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The inexorable disintegration of the Leader of the Opposition

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Friday, 2 November 2012 14:40 by Ad astra
Just look at him in QT and during his pressers. Does he look like a happy and confident man? Is there a spring in his step? Why is his brow so often furrowed? Why does he so seldom smile? Does he look like the next PM in waiting?

Recall the cockiness he exhibited as he swaggered around factories, drove large trucks, operated machinery, stacked bananas at supermarkets, and kissed fish at fishmongers. Reflect on the hubris he showed as the polls rose spectacularly for the Coalition; remember the sly smile that lit up his craggy face after every poll. All gone now!

Something must be wrong. What is it? Is it his demeanour, his attitude, his behaviour, the way he looks, or even the way he walks? Or is it his policy positions on a number of issues? Perhaps it is all of the above.

On policy matters, he persists with his cobra-strike or python-squeeze or octopus-entangled carbon tax scaremongering although the predicted doom refuses to eventuate. At first persuaded that the sky might well fall in, then skeptical as it stayed in place, then jaded with the whole matter, and finally unconvinced in the face of contradictory data that put the lie to the scare campaign, the electorate has moved onto other matters. Because of this, and because his colleagues are uneasy about what now looks like a spectacular fizzer, the Opposition Leader has eased up on this a little. He now asks few questions himself in QT, his front bench is busy running a ‘disappearing surplus’ campaign, and the Deputy Leader of the Opposition is promoting a vicious resurrection of the tired old Slater & Gordon matter that has been settled years ago and again recently at PM Gillard’s mammoth press conference. Even the ‘turn back the boats’ mantra is losing its punch. There is nothing else. The grab bag of mantras is empty. And the bag of costed policies is bare. All there is left is a vacuum.

Until recently, it was only writers in the Fifth Estate that were pointing out that the vacuousness of the Leader of the Opposition, his nasty and at times vicious personality, the sexism he repeatedly exhibits, particularly directed towards our first female Prime Minister, and his spiteful behavior in the House and at sundry rallies and press conferences, made him wholly unsuitable to be leader of this nation.

Meanwhile the Fourth Estate continued with the charade that he was a shoo-in as the next PM, and that the real issue was by what vast number of seats he would win and how decimated Labor would be. All the leadership focus in the MSM was on the Gillard/Rudd ‘contest’; there was never a suggestion that the position of Leader of the Opposition was in jeopardy. How quickly things have changed.

On Insiders, a program where scarcely a word has ever been uttered that questioned the security of the position of the Opposition Leader, last Sunday one of the panelists, Mike Seccombe, acerbically summed up his feelings about the Opposition Leader. After an introduction by Barrie Cassidy who referred to the weight Dunaden will carry in the Melbourne Cup, Seccombe said:

”Tony Abbott is a weight for the Liberal Party – he is a handicap for the Party. I think he is being exposed as a man with severe character defects. Frankly, he has been exposed as a man with lack of judgement – the Alan Joneses and Cory Bernardis and people like that.

“And his foot-in-mouth episodes that keep on rolling on and on and on – either showing him to be extremely mean-spirited and bullying on the one hand if he meant it as Mark Riley said, or if he didn’t mean it, he’s a dope who can’t open his mouth without accidentally getting into trouble.”

“So I think Tony Abbott is on the slide; at the moment I don’t see that it’s going to stop – it just goes from bad to worse day by day.”

We had never heard such a condemnation before on that program.

Seccombe, a Fourth Estate journalist, left no doubt about his feelings when he wrote an article in The Global Mail later in the week. Titled The Pack Circles, he begins:

”Tony Abbott is looking a bit beaten down these days. He has been for a little while actually.

“People who watch these things closely – and that means almost everyone in this merciless place – are noticing and reacting.

“In the press gallery, that means lots of speculation over coffee, if not yet so much in print and on air, about who might replace him. Give it a couple more of those dreadful poll results showing souring public perceptions of the opposition leader, and he’ll be in their sights, just as Julia Gillard was a few months back.

“On Abbott’s own side of politics, it means the backbench becoming increasingly unruly in Question Time…On the opposition front bench, it means other senior people are lifting their aggression levels…

“It is the opposition leader’s own behaviour, though, that is the real sign that things have changed. It used to be that he would open the bowling and carry much of the attack in Question Time each day. Not now. This week, Abbott has let the burden of attack be carried by others…Hockey and Bishop, Christopher Pyne, Scott Morrison and the odd backbencher.”

Seccombe then described how Greg Combet had mocked the Leader of the Opposition about all the dire predictions he had made about the carbon tax that had not come about.

He concluded: Combet ”finished his answer with a suggestion that it was about time the opposition got a new leader. He suggested either Hockey or Turnbull and, just for laughs included a possible ‘roughie’, the colourless Kevin Andrews. “Get someone who can tell the truth,” he snarled.”

“Well, there was hubbub. The government benches roared with amusement. The opposition benches roared with outrage.

“But Tony Abbott? He made no interjection. He made no eye contact. He stared fixedly at some papers in his lap.”

Has there been such a disparaging piece in the Fourth Estate? Yet, there has been more.

Last weekend, in News Limited’s The Weekend Australian no less a Coalition sycophant than Peter van Onselen gave the Opposition Leader a significant spray in Is this the turning point. He begins:

”Has the Gillard Labor government turned the corner? The evidence is mounting that Julia Gillard's political fortunes are improving. Whether these improvements morph into political salvation will take time to assess. There could be as long as 12 months to go before the next federal election is called, and the campaign itself can change the political climate significantly if the contest is close enough going in.”

Later he says: ”History therefore dictates that Abbott must find a way to arrest the decline in his party's primary vote, which may require pivoting from his deliberately negative style of campaigning.”

He concludes: ”In 1993 Abbott was press secretary to John Hewson, who lost what came to be dubbed as an unloseable election. If Abbott doesn't win next year's election he, too, will go down in history as having lost such a contest.”

We are yet to see similar warnings from Dennis Shanahan, Paul Kelly, Piers Akerman and Andrew Bolt!

But Michelle Grattan is beginning to have doubts. In Headaches for Abbott as tactics falter, she talks about polls, dissension in the ranks, too many tactics, some flawed, and not enough strategy, and ends with characteristic Grattan reassurance: ”Abbott doesn't need to push the panic button, but unless the final polls for the year bring some good news for him, there will be pressure for serious stocktaking over Christmas.”

There is still more from the Fourth Estate. It was in The Courier-Mail that Steven Scott wrote Something in the way he moves - Tony Abbott's swagger is turning off voters

”It's the swagger. That's the reason most frequently given by people in focus groups about why they do not like Tony Abbott.

“To single out the Opposition Leader's rolling gait for criticism may seem superficial or even unfair, but it's what this symbolises for many swinging voters that has Coalition strategists worried.

“To those uncommitted voters whose views are gold to political parties, the cringe factor that comes when they think about Abbott's confident strut is followed swiftly with a series of negative impressions - arrogant, cocky, angry.

“In what is now a clear trend, Labor's support is slowly improving and the Coalition's is falling. Satisfaction ratings for Abbott are on a continual slide.

"Tony has got a perception problem everywhere," one senior Coalition figure says of the impressions voters have of the Opposition Leader. "It's the way he walks sometimes ... the swagger."

“The Opposition is still on track to win the next election, but this is no longer looking as easy a task as it did only months ago. Many in the Coalition camp are starting to fret and a lot of their concern is directed at the man who helped get them into a winning position in the first place - Abbott.

“There is no suggestion that Abbott will face a leadership challenge. Even some of his toughest critics within the party concede leadership talk would cruel the Coalition's chances at the next election.

“But if Abbott's polling does not improve, this position could change.”

It already is. But Scott could not bring himself to write off the Opposition Leader, leaving himself a fall back position: “The Opposition is still on track to win the next election…” and “There is no suggestion that Abbott will face a leadership challenge.” I’m sure that as the momentum against the Opposition Leader builds, we will see more of this ‘backing the horse both ways’.

In a report in ABC News on the debate on the wheat deregulation bill, the previous Speaker, Peter Slipper was quoted. Although few might give much credence to his views, here is what the report said:

”Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has lashed out at Coalition MPs, accusing them of abandoning their free market principles by opposing Labor's wheat deregulation bill.

“Mr Slipper, now an independent MP, voted with the Government, which won the vote 70-67.

“He says deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop and other Opposition MPs are hypocrites because they favour wheat deregulation but are voting the other way to avoid a fight with the Nationals. I suspect many of them will vote with a heavy heart with the Opposition, because there are many people on this side of the house who support the Government's intentions," he said.

"This is all about preserving the flawed and fatal and terminal leadership of the Leader of the Opposition, the Member for Warringah."

"I suppose you have to admire the Deputy Leader of the Opposition because she's supporting her leader - after all, she's supported how many leaders? How many leaders has she been deputy to?

"I find it abhorrent that the deputy Leader of the Opposition is prepared to say it's important to defeat the Government's legislation, but not on any manner of principle."

I’m sure Slipper felt much better after that spray.

On a more serious note, the business community is expressing concern at Coalition policies. Writing in Business Spectator Rob Burgess begins his article Abbott’s now in real fiscal trouble with:

“Comments from the Business Council and Australian Industry Group, published yesterday, look like a major headache for Tony Abbott.”

Burgess goes on to say that both groups, neither of which is a fan of big government, are expressing concern about Labor’s severe spending cuts to achieve a budget surplus. Likewise, they are concerned at the even more extreme cuts proposed by the Coalition.

He continues: ”The BCA and AiG comments put a tiny bit of pressure on the government, and a massive amount of pressure on the coalition, which plans to do away with the carbon tax, mining tax (not that it appears to be worth a cent), maintain lower-income tax cuts and increases in the family tax benefit and pension (which the carbon tax pays for), and instead balance the budget through more extreme expenditure slashing.”

Burgess concludes: ”In short, team-Abbott is going to have to do some rapid rethinking of its plans before an election is called…there is time for the coalition to work out how to massage the revenue side of the federal budget to bring it into balance. Simply slashing public spending no longer looks like an option.”

So it’s not just the Opposition Leader’s behavior that irks, it’s his policies too.

Turning now to the Fifth Estate, writing in a piece: Sweetest of them all: how Julia Gillard won the 2013 election in The Conversation, William Bowe of Poll Bludger fame, says this:

“From the time the carbon tax policy was unveiled in February 2011 until its implementation on July 1, the unchallenged consensus of the Canberra press gallery was that a Tony Abbott prime ministership was simply a matter of time…

“Not for the first time though, the self-confidence of political commentators, together with the utility of mid-term polling as a pointer to outcomes at long range, has been shown to have been greatly exaggerated.”

He went on to describe what seats Labor needed to win in 2103, and how seriously possible that was.

In Abbott’s Doubly Whammy in Archies Archive, the author outlines a series of issues where there is dissension in Liberal ranks over policy issues, one serious one being the wheat deregulation matter mentioned above, where Julie Bishop unsuccessfully assumed the role of enforcer to keep the Liberal Party members together to shore up the Leader’s position.

He concludes: ”Reality is finally seeping into the Federal Liberal Party and it is difficult to see Tony Abbott surviving the swirling storm of dissent which is forming within the Liberal Vacuum Flask.”

In an article Can ‘Dr. No’ become ‘Mr. Yes’? in Open Fire, the author begins:

”As the Australian public continue to tire of ‘Dr. No’ and his parties Pythonesque contradiction of the ALP government, the challenge, with less than twelve months until the election, is can Abbott move from ‘Dr. No,’ telling us daily what he is against – carbon tax, gay people, asylum seekers, carbon tax, any taxes, carbon tax and then the carbon tax, to become ‘Mr. Yes’ and reveal what he and the Liberals stand for?”

Later he says: ”The contemporary image of Tony Abbott, with the ALP applying the brushstrokes, is of a sexist, immoral, bully boy. An image Abbott has done much to assist with over the years. Most recently by using the toxic ‘dying of shame’ phrase while in parliament, only days after…Alan Jones muttered it in yet another display of his inhumanity. For that gaffe there was no escape for Abbott, he was either a cunning, sly asshole looking to hurt Julia Gillard personally or such a buffoon as to not consider the implications of using such a phrase. Whatever the case, he made his bed, or probably his wife did, and he must now lay in it.”

In Here Come The Polls! on New Matilda Ben Eltham says:

“…the party enjoying the big lead gets a boost in positive coverage. Little scrutiny is applied to their various statements. The election result can seem almost pre-ordained.

“This is the position Labor has found itself in for most of 2011 and 2012, as poll after poll showed a government on the ropes. It was particularly marked around coverage of the carbon tax, which the opinion poll data showed was very unpopular. In contrast, Tony Abbott and the Opposition got a fairly easy ride, and plenty of coverage every time they decided to attack the government on carbon.

“But in recent weeks, a ray of light has glinted. A number of recent polls have shown Labor closing the gap. The most recent Newspoll actually had Labor at parity. The latest Nielsen has Labor on 48-52. Any way you look at it, Labor is suddenly competitive again.”

Later Eltham says: Attention now turns to the Liberal Party, with press gallery leader Phil Coorey reporting today that "several Liberal MPs" had told him that "Labor’s recovery was now clearly a trend and Mr Abbott needed to broaden his approach beyond attacking the carbon tax."

A post in Aussiepollies discusses recent poll results and concludes:

“The polls are undoubtedly getting closer, but how close and how real the narrowing of margins is remains unclear. It is still on the naughty side to be talking of leadership change in the Opposition despite results being less assured. What is almost without doubt is the need for a shift in the focus of Coalition strategy.”

Writing in The Opinion Bruce Haigh begins his piece Abbott on the edge:

”David Marr put the cat amongst the pigeons with his Quarterly Essay on Tony Abbott.

“Abbott would have us believe that he has changed since his days at university, when by Marr’s account he was an insufferable bully and misogynist, a word much used in relation to Abbott, particularly these days. In my experience people change little in essence from the time at their alma mater to middle age, particularly politicians. They might develop a façade of gravitas, but even that has escaped Abbott. Beazley, Dawkins and McMullan changed little over the years from when I knew them at the University of Western Australia to the end of their political careers, except perhaps Beazley who honed the depth and breadth of his bombast.

“Chances are that Abbott has also changed very little. Anger is a by-product of his ruthless, ‘whatever it takes’, ambition. Wed this to his conservative Christian beliefs and he becomes a crusader, using religion as a shield from criticism and to mask his real persona, or so he thinks. He is not trusted and he is not liked, particularly by women, but also by a lot of men who distrust his superficiality.”

Let’s finish with a little delectable humour from Mike Seccombe writing in The Global Mail in an article: Bringing the house down. Having prefaced his story with reference to the great rhetorical turns of Paul Keating, he recounted Greg Combet’s ripostes this week in QT:

On Wednesday Combet riffed on the carbon tax price effect on staples like milk and cereal. On Thursday he chose as his subject the effect of the tax on Australia’s spring racing carnival.

“Having noted that Abbott had predicted the carbon tax was a threat to “the whole Australian way of life”, Combet hastened to assure racing fans that there was no cause for alarm.

“Treasury modelling showed the carbon price impact on sport and recreation will be only 0.3 per cent, or around 20 cents a week,” he said.

“Fashion at Flemington [the style slice of Melbourne’s track], it’s going to be okay because last week’s CPI [consumer price index, the measure of inflation] showed women’s clothing… the prices actually fell by 0.2 per cent in the September quarter.”

“What people who cared about racing needed to understand, he continued, was that Abbott’s scare campaign on the tax was ‘the biggest shakedown’ since the Fine Cotton affair in 1984.

“And the ring in that day was called Bold Personality… and that’s all we’ve had.”

“It was time for the ‘Liberal Party stewards’ to intervene and consider a substitution, he suggested, and offered a form guide of alternative Liberal leaders.

“One time leader of the Opposition, Goldman Sachs man and renowned barrister Malcolm Turnbull? A classy thoroughbred if ever there’s been one. He was badly checked by the Member for Warringah [Abbott, who deposed him] in the 2009 race.”

“Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey – who was absent, having just been chucked out for interjecting? He’s hungry for a win but he’s demonstrated yet again today that he’s not up to Group One racing level.”

“What about deputy leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop? Three times runner up. Surely a chance at last.”

“And Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison had promise but for the fact that he was spooked by foreign horses.

“It was a good riff. Not quite Keating perhaps, but it had the same effect: even the Opposition benches laughed, Malcolm Turnbull appearing particularly amused.

“Not as amused as Julia Gillard, though. One gets the feeling she is looking forward to further mirth at the expense of the Carbon Tax scare campaign.”

Photo courtesy of Mike Bowers and The Global Mail

When a man becomes an object of ridicule, the end must be nigh!

Need I say any more? The inexorable disintegration of the Leader of the Opposition continues apace. It shows. More and more are noticing.

The Leader of the Opposition, Anthony John “Tony” Abbott.
Photo courtesy of Mike Bowers and The Global Mail

What do you think?

Comments (155) -

November 2. 2012 03:17 PM


Great read  AA!!  Surely there is more than a rumbling with so many saying much the same thing.  


