of "outsourcing" and privatisation has left us naked to the sudden collapse of many reliable institutions.
We must now consider our situation, for it will reverberate next election.
What do you think?


July 29. 2012 05:09 PM


There's that annoying "bzzzz" again. Is it static noise, or just tinnitus?


July 29. 2012 05:09 PM


Some amusing reading for the swords people This is the response from the ABC when I complained about their right wing bias. I'm sorry to say that fail on all points 4.1 to 4.5.


Thank you for your email.

In accordance with the ABC's complaint handling procedures, your correspondence has been referred to Audience & Consumer Affairs, a unit which is separate to and independent of program making areas within the ABC. The role of Audience & Consumer Affairs is to investigate complaints alleging that ABC content has breached the ABC's editorial standards (abc.net.au/.../EditorialPOL2011.pdf).

The ABC's commitment to  impartiality and to presenting a diversity of perspectives is set out in section 4 of the ABC's Editorial Policies the link for which is provided above.  The Policies set out the following standards of relevance to your concerns.

"4.1 Gather and present news and information with due impartiality.
4.2 Present a diversity of perspectives so that, over time, no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented.
4.3 Do not state or imply that any perspective is the editorial opinion of the ABC. The ABC takes no editorial stance other than its commitment to fundamental democratic principles including the rule of law, freedom of speech and religion, parliamentary democracy and equality of opportunity.
4.4 Do not misrepresent any perspective.
4.5 Do not unduly favour one perspective over another."

In regard to your point that the Q & A audience was mostly Liberal, there is no strict editorial requirement that the audience is balanced across the political spectrum.  Notwithstanding this the program team do aim for this.  For example, the program website lists the breakdown of the audience for the program prior to your writing, 16 July, by percentage per party preference as follows:

ALP – 33%
GREENS – 14%
These details can be found on the transcript, a link to which follows:

While we note your concerns regarding the political leanings of particular panellists, the important point to consider when discussing impartiality is not the stated or assumed political leanings of each panellist on shows, such as: Q & A, Insiders and The Drum, but the overall diversity of opinions presented over time, in response to each subject discussed.

Audience and Consumer Affairs is not able to provide a substantive response to complaints of a general nature; however if you would care to provide more detail, including: program name, date/time of broadcast, specific examples which support your claims, and which of the standards were breached, then we would be happy to consider these. Please feel free to respond by return email.

In any event, please be assured that the ABC values your comments which have been noted and conveyed to ABC News management so that they are aware of your views.

You may not be aware that many of our programs welcome audience feedback and discussion.  For example, you are more than welcome to submit comments to the Q & A message board (www2b.abc.net.au/.../MessageList.aspx), comment on the show's facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/abcqanda), and follow the program  or comment via twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/abcqanda/).  You can also ask questions of the panellists via email or video (http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/ask.htm)

Thank you again for taking the time to write to the ABC.  

Yours sincerely

Anna Uszko
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs


July 29. 2012 05:25 PM

42 long

  Too complex for me using your terms. Capitalism works. It fixes everything left alone and not interfered with.(We are told)
But there's more. God wants YOU to be rich. ( as long as you are one of us).
  Some people are SOO superior that their talent has to be rewarded at a rate around 20 million anually. (or more) Just believe it.
  Recessions seem to be caused by the system being AFU. But the recovery is done at the expense of the little peoples paltry incomes, and lifestyles.
I believe that many economies and standards of living are sustained at the expanse of a fair and equitable trading system
and marketing methods that are monopolistic and exploit certain sections of it's structure. Most Fair trade agreements are anything but.
  Hidden bank accounts mask criminality.
  No account is ever given to the damage done as a consequence of activity in many sectors of the economy so the true price is not paid.
   Any system relying on growth to work is unsustainable.
  The earth is populated beyond its ability to carry it. The growth in the last 150 years is outrageous and would be regarded as a plague if we didn't consider ourselves as being in gods image and extorted to go forth and multiply and rule over the animal kingdom. Man we gotta get real. Think it will happen Not on your nellie.

42 long

July 29. 2012 05:54 PM

Tom of Melbourne

In your case Bacchus, it’s tinnitus … a condition that can result from a wide range of underlying causes: neurological damage (multiple sclerosis), foreign objects in the ear, nasal allergies that prevent fluid drain, or wax build-up.

I think you have a foreign object in your ear, and you should have it removed.

Tom of Melbourne

July 29. 2012 06:12 PM

42 long

Frequently caused by exposure to loud noises which damage the auditory nerves permanently. it can change in intensity.
You must be as thick as a plank, some sort of sado-massochist or paid to be here TfM. ( Just an observation I don't want a reply) and I know I should know better than respond, but it's sort of difficult to leave a poor suffering thing just lying there, unaided.

42 long

July 29. 2012 06:19 PM


NBC, is in urgent need of a geography lesson!This is from their olympic page about us!

"Located in central Europe, bordered to the north by Germany and the Czech Republic, to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein, to the south by Italy and Slovenia, and to the east by Hungary and Slovakia. Is primarily mountainous with the Alps and foothills covering the western and southern provinces. "



July 29. 2012 06:26 PM

42 long

They only get to know where the places they have invaded are. ( after a fair time, not straight away). Americans do not seem to be big on geography otherwise.

42 long

July 29. 2012 06:35 PM


I'm warning you;AA..if I respond to ToM's remark about removing foreign objects.....you'll have to ban me!...(get thee behind me, Satan!!)


July 29. 2012 07:44 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Back from the family birthday, I’ve read your Twitterverse.  Perhaps in deference to my mental health, the Akerman link wouldn’t open.  Maybe The Tele has taken it down in disgust and embarrassment!

It seems that most tweeters had similar views about Insiders.  I wonder do panelists fully realize how exposed they are, and how vulnerable they now are to feedback via Twitter.  Ted Baillieu got his fill of feedback on Jon Faine’s morning radio show, where eight out of every ten text messages expressed their disgust with him.  You saw him twitch at this feedback on Insiders.  Social media, as well as texting and emails, are a rapid and effective way of telling politicians exactly what we think.

The Fisher pre-selection was interesting.  The NLP has a dilemma.  Now that they have pre-selected Brough they must wear the ignominy of his association with the Ashby/Slipper affair, which will be all the more so if Slipper is cleared and Ashby put down.

TT, Michael, 42 long, 2353, KHTAGH, Bacchus, Jason, jaycee, and all
I enjoyed reading your comments.  Thank you.

Ad astra

July 29. 2012 08:41 PM


Ad astra
Thanks for your thoughts. All's well - I'm just lurking at the moment. This is a busy time in the garden as I prepare the roses, lilies and annuals for the upcoming Spring Offensive. If the weather turns early up here we could be in for a marvellous end of Winter after a particularly cold year.

I hope all is well with nasking, we haven't heard from him for quite a while now.

I'm still emotionally drained - the only political occurrence that might excite me is a measurable deterioration in Abbott's stocks which doesn't seem to be on the cards any time soon.


July 29. 2012 09:33 PM

42 long

Normank I think abbott has only one direction to go and that is DOWN. There is No substance in this person. There is enough time for the reality to get through. The ABC are slowly changing. The Internet is giving us power. IF I hadn't found this site and the people in it i would have given up. Processes like the courts will eventually catch up with the manipulations of the Slipper/ Thomson affairs. Don't give up . The born to rule and the "others are by definition unworthy of office" is pure bullshit, put out by an elitist mob who think they hold all the cards. Let's show them that we don't give up easily. While the labor party has had it's moments of confusion they are genuine mistakes. Not plotted manipulations of mind games like the LNP play. I suggested a test of what each side is made of, and the nature of them, is, " would you like these people as your neighbours?" Someone you could invite for a relaxed barbeque? I reckon it's a no brainer. I want the Labor party to finish the honourable process of reform that they have commenced,. Compared to the disjointed self interested confusion and scaremongering and denial of science that the Abbott flat earth primitives put out, which puts us back to the middle ages , this is something worth fighting for.  

42 long

July 29. 2012 09:47 PM

Ad astra reply

Good to hear from you again.  I hope your Spring Offensive is full of colour and restores you.  I trust you are encouraged by what 42 long has had say about Abbott.  This hollow man must soon deflate like a punctured baloon.

I too hope Nasking is OK.  Big Bear, do give us a call.

Ad astra reply

July 29. 2012 09:56 PM


Michael, Can Do and the delightful Verity Barton will obviously feature in a resurgence of Government stocks in time for the 2013 election.

The encouraging thing is that Can Do probably has even more Verities up his sleeve to campaign for the Gillard government in Queensland. lol

.....there does seem to be a ridiculously shallow 'talent' pool called on for "Insiders".

I suppose anyone who cares for their reputation would run a mile rather than be a regular with the likes of Pies, Dolt and other Liars Party drivel merchants.

Baccy @4.35pm, Verity sounds like a real asset to the ALP, doesn't she?

KHTAGH @5.09pm, to summarise;


Get stuffed!

Love, Anna, Mark and the rest of Liars Party ABC.

Jason @6.19pm and after all Liealot's sterling work with the Tea Party. Actually, do you reckon we could just take him to Austria and dump him there?


July 29. 2012 10:12 PM


Well summarised.
I got that very same feeling from her email.


July 30. 2012 07:26 AM



JG and the Premiers- the more things change, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
supposedly experienced journalists relied heavily upon their shared fantasy that the Coalition will inevitably win the next election, which it won't and can't. The government has done a lot of work on the NDIS, consulting with interest groups to get the set-up right; the Coalition at state and federal level appear to have done no work at all.
Tony Abbott’s Slippery Brough fingerprints, Independent Australia
It exposes, too, the dirty tricks that, since the Pauline Hanson false charges, appear to have been Tony Abbott’s stock-in-trade. You slime a man, like Slipper, or like Thomson, you swear that Parliament has been stained by him, you move no confidence in him and you leave the chamber in disgust. It was what was done in other

The Small Print, Peter Wicks, Wixxy Leaks Pearce.
We have seen phone calls and texts to Eric Abetz’s staff and NSW Finance minister Greg  Pearce. Tony Abbott has been making passionate speeches in Parliament praising Jackson,We have also seen Jackson making speeches at HR Nicholls events

The Mobius Strip of Leadership Tensions, Victoria Rollinson
Carlton who are causing the wave of undermination (I made that word up) which is causing Gillard’s problems! He has another go at her in this article today, implying her problems lie in her communication skills. He’s obviously never watched her on Q&A. And obviously in Carlton’s mind, successful policy implementation is far less

Newmania: The Might Do State, Sal Piracha, Only the Depth Varies
Clive Palmer knows that Newmania supports mining as part of the pledge to "Grow A Four Pillar Economy". King Campbell has pledged $300,000 to help Palmer's High Court Challenge against the Federal Government's Mining Tax. King Campbell is very generous on behalf of Newmanians, throwing our money at the one Newmanian who least needs help. It's symbolic support at best

Since the carbon tax started-  Edition 3, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
This is the third edition of Since The Carbon Tax Started in which a range of market and economic indicators are examined in the context of the introduction of the carbon tax on 1 July 2012. The post is a simple factually based report and at the moment draws no conclusions on causality, correlations or linkages between the carbon price starting

When The Successful Secede, Sarah Burnside, New Matilda
Newman isn’t alone in his my-state-above-all rhetoric. As I’ve noted previously in New Matilda, hostility towards Canberra and "the Eastern states" has long been a staple of Western Australian politics. Recall WA Premier Colin Barnett’s statement last April

It’s My Labor Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To!, Deknarf , The Australian Blog
You could say that I’m not very happy with Right Wing Union thuggery and machinations currently destroying the Labor Party that I think truly represents the majority of people in Australia. I’m particularly unenamoured with Paul Howes, Bill Ludwig and Bill Shorten

Media Inquiry? Inconvenient facts go down the memory hole (part 2), Ethical Martini
If we’re stirred up about bloody attacks on ‘our’ freedom of speech and we can be made to think that only The Australian and the Institute of Public Affairs stands between us and a Stalino-Fascist dictatorship of ‘befuddled’ Greens from the ‘tofu belt’ aided and abetted by the ‘soft-Left media’

Dazed and Confused, Miglo, Café Whispers
Unable to lure the Government to the early election they have fought so hard for, the Opposition now comes across like a mob of dazed and confused rabbits caught in the headlights of a speeding media convoy. All of a sudden they have nowhere to run. Their incessant gibberish is desperate.

Brough wins LNP pre-selection in Fisher, ABC
Former Howard government minister Mal Brough has been successful in his bid for a political comeback. Mr Brough was seeking LNP pre-selection for the safe seat of Fisher on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, held by the House of Representatives Speaker and former LNP member Peter Slipper

After reading the documents it's hard not to think of this as a political conspiracy, Clarence Girl, North Coast Voices
On and on the alleged plot wends its way towards eventual publication the mainstream media.  
The evidence has been made public by the Federal Court of Australia and can be found at Online file - Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia NSD 580 of 2012.

Brough and other bros, Min, Return of Blogocracy
Tony Abbott has stated that he did not believe Mr. Brough’s chances of preselection had been tarnished by his links to the sexual harassment case against Mr Slipper. Well gosh, oh golly of course not.

Policy costings should be disclosed-if they're someone else's, Peter Timmins, Open and Shut
Mathew Franklin in The Australian reported this week on the Treasury knockback (paywall) to an Opposition Freedom of Information application for documents concerning Greens policies submitted for costing, an arrangement agreed at the time of the formation of the Gillard government. Today Franklin gave the Greens a hammering for hypocrisy given their strong advocacy f

What is it with conservatives and vulnerable people?, Jennifer Wiloson, No Place for Sheep
In my opinion, the two premiers would not have backed down had there not been an angry public reaction to their decision. What does this say about the men and women of the Coalition? Nothing good, I fear and it should cause us to think hard and long about an Australia governed by men and women incapable of seeing others as human as themselves, because they are

Climate Change Real or Ridiculous?, Wayne Brooks, Curiosity and Challenge
Yet Tony Abbott says its crap. When thinking of his statement I cant help but wonder how many years he spent on the land watching it degrade, decline and suffer at the lands breakdown and climates shifting.

Labor victory in Melbourne shows the challenges ahead for Greens, Solidarity Net. Au
The Greens can be a force for winning change if they look to fight at the grassroots against state government cutbacks and against Gillard’s continual drift to the right. This means getting more serious about building movements of resistance on the ground.

Is The Political Talent Pool Shrinking?,Nick Bryant, The Global Mail
Wayne Swan served as an advisor to leaders Bill Hayden and Kim Beazley, as well as being the state secretary of the Queensland branch of the ALP. Stephen Smith advised former Prime Minister Paul Keating, and served as ALP state secretary in Western Australia. Craig Emerson served on Bob Hawke's staff. Jenny Macklin worked as a

Brough Denies Knowing About Ashby Court Case, Video
Now in the Federal Court, some 600 of pages of evidence, emails and text messages that reveal a web of planning and prior knowledge by key political figures. The two Slipper staffers, James Ashby and Karen Doane, were in frequent contact with several players before the case blew up. The first is Mal Brough, former federal minister, arch enemy of Peter Slipper, rival for his seat.

Today’ Front Pages
Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 30 July 2012


July 30. 2012 08:21 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

July 30. 2012 09:33 AM

Ad astra reply

Hi Lyn
Thanks for this morning's links. It was interesting to read Stephen Koukoulas' update since the carbon tax started, and see the ACNielsen poll showing that over half those polled had noticed no difference since July 1, against 38 per cent who thought they were worse off. People are becoming aware that Tony Abbott's scare campaign was a cynical and opportunistic hoax.  His scaremongering has run out of puff, as predicted.  What stunt will he try now?

We will be on the road later this morning back to the south coast.  I'll be back this evening.

Ad astra reply

July 30. 2012 09:56 AM


Good Morning all
another glorious winter day in Canberra, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and ...

Rip off those headphones and let the pollies hear some truths
Stewart fronted CNN a few years back to lambast a tinnitus-inducing show called Crossfire where a bouncy Republican in a bow tie bashed up a dour looking Democrat, and vice versa, with a revolving support cast of sound-bite proselytisers.
Stewart opened this way. ''Can I say something? Why do we have to fight?'' The audience laughed, and leaned in, anticipating more spectacle. ''It's not so much that it's bad as it's hurting America. Here's what I wanted to tell you guys: Stop.''


Read it and weep.


July 30. 2012 11:46 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

Twitterverse this morning :-

Steve Axe‏
www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fndckad0-1226348902072 LNP preselection oddity, other candidates must have been ordinary #LNP #auspol

Coalition anger over Mal Brough's role in the Peter Slipper claims
“This is all about Mal Brough. He's running for preselection and he is trying present himself as the hero guy who advised Ashby,” one MP said.

Mr Brough revealed in The Weekend Australian that he had met Mr Ashby on three occasions in late March and early April and urged him to go to the police and get legal advice over allegations of sexual harassment and misuse of taxi vouchers by Mr Slipper.

Pyne email surfaces as 'cover-up' claims persist www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120503-1y1df.html via @NationalTimesAU

Ken ‏ Phillip Coorey
PM Gillard fixes NDIS stalemate but funding battle will be Tony Abbott's if he wins in 2013 http://bit.ly/MeIggM WHERE'S THE MONEY TONY

Chris Ogilvie ‏
@BreakfastNews offers it's resources to help Mal Brough not only get elected but to get Slipper on behalf of their party

Craig Emerson MP‏
@BreakfastNews Brough admitted he had been 'evasive' about involvement with Ashby. Yet Abbott said Friday Brough had been totally 'upfront.'

Mal Brough's preselection was opposed by Turnbull, Hockey, Julie Bishop and many Qld LNP MPs #auspol #qldpol http://bit.ly/LVWcuM

#ABCNews24 why don't you dig up & broadcast Brough's earlier statements on Ashby. Now that'd be News! No…just bend over & take it #Mediafail

ABC News Breakfast‏
.@BroughMal says he's had no conversations with Tony Abbott about James Ashby; Everything is on the public record

The Daily Telegraph‏
Brough denies wrongdoing over Slipper: MAL Brough says he has always told the truth about his involvement in the... http://bit.ly/PZv3qJ

Gone Troppo Geek‏
Brough Denies Knowing About Ashby Court Case http://youtu.be/AEWfsUO7YZY Here's proof http://is.gd/e01BUu & http://is.gd/V6Mi7Q#auspol

Chris Barrett‏@
These are some of the reasons the #LNP will dump #TAbbott reckless idiot Australia under Abbott www.theage.com.au/.../...bbott-20120729-235y6.html

via @theage
Much of his hyper-partisanship is based on the templates of American Republican and Tea Party political strategy. His reactionary populism has imported some of the very worst aspects of American politics into our debates.

