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19/12/2022 Time to say goodbye
12/12/2022 Have we got a deal for you
5/12/2022 Get out of the gutter
28/11/2022 Was Amtrak Joe derailed?
21/11/2022 If employers can measure well-being...
14/11/2022 Coming back to haunt you
7/11/2022 The good economic units
2/11/2022 Do you want to smile or frown
24/10/2022 We can do it better
17/10/2022 The voice
10/10/2022 Kicking climate down the road
3/10/2022 A home amongst the gumtrees
26/09/2022 Now is not the right time . . .
20/09/2022 Pick up the phone
12/09/2022 Promises, promises
5/09/2022 The downside of lower unemployment
29/08/2022 They seem to have a plan
22/08/2022 The demise of misinformation
15/08/2022 A return to good manners
8/08/2022 Whatever it takes
1/08/2022 The real opposition
25/07/2022 Avoiding the lunatic fringe
18/07/2022 Privatise the Profits
11/07/2022 Another way of doing politics
4/07/2022 60% of something
27/06/2022 Revisionism
20/06/2022 Exodus
14/06/2022 A pox on both your houses
6/06/2022 Who is it that can’t manage money?
31/05/2022 Morrison exits
23/05/2022 Reality bites
16/05/2022 This election – you do have a say
9/05/2022 Do your job competently
2/05/2022 Clinging on to power
26/04/2022 The cheap gotya
19/04/2022 Lies, damn lies and falling cats
11/04/2022 Tell em they’re dreaming
4/04/2022 Chaos
28/03/2022 Fire and rain
21/03/2022 Unprecedented disasters – again
15/03/2022 Rehashing the past – badly
7/03/2022 The Power Syndrome
28/02/2022 The karma bus
21/02/2022 There are better options than tax cuts
15/02/2022 Nah – you cant change the date
8/02/2022 At the Morrisons on Christmas morn
20/12/2021 End-of-year Greetings
13/12/2021 The coalition vs public opinion
6/12/2021 The Morrison enigma
29/11/2021 Lies, damn lies and economics
22/11/2021 Voter ID and dead cats
15/11/2021 Invasion Day
8/11/2021 Where has all the kindness gone?
1/11/2021 Do the crime – do the time
25/10/2021 Should the cowboys rule?
18/10/2021 You have to adapt
11/10/2021 Looking after your mates
8/10/2021 Living under a dishonest leader
4/10/2021 Looking for a loophole
27/09/2021 Fomenting fear and loathing
20/09/2021 A tale of two ideologies
13/09/2021 Nature abhors a vacuum
6/09/2021 What is revving up the bully boys?
30/08/2021 We should be better than this
23/08/2021 Toad of Toad Hall
16/08/2021 The environmental vandals
9/08/2021 Protest and perish?
2/08/2021 The dog ate my homework
26/07/2021 Sameness
19/07/2021 Compassion – you’re kidding
12/07/2021 Just get the jab(s)
5/07/2021 The gasfired recovery
28/06/2021 Where is our Greta?
21/06/2021 Pants on fire
14/06/2021 It’s not dumb luck, is it more sinister
7/06/2021 The charade of representative government
1/06/2021 Bring out the dogwhistle
24/05/2021 The price of arrogance
20/05/2021 Déjà vu
17/05/2021 Cigarettes, whiskey and electric cars
10/05/2021 Prime Minister Frydenberg
3/05/2021 Disarray
26/04/2021 Is it the truth?
19/04/2021 The empathy deficit
12/04/2021 Be Human
5/04/2021 The day Scott Morrison lost the next election
29/03/2021 Smoke and Mirrors
22/03/2021 Absolute power corrupts absolutely
15/03/2021 Living with our ‘transactional’ Prime Minister
9/03/2021 It takes a spark
1/03/2021 Politics is a charade
22/02/2021 Bubble politics
19/02/2021 The Age of Aquarius
15/02/2021 The sad joke
8/02/2021 Anger
5/02/2021 The Hummingbird
1/02/2021 What do you expect from TPS in 2021?