November 2. 2012 03:34 PM

paul walter

At the moment the sun is shining on Labor after a long political winter.
Impressions have been changed.
The mirror smashed as Gillard broke out of a conservative grip ascendant for two long years. The torchlight shone back on the coalition and its flaws, instead. And its hypocrisy, with its thorough lack of imagination, wedded to the prejudices of the past as it is,it has created a failure within itself to be able offer even the remotest alternative to Labor.
But the ALP is not without its problems, also and paradoxically for a similar reason: its right wing.
It is still being misdirected on social, population and economic policy, so it had a mediocre week.
The interesting thing is that Adam Bandt has been the one to lay gloves on Labor on several occasions, not the dried out   husk of a coalition Opposition, a sarcophagus of dessicated mummies out of the dust of deep Antiquity.
Bandt hit them where they are still weakest, in the very places  the opposition would not even dream of hitting at them because it is too similar to them.
The areas included the timid neoliberalism leading to another inhumane decision concerning welfare, this time repressive Newstart/Jobstart conditions, more on harsh, expensive asylum seeker policies, the Burrup gas hub siting and finally the lazy arrogance of the right faction's grab for Sen. Wong's spot on the SA Senate ticket.
The Labor right is, in parts, as reactionary as sections of the Tory opposition, and continues to hinder Labor's attempts to differentiate itself through constructive policies, from the utterly conservative austerity Abbott Opposition.
The ALP right continues to diminish Gillard's gravitas by clearly meddling with policy in ways that make Labor almost impossible to differentiate from its rival.
So, this blunts Labor's chances for revival and re-election. Until the DLP types are finally put back in their boxes they will remain a drag on any continuing revival.

paul walter

November 2. 2012 03:37 PM

Truth Seeker

Ad, another fine piece, well thought out and put together.

A very interesting read  Smile

Yes you can certainly see which side of the parliament are the most relaxed.

Great work

Cheers  Smile  Smile  Smile

Truth Seeker

November 2. 2012 03:52 PM


Terrific piece dear Sir.You have summed up beautifully the truth of the matter, that the rolled gold ride for the dangerous and possibly mad abbott is finally coming to an end.

Instead of the media morons endless speculation about the Labor leadership they need to turn their attention to the much more likely event, a challenge to abbott.

It's too delicious to think about.


November 2. 2012 04:06 PM

paul walter

Stephen Koukoulas, an Alan Kohler associate, points to the futility of orthodox politics in confronting a sacred cow of the Opposition disease, that Labor appears to be catching, the conservative neo liberal budget surplus fetish.
Koukoulas says the obsession for surplus at any cost removes the lubrication required for the economy to function effectively.
If the best dollars are wasted on defence, security etc and the shortfalls made up by cutting welfare and infrastructure, we suffer what Europe has suffered, as spending falls, slowing the economy.
What Koukoulas is suggesting is Keynesian, which is a solution to the the circa 1930 Classical economics nostrums currently in vogue, typified by the disastrous Niemeyer Plan of that era..
The only thing that ever defines current politics is the desperate need of Labor to somehow prove to the self-interested mortgage belt it is as "tough" as Abbott's troglodytes and this is not always making for good policy, as the Opposition continues to play on the public's insecurities.

paul walter

November 2. 2012 04:14 PM


Great article, Ad Astra!   Those two photographs underline your theme.  Tony Abbott is disintegrating and scowling after years of negativity.  Julia Gillard is still healthy and smiling after years of constructive work.


November 2. 2012 04:16 PM


“If there was ever an individual so totally undeserving of high office then that person is, unquestionably, Tony Abbott.  We don’t need a negative, 19th century trogdolyte as Prime Minister of this country.”


November 2. 2012 04:41 PM

42 long

  We had Billy McMahon...

42 long

November 2. 2012 04:42 PM



Katy Gallagher will be returned as ACT Chief Minister after balance-of-power Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury agreed to support Labor to form government for the next four years.

Mr Rattenbury has been in negotiations with both ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberals this week after the October 20 election left each party with eight seats, leaving the Greens MLA in the middle as the territory's kingmaker.

He said his decision today was based on key policies including light rail, climate change and greenhouse gas reduction targets, marriage equality, and the health of the ACT waterways.

Read more: www.canberratimes.com.au/.../...0121102-28onc.html


November 2. 2012 05:02 PM


ACT Labor is the first state or territory Labor government in Australia to win an election in more than two years.

               This is the turning point.

Read more: www.canberratimes.com.au/.../...0121102-28onc.html


November 2. 2012 05:24 PM


Ad Astra

You have pulled all those pieces together very well.  We can but hope that the MSM, or as I noticed recently people are say OM, will pull their socks up and start actually reporting what is really happening and not what they wish would happen.

Talk Turkey

Have been thinking of you today, hope you are reliving wonderful times and sharing memories with family and friends.


November 2. 2012 05:36 PM

Ad astra

Thank you all for your comments.  

We are now going out for dinner; I'll respond when we return.

Ad astra

November 2. 2012 06:12 PM


Very well said, Ad astra.  

The funny thing about Abbott is that he has enjoyed unprecedented protection and succour from an anti-labor media, all of whom believed his bullying and downright mean and nasty tactics would result in the downfall of the government and an election win for the Tories.   It is only now that the voting public have seen through the lies and propaganda which has brought about the sudden rash of articles highlighting the unpleasant look of a sexist bully.  And, fancy reading about the 'swagger' !!!  which I reckon is brought about by turning the toes outwards to 10 o'clock/2 o'clock when walking - watch yourself in front of a mirror if you don't believe me.  Charlie Chaplin achieved a comic gait by pointing his toes to about a 9 o'clock/3 o'clock.

Being a bully, Abbott cannot help over-reaching which is just as well because had he been a bit more subtle in carrying out his strategy, he may well have kept the blinkers on the electorate.  His penchant for gross exaggeration, hubris,  twisting the truth beyond recognition and the inability to cover up his mean,nasty side has become quite obvious and there are few who want such a PM.


November 2. 2012 06:20 PM


Nice one, AA however we do need abbort to remain in place up to the election. After all he is the gift that keeps on giving. Mind you the Hockey flipflops are an added bonus.

Enjoy your dinner my OH is dragging me out later,by the way it is pleasing to see the Owned Media(the term like best so much so that I convert it in my thoughts each time I read it) is slowly roasting him in PJK style slowly and it can only get hotter as the election comes closer.


November 2. 2012 06:37 PM



As a man who was once a boy I can tell you that Abbott's walk is all about exaggerating his musculature. It's meant to show that his Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major and Triceps are so powerfully formed that they rub against each other forcing the arms out away from the body. The cowboy walk is to let us know how powerful his thighs are although I can't recall the muscles that are meant to be in play. If you think about it, he walks like a weightlifter//body builder but he doesn't actually have the physique.

If you want to see the real thing with regard to the shoulders, have a look at David Pocock - Wallabies ruby union player or Ian Thorpe.

With Abbott it is a rugger bugger macho thing that makes him look ridiculous.




November 2. 2012 06:40 PM


was gillard's misogyny speech the turning point, you know the one the fourth estate said was rubbish and unimportant? just like themselves. maybe david marr opened the crack for her but she gutted abbott completely. mind you it's still early days and the polls are just even. never underestimate labor's capacity for self destruction. labor's right faction, that is.

julie bishop has always been a willing doorstop to protect vulnerable leaders, and the biggest rival is dumped into a shadow treasury trap. turnbull is out until the climate deniers lose their grip. that leaves bronwyn bishop's long thwarted ambition but her lack of penis rules her out. hmmm quite a dilemma for the tea party infectors of the once liberal party.


November 2. 2012 07:27 PM



Quite so Smile  However, his feet still point to 10 and 2 - can't be good for the hips.


November 2. 2012 07:40 PM



I'll watch for that. Smile
Perhaps he used to be a classical dancer. Laughing


November 2. 2012 08:14 PM


Yes, Abbott has certainly lost his swagger AA - this thread is a well researched collection from around the net.

Carbon Pricing was the "lightbulb moment" (sorry) when Abbott lost the argument in my view.  I'm not sure which way it happened, but the media and public gave each other the "permission" to question other predictions of Abbott after that.  

To borrow a horse racing analogy (with apologies to Combet), Abbott is a sprinter untested at this distance.  The LNP planning was for Abbott to somehow shame Gillard into throwing her hands in the air and resigning (remember the "she won't lie down" comment being reported); an appropriate number of Independents realising the gross error of their ways and voting the Government down (luckily the Independents all seem to have a reasonable degree of intelligence and ethics); or some form of "Canberra spring" where popular revolt caused a change of Government.  I reckon Abbott always knew he was sunk if the carbon pricing system came in and accordingly wanted to delegitimise the Government quickly before the evidence was revealed.

The Prime Minister by comparison is a stayer (to take a bad analogy too far).  I suspect the plan was to do all the potentially unpopular things within 18 months and the benefits would become apparent as is realised that the world won't end as predicted.  One of Keating's famous lines is "I want to do you slowly", Gillard is giving Keating a lesson in the concepts execution.  

I also have doubts that the ALP can hold it together without a major stuff up or two in the next year or so which is a big risk - but Newman's current problems in Queensland might deflect some attention in a state where the ALP needs to do better in 2013 than it did in 2010.


November 2. 2012 08:18 PM


Hi NormanK and Janice

Reading with delight your opinions on the "Gait" fake and false that Gait I think.

It's his machismo, not his misogyny, that's so confronting. To watch Abbott walk into a room is to witness a man anticipating an outbreak of physical violence.

His body language is still seen in thousands of mainly middle-aged corporate executives determined to create a perception of dominance.

The rolling, wide-legged gait, elbows jutting out from the torso, the strong handshake are all used by men attempting to create the illusion of power, knowing full well they'll never have to prove their strength in physical combat.




November 2. 2012 08:22 PM



Your post @ 8.06pm is a disgrace to our blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.  What disgusting behaviour and it's not the first time.

I am hoping Ad Astra comes along and bans you until you wash your filthy mouth out with soap and apologise.


November 2. 2012 08:25 PM


       So if Gillard is a coward and a racist, what are you doing to help the people you claim to represent?
My guess is nothing, you're all piss and wind.


November 2. 2012 08:40 PM


First to the gait, it is more neanderthal than manly, abbott truly is a knuckle dragger of the first order. The swagger is as much a part of the bullying behaviour as it is the "look at moi, I'm a bloke" bullshit that we have all had to endure for what now seems to be an eternity.

Lyn, thank you so much for calling marilyn on her deeply offensive comment. I was going to ignore it so as not to encourage her but given that you have decided to take a stand I would like to express my disgust at the nasty and vulgar way that she carries on and to agree with you that she should be banned. She is a blight on every blog that she visits and her foul mouthed repartee and abuse to all who disagree is beyond tiresome.

And while I'm here I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the links that you provide everyday. You truly are a legend.


November 2. 2012 08:44 PM


Lyn, thank you for this morning's links and twitterverse which I have finally worked through, having stopped to read this latest by AA about Abbott's disintegration.  I'm not at all surprised by this as I've been reading your leads to stories about the need for the LOTO to be defended by his womenfolk both in his party and his family.

I'm sure Julia Gillard understood what Abbott's negativity would be doing to his health over the long haul, the marathon,  of a three year term.    Not just wearing himself down, either.  Think of how wretched his team must be feeling, even when they had the edge in the polls.   The difference between the two parties goes beyond the two front benches.  I looked at the individual MP sites for all MPs for both parties when writing about Team Abbott and their message of doom to illustrate my pome polliepomes.wordpress.com/.../

It was so obvious just looking at their faces that all the negativity and destructiveness of Tony Abbott was having an impact on them.  Just imagine how much more they could achieve without having to transmit all his bad news about Oz.  No wonder some of them are thinking they could be more productive without his miserable leadership.



November 2. 2012 08:49 PM


Well, his power IS an illusion and his body language screams yellow-bellied bully boy.  He is an obnoxious character and completely and utterly unsuitable to be LOTO let alone the PM.

Think what you like about the people who comment on this site but keep your foul language to yourself. Your manners and lack of respect for others is such that you belong in the gutter so please do us a favour and go somewhere else.


November 2. 2012 09:02 PM


  I think the whole Abbott/coalition shtick can be summed up as "A man and a party with no policy promising to do nothing"
Even today he said pretty much that at his address in Melbourne.
Abbott is like Marilyn and ToM who only offer "motherhood statements" have no idea on how to implement anything! yet despite the makeup of the parliament compromise has to be made.
As a Labor supporter I'm not happy with a lot of it, but in my 44 years I've never seen a "hung federal parliament".
Perhaps those who give such "sage advice" can run at the next election and show us all how easy it is!


November 2. 2012 09:08 PM

Ad astra

Doodle Poodle, paul walter, Truth Seeker, Robynne, Patriciawa, deknarf,  42 long, Casablanca, Gravel, janice, bilko, Mikey, NormanK, 2353, Lyn, Jason

Thank you all for your comments.  

This piece draws together what a number of people are saying from many different sources.  The message is the same.  The Leader of the Opposition has run out of puff, of ideas, and of positive moves.  He has only negativity to offer.  He offers no new ideas, now new policy, and no costings.  He has relied on a complaint media letting him get away with vacuous mantras.  Until now, it has never challenged his statements, his assertions, his threats, and his dire predictions.  The Fourth Estate was so certain he would be the next PM, inappropriately based on polls of voting intention more than a year from the election, that they were prepared to pander to his flights of fancy, his flawed rhetoric, and his unbridled hubris.  Now the chickens are coming home to roost for Abbott and his sycophantic media supporters.  They have nowhere to hide.

Expect the rhetoric to become more critical of Abbott.  Only a long Christmas break can give him respite.

Casablance, the success of Kate Gallagher in retaining the position of Chief Minister in ACT is another sign that the Coalition surge is waning.  Although the Liberals achieved its biggest vote and its largest number of seats in the ACT, it still lost the election.  There is a message there for Tony Abbott.

Lyn. regarding Marilyn, she condemns herself with the contemptible language she uses.  Se treats others as morons, presumably believing that she is a fount of wisdom and knowledge.  I could delete her unpleasant posts, but I leave them there to illustrate what she believes, and what language she is willing to use against those who do not share her views.  She is the epitome of intolerance of the views of others.  It has to be her way.  There are many Marilyns in this world.

I’m going to call it a day.

Ad astra

November 2. 2012 09:10 PM


Hi Lyn,

Thanks for the article from the Winnipeg paper - it's nailed Abbott.  I wonder if the same writer "who writes for the Courier Mail" would get the same thing published here.  Thanks also for "speaking" to Marilyn - if she won't listen to anyone else around here hopefully she'll listen to you.

I wonder if Abbott has a permanent injury from his history of self abuse although some call it marathon running.  I also think he has either had "work" done on the face or uses botox - there should be more wrinkles and animation.


November 2. 2012 09:12 PM


Just watching Abbott having to admit that all those grandiose promises to fix everything may be just a bit... er...aspirational. He doesn't do this backing off sort of thing well, whip the rug out from under his previously unquestioned, swaggering assurance & he has serious trouble coping.
Ah, for those glorious days when a confident, almost condescending "We'll stop the (whatever you don't like) & give you lots & lots of whatever you do" would suffice.


November 2. 2012 11:11 PM


Great post AA Im looking forward to monkey web.
PS God love you Marilyn.
PPS if abbott is rolled he can always form his own party.I suggest The Australian Tea Party or just The Tea Party(Australian franchise).


November 3. 2012 08:46 AM

Ad astra

In the interests of hearing your viewpoints on asylum seekers we have extended to you the courtesy of allowing your posts to remain despite the unnecessarily unpleasant language you use.  But this courtesy has not been reciprocated.  You continue to use bad language, which we have tolerated, but when you label the thoughtful people here as ‘morons’ and this morning as ‘fuckwits’ because we complain about your language, you have gone too far.  

I am no longer prepared to accept your gross discourtesy and the arrogance you display towards us when you refer to us in this way.

So I have deleted your early morning post, and will delete further comments you make if they contain unseemly language directed to those who comment here.

Your comments will be accepted only if you can show decorum and desist from using language we find offensive.  Disagreeing with your views does not make us morons.  

If you can’t use persuasive argument to press your case, and feel the need to resort to personal abuse, you have already lost.  

If you seek a thoughtful response to your comments, why not try a respectful tack for a change.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 09:20 AM


Ad astra,

You have got to be the most tolerant person in the blogosphere Smile which is why we all love you to bits.   Marilyn has been booted off just about every blog I've had the misfortune to meet her on so TPS must be the last blog she can use to voice her views.  Wouldn't you think she would have learned by now that being a guttersnipe doesn't cut the mustard?

I am loathe to attempt to interfere with your decision to allow Marilyn another chance Ad astra, but really, she has been absolute proof over the years I've come across her on the blogs that leopards definitely do not change their spots.  The more courtesy and respect you extend to her, the more she will lash out to kick you in the teeth.

I never ever thought I would be asking for someone to be banned permanently, and I hope I never feel the need to do so ever again.  Please, Ad astra, show the guttersnipe the door and lock it after her.


November 3. 2012 09:26 AM


You've said it in two paragraphs so precisely with complete accuracy.

Ad astra dose it again excellent article.

His 'swagger' is a relic of his time spent at a  private boarding school, when I attended such a school more than 50 years ago everyone tried to achieve that walking skill (while at the same time hand brushing the bodge like hair do - jimmy dean style). I suspect most of us grew out of it as we matured - not so sure about our Tony??



November 3. 2012 09:35 AM


you kThank you Ad Astra.    Your patience was well and truly tried..

As was ours.  Sometimes simply scrolling down is not enough,

Personal insults to other posters though pointless and offensive is one thing.  Disrespect to our Prime Minister or other public figures is another.   Is it possible to delete the particularly disgusting comment about the PM which so upset Lyn and others of us?   It's a terrible blot on our blog sitting there still at 8.06 pm yesterday.


November 3. 2012 10:01 AM

Ad astra

janice, Patriciawa
Thank you both for your supportive comments.  I have just now deleted Marilyn’s offensive 8.06 pm comment and for good measure her 3.33 pm comment as well.  This piece is now ‘Marilyn free’.