National Times‏ Phillip Coorey
Brough on road back to Canberra www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120729-236hf.html via @NationalTimesAU

Bushfire ‏
@eatatjoe2 @CraigEmersonMP @breakfastnews Slipper "Tassie" story here, by Steve Lewis www.themercury.com.au/.../...11_tasmania-news.html … ... one week before Ashby yarn

  Bushfire ‏
Brough made a fool of you @SabraLane. He wasn't just "helping a friend". He actively solicited Slipper's 2009 diary from Ashby on 29/4/2012.

  Bushfire ‏
@CraigEmersonMP @breakfastnews see document pages 292-294 www.fedcourt.gov.au/.../...nts-evidence-V1-Pt2.pdf

Peter Brent‏
Me on Brough in Fisher. blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/.../

Carbon tax not as bad yet ALP struggling http://shar.es/vboV0 via @sharethis Who r the morons who back Abbott!
That would see a six per cent swing to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and obliteration for the government if an election were held now, Fairfax reported.
: www.news.com.au/.../story-e6frfku9-1226438261564

Tony Maher‏
Why isn't Ross gittins heading the productivity commission? #ausunions #fb http://www.smh.com.au/business/-236bo.html

Jeremy de Korte‏
Poll shows carbon tax fear easing www.abc.net.au/.../4162894 @abcnews There was nothing to fear to begin with. #carbontax

National Times‏
Politics has become a fight club, but we don't all have to be members, writes Katharine Murphy @murpharoo www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120729-235y7.html

Z☰N Digital ‏
Newman + 1/3 of his LNP cabinet have been caught out wrongly accepting gifts and other gratuity. #QLDpol #auspol Sir Joh in action again

Alan Jones, hero kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/.../


July 30. 2012 12:14 PM


I would like to see Labor direct all of its preferences to Slipper if he chooses to stand at the next election. Brough is a deadbeat as Longman electors testified back in 2007 when they kicked him out with one of the most massive swings against a sitting liberal. The same for Tony Windsor & Robert Oakcroft.


July 30. 2012 12:48 PM

Wake Up

To those who allege that Peter Wicks has done a hatchet job on Michael Lawler, errr that would be you ToM, then maybe you should look at this..............


Wake Up

July 30. 2012 12:54 PM

Wake Up

Kate McClymont must be feeling ill.............


Wake Up

July 30. 2012 01:47 PM


Oh dear - the Climate Change argument is going to heat up (sorry Smile ) again.


Briefly now a group of climate skeptics, funded by the Charles Koch Foundation (who have a long history fighting tobacco smoking, Ozone holes and so on) can't even support the "ther is no human induced climate change" argument.  The evidence is in the link,


July 30. 2012 02:32 PM

42 long

  When are the silly skeptics going to rely on "quality" sources of information and not SUSS organisations that normally include the word "Institute" in their description, or "PAID" grinning oafs who treat the biggest problem we face as a joke. Monkton Bolt Jones etc.
  At the time when fewer and fewer people have any science education in their backgrounds.( Abbott would have to fit that description) the population is set up to believe anything that will confuse the issue, discredit the ONLY group that you can hope to get the information from and allow the Plundering of the environnment so a few can make a hellish profit for a brief time (in historical terms). Don't these people like Gina and Clive want to see a future for their grandkids and every body elses too? None of us are getting out of this alive so at some stage your abundance of money will do you NO good at all. Gina and Clive would be well advised to stop gorging themselves on shit food and unclog their arteries and get themselves a future. Health for them and the environment. What a change that would be.

42 long

July 30. 2012 02:54 PM


42 long,

Agreed - which is why the article I linked to is important.  Research funded by a skeptic organisation has found there is conclusive evidence of human input into the effects of climate change.  It seems that money can't buy everything.

In another example of money not buying everything, Gina Reinhart is ordered to pay the legal costs of other parties (including 3 of her children and the media) in a court case relating to the "secrets" of her family trust trusteeship.



July 30. 2012 02:59 PM

42 long

On a slightly different topic. (the boat People)  a "spokesperson' for the LNP (NOT Morriscum.) labelled them as "ILLEGAL" Which is WRONG and at UNSUSTAINABLE levels. ( Sorry for shouting. Jordan and Turkey are overcome with refugees that make the 7,000 that we have had arrive by boat look like a drop in the bucket.
  Demonising these people and trying to make it the result of the governments actions after saying "even IF they( the ALP) accepted ALL of OUR policies" we would not agree...
  Any thinking person knows that the LNP WANT more boats to come here and they are travelling further and further so there is more danger involved.You are DESPICABLE LNP. By the day you become more on the nose. You pretend to espouse Christian principles. what a joke that is.  let people die, trying to get here to win votes for you..Isn't there enough of you LNP people around that think the earth is NOT flat and that it is much more than 6,300 years old, That the RC church has a problem with sexual abuse of young people, that MUST be addressed. etc etc
  "Judge the tree, by the fruit it bears". You lot are a pretty bad tree.
   What a stupid arrogant act to support Mal Brough. Not a risk averse decision. Tony and Mal will tough it out.
   Will you run your foreign policies with a similar philosophy of risk?  Look at Mit Romney beating the drums of war for Israel and the macho votes at home. You have patterned your tactics on the Tea Party and Mad Republican ideology. Hardly anyone disputes that now but it seeemed a bit far fetched when a few mentioned it a while ago.. What a mob of Whacko's. Wake up australia before it is too late. You are not watching a show on the tele This is REAL..

42 long

July 30. 2012 03:22 PM


The LNP seem to forget that the founder of the liberal party helped to author the refugee convention which makes it perfectly legal for anyone to ask for asylum.

So do our lazy frigging media who breathlessly report every arrival as if it is news.


July 30. 2012 03:23 PM



Another great set of links, another huge thanks. Smile


July 30. 2012 04:12 PM


Thank you for this detailed and thoughful commentary about perceptions of Julia Gillard. It is clear that you're happy with how she presents herself in each of the comprehensive list of situations you survey.

It is true that the Opposition attacks have been devastating in their effectiveness in trashing her reputation. However it is also true that she doesn't come across to the majority as likeable, interesting or trustworthy.

That's my personal view, and I have been a rusted on Labor supporter. I've stopped listening to her. Just - stopped - listening. She drones, she doesn't cut through. She doesn't present an inspiring view of what Australia is or could be. She mentions 'work' a lot and has a reputation for hard work. But as far as I am concerned, hard work is the price you pay to get into the building, it takes a lot more than hard work to be a leader.

I am very pleased to tot up the list of achievements of this government, and they are substantial. But the biggest of all, the Clean Energy Legislation, is one that was forced upon her. She shows lack of conviction in spelling out the advantages this will bring to Australia, and the risks avoided. Hopeless in fact. Shamefully hopeless.

So, overall, I find her presentation style wooden, her judgement flawed and her vision for Australia limited. Full marks for persistence and preparation. Abbott has outsmarted her and her team repeatedly. I have no confidence that she can win the next election. And that is a thoroughly miserable prospect.  


July 30. 2012 04:19 PM


What a surprise! Mal Brough lied barefaced to the camera on ABC News Breakfast this morning.

Actually, that's NOT a surprise.

What was... is that co-host Michael Rowlands contested Brough's rewriting not only of history but the publicly accessible record, of which more and more is becoming publicly accessible. Contested quite hotly, pulling back from angrily, it could be observed.

Holier than thou Brough may come an awful cropper when the Coalition has to decide who will need to be sacrificed when the full details of the Ashby affair are in place.

Apparently, Tony Abbott had no "specific knowledge" of events.

Mal's were/are very specific indeed.

Now, it make take Jesuitical degrees of specificity to decide which sacrifice will need to be made, but...

Hang on, doesn't one of them, Abbott or Brough, have Jesuit connections??? Perhaps the tonsure hairstyle is a giveaway?

Or will they simply decide in reverse alphabetical order who goes first? Specifically.


July 30. 2012 04:35 PM


This Fairfax article was listed amongst the Twitter-links the inestimable Lyn brought us yet again today, but if you haven't visited, you must most certainly read it here.

The wind's more than changing, it's beginning to turn the compass!

IT IS often said that being the leader of the opposition is the hardest job in Australian politics. For the past 2½ years, Tony Abbott has made it look relatively easy. Few would deny that he has been devastatingly effective during that period. But so far, his credentials as an alternative prime minister remain untested. Labor's endless internal dramas, and its penchant for mishaps, have allowed Abbott to escape the spotlight.

It is time that we place the Opposition Leader on centre stage. The past week has only confirmed that some serious questions need to be asked. Is Abbott ready to become prime minister? Can Australians trust him to lead in the national interest?

Abbott's visit to the United States and China certainly attracted all the wrong attention for him. The trip failed to deliver the intended result of lending him some statesman-like gravitas.

His widely reported speech in Beijing last Tuesday was revealing. Abbott lectured his Chinese audience about why they needed democratic reform. He signalled a possible Australian role in stepping into disputes in the South China Sea. On economics, Abbott made clear his distaste for foreign investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises. On more than one count, this was a display of poor judgment.

To be fair, many of our political leaders don't come to foreign affairs naturally. Some don't take an active interest in it. Others find diplomacy beyond their metier. Still others view foreign affairs as merely another arena for conducting domestic politics.

In Abbott's case, there are early indications that any government he leads may disrupt Australia's relationships with Asia. His adversarial posturing may already have inflicted some damage on our relations with China.

Beyond this, some of our closer neighbours have bristled at his zealous politicisation of boat arrivals. Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa has, on more than one occasion, openly criticised the Coalition's policy of turning back boats carrying asylum seekers.

In more ideological terms, Abbott's regular effusions about ''the Anglosphere'' point to a troubling blind spot. Particularly for observers in the region, such enthusiasm smacks of thinking that Australia must seek security from Asia rather than security in it.

This is a point that even leading Australian conservatives concede. For example, foreign affairs commentator Greg Sheridan wrote of Abbott's 2009 book, Battlelines, that its passages on the Anglosphere were ''silly and sterile and lead nowhere in policy terms''.

But it isn't just foreign affairs that are a source of concern. Look no further than economics.

The Coalition under Abbott has a long way to go before it can offer fiscal credibility. Consider its promise to scrap a carbon price scheme. Add to that the promises to introduce a generous paid parental leave scheme and to restore defence spending.

These aren't modest pledges. The Coalition would have to find more than $70 billion over four years to fund them. Yet Abbott has been quick to rule out raising the rate of the GST (though shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has hinted at the possibility).

Clearly, if an Abbott government were committed to budget surpluses, it would have to undertake some drastic cuts to public services. Those who would vote for such a government should know they might be voting for this. Either that, or for an Abbott government with a Whitlam-esque appetite for public spending.

Economic management is one area where surprises may be in store under an Abbott-led government. For the most part, however, we can be assured that any Abbott premiership will reflect the man: the muscular Christianity, the Anglo-centrism, the combative instincts, the conservative ideology.

Yet we shouldn't mistake any such familiarity to mean that an Abbott government wouldn't reshape the Australian political culture. It would.

Abbott is, without question, the most conservative figure to lead the Liberal Party. Much of his hyper-partisanship is based on the templates of American Republican and Tea Party political strategy. His reactionary populism has imported some of the very worst aspects of American politics into our debates.

The net result has been that our political system now finds it hard to strike compromise for the common good. Bipartisanship of just about any kind has come to an end. We should ask whether this is the kind of politics we want.

If we do find ourselves with a Prime Minister Abbott, we can only hope that he replaces partisan excess with civic restraint.

Abbott should look to his younger, more idealistic self. In his maiden speech to Parliament in 1994, there was a lament that ''one of the depressing features of modern Australia is the low esteem in which governments and politicians are generally held''.

To date, alas, Abbott the politician has done more than his share to entrench this low esteem.

Tim Soutphommasane is a political philosopher at Monash University. His book The Virtuous Citizen will be published next month by Cambridge University Press. Twitter: @timsout


July 30. 2012 04:47 PM


Gillian.If you believe that Abbott has 'outsmarted' Labor every turn, then you have a low-bar in calculating "smart"!
AND if you cannot hear past the pitch or tone of a person's voice, then you are "deaf" to what anyone has to say.


July 30. 2012 04:54 PM


Hi Ho Folks.

This is the period of grinding down. Hard tough talk, no backchat any more, can't you just feel it happening when *J*U*L*I*A* speaks. She is hi-tensile steel that woman when she needs be, she let the press peckery know just who was Prime Minister the other day, she has the best herd of BISONs in the world to back her up and the yellow media durst not ask her any gotchas, even though you couldn't see them (the ABC has only one camera and only one microphone) you could feel that they were like chastened kids in school who know that their teacher is in no mood for nonsense and has the means and reputation to be able to deal with misbehaviour. She will never let them talk crap to her ever again, Anal Jones just you try.

We must, as Chopper said, HTFU, and that goes multiple for those on our frontline, the Labor Front Bench. And Rob Oakeshott, and Tony Windsor, whom I honour immensely. Their true independence gives them great gravitas. And I hope to be able to add to that list none other than Peter Slipper, I think he has been wronged mostly, and I think there is in him a strong sense of propriety wrt process, which for reasons unfathomable to me, (but very numbers mostly) had been grossly abused by the Abborttians under Harry. Has Slipper ever done anything illegal? I doubt it, all I know is he evidently overused his travelling allowance, (and paid it back btw), and the rest afa I know is BS! He's a selfproclaimed Christian, so I probably wouldn't like him much (I do like a few btw), but the sort of treatment he has received for the nonsense claimed by Ashby is outrageous, the complaint itself a transparent seditious setup  for which several people should receive gaol terms. And one of them is Guess Who? Smile
I am much more inclined to think of Peter Slipper as a pretty ordinary man with a little bit of flaws amybe like the rest of us, but not an evil lying creep like Abbortt. Which is sort of why Slipper wiped their ordure from his shoon and took the Speaker's job, and did it well for just a few months. I hope he gets to sit in that Chair again, and soon, but that bastard Ashby has managed to defer proceedings till October . . .

But Labor's front bench can't wait for that. They must go into finger-pointing mode to the Abborttian hypocrites, and finger-jabbing mode at rude self-important journalists. Tough talk, no nonsense, same as *J*U*L*I*A* herself.  

And most importantly, the bloody right-wing vipers in the publicly-funded ABC must be slapped down. We all know who they are. We are going to win the next election anyway, but we need "our" ABC.  FFS Labor heavy-hitters, just do it.    


July 30. 2012 05:30 PM

Ad astra

Welcome to The Political Sword family.  Do come again.

Thank you for your complimentary remarks about this piece.

In asserting that Julia Gillard ”…doesn't come across to the majority as likeable, interesting or trustworthy.”, what evidence has led you to that conclusion?  The only ‘hard’ data around is poll data, with its inherent inability to predict election outcomes this far from the next scheduled election.  There are of course the opinions expressed by journalists, also based on poll data, but also corridor whispers and anecdotal evidence.  They are amongst those who say ‘the people have stopped listening’, as you have.  They offer no hard data to support this contention, so presumably their evidence is anecdotal, no doubt accentuated by groupthink in the Canberra Press Gallery.  The whole façade of negativity to our PM has been built on this flimsy evidence, yet presented to the voters as ‘gospel’.  

No doubt, some, like you, have stopped listening for the reasons you state.  The question is how many?  You say the majority.  Coalition supporters would be among them.  But we know that to win elections over 50% of the TPP is needed, not 100%.  The question boils down to this: is more than 50% listening; if so how many more?  Of those, what proportion are impressed or unimpressed with PM Gillard’s record of governance?  If those data were available we would be able to make more rational judgements and predictions.  So we will have to wait for it.

It is sad to read that although a Labor supporter you have stopped listening and that the Gillard characteristics you describe are so off-putting.

I suppose for you the most agonizing decision is whether these characteristics of our PM are sufficiently off-putting for you to change your vote to the Coalition and an Abbott-led government.

Ad astra

July 30. 2012 05:34 PM


Oh bugger . . .

Richard Muller, a climate sceptic physicist who founded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, said he was "surprised" by the findings. "We were not expecting this, but as scientists, it is our duty to let the evidence change our minds."
He said he considered himself a "converted sceptic" and his views had received a "total turnaround" in a short space of time.
"Our results show that the average temperature of the earth's land has risen by 2½ degrees Fahrenheit over the past 250 years, including an increase of 1½ degrees over the most recent 50 years. Moreover, it appears likely that essentially all of this increase results from the human emission of greenhouse gases," Professor Muller wrote in an opinion piece for The New York Times.
The team of scientists based at the University of California, Berkeley, gathered and merged 14.4 million land temperature observations from 44,455 sites across the world dating back to 1753. Previous datasets created by NASA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Britain's Meteorological Office and the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit had gone back only to the mid-1800s and used five times fewer weather station records.
The funding for the project included $US150,000 from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, set up by the billionaire US coal magnate who is a key backer of the climate sceptic Heartland Institute think tank. The research also received $US100,000 from the Fund for Innovative climate and Energy Research, created by Bill Gates.


The interesting thing here is who funded the research.  They are a conservative US "think tank" who have funded research (or doubt and uncertainty) on tobacco smoking, the hole in the ozone layer, a strong defence capability etc.


July 30. 2012 06:08 PM


Hi AA.... well, the main evidence I can present to indicate that I'm not alone in my lack of enthusiasm for Gillard is the polling results. I agree that today's polls can't predict the 2013 election, but they can be taken as an indication of current sentiment.