23/12/2020 Season’s Greetings
17/12/2020 The mug punter
15/12/2020 Vale 2020
11/12/2020 The dangerous toll of entrenched belief
7/12/2020 The cost of ideology
3/12/2020 Guiliani
30/11/2020 You gotta hit bottom
26/11/2020 Trump is a cult leader
23/11/2020 It's the planet stupid
16/11/2020 Trumpism
11/11/2020 How about some honesty
4/11/2020 A new normal - yeah right
27/10/2020 Comparisons aren't always valid
20/10/2020 Dan Andrews stares down the lynch mob
5/10/2020 Trust me, I’m a deregulated banker
28/09/2020 So, how will you do it better?
21/09/2020 Define heartless
14/09/2020 I reject the premise
11/09/2020 Frydenberg’ s folly
7/09/2020 Now the blame game
31/08/2020 Politicians with a death wish
24/08/2020 Morrison is not a leader
17/08/2020 What was the alternative?
10/08/2020 Mutually assured destruction
3/08/2020 Is adversarial politics damaging our democracy?
21/07/2020 Nationalism really isn't easy
14/07/2020 The Trump dilemma
9/07/2020 Information and critical thinking do matter
29/06/2020 Morrison morphs into ‘Strict Father’ mode
22/06/2020 Double standards
15/06/2020 People trusted Holden
9/06/2020 Listen to the experts
1/06/2020 Is China a bully?
25/05/2020 Give us a break
18/05/2020 People that live in glass houses
11/05/2020 The Trump Dx – have we seen the clincher?
4/05/2020 Greed isn't good
27/04/2020 Never let a chance go by
21/04/2020 Will we go the way of the Athenians?
14/04/2020 A world we can't explain
6/04/2020 Ideology no longer rules
31/03/2020 The chickens are coming home to roost
26/03/2020 The great awakening
16/03/2020 You can't discuss an idea with an ideologue
9/03/2020 If you do what you've always done
2/03/2020 Speak out
24/02/2020 Be Kind
17/02/2020 Corrupto-virus threatens world governance
14/02/2020 Accountability in the Canberra bubble
10/02/2020 Magic Money
3/02/2020 Fiddling while Australia burns
27/01/2020 Beware!
16/12/2019 Houston we have a problem
9/12/2019 The ultimate copout
3/12/2019 Unraveling Frydenberg’s Mind
25/11/2019 What goes around
15/11/2019 Unraveling Morrison’s mind
11/11/2019 Quiet Australians
4/11/2019 Don't shoot the messenger
28/10/2019 Peeling the skin off the avocado
21/10/2019 Protest tactics matter
14/10/2019 Is Donald Trump mad? - revisited
7/10/2019 Do unto others
30/09/2019 Your input is valuable
23/09/2019 The hazard of heedless politicians
17/09/2019 The yoke of inequality burdens us all
10/09/2019 The politics of religious freedom
3/09/2019 Cancer sucks
30/08/2019 Democracy via three-word slogans
28/08/2019 Uncovering the ruthless heart of the Liberal Party
24/08/2019 The unwanted guests
20/08/2019 Be wary of the Trump – Morrison alliance
13/08/2019 Better economic managers?
6/08/2019 Get used to the new world leadership
30/07/2019 How good is compassion and concern!
23/07/2019 Remember the light on the hill?
17/07/2019 The Chain of Responsibility
13/07/2019 Just answer the Question!
6/07/2019 The economy is sinking, but where is the lifebuoy?
1/07/2019 The root cause
28/06/2019 Duttonisation – an existential threat to Morrison?
24/06/2019 You're paying too much
17/06/2019 They've got a mandate
11/06/2019 The battle for the killer slogan
6/06/2019 The Coalition can’t manage money
3/06/2019 Extremism and Queensland
29/05/2019 The Tag Line
24/05/2019 How? Why?
21/05/2019 The shiny new toy
17/05/2019 The cupboard was bare!
14/05/2019 He hit me first!
7/05/2019 Fear, deception and gravitas
30/04/2019 No, they won't learn
23/04/2019 Three Years Later
15/04/2019 Will they ever learn?
9/04/2019 Beware the ides of March
2/04/2019 Nailed it
27/03/2019 The tragic toll of hatred
21/03/2019 Bovine excrement
19/03/2019 There is no Planet B
14/03/2019 We're not mugs Scomo!
11/03/2019 Institutional respect
4/03/2019 Intransigence
28/02/2019 This is Scott
25/02/2019 The face of arrogance
21/02/2019 A show about nothing
15/02/2019 Sitting astride the barbed wire fence
11/02/2019 #30 year challenge
7/02/2019 Global problems cast a gloomy shadow over 2019
4/02/2019 Job Number 1
17/12/2018 Why is there still so much anger?