This blog engine does not have a facility for automatically deleting comments from any particular person, so I will have to keep an eye out for Marilyn and manually delete any offensive comment she makes.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 10:23 AM

Ad astra

BSA Bob, uriah, lawriejay
Thank you for your comments.  I note that a number of comments relate to the Abbott swagger that we have all noticed.  It was a revelation to read in the Courier Mail article that it has been noticed by the general public and seen as a sign of arrogance and self confidence, and that people have marked him down for it.  He looks like a prizefighter off to smash in another face, to put his opponent on the canvass, suitably bloodied.  This has been the most fitting metaphor for his political behavior since he became the LOTO.

As I said in The pugilistic politician in December 2009, just ten days after he became the LOTO: ”If one can judge from Abbot’s demeanour and performance during the last week, from the look in his eyes, from his aggressive attitude, from his determination to fight in hand to hand combat, we are in for a ruthless, cruel, bare-knuckle fight with no holds barred.  This week Abbott reminded me of the familiar scene before a prize fight when the combatants line up – hairy-chested, jaw-jutting, throwing punches in the air, loud-mouthed, asserting their prowess, and promising to knock their opponent out early in the bout.”

I concluded: ”…we can expect Abbott, the pugilistic politician, to attack Government policies and actions incessantly and relentlessly, to keep Coalition policies under wraps as much as possible to avoid having to defend them, and to exhibit venom, vitriol and vituperativeness the like of which we have not seen in politics in Australia for a long while.  It will be unremittingly ugly.’

And so it has been.


Ad astra

November 3. 2012 10:26 AM


Ad astra

Thank-you for another comprehensive summary of Abbott's condition. It is worth noting that this article and those from which you quote could not have been written six months ago. It has long been predicted (and hoped) that when the tide turned against Abbott it would be swift and comprehensive. I certainly don't write him off yet but the next six months will be interesting.

I wonder will he try to emulate Romney's 'saintly' look - head tipped to the side, doleful eyes and a forgiving beatific smile. If I had no other reason to be wary of him this type of passiveness from a politician would be enough to put me off permanently. I see Abbott has taken to wearing his spectacles more often and has left most of the heavy lifting in QT to his subordinates. He can't keep this up for twelve more months.

Even yesterday he refused to spell out any big picture ideas apart from motherhood statements and is still asserting that he will not make any major promises because he doesn't know the state of the budget. This approach may have worked for O'Farrell who rode a tide of disquiet with the incumbent government and portrayed himself as a safe pair of hands but the latter impression has never really existed for Abbott and the former is slowly melting away. Newman used a similar tide of discontent to propel him to power but sadly he also lied down the barrel of the cameras and is now breaking promises at a greater rate than any politician in my memory.

Frankly, I can't see which way Abbott can now turn so we can expect more attempts to drive Labor's popularity back down. I really wish he would retire and allow a moderate to steer the Liberal Party back to a sensible course.


November 3. 2012 10:31 AM


Good Morning Ad and Everybody,

Robynne, Janice, 2353, Patricia, thankyou so much for your support, I appreciate you all very much.

Ad Astra thankyou for deleting the offensive comment.   Patricia is correct, the reference to Julia Gillard is despicable & hateful.

The Swagger, Gait, has caused a lot of controversy in the past and again recently.  This is funny:-

“Tony Abbott will examine your footwear and perform a biomechanical examination and gait analysis”.

Thankyou  Ad Astra for another delightful article. Seems to me your research and writing just gets better and "betterer".

“The inexorable disintegration of the Leader of the Opposition “ scored 11 re-tweets in my Mentions Box,  within minutes of posting on Twitter.

These are a few tweets you received on top of the 11 re-tweets, a very popular Mr Ad Astra.

Shirley Green‏
@j4gypsy @Adastra5 Absolutely fabulous. Big grin. Large gin to celebrate!

#auspol @Adastra5 Drink this in with a grin, and ... a gin? Smile www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...e-Opposition.aspx … … on 'the vacuousness of the leader of the Opposition'

The Political Sword | For putting politicians and commentators to the verbal sword http://www.thepoliticalsword.com/ doomed to opposition abbott is

Geoff Pearson‏
The inexorable disintegration of the Leader of the Opposition www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...e-Opposition.aspx

Social media is often critical of political coverage by the MSM, but does that include the ABC? http://buff.ly/Q7A57F

Twitterverse for you:-

Dennis Atkins‏
Vale Gordon Bilney. A very funny and top bloke

Wit and wisdom of a true bon vivant will be missed, Dennis Atkins
Bilney, who served as a minister under Hawke and Paul Keating, was not just famous for his sharp wit. He was also a lover of words and refused to suffer fools.

After he retired, a local government official in his southern Adelaide suburb wrote to Bilney about a particular issue. Bilney would proudly show friends his response, which said in part: "I saw today your letter of 26 February. One of the great pleasures of private life is that I need no longer be polite to nincompoops, bigots, curmudgeons and twerps who infest local government bodies and committees such as yours. In the particular case of your committee, that pleasure is acute."

Mining tax compromise cost billions in revenue, Phillip Coorey

Voter enthusiasm now well and truly curbed, Lenore Taylor
But Abbott's election campaign, indeed his first term in government, was to be defined by abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax - neither of which is turning out to be a big deal for the economy.

Facts matter as readers select own truth, Mark Colvin, SMH
You create a world where you get all your news from Twitter and Facebook and blog sources you've chosen. That world is already upon us. One-third of under 30s in the US already get their news from social media - far more than newspapers and equal with TV

Public a third wheel in sad affair, Mike Carlton
If planeloads of Chinese billionaires, the so-called whale gamblers, want to fly here to throw their money at him, by all means let them. We are told the joint will be for them alone, invitation only. There'll be no buses trawling the western suburbs for local suckers to empty their pay packets into the pokies as they do at the hideous Star Casino. So far so good

Abbott's positive plans on economy, Michelle Grattan

Obama is storming home, Peter Hartcher
Barack Obama is likely to win. In spite of everything. In spite of the ruinous state of the economy, in spite of the record federal deficit, in spite of the fact that most Americans think their country is on the wrong track, the chances are that Obama will be re-elected on Tuesday for four more years

Gillard has good reason to go early,  Geoff Kitney,AFR
It would therefore be in Gillard’s best interests to ensure that Abbott is her opponent at the next election – not Turnbull or even Joe Hockey, the “stop Turnbull” candidate some Liberals prefer in the event that Abbott’s leadership blows up.

The logic then goes that the sooner Gillard can have the election the greater the likelihood that Abbott will still be Opposition Leader.

Zuvele Leschen‏
Abbott threatens to cut taxes at a time when govt revenue flows under threat - only solution increased GSTwww.theaustralian.com.au/.../story-e6frg7ex-1226509480153 …#auspol

Standing on the edge of a fiscal cliff - in a stiff breeze, Laurie Oakes
According to the UMR document, when those in the 55% were then asked why they did not have confidence in Abbott as an economic manager, replies included: “He is out of touch with regular Australians.”

“He hasn’t revealed, or doesn’t have, any discernible economic policies.”

“He has no understanding of economics.”

“He is untrustworthy.”


Latika Bourke ‏
Michael Gordon asks why is the Pacific Solution Mk II not stopping boats? http://latika.me/RwFTpR #asylum

One more time (with feeling), Dragonista
But his judgment is now facing its biggest test since the last election.

Since then, though, less and less confidence has been reflected by writers usually considered more supportive of the Coalition. Former Liberal staffer Peter van Onselen and

conservative journalist Jennifer Hewett both drew parallels between Abbott and his former boss John Hewson, who lost the unloseable election to Paul Keating. Meantime, the

Daily Telegraph’s Simon Benson compared Abbott with another ill-fated, budgie smuggler-wearing opposition leader, Peter Debnam. Even Coalition flag-bearer Dennis

Shanahan expressed his doubts.

Sensitive Tony‏
A GIF of my new "Election Walk" - preparing for 2013! http://i.imgur.com/LfrBv.gif #auspol

Coalition will repeal carbon tax, Sky News
Axing the carbon tax alone would add $1 trillion extra to cumulative gross domestic product by 2050, he said.

Mr Abbott said the scrapping of the two taxes, slated to raise $40 billion over the forward estimates, meant serious savings would be crucial.

'That's why I've warned shadow ministers that some of our own initiatives might have to be phased in or commence later than if the current structural budget position were not so poor,' he said.

alex dunnin‏
Eureka Report comes out swinging against retail funds. Not sure what Future Fund has to w SMSFs tho www.eurekareport.com.au/.../secrets-future-fund

Robin Tennant-Wood‏
Very interesting hypothetical by @pjean01, CanberraTimes, on what ACTgovt wld look like with single-member electorates www.canberratimes.com.au/.../...0121102-28pyv.html

Robin Tennant-Wood‏
ACTLibs now say they cld never form govt with Greens. 2 weeks ago Z virtually demanded that Greens support them in govt www.canberratimes.com.au/.../...0121102-28q3q.html

“@Colvinius: Edited version of Andrew Olle lecture. www.smh.com.au/.../...wn-truth-20121102-28p1i.html …”. Thought-provoking,thoughtful and worrying.



November 3. 2012 11:41 AM


Greetings Comrades,

Again let me thank all who have offered condolences for Gordon's death.

His funeral was ideal, only about 40 close relatives and friends, no religiosity, some wonderful tributes of which mine (bawling my eyes out but managing) was one, basically I told those few stories I posted here yesterday, rather more briefly though.

There was a sort of wake later, in the open air at a beautiful winery in the Southern Vales where Gordon really kicked along the fine-wine industry of the whole region, in the meantime funding his successive campaigns by bottlings of the legendary Kingston Shiraz and the iconic Old Parliament Port - both now collectors' items, which he sold largely to an enthusiastic local Labor membership while supplying his own appreciative consumption of red wines. It was a fruity wind which blew nobody ill except Gordon's opponents, and meant that Gordon always had sufficient funds to fight what has always been a marginal seat.

A succession of Gordon's political and social contacts spoke, all in the most glowing terms of Gordon's wit, humanity, his own humility, his record of achievements around the world, and his fearlessness in dealing with pompous self-important "curmudgeons", a word Gordon resurrected from dusty centuries past, and now in common use. Gordon loved words and was better at their use than anyone. One of his friends read out his parody of Modern Major General, "Modern Politician" which is a classic, funnier if anything than the original. I'll try to find a copy, if I can I'll post it, it is like Yes Minister ever more apposite.

I myself heard much about my brother I did not know - all good.  

MC was SA Government Minister for Health and longtime friend John Hill, present ex-Senator Chris Schacht, ex-Members for Kingston Richie Gunn and David Cox, and current very worthy Member Amanda Rishworth, ex-SA-premier John Bannon, and many others of local note and long service to public affairs.    

I distributed many A4 copies in sheet-protectors of my post here yesterday, 3 pages of anecdotes, which had it not been for The Political Sword I might not have written. (It helps hugely to write when one has a definite readership to write to, as TPS affords us all. Thanks Ad astra.)

And thanks again for the last time for all the sympathetic comments *Comrades* - a word Gordon used constantly, to the scandalisation of the curmudgeons, and the encouragement of the - Comrades!

You might guess too where I learn the staunchest Lefty word I know in the prosecution of The Struggle - the battlecry of the brave Catalans, and of the Sandinistas - and which I never use without believing in our own cause and our victory in 2013 -



November 3. 2012 11:53 AM


Andrew Elder's latest article on wheat deregulation:
The Abbott-led Coalition is not demonstrating that it is ready for government because it is not ready, therefore its criticisms of the incumbents will lose traction, and the Coalition will not be elected to replace them.



November 3. 2012 11:54 AM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
You have been busy this morning.  What an astonishing collection of links you have given us.  I have now read them all.  Thank you so much.

Re Marilyn.  So as not to become a censor of what people can and cannot say on TPS, I have tolerated Marilyn’s unpleasant and rude comments which she affixes to what might otherwise be useful additional information and alternative ways of viewing the asylum seeker issue, which seems to be her one subject.  Tolerance has its limits though.  I cannot accept that the use of abusive and disrespectful language towards others who blog here and towards those who occupy senior political positions, particularly the Prime Minister of the nation, is acceptable.  She has ignored my requests that she desist.  

I have allowed some of her comments to remain so that visitors here can see the way in which she, and others, use abuse to further their arguments, an all too common practice in contemporary politics.  I have a long fuse, but she has burned down to the explosives.  So I have responded to comments by you, janice, Patriciawa and others and have deleted the 6.05 pm comment and as well the 3.33 pm one, and the one this morning that you might have not seen

If she offends again, I will delete it as soon as I see it.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 12:22 PM

Dan Gulberry

Lyn and other Swordsters,

Abbott's gait is perfectly caricatured by cartoonist Alan Moir of Fairfax in his portrayal of Abbott as Popeye. A perfect example of this is in his 'toon from October 30.


Dan Gulberry

November 3. 2012 12:38 PM

Gorgeous Dunny

Very good observation and post, AA. That Speech seems to have been the tipping point in both leaders' fortunes.  Gillard seems supremely confident in parliament now; Abbott, well...

It's quite possible that it merely formalised how things were developing. When there was no imminent disaster from the Carbon Tax, things went sour for Abbott and the Libs. Andrew Elder considers the liberal dilemma here

Abbott only looks worse now if he does attack dog. But it doesn't work with Bishop or Hockey. Credlin's only direction seems to be more of the same, and neither she nor the Liberals seem yet to recognise that it is a dead end.

And, of course, they'll never succeed in softening Abbott's appeal. They won't replace him, at least not before the polls go seriously bad. By then it will be too late.

Gorgeous Dunny

November 3. 2012 12:45 PM




Lenore Taylor examines how Tony Abbott says he will punish public servants financially if they can't do (his) government's ministers' jobs for them.

Begs the question really - who needs ministers, indeed who needs elected members at al, if Abbott's principle was extended administration wide?

Still, he might be doing us a favor. We wouldn't need a Prime Minister either.

Whoever guessed just how into 'small government' Abbott actually is? Such self-sacrifice.

Do you think he might extend this humility to quitting right now? Set an example?


November 3. 2012 01:04 PM

Tom of Melbourne

So if I point out to the hypocritical inconsistency applied here by the blog owner, the comment is deleted.

There are several standards operating here.

Highly derogatory comments about former Prime Ministers are allowed (Rudd and Howard) , but ones about the current one are to be deleted.

Ad Astra demands respect for the current PM but not former ones or alternatives.

He then deletes the comments that point this out!

Funny site here.

Tom of Melbourne

November 3. 2012 02:20 PM



Your links are amazing. Through them we are all some of the best-informed Australians wrt to federal politics, because day by day you find us the Best of the Best, and the worst of the worst. The bland and mediocre you have coarse-filtered for us, you are THE self-appointed Voluntary Research Officer to the *Fighting* 5th Estate (and that is what you really are), if you were in the Armed Services you would be Chief of Intelligence by now, (except you are more intelligent than any of them.) What a perfect complement you are to Ad astra!

[Never forgetting btw the invisible magician mechanic of the starship of this fantastic site, our own * Web Monkey *

Thank you so much Mr Monkey as Lyn would likely call you.
We take you for granted I know, but be assured, we'll dam soon whinge if you let us down. No, we really do appreciate you though. Thanks sincerely.]  

I have always thought this site really important, far beyond us all in its implications. It is archetypical, by its continuity, and its singleminded focus on its own mission statement and pretensions, guided always by our host himself. Yet it is open to everyone - except the most obscene and personally abusive, I regret that there are such people but I know the remedy, it's been said before,

It's like in a ZOO -

DON'T FEED the bloody TROLLS!

To reply directly to them, even to see their name in print, seems to arouse them to a sort of snarling frenzy, as we see wrt this harpy who has now justly been excised and excluded.
What a self-defeating effort! Wonder what she'll do now H'mmm?

Still we have a couple of others, who crop up from time to time, someone ALWAYS replies to them, they go into this frenzy mode and foam at the mouth, but they don't prevail at all against the overwhelming predominance of Goodwillians on this site. Our combined memories of political events and words, our alertness to nuance, our shared honest individual perceptions which tend to align without ever needing to employ groupthink ~ that puts the trolls, and the paid-for-comment journalists on the back foot rather, n'est-ce pas mes braves?!

We get ALL the BEST opinions here, Thank You Very Much MSM  opinionistas!(NOT!) If YOU aren't reading US then no wonder you are so daft. I'll take our frontline warriors' word on something every time before you lot. We have all the archers at Twitter and our armoury and footsoldiers here at TPS and other sites, the last half-year has seen a huge shift in public perceptions of the Old Media, Grattan et al you may well be dismayed, we need your agenda-driven drivel like an anuspanus.  

I know I'm biased, but I can't think there is any site now with more gravitas than this. Thank You Ad and Thank You Lyn, together you give us the venue and the means to do something important and historic. Making the term Information Technology extend to Politics in Australia.

We don't get fooled again!



November 3. 2012 02:48 PM


Ad astra, another fine post to digest slowly so as to extract every last morsel of nourishment.

As predicted by many Swordsters, in particular TT, Liealot's run is petering out. That he made it this far owes nothing to his "ability" and everything to the wizened foreigner and his minions.

With few exceptions, they have fudged every brain fart and empty statement, deliberately ignored his complete lack of policy initiatives and appalling behaviour in the House, and allowed him to get away unchallenged with outrageous lies and personal abuse of the PM.

His relentless campaign of negativity, lies, obfuscations, abuse and insult directed at Julia Gillard, ably assisted by the msm, was intended to force an early election with a landslide victory to the Liars Party.