I was shocked the day I caught myself tuning out when I heard Gillard on the television in the next room. But I have tuned out. I saw her on 7.30 the other night and I changed channels. Maybe I just need time out. I'm too often annoyed at how successfully Abbott gets the govt to dance to their tune. The govt seems to fall for it every time. The most recent example is the ads about the compensation for carbon pricing. All the messages say, "We know you don't care for anything but money, so I'm only going to talk about money". It reduces the human spirit to $10 a week. Ugh.

And you ask who has stopped listening? And as you say, rusted on LNPs never listened with an open mind in the first place. I do see quite a bit of hand-wringing in the pro-Labor - they haven't stopped listening, but they're aware of this govt's communication shortcomings. And my family members have tuned out.

Now who to vote for instead? That's not agonising at all!  Nothing would make me vote for Abbott. My usual alternative has been the Greens, but their recent intransigence makes me despair. To save my sanity, I remember that it's all a moot point because I live in a safe Liberal seat. I've lost hope that Labor might win the next election and so I have started corresponding with my local Liberal MP to make sure he is up to date information about climate change. If Abbott ditches the Clean Energy Legislation, I'll ... well, lose all faith in humanity is one way to put it.

As Joan Baez said, "Action is the antidote to despair".

You might like my blog... http://thisnessofathat.blogspot.com.au/ My most recent post comments on the Muller announcement and Watts response.

I'm rather pleased to have stumbled across TPS ... it's a thoughtful and civil place.


July 30. 2012 06:17 PM


*hand-wringing in the pro-Labor media


July 30. 2012 06:24 PM

42 long

There is a good message there about the discipline of the scientific method. All scientists who are 'real' are inately sceptics. that is why they constantly test their results and conclusions. Einstein never stopped questioning. Hawking also. It is the manner  and nature of the discipline. Contrast this with Dogma which resists change and is threatened by it.
Down through the ages Dogma and religeon have opposed discovery through science, ie observation expermentation and calculation. They have put people to death for daring to proclaim explanations of the nature of things,(ie the earth is NOT the centre of the universe) other than by the direct hand of GOD. We may regard them as primitives by todays standards of education but there are still such people among us NOW who act the same way. One would say only in backward ignorant countries thesedays, surely. Well if america and australia are backward countries to meet that condition so  be it . To what extent it exists utterly amazes me.

42 long

July 30. 2012 06:50 PM

42 long

Gillian, How many people could put up with the workplace environment that Gillard puts up with. Everytime she says something she has to make sure some sensation seeking journo won't twist her words. Take something out of context. She has enemies all around her.
Take the utterly pathetic effort by Tony Jones about the Knitting needles in his back. She never knows when the next low blow is comming and where it is coming from. She is fair game unchecked for every coward out there. A soft target, Guaranteed to get no opposition, from most people around, if you make a rotten joke at her expense, thanks to the relentless torrent of demonisation she has been subject to.
   I have friends who can't stand her ( they say). Why I ask. After a bit of a blank stare, they reply ( cause everyone kNOWS she's horrible) "OH THAT VOICE, I can't stand it!!!".
   Well to me that sounds like something weird. It's called an ACCENT. I don't think it is her accent that is bothering TONY. That big tough COWARDLY Woman hater. It is the fact that she frequently bites back now and THAT voice emits words that big tough Tony doesn't like.
   People are starting to realise WHO the LIARS are.
  The purveyors of deceit, fear for old peolpe to freak out about. exaggerayion to a point of irresponsibility. Organise angry rent a mob for Albo to come out of his opffice ans face. I appreciated that Anthony. You did GOOD mate.
   The people who admire the effectiveness of T Abbott without examining his methods closely are blinkered by the need for the outcome. The "end justifies the means" is not a new idea, but how many principles are sacrificed for the outcome. How bad is the example set?. Abbot and the LNP under him,crossed the line long ago, and they are worthless ethically.

42 long

July 30. 2012 07:05 PM


Hello 42 Long,

Yes, I agree that Gillard is in a tough position and Abbott has been relentless. She shows grace under pressure and persistence. But she fails to exert enough control over public discourse. Instead she gets on with rolling out some good legislation. Unfortunately, I don't think that is enough to counter the tactics of the Abbott-led opposition.

I'd love to think people were beginning to realise who the liars are, but I don't see that happening. The polls are steadily in favour of LNP at present.

In my view Labor lost the opportunity to reinvent itself as the wide-ranging party of the left, going beyond employer/employee relations. The union movement is withering, and as long as Labor is rusted on to it, it will decline. Rudd took the party away from the Union nexus briefly, but Gillard has taken it right back (or the unions reeled her in).

Left of centre parties in other countries are not defined in terms of workplace relations or the union movement, and Australia's main left-centre party doesn't have to be either.

Agree with you re Abbott's ethics. He'd throw his grandmother over a cliff if it meant he could grab power.

Indeed, I think we agree on most things. Except that you see hope for Labor in the 2013 election and I don't.


July 30. 2012 07:16 PM

Tom of Melbourne

That’s very interesting Wake Up @12.48.

But that has nothing to do with all the nonsense Wicks has been putting around.

FWA clearly has some performance problems, with poor discipline around publishing decisions, lengthy delays, and Members making partisan political comments.

Nothing there, in The Australian article shows any support for anything Wicks has published.

Iain Ross has said he doesn’t like the name “Fair Work Australia”, apparently it’s “like working in a political slogan”. He’s also concerned about the damage to public confidence caused by the 3+year investigation.

But nowhere does he indicate any interference or influence over the investigation by Lawler.

Tom of Melbourne

July 30. 2012 07:24 PM

42 long

Gillian. She can't win it from her current position but it is the LNP's to lose. They have sewn a tangled web of deceit and things are crook if half of it doesn't come out. People could go to gaol here. There is no way that Tony Abbott should ever be allowed to become PM of this country, and quite a few of the LNP know that. 30% ot them believe in climate change being related to human activity and that must be growing, not reducing as time passes. There is enough time between now and the next election for many things to change. I hope this thing doesn't print twice. Need help if it does.

42 long

July 30. 2012 07:25 PM


Gillian..I tried to post a comment on your site, but couldn't get access after I wrote a comment and pushed the "publish" tab.
I think it is a case of signing in the correct URL or something...please explain?


July 30. 2012 07:34 PM


Hi Jaycee, yes, people who want to comment on my blog need to sign in with an ID of some kind. I also have it set so comments need to be approved, so I should receive an email with your comment. Climate change attracts some very forceful low life and I don't want to be swamped by the loony fringe. I'm sorry if it's a bother for you.


July 30. 2012 07:47 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Another Goebbels aphorism: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play”, illustrates exactly how Abbott has managed his anti-Gillard propaganda; the press, particularly News Limited, has been deeply complicit.

If the bird of paradox is all that you say she is why has she failed to win the media over? Why isn't the media 'scrum' waiting outside her residence hoping for a glimpse of her? If the bird of paradox has been to charm school as you suggest she should have the media eating out of her hand. Maybe the media is not ensorcelled like some bloggers are.

Sir Ian Crisp

July 30. 2012 08:12 PM


Sir, you cur...I always wanted to do that!! I'll bet you are not even an aristocrat....more like an aristoscat!


July 30. 2012 08:14 PM


Gillian..I have no problem with ID..I tried with my email address and my nom de plume here, but to no avail...what does one do?


July 30. 2012 08:18 PM

Ad astra

I enjoyed visiting your attractive website: Thisness of a that http://thisnessofathat.blogspot.com.au/

I see you have featured climate skeptic Richard Muller’s apparent epiphany on the ‘Road to Damascus’.  Your analogy to the structure of Kidwelly Castle, Carmarthenshire, Dyfed, Wales was apt.

I shall visit your site again.

Ad astra

July 30. 2012 08:20 PM

Ad astra

Sir Ian
Don’t ask me.  Ask Rupert Murdoch.  He has the answer.

Ad astra

July 30. 2012 08:28 PM

42 long

To that question perhaps, but he no longer has all the answers.
   At last someone has caught up with him. There is a dog.

42 long

July 30. 2012 08:53 PM


Hi Ad

I have collected some tweets pertaining to the Ashby/Slipper case. Eleanor Bloom tweeted the released Court documents that mentioned Mal Brough.

I was still working on my post when the 7.30pm report came on so have added some more comments for you.

Michael I appreciate your compliment very much thankyou.

Thankyou Gravel your always a sweetie.

eleanor bloom ‏
For anyone who missed my many tweets on 25 & 26 July re Ashby/Slipper court docs, I'll now retweet some relating to Brough.  

eleanor bloom  
Re timeline refs: Slipper was notified of proceedings filed against him on 20 April (while in NY). The texts in docs end on 12 April #brough

eleanor bloom ‏
[2/2] privately if that is best, Cheers, Mal." Sunday, 22 April, "James, can you ring me please? Cheers, Mal." Twice on that day. #Brough

eleanor bloom ‏
Ashby tells Doane all contact w Lewis to go thru McClennan. Doane: 'Cool. Mal Brough just called as well.' Yet MB didn't know of legal case?

  eleanor bloom  
29 March, Lewis to Brough: 'I would be fascinated to see what his diary said for these dates..' Is same day Ashby sent copies of diary 2 MB

eleanor bloom‏
[1/2] Emails from #Brough: 18 April "Hi James, There are potential problems I need to discuss with you as soon as possible. ...happy to meet

eleanor bloom ‏
Ashby was sending copies of what must be Slipper's diary to Mal Brough via ph -29 March. Mal: "Can that be emailed James it is hard to read"

eleanor bloom
10 April. Email. Karen to Brough re legal proceedings & use of media. "Hi Mal, Today went reasonably well and I believe James understood [1]

eleanor bloom ‏
12 April: Mal Brough: James can you give me a call please. Mal #brough #ashby

eleanor bloom ‏
[2/2] privately if that is best, Cheers, Mal." Sunday, 22 April, "James, can you ring me please? Cheers, Mal." Twice on that day. #Brough

eleanor bloom ‏
Ashby contacts and meets with Steve Lewis from 4 April. 6 April, Ashby to SL: Have daily print out of diary now as well. #brough

Mal Brough  just joined Twitter about 7pm tweets re Brough :-

Latika Bourke ‏
Why was Steve Lewis emailing Mal Brough to fwd him Slipper's diary if Brough only met w. Ashby to help out an LNP Member/staffer?

Latika Bourke ‏
Pg 300, Part 2, volume one of the Ashby fed court docs show Lewis asking Brough to tell him what Sipper's diary says re Speaker

Craig Emerson MP
.BroughMal Interested in the truth on this matter, Mal, and you haven't been telling it. #auspol

Mal Brough‏
CraigEmersonMP If you're interested in the truth, then ask gillard why she lied about not introducing a carbon tax. #auspol

Mal Brough‏
CraigEmersonMP It seems your more interested in me than you are on delivering a skinny surplus. #ausvotes #labor

730pm report:-

kimworldwide ‏
vexnews the same #Ashby that mr Pyne has 'drinks' with? the same Ashby that @BroughMal received stolen diary entries from

Think Big‏
The irony meter just turned into a mushroom-cloud after Brought & Abbott's statements calling the ALP vicious muckrakers lolwut?

Wow, how would the Judge hearing the Slipper/Ashby case react to the alleged Ashby underage sex bomshell by @abc730

michael w beattie‏
Who was the jurno that phoned Brough to warn him Labor was after him? Could it have been Steve Lewis!

Kate Doak‏
WHOA!!! This explains why Ashby deleted all of his tweets and other social media content then!! O_O #abc730

@frankscan65 he is about to be uber burned by the #msm- everyone will forget pyne and brough in the feeding frenzy

Karma RT @latikambourke: The 15 year old boy contacted Peter Slipper, because of the media (cont) http://tl.gd/ijc8m8

#AUSpol prediction: Ashby will bring @BroughMal and the rest of the rotten #LNP down. Still impressed by his 'calibre' Tony

ABC gone to hell‏
Mal Brough needs a (3 hr) meeting w/ Ashby, then two more, 'just' to convey the simple advice, "Get a lawyer & be absolutely sure



July 30. 2012 09:44 PM

Wake Up


"If Abbott ditches the Clean Energy Legislation, I'll ... well, lose all faith in humanity is one way to put it."

Be prepared to lose all faith.............

As you are no doubt aware, there are many blogs over at 'The Daily Telegraph' nearly all of which are dedicated to the spread of misinformation and Anti ALP/Greens/Independents sentiment. This is of course no surprise when you have the likes of Bolt, Benson, Akermann and Divine leading the charge, however sometimes amongst all the bile some little gems of insight appear.

I once dared to asked on Akermann's blog, "Given that the opposition claim to believe in climate change and have EXACTLY the same emissions reduction target, how is their Direct Action Plan in any way better than the Government's proposed Carbon Tax?

Well, I was swamped with abuse and attacked from every direction, belittled and berated by all including Akermann himself, and amongst all the bile and vitriol came the overwhelming response that I must be a complete moron because everybody knows that unlike the Carbon Tax, the Direct Action Plan can be dropped with stroke of a pen and the minute Abbott becomes PM that's exactly what he will do. Furthermore, the only reason that they even bother with a plan at all is to keep latte sipping lefties like me off their back.

Clearly they expected to go to an election before we got the Carbon Tax and would have been prepared to go to that election promising a plan for reducing emissions but then would have dropped it, no doubt blaming the devastating economic mess left by a toxic dysfunctional minority government. In effect they would have done exactly what Gillard has been hung and quartered for and in the process taken the word hypocrite to a whole new level.

Of course all of this matters not to these born to rule types, it doesn't matter how you get there or who you hurt along the way, what promises are broken or ideals shattered in the pursuit, it is all about the end game.

Now that we have a Carbon Tax, it will be no different, they will now go to the election promising to repeal it and if they win they will blame the devastating economic mess left by a toxic dysfunctional minority government for not being able to get rid of it. What they will do however is destroy the fundamental goals of it in exactly the same way they are systematically destroying any environmental advances and initiatives at a State level.

Under a Coalition Government who do you think will reign supreme Gillian, mining or the environment ???

Wake Up

July 30. 2012 10:41 PM


They called Peter Slipper a Rat
Brough & Ashby engineered that
But 'twas Pete set the trap
And it just went off SNAP!
Bye bye Brough & Ashby! Ker-SPLAT!


July 30. 2012 10:42 PM

Wake Up


"But that has nothing to do with all the nonsense Wicks has been putting around."

No, it's obviously just a coincidence.

Wake Up

July 30. 2012 10:51 PM


Jaycee, I have changed the settings to not require an ID. I hope it works for you this time!


July 30. 2012 10:55 PM


Yahoo I can go to sleep with a smile on my face.

Ashbey accused of being a pedophile, "sex with a 15 yr old boy X twice", with more to come no doubt. $50 says Slipper back in the chair within a month, anyone want to take the bet?


July 30. 2012 11:06 PM


Yes, Wake Up, abuse and attack is the standard approach from climate change deniers and even those who simply vote differently. I have found it to be an eye opening experience because I don't encounter this at all in my personal life. It's made me quite cautious online.

It's like watching a train crash in slow motion. A good number of LNPs accept the science for climate change and agree with basic economics of putting a price on things you want to discourage. But they are not likely to dump Abbott before the next election, or after. There's an outside chance that enough of them might gang up and roll him, but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm ready for the worst and I expect it. I won't quite lose faith in humanity, but I sure as hell will be angry about our political system and the venality of politicians.

You think they will weasel out of the 'blood promise', but I don't think so. I think Abbott will win in a landslide and he'll go to double dissolution if necessary. In his bones he thinks climate science is flakey and he thinks pricing carbon puts Australia at a disadvantage. So he'll get rid of it and pat himself on the back for doing a good job.

Ugh. And Chrisopher Pyne will be cheer squad. Then in my worst nightmares Pyne gets to be PM one day. (That's a thought so awful that I can only laugh!)


July 30. 2012 11:08 PM


Wake up....

"Under a Coalition Government who do you think will reign supreme Gillian, mining or the environment ???"

Well mining seems to be reigning very damn supreme under Labor, so I'm not sure it could get much worse!!

Except that Campbell Newman and the nother ew Lib State govts have shown that it can.


July 30. 2012 11:46 PM


....why has she failed to win the media over?

Would this happen to be the well known left wing Murdoch media, SIC, aka Rupert's Rags?

Home to the likes of those well known red raggers Dennis Shamaham, Miranda (Definitely Not) Devine, Pies Akerman, Planet Janet Albrechtson, Steve lewis et al?

Perhaps you could provide us with an explanation.

*hand-wringing in the pro-Labor media...

Gillian, I'm sure I speak for all labor voters when I ask you to direct us to this mysterious creature, the pro-labor media.

As for she doesn't come across to the majority as likeable, interesting or trustworthy, I find it interesting that when she was deputy PM and acting PM, she came across to the majority as the exact opposite.

How do you explain the 180 degree turnaround? She's still the same person she was when she was very popular.

Could it be that you and your friends have bought into the Liars party and Rupert's msm's character assassination?

You admit that she's got on with the job, but then repeat Liars Party bullshit that she's a bad leader.

If that was the case, how do you explain her convincing win in the leadership spill in February?

Are you saying that the people who work closely with her, including Windsor and Oakeshott, don't know a good leader when they work with one?

And that leads me to Windsor and Oakeshott. Do you honestly think they would have thrown in their lot with someone as unlikeable, uninteresting and untrustworthy as you say she is?

Or do you think they're too stupid to recognise those character flaws in people? They sure seemed aware that Liealot was a liar, untrustworthy and dishonest.

Maybe you should stop filtering everything Gillard says through the Murdoch and Liars Party filter and actually listen to what she says.

After all, you say she gets on with rolling out good legislation, but that's not good enough. There have to be bells and whistles and a good dose of grandstanding.

As for seeking assurances from your local (Liars Party) MP that the Liars Party can be trusted to do the right thing, you're wasting your time, imo.


July 31. 2012 12:23 AM


Maladroit, Malignant, Malicious!
The LNP is so vicious!
But I am so chuffed
At how Brough got bluffed,
Chadenfreudally, it's the DELISHEST!


July 31. 2012 01:12 AM


Gillian, Liealot would break his mother's neck if he thought he'd get political advantage out of it.