13/12/2018 Let's Dance
10/12/2018 Oh the irony
6/12/2018 Five shades of faded blue
3/12/2018 The Culture Wars
29/11/2018 The energy road to nowhere
26/11/2018 Research for the future
22/11/2018 Morrison’s mistakes multiply
19/11/2018 Cause and effect
15/11/2018 Is Donald Trump crumbling?
12/11/2018 Morrison's latest prop
8/11/2018 The march of the demagogues
5/11/2018 Dare Ya
1/11/2018 Shackled by ideology
29/10/2018 The Demtel Man
26/10/2018 Well done Tony – now you’ve destroyed the Coalition
22/10/2018 Oh dear – our new PM is not up to the job
18/10/2018 Poor planning causes overcrowding
15/10/2018 Sailing into irrelevance
11/10/2018 What future does PM Morrison guarantee?
8/10/2018 4 cents a day
4/10/2018 Fixing the mess in the financial industry
1/10/2018 Abbott and nuclear war
27/09/2018 When will we see the end of Tony Abbott?
24/09/2018 Morrison's Legacy
20/09/2018 Politics from the pulpit
17/09/2018 Marketing Pixiedust
13/09/2018 Valuing the aspirational
10/09/2018 Slow learners
6/09/2018 The Base
3/09/2018 Get used to it girls
30/08/2018 Cormann's calamitous capitulation
27/08/2018 Toad of Turnbull Hall
27/08/2018 When all else fails - dogwhistle
20/08/2018 Don't feed the trolls
16/08/2018 Beware of rabid zealots
13/08/2018 Sorry IPA
6/08/2018 Has Australia become a nation of crooks?
31/07/2018 Sacred Cows
24/07/2018 The folly of trying to comprehend Trump
16/07/2018 Is the world swerving extreme right?
9/07/2018 Cash cows and emasculation
2/07/2018 Privatise and perish
25/06/2018 The admirable politician
18/06/2018 The perils of popularism
11/06/2018 The merchants of venality
4/06/2018 Truth or Dare
28/05/2018 Banks and the Coalition: birds of a feather
21/05/2018 Man the life rafts
14/05/2018 Bully boys
7/05/2018 Family secrets and economic growth
30/04/2018 Morally unfit...
23/04/2018 Resetting the ethical compass
16/04/2018 Truth tampering – a sinister political reality
9/04/2018 A winning culture
2/04/2018 Conservative ideology: the cuckoo in the economic nest
26/03/2018 The racist immigration Minister
14/03/2018 What can be done about President Trump?
10/03/2018 A simpler time
28/02/2018 The genesis of social disintegration
26/02/2018 Karma
15/02/2018 Turnbull’s metamorphosis
13/02/2018 Speak even if your voice shakes
4/02/2018 Can political honesty be resurrected?
26/01/2018 The system works – pity about the politics
31/12/2017 Turnbull's End
24/12/2017 We wish all our visitors a Happy Christmas and New Year
16/12/2017 We need to understand entrenched belief
9/12/2017 Watch this space in 2017 - redux
3/12/2017 A tale of two regions
26/11/2017 Politics for good
18/11/2017 Unravelling Polliespeak
16/11/2017 Abbott’s down, but is he out?
12/11/2017 The ugly language of politics
5/11/2017 Careful what you wish for
29/10/2017 The iniquity of homelessness
22/10/2017 Fake news – or lousy reporting
15/10/2017 What’s wrong with PM Turnbull?
15/10/2017 Football, meat pies, kangaroos and political storms
1/10/2017 The enduring blight of inequality
23/09/2017 Power to the people
17/09/2017 Who thought Trump couldn’t get worse?
15/09/2017 Hurricanes. Floods. Droughts. Why is it so?
9/09/2017 When you’re in a hole, stop digging
6/09/2017 Mal’s Coalition cascades into chaos
27/08/2017 Where’s your daddy from?
20/08/2017 Are algorithms ruling your world?
12/08/2017 Dutton for PM – no thanks
6/08/2017 Inequality amblyopia
30/07/2017 Dog whistling in the park
23/07/2017 Is Donald Trump mad?