The greatest stumbling block was a lack of understanding of one of the most important rules of war set down by the great Chinese general Sun Tzu-"know your enemy".

That they didn't have a clue about the steely resolve and stamina of Julia Gillard has been evident from the outset. She has batted away each blow with aplomb and increasing confidence.

Each blow was meant to be the coup de grace for a mortally wounded foe and each blow has only strengthened her and her team, but still Liealot and his gang of incompetents has persisted with these tactics.

They seem incapable of changing tactics, although by now they must know that they've failed. Sending the underlings to do the same job is just the same horse with a different jockey, to maintain the racing theme.

Now, even the somnambulent msm seems to have woken up to the hollowness of the campaign, with the exception of absolute diehards like Shanahan & co.

As I see it replacing Liealot is a very vexed question, for when you look at the candidates, underwhelm is the operative word. The lack of talent runs deep and is more exposed each day.

Is it at all possible that Hockey would become less of a buffoon if he's shoehorned into the position? I think not. Or the apoplectic Prissy, or Bishop J, the eternal bridesmaid, or (God forbid) Mirabella the vulture?

Each name that springs to mind is another step into the quicksand of the post Howard Liars Party-incompetence, hubris and arrogance is all that is to be found there.

All talent was ruthlessly weeded out by the vengeful Howard. The only thought he had was to maintain his stranglehold on power; he had no interest in the future of the Liars Party after his reign was finished.

Just like his hero Ming the Merciless, another Liar who wanted revenge for having power wrested from his grasp.

Turnbull? He's hopelessly compromised, imo. The Tea Partiers hate him and would rather scoop their eyes out with a spoon than give him the nod.

And Liealot has effectively neutered him by forcing him to campaign against the NBN, the type of infrastructure he naturally supports, which coupled with his very short lived and much vaunted retirement from politics, makes him look weak and hypocritical.

If, as I suspect, Julia Gillard has only just started on her campaign of reforms, it will be some time before she runs out of steam.

In the meantime, I hope the ALP will encourage people with vision and honesty to stand for Parliament.

And I sincerely hope that the Liars Party finally realises that the way forward is not to keep looking backwards. I'm not holding my breath on that one, though. While the dingbats hold sway it's just going to be a party of visionless reactionaries.


November 3. 2012 02:49 PM


"...funny site here." This is a centre-left site for centre-left debate, give or take a leaning one way or the other..
If I go to a patisserie and order a steak sandwich w/pickles..I suspect I would be disapointed!
If I am trolling just to p*ss people off, I suspect THEY will be disapointing to me!
If you can't get THAT drift..go see a shrink!


November 3. 2012 02:55 PM

Ad astra

Talk Turkey
It’s good to see you back here after your sad day yesterday fare-welling your dear brother.  I hope life will be more settled for you now.

Thank you for your complimentary remarks about TPS and particularly Lyn who feeds every day with an extraordinary variety of quality links.  You will have noticed that many appear in the pieces I write.

TPS does attempt to be a source of useful information and thoughtful opinion that enables visitors to analyze what is occurring in Federal politics.  It is a pity that we have a small group who find it necessary to use abusive language, presumably in the belief that it somehow enhances their arguments, and others who come only to make snide remarks and sneer, without offering anything that might advance our understanding.

In the interests of allowing a diversity of opinion, I have tolerated their remarks, but since they don’t know where to draw the line despite our pleas, the only remedy at my disposal is to delete their unpleasant and unhelpful comments, as I haven’t a mechanism for automatically deleting comments from specified individuals.  Tolerance is finite.

Marilyn badly overstepped the line, and ToM couldn’t resist his usual digs, so their comments have been deleted, and that will continue while they behave disrespectfully.  I usually scroll over their posts in pursuit of your advice to ‘ignore the trolls’, but some of their comments were so gross, so irrelevant, so unhelpful, so inane, that they have been removed.

Whether they will ever get the message, only time will tell.

The YouTube ‘Don’t get fooled again’ is germane.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 03:07 PM


Thankyou Talk Turkey you are a wonderful supporter and a valued asset to TPS.

Your optimism is a great morale lifter.

A couple of tweets re the Races today:

Tis not the daughters who is vile politician . Tony Abbott's daughters to kick up heels at Derby Day www.dailytelegraph.com.au/.../story-fndo2dsc-1226508700536

Mr Mike Stuchbery‏
Wait, Abbott's now trotting out his daughters to tell the nation their dad isn't a misogynist? Methinks the family doth protest too much.



November 3. 2012 03:14 PM


Ad Astra

You have quoted yourself from Dec 09.  Your foresight was absolutely spot on.  I remember reading it at the time and thought you might have been using a bit of exaggeration.  As time has shown, there was absolutely no exaggeration.

Thank you for deleting certain remarks.  I was fortunate enough not to have read them, but reading Lyn's outrage, I guess they must have been appalling.  I have not seen/read Lyn being angry before.  Our little Tweety Bird spoke for most of us.

Talk Turkey

Looking forward to reading your brother's adaption of the poem.  Take care.

Read a few tweets this morning talking of an early election.  I certainly hope it is just another OM/MSM bootstrap.  We need the full 12 months to bed down all the latest policies, and get some more great ones to present mid next year in the run up to an election.

On the USA election.  I hope that Obama wins, as that may put a spike in the Nopposition's Tea Party tactics.  If Democrats win, it will mean Americans don't want any more of that behaviour, and more chance of Australians rejecting it too.


November 3. 2012 03:15 PM

Ad astra

Dan Gulberry
Thank you for the Moir cartoon.  I used to like Popeye!

Gorgeous Dunny
Thank you for kind remarks.

Tony Abbott is not only not across wheat, he is not across much else apart from aggression, abuse and slogans.

His minders are out of ideas, and even if they did have some new ones, One Trick Pony won’t be able to change.

His cover by the MSM has been blown, and as they hate backing a loser, look out for a steady change there.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 03:33 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your kind remarks and astute analysis.  You are right.  There is so little talent on the Coalition front bench that replacing Abbott would be problematic.  I can’t see them trying yet, and when the situation deteriorates for them, their dilemma will only get worse.

The Abbott plan to penalize public servants if they don’t reduce ‘red tape’  is simply a manifestation of his pugilistic behavior.  He might find some resistance there.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 03:48 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your remarks.  The trajectory of the disintegration of the LOTO is hard to predict.  His minders will be frantically thinking what they might do to arrest his decline, but I suspect he might be a slow learner of new tricks if they don’t involve belligerence.

The MSM will be sniffing the breeze, and if they see him dropping fast, they will rapidly mount the ‘Abbott’s finished’ bandwagon.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 03:52 PM

N'ellie May

Dear Ad and Lyn,
Loving your work again - thank you both so much.
Having watched QT this last week I was rather concerned about the return of the Slater and Gordon story from JBishop.Her questioning put a chill up my spine and I sensed nasty plans being brewed. When Abbott said the campaign ahead was going to be dirty, referring to Labor tactics,he really put us all on notice of what was going to come from him and his rabble of muckrakers. Remember, these were the tactics used against the Clintons when they tried to institute social reforms in the US. I can sense a huge smear campaign coming on. Our PM will have another barrage of insults and innuendos to deal with.

Well done to you both for your dignified responses to Marilyn, by the way.

N'ellie May

November 3. 2012 04:22 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
Returning to your links this morning, thanks for the tweets about this piece.  It is gratifying to get such dissemination.

Your link to the Abbott Foot Clinic begs the question: ‘Is there an Abbott Foot in Mouth Clinic?

I see Lenore Taylor is reluctantly accepting the reality that Abbott does not have a well thought-through economic plan.  Why has it taken so long for her to say so?

Poor Michelle Grattan is struggling to be anything but pro-Coalition, allowing herself to be sucked in by Abbott’s high-sounding rhetoric about “…a stronger economy, stronger communities, a cleaner environment, stronger borders and modern infrastructure'', and regurgitating without comment that “his economic plan included lower taxes, lower spending, closer engagement with Asia and, crucially, higher productivity''.  Anyone can trumpet these aspirations; why is she not asking how he would do that?  I suspect she knows Abbott has no answers.

Laurie Oakes is not so reticent about calling Abbott out – that is a bad sign for the LOTO.

Even Dennis Shanahan is beginning to be uneasy: “Tony Abbott has to change before the election. He knows it, his advisers know it and the voters want it. Labor wants him to change too.
The pertinent political questions are how does the Opposition Leader change his approach and the profile of the Coalition and when does he do it. There are traps aplenty around Abbott in changing and just as much danger in not changing.”

My guess is the Abbott camp will hope they can arrest his decline over Christmas.  If they can’t, 2013 will not be a welcoming year for him.

N’ellie May
Thank you for your kind comment.
Raising the S&G affair again is a measure of the Coalition’s desperation.  Julia Gillard has confidently flicked it away.  We can leave it to her.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 04:29 PM


Ad astra @2.55pm, Unfortunately,the only "message" they are willing to get is how bad the government is and what hypocrites we are because we support Julia Gillard's government.

They will never acknowledge that the PM has to play the cards she has been dealt.

Nor will they acknowledge that the current legislation wrt asylum seekers may just be a launching pad for a regional approach, another example of Julia Gillard playing the cards she has been dealt.

I have to admit that I'm not happy with the treatment which will be meted out to single parents, nor am I happy with the continuing draconian treatment of the unemployed.

That being said, we are far better off with a minority Gillard government than an Abbott government of any stripe.


November 3. 2012 04:37 PM

Ad astra

Thank you for your comment.

Apropos the unacceptable comments some make here, it is problematic getting a balance between allowing free expression of opinion, yet avoiding offending others by allowing objectionable remarks to remain.  Marilyn has made many such remarks, but clearly overstepped the limit yesterday and again early this morning.  She ought to know now that if she wants her comments to remain they must be courteous and respectful.  

Playing with the cards that have been dealt is what Julia Gillard does well.  Tony Abbott has never had the skill of compromise.  He is a smash them to the floor fellow.

Ad astra

November 3. 2012 04:47 PM


Hey Lyn - you know that there are "foot clinics" in Australia, Abbott really doesn't have to go to (I assume) beautiful downtown Collingwood Ontario to get his gait fixed.  Although it is amusing that he could have the work done by Tony Abbott!  Again - well spotted (how do you find 'em?)

I assume Collingwood in Ontario is beautiful - all the bits I've seen were.  And in support of my argument, the Mayor is a lady and they have an "Apple Pie Trail" - http://www.collingwood.ca/node/5813 AND an Elvis Festival - http://www.collingwood.ca/taxonomy/term/28.

Thank you; thank you very much. Laughing


November 3. 2012 10:50 PM


N'ellie May @3.52pm, I well remember the attacks on the Clintons by the msm.

In particular, I remember the  despicable, cowardly attack by Rush Limbaugh on Chelsea Clinton, who was only 13 at the time. He should have been arrested for child abuse, imo.

Typical right whingers. It wouldn't surprise me to learn Anal has studied under Limbaugh.

Ad astra @4.37pm, I think you'd need an electron microscope to see Liealot's policies.

I agree that the PM is very, very good at playing the cards she's been dealt; her negotiation of the support of the Independents is a case in Point.

Just as Liealot's inability to gain their support illustrates his inability to negotiate and compromise.

And as you point out, the ability to compromise is another important quality the PM has and has stood her in good stead during her term as PM.

We've all pointed out to certain commenters that in a minority government, you can't always get what you want.

Indeed, dealing with people always involves compromise and negotiation, so even in a majority situation, compromises are often made.


November 3. 2012 11:38 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Warren Mundine bails out of the ALP. A former National President, a respected leader thinks the ALP is sick at heart, but the barrackers here won’t even contemplate this.

Just like Tanner, McKew recently and a range of others earlier.

But soon enough he’ll be condemned by those here that know better.

Tom of Melbourne

November 3. 2012 11:53 PM

Truth Seeker

Ad, I agree with your stand on the potty mouthed troll,  I haver been scrolling past her comments on TPS and other sites for months...Very annoying   :-(

To come back to topic I have just finished...  

Tony Abbott, the Libs and the truth.   Smile

When Tony Abbott.. and his Libs
Say Julia Gillard.. lies
They are showing.. their hypocrisy
As they spout.. THEIR porky.. pies
About a price.. on carbon… that they’ve called
The PM’s.. toxic tax
While dismissing.. all the experts
And ignoring.. all the facts

Claiming massive rises… in the price
Of everything… we buy
But he’s contradicted.. by the facts
And his arguments.. just won’t fly
And his cohorts think… that lies become truth
If they’re often enough.. repeated
But it’s their credibility.. not the ALP
That.. by their lies.. will be defeated

The lies they’ve told.. are big and bold
Seeking to.. rewrite…. History
For the sake of Abbotts.. grand ambition
Based on inherent… stupidity
Saying.. poor Wyalla’s.. gunna go
She’ll be.. wiped.. right off.. the map
Proving yet again… the man’s insane
And full of naught.. but crap

And his wrecking ball.. had a nasty fall
Landing squarely… on his toe
After missing… the.. economy
And rolling…. sloppy Joe
Who was never good with figures
But a wrecking ball…is he
Spreading lies.. and misinformation
about the oz economy

Then there’s the tech head.. Malcolm Turnbull
Spreading… more of Abbotts lies
Claiming.. fibre to the node.. is the way for us
Proving… on him…. there are no flies
As.. when it comes… to his own.. investments
Fibre to the home.. is the way to go
But when it comes to giving us… the best
The Abbott just says… NO

And the rest of Abbotts mendacious mates
Make up…. his motley crew
Of sloganeers and… farting heads
They’re dishonest through and through
With his deputy.. the Bishop
Searching constantly… for proof
That her sour looks… are justified
Cos she’s been.. violated… by the truth

And he plots and schemes to fulfil his dreams
Of his perfect… Liberal state
Based on Howards.. worn out policies
His mentor… and his mate
But the world’s moved on.. without him
And the Liberals… fractured parts
Leaving a monstrous policy vacuum
And the Abbotts stale… brain farts

He’ll promise us… a banquet
But all that’s on…. his plate
Is his pugilistic nature…
And  his body… builders.. gait
With his numbers falling weekly
And his credibility… shot
And the murmurings of descent
Amongst.. the lying.. liberal.. lot

But the right wing.. power brokers  
Still think Abbott… is their man
Pushing spin and propaganda
Just because… the bastards can
But he’s not a leaders… arsehole
He is just… a right wing.. thug
With the body… of an old.. athlete
And the brainpower… of a slug

And despite support from… billionaires
And mates… like Alan… Jones
The Abbotts time… is nearly done
With no meat.. left…… only bones
And the history books will tell the tale
Of an election…. his to take
But he lost… because.. all… the people saw
Was a…. monumental…. fake

Cheers   Smile   Smile

Truth Seeker

November 4. 2012 12:02 AM


Hi Truth Seeker

You are just fabulous.  Well done and how very enjoyable.

Cheers SmileSmile


November 4. 2012 12:17 AM

Truth Seeker

Lyn, thanks for your kind words, and right back at ya.

I have not had much time to comment recently, but I am here everyday reading what I can, and I always look forward to your links and understand and appreciate the effort you put in for us all.

Cheers  Smile   Smile

Truth Seeker

November 4. 2012 12:25 AM


Now, to the subject of the celebrated Honourable Tony Abbortt:

Never one to let anyone's rare insights go unacknowledged, perforce I congratulate myself constantly on the prescience of my pronouncements on The Chimp's Progress.  Smile

A refresher:  

From Day 1 after this Government formed I have always predicted that it would be returned at the next election, provided only that it went its full term. That was of course unpredictable, (as Gordon's mid-term open heart surgery in past times made uncomfortably obvious), but even then I counted it unlikely that the Government would fall.

Almost a year ago I started calling an actual timetable for Abbortt's downfall.


Abbortt Remember
The Ides of September:
Challenged in November ~
Dead meat by December!

Funny thing, I thought the Ides of September was the 15th as in the Ides of March, but it turns out that it is the 13th - which coincidentally, unexpectedly, was the Political Sword's (4th) birthday! (My own first post was on the 14th, 2 years ago, that was coincidental too.)

Thursday 9th of September was the day Leigh Sales skewered Abbortt so comprehensively on 7.30, and on the Sunday I remarked per telephone to Ad that that was a watershed moment for our LOTO. But really it was Monday 13th, the Ides itself, that it dawned on the MSM that the game had changed - and I count that the very day when it was plain that Peak Abbortt was past. An auspicious day for Labor, for TPS, and for my own self-image as Seer! Smile

Since then it has been all downhill for Abbortt. The price on carbon, which he so dearly hoped and believed his certain key to the Lodge, has instead turned on him and he is now its prisoner. The MSM proceeds on cue, the economy is in AAA condition, the mining tax is in place even if not paying any tax, everything is horrible! - for Tony.

But most of all, that bloody redheaded sheila that snatched away his divine right to rule, has so snotted him - as in exasperation I called on her to do long ago - that he can never recover equilibrium again. I'm glad she didn't take my advice at the time - for when her pent-up internal rage and indignation finally exploded in the famous Misogyny Speech, it was the most awesome display of power I can ever remember, and more than anything else it has changed forever the political landscape. Never more will Abbortt in particular dare to say the sorts of things he used to, he tried it just once with his repeat of Anal Jones' 'Died of Shame' phrase, and he was immediately very sorry that he did, now he is sulking and confounded, hiding behind skirts in public and in Parliament!        

Here's a little verse I posted some time ago, I said,

Teachers, teach your kiddies to sing this in rounds!