In his bones he thinks he thinks he was robbed in 2010 and he knows very well that carbon pricing is the best way to reduce carbon emissions and will NOT put Australia at a disadvantage.

He also knows his DAP is an inferior program and will cost the taxpayer an extra $1,300/annum.

So, if he wins the election, he'll suddenly discover that he can't get rid of the carbon pricing scheme, but instead of using the revenue to invest in green energy and keeping people employed, he'll hand it to the big polluters.

I doubt there will be a DD, because he won't be able to call it much before 2015 because the odds will not be in his favour to win both houses.


July 31. 2012 06:45 AM



Dial 'D' for 'Don't Believe It', Mr Denmore. The Failed Estate
This is a company that controls 70 per cent of our print media, has a monopoly in pay television, owns half our national news agency, a third of our major cable news provider and whose proprietor is sufficiently powerful that he can beckon would-be prime ministers half way around the world before he will give them his imprimatur.

Jacksonville 18: Kathy Jackson and the real Marco Bolano, Independent Australia
The cowardly road, it seems, is not the one where a thug gets his girlfriend to approach the media, and get all weepy about not being able to afford the millionaire lifestyle anymore — then casually dropping in raising her 2 daughters in a desperate plea for sympathy. What is it with these people and dropping their children into the mix, effectively using them as weapons?

HSU SCANDAL: Fair Work Australia president cracks down on corruption, delay, Vex News
These are the same lads who “worked” at the HSU on an hourly rate nearly twice what HSU members are paid. Jackson, who has criticised foes in the union for nepotism, arranged the employment, which was also sanctioned by her under-boss Marco Bolano, whose $1M home mortgage suggests he’s been living high on the hog too.

The Daily Examiner insults bloggers everywhere, Clarence Girl, North Coast Voices
Hidden away on Page 9 of last Saturday’s edition of The Daily Examiner was yet another example of the mainstream media’s ignorance about blogs, blogging and bloggers

Shirking the NDIS Is A Disgrace, Eleanor Gibbs, New Matilda
So here we are: the conservative states are demanding increased taxation to pay for increased services, and progressive groups are demanding the implementation of a market-based, individualistic funding model that will turn people with a disability into "potentially empowered consumers". The cognitive dissonance, it burns!

Is Rinehart off to Singapore too?, Paul Barry, The Power Index
But the key question of course is whether she might be tempted to stay there. When Nathan Tinkler announced his move to Singapore recently, a tax expert told The Power Index that the billionaire would not be able to reduce tax paid on his Australian mining ventures, despite a top personal tax rate in Singapore of 20%. In fact, he could end up paying more because he would lose the Capital Gains Tax Relief available to Australian residents.

Australia under Abbott, Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Monash University
The Coalition under Abbott has a long way to go before it can offer fiscal credibility. Consider its promise to scrap a carbon price scheme. Add to that the promises to introduce a generous paid parental leave scheme and to restore defence spending.

Cheerleaders Guide To Supporting Your Political Team, Turn Left 2013
Our politicians didn’t get their job on their own, they had a huge team behind them, professionally and personally. Sometimes supporters may feel they do all the work, while the politicians get all the glory. However, everyone is on the same field, some are playing the game, some are working the crowd. All are important.

Oh it's a gloomy Monday, with a Hansonist Sheehan and a rough Mal Brough pineapple up your bum ... Dorothy Parker, Loon Pond
At the press interview celebrating his success, the snake-oil dispensing Brough avoided any decent questioning in relation to the Ashby-Slipper matter, though even The Australian (behind the paywall) felt the need to make note of it. First there was this blather about trust

The ultimate despising of the Opposition leader who 'cried wolf' Ian Harris, The Blowfly
Abbott has practically told every lie there is to tell about the state of our economy, the impact of the carbon tax, the need for the MRRT, the motivation of the PM and the roles that his own team have played in making sure that the hung parliament is anything but a 'gentler polity'

Police investigate Ashby teen-sex claims, Stephen Long, ABC
In the latest explosive twist in the Peter Slipper-James Ashby saga, 7.30 can reveal Mr Ashby, the staffer who made the allegation of sexual harassment against the Speaker, is himself being investigated over alleged relationships with two 15-year-old boys

Print Newspapers: The dying Breed of Quality Journalism, Vibewire, Org.
The notion of editorial independence and slower media cycle that are unique to newspapers allows for the SMH to deliver more polished and analytical articles. This is vital in the balanced education of younger people, as they understand that there’s a world outside of Tony Abbott’s budgie smugglers and Kim Kardashian, both topics of which are unfortunately covered widely

Watch This Face: Bill Shorten, John van Tiggelen, The Monthly
Patience, however, seems to have been bled from federal politics. The Labor Party doesn’t have it, the press gallery has lost it, and it can hardly be said to be coursing through the electorate. Even Shorten says he’s not a patient man, though at just 45 he likely aspires to more than being a short-lived prime minister who leads his party to an ignoble defeat

Today’s Front Pages
Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 31 July 2012


July 31. 2012 06:52 AM

Truth Seeker

Gillian, it is exceedingly hard to "win over" something that is already bought and paid for!
BTW, "The Boil" coming to TPS soon, for some more light relief (or should that be "RIGHT" relief).

Truth Seeker

July 31. 2012 07:29 AM


Hi Jane, it seems that we see it differently....

You seem to think that Gillard has no flaws. You lay the entire blame at the feet of Abbott and the media.

I see her as fatally flawed and unable to cope with Abbott's devastating tactics. A short list of failings...

> Poor judgement - persuading Rudd to defer carbon pricing, showing she lacks integrity and losing the confidence of Labor voters. Going back, what WAS that 'gold card' nonsense she promoted during Mark Latham's tilt at PM? Allowing the Labor Party to slide back into the arms of the diminishing union movement.

> Lack of vision - 'hard work' is not a vision, it's a means to an end. Her only line of appeal to voters is to offer them money. People don't want to feel they've been bought. Ugh.

> Poor communication - 'now you'll get the real Julia Gillard'; 'OK, call it a carbon tax'.

I fully support the strengths you mention, but I see that her flaws have contributed to her weak standing with the public.


July 31. 2012 07:55 AM


Gillian - I enjoyed your blog entry on castles and have used the analagy elsewhere.  Thanks for the effort, I will visit more often.

Others here also need to remember that on the polls, the ALP is headed for a thrashing at the Federal Level (I beleive Beasley made similar comments to a US gathering last night).  At discussed here and elsewhere on frequent occasions, the ALP needs to improve its marketing and stop the clowns making bloody stupid comments.  There is also the lack of party dicipline.  

When someone comes here and states what is the bleeding obvious based on the polls (and lets face it, they are probably a few percent out but they aren't 10 to 15% wonky) - why is it that the pack mentality immediately occurs and the person is attacked - despite the content of the rest of the post (and blog in Gillian's case)?

Cue the attack dogs on me . . . (again), in my opinion it is better to have the argument now that while the ALP is in opposition again.


July 31. 2012 08:10 AM


I have tried to make some kind of overall sense of what you have written but it seems to me a lot like that time PJK went blb-blb-blb-blb-blb with his lips, what are you actually contributing? Have you something useful to say, a point to make, or just blb? Could you perhaps put it in a nutshell please?


July 31. 2012 08:22 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

July 31. 2012 09:09 AM


Turkey... I'm sorry my various comments don't seem to cohere into "some kind of overall sense" for you.

Maybe they will make more sense to you over time. I suggest you just let them flow past.

I am not particularly interested in mincing life, politics, economics, history or science into nutshells.


July 31. 2012 09:12 AM


My prediction for the next week, the whinging wing nut will be rarer than liberal part ethics. Today he was mysteriously missing on ABC24 news this morning the first time in, bugger I can't remember how long, other than when he gives us a rest & runs away over seas, to show the rest of the world the best the lieberals have to offer.

He will disappear due to not wanting to be asked about the Ashby explosion, after a week or so he will reappear as nothing has happened, anytime anyone asks him it will be the same old "that's old news I'm!! here to chant about blah" maybe even a " its before the courts I can't comment" (pity he found it impossible to see that angle with Thompson, until he was threatened with work place bullying) or even do his more tactful walk away ignoring the question with his normal ape like lurch & his nose stuff in the air held up by his internal arrogance tendons.

Fun times ahead fellow swords people.

Jane@11:46 PM

I could not agree more


July 31. 2012 09:16 AM


2353, yes, I agree totally about ALP lack of discipline.

They seem to shoot themselves in the foot with great regularity. For example the whole fiasco around the appointment of Bob Carr. How the hell did any of those machinations get out into the public domain? Power appointments like this will always be messy and there is no need to gift the opposition with the opportunity to make hay with the details.

That level of leaking to the media reflects either jaw-dropping incompetence or internal divisions so strong that they're prepared to bring the govt to its knees to prove a point.

Gillard doesn't just battle the opposition on the other side of the House, she has to battle the opposition within the ranks.

Full praise to Oakshott and Windsor for steadying the boat repeatedly.


July 31. 2012 09:22 AM

Sir Ian Crisp

Sir Ian
Don’t ask me.  Ask Rupert Murdoch.  He has the answer.
Ad astra

C'mon AA, don't try that on. Are you suggesting that The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are banned from reporting the doings of our federal government? There are other newspapers that are not part of the Murdoch stable.

Sir Ian Crisp

July 31. 2012 09:44 AM



That level of leaking to the media reflects either jaw-dropping incompetence or internal divisions so strong that they're prepared to bring the govt to its knees to prove a point

Couldn't agree more.

And ignore the turkey - the gobblings are sometimes inconsistent and usually blantantly one eyed.


July 31. 2012 09:51 AM


At the next election, which party are you going to vote for and why?


July 31. 2012 10:22 AM



I'm in a safe Liberal seat, so it doesn't matter who I vote for. Generally I vote Labor or Greens, but right now I'm pissed off with both of them. So, I don't know. I'm annoyed enough to drop an informal vote in the box. I'd write something rude on it, but that's hardly fair for the poor souls who do the counting.

For the Senate I will probably vote Greens. I'm slightly more disillusioned with Labor than with Greens. At least the Greens used their power to push through the Clean Energy Legislation.

I've started writing to my Lib member to 'groom' him for govt. Climate change is my big concern and I want govt policy based on mainstream science. There seem to be a few gaps in his knowledge, so I'm trying to put a few reliable resources in front of him.

I cling to a fine straw of hope that the business community, bureaucrats, scientists along with moderates in the LNP will prevail upon Abbott to not muck up the Clean Energy Legislation TOO much.

What about you? Who and why?


July 31. 2012 10:23 AM


Good morning all.  

I see we have a new poster - welcome Gillian.  You stated that you are, or was it 'were', a rusted-on Labor supporter and after waffling on about how you find our PM impossible to listen to, you have subsequently written just about all of the MSM talking points to justify that view.  She is 'wooden' and 'untrustworthy' etc.
  > Poor judgement - persuading Rudd to defer carbon pricing, showing she lacks integrity and losing the confidence of Labor voters. Going back, what WAS that 'gold card' nonsense she promoted during Mark Latham's tilt at PM? Allowing the Labor Party to slide back into the arms of the diminishing union movement.

> Lack of vision - 'hard work' is not a vision, it's a means to an end. Her only line of appeal to voters is to offer them money. People don't want to feel they've been bought. Ugh.

> Poor communication - 'now you'll get the real Julia Gillard'; 'OK, call it a carbon tax'.

I fully support the strengths you mention, but I see that her flaws have contributed to her weak standing with the public.

1.  Poor judgement. (a) Rudd stuffed up the ETS and was dithering.  You are not privvy to the arguments that went on in cabinet but it was Rudd's call as the PM to be persuaded or not. (b)  What the hell has the 'Gold card' in Latham's time got anything to do with the here and now? (c)  As for 'allowing Labor to slide back into the arms of a diminishing Union movement' any 'rusted-on Labor supporter would know that the Labor Party was built on the Union Movement which is the very roots of the Party.

2.  Vision.  If you had listened to the PM instead of closing your mind and ears, you would not make such a ridiculous statement.  Besides, it was the miserable Howard who 'bought' his votes whilst pissing the unprecedented mining boom revenue up the wall.

3.  Poor communication.  There you go again using the words of the Murdoch press to denigrate the PM.  Again, if you were not biased in your dislike of the PM, you would know that the 'carbon tax' rubbish is a msm and rabid LOTO beatup.  The PM did not lie because at the time she was ruling out a policy of a carbon tax full stop (a policy once favoured by the rabid Abbott before he found his Direct Action policy in the weeds at the bottom of his garden).  The PM, finding herself in a minority government negotiated an ETS with a CT for the first 3 years - you might remember the Rudd ETS had CT for the first year.

I'm sorry to say, Gillian, that you come across to me as a Coalition supporter. The PM's poor standing in the polls is because the press are 90% anti-labor and rather than report the policy announcements and achievements of the Gillard Government, they have concentrated instead on such trivia as her large earlobes, her big bum, her hairstyle etc.  That is when they haven't been reporting 'the lie' that never was a lie but made so because the Rabid Abbott said so.  


July 31. 2012 10:36 AM


Oh, Hallo!...The Libs' have wheeled out their "Legal Expert"...;Brandis.."I COULDA BIN A CONTENDER!!"..oh, sorry, that was BRAND O!...anyway they got this piece of shite to make an excuse that is worse than useless....Poor, poor Ashby..."take one for the team, James"


July 31. 2012 10:38 AM


Yes that's what I wonder too. I may be 'blantantly' one-eyed but I am coherent and consistent and clear. I wear my Labor heart on my sleeve, and I am proud of it.


July 31. 2012 11:23 AM


Thanks, Janice.  You've saved my time!  As you say, no 'rusted on' Labor supporter would have any regrets about our PM looking to our roots for support. Concern trolls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some more subtle than others.


July 31. 2012 11:23 AM

Ad astra

You have catalogued, and given examples of what you see as Julia Gillard’s ‘failings’:
Poor judgement
Lack of vision
Poor communication
Lack of team discipline

While the last mentioned is objectively so, the others are a matter of opinion, based on subjective judgements.  Many would agree with you, but when they do, seldom offer cogent reasons for their opinions, and opinions are all they are.

I’m sure jaycee will not mind me reproducing the first comment made on this piece”

“There is an old Italian parable about public opinion and its foolish conclusions. 

"One day a boy came to St Francis and asked how he could get people to like him. Francis merely told the boy to go saddle up the donkey and come with him. They went to the steep hill where a rough track wound up the side. Francis lifted the boy into the saddle and they set off...a little way up the hill a group of people met them. "Look", they said, "the sprightly lad rides while the old man stumbles over the stones…how thoughtless!"

Francis took the boy down and rode the donkey...They soon met another group..."Look", they said, "The man rides comfortably while the young boy stumbles along behind...shame!"  

Francis lifted the boy onto the donkey and they both rode up the track...The next group they met were outraged…"The poor donkey", they exclaimed, "He has to carry two healthy persons over this rough track...it could injure itself...disgraceful!"

“Both Francis and the boy dismounted and led the donkey up the hillside...The last group of people they met shook their heads in amusing disbelief..."Look at that", they said laughing, "They have a good, strong animal to ride but instead they both walk...how foolish!"

”And there you have it...lesson learnt...there is no way to satisfy most people...and that parable is centuries old and probably repeated in numerous cultures with differing characters.”

I reproduce that simply to underscore the impossibility of pleasing everyone all the time.

If Julia Gillard’s ‘failings’ were set alongside her successes, what would be her net score?  Would your score warrant your assessment of her as ‘fatally flawed’, which I understand to mean irretrievably unable to recover, beyond redemption?

As usual, janice says what so many here know and believe.

Ad astra

July 31. 2012 11:36 AM



Thank you for your honest response. I belong to the Australia’s 99% and so my conscience only allows me to vote for a party that represents the 99% - the ALP.

Hope you manage to find yourself and learn how our political system works.

Good luck.


July 31. 2012 11:42 AM


People don't want to feel they've been bought. Ugh.

So we'll call 11½ years of middle class bribes from the Rodent government an abberation, shall we? Roflmao The recipients of the Rodent's bribes didn't worry too much about having their votes bought, did they?

But the squeals are coming thick and fast as well heeled snouts are being dragged out of the welfare trough and the funds are redirected to people who genuinely need it.

And while we're at it, the miners are stamping their Jimmy Choos because their snouts are being dragged out of the taxpayers money trough, as well.

All courtesy of (Dis)Honest John Howard.

How's that being reported? Honestly, truthfully and without bias?

Abbott's "devastating tactics" will only work as long as the msm lets him get away with them.

Ask yourself if Gillard and the government had resorted to 3 word slogans and constantly spewed outright lies about the Liars, whether the msm would have just given a winsome smile, chuckled indulgently and said that "Oh, that's just Julia and her little ways!"

And who has stood firm in the face of all that appalling hostility, derision and outright bloody lies? Julia Gillard, that's who.

And who has literally run away from any and all questions? Mr F*cken Devastating Tactics, that's who.

And what hypocrites have smeared Craig Thomson, who has still not been charged with any crime, for the last 2 years, while themselves facing action ranging from defamation (Mr Devastating Tactics), assault, shoplifting, and misleading and deceptive conduct?

I don't think Gillard has not made mistakes, who hasn't? But her mistakes have been blown out of all proportion, imo.

Are you absolutely certain she persuaded Rudd to defer carbon pricing? And if she did, perhaps it was because she obviously doesn't believe that beating your head against a brick wall is the best option.

If she lacked integrity, the legislation would not be in place. It certainly isn't what she desired, but she's had to compromise.

The "gold card nonsense". I actually thought it wasn't a bad idea for the elderly.

Lack of vision? She's articulated her vision for this country many times-good education for all, now and in the future[/], reducing our CO2 emissions by 5% by 2020 and into the future, going ahead with NBN so that this country has first rate 21st century communications well into the future.

NDIS so that the disabled will have access to better care now and for the [b]future

But I forgot. You can't be bothered to listen.

"OK Call it a carbon tax."? Oh yes, the good old carbon tax meme.

Have you bothered to find out what she actually said or just dutifully listened to Uncle Rupert, nodded sagely and agreed that she communicates poorly?