15/07/2017 More power to you
9/07/2017 Look out for dinosaurs
2/07/2017 Climate wars all over again
29/06/2017 The Coalition needs an Abbott-proof fence
25/06/2017 She said what?
17/06/2017 Respect the culture
11/06/2017 Trump becomes irrelevant
4/06/2017 All you need is love
28/05/2017 America – what have you done?
21/05/2017 Falling through the cracks
17/05/2017 Economic geniuses perform epic back flip
11/05/2017 Perceptions are everything
11/05/2017 Turnbull applauds Obamacare repeal - what's next?
7/05/2017 Peas in a pod
4/05/2017 100 days of President Trump
30/04/2017 The face of wilful ignorance
23/04/2017 The report card
20/04/2017 Discrimination for being a white male – seriously?
16/04/2017 Open letter to PM Turnbull about automation
12/04/2017 How are the ‘adults’ managing our economy?
9/04/2017 The winds of change
3/04/2017 Fake outrage
28/03/2017 How will those displaced by technology survive?
22/03/2017 Vale Ken Wolff
19/03/2017 Thou shalt not hate
16/03/2017 A pound of flesh
12/03/2017 Twenty Twenty-Four – our Orwellian destiny?
5/03/2017 Thirty pieces of silver
2/03/2017 Climate change, power and coal
26/02/2017 Abbott’s legacy of destruction
19/02/2017 Is trickle down economics a fraud?
16/02/2017 Jesus wept
12/02/2017 Alternative facts and transparency
5/02/2017 Selfishness is political poison
29/01/2017 Computer says ‘no’
15/01/2017 Watch this space in 2017
1/01/2017 In 2017 – let’s be the change we want to see
25/12/2016 Happy Christmas and New Year to all our Visitors
18/12/2016 The barbie bigot looks back on the year
11/12/2016 The buck stops where?
4/12/2016 The real bullies
27/11/2016 The rise of political staffers: how people disappeared from policy advice
23/11/2016 Trump’s Uncertainty Principle
20/11/2016 Let’s welcome President Trump
16/11/2016 Aaand it’s sold
13/11/2016 Who invents this cruelty?
9/11/2016 Inequality is an invasive global cancer
6/11/2016 The problem with conservative warriors
30/10/2016 Statistics are people too
26/10/2016 Trump is just part of the problem
23/10/2016 All hail the mighty banks
19/10/2016 Planning - Turnbull’s black hole
16/10/2016 Let’s talk about ‘traditional’ values
12/10/2016 The Turnbull endgame - again?
9/10/2016 Turnbull – Abbott from a better postcode?
5/10/2016 The neo-liberal execution of democracy
2/10/2016 Do politicians make you sick?
28/09/2016 Are governments ready for the coming economic and social changes?
25/09/2016 Who is the culprit?
21/09/2016 What is Modern Monetary Theory and will it help?
18/09/2016 It’s all about me
14/09/2016 An economy without people
11/09/2016 Our Government is morally bankrupt
7/09/2016 Modern economics has lost sight of people
4/09/2016 Toxic talk
31/08/2016 Bring out your debt
28/08/2016 Rethinking our priorities
24/08/2016 The meaning of life
21/08/2016 A once and future Senate
17/08/2016 Rudd and Abbott: saviour of their parties
14/08/2016 The election in numbers 2: minor parties and independents
10/08/2016 Why are Abbott’s conservatives destroying our PM?
7/08/2016 The democratisation of opinion
3/08/2016 Make laugh – not war
31/07/2016 Johno goes to heaven
27/07/2016 Why is there so much anger?
24/07/2016 Someone’s gotta pay
20/07/2016 Mr Turnbull, where are your verbs?
17/07/2016 The Liberals are dreaming
13/07/2016 Just do your job
10/07/2016 How has it come to this?
6/07/2016 The Liberal lie continues
3/07/2016 G’day America
29/06/2016 Your vote is valuable
26/06/2016 Turnbull’s Medicare backflip — or is it?
22/06/2016 Your call is important
19/06/2016 The tale of two Daleks
15/06/2016 Time for a new economic model
12/06/2016 Feed a man a fish
8/06/2016 Turnbull is selling us a pup
5/06/2016 The economics of debating
1/06/2016 It’s all their fault
29/05/2016 How the Liberals are destroying Australia
26/05/2016 What happened to us?
