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This new page points to material posted on political websites, initially in Australia.  It can be accessed by clicking the Blog Watch link in the upper right margin under 'site pages'.  It is provided as a service along the lines Crikey provides Richard Farmer's Breakfast Media Wrap, which make perusing the daily online newspapers much easier. 

As many visitors to political blogs are unable to visit daily, the updates will be in weekly batches, so that users can see the whole week at a glance.  Where possible links are provided.  The sites will be grouped under three categories initially: psephology, political, and social/economics

The sites listed to date are:

The Poll Bludger
Oz Politics
ABC Elections  

Political blogspots
The Political Sword
Lavartus Prodeo
The Piping Shrike
Peter Martin
Andrew Bartlett
Politically Homeless

Social and economics blogspots
John Quiggin
On Line Opinion
Club Troppo

Time will tell if I can keep this page sufficiently up to date.

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23/11/2008Hi Ad Astra Here is another you might like to add: OzForums. It's a discussion board, not a blog, but deals extensively with Australian politics. Index Page Australian Politics Section Cheers

Ad astra reply

24/11/2008Thank you Rx. I've added the index page of [quote]Oz Election Forums[/quote] at the end of the list of [quote]Political blogspots[/quote] on [quote]Blog Watch[/quote]. It's an intersting site.


28/11/2008You should consider Jack the Insider, his blog is acerbic and enjoyable as he dishes it out to all and sundry.

Ad astra reply

29/11/2008Thank you doghouse. Jack the Insider is one of the best newspaper blogs. He writes well and always responds, thereby adding value to the blog. I'll see how I can include his blog in Blog Watch. I would need to post reference to his blog early on the day it began, and take it off once concluded.
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