She was being verballed by an interviewer who was desperate for a GOTCHA! She told him that she was legislating a price on carbon emissions. They could call it a tax if they liked, but that it was most definitely NOT a tax.

Her "flaws" are the only things which have been reported and even her strengths have been spun as flaws.

While she cops the blame for the disgraceful behaviour of the Liars in Parliament, the LOTO is allowed to get away unquestioned with outrageous lies about her AND the government.

Whenever a government initiative is announced, what do we get? "The opposition says....." or "Tony Abbott distorts, obfusctes and lies about *......"

And no attempt to get the government's pov. Bit hard to communicate your vision when you're ignored or deliberately misreported by the media.

eg European outrage at being lectured by.......? Well according to Shamaham and the Murdochracy by our PM. another example, Shamaham crowed of Gillard's incompetence and arrogance,blah, blah, blah!

Just one teeny tiny problem there, Dennis. The outrage was directed at the Canadian PM, who'd done the lecturing. Any retraction or apology by Shamaham. No f*cken way and he's STILL claiming thqt it was Gillard.

And let's not forget the lies, obfuscations and innuendo wrt BER and HIP from the Liars and Rupert's rags.

The disgusting accusations against Peter Garrett by the Liars maggots in Coward's Castle.

Although the 4 deaths have been found to be either employers violating OH&S in 3 cases and the employee ignoring the direct instructions of his employer, the msm and the Liars continue to get away with accusing Garrett of "industrial murder."

In that, Kevin Rudd must share culpability. Instead of defending his minister, he allowed him to be smeared and removed him from the portfolio, thus giving credibility to the lies and smear tactics by the Liars and the msm.

KHTAGH @9.12am, or he will have no specific knowledge about it. "James Who?"

*insert government policy or Julia Gillard lie of choice


July 31. 2012 11:54 AM



Thank you, I was wondering how to put it and you took the words right out of my mouth.  


You do realise that Kim Beazley didn't say that don't you? I thought you would be up to Julie Bishop's lying tricks by now.  Kim has always stated that he doesn't talk local politics, he is a diplomat.

Also isn't it interesting that everyone has been sidetracked and not mentioning the latest on the Asby/Slipper saga.


July 31. 2012 11:55 AM

Sir Ian Crisp

Steve Bracks has now been joined by Kim Beazley in highlighting the malaise within the ALP. Both seem to be saying that the ALP will be punished severely for its smug stubbornness. The polls continue to show that people will not forgive or forget the lie uttered by the bird of paradox prior to the last federal election.

Meanwhile the newspapers are reporting that a female whale has beached itself at Port Douglas.

Sir Ian Crisp

July 31. 2012 11:56 AM


Ad astra and Janice, hear, hear! Well said.

I wish I'd seen your comments before launching into my rant.

And I still forgot to remind Gillian that the labour movement ie the unions are the roots upon which the Labor Party stands.

TT, is your health improving? I hope you recover apace. Long may you continue to give the Liars and their barrackers HELL!


July 31. 2012 11:58 AM


Hello AA, I hope that you take everything I say as a matter of personal opinion and subjective judgement. That's how I am taking everything I find on this page.

"irretrievably unable to recover, beyond redemption?" That is my fear. In my view, the ALP will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to win in 2013. In 1993, Hewson delivered Keating the 'rabbit' by campaigning on the basis of a tax. Abbott won't do Gillard that favour.

As for others here who dismiss me ... well, maybe the ALP house is too small to house a variety of perspectives, or to have a respectful discussion. The speed with which numerous people here have defaulted to insulting me is surprising/ sad/ pointless.

What is wrong with you people? Are you so hyper-sensitive that you have to label me a 'concern troll' just because I don't have your rosy view of how perfectly excellent and wonderful the Gillard govt is? And how they are certain to win in 2013?


July 31. 2012 12:04 PM

Ad astra

That was no rant.  It was from the heart.  Like you, many here feel annoyed when the same old Coalition/media Gillard-depricating line is regurgitated sans facts and sound reasoning.

Ad astra

July 31. 2012 12:12 PM


While jobs for family, friends, and those owed political debts flow ever onward, this is what Can Do has to say, in a fine tradition of Coaliton bastardry and 'look over here' sleight of hand, to Queenslanders sacked from their jobs in public transport.

'"There will be cuts there, and I'm sorry about that," Mr Newman said.

"But I say to any hard-working public servant that has lost their job go and look up who the local Labor member was at the time - complain to them.

"These cuts, these savings are vitally important to get the state back on track."'

So "vitally important"... see paragraph one above.


July 31. 2012 12:13 PM



I later read that Beasley didn't make the comment.  To be fair, the initial report I saw didn't suggest that Bishop the (slightly) younger was involved.


July 31. 2012 12:18 PM

42 long

Gillian, you are entitled to your opinion. If you are fair dinkum ( and I wouldn't say this otherwise), hang around and continue to make your point. You're not like TfM, CUR CRISP etc. Obvious plants). It is possible that you have been bombarded with propaganda, and have given up hoping for something that does seem unlikely.  The LNP show is a pack of cards.
  The final poll is on the day we vote. None of the others matter

42 long

July 31. 2012 12:21 PM


Sir Ian, I sincerely wish I could observe that your 'beached female whale' crack was beneath you, but clearly not.



July 31. 2012 12:26 PM



."take one for the team, James"

Unfortunately he was caught giving one for the team, I wish I could scrub that image out of my brain.

Well I was half right with my earlier post. "its a police matter I can't comment" Lieberal speak for.
We only comment on police matters if it involves a labor person, anything else has to be the lieberal method of due process.
Everyone else is guilty until proven innocent.

Classic example of an appropriate question to the whinging wing nut from a half competent journalist would be.

"why did you use the public arena in an attempt to politically destroy Mr Thompson, but when it is a lieberal supporter (mole) it has to be kept under wraps, with no comment"?

I won't hold my breath waiting.


Then in my worst nightmares Pyne gets to be PM one day. (That's a thought so awful that I can only laugh!)
I agree that is a true nightmare. I wonder if we can get him fitted with a debarking collar? My mate stopped his poodle barking that way, very effective too.

AA to Jane
That was no rant.  It was from the heart. Total agreement here too.

42 long
Well said I agree.


July 31. 2012 12:28 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Michael, may I remind you that ever since the Queensland redhead made her entry into politics personal attacks have been allowed. It was with huge amounts of glee that politicians of all hues lined up to slap her. I'm just following the rules. Personal attacks are now the norm.

Sir Ian Crisp

July 31. 2012 12:31 PM


Sir Ian Crisp

Meanwhile the newspapers are reporting that a female whale has beached itself at Port Douglas.
She got lost trying to find her way to Singapore?

Sorry I just couldn't resist that.


July 31. 2012 12:51 PM


Thanks, Ad astra.

Gillian, I have not labelled you as a concern troll. I don't think you're trolling, but I do think you've been sucked in by Liars party and msm lies, obfuscations and distortions.

We don't have a rosy view of the Gillard government, despite what you think. However, we do vigorously refute Liars Party talking points and distortions.

Murdoch has publicly stated that he wants the Gillard government removed, most likely because it is moving towards tougher media ownership and hopefully media dishonesty laws.

And tellingly, the Canadian government which has strict laws wrt disseminating lies as news, has refused to allow him and his poisonous empire into their country.

And let's not forget that Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie have also been subjected to a sustained and disgusting smear campaign conducted by Rupert's msm and the Liars Party.

And just in time to prove my point, along comes SIC with his regurgitated Liars Party bullshit wrt comments he alleges Kim Beazley and Steve Bracks have made.

We've given you a fair sample of msm and Liars Party lies, obfuscations and deviousness wrt this government. Please don't give them the satisfaction of believing them.


July 31. 2012 12:58 PM


Tom R @CW has been doing some digging and has unearthed this gem.


More evidence of Liars and ABC duplicity.


July 31. 2012 01:12 PM

42 long

  Reading some of the emails that have come to light lately, one consistent feature is the sheer ARROGANCE of  some of the media reporters and commentators. There is not a touch of humility in them.
  WHO the hell do they think they are? Their professed job is to bring us the NEWS. There is even a mob who go by the name of NEWS Ltd. Well the "news" IS pretty "limited".
   Gradually we have been deprived of news and they have substituted "views". followed by distortions and then straight out LIES.
  Like the FROG which is slowly boiled, we don't notice this  happening. You gradually get used to it.
   When they say the ALP haven't been successful in getting their message across. Surely saying that is adding insult to injury. Cynical, overconfident, deceiving,conceited, BASTARDS.
  ( by the way did I say I don't like them much and that they are letting the democratic process down?)

42 long

July 31. 2012 02:40 PM


Gillian, you might care to read Miglo's latest post at CW, In Control.


42 long, amen to both comments.


July 31. 2012 02:59 PM


Sir Ian.

Wales, South Australia, Victoria... all places Julia Gillard has called home.

It appears I have misconstrued you, since "Queensland redhead" manifestly refers to some other unnamed 'female whale' (ugly and beneath a gentleman's coining as that phrase is), unless of course, this is a case of ignorance falling over itself rushing to disparagement.


July 31. 2012 03:37 PM


Michael the unfortunate Queensland redhead is a victim of Sir Liealot the Mendacious and has been utterly vanquished.


July 31. 2012 05:37 PM


Sad days ahead for many unemployed Queenslanders. I wonder Newman hasn't realised that he has just made the economy worse not better. Where do these people go to get a job? The private sector cannot suck up that many people. And, Newman has promised 4% unemployment - guess he is hoping for a mass exit out of Queensland, he might just get his way.

If you have lost your job or feeling threatened I commiserate with you.


July 31. 2012 06:32 PM


The Courier Mail - after claiming the reduced trade in CBD stores last Saturday was due to public servants actually working has now changed its tune to claim its because of Government job reductions.

Newman's really making friends.  I'd like to believe he will be (as others are claiming) the first one term Premier since the 1990's


July 31. 2012 06:39 PM


There is only one principle at play when it comes to the low polling of the govt'..
When Kevin Rudd became prime Minister, one of his first utterances was that he would not replace those heads of depts' put there by Howard...
I remember leaping to the tele screen yelling  ; "WHAT THE F..K!!!!???"...and pleading to the ether "Don't be sooo stupid!!"....but he is a christian and he was. Particularly in the case of the national broadcaster. Surely you remember the drop-kicks that were on the board at that time?...if one was to line them up toe to head, they wouldn't reach further up than Tony's colon!
Since Gillard has been in charge, the MSM. has been doing a hatchet job on her and the party...I just hope that when and if the Thomson/Slipper affairs demonstrate "no charge" on the accused, they combine to litigate the spleens out of the MSM AND the Lib. Party.
My one piece of advice I'd give the govt' is to use the Leverson findings and subsequent charging of the Newslimedited executives to declare Rupert and his cohorts 'personae non gratae' and deny them access to Australia on any medium.
As regards Gillian, I don't see her as anything Liberal, just a light-wing lefty who has lost her nerve!...corragio signora..corragio!


July 31. 2012 06:51 PM

42 long

  How to create a recession 101.
  Scare people "abbott" the economy.
  Be negative all the time. talk it all down.
  Set yourself an artificial debt reduction target to make yourself the imaginary "hero" saviour of the state, nation, world.
  Make the lower socio economic groups responsible for the problem. (they didn't vote for you anyhow)
  Cut all the benefits to "said" groups. They wouldn't need them if they were any good.
   Sack "public" servants. Public is bad. They are servants anyhow and you have to pay for servants. ( Bring back slaves)
    The opposite of Public servants would be " private masters" Sounds good . That's what WE are, private masters Hey..   Hey?
   Why are all the shops closing? where are the people going?
What are those thin angry people demonstrating about? Lock them up. Lock them up. Build more gaols.  They don't appreciate me. How ungrateful. Criminals really..

42 long

July 31. 2012 07:09 PM


jaycee @6.39pm, I remember thinking the same thing and hoping that the heads of departments would be professional enough to do their jobs properly.

It appears Department heads probably are. According to various public servants I know, the poisonous atmosphere rife during the Rodent years has evaporated.

Sadly, the ABC should have had the axe taken to it. All Rodent appointees should have been forced to fall on their swords and replaced with appointees without a political agenda.

God knows why the government chose to keep Mark Scott; there must be a stray dog somewhere they could appoint. And Uhlmann should be out on the street with a begging bowl.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be more than happy to kick it over a few tomes a day.

As you say, they should take their cue from Levenson and Canada and go full pelt at delivering the death blow to the wizened foreigner. He's another one I'd like to see with a begging bowl on a draughty street corner.

No more self regulation. It's been a complete farce and the screams emanating from Ltd News are proof that they're on the right track with an independent regulator.


July 31. 2012 07:17 PM

42 long

Is it appropriate under Uhlmanns employment arrangements with the ABC that he should Co edit a political BOOK with Lewis?

42 long

July 31. 2012 07:41 PM


Who'd know, 42 long. After all Mark Scott is in charge, so I guess propping up Ltd News is mandatory at Rupert's ABC.


July 31. 2012 08:20 PM


42 long - don't know about the book but have you been reading what Newman's doing in Queensland.


July 31. 2012 08:28 PM

Sir Ian Crisp

Sad days ahead for many unemployed Queenslanders. I wonder Newman hasn't realised that he has just made the economy worse not better. Where do these people go to get a job? The private sector cannot suck up that many people. And, Newman has promised 4% unemployment - guess he is hoping for a mass exit out of Queensland, he might just get his way.

If you have lost your job or feeling threatened I commiserate with you.


LadyInRed, have a little faith please. Award winning federal Treasurer Wayne Maxwell Swan has a solution for those who have lost their job.

WAYNE Swan has rejected calls for a large boost to permanent migration as he pledged his Budget would create 500,000 new jobs and drive unemployment to 4.5 per cent.

Sit back and relax. Wayne's 2011 budget will soak up all those who are seeking work.

Sir Ian Crisp

July 31. 2012 08:40 PM


ouchy Sir Ian Crisp - I do not like your reply it was clearly meant to be divisive - people are losing their jobs and for many this will be extremely stressful time. Newman and the Qld economy could afford to allow natural attrition over time reduce the work force.


July 31. 2012 09:02 PM


Sirloin Crisp...sounds like an instruction to cook a lump of meat....same thing :inedible/unreadable!


July 31. 2012 10:19 PM


Thanks Jaycee,

I don't see myself as 'light', but definitely left-of-centre. And definitely disappointed with both ALP and Greens right now. My focus is climate change, and I'll back whoever gives the best value on that front. At present that is the Greens, and a reluctant ALP, flawed as they both are.

Good luck with your efforts to encourage better media coverage of this govt's achievements.


July 31. 2012 10:51 PM

42 long

The media are a monstrous disappointment for those who expect something fair and reasonable and significant. That is for them to face in the future, when they will be judged, in the course of history and will inevitably be found lacking.
  They receive their reward now. Short term hedonism. In the big scheme of things a wasted opportunity to be a player of consequence at a critical point in history.

42 long

July 31. 2012 10:53 PM


Encourage?!..ENCOURAGE!!! the media...by christ! I don't want to "encourage" the media to do what is correct..I want to 'stalinize' the bloody lot of them!


July 31. 2012 11:37 PM


SIC, I hardly think it's the job of the federal Treasurer to bail Can't Do out of the mess he's making.

It's hardly Mr Swan's fault if the economic buffoon Can't Do is stupid enough to chuck tens of thousands of people out of work and send the Qld economy spiralling downward.

4% unemployment will look like paradise compared to the damage Can't Do will inflict on Qld for many years.


July 31. 2012 11:50 PM



I've been absent from TPS for a few days and on my return have read all your posts.

Sorry, but to me, taken as a whole your posts do not to come from someone who is or ever was "a rusted on Labor supporter".(ROLS)

A true ROLS  would not feel a positive need to turn off their leader on the TV.

A true ROLS would not be predicting with certainty a lanslide Labor defeat in 12 months time.

A true ROLS would not be intending to vote Green.

A true ROLS would not mouth the Abbott mantras about the PM which are now stale and 2 years old.

A true ROLS would not see JG simply as incapable of coping with Abbott's tactics.

A true ROLS would not  still be harping about the JG "lie" and the "real Julia" issue 2 years after.

A true ROLS would not say that Labor is under the control of Miners.

A true ROLS would not be making definite predictions about the election in 12 months time based on opinion polls.

Your posts taken as a group suggest that you have some agenda other than as a ROLS. While I am uncertain at this stage of your agenda, I do contemplate a range of options.

None of them even vaguely suggest that you even wish Labor to win next year. None of them even vaguely suggest that you support Labor from a policy perspective, other than with respect to AGW management and even here you give no credit for the fact that they have actually introduced a carbon reduction scheme in the face of overwhelming opposition and spoiling.

You make no mention of, nor give any credit for the NBN, the MRRT, the NDIS, or the successful management of our first Federal minority government.

No Gillian, you remind me of many acquaintances I have known over the years who were genuine swinging voters, and I do not say that with any sense of admiration.

Those people would vote for the devil himself if they though that in doing so they would personally be advantaged, and stuff the common good  .......  people such as an executive of childbearing age who earns $150 K PA and intends to vote for Abbott only on the basis of Abbott's parental leave scheme highly beneficial to him/her despite actually being a supporter of the NBN, of the MRRT, of the NDIS and of the Labor government generally, except for their less generous parental leave.

Your claim of ever being supportive of the Labor movement lacks all credibility, coming as it does from someone who talks the Labor government down so powerfully and in fact runs a blogsite to do so.

Pull the other leg.

I have written this comment taking care to avoid personal abuse. You cannot hide from what I have said by claiming that it is merely ad hominem.


August 1. 2012 12:00 AM



My reference to your blogsite in the third last paragraph is inaccurate. I had always intended to visit it but should have done so before posting my comment.

I apologise for that without reservation.

It appears that your site is mainly dedicated to matters of climate change and does not at all criticise Labor in the manner you have done so here.



August 1. 2012 07:28 AM



Will the ABC look after Mal Brough again?, ABC Has Gone to Hell
Since first dismissing as “nonsense” accusations he had contact with Mr Ashby prior to Mr Ashby formally lodging his sexual harassment suit against Peter Slipper, Mr Brough has since admitted he had a three hour meeting with Mr Ashby, and subsequently two more meetings.