Old Coke Bottles writing 'bout the Wall~
Tony Abbortt trying not to bawl~
Cos when Old Coke Bottles starts talking 'bout his fall ... ~
There'll be no Tony Abbortt pretty soon at all!

Well Ms Grattan is looking very shaky about Tony lately, have you noticed?

And there are quite a lot of MSM journos increasingly uncomfortable in their own skins now.

I have skited here before that 4 months ago I placed a (for me) decent wad on Labor's win in 2013, getting odds 4 months ago of seven-to-one.

Now the price is only $2.80, and falling continuously. Tee hee!

Why have I been so confident?

Why, Faith of course!

Faith in my judgment that Tony Abbortt will never last the distance. That this straw man will blow away before the election, and that he will have taken his mob of no-hopers so far up the proverbial creek that they will never be able to paddle back.

And an equal and opposite faith in the ability and resolve of this extraordinary woman who has come to lead this country.

There has always been one caveat on my prediction that Abbortt will be actually rolled, and that is that there is such a paucity of alternative leaders in the LNP camp that he has no obvious challengers. (I was speculating on who it might be by about Crispmess 2010 I reckon! - and I still have no tips!)

But either the Liberals spill very soon - before Crispmess this year - or they are stuck with a loser who is already vastly less popular than *J*U*L*I*A*, and irrecoverably on the slippery slope to failure and oblivion. His hoons have no proper policy, no credible means of funding what idiocies they do espouse, and not a clue as to how to do anything.

If 3% growth in the economy is indeed "flatlining" as Snotty Joe Hockey claims, I wonder how he views a 50-50 split in the TPP, with Labor up several percentiles in the last few months alone, and LNP down concomitantly - for every 1% is really two percentiles difference. So if in the next poll Labor's TPP is up one to 51% and rising, LCP will be at 49% and falling, and that is already an election-winning lead!

What about if we're at 52% eh? 4% difference!    

And beyond? 53-47, reversing our positions only a few months ago?  

When will the MSM stop saying that the LNP is "still on track" to win the next election I wonder?

But I don't really care, their opinions are invariably skewed, and nearly as often dead wrong.

One thing though: Let no rush of blood to the head convince Labor to go early to the polls. That would be suicidal in my opinion.

[There was something else I meant to say but I can't remember what it was. If you think of it please let me know.]



November 4. 2012 12:44 AM


I remember now!

Some might recall that I said, wtte, never underestimate someone who holds her lower lip as *J*U*L*I*A* does!

And conversely, Abbortt's swaggart gait tells of a man who hopes by his very body language to intimidate and browbeat. Well he's picked the wrong person to try it on.

*She* said from the beginning Tony: Bring it on!

This month, November, Tony! Will I be right that there will be a challenge? One more bad poll should do it . . .


November 4. 2012 01:56 AM


methinks Ms Michelle got wind of your post

Tony, lighten up for the battle ahead Michelle Grattan @NT/SMAge
DEAR Tony,
Suddenly you have become THE talking point among the chattering commentators. We're all running round quizzing nervous Liberals about what's going wrong and what you must do about it. So, a few thoughts.
If we mark your performance as Opposition Leader, you get distinctions for the early grades. You helped bring down Kevin Rudd, put big holes in Julia Gillard. But, unfortunately for you, Tony, you're enrolled in a continuous assessment course. There's a big exam at the end, but if you start to bomb out in the monthly assignments, there could be unpleasant surprises later.
It's still hard to see how you could actually lose, or to believe your troops would get to the stage of replacing you.


It is just so encouraging to know that a leading, independent and apolitical journalist can take time out of her busy schedule to offer some words of wisdom and, no doubt, invaluable adcvice to an aspirant to high office.


November 4. 2012 08:39 AM


If we ever needed further evidence that Tony Abbott will be guided by the darkest aspects of traditional Christianity should he ever become this nation's leader, observe that he yesterday described the first legislative construction of Labor's mining profits tax as an "abomination".

Abomination is defined as 'a thing that causes disgust or hatred', and is word that most often attracts Biblical references to illustrate its use and origins.

Does a secular nation in the 21st Century really need, or should its citizens embrace, a political leader who defines contemporary government policy (whether passed into law or not) in Biblical terms?

Biblical terms that are defined as evoking "disgust" and "hatred"?

If an inanimate tax can attract such hyperbole from Abbott, how deep do the sores inside him rankle when it comes to people or ideas that cause him to enunciate disgust and hatred?

And can we as a nation afford to find out?


November 4. 2012 09:32 AM


Dog Albitey I despise religion.

Hollow puffed-up beribboned holier-than-thou wealth-adoring self-righteous born-to-rule hatespitting Oh what's the use.

All religions, the more extreme the worse, but it's all BS.

Voodoo. Belief in the supernatural. Ghost-worship!

Yet people actually doubt the existence of the Easter Bilby!

Let all men acknowledge: As childlessness has freed *J*U*L*I*A*'s hands, so nontheism has freed her mind, giving her the chance to show what a liberated woman is really capable of.

I don't write everyone's name in *L*I*G*H*T*S*!



November 4. 2012 10:05 AM


Gee there was my brother Gordon on Lopsiders, looking young and alive, with the famous Duckwit comment with Paul Lyneham that I mentioned. Dam I thought I was over the tears. Don't think I will be for a while after all.


November 4. 2012 10:18 AM


Talk Turkey
I saw your brother just then. A remarkable man, so sorry for your loss. And you are allowed your tears.


November 4. 2012 10:53 AM


Abbort's glib comment following the disruption to his recent speech at Melbourne University was "Good to see that students still have a sense of humour" or wtte. I thought at the time that it was an insolent remark given the recent focus on his student antics on campus at Sydney University in the 1970s. Well Tony's old College is in the news again because the current crop of students, or at least certain elements ie spoilt, over-privileged brats from schools like Riverview are running riot or as Abbort might say 'displaying their sense of humour'.

Culture of anarchy at a college in crisis

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are among the many renowned old boys, or Johnsmen, that have passed through the college.

Read more: www.smh.com.au/.../...n-crisis-20121103-28qvh.html


November 4. 2012 11:44 AM

Tom of Melbourne

Ad Astra isn’t interested in “respect for the office of Prime Minister”

He is willing to tolerate the most outrageous commentary about former Prime Ministers – Rudd and Howard.

He allows insulting comments to be directed to the  alternative Prime Minister.

His demand for standards of commentary applies only to support to his own partisan interest.
Now we have commentary only about Abbott, when former ALP National President Warren Mundine has walked away from the party.

Maxine McKew has exposed Gillard’s duplicity.

Lindsay Tanner has also reflected on the poor structure and ethics in the ALP.

But none of that is discussed here, it’s all Abbott.

Tom of Melbourne

November 4. 2012 12:05 PM


can you direct me to any recent posts, that is articles not comments on someone else's post, where you have elucidated your views on the shortcomings or otherwise of any of our illustrious leaders and/or hopeful leaders of any political persuasion?

I would be interested in a different contrarian view.

Thanks in anticipation.


November 4. 2012 12:12 PM


TT - from experience, it gets a little easier each day.  You are entitled to your sorrow.


November 4. 2012 12:16 PM


Truth Seeker

Well done, it's great that a lot of people see the Nopposition the same as I do.

Talk Turkey

I am pleased you saw the bit about your brother on Insiders.  I hope you saw J*U*L*I*A in Parliament, as well as the Labor person that is now in his electoral seat.  Tears are a good way to help heal the hurt, let them flow.


November 4. 2012 12:18 PM


Good Morning Ad

Twitterverse for you.

Greg Barila‏
That clip of Gordon Bilney at the end of #insiders was delightful. More characters like him in politics, please.

and Abbott will have to resign as he promised...although, he also promised to resign if a carbon price bill passed...he LIED!

Time Tony Abbott had a good lie down, Samantha Maiden
TONY Abbott celebrates his 55th birthday today. The Lodge for his 56th is probably top of the Liberal leader's wish list.
There's a serious school of thought within the Liberal Party that Abbott is just plain tired. That he's making mistakes. He's lost weight, which tends to make him look tired anyway

Parties build war chests to prepare for early poll, Jessica Wright
POLITICAL parties are in advanced stages of preparation for next year's federal election, with a senior Labor source predicting the poll could be called as early as March


Mark ‏
Ever wondered what 'polishing a turd' means? ...Michelle Grattan demonstrates here (have vomit bowl handy!): http://bit.ly/YBKZTt #auspol

Toby Nottab‏
I hope that TonyAbbott takes Grattan's advice to lighten up. Punters can spot a fraud a mile off & his polling will worsen. #auspol

Kiera Gorden‏
MSM are now blatantly COACHING Tony Abbott to help him beat dwindling polls! Check this out... http://bit.ly/REFeiK #AusPol

MMowbrayHolmes In the Canberra times this article attributed to 'opinion' in the @smh its attributed to @michellegrattan - why do that?

Tony, lighten up for the battle ahead, Michell Grattan

Memo to Abbott: your grades do count come the final exam, Canberra Times

Get out old Rudd footage to remind you of the remarkable power of the smile. Spend as much time trying to enthuse voters as you do attempting to depress them

And a small postscript. Could you smooth, albeit only a tiny bit, what Barnaby calls that ''square-gaited'' walk that makes you look slightly menacing? A step too far?

Mark Colvin‏
For those who've asked/want to see the Andrew Olle Media Lecture on TV, it's on ABC News 24 at 1 today, and ABC1 at 11.15 tonight

The story about St John’s College explains a lot about the genesis & development of TAbbott’s misogyny. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/-28qvh.html

Leslie Cannold‏
Will history c Gillard's misogyny speech & Jones #destroythejoint comment as sparks igniting Oz 3rd wave feminism? www.smh.com.au/.../...e-agenda-20121103-28qpz.html


Bushfire Bill
The Insiders notice a “mood change”. More like their OWN moo

Press Gallery has morphed from endless navel gazing about an early election to surprise speculation about an early election. #insiders

Chris Kenny‏
“Jen_Adcock: Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, said the monkey to the chimp. #insiders”

Miss Jane‏
Abbott thought he would bring down the government quickly, his methods are ineffective and people have discovered the truth #insiders


November 4. 2012 12:38 PM

Ad astra

Hi Lyn
You have given us another batch of beautiful links - which will feed into my next piece.  The Abbott family is out in full flight to give a boost to their errant genius, upon whom the whole family so depends.  Their prodigy is letting them down, but they can't kick him out and tell him to get a job he can manage.  Too much family ego has been invested in little Tony.

Thanks again for feeding such delectable morsels at the weekend.  You are tireless and devoted to TPS and all who visit here to sup at your table of riches

I really do wonder the extent to which journos read TPS.  I wonder how many come here to read Lyn's Links?  Maybe grandmother Michelle has been taking a look, and has seen the need to write a puff piece about her dear Tony.  Wouldn't we love to be a fly on the wall in Fairfax and News Limited!

Ad astra

November 4. 2012 12:46 PM

Ad astra

Talk Turkey
What a wonderful tribute to your brother Gordon Bilney on Insiders this morning.  I have never seen such a tribute on that program.  Clearly he was both admired and loved. We can see why you are so proud of him.

It was good to talk with you this morning and to hear how chirpy you are.  You have had a  sad week, but you are strong and resilient, as you posts always show.  

You inspire us: VENCEREMOS!

Ad astra

November 4. 2012 01:34 PM

Wake Up

Hey TT,

Saw this in Peter FitzSimons' piece in the SMH today..............

"One of the great pleasures of private life is that I need no longer be polite to nincompoops, bigots, curmudgeons and twerps who infest local government bodies and committees such as yours. In the particular case of your committee, that pleasure is acute."
This excerpt from a letter written by former federal Labor minister Gordon Bilney, to a public servant, was recalled this week upon his death, at the age of 73.

Touche' !!!

Wake Up

November 4. 2012 01:41 PM

Truth Seeker

Gravel, I am glad that you enjoyed my latest ramblings, and I think there are more that feel that way than any of us realise.  Smile

Cheers  Smile

Truth Seeker

November 4. 2012 01:55 PM


Hi Talk Turkey

Here is a link for you to the video clip on The Insiders this morning.

I thought you may like to put it on disk.

Gordon Bilney, with the wit of a duck



November 4. 2012 01:57 PM


TT, the tears will come and go at the most unexpected times. From my experience, it's when people offer condolences ages afterwards, or years down the track a sudden thought crosses my mind.

Even now when the grief is raw, tears will come when you least expect it. Let them fall where they may, each one holds a precious memory.

DMW @1.56am, Liealot must feel so much better after getting his little pep talk from Aunty Michelle. Yes, he must study hard for the big exam ahead, but I'll lay odds that bloody little red-headed girl pips him for dux.


November 4. 2012 02:02 PM


Ad astra

I enjoyed this article very much however, I don't believe the end is nigh for TAbbott I think he will lead the opposition to the next election.

DMW @1:56 regarding Grattans www.theage.com.au/.../...ahead-20121103-28qq5.html

I am absolutely gobsmacked at Grattan for writing this - has she lost the plot or what? The age should remind her that she is supposed to be the "Political Editor of the Age". I read the article and then went to check and sure enough it says 'Political Editor' - they should either sack her OR change her name to "Cheesy TAbbott CheerLeader" or blattant TAbborr supporter. How does she expect ANYONE to take her seriously after this article? I used to be simply disgusted at what constitutes political reporting in the MSM nw I am just plain angry.


November 4. 2012 02:12 PM


   How come you never mention Bob Hogg? and the role he's played in the Labor party for years?


November 4. 2012 02:28 PM


Lyn thanks so much for the links, I know I have said it before your work saves me so much time and I really appreciate the amount of work you put in to keeping us up to date.

The "Let's Keep Gender on the Agenda" was a great article. I absolutely agree that a 3rd wave is what is needed and how encouraging that many young men are signing petitions. Though I am not surprised they have got with the program as working mothers do such an amazing job and who would want to think that their mother would have to face such barriers to be taken seriously, paid unfairly and just generally not respected in the workforce. And then we have that awful article about St. John's College and we see that the battle is far from over, how sad for the young men attending that school and for the community at large. I say sad for the young men because in this day and age you cannot be happy in a relationship (I'm talking hetrosexual) when you have a low opinion of women and hold mysoginistic tendencies. You are faced with a very sad life indeed if you hold these views, they are outdated and will not serve you well.


November 4. 2012 03:11 PM

Ad astra

We are now getting on the road back to the south coast.  I'll be back this evening.

Ad astra

November 4. 2012 03:35 PM


Well done, Truth Seeker.  This final verse says it all!

And despite support from… billionaires
And mates… like Alan… Jones
The Abbotts time… is nearly done
With no meat.. left…… only bones
And the history books will tell the tale
Of an election…. his to take
But he lost… because.. all… the people saw
Was a…. monumental…. fake


November 4. 2012 04:32 PM

Tom of Melbourne

I’m not sure what you’re after DMW, I post here sometimes, mainly contrarian, and I expand more at The Daily Trash - http://thedailytrash.wordpress.com

I think this site is mainly for ALP barrackers, most of whom only look at policy through the limitations of their narrow political commitment. There is very little actual, impartial analysis, despite both the pretence and the tag on the blog’s masthead.

The Daily Trash contains far more diversity, and overtly welcomes such. Therefore it isn’t for everyone, because the diversity can be testing for the mindlessly partisan.

People there are willing to criticise both parties for their hypocrisy on asylum seekers, marriage equality, narrow focus on surplus, hypocritical and destructive political games.

Tom of Melbourne

November 4. 2012 04:53 PM


   Care factor?


November 4. 2012 04:57 PM


You folks here have been wonderful, TPS has so helped to ease my pain. Both your condolences, and being able to write to an understanding group of simpatico people. (It is after all still just one week since Gordon's death.)

I've never felt at ease talking about Gordon here until now, it would have invaded his privacy somehow. Now I do feel a bit freer, and I do have a lead on Gordon's parody on Modern Major General, I'll post it when I get it.

But yes, you can see the esteem in which he was held, I have heard nothing but warm tributes even from Abbortt, that astonished me I must say. And the public eulogies have helped me explain why I am so proud of Gordon, and perhaps even given Swordsfolks a little insight into the reasons for my own attitudes: we were both sons of our dear teacher Dad, a staunch Labor man himself, once a bomber navigator in WWII, one can't help feeling a bit proud of a thing like that and under some sort of noblesse obligation to do the right thing by one's fellows. And it has nothing at all to do with Religion, it's about Humanism.    

I suspect that very few TPS readers are churchgoers or even "believers" (except in the Keatingese sense, which I know by your posts many are, as am I.) The "opium of the people", as Karl Marx so aptly termed religion, is a delusory route to comfort, whereas common humanity is very real indeed.

Humanism is better than any religion, and TPS is better than any Church, because humanism and TPS aren't opiated and we aren't Lotos-Eaters. TPS is a glimpse of a largely areligious community. Doesn't it feel civilized!


November 4. 2012 05:04 PM

Truth Seeker

Patricia, thanks for your feedback, and I agree that the last verse says it all.

It's like a satirical journey, with the last verse ,hopefully, the destination, but having a bit of fun along the way.

I have seen and appreciated your work both here on TPS and CW, but my lung disease has been playing up, and everything is hard work when you struggle to breathe, so my comments have been very limited.

This last piece took a while to start and even longer to finish. again hard to get inspired when you can't breathe very well.

Keep up the good work too.

Cheers   Smile    Smile

Truth Seeker

November 4. 2012 05:16 PM


ToMthing calls himself a Contrarian eh?

Pretty fancy self-image for an ill-willian.

You'd think he'd have some idea of how much he is valued on this site.  