24/05/2016 Hordes of illiterates
22/05/2016 Top hats versus hard hats
18/05/2016 The campaign bus
15/05/2016 The mythical $80,000
11/05/2016 Trickle down thinking breeds inequality
8/05/2016 My innovation is bigger than your innovation
4/05/2016 36 Faceless men
1/05/2016 Lords and Ladies: the world changes
27/04/2016 Policy from behind the scenes
24/04/2016 Castles in the Air
20/04/2016 The shifting risk of superannuation
17/04/2016 What can we expect in the coming election?
13/04/2016 Inequality will be a hot button election issue
10/04/2016 The calamitous Abbott lies in wait
6/04/2016 Continuity and change
3/04/2016 The small government myth
30/03/2016 Where are the crooks?
27/03/2016 May your god go with you
23/03/2016 The Peter Principle again – has the GOVERNMENT reached its level of incompetence?
20/03/2016 An ode to Mal Brough
16/03/2016 On which leg does the Liberal Party stand?
13/03/2016 Malcolm’s Bitter Harvest
9/03/2016 The Peta Principle – how Abbott rose to the level of his incompetence
6/03/2016 Let’s talk about tax
2/03/2016 Safe Schools, Unsafe Politicians
28/02/2016 Turnbull and authenticity
24/02/2016 The year of the union
21/02/2016 More about Puff the Magic Malcolm
18/02/2016 Puff the Magic Malcolm
14/02/2016 Americans aren’t the only ones with blinkers
7/02/2016 A smile is not enough
31/01/2016 Still more on framing the political debate - the key to winning
26/01/2016 More on framing the political debate - the key to winning
20/01/2016 Framing the political debate - the key to winning
10/01/2016 A musical interlude for the holidays
3/01/2016 … and suddenly it’s 2016
13/12/2015 Farewell 2015 — you could have been worse
6/12/2015 Lords and Ladies, a new morality tale for a new time
29/11/2015 Where does all the water go?
22/11/2015 Entitlement makes up for lost production
15/11/2015 The year of morals and ethics
8/11/2015 You can't patent ethics
1/11/2015 Are you sure you’re not a radical?
25/10/2015 Won’t get fooled again
18/10/2015 Same old same old
11/10/2015 Pass the Popcorn
4/10/2015 The philosophical myth of neo-liberalism
27/09/2015 The silent majority
20/09/2015 Another failure in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs
13/09/2015 Pluto and the conservative mindset
6/09/2015 Bankers 3 Democracy 0 with Abbott running the sideline
30/08/2015 The challenge of renewables
23/08/2015 Funding health: part 2
16/08/2015 Funding health: part 1
9/08/2015 Doin’ the GST-a-rosy rag
2/08/2015 Winter winds, wind farms and hot air
26/07/2015 How did we get a multi-party Westminster system? Part 2
19/07/2015 How did we get a multi-party Westminster system? Part 1
12/07/2015 Where will we be in 50 years?
5/07/2015 A failure of the Left
28/06/2015 Where does Abbott really stand on national security?
21/06/2015 The politics of marriage
14/06/2015 The $19,990 special
7/06/2015 The unhappy marriage of democracy and capitalism
31/05/2015 NAPLAN — a guide or a competition
24/05/2015 Government budget trickery
17/05/2015 Hope for the homeless
10/05/2015 Are budgets worth the paper they’re written on?
3/05/2015 The saga of Billy Gordon
26/04/2015 Beware, there is a plan
19/04/2015 Instant Experts
12/04/2015 How the economic rationalists tried to steal our hearts and minds
5/04/2015 The ‘trickle-down’ effect
29/03/2015 Intergenerational Reports: what are they on about?
22/03/2015 Does social media influence politics?
15/03/2015 Surprise, surprise …
8/03/2015 President Abbott: or why prime ministers should not be immune from removal by their party
1/03/2015 But we’ve done tax reform – haven’t we? (Part 2)
22/02/2015 But we’ve done tax reform – haven’t we?
15/02/2015 Abbott continues to tell porkies
8/02/2015 If you doubt the scientists, what about the actuaries?