Hate To Say I Told You So, Peter Wicks, Wixxy leaks
Any senate enquiry that is chaired by the Liberal Party, that is set up to investigate allegations of corruption in a FWA investigation is questionable. It is questionable as one those in question, Michael Lawler, was appointed by the Liberal Party’s current leader Tony Abbott. Add to that, the fiancé of Michael Lawler is known to

Free speech fear mongering taints media regulation truth, Independent Australia
Now you’ve seen this, it is possible to draw the conclusion that The Australian has not been totally honest in its depiction of the media inquiry report. The idea that journalists would be fined or imprisoned for a breach of some outlandish code of practice is pure rubbish. The report is quite clear; it is media outlets and their managers who would be

When Will The Government Do Something About ABC? Never, they don’t think ABC is biased, Turn Left 2013
This is the response – the Communications minister has no problems with the ABC, sees no bias, and will NOT do anything about it. So perhaps if we on the Left have a problem with the Right wing electioneering from the ABC, we need to get a bit more active than “tweeting Emmo

What If The Boom Goes Bust?, Ben Eltham, New Matilda
Australia’s resources companies have enjoyed sky-high commodity prices for years. Shipped and sold to China and the other industrialising countries to our north, these commodities have made a lot of people very rich and have driven a huge boom in mining investment, from the giant yellow trucks used to haul ore on mine

Other nations fudge things. The ABS won't, on carbon permits, Peter Martin
If a government imposes a tax, but then pays a taxpayer’s bill, did it ever impose a tax in the first place? Just about every member of the European-dominated United Nations Statistical Commission says it did not. The Commission has recommended members exclude from

Smarter pricing would improve productivity, Rodd Gittins
But all this capital spending - and the political pain of 18 per cent increases in power bills - could have been avoided had state governments got on with installing smart meters in homes. This would have allowed prices that vary with the time of day. Significantly higher prices at the time of year when people

Lachlan Murdoch's Breakfast of chumpions, Paul Barry, The Power Index
Sadly for Lachlan and Channel Ten, Breakfast is just the beginning of the network’s problems. Since Murdoch and James Packer bought into Ten at the end of 2010, the channel has seen its revenues slump by around 10% and profits fall by around two-thirds. Ratings and revenue share have also fallen, with Ten capturing only 25.5% of the www.thepowerindex.com.au/.../201207311612?_

In Control, Miglo, Café Whispers
A good leader is gracious in defeat. Mark Latham was not, and neither was Tony Abbott.While his gaze is forever fixed on blaming Labor for denying him the keys to The Lodge, he is unable to notice that sitting directly behind him is the most incompetent, undisciplined, irresponsible rabble ever to occupy the benches of the Opposition.

NDIS requires focus, not political point scoring, Richard Madden, ABC
People with disabilities, carers, families, and the broader community have a great expectation that a truly national NDIS is now coming. The NDIS will empower people with disabilities to take control of their own lives.

Just click bait?, Gary Sauer-Thompson, Public Opinion
Canberra media Gallery's obsession with leadership issues has become tiresome and tedious. I'm coming around to the view that they can only talk about this --at the exclusion of policy---because that is all they are capable of doing. Or is it simply lazy journalism. Stirring the leadership pot also probably required of them to sell newspapers. It's tabloid click bait.

Deflating the myth of cost of living pressures, Bernard Keane, Crikey
So people blaming the federal government for failing to ease cost-of-living pressures (such as Leigh Sales on 7.30 last week) are, to the extent that they’re even correct about a inflation in a narrow range of goods and services, have got the wrong culprit — it’s state premiers and treasurers they should be blaming.

Report finds newspaper editors struggling with dwindling resources, quality of journalism in Australia deemed ‘average’ or ‘poor’, Mumbrella Com
At one of the most turbulent times in the history of the newspaper industry, the Media Alliance has released a report that finds publishers struggling to maintain editorial quality as resources and staff dwindle.

BAD AUNTY: The truth about the NT intervention and the case for an independent media,Tracker Org.
Open any newspaper, tune into any TV or radio station, and you’ll hear that the rise of the internet and social media has sent Australia’s Fourth Estate into serious decline. But the Australian media has been in decline for a very long time, argues CHRIS GRAHAM*. Social media has simply has made it a lot more obvious. In this special feature,

Turnbull needs evidence for FTTN claims, Renai LeMay, Delimeter
seems clear that Turnbull and the Coalition have not yet done enough to demonstrate how overseas examples of FTTN-style deployments such as in the UK could apply to Australia, or how the current NBN model could be evolved to take on a similar FTTN-style approach, with issues ranging from timing to costs, long-term RoI, the interaction

Front Pages
Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 1 August


August 1. 2012 08:27 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

August 1. 2012 09:54 AM

Tom of Melbourne

see Lyn has listed the blog site “Independent Australia”, if includes the statement-

”Free speech fear mongering taints media regulation truth...

That’s interesting because I tried to post a comment there recently on one of Wicks’ threads, I had never posted there in the past.

My comment was blocked and deleted, despite being on subject, informed and non abusive.

What is it about Wicks, his smears and his commitment to censorship?

Tom of Melbourne

August 1. 2012 10:41 AM



Perhaps he doesn't trust you, and he has very high standards?


August 1. 2012 11:14 AM


Hi Ad and Everybody

First before the Twitterverse. I would like to tell everybody, I am positive sure Peter Wicks has a lot more important work to do than reply to a Troll's emails or crazy comments.

The incredible amount of research performed by Peter Wicks the devoted hours, and the absolute proof he has provided speaks for itself. Peter Wicks is a hero.

Posters on here that are expressing contentious quarrelsome,contrary views should go to their own blog, I am sick to death of them. We have enough pathetic nonsense from the media to deal with. Menzies House or catallaxyfiles.com would be a great place for you to air your disloyality and quandaries over who to vote for.


Bushfire Bill
Posted Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 8:25 am
The Coalition politicians and their patrons in the media have turned what should be the most optimistic nation in the world into a mass of cowering whingers too afraid to step outside their bunkers and have a go.

If Gillard has any sense she should point to Queensland as the template for the rest of the country, should the mad Abbott ever get near the reins of power. Can Do is bad enough. Abbott thinks he has God on his side.

Financial Review ‏
@CliveFPalmer defends right to expression saying @SwannyDPM is playing the man not addressing the issues #auspol [free] www.afr.com/.../palmer_defends_right_to_express_8Xk2iCaqiZe2nmAr5fX0RN

Mr Denmore‏
It's time business leaders stopped running down the economy, says NAB boss Clyne www.smh.com.au/.../...ys-clyne-20120731-23czm.html via @smh

Wonder if we can get Tony's sister to run against Tony Smile #auspol www.smh.com.au/.../...er-moore-20120731-23d4x.html

National News: Child pornography images were vile and disgusting, says Muirhead http://bit.ly/Ol0Xex #australia

Stephen Tuck`‏
Passionate Article by Sue O'Reilly: The #NDIS will finally civilise us as a nation www.thepunch.com.au/.../ Come on#CantDo Newman fix it #QLDPol

Melbourne Gym fined $7000 for ripping members off with phoney #carbontax rise. Business needs to stop listening to Abbott & Hunt

Together Queensland‏
Workers in fear as job security goes via @couriermail http://shr.tn/JA9I #ausunions #qldpol

Rob Mitchell‏
So Liberal Ted Baillieu is scrapping pensioner winter consessions on power bills! Why because Labor gave you extra money and teds

National Times‏
Wayne Swan and the E Street brand, by Phillip Coorey www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120801-23e51.html via @NationalTimesAU

Eddie L‏
Sex claims against Ashby have 'no bearing' on Slipper case: opposition www.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...0120731-23bk0.html via @brisbanetimes

Mal Brough has lost none of his deceitful political magic... www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-fn59niix-1226438937002 another #LNP liar from #qldpol ... and he's Abbott's man

  Sean Nicholls ‏
Where the money went: details emerging about the mysterious business forum linked to NSW Libs www.smh.com.au/.../...campaign-20120731-23d52.html

The drip becomes a flood www.brisbanetimes.com.au/.../...0120731-23c39.html via @brisbanetimes

Mike Kelly MP‏
Consumers hit with needless energy costs. NSW Govt needs to get a grip on costs & stop hiding behind the carbon price! http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/-23d58.html

Local MP Hathaway said he argued for some Townsville people but cld not give any examples | Townsville Bulletin #qldpol http://bit.ly/OAg07S

Media Matters‏
News Corp. directors could face corporate charges and prosecution for neglect of their duties: http://bit.ly/OkVJ2g #p2

Katharine Murphy‏
By the by @SwannyDPM will talk to readers from 11.15am at http://www.nationaltimes.com.au/ Unleash your inner Springsteen.


August 1. 2012 11:35 AM


Maybe, just maybe, your reputation precedes you? the main problem with lieberal supporters is that you can't maintain your own blog sites with your dribble because no-one visits them so you end up talking to yourself.
Out of frustration you have to try to contaminate other peoples blogs.
I doubt very much that anyone would be on your case if you could refrain from the standard lieberal denigration & mandatory negativity as the first, 2nd & third line of a discussion.
You are not going to convert anyone here to the lieberal cause so I don't know why you try to.
At least Gillian has the intellect to try to do it a little more surreptitiously [you will probably have to look that up Tom]
Although I agree with her views on the climate debate unfortunately her biggest error in the discussion is she lets her true colours through by siding with the one person that will do nothing about the problem[in fact will make it WORSE!]& thinks it is all crap, who also probably even agrees with Alan Jones that is witchcraft.

If the labor party has its thinking cap on it would already be using that snippet in the election campaign don't vote for the witchcraft party. "policies form the tea leaves" probably where they came from anyway.
I think that was the funniest thing I have heard this yr, & did the MSM make the joke out of it they should have? no they took him seriously! I wonder if he will be calling for labor politicians to be burnt at the stake soon, what a blood joke that man is.


August 1. 2012 11:50 AM


Hi Psyclaw

Thankyou so much for your enjoyable post @ 11:50 PM, I always agree with you Psyclaw your posts are valuable and so are you.

Janice, Patricia, Gravel, Jaycee, 42 long, Patricia, Jane, KHTAGH, 2353, Truth Seeker,Michael, Lady in Red, Talk Turkey, Peter P
You guys are just wonderful thankyou all for your brilliant posts.



August 1. 2012 01:08 PM


Jane, thanks to you in particular not just for your good wishes but also for your encouragement of my uncompromising comments. Sometimes I wonder if I am unduly abrasive but when I consider what we are up against I wish I could flay the Abborttians far more still. You Jane are no milksop yourself in your comments, and I always love reading you, partly of course because it reassures me of the justification of my own comments.

The reason I am so pungent often is simply that so much of what the Left says is so low-key, so wet-lettuce, so bloodless, that well someone has to inject some real passion, well OK I do. See when Greg Jericho (= Grog's Gamut), now a sometime panelist on the Drum, tells us that he has a Down's Syndrome child, and that he is "just a tiny bit angry" when the LNP premiers tried to reject the NDIS - when he should declare himself #*cking incandescent with righteous fury - well then I just naturally have to fill what is pretty much a vacuum.

I don't understand why Grog is so somatose though. By the living Dog, if I had even one chance to comment on "our" ABC on some of the issues around at the moment - or if Jason Obelix did, or Ad astra ftm - well I reckon I'd say things to peel the paint off their one microphone. I tweeted Grog at the time, "Have you been Stepford Wived?" (no reply though.)

That's why the FIFTH Estate is so vital!


Now, re my state of health: I might as well explain ... I won't be well for at least a fortnight, perhaps a month, not that I am actually very sick but I am in a lot of pain, exquisitely excruciating, and in a part of me for which, if ever you might have had any of the famous alleged envy younger women are supposed to have for men's definitive organ, well I can assure you, you would have no envy of mine atm.

Well we're all adults here, I might as well explain, because it will help to explain as well why I am so very grumpy atm. And I am, the pain and the spinoffs are such that I can barely shuffle around the house and that has really not improved my mood.  

So here's the story.

Like most men over sixty or so, I have an enlarged prostate, not malignant but extremely uncomfortable and seriously inhibiting my ability to pee. So I went a fortnight ago for a TURP, trans-urethral resection of the prostate, aka a rebore, not total removal of the organ but not a pleasant op at the best of times, and with some risks of subsequent loss of bladder control, though that is said normally to be a low risk.

My urologist and surgeon, be it noted, is probably the foremost in his field in SA, and he has performed such procedures time out of mind - thousands in fact, over many years. I have no intention of naming him, I'll call him Dr Q. I still hold my opinion that he is the best in this State. The procedure is fairly quick when all goes to plan, in and out of hospital withn a few days, I would even have been permitted to drive home within 4 days.  

UN-fortunately . . .  

When I emerged from anaesthetic Dr Q came to my bedside with some shocking news. For the first time ever, he said, he had early in the piece accidentally torn a hole in my BLADDER, which although I'm assured it will heal within a few weeks, prevented the TURP from going ahead, from fear of infection and general awfulness.

So now, because of my punctured bladder, I have to wear a catheter and leg-strapped peebag for at least another week, (Dr Q describes it as my "little best friend" for the duration)  when hopefully - if I haven't deveoped urinary tract infection by then, which is on the cards too I fear - I will have the operation I was supposed to have in the first place. Dr Q assures me Oh don't worry, next time it will be really straightforward . . . ! Dog albitey!  

But with modern TURPs there is no external incision, it is all done by - not exactly keyhole surgery, rather akin to building, or rather partially dismantling a ship in a very thi-necked bottle IYSWIM.
The catheter is normally supposed to be removed within 2-3 days, but mine must be in for a month, and let me tell you, I have spent hundreds of hours by now in pain I can hardly bear. Blokes will empathise, girls can just thank their XX chromosomes, because it feels like having the tip of my dick perpetually in the grip of one of those Alligator Clips with jagged jaws, to call it 'sore' is so much an understatement that I can't think of a suitable metaphor. Every move I make it brings tears to my eyes, not weeping, just pain.

But the worst thing is, as soon as my bladder is healed, I have to go through the whole thing again, that is really horrible to contemplate.

Oh and I can't help wondering, after that catheter up poor little Dick for weeks and weeks on end, whether I won't be the exception to the rule that most TURPees regain their bladder control. It always feels - all the time - that I am busting for a leak, even though "my little friend" assures me that the catheter is working as it should. And it's not just the tip of little Dick, the whole of my lower abdomen is in pain, and I am very aching-weary of the tension that accompanies unremitting agony.

That only things that stops the pain is codeine-based e.g. Endone or Panadeine(morphine in hospital) but wouldn't you know, I'm intensely allergic to opiates, they make me violently sick, as well as constipating me, which has also been a serious concern, for the first time in my life.  

And overall, it's pretty bloody depressing too.

So I must rate this the worst period in my life, worse by far than my unpleasant convalescence from coronary bypass surgery a few years back, and most people think that's pretty bad. But I guess some men have to wear catheters for much longer (though I'm not sure) and some might have to wear one all the rest of their lives. And we all of us end up pretty badly one way or another anyway, so this is good practice I guess.

So I wouldn't dream of complaining! Smile

So there you go Folks, the glorious gory story.
(But yet to get gorier yet!)

And I do hope to be good as gold when it's all over.
Well as only-a-bit rusty iron maybe. [(And somewhat-rusty iron reinforcing rods make stronger concrete than shiny new ones,(how d'you like that metaphor my wrinkly friends?)]


I think one of my motives for writing this is sort of by way of an apology on behalf of my gender to those of the other, dunno if you will be able to follow this, but see, blokes nearly all their lives are not merely proud of their genital equipment, (which indeed can be very enchanting, and liking one's own is perfectly fair), but generically blokes tend to be disparaging  towards women's parts. There is only one word still considered really obscene in English, and it is usually used pejoratively, often as the worst of characterisations of enemies: it testifies, (as if any evidence were required) to what I just said.

Well, men's *cockiness* doesn't last forever, and in many ways women often have the last laugh - certainly outliving men by quite a few years on average, if that be any great boon. Prostatitis benign or malignant affects nearly all men over 70, the prostate is an organ that really has a use-by date. And by then men really do appreciate women, in some cases I'm sure for the first time in their lives.  

Age is a great leveller, or indeed reverser in many cases. It's all a bit late then though, it would be good if early in our lives we could learn complete respect, from both genders to each other, because one thing I do know, we are all equally human. But men are the violent ones mostly, and as long as that situation continues, there can't be real equivalence anyway.

A violent culture is no good at all. Women aren't blameless, but it's the men who mostly do the damage. Civilising them should be one of Australia's top priorities. And Anal Jones and his ilk should be gaoled for incitement to violence misogyny and bigotry. They are enemies of a peaceful respectful State, traitors in my eyes.    

I think that there could be few places in the world, though, where women are so through the glass ceiling as here in Australia, at least in Government. Females now occupy all the tip-top jobs, PM, G-G, many ministers, and even our OOOOO flagbearer. And I think they are so on their mettle, so focused and capable, that many men should be taking lessons from them. Our Labor women are very, very good. They make me proud of Labor itself, because such women couldn't happen in our opponents' ranks nor social order.

Anyway this rave comes from one who is presently very un-cocky indeed, and confined pretty much to shuffling around barracks. Nothing much to do but write. Oh but by the way I love and feel for blokes too, just as much, it's just that like in the old song there's a fraction too much friction a lot of the time.

The Political Sword is one of the most civilized, and civilising domains in the world - and I use the word in its widest sense. Thank you Ad astra, and thanks and commiserations to anyone who reads this long rave.  

Oh and I am now convinced of the existence an all-knowing jealous God, because the hospital where I was so injured was  was a (highly-reputed) Catholic hospital . . .
That'll learn me to refer to 'Arse-Bigot Pell'EH!?

I told you I was grumpy. My next post will probably make you agree. If I do send it, which I've been thinking about doing.


August 1. 2012 01:13 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Regarding the preamble to your Twitterverse today, I say ‘Bravo’.