November 4. 2012 05:40 PM


   As a card carrying member of the "CFMEU and the ALP" who do you think you are to tell me who I should or shouldn't "barrack" for?
We all know that you were once a member of the ALP (so you say) now a member of the Democrats all though not that active,You seem to vote informal! yet you come here day after day tell us we are wrong!
You have more positions than the Kama sutra,and I couldn't care less what you write elsewhere! you recycle the same tired old words day in day out while you're here.
I've put to you many times to write a piece! do you take it up ? no! just offer excuses as to why you can't.

Fact is you have nothing to offer and nothing even at your other haunt that anyone wants to read! I know you flatter yourself with self praise but the time has come ToM to either put up or shut up! simple as that.


November 4. 2012 05:40 PM


TT, you refer to the celebrated Tony Abbott I know it was with irony, but in a way he has been celebrated by the media over the past two years.  It is scandalous how much column space and commentary has been devoted to him as the sure-to-be-next PM of Oz, and in his own estimation the very-soon-to-be-next PM of Oz.

His strong arm tactics which were intended to achieve that have not worked and all at once things have changed, as AA has shown, and Julia Gillard is more popular than he and the two parties are now at parity in the polls.  Still, main stream media seem unable to turn their attention from him.  Michelle Grattan's piece which Lyn linked us to today said it all

It's still hard to see how you could actually lose, or to believe your troops would get to the stage of replacing you.

And yet in February this year Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott were answering questions at the end of their address to the National Press Club about, among other things,  the strengths of the PM and the failings of the LOTO which had they been reported and discussed would have made this disintegration of Tony Abbott entirely predictable.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


November 4. 2012 05:53 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Jason & Talk Turkey - You’re both self confessed ALP barrackers, that’s fine and it’s entirely up to you as individuals.  Neither of you have any pretence to be anything else.

If you wish to remain besotted with a politician who has proven to be dishonest, that’s also a matter for you.

My objection is with the pretence that this site is somehow independent, that without fear or favour it “puts politicians and commentators to the verbal sword”

It does nothing of the sort, and that’s objectionable, it would be deceptive advertising if it was a consumer good.

The Political Sword shuns diversity, with Ad Astra imploring his followers to ignore contributors who provide the modicum of alternative.

He is apparently a medical practitioner, who used to oppose off shore processing. But now he supports this most inhumane policy in the country’s history, a policy that has proven to be harmful to the physical and mental health of the innocent people it is imposed on.

I’m entirely willing to pop in occasionally and point out the various examples of verbose hypocrisy.

Tom of Melbourne

November 4. 2012 06:09 PM


   "I’m entirely willing to pop in occasionally and point out the various examples of verbose hypocrisy."

Except your own it seems!


November 4. 2012 06:27 PM


   If you were serious about the plight of "asylum seekers" you would be volunteering your services in the camps! not from the comfort of your middle class home in melbourne, same with the plight of those who want Same sex marriage where are your petitions etc you want me to sign?
Fact is you pay lip service to all this! you get "outraged" but thats about it! When it comes to doing anything yourself that's where you draw the line you'll support others but wont dirty your own hands such is your hypocrisy!


November 4. 2012 07:33 PM

Tom of Melbourne

Jason, I’m not the one pretending to be the sage.

Tom of Melbourne

November 4. 2012 07:36 PM


Hi Lady in Red

Thankyou you are such a sweetie, love your posts.

2353 thankyou to you @ 3. 2012 04:47 PM I could feel your amusement jumping out of the TPS page.



November 4. 2012 07:36 PM

Ad astra reply

We are back at the south coast, greeted by our resident magpies, and enchanted by the ducks swimming near the shore of the inlet. But how the grass has grown in just a few days!  Back on the mower soon!

Truth Seeker
Thank you for your comment and yet another piece of stylish and pointed verse.  You are very talented.

Thank you for your comment.  I believe that Tony Abbott is nigh to the end as an effective Opposition Leader, but with the paucity of alternatives he may well be LOTO at the next election.  Indeed I hope he is.

Ad astra reply

November 4. 2012 08:07 PM


   Wasn't asking you to be a sage wasn't asking about Ad Astra either! I said "Fact is you pay lip service to all this! you get "outraged" but thats about it! When it comes to doing anything yourself that's where you draw the line you'll support others but wont dirty your own hands such is your hypocrisy!

If you can't/wont answer I don't care! Your Hypocrisy is there for all to see.


November 4. 2012 09:04 PM


I have finally got thru the comments after reading your piece the day you posted it but have not had a chance to comment so far.

I did leave it a day or so after seeing the abuse that was posted, due to a rather large dose of anger. I was truly gob smacked, I thank you for doing what you did Ad.

  I must admit I didn't think we would ever see you pushed to that point, it takes someone with a great talent to rile & lack of decorum to do so IMO.

  I really loved this piece & the comments about it, while reading them I got the mental image of someone painting the lounge room floor so furiously that they have failed to realise they had painted them selves into a corner, then looking up & the rest of the family & saying in a questioning many, what? I meant to do that, vainly looking for an out with nowhere to go.

   I doubt he can change & even if he did as stated earlier in the comments the electorate would see an even greater fake, the same if he started to walk like a normal human bean, people would ask,
"so who were you trying to impress with your Neanderthal impersonation, or were you just trying to scare people?"

You must be so proud of your brother, to see him held is such great esteem be so many must really bring that lump to the throat, deservedly so.

   Lyn Thanks for the links you save me/us so much time in the job you do. ♥♥♥♥

  Truth Seeker

   Great verse mate.


November 4. 2012 09:44 PM


Hi Khtagh

Glad you are back home, good to see you.  

Did you trap, gather, collect, snare, or catch anymore bees.

I can imagine your story painting the floor. Loto could say he is in a "Great Big Trap".  Anyway he has been Gillarded  misogynistic, never to go away he is History.

Cheers to you Khtag



November 4. 2012 09:52 PM


Truth Seeker I am sad to learn of your breathing problem,
Well all I can say is write as much verse as you can because VERSE SHOUTS! and then you don't need so much breath.

Sometimes though the rhymes come readily, and then it's so exciting as a well-turned metaphor works out nicely, I don't quite understand why people think it's so difficult though, they do other things amazingly well in my humble opinion. But that few people do is the fact, so with verse-writing facility such as yours and PatriciaWA's you have a rare contribution to make to the morale of our struggle. It is such mind~candy to the readers, so easily digested because you've done the kneading and the baking already . . . And folks love it for that.

Thank you for this very apposite and true piece. It is strong.      


November 4. 2012 10:09 PM

paul walter

Well said, Jason.

paul walter

November 4. 2012 10:10 PM


ToM, I think it will be very hard to find evidence that either Jason or TT is besotted with any politician who is proven to be dishonest. As far as I know they both despise Tony Abbott.


November 4. 2012 10:26 PM


Take good care of yourself Truth Seeker, as one who cares for a person with lung disease I too well understand how every day and every effort can be monumental, even the seemingly insignificant can be a truly difficult task.

I tnak you most sincerely for the work that you put into your verse, it is brilliant.


November 4. 2012 10:45 PM

Ad astra reply

Truth Seeker
The fact that you write so well, and so charm us with you verse in spite of your breathing difficulties, makes what you do here at TPS so much more admirable.  Thank you for your fine contributions to this site.

Thank you for your generous comments.  I’m sorry you were upset by the nasty comments, comments that pushed tolerance far beyond reasonable limits.

Your ‘painting oneself into a corner’ analogy is so apt.  That is what we have seen and now the Abbott family is trying to find a way out.  It is sickening and pathetic.  I’m writing about that now.

I’m off to bed now to watch the Andrew Ollie Media Lecture by Mark Colvin on ABC1.

Ad astra reply

November 4. 2012 10:54 PM


   Did you trap, gather, collect, snare, or catch anymore bees.
  Yes flat out up to 8 swarms already & 11 phone calls. Much bigger swarms this yr too due to hives not swarming much in the last 3 yrs.

  I tried my first honey out of a hive today, oh that's so nice, still warm out of the hive just munching on honeycomb, wax goes like chewing gum. Out of the Falls swarm, biggest swarm I have ever collected 20,000+ if you want to see what that looks like [only 48 seconds]

  Then back into the garden, I gotta say these slow release patches are a god send.


November 4. 2012 11:04 PM

Truth Seeker

Ad, thank you for your feedback and kind words, it takes one to know one.   Smile

KHTAGH, Thanks for that, and I have to say that your contributions here are always good reading.  
I, like you, was most upset with the "potty mouthed troll", and glad to see Ad take the action that he did.

TT, thank you for your kind words WRT my Alpha 1 ( a rare, genetic form of emphysema), but you have enough sadness to deal with after the loss of what, from your recent posts, shows not only a brother, but inspiration and dare I say mentor etc, a great man who will be greatly missed by many including many who only knew him by reputation.

In regards to the last part of your comment @ 4.56  "I suspect that very few TPS readers are churchgoers or even "believers"", believe it or not but I am one of them, but like you I find it extremely irritating that "The Abbott" can carry on the way he does; lies and deceptions as his stock in trade.  
The Jesus that I know preaches most things in line with the basic tenants of the ALP; caring for your fellow man, a very strong sense of social conscience, and a well defined separation between church and state, and I have a lot of difficulty understanding Christians who are prepared to take him, or the LNP seriously, but sadly there are.

Unfortunately the "Roman Catholic Church" is more political than religious, as are many of the mainstream denominations, and many, like Abbott take a political view  diametrically opposed to the teaching that they claim to follow (Hypocrites indeed), but there are also many good, decent people in most religions who vote Labor.

I believe very strongly in the ALP cause and the separation of church and state, and that is why I felt compelled to clarify my position, not to preach but rather to let you know that we all choose our own paths and should respect those choices, not try to foist our own, sometimes corrupted, beliefs from the pulpit of government house.

In regards to the occasional reference to Arses in my poems as well as other assorted expletives, many words considered swear words were included in the Old Testament, and I may be a Christian, but I am still human, and when writing poetry... you gotta rhyme if and when you can.

BTW, whoever said that men don't cry was not a real man, but a real idiot.

The grieving process is quite often long and difficult and has to run it's course no matter what that is, but tears are generally an intrinsic part of that journey when a loved one has died.
Revel in the memories, be glad of the time you shared, and sometimes cry for your loss... for it is a great loss and deserves tears!


Truth Seeker

November 4. 2012 11:26 PM

Truth Seeker

TT, I also believe that Julia Gillard is ten times the leader that Abbott is and her lack of religion  combined with her genuine decency, strength and people skills make her the best possible option for prime minister, as government should be for ALL the people, not just the Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mormons (I almost wrote Morons, freudian slip) etc etc.


Truth Seeker

November 4. 2012 11:53 PM

paul walter

In a way, I feel sorry for putting the person deleted in the same stall as ToM, a few posts ago.
She has a far wider grasp of politics than the latter, by the width of an ocean, which makes the tactics she employs exponentially more incomprehensible and self defeating they would have been, coming from mere morons.
She should have been here to represent the current group on Nauru- there IS a story and an issue- but robbed herself of the chance to follow up on some thing close to her heart.
So be it.
Many warned you concerning the intelligent use of your formidable intelligence, but you lacked the necessary patience to marshall and present your facts without rancour- you are great when you DO do this.
But you have lacked empathy for many people less well-informed, mistaking bewilderment for perversity. Rather than engage patiently with these people's concerns on their level, trying to understand how things seemed from their standpoint, you "lost it", talked down to them and eventually alienated them.       Were they not worth the effort just because they weren't as  smart, or at the influential end of the political food chain??
As for ToM, what can you say?
Understands human rights as to the issue of asylum seekers, yet is unable to discern so many other examples, including in his own society, where he should be able to recognise them so much easier.
The overall impression remains one of misanthropic neo liberalism and neo conservatism.

paul walter

November 5. 2012 02:19 AM


                    'entrenched in their misogyny'

One of my nieces was in the first intake of women to St John's College some 12 years ago so I've taken a special interest in the horror stories that have emerged at the week-end.

The quotes from the honorary dean in the latest SMH article are particularly instructive. He spoke of the reversal of [positive] cultural change, thanks in part to some alumni, and asserted that 'some residents have become more entrenched in their misogyny'. (there's that word again!)

As I suggested above @ November 4. 2012 10:53 AM, it would be interesting to know whether the LOTO views this as another example of 'students having a sense of humour.'

The MSM would have been all over this if the PM were an alumnus of St John's.

The honorary dean of St John's College, Father Walter Fogarty, last night announced he was ending his 20-year association with the college at the University of Sydney, saying attempts to effect change were being undermined.

Father Fogarty said he had seen cultural change at St John's but that had gone backward thanks to the efforts of some alumni and those on the executive.

'Tradition is often used as a way of justifying behaviour,' he said. 'Some of the things that are happening now certainly were not part of college life when I first became involved 20 years ago … some of the sexist behaviour hasn't changed.

'There was the hope when we went co-residential that it would have a positive effect but some of them have become more entrenched in their misogyny.'

Read more: www.smh.com.au/.../...-college-20121104-28s9j.html


November 5. 2012 05:30 AM

paul walter

A Conservative institution with an unholy trinity of Alan Jones, Cardinal Pell and the Anthony Abbott.

paul walter

November 5. 2012 07:10 AM

Truth Seeker

Ad, thank you for your comments WRT my health, and my contributions to this fine site.

I was diagnosed with severe night time asthma about 15 years ago, just after my wife and I moved to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The original diagnosis came with the bombshell that I only had 38% lung capacity, which was very scary as I received the news on a Wednesday, and had to perform at one of the small local clubs on the Friday night doing the hardest gig imaginable (a solo, acoustic, no amps, performance playing guitar, mouthorgan and singing), but I got through it and was able to do another 5 gigs ("back by popular demand", I wish I had taken a photo of the sign  Smile  ) before the steroids I was on, took a toll on my vocal chords and I had to give it away.

My diagnosis was upgraded to 'Alpha 1 Antitripsyn Deficiency' about 3-4 years later, and my lung capacity ranges between the low thirties and mid forties percentage wise, depending on infections and other factors.

We take breathing very much for granted until we struggle with it and it is very debilitating, as it affects every aspect of life, but you can't let the bastard win, you just have to deal with it the best you can, and get on with life.

Sometimes sitting and writing is all I can do, and sometimes I can't even do that, but I enjoy being a part of the TPS family. I visit the site a number of times each day and contribute as often as I can.

Thanks again Ad I really appreciate your support.

Cheers  Smile  Smile

Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 08:17 AM



Grist to the mill, Andrew Elder, Politically Homeless
Since his momentum has been slowed by sexism and misogyny, Abbott has been kept above the fray. The Coalition has realised that there is no further advantage for Abbott in his "junkyard dog" role. Bishop has taken over the role but she is no good at it. Pyne has disappeared from view and this is a good thing, nobody wants to or should have to hear from him. Hockey needs to be Mr Policy Substance but somehow

The Almost Man; A Source of Amusement, Archie, Archie Archives
Tony Abbott, over the past three months has, in the eyes of much of the public, become so predictable in his statements and his appearances that he is being mocked and has become a figure of fun.The game is over when people begin laughing at you. Unless you are a stand-up comic. And no one will elect a stand-up comic to be Prime Minister! Sadly, the life of Tony Abbott is likely to be remembered as a life of “almosts”.

The alleged Peter Slipper cover-up, Vince O’Grady, Independent Australia
In fact, Sheehan has gilded the lily and made outrageous accusations which are not supported by the facts. Hundreds are really a couple. Offensive is relative: was Ashby really offended. Judging by the language used by him in other texts to Slipper and others, it seems he had a potty mouth as well. Sheehan then goes on to use the politically motivated hyperbole of Opposition lawyers Eric Abetz and George Brandis to describe the trouble the Attorney-General is meant to be in.

THE CRIMINALISATION OF POLITICS: Are our political leaders PM Gillard and Tony Abbott crooks?, Vex News
Coalition MPs convinced that accusing the PM of being an embezzler twenty years ago might carefully consider where this kind of politics ends up. They will probably be in government soon, whether under Abbott or the ambitious Scott Morrison who is certainly sniffing around from what we hear.If Somylay was made this indecent proposal and has evidence, could he blow Abbott up at any time? Will it lead to Labor doing to Abbott on bribery what the Coalition’s been trying to do Gillard on embezzlement?

Politics, Planes And Geological Manipulations! Deknarf,
And finally, the usual closing comment: “If there was ever an individual so totally undeserving of high office then that person is, unquestionably, Tony Abbott. We don’t need a negative, 19th century trogdolyte as Prime Minister of this country.”

One Trick Tony Dispatched To The Knackery, Dan Gulbery, The Daily Derp

Billion Dollar Babies, Peter Wicks, Wixxy Leaks
You see, when the auditor general finds 37 errors that are over $20Million each, including two that are over a $1 Billion each, it is clearly not an issue with the treasurer, even though some of the blame lies with him. This is obviously a major issue with virtually the entire ministry team.