1/02/2015 We’re all in this together
29/01/2015 Enjoy a new era at The Political Sword
25/01/2015 Proud to be a bigot: a view from the barbie
4/01/2015 And that was . . . 2014
21/12/2014 A year on TPS: 2014
14/12/2014 Time to resurrect witchcraft
7/12/2014 The perils of Self Regulation
30/11/2014 Not quite behind the throne
23/11/2014 Can the World be a Better Place?
16/11/2014 Lords and ladies: a second morality tale
9/11/2014 Darkening times
2/11/2014 Whose responsibility?
26/10/2014 What have the unions ever done for us?
19/10/2014 Where have all the public services gone?
12/10/2014 We are all victims of short term expediency
5/10/2014 Is the free market free?
28/09/2014 Jesus was a refugee
21/09/2014 Words, words, words
14/09/2014 Middle Australia: a new narrative for Labor?
7/09/2014 There is no ‘I’ in Team
29/08/2014 A year in Abbottland
24/08/2014 Whose freedom?
17/08/2014 What is the Hockey budget all about?
10/08/2014 Debt crisis — what debt crisis?
3/08/2014 The government doesn’t understand
27/07/2014 You reap what you sow
20/07/2014 Do you know a con-artist when you see one?
13/07/2014 The accidental prime minister
6/07/2014 The Piketty divide: Part 2
29/06/2014 The Piketty divide: Part 1
22/06/2014 Who’s right?
15/06/2014 The speech I would like to hear
8/06/2014 Bikies, Bullying and Bigotry
1/06/2014 Letter to Bill Shorten - part 2
25/05/2014 Letter to Bill Shorten: Part 1
18/05/2014 The wonderful world of economic rationalists
11/05/2014 The rise and fall of a shibboleth
4/05/2014 Red red wine
27/04/2014 Lords and Ladies, a morality tale …
20/04/2014 Truth with partisan on the side, but hold the bias, please: Part 2
13/04/2014 Truth with partisan on the side, but hold the bias, please: Part 1
6/04/2014 Bringing Gross National Happiness into play
30/03/2014 Number 982
23/03/2014 In a galaxy far, far away … Australia
16/03/2014 Is Australia becoming a guided democracy?
9/03/2014 Whither the Left: Part 3
5/03/2014 Whither the Left: Part 2
2/03/2014 Whither the Left: Part 1
27/02/2014 The Xmas attack on climate change
23/02/2014 Green parasols
16/02/2014 The thought thief
9/02/2014 Do you not remember the Twentieth Century?
2/02/2014 Who killed Cock Robin?
1/01/2014 So that was … 2013
15/12/2013 ‘Happy Summertime’ from the TPS Team!
8/12/2013 The myth of political sameness
4/12/2013 Generational change and the ALP
1/12/2013 The Meaning of Treason
24/11/2013 Review of ‘Pushing Our Luck: ideas for Australian progress’
17/11/2013 Lights out
10/11/2013 Do I have a mandate for you!
3/11/2013 Where on earth is Lampedusa?
27/10/2013 What happened to leadership and conviction?
19/10/2013 Time for a third force in Ozpol
13/10/2013 Tony Abbott’s ‘Cone of Silence’
6/10/2013 How the west was NOT won by Murdoch
30/09/2013 Truth in advertising?
28/09/2013 The Political Sword is under new management
15/09/2013 Where to from here for The Political Sword?
8/09/2013 And the winner is: Rupert Murdoch
1/09/2013 Say yes, yes, yes to Labor
25/08/2013 Say no, no, no to Tony Abbott
18/08/2013 The Great Debate Debacle
11/08/2013 Partisan economics
4/08/2013 The quickening disintegration of Tony Abbott
28/07/2013 Have a go at these questions about asylum seekers
21/07/2013 Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott: two gentlemen politicians
14/07/2013 The Stalking of Julia Gillard: Kerry-Anne Walsh. A Review
7/07/2013 An accolade for Julia Gillard: a fine prime minister
30/06/2013 Who will Newspoll kill off next?
23/06/2013 Newspoll: The Killing Machine
16/06/2013 The culture of disrespect
9/06/2013 What is the role of political blogsites?
2/06/2013 Political hatred: Is there a remedy?