Anyone is entitled to come here and put their case so long as it is argued logically from verifiable facts and figures, so that all can see how they have reached their position.  They are even able to express an opinion, again provided the basis for it is explained.  

But in my view, if commentors come here simply to offer an opinion but decline to explain how it was reached, or on what it is based, they are wasting our time, and ought not to be responded to.  They are no better than drinkers at a pub slagging the politicians they hate, but when challenged are unable to say why they feel that way.

I do implore our regular bloggers to ignore those who come here seemingly only to provoke, and who decline to back their assertions with evidence and balanced reasoning.

I particularly enjoyed Mr Denmore’s Tweet that linked to what Cameron Clyne, NAB chief executive, had to about negativity.  Everyone should read its at www.smh.com.au/.../...ys-clyne-20120731-23czm.html

Ad astra

August 1. 2012 01:38 PM


AA - nevern thought I'd agree so much with the musings of a Bank Board Member.  You'd hope his fellow directors read and more importantly understand the article.


August 1. 2012 02:11 PM


You may love us all as in your post at 11.50 AM,
But you do more for us than the rest of us do for us put together.
If there was a Gold Medal recognizing service to the level of political awareness in this country you would not just win it, you would be the only one who could even qualify.

The focus and information you are providing may well be the deciding factor when we win in 2013. Because through you anyone anytime may learn the facts about any issue as far as is known each day. You are luring dead-tree readers away from Murdoch into the realms of  Truth. It is our job - the rest of us - to talk you up everywhere we surf.

Most of us are just bloggers.
You are Information Central.
We honour you.  


August 1. 2012 02:55 PM


Talk Turkey,
You have every right to be grumpy.  I can only offer you my heartfelt sympathy as you deal with your pain. You obviously drew the short straw.  


August 1. 2012 04:09 PM


Lyn  Smile

TT Comrade
Get well soon.  Smile


August 1. 2012 05:06 PM


Swann speaks for me and for all who believe that the world can be a better place:

So one tycoon is using his money to challenge the principle of fair taxation through electioneering. A second is using his money to challenge it through the courts. And a third is using her money to challenge it by undermining independent journalism. Parliament, the constitution, independent journalism: three fundamental pillars of our democracy being used as their playthings.

In the face of all this, we have to stand up and be heard, because when the massively wealthy buy the loudest megaphones, the voices of the people are drowned out.


It's the same sense of responsibility that the Prime Minister spoke of last week when recalling her decision to pursue a career in public life. It's exactly why she continues to compel and inspire us now, through the toughest terrain on the reform path - this sense of responsibility that burns more powerfully in her than in any person I've known in two decades of public life.


August 1. 2012 05:35 PM


I nearly didn't post this but then I went right back over your letters, Gillian, and I don't think I'm unfair. I guess you're going to feel sorrier for yourself at the end than you are now, ( and I know you think you are being hard-done-by already, well I believe the term now is Suck it up!) But I think it will make me feel better about lukewarm "supporters" and naysayers, disingenuous and parsimonious pronouncements with smelly lumps in, so I will.

I wondered whether (and being the first to say so) I was being unkind or uninsightful in saying what I said about your musings being afa I can see blb-blb-blb a la PJKeating.

Especially when 2353 offered you his little pearl of wisdom about me. (But 2353 always donates such little pearls about me when he mentions me at all, so I didn't give it too much weight.)

But I'm encouraged, literally, to see what everybody else has said in your direction, because basically I reckon when you boil it down they're all saying you go blb-blb-blb. Ad astra included really, (that's good enough for me) albeit he's more polite, but don't forget in the first place I asked you to explain your position succinctly, but you were too clever* for that.

Well you happen to come at a time when I am very sick of pale people, fair weather friends, people who have not disciplined their minds to reason logically, concern trolls, people who deliberately distort facts, people who bear grudges, curmudgeons of all kinds. Perhaps I was a little unkind towards you though, I thought. Not that saying you go blb-blb-blb is very unkind, compared to some things I say Smile , but to precis your position as I requested was a challenge you chose not to answer.

Remember I TT said
On July 31. 2012 08:10 AM

I have tried to make some kind of overall sense of what you have written but it seems to me a lot like that time PJK went blb-blb-blb-blb-blb with his lips, what are you actually contributing? Have you something useful to say, a point to make, or just blb? Could you perhaps put it in a nutshell please?

To which you Gillian said on July 31. 2012 09:09 AM

Turkey... I'm sorry my various comments don't seem to cohere into "some kind of overall sense" for you.

Maybe they will make more sense to you over time. I suggest you just let them flow past.

I am not particularly interested in mincing life, politics, economics, history or science into nutshells.* (that's the clever bit TT)
And to which 2353 added


[irrelevant para deleted TT]

Couldn't agree more.

And ignore the turkey - the gobblings are sometimes inconsistent and usually blantantly one eyed.

July 31. 2012 09:51 AM

But PeterP seemed to echo my own wonderments:

At the next election, which party are you going to vote for and why?

July 31. 2012 10:22 AM

to which I TT posted
Yes that's what I wonder too. I may be 'blantantly' one-eyed but I am coherent and consistent and clear. I wear my Labor heart on my sleeve, and I am proud of it.

[Now - An aside - but telling, imo:

Just as you PeterP asked Gillian the party she intends to vote for, - and for the same sort of reasons - I once asked this very same 2353 - correct me if I'm wrong? - to tell us who he voted for, in response to some of his, imo anyway, inconsistent pronouncements. (Note that he accuses me of inconsistency, well nobody else says so, to the contrary indeed I get lots of people agreeing with me, thanks Folks). Anyway 2353 went as apoplectic as it's possible to get on TPS, wtte How dare I ask him his voting intention it's private yudda yuddada and all that, well what tripe, of course 2353's identity is secret, his apoplexy was driven more by his pre-existing dislike of me I suspect but Oh well. He does keep jabbing the odd green-eyed needle my way but it's all good fun. Got all that PeterP?

At least Gillian didn't respond that way to you . . .] . . .

Gillian replied to you, at least not apoplectically,  and now I propose to explain to you, Gillian, if possible, what I mean by blb-blb-blb-blb-blb via the very medium of that reply you wrote to him.

Now Gillian, I am known at least as much for my acerbity as my lyrical nature, but let me be clear (2353 denies this but still) I have no wish to be unjust ever to anyone. But while my own mind is sharp enough to discern woolly thinking, disingenuity, crap, all forms of wrongthinkfulness, deliberate or uneducated or misled, then I will call it as I see it, or I am a coward. And by the way I expect no quarter whatsoever should my own logic be at fault. (Which last happened during the reign of Henry III as I remember.)

Anyway then you posted the following, and I am unkind enough to show you and others what I mean. Because I'm a Labor man, and I hate to see bullshit putdowns by people who can't think straight or deliberately distort the truth about our government or wouldn't know it if it bit their arse in the bath or are so much Jello in the brain. I'll just add my reaction in bold.

See if you can work out my meaning.

Here we go:

I'm in a safe Liberal seat, so it doesn't matter who I vote for. blb.

Generally I vote Labor or Greens, blb
but right now I'm pissed off with both of them. blb-blb.

So, I don't know.blb-blb-blb!

I'm annoyed enough to drop an informal vote in the box. blb-blb-blb-blb-blb!

I'd write something rude on it, but that's hardly fair for the poor souls who do the counting. Blurrrrrrr ./i]

For the Senate I will probably vote Greens. Blb?

I'm slightly more disillusioned with Labor than with Greens. Blb.

At least the Greens used their power to push through the Clean Energy Legislation. Blurrrrbbb!
I've started writing to my Lib member to 'groom' him for govt. Blurrrrrkkk

Climate change is my big concern and I want govt policy based on mainstream science. Oh really how very blb of you!

There seem to be a few gaps in his knowledge, so I'm trying to put a few reliable resources in front of him.

You'll tell him Blb!

I'm sure he'll say Oh, BLB BLB BLB BLB [i]BLB

I cling to a fine straw of hope that the business community, bureaucrats, scientists along with moderates in the LNP will prevail upon Abbott to not muck up the Clean Energy Legislation TOO much.

Oh For bloody Blb's sake.

What about you? Who and why?


Yeah whatever. Blb Blb..

Mashed pumpkin. No salt.

I have never faulted Ad astra's reasoning, (and that isn't sucking up, all those people Lyn just named and many many more will agree) and afa I'm concerned The Political Sword is  important, opinion-leading indeed, and deserves the reputation of being rigorous in its truth-telling and reasoning. You can serve mashed pumpkin if you want but don't try telling us it's caviare. As far as I can see nothing and no-one pleases you, you say you're all for climate stabilization or conservation or whatever, OK so do we all, but you offer nothing except being "pissed off" as you say.

Well now you don't just remind me of PJK Blb-blbing, by your own expression you also remind me of Napoleon,(think Stalin) the Chief Pig in Animal Farm, who when he inspects the plans for the windmill, so carefully drawn up by the benevolent Pig Snowball, (Trotsky)  his rival, he walks around it and urinates on them.        

So look Gillian, I mean no serious put-down, but if you are going to write drivel here, especially if all you want to do is piddle on *J*U*L*I*A* and our brilliant Government, well I'm in no position to piddle back right now Smile but I can still spit. Metaphorically of course.  


August 1. 2012 05:54 PM


Talk Turkey

Ouch, look after yourself, lots of cranberry juice or capsules to keep away bladder infection or it will be triple ouch.  I love your description of such a personal issue, you even had me laughing at bits, not you though just your bits.  Smile


August 1. 2012 06:06 PM


psyclaw @11.50pm 31/7, couldn't agree more.

KHTAGH @11.35am, I love the tea leaves image.

It conjures up the 3 witches capering around the cauldron in Macbeth.

I can just see Anal, Hadley and Dolt, a hideously giant mole sprouting coarse bristles on each chin (or chins in Anal's case) and snout, enormous black witches hats and a dastardly dog with Liealot's head and Sloppy's body.

If my imaginings make anyone feel nauseous, I apologise unreservedly.

Lyn @11.50am, you've outdone yourself with the fantastic links and tweets. Thank you for all your hard work.

TT @1.08pm, abrade away. I love your passion and that you're not afraid to express it. I suspect that fellow Swordians are nodding in agreement.

If I'm feeling a bit glum, I only have to read one of your comments to crank up the flame again.

WRT Grog, I can tell you I would have been ready to tear heads off, particularly those smug gits Barnett and Newman! I have wished some unpleasant things upon them, all of which involved their being treated to a hefty dose of their own medicine!

If it's any comfort, (which it probably won't be until you're well again), I think you have just provided a description of the best and most suitable punishment for the Liars and their reprehensible barrackers.

I can relate in a way to your difficulty with agony relief. My father got shingles after a prostate op and very adverse side effects of ray treatment.

He couldn't get any relief from morphine-constipation and mental confusion was the net result.

Poor old devil lasted 5 years in chronic pain with shingles based neuralgia. No doubt Aa is familiar with this sort of thing.

Get well fast, my friend. Everything's crossed for a successful operation and a very speedy return to full health and vigour.


August 1. 2012 07:11 PM


It's official I hate the ABC.

They took Swan's analogy and misrepresented it beyond belief. They chose the low road....again.

Hockey apparently takes no inspiration other than those of past pollies - how sad.

And, they ended the report with 2 supposed Labor MP's, who cannot be named (so why even quote them), who say they are scratching their heads. Perhaps they should read Swan's speech rather than scratch their heads.

The ABC has gone the hell.


August 1. 2012 07:44 PM


Hello, TT, so sorry to hear that you are well and truly pissed off and why!  Many many years ago before I had any understanding of my own body I experienced chronic acute bladder infections, so have some idea of the pain you are experiencing, though probably not its full measure.  But ultimatately there was relief for me which sadly is not there for you at present.  The willingness of your surgeon to take responsibility for his part in your misfortune suggests you are in good hands and all will finally turn out well.

Meanwhile on pain management.  If drugs like opiates etc don't work for you, have you thought of alternatives like acupuncture?  The Chinese have been using it for millenia! I've used it in the past, but not this time since I turned to an Ayurvedic massage, simply needing a massage being all tensed up with the pain, trauma and frustration.   I didn't know anything about Ayurvedic medicine, but the practitioner was just round the corner, and fitted me in after hours. Almost immediately I relaxed after 90 minutes of all over massage with their special oils.  God knows what they put in them, all herbal and natural anyway.  An unexpectected effect soon after was diminished knee and hip pain and I was able to do without Endone almost immediately, and within a week after another massage the maintenance dose of panadol. I've been pain free for almost ten days and I'm very strong on my pins, though obviously I still have the splint.  My physio is very impressed, not just because of my age, but because knees can be a real bugger, especially with the amount of work I've needed.

Who knows if the Ayurvedic massage helped (practitioner was very careful not to touch my knee or hip!) but their herbal remedies and massage techniques have been used for thousands of years by traditional Hindu healers so they must know a bit about bodies and how they work!  Like acupuncture it's non-invasive and helps one relax which always assists with the worst of pain.   Anyway, you may already have explored this.  If not, try it. Our old bodies really love a massage, anyway!

My own news as you can see is good.  Only using the crutches for walking carefully outside the house where there are steps and people.  One more week before I have the Okay from the surgeon on removing the splint and then more vigorous physio. At the moment it's just an hour's passive flexing, now up to 90 degrees angle. Such a joy to have that twice weekly movement free of this bloody splint.  I can't wait to get walking in that pool.

But back to you, TT.  If love and best wishes can help, then you have it in abundance from all of us!


August 1. 2012 08:14 PM

42 long

  Yes Rudd should have purged the ABC, at the top. Unfortunately, There is an obvious reason why it has gone to hell.
   What about a petition to have them behave and stick to their  even handed not affected by the market or government way of doing things. fairness and independence. We don't expect to get it from the "PAID" media, but the people fund the ABC . We will end up like america. where the public service will be aligned with whatever government is in power and who will only tell them the things they want to hear. . They even change over who runs the police in the uS when the government changes.
  Republicans don't allow their daughters to marry the democrat types. They are not  just people who have different ideas about the way the place should be run, they are the ENEMY PINKIES COMMUNISTS, bludgers on society. Everyone in Australia who thinks about it is aware how much the LNP have patterned them selves on the US. What a pity they couldn't have had some original thought.
   ORIGINAL thought is exactly what they have NONE of. IT's all fundamentalist capitalism, COPY the Tea/Republican party, and back to every Howard era way of doing things.
  Our history is NOT like the USA. John Howard was not Jesus Christ. He didn't even hold his seat in Parliament, let alone keep the LIBS in.
  When do you have a sitting prime minister who gets ousted from his seat by a mediocre ABC announcer newby, and is still considered to be the way of the future?
   Democracy ( government by the people) works fine unless the people are misinforemd , confused, lied to constantly frightened.etc. The Revolting abbot has been caught exaggerating, distorting lieing talking the economy down damaging individual businesses.  How much more confidence and enthusiasm would be out there IF he had not gone down this path?. ALL liealot wants  is the leadership of a party which will be damaged and how much damage he does to the country is no concern of his either, as long as he gets what he wants. The question is though "IS HE what WE WANT as a LEADER?"
  Anyone in his party doesn't get far unless they toe the line either. He is very divisive. That won't change. He is NOT very talented either. Turnbull WOULD guarantee them the election.

42 long

August 1. 2012 08:24 PM

Ad astra

Thank you all for your comments.

I've almost finished the next piece, which I'll probably post tomorrow.

I'm calling it a day.

Ad astra

August 1. 2012 09:21 PM


Oh!...42long..Maxine McKew..mediocre??!!..O Man!...Max' is the greatest!! I remember saying as much on a post on The Drum and some right-winger pettily remarked ; "she only got lucky..once"..and I reckon the gods answered him through me as a medium when they countered ; "Once is all you need to vaccinate a virus!"
No, 42 long..Max' did us all the greatest favour anybody could have done...all power to the MAX'.


August 1. 2012 10:40 PM


LIR, the ABC should be gutted from the top down. All traces of the Liars should be expunged and incoming staff inoculated against the invasive and duplicitous msm and Liars Party virus.

Patricia, I don't know much about Ayurvedic medicine, except that it has been practised in India for thousands of years. I'm glad it's helping you, particularly with your knees.

Anyone I've known with knee problems would endorse your physio's opinion about knees being "a bugger."

Son #1 smashed and dislocated his ankle 6 months ago and he's only just been able to walk without pain in the last few weeks.

Like knees, ankles are a bugger. Son #1 is my most accident prone child, but this is the worst injury he's had, skateboarding of all things.


August 2. 2012 07:11 AM



Media Blame NBN For Everything, Michael Wyers
The media have had it in for the NBN from day one, as for many media outlets, its arrival threatens their business models. They have every right to defend their business, but surely not to muddy the playing field with inaccuracies and misleading sub-editing. Or out and out lying.

One More Thing, Peter Wicks,Wixxy leaks
There are also rumours that Michael Lawler is moving to Sydney, my calls to FWA have , not been returned on this issue. Rumours are also out there that FWA, or the taxpayer, is , paying for not only his moving costs, but also the moving costs of Kathy Jackson as well.

#79 Enter the Australian all spin zone – a News Corporation duplication, Uthers Say
PVO is becoming a cesspool of contempt and hatred, his facial expressions twisted in frustration that the Prime Minister may get some credit for bringing the National Disability Insurance Scheme to the stage where some trials can be implemented.

KEEPING IT REAL ON POKIES: Moral panic on pokies continues to scale absurd heights, Vex News
Australians spend $12 billion on pokies a year  an apparently gravely serious matter
that is a sign of moral decline, gambling addiction, the gutting of the working
class etc., according to  some know-alls

Councillor says fund-raising forum gave $22,000 to Lib MP’s campaign, Law and Politics Blog
Frank Oliveri, a Fairfield councillor close to the organisation, the South West Business Forum, has broken his silence over the whereabouts of some of about $35,000 raised at a 2007 event attended by Tony Abbott and Helen Coonan.