Martin Ferguson Withdraws Legal Threat; Obviously Nobody's Fool, Peter, AussieViews News
The background to all this is that Rob Oakeshott observed in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that the mining tax would produce no revenue in the first three months. It seems Rob questioned Martin's role in the original negotiations between the Government and the mining industry. Martin Ferguson's lawyers hold that Rob

Outrage Brigade,Victoria Rollinson
We live in exciting times. We can now share facts, opinions and insights without the gatekeepers of mainstream media deciding for us what we are allowed to know. We can now share outrage and turn these shared reactions into change. This capacity is in its very early stages – but look how it has developed in Australia in just the last two months. Imagine this time next year when we will be voting in a Federal election. How might our newfound realisation that mass media is irrelevant,

As the meeja world turns-, Petering Time, North Coast Voices
“THAT quacking sound you can hear in the distance is Tony Abbott. The Opposition Leader is slowly but surely turning into a sitting  

Nicolle Flint loses her points by being political, Robyn Taylor, Love Verses Goliath
Her first shot is at the “Handbag Hit Squad”, calling their campaign against Tony Abbott “hypocritical and unsubstantiated by fact“. Clearly Nicolle hasn’t checked Tony Abbott’s history. She could start with the facts JuliaGillard presented in her now world famous speech. I don’t buy the fact Tony employs a female chief of staff and does charitable work for women

Abbott. Joggers. Respect the human! Jennifer Wilson, No Place for Sheep
While it can only be good to be freed from the holistic assault of Abbott’s strident and inanely repetitive aggression, it won’t be long before we get thoroughly sick of the rest of them picking up where he left off. We are heading into an election year. It’s time for the LNP to put forward some serious policies

An open letter to Terry McCrann, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics
As the Herald Sun economics writer (is that akin to the cordon bleu chef at McDonalds, or peeling potatoes at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck I wonder?) you wrote to Gerard Henderson last week about the facts concerning the 1974-75 Budget. For those who didn’t see that contribution, I reproduce it below in full.

Julie Bishop: On Tony Abbott, feminism & death stares, Mamamia
On our side of politics the top job is not something there for the taking as a goal in itself, but is a rare privilege bestowed by our Party.My colleagues have elected me to be deputy in our leadership team and I have been honoured to hold that position for nearly 5 years. My plan is to be Australia’s first female Foreign Minister

The week in Parliament: from the strategic heights to muddy depths, Bernard Keane, Crikey
the opposition settled for using Julie Bishop — being a woman and all — to lead the attack … indeed, be the entire attack against the Prime Minister over claims she did something somewhere somehow illegal or unethical or ill-considered before she entered Parliament. Despite a new round of efforts from the media to pin something on Gillard c.1995 via The Age, no one has yet come up with a specific accusation of wrongdoing, funny business or inappropriate behaviour.

Australia’s emissions projections: bleak but too pessimistic, Frank Jotzo, The Conversation
New greenhouse gas emissions projections have been released by Australia’s government. They suggest that only a minority of the task to meet Australia’s emissions target will be achieved through domestic action, and the majority by buying emissions units overseas. If that came true, it would be a disappointment for many voters. But the projections may well be too pessimistic,

The Fourth Estate Has Failed, Now The Fifth Is Starting To Fail Too, Cameron Blewett
Most of us have realised by now that the mainstream media (MSM), has long failed in their duties as the fourth estate, with some believing that that duty has now been bestowed upon those who publish the numerous blogs you see all over the internet, giving rise to the term fifth estate

How rooftop solar PV suddenly became a hot political issue, Giles Parkinson, ReNew Economy
We suggested then that Zero Cost solar could be Gillard’s secret election weapon. In reality, it is available to either party, although the Coalition will have to update its one million solar homes policy to a one million more solar homes policy.

Australia Newspaper Front Pages for 5 November 2012


November 5. 2012 08:26 AM

Ad astra reply

LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated: www.thepoliticalsword.com/.../...-DAILY-LINKS.aspx

Ad astra reply

November 5. 2012 08:33 AM


Truth Seeker, I'm sorry to hear of your health issues. You are indeed a fighter. Cheers.


November 5. 2012 09:37 AM

paul walter

Joe Hockey as motif for "substance". Beggars belief, doesn't it?

paul walter

November 5. 2012 09:41 AM

paul walter

Julie Bishop and where do we find her..Mamamia..guffaw, smirk!

paul walter

November 5. 2012 10:48 AM

Ad astra reply

Truth Seeker
Thank you for your post at 7.10 AM about your lung condition.  

I have sent you an email just now.

You will always be welcome on TPS whenever you feel able to contribute.

Ad astra reply

November 5. 2012 11:08 AM

Truth Seeker

Ad, thanks for your concern and continued support, it means a lot.

I have just come back from the docs, and am on the improve, albeit slowly.
Thanks also for the contact, and I will follow it up over the next day or so.


Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 11:11 AM

Truth Seeker

Migs, thanks for your kind words and continued encouragement.


Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 11:19 AM


Good Morning Ad,

Twitterverse for you:

Labor up 4pts on the Primary Vote and 3pts on the 2PP! An amazing result, especially for a #Galaxy poll!

Mark Travers‏
GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Preferred ALP Leader (ALP Voters): Gillard 57 (+18) Rudd 39 (-14) #auspol”<<< as Peter Hartcher sobs quietly

Bushfire Bill
Posted Monday, November 5, 2012 at 9:26 am
Expect to see, in the coming months, calls from “business” for Abbott to drop his opposition to the Carbon Tax.

Just about the only supporters left are the Convoy crackpots and the Grey Nomads… essentially, the 2GB whack-jobs.

Bushfire Bill
Posted Monday, November 5, 2012 at 7:33 am
Mega leaving The Australian.
Indeed a sad day. Meggsie’s been there for years, starting out as a cub reporter.

And, my God… look at who’s left

Bushfire Bill
Posted Monday, November 5, 2012 at 7:23 am | Katharine Murphy:

On the track Tony Abbott’s odds shorten, Malcolm Farr
It was a contrast to opinion polling which consistently has indicated that while voters expect or want Mr Abbott to become the next Prime Minister, they also want him to do more to show he has earned the honour.

Is Gillard hitting her stride?, Katharine Murphy
I've long thought Abbott's strategy was predicated on forcing an early election. Go hard, go often; destroy the joint, as a prominent radio broadcaster might say. But the government has hung on. Now Abbott must rethink a bit, and prioritise his own brand as well as the Coalition's. Tricky for Abbott, this. To be Mr Nicer and Mr Knock-Out Blow simultaneously.

Absent Hockey will be front and centre if Abbott falters, Phillip Coorey
However, the word inside the Coalition is if Abbott is hit by the proverbial bus, Hockey would get the nod.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's support plummets with Malcolm Turnbull preferred as Coalition head , Simon Benson

Abbott's $4.6b slug to business, Peter Martin

Stephen Koukoulas‏
@JoeHockey Here is the source of the Budget/tax/spending data. The Treasury data. www.budget.gov.au/.../13_Appendix_D.pdf

walabytrack ‏
Pell steps in over loutish behaviour at uni college | http://smh.com.au - m.smh.com.au/.../...ni-college-20121104-28s9j.html … A LEGACY OF A PREVIOUS

US Swing State Polling Update: Obama 303, Romney 235. Details: poliquant.com/.../

Abbott Presser this morning @ Motor Cycle Shop :

Tom Ballard‏
Happy 55th birthday, Tony Abbott! Enjoy the carbon tax on your candles.

Whit Goughlam‏
Whoops talking about his past TAbbott begins to squirm and shuffle, cough and smirk. Horrid little grub. pic.twitter.com/N4yqBLVi

Mission Implausible ‏
"Tony Abbott says the Govt will never ever deliver a 'dishonest' surplus let alone an 'honest surplus.' Really Tony? http://yfrog.com/h2ouuqhj

Olivia Illyria‏
Abbott: Well that'd be a bad thing at this time. Gov debt causing interest rate to be low & will inevitably put upward pressure on rates 2/2



November 5. 2012 11:22 AM


Truth Seeker

You are a special person.  

We all Luv you and care heaps about you.



November 5. 2012 11:29 AM


The misogyny particularly in the Catholic Church is all based on that evil temptress Eve who, in thrall to the serpent of temptation, steered Adam from the path of righteousness and obedience to the boss and thus became a convenient scapegoat whenever the Sons of Adam did the wrong thing.

My take, admittedly learned at my mother's knee, is (to paraphrase my non-swearing mother) that Adam was as weak as p!ss.

His response to being caught with his fruity knickers around his ankles was to point the finger of blame at Eve.

"It's all her fault, God!" he cried. "If it hadn't been for her and that bloody serpent, I would have stayed on the straight and narrow!"

"Oh, well that's alright then, son." said God. "That absolves you of any responsibility for your actions. We'll just blame any fall from grace on women from now on! Works for me."

"Although it's a pity that bugger Lucifer has been clearly identified as a bloke though. It would have covered our @rses for time immemorial. Still I'm sure we'll work it."

And that seems to be the premise that characters like Pell, Liealot and others like them work on-someone else, preferably a woman, is to blame for their actions.

It's interesting how they rationalise the attitude to women. On one hand, they regard women as their inferiors in every way, but otoh, they imbue them with the power to force them to stray from the path of righteousness.

No wonder poor old Liealot is in such a dilemma; unlike most other men who take responsibility for their own actions, his conditioning dictates that Julia Gillard is responsible for his failure, but it also dictates that as an inferior woman he should have easily vanquished her.

I almost feel sorry for him.


November 5. 2012 11:32 AM


Esteemed TS

You would understand that if the vast majority of those who write 'Christian' of some description on their census form had your liberal attitudes - (I use that adjective in its true sense, with a lively appreciation also of its apposite irony wrt the Opposition here) -  I would have nothing but admiration for them. As there are liberal attitudes and Liberal attitudes, so there is christian behaviour and Christian behaviour. M'mmm.

I do base my own behaviour as far as I know how around that of the Good Samaritan, but of course as I've pointed out here before, he was neither Holy Jew nor radical Christian (there weren't any Christians yet!)he was low-life Gentile, basically reviled by the ruling Jews. But note, for Jesus to have been able to tell that parable, there must have been some even before him to behave as the Samaritan did, ergo, Christ didn't invent christian behaviour!

I find the belief in miracles not merely superfluous to my own beliefs but irrational erm dare I say frootloop!

But I have never tried to tar all the people who would claim one or another religion self-interested self-righteous self-centred hypocrites. Still if I wanted to find dyed-in-the-wool hypocrites I would start with Happy Clappin' Christians or High Church Anglicans or Opus Dei I reckon. (Because Christians have so much more scope to be hypocrites than other religions, which mostly don't mess with nonsense like caring much about your fellow beings. Certainly not Muslims so much nor Jews neither.)

That sets Christians apart from the other religions, but otherwise they are just as unforgiving and irrational as each other at root. Who needs belief in miracles anyway? And once you take away miracles what is left? Why - decent behaviour!

But Comrade I would never try to deny you belief in anything, Cosmic Easter Bilby or whatever, the worst I would ever do to someone behaving as decently as you write is perhaps administer a gentle ribbing. As any humanistic person might.

We all think you're lovely.    


November 5. 2012 11:37 AM

Truth Seeker

Lyn, thank you so much for your support and wonderful sentiments.

TPS is an on line family, made special by Ad and your good self, as well as the many fine contributors, and your sentiments are not only appreciated, but reciprocated.


Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 12:02 PM

Ad astra reply

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the Twitterverse and Links, always such interesting reading.

I sense some of those journos who saw Abbott on the skids have retreated a little; have they had signals from above to ease up on Abbott?  I'm writing about that now.

Ad astra reply

November 5. 2012 12:10 PM


TS, you are obviously not "an hour a week" Christian - that's the difference.

Those that profess to be followers of any deity, attend the organised services with a great cloak of piety and pointing out their humbleness to all that will listen then once they walk out the door, leaving the cloak behind and resuming normal service, are the hypocritical ones.

While religion has and continues to cause a number of wars and hatred in the world, there is a large group of religious that also do live their faith by "doing unto others".  The second group should be applauded.


November 5. 2012 12:27 PM

Truth Seeker

2353, thanks for that, and you are right, do unto others is the creed that I try very hard to live by.

That's why I have a genuine issue with the LNP, because their underlying and unspoken creed is...
'Every man woman and child for themselves' with a disclaimer tacked on the end 'Unless you're RICH'.  


Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 12:28 PM


Robynne, I don't recognise your name here: if you're newcomer, welcome.

Paul Walter I know how you feel about Marilyn's defenestration but hey, when this shrieking harpy first came to TPS, in her very first post, she was so utterly abusive that I told her myself that this was the only time I would ever reply to her.  I have read less than 5% of what she has ever written - just enough to know she still writes in personally offensive ways withouth ever offering anything positive.

Well if someone comes to your friendly open house meetings and shits on the floor, you might think it's just an aberration, but if they come back a few times and do the same thing you have to do something about it. Good riddance to Marilyn unless and until she learns respect.

I see ToMthing is making pathetic querulous noises about how he only this and that, well frankly m'dear I don't give a dam. This is Ad's site and ToMthing can bloody respect it too or eff off. Think we'll miss him?

Oh and PW as for the Unholy Trinity of Arse-4-Sale Abbortt, Anal Jones and Arsebigot Pell, I too see them as the Unholy Trinity of Arse-4-Sale Abbortt, Anal Jones and Arsebigot Pell!

KHTAGH that is a huge swarm on your video! Funny how the new swarm just finds a place to squat with their Queen while the scouts go and find a new home . . . and how obliging and grateful they are in accepting a new one when you scoop them into a nice place. "Oh yeah this'll do!" Queenie says and they all just settle in!

I have seen a HUGE conurbation of wild beehives though, it would have made a hundred times the bees in the swarm you show, under the overhang around a sinkhole on Eyre Peninsula. There must have been many Queens, each with her own Queendom. Probably 15m of continous multilayered sheets of honeycomb, like curtains of stalagmites, with MILLIONS of bees - and I went down in the sinkhole to look at them, not intending aggravation, but these were REALLY wild bees, they'd been aggravated before! Suddenly there's one zz-ZZZ-Zzzz-ZZZZ! around my face, in seconds there were three, eight, twenty! and I took to my heels, leapt the overhang and raced a hundred yards or more before I lost the last of them. If I'd waited another second I could have been stung to death.

As I mentioned once on Twitter, when I was about eight on a club picnic a little girl of 6 swallowed a bee, it stung her throat which swelled up and she died within minutes. Don't do that Mr Grasshopper, we need you here!


November 5. 2012 12:56 PM


Mal Farcom WTF?

His Headline:
On the track Tony Abbott’s odds shorten

Then follows a brown-tongue effort telling us our climbing pollpularity is fanciful . . .

Fanciful huh?

How come on Sportsbet Abbortt's mob's drifted out from (dead-cert shoo-in) $1.10 to (erm, hang-on-a-minute!) $1.40 in the last 4 months eh?

How come Labor's IN from $7 then to $2.80 now? TEE, HEE!

Suck away Mal. Horseshit in, horseshit out eh?  

I got me dough on Ranga Lass.    


November 5. 2012 01:12 PM

paul walter

OF course...
A motzah, TT.

paul walter

November 5. 2012 01:34 PM

paul walter

Jane, mediating through God:" That's alright son...absolves you of any responsibility.."
They BOTH got kicked out of paradise.
Not that it mattered. The developers eventually paved it and put up a parking lot, charging people a dollar and a half just to see them (the last few trees, stuffed and mounted).
Which is when the big Yellow Taxi pulled up.
The Genesis thing is an attempt to understand the human condition; about humanity defined through limit as explanation of the human condition,  eg, I can't walk on water therefore I have limits, am not GOD.
Both male and female.
Eve couldn't keep her legs shut (hormones)so ended up in the club- hard yards. Adam couldn't keep his cock muzzled, so like wise.
It's a material world.. No one lives in paradise.
It's likely a tale evolved out of tribal elders warnings to the young warning as to what to what goes with sex- sweet'n sour, pre pill and what to expect of life in the real world.

paul walter

November 5. 2012 01:38 PM

Truth Seeker

TT, I greatly appreciate your response and support, and I would never have mentioned my own beliefs here, had I not been prompted by your post, as I do truly believe in the separation of church and state.

I don't share your views on miracles (obviously), but I do understand your view of hypocrisy within the churches,  as I was brought up as a catholic and saw it first hand with a perverted priest who used to take religious instruction on Saturday mornings which consisted of me sitting under his dining room table while he got the girls, my sister included, to do handstands up against the wall while he took photos of their knickers.
Needless to say we never went back to religious instruction.

The reason that I chose 'Truth Seeker' was because although I turned away from religion for many years, I still felt that I was missing something, so I made a promise to myself that If God showed me the truth at some point in my life I would act upon it... and he did, so I did.

I know that many people see religion as a crutch to lean on, but in my experience of nearly thirty years it is a daily struggle, one I would not change for anything.

I enjoy gentle ribbing, and have come, over the years, to expect it, and worse, but it keeps the mind active coming up with similar retorts.

Our collective goal here is the exposure and rejection of the Abbott and his morally bankrupt cohorts and with only a few notable exceptions we are all as one in our determination.


Cheers  Smile  Smile

Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 02:02 PM



   Probably 15m of continous multilayered sheets of honeycomb, like curtains of stalagmites, with MILLIONS of bees that would be an amasing site, would be a very touchy hive if out in the open like you describe, guard bees can be very persistent when they get you in their sights, once they release the attack pheromone look out, smells like almonds.  
  You were wise to run, 300 stings & no matter who you are your dead, they are that poisonous. I'm sorry to hear of your experience with your younger friend a very sad situation to say the least, especially at that age.
  I hope you are feeling better by the day, you have good memories of you big bro that will never fade, they are the important aspects of out lives & families.

  I'm so sorry to read of your predicament, maybe this type of experience is what makes TPS such an in depth site, a culmination/conglomeration of long lived life experiences good & bad which gives us all an insight into others life & hurdles.
We actually do give a damn about others here & try as much as possible to let others know our compassion/feelings. life is not a dress rehearsal it is to be lived. My best of wishes & hopes go to you.


November 5. 2012 02:24 PM


Why does this headline make me think of "Rocky & Bullwinkle" cartoons?