26/05/2013 Political hatred: its genesis and its toll
19/05/2013 Who's been playing in MY estate? Yet more ferment in the fourth and fifth
12/05/2013 Feathers Fly at the Federal Chook House
5/05/2013 Living within our means, Hockey style
28/04/2013 Grasping at prime ministership the Abbott way
21/04/2013 David Marr joins ‘the most successful Opposition leader’ chorus
14/04/2013 Policy making through the rear-view mirror
8/04/2013 Abbott and the Murdoch, Rinehart, Pell connection
1/04/2013 What was Leigh Sales’ intent with PM Gillard?
25/03/2013 Polls perpetually poison politics
19/03/2013 How to vote: first examine your values
12/03/2013 Cool courage trumps cringing cowardice
6/03/2013 The curse of the opinionistas
27/02/2013 Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, stop killing confidence
23/02/2013 Don’t mention the polls
17/02/2013 When will Tony Abbott fill the gaping void in his latest slogan: Hope. Reward. Opportunity?
10/02/2013 Why does the Coalition choose to live in an imaginary world?
3/02/2013 Forty-nine questions for Tony Abbott about global warming
18/01/2013 TPS M@IL: a new communication tool
18/01/2013 The Gillard-Abbott gap widens
31/12/2012 Thank you to all who comment here
21/12/2012 Focus on crap detecting: Postman and Weingartner
13/12/2012 Focus on political ideology: Joseph E Stiglitz
5/12/2012 Focus on political ideology: Ross Gittins
30/11/2012 The media still has questions to answer
26/11/2012 So the globe is warming after all
22/11/2012 Is there life after neoliberalism?
19/11/2012 Do Australian businessmen really believe Tony Abbott?
15/11/2012 Abbott and Hockey are endangering Australian business
11/11/2012 Take heart from Obama’s win and Romney’s loss
8/11/2012 Australia Fair by Hugh Stretton
6/11/2012 The Abbott ‘family’ rush to prop up its errant child prodigy
2/11/2012 The inexorable disintegration of the Leader of the Opposition
29/10/2012 Can our ABC resuscitate our political media?
25/10/2012 The MSM is dangerously shortchanging us
22/10/2012 The Punishment That Fits No Crime
20/10/2012 Out of bounds on the full
18/10/2012 Why is the mainstream media angry?
14/10/2012 Which politician is telling the truth?
12/10/2012 Mortgaged to the Hilt
8/10/2012 The attack dog that licked its owner’s hand
4/10/2012 Ban Live Export! Is it the right thing to do?
30/09/2012 Ronald Reagan, you were wrong
27/09/2012 The violent clash of political ideologies
23/09/2012 Gillard’s Men Problem
20/09/2012 Bucket-loads of Biffo with the Bash Street Kids
16/09/2012 The Punch
13/09/2012 More reasons why I admire PM Gillard
10/09/2012 Why I admire Prime Minister Gillard
6/09/2012 Where does probing stop and arrogance start?
2/09/2012 Tony Abbott beware! Incitement is a very dangerous game
30/08/2012 The Queensland Quagmire
26/08/2012 The disintegration of the Abbott machine
24/08/2012 Our Media: Prosecutor, Judge, Jury and Executioner
21/08/2012 The News Limited vendetta against PM Gillard intensifies
17/08/2012 The Political Sword: A Hub for the Fifth Estate
13/08/2012 Journalists awake! You know Tony Abbott is conning you
9/08/2012 The scourge of the rent-seekers
2/08/2012 Media in the middle
26/07/2012 Abbott and the Goebbels Factor
22/07/2012 The pathology of leadership speculation
19/07/2012 Lost: Tony’s Toxic Tax – Finder: Please Return to Owner
14/07/2012 Is the job of the Opposition to oppose? NO.
8/07/2012 Applying facts and logic in the asylum seeker issue
28/06/2012 Tony Abbott – the man who walks away
22/06/2012 As the Fourth Estate falters, how should the Fifth Estate respond?
16/06/2012 Australia is 'The Sweet Spot’ to be
11/06/2012 Complexity – the Great Australian Aversion
5/06/2012 Has Tony Abbott got a Plan B?
31/05/2012 Gillard won't lie down and die - Abbott's dilemma
25/05/2012 What is making Labor stalwarts gloomy?
18/05/2012 How to turn the polls around in six months
11/05/2012 The polluting power of poisonous politics
5/05/2012 Julia Gillard can defeat Tony Abbott in 2013. But how does she neutralize Rupert Murdoch?