Don’t blame foreign investment for rising house prices , Phillip Soos, The Conversation
With Australia’s economy appearing relatively strong on the global stage, foreign investors may see the real estate market as attractive, especially given the rapid run-up in property values (approximately 130% adjusted for inflation and quality from 1996 to 2010). Foreign investors likely heed the comforting statements

Jacksonville 19: HSU moves on, question marks over FWA, Independent Australia
Independent Australia was able to speak to Michael Williamson moments before publication, where he offered managing editor David Donovan these comments: “I’d just like to say that my Union career is now over and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to help health services employees and low-paid workers for the past 30 years.”

Residential supply customers carrying the can for gold-plated electricity industry infrastructure, Petering Time, North Coast Voices
"If any further evidence were needed to demonstrate how the power companies, both state-owned and private, have been foisting unnecessary price hikes on their customers, it can be found in the industry's own energy forecasts.

Experts at loggerheads over govt subsidisation of newspapers, Alexandra Roach, Ad NEWS
Labor MP Dr Andrew Leigh has begun a concerted push promoting government subsidisation of newspapers in order to sustain costs of journalism, but the idea has not been met with universal support.

Jack Waterford weighs future in Canberra Times exodus,
Another newsroom source said the changes had “very serious implications for The Canberra Times”, warning that management had misread its audience. Canberra was a “sophisticated, intelligent and informed market” with a particular interest in world affairs

Land Of Hope And Dreams: Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration
This is Treasurer Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration, to be delivered tonight.

Setbacks for mining magnates Tinkler and Rinehart, The Power Index
Gina Rinehart also had something of a setback yesterday, with a court ruling that she must pay the legal costs of her children and several media outlets, incurred as she fought to have details of the legal fight with her kids suppressed.

Screw unto others: Campbell Newman’s compassion disability, Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear
A brilliant speech from Peter Wellington but, sadly, Mr Newman and his gang are simply not listening. Drunk with power, they don’t care one jot about the people of this state – especially those who are different or disadvantaged.

When the politics of ‘no’ go wrong, Michael Moore, City News
Gillard’s firm stance on this significant issue provides some foundation for re-establishing her authority. It also sows the seed for a popular understanding about negativity in politics. Negativity might work in opposition, but it certainly does not work when it is time to shoulder the responsibility of government. In government,  

No one knows how we'll pay for disability scheme, Ross Gittins
Don't forget Abbott would first have to cover the cost of abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax. This is a man who professes to believe taxes must go down and may never go up. Now he's got to find a further $8 billion a year in spending cuts.

Queensland isn’t Greece or Spain (crosspost from Crikey), John Quiggin
There’s nothing in Queensland’s actual situation that resembles Spain or Greece. But the panic-stricken policies being pursued by the Newman government will have similar effects, if on a smaller scale, to those of the austerity policies adopted by Spanish and Greek governments. The difference is that those governments are acting under duress — Newman’s follies are all his own.

Today’s Front Pages
Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 2 August 2012


August 2. 2012 08:01 AM


Thanks again all Comrades who wish me well. You are collectively a tribute to our host. Ad's personal civilization infects and ennobles us all, it urges us by example to give of our best and to hold firm to Labor/Socialist principles, for TPS is much more than just talk, it has an ethos and an agenda, and Ad is always on focus in his threads and comments. (I find it remarkable that he manages ever-new threads without ever departing from the core issues of the TPS mission statement, always found at the top of this page.)

Ad astra himself is intellectually rigorous in his every pronouncement, while Lyn shows us day by day what other political blogsites are available. By my own judgment there is no better place to air one's views than here, though there are many good writers elsewhere. While TPS is wide-ranging in the Comments, there is a shared determination (which I am presently affirming and attempting to encourage) to keep our eyes on The Light On The Hill. In that respect TPS is unique, and very precious. And I love it.  

What makes TPS especially special is its commitment to a Labor view, it isn't a collection of random attitudes, that's why I'm here myself, because TPS is not a gabfest, it is a declared fighting site. But what we owe it in all our utterances here, be it pometry or fun or deadly serious, is intellectual rigour and honesty. For by such writing we earn the respect of those whom we seek to support, otherwise we would have no reason to exist.  

The few jeerers who come here I quite value actually, they show us how empty and unprincipled they are, and that reassures me, if any assurance were needed, that the great body of commentary here is overwhelmingly truthful, committed to supporting our brilliant but beleaguered government, and very sincerely and passionately so.

Write on Swordsfolks. Let us be the best we can.  


August 2. 2012 08:28 AM

Ad astra

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra

August 2. 2012 08:34 AM


Word is Tony Abbott has taken to calling Campbell 'Can Do' Newman 'Can Screw Queensland', because the more Newman's jackbooted approach to average workers' jobs in the Sunshine State bites home, the more likely those same workers will NOT deliver the predicted clean sweep of Queensland to the Coalition at the next Federal election.

And 'landslide' as it may look for Shouldabeen now (or so we are told), the biggest rocks in that "landslide" are Queensland coming as one to the Coalition.

That doesn't happen, then neither does Tony Abbott, PM.

Pity for him he's already put Can Screw's nose out of joint over the spurned NDIS levy "Obama moment" (as if Abbott would allow gifting an 'Obama moment' victory to Labor???), and further pity for him that Newman has a military service background - people who do tend to consider self-promoting 'tough guys' without khaki in their blood like Abbott just a little iffy in the clinches, leave alone the trenches.

These two are made for each other, testosterone to the left, sweaty headbands to the right, and opposite ends of the showers.


August 2. 2012 08:46 AM


Interesting editorial in the Brisbane Times today.  It is well written and asks a number of relevant questions about entitlement, reporting and life in general.



August 2. 2012 10:17 AM



Thanks for the link. How funny just prior to reading your link I read this on The Drum :

There is a hope for Labor if it changes strategy and gets negative, but I doubt they will. And that's why they are doomed.


Seems one article says pollies need to be able to tell the electorate the truth about themselves even if it is negative. And the other says do as Abbott does and keep selling a negative message if you want to win even if it isn't true.

I guess as long as the negative message is not about you and what you intend to do its alright. So lie about your intentions and lie about your opposition - and you might get elected. Great no wonder Abbott is winning in the opinion polls.

There is an article in there Ad astra.


August 2. 2012 11:16 AM


LiR - Now I'm confused.

Is the "answer" selling the positives of their own policies while at the same time selling the "negatives" of the other tribes?

Lets face it, the LNP has nothing positive to say about the Government (and burys its own lack of policy) while the ALP attempts to sell its policy and avoid mentioning the opposition.

Wayne Swan really "ramped it up" this week with the set piece speech.  I wonder if it was an experiment to see how the tactic would go.  In my view it worked well, grnerally good publicity (although Clive Palmer has a rebuttal in Fairfax this morning), some analysis of the content and a reasonable interview with Leigh Sales followed.

The ALP needs to get a few more weeks of the results it has this week - then they might get somewhere.  Newman is heloing the cause in Queensland presently as well.


August 2. 2012 11:37 AM

Truth Seeker

with your mention of Newman's assistance in furthering the ALP cause, I thought you and others might get something out of this little ditty that I wrote yesterday.

This is called "King can but WON'T do Camp Bell".

He won the poll he beat the odds
And rode the wave of victory sweet
“I’m humbled”, he said, “by your trust in me”
Then he humbly scoffed at Blighs defeat

“We’ll be more transparent” was his pledge
As he sought to bypass the watchdogs role
Then employed Costello, his liberal mate
To fudge the books, to support his goal

To slash and burn the public sector
Sacking all that he could see
Cutting funding to hospitals
And support for disability

He said “I’m sorry if this causes pain
But cos of debt this needs to be.
Go whinge to those that lost their seats,
It’s all their fault…you can’t blame me.”

As Mayor of Brissy, his mates got rich
And his family business truly thrived
And though his stage is bigger now
His nepotism’s kept alive

The legacies from his Mayoral tenure
Expensive bikes and the great Clem seven
And now he’ll visit this upon us
In his own sad version of right wing heaven

So for those who wish to see our country
In the incompetent hands of the rabid right
Then look to Baillieu, O’Farrell and Newman
And ponder on our country’s plight.

For all these “leaders?”…. lies and backflips
Are their proven stock in trade
Supported by self serving interests
With billions they’ve already made

So open eyes and ears and minds
To what is really being said
Ignore the slogans and the spin
Or by the nose you will be led

To hand the keys of this great nation
To the Abbott’s vacuous team
To rape and pillage our economy
And realise a nightmare… from the dream.

Ans God help us.

BTW  "The Boil" will be posted on the comments for Aa's next article

Cheers all.

Truth Seeker

August 2. 2012 11:57 AM


Good Morning Ad an Everybody

Twitterverse this morning.

You will note that the Cyclone Newman is travelling through Queenland at lightening speed, even demolishing bus stops. You will also see Mr Newman has told radio people understand and congratulate him for making hard decisions, turfing elderly out of Gov. homes, selling caravan park land tossing out residents. Cancelling home help for pensioners. Taxi cab assistance $6 to collect people with wheelchairs.

Oh dear I hope people realise this is what an Abbott Government will look like only on a larger scale.

Fair Work regime gets all clear after review proposes minor changes

National Times‏
Fair Work Act review will be a bitter blow for business www.nationaltimes.com.au/.../...0120801-23fp9.html via @NationalTimesAU

AUSTRALIA'S largest power generator, Macquarie Generation, has been accused of manipulating prices in the wholesale electricity market in an attempt to offset the effect of the carbon tax
As one of Australia's largest carbon emitters, Macquarie Generation is faced with an annual carbon tax bill of $460 million if it maintains output at present levels

Financial Review‏
Since the coup, @KRuddMP has been dedicated to crucifying @JuliaGillard - with success, says Mark Latham [free] http://bit.ly/Mkpi8y #auspol

Tim Wilson from IPA calls @SwannyDPM a "national village idiot" on @tenbreakfast ..how are those ratings going ch10?? #auspol

Whinging Australian still spitting the dummy over the NBN, putting Murdochs interests ahead of the nation. Suk it baby!www.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frgaif-1226440717714

Financial Review‏
Former #RBA board member Warwick McKibbin urges central bank to tame #AUD [free] http://bit.ly/OC7e5Y #ASX #ausecon #auspol

Stephen Koukoulas‏
For the 1st time in about 5 years, Warwick McKibbin has a point re AUD intervention. No one is wrong all of the time

Stephen Koukoulas‏
McKibbin cannot be taken seriously any more: His recent macro assessment is seriously flawed

Agnes Mack‏
If u think Campbell Newman is giving Q-landers a wild ride,u are seriously underprepared for the buck jumping horrors with Abbott in saddle

Rail service off tracks and 2000 QR job sackings planned by Newman Govt | Sunshine Coast Daily www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/.../ #qldpol

The Queensland Opposition believes the State Government is planning to cut a service that helps elderly and disabled residents to continue living in their own homes.

Home Assist Secure provides free information and referrals about maintenance, repairs, modifications and security.

Newman defends Michael Caltabiano's jobs double-dip | The Courier-Mail #qldpol #NewmanLied2Qld http://bit.ly/NlFfp4

Queensland unions declare state-wide strike day
"We're not just going to stand by and let [Campbell Newman] undo everything the unions have done in this state," he said.

Unions say the day of action will be the start of a long campaign.

JCU bus stop saga continues - 1 returns, 5 bus stops still axed by Newman Govt | Townsville Bulletin #qldpol http://bit.ly/OFxoZ2

Frontline tenancy help & 5 local jobs axed by Newman slash and burn | Fraser Coast Chronicle #qldpol #NewmanLied2Qld www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/.../

Brigadier Slog‏
In other news unemployment as a weight loss regime RT @abcnews_qld Newman says Queenslanders grateful for job cuts http://bit.ly/OFvYO6

Townsville's state govt workers in a 'big black hole of uncertainty" | Townsville Bulletin #qldpol #NewmanLied2Qld

Newman says job cuts weren't necessary
QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman says he didn't have to go down the route of wide-scale retrenchments in the public service, but not doing so would have meant a pay freeze.


Watching the deniers‏
Fairfax starts trumpeting Rinehart's agenda: today's op-ed by climate crank David Evans http://wp.me/pMvrx-11Z

Mike Kelly MP‏
High life in the NBN fast lane http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/-23fqe.html

Manfred Xavier‏
JoeHockey Australian's living costs have dropped dramatically compared to last year http://bit.ly/QtSgSc Upgrade your memory card


August 2. 2012 12:04 PM


Sorry the Link above not working for the Townsville Bulletin Story

TOWNSVILLE'S State Government workers are in a "a big, black hole" of uncertainty as another 2200 unspecified cuts to two departments were announced yesterday.



August 2. 2012 12:13 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Your links were interesting once again.  The Uthers Say piece was particularly revealing and frightening.

The Twitterverse shows what a great job Campbell Newman is doing for the Labor cause.  Has he joined Labor’s 2013 election campaign strategy group?  What an asset he is.  As you say: “Oh dear I hope people realise this is what an Abbott Government will look like only on a larger scale.”  They will.

Ad astra

August 2. 2012 02:31 PM


PREMIER Campbell Newman says Queenslanders are thanking him for slashing thousands of jobs to bring the state's finances back on track.

Mr Newman said he spent a lot of time in his electorate of Ashgrove last weekend and no one expressed concerns about job cuts.

He says he spent a lot of time in his electorate? Cowering in Liars Party strongholds, no doubt.

How does he account for the majority of comments wrt the wholesale sackings are negative in the extreme?

The only idiots in favour are barrackers and I reckon they'll soon be squealing as their jobs are threatened in the fall out.

Other than "orchestrated letters" from union operatives, the premier says his ministers have received no criticism from their electorates about the "tough decisions" his government has made.

Once again, in reading comments wrt the mass sackings, the majority refute his statement. And I'd say those "orchestrated letters" have swamped his office and the rest of the Liars.

But the following words from his own lying gob, say it all:

{quote}Mr Newman said he didn't have to go down the route of wide-scale retrenchments in the public service, but not doing so would have meant a pay freeze.

About 6000 public servants are confirmed to go and Mr Newman has earmarked another 14,000 for possible retrenchment.

He said jobs could have been saved if the government imposed pay freezes on public servants as well as politicians.

"If there had been a pay freeze or very low pay increases right across the public sector - I'm only talking about the public sector - then we could have saved all of those jobs," Mr Newman said.

"If there had been a pay freeze and if pay rises had been far more reasonable, given the low rate of inflation, then we actually could have saved jobs as well."

The premier has asked unions to reconsider their opposition to his cost-cutting exercise.

"I find it very frustrating when the government's trying to undertake important reform to help families across Queensland.

"I don't want people to lose their jobs. This isn't fun for me. It's about sheer financial necessity."[/quote]

So if imposing a pay freeze would have had the same outcome, why throw 20,000 people and their families on the scrapheap, particularly as he'd made a hand-on-heart vow no to do so?

Gracious me! Could this be a GREAT BIG LIE? A lot of Queenslanders seem to think so.

Oh that's right, no big fat pay rises for him, his fellow  bloodsuckers and rich sycophants he's handed high paying jobs to.

I don't suppose he gives a toss about the extra 60,000 in collateral damage, as long as he and his wealthy mates are fine.

I'm sure if he'd bothered to consult them, they would all have preferred a pay freeze to the sack.

And I'm sure small business owners, who will no doubt go under, and their staff, who depend on all those people patronising them would have preferred no job cuts.

No doubt the rationale for sacking all those people is to wash his hands of them completely and force them onto the unemployment queue, thus making them the Gillard government's problem.

With the added bonus of forcing up the unemployment figures and (he hopes) having an adverse effect on the budget.

However, the Gillard government can now say that as a result of wrecking so many lives, he'll have the money for the NDIS in the kitty.

Lyn, that link has confirmed for me, more than ever what a bunch of maggots the Liars are and how very little they care about ordinary people.


August 2. 2012 03:05 PM


    Well said!


August 2. 2012 03:21 PM


Jane, don't forget one of his first actions after getting the keys to the Proemiers office was to appoint all LNP MPs to Parlimentry Committees - giving each of them a $8k pa pay rise off the bat.


August 2. 2012 03:57 PM



It's a very old tactic that Newman is using "blame your self for the predicament you are in" (it is not nice, a very low road to take). People use it all the time when they see someone on the street homeless, or down and out, it blocks them from having any feeling for the victim. You can see him use it all the time, he will end up with a hardened heart if he hasn't got one already.


August 2. 2012 04:44 PM


Is Australia becoming a less equal place? Are powerful business interests slanting public policy towards the interests of the few and against the many? Is it true to say, as Swan does in his speech, that "the rising influence of vested interests is threatening Australia’s egalitarian social contract"?

The answers are yes, and yes.



August 2. 2012 05:29 PM


Truth Seeker

Great pome, well done.


Well said.

Ad Astra

I do hope for Australia's sake you are right and people will wake up before the Federal Election.

I have to say reading what is happening in QLD is very frightening.  At least it has stopped me wondering how bad the future would be under Abbott.  I now know by what is happening in QLD and a bit in NSW and Vic.


August 2. 2012 06:37 PM

Ad astra

I have just posted Media in the middle.  Enjoy.


Ad astra

August 2. 2012 06:58 PM

42 long

  The obvious flow on and loss of confidence will plunge those states in to a recession, and some of the top end of town will eventually be affected also but they will blame the carbon "Price". I can hear that idiot Hockey now. He contradicts himelf, and demonstrates his gross ignorance of economics, every time he opens his mouth.
   But we all know that the LIBs are the only ones that can manage money ( as they continually tell us) and we got through the GFC. ( The only developed country to do it) By good luck. If his dog died of old age it would be labor's fault.
   Latham's article states the lack of loyalty and white anting by RUDD, quite well. He (KRudd,) has so many documented weaknesses that the LNP would make mincemeat of him without trying. Why would they want him there if it would help Labor?
  Death stare Bishop is very pally with KRudd. THAT should bother some observers. The "Boganville" reference to the lodge, was coined by KRudd and brought up at question time by Julie Bishop, to denigrate Julia Gillard.
  What a Grubby little conspirator you are Kevin. You promise to support your leader if she gets the support, and keep niggling away, regardless.
  Why in your wildest imagination could YOU or TONY ABBOT believe that either of you have what it takes to aspire to the highest office in this country? You are both damaged political goods by past statements and actions to be useable.  

42 long

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