Abbott recommits to surpluses under a Coalition government


Oh - I remember!  Hey Rocky, watch me pull this rabbit out of a hat - which of course he never did.


November 5. 2012 02:26 PM


What I just put on Twitter:

O Dear Wat can da matter be ~
Tony Abbortt sent 2 da knackery! ~
Ol' Coke Bottles stick dat in yer daiquiri! ~
Everyone else wants him there!


November 5. 2012 02:27 PM

Truth Seeker

KHTAGH, thank you for your support, and you are absolutely right in your summation of TPS, it is, although technologically derived, as much a true, albeit different, family unit as any other.

Tom must be that distant uncle who always gets drunk at family functions and embarrasses himself.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself... The devil made me do it!

Cheers.  Smile  Smile

Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 02:35 PM

paul walter

2353, that's great, it just reinforces the impression of him as am out and out,thorough-going c---.

paul walter

November 5. 2012 03:59 PM

42 long

TfM probably thinks he is performing an essential service, and that he has considerable talent. Neither is correct but at least he doesn't have a foul mouth.I'm not against a bit of hot language but it shouldn't be done to offend and there should be some point to it.
   Also logically , if a site is so bad and the people who frequent it (us) are so deluded we have no right to an opinion that is given any credence whatever, why would anyone who thought that way want to be here. The "FIX" is simple.
   On the subject of religion, if one had a great deal of faith and trust in their own , why such a hostile reaction to those poor unfortunates who are missing out, on the belief?. Surely the LOSS of such fantastic benefits in the afterlife, and the insight available from the highest in this life, is sufficient punishment?  A well balanced and humanistic view would be to feel pity and compassion. This frequently seems to be absent. Is non-belief such a threat to the believers,then perhaps the believers don't really believe what they profess to, as they are SO insecure.

42 long

November 5. 2012 04:29 PM

Truth Seeker

42 long, in my experience, the majority of Christians that I have had contact with are not threatened at all by non believers, and do not necessarily pity, but are full of compassion.

The real problems result from political ambitions hidden under the umbrella of religion as seen in the Taliban, and other sects the umbrella of the Muslim faith.

When politics is introduced, so is corruption which produces corrupt interpretation of the books of law. In that case I do agree that their insecurity is a motivating factor.

In the case of the Roman Catholic church, they became politicised centuries ago and many of their current doctrines are a reflection of that resultant corruption and the reason for many of the problems they are now facing.

That is why the separation of church and state is so fundamentally important.



Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 08:05 PM


TS.  I agree with your summation of the Catholic Church.  The politicisation happened around the 13th Century I believe - the era when Catholic extremists rose armies in Europe and rode off to the "Holy Land" to make the infidels believe in the "only true religion".  The majority of people they were trying to persuade were Muslims.

The Muslim religion was "formed" about 700 years after the Christian Religion (we're not talking about "brands" of Christian religion here).  The Muslim extremists are now at war with the infidels that inhabit the rest of the world to persuade the world to become Muslim - which they believe to be "the only true religion".  See a coincidence?

The sad thing about all of this is the majority of Christians and Muslims do actually believe in "do unto others as you would wish them do to you" - and similar words actually exist in the Bible and the Koran.  Those that preach it frequently have "higher" considerations than practicing what they preach while still cloaking themselves in the "piety" of deep religious beliefs.  It could be said the the current LOTO has shown tendencies towards this (as have numerous other political leaders; past and present)


November 5. 2012 08:56 PM

42 long

There are some very nice and well intentioned people in many religions, but they all believe that their one is the correct one. Phillip Adams says that he is only one god from each of their positions. ( I like that)  Thinking you are correct and have the answers can encourage a certain smuggness and intolerance. Humility is an enlightening phenomenon. taking something on faith and not looking further seems like an easy way to get somewhere ( in your brain).. I still study religion but in a totally different way. More as an anthropological thing. Then the bible makes some sense. 2,000 years is like yesterday but without cars and such.
   Aborigines have been here for something exceeding 20 times that long and they had their stories too.
    Why would man be made in the image of god? Slight conceit there apart from why would he/it need to be as imperfect as we are.
   Many animals have far superior eyes to us. Ours have several design flaws but evolution can not go backwards and do the job again, as on the journey the species would die out, so the superior brain capacity makes up for the eyes deficiency.  The LNP national conference does not believe in evolution, so I am really lost

42 long

November 5. 2012 09:12 PM


Has anybody else seen the drivel coming from the pen of a former Chairman of the ABC:


No wonder the ABC is in a mess!


November 5. 2012 10:03 PM

paul walter

Maurice Newman, the worst of the lot.

paul walter

November 5. 2012 11:29 PM


Comrade Swordsfolks, here is the parody on Modern Major General written by my brother Gordon. I had not heard it until Friday, but Gordon read and wrote prodigiously all his life.

As a columnist he often wrote under the name of Drongo Byline. (Anagram of Gordon Bilney see?)

He left some instructions for this to be presented on stage for some skit or other.

Remember that in the original, the Modern Major General keeps having to hesitate while he thinks of a suitable rhyming line for a difficult word he has just said . . . At one stage he has to rhyme 'strategy' with 'sat a Gee' meaning 'sat on a horse'!

It was W.S. Gilbert, a master rhymewright, having fun with sounding silly, so Gordon has faithfully followed the style, as do I too when parodising others' work. (If we are to ape their work at least we can do them the justice of doing it properly!) So the apparently scrappy bits below are each Modern Politician trying rhymes until they find a satisfactory one, compris?

May I suggest that you watch the videoclip of the original before you read Gordon's parody. It's funny and clever and classic.



The scene opens with the Lying Rodent telling the Master of Ceremonies how things are going to be . . .



Four (or maybe a few more) people on stage, recognizably Howard, Latham and a generic Democrat or 3, plus an MC.

Costumes/makeup? Don’t be silly – but each would be identified by the appropriate Party hat - blue, red, and yellow and green, and perhaps big rosettes.

HOWARD  - (Looking at the program – speaks to the MC, and/or others on stage):

“This next thing, it says here “With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan”. What does that mean?”

MC: “Well, it’s just to say that Gilbert and Sullivan are asserting their rights to being the original owners of this song. We have, as it were, stolen it from them – so we make an apology for that”.

HOWARD: “Gilbert and Sullivan? But they’re dead, aren’t they? So it’s nothing to do with us”.

MC: “Wellll….”

HOWARD: “Did they wear the baggy green? Ay?”

MC: “Welllll…”

HOWARD: “Were they at Gallipoli? Ay? Ay?”

MC: “Welll…”

HOWARD: “Not part of our culture, see? Stolen? That’s ridiculous! There’ll be no apology as far as I’m concerned!!”

“ I will decide who sings this song, and the manner in which it is sung!”

I am the very model of a modern politician
My principles I don't let interfere with my ambition
I'm known as Honest Johnny, though the rationale seems odd to me
I'm glad the voting public have all suffered a lobotomy . . .

When I say “never ever” in my leadership capacity
Remember who’s the rodent, with the talent for mendacity
I’ll steer this ship of State, and never let another cove aboard.....
?Cove aboard? ?Drove a Ford? Mmmmmm....Ah!

If Kimmy ever threatens, I just shout out "Children overboard"!

Refrain - all

If Kimbo ever threatens he just yells out "Children overboard"!
If Kimbo ever threatens he just yells out “Children overboard”!
If Kimbo ever threatens he just yells out “Children over-overboard”!

I ring up George each Tuesday just to get my next instructions
It’s such a shame we never found those tools of mass destruction
But I won’t tell a lie – I simply alter my position
For I’m the very model of a modern politician.

ALL: No he won’t tell a lie, he simply alters his position
        For he’s the very model of a modern politician.


I am a different model of a modern politician
I'm into reading kiddies' books, it goes with Opposition
My temper is notorious, my mates say I'm the crabby one
For when I take a taxi ride I like to biff the cabby one

I'm sad to say they've got me down by playing all their dirty tricks
Some people reckon I was never cut out for the politics
But one thing I can still do, I can talk submerged in wet cement...

?Wet cement? ?Testament? Mmmmm...Ah!

And when I write a book I cover all my friends in excrement!

Refrain – all

And when he writes a book he covers all his friends in excrement!
And when he writes a book he covers all his friends in excrement!
And when he writes a book he covers everyone in excre-excrement!

And now I’m in retirement, every day is like a week to me
But now I’ve got the time, nobody seems to want to speak to me
I guess they’re trying not to give me any ammunition
For I’m the very model of a modern politician.

ALL: We think they’re trying not to give him any ammunition
           That psychopathic model of a modern politician.


Now I’m the very model of a different politician
To keep the bastards honest, was our challenge and our mission
We went for all the policies the others were discardin’
‘Cos we still believed in fairies at the bottom of the garden

Then Megsy Lees decided that we had to be more relevant
And cuddled up to Johnny like a rabbit to an elephant
She voted for the GST – and left us flabbergasted

Flabbergasted? Plastered? Half-masted? …..Ahh!

But now she’s out of Parliament – and we’ve become the bastards!

Now Meg is out of Parliament and we’ve become the bastards
Now Meg is out of Parliament and we’ve become the bastards
Now Meg is out of Parliament and people know the bastards now are us

When Cheryl left our Party ‘twas a very sad defection
The only good it did was give old Gareth an erection
It’s very sad, but now we’re in a terminal condition
Extinction of the species for some different politicians.

ALL: It’s very sad, but now we’re in a terminal condition
Extinction of the species for some different politicians.

LAST VERSE - HATS COME OFF  (Slow and mournful, maybe each person doing alternate lines)

It’s hard to change the model, with these modern politicians
You criticize the Government, they’ll have you for sedition
It’s seven years for saying Philip Ruddock uses thuggery
And seven more for shouting “Johnny Howard, go to buggery!”

You’re not allowed to tell your wife they’ve put you in the slammer
When we get another flag there’ll be a sickle and a hammer
It’s hard to work out how we ever got into this possie

?Possie? ?Cossie? ?Mozzie? ‘…Ah…

Remember when you used to be so proud to be an Aussie!

Yes, remember when you used to be so proud to be an Aussie
Yes, remember when you used to be so proud to be an Aussie
Now all we do is yell out “Oy!” and “Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!”

Take our advice, when all else fails, go home and hug your teddy
For quite soon we’ll join the U.S.A., we’re nearly there already
We’ll sing “God Bless America” quite free of inhibition
A wonderful achievement for our modern politicians.

We’ll sing “God Bless America” quite free of inhibition
So put your hands together for our modern politicians!


November 5. 2012 11:32 PM

Truth Seeker

42 long, the road to destruction is paved with good intentions!

It is not what you believe, or know, but how you deal with it.

Unfortunately there will always be people who believe that theirs is the only way, and that everyone else should do things their way.

In my experience, brow beating, threats and other forms of intimidation are counter productive.

It is the mind that makes us superior to other animals (although some would argue that point), as we do have the ability to move past basic instinct to rationalise, discriminate and exercise free will.

And therein lies our great strengths and our greatest weaknesses, as some are unable  or unwilling to move past their own self interest or beliefs.

There are plenty of current examples of groups who reject out of hand the advice of experts for the above mentioned reasons; climate change denial-lists, the flat earth society, conspiracy theorists and of course the LNP to name but a few.

We are not perfect, therefore while greed and self interest are promoted as aspirational, over do unto others as you would have them do unto you, we will always suffer the same problems in society.

The truth is most people from all religions and nationalities just want their families and the world that they live in, to be safe and happy and peaceful, but the human conditions of greed and self interest, in the few, get in the way of the desires of the many.

We should all aspire to have a social conscience.... especially the LNP.


Truth Seeker

November 5. 2012 11:42 PM


Just to prove beyond doubt I am Weir Dee

For my first born's birthday I sent this message:
Happy anniversary of your first appearance on this mortal coil

He doesn't think I am weird, he knows it Tong


November 6. 2012 12:23 AM


Hey Swordsfolk,
it is still the anniversary of Guy (Guido) Fawkes' nefarious activities in the early 1600's in SA by a few minutes, in Queensland by half an hour or so and Sandgropers have a couple of hours or so to celebrate.

In honour of mister Fawkes may I suggest 'blow them all up' and 'a pox on all their houses' Tong


November 6. 2012 07:02 AM



Wrecking Ball, Peter Wicks, Wixxy Leaks
This mornings article in the Fairfax media from Kate McClymont portrays a couple who have been completely open with the police, in a light that is less than favourable. In fact, it is utterly disgusting, especially considering that it comes from a journalist that is considered knowledgeable on the HSU matters.

Tony Abbott- Victim of Storyline Bias. But What Can He do About It-, Peter, Aussie Views news
Tony Abbott is past his use by date. Or at least so say just about all of Australia's journalists. Except perhaps Katherine Murphy of Melbourne's The Age. In a thoughtful article inspired by David Carr form the New York Times, Katherine explored the possibility that Tony was, at least to some extent, a victim of storyline bias. So what's storyline bias?

Blue murder at Wittenoom,Ludwig Heinrich, Independent Australia
In the case of Wittenoom, we know who were responsible for the fatal decisions. It was Lang Hancock and his companies, CSR and its subsidiaries and successors, and the knights listed above. Under the Crimes Act, there is no time limitation on prosecuting for murder, and as these people knowingly allowed workers to come into contact with asbestos materials

US: myth and denial , Gary Sauer-Thompson, Public Opinion
Another similar tactic is that the policies of Abbott and Romney are little more than buzzwords, slogans and declarations that that know how to fix the problem, whatever that problem is. Their opponent, by contrast, creates problems rather than solves them. This tactic is all about winning and has little to do with what they will do to govern if they win

Colleges Of The Damned,  Therese Trouserzoff , Pig & Whistle
Sydney University is Australia’s first and therefore oldest university, having been founded in 1850. In the years that followed various residential colleges were established, usually under the auspices of religious organisations and committees of the faithful, to provide term accommodation for the men, and for a long time they were overwhelmingly men, attending the University.

Not all business friendly. Treasury keeps tabs on Coalition policies, Peter Martin
Treasury finds businesses would lose $4.5 billion in the first full year the Coalition’s three commitments were operational, accumulating to $17.2 billion over four years. Its calculations suggest manufacturers would pay an extra $1.34 billion per year, retailers an extra $930 million, and the construction sector an extra $860 million per year.

Horse Racing, Climate Change, US elections and Taxing Rich People, Turn Left 2013
amazingly, billionaires have somehow (owning the media is a good start) convinced The People, that what is good for the very rich is also good for working people.The Right have convinced the working class to vote against their own self-interest by electing politicians who oversee a massive transfer of wealth from the working poor to the parasitic millionaires and billionaires, “in the national interest

The real cost of opposition policies … or lack thereof, Bernard Keane, Crikey
An extraordinarily effective negative politician, Abbott is, on the few occasions he has tried to be one, a dud positive politician. Sometimes this is because his policies themselves are rubbish. His speech about deregulation last week, for example, was a juvenile collection of right-wing nostrums that betrayed a complete absence of awareness of how government operates.

RALPH BLOWS IT: PM’s accuser admits using Balinese sex workers, Vex News
The endless quest to find smoking guns is not real journalism. Around here, as an equal opportunity slagger, we’re just interested in the truth and Ralph Blewitt’s candour about having his wicked way with undoubtedly youthful Balinese sex workers doesn’t make him less of sleazy mutt with fleas. If he has evidence of the PM’s involvement in dastardly deeds, he should present it.

Vote Early, Vote Weird, Wendy Harmer, The Hoopla
Not long to go until the greatest race on earth is decided – that’s the U.S. election, a slight nose in front of the Melbourne Cup.Here are the most unlikely polls; the weirdest scientific studies; celebrity Youtube offerings; drinking games, and the “what were they thinking?” quotes that make American democracy great.

A Warehouse For Human Beings, Pamela Curr, New Matilda
The refugee sector has called for an orderly program of refugee assessment and timely resettlement from Indonesia, which would save lives and save Australia from the ignominious position of becoming a moral pariah in the Pacific. Australia proceeds with this offshore dumping of human beings at our peril.

Packer’s Casino Present, Wendy Bacon
The Packers’ Liberal party links go back a long way but the family’s connections to Labor are just as impressive. We compiled a list of people in their current network across business, media and politics. You can also find out how much the Crown directors are paid. I was also not struck although not surprised to see that they get free services at the Crown casinos in Perth and Melbourne.  

Media, unions and political parties seen as Australia’s most corrupt institutions,Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation
“We’ve seen a number of media stories recently globally — the Murdoch scandal in the UK. There have been issues with talk back radio and the cash for comment allegations. This poll was done before the latest talk back controversy. But it’s a global phenomenon and the implications are important because of the very important role the media has in transparency,”

Abbott, Gillard clash on carbon price future, David Twomey. Eco News
That’s why I’ve warned shadow ministers that some of our own initiatives might have to be phased in or commence later than if the current structural budget position were not so poor,” he said.“In many portfolio areas, the policy the coalition takes to the next election won’t involve any new spending at all but focus on

Andrew Olle lecture: Mark Colvin on the digitisation tsunami. ABC
The Australian mainstream media is facing a crisis. Not just one, but several, says veteran ABC journalist Mark Colvin.Colvin - presenting the 2012 Andrew Olle media lecture tonight - said the media was facing revolutionary times, with digitisation threatening "the very ground we stand o

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TT, what an excellent piece by your esteemed brother, your family seems to suffer an embarrassment of riches when it comes to wordsmiths.

RIP Gordon Bilney


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I have just now posted: The Abbott ‘family’ rush to prop up its errant child prodigy, a follow-up to the previous piece.


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