1/05/2012 No Room in the Lifeboats
27/04/2012 Why do journalists have so much difficulty being objective?
23/04/2012 Dumb and dumber: never get between a cliché and the lazy Australian media
19/04/2012 Why does Julia Gillard have so much trouble getting her message across?
14/04/2012 The three stooges play budget games
10/04/2012 Fear, uncertainty and doubt grip the Coalition
5/04/2012 Why Julia Gillard will win the 2013 election
30/03/2012 No Tony, it’s the Abbott brand that’s toxic
26/03/2012 Abbott’s atrophy
21/03/2012 More falsehoods of the $8bn BER ‘waste’ claims
14/03/2012 Nonsense of $8bn BER ‘waste’ claims exposed
11/03/2012 Swan’s song stings the affluent and powerful
6/03/2012 Pollies, the press pack, and poison politics
3/03/2012 The Canberra Press Gallery stumbles – yet again
1/03/2012 We are being conned by the polls – the Tarot Cards of politics
25/02/2012 The Gillard - Rudd comparative scorecard
19/02/2012 Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies
16/02/2012 Abbott’s amazing amnesia on insulation inquiry
13/02/2012 Absurdities abound as Abbott wages a crass war
10/02/2012 How opinion polls poison politics
6/02/2012 Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and contemporary politics
29/01/2012 What then makes a good political speech? An analysis
26/01/2012 What makes a good political speech? Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount
21/01/2012 What makes a good political speech? Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech
14/01/2012 What makes a good political speech? Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech
9/01/2012 What makes a good political speech? PM Keating’s Redfern speech
3/01/2012 What makes a good political speech? PM Kevin Rudd’s Apology
1/01/2012 New Year Greetings from The Political Sword
27/12/2011 What makes a good political speech? 'Light on the Hill' speeches
19/12/2011 What makes a good political speech?
8/12/2011 The Layman's Guide to Finding the Devil in the Strangest Places - Devil's Dictionary Part III
27/11/2011 Julia Gillard's Vision for the Asian Century
25/11/2011 A Soldier of Ill-Fortune
21/11/2011 You Can Never Keep A Devil Down - Part 2 of 'The Devil's Dictionary' by Ambrose Bierce - E-M
18/11/2011 Supping from the Drinking Gourd
14/11/2011 Julia Gillard's Light on the Hill
11/11/2011 Prefabricated predictions
7/11/2011 The Devil is in the Detail in the Dictionary
4/11/2011 A Prior Engagement
28/10/2011 Don’t Barney with Batwoman
26/10/2011 The enigma of the ‘overarching narrative’
24/10/2011 Junk-yard Japes
20/10/2011 Australia’s King Canute: Tony Abbott
17/10/2011 It’s time to lock the gate on the Barbarians before the reasonable get trampled underfoot
14/10/2011 Cross-breed Purposes
10/10/2011 Why are Australians angry and scared out of their minds? Ask Tony Abbott
7/10/2011 The Crass Collectors Come a Cropper
2/10/2011 Is Robert Manne right about ‘The Australian’?
30/09/2011 What a Y-Frontery!
26/09/2011 Holy Rollin’ Politics, Batman!
23/09/2011 Rugby World Cup Wobblies
19/09/2011 Mr Abbott and the Five Concerned Liberals
16/09/2011 Scarecrow Scamps
14/09/2011 Is Julia Gillard entitled to a fair go?
11/09/2011 It’s time for the Government to play a game of Musical Chairs
9/09/2011 Dastardly Deeds in Diagon Alley
5/09/2011 The media, the polls and the Labor brand
2/09/2011 Anthony Abbott’s Anarchist Antics
29/08/2011 The forgotten art of political communication
26/08/2011 Spongebob Shenanigans
21/08/2011 The worst Opposition Leader in Australian political history
19/08/2011 Monster Mayhem
15/08/2011 What is political leadership? Do you know?
12/08/2011 The Convoluted Convoy
8/08/2011 Does the media reflect public opinion, or create it?
5/08/2011 Ol’ King Coal isn’t a merry ol’ soul
1/08/2011 The media – the biter bit
29/07/2011 The Horcrux of the Matter
25/07/2011 If Tony Abbott were PM
22/07/2011 A nice juicy tale
20/07/2011 Why does the media believe it must hold governments to account?
18/07/2011 Crowded out by IT
15/07/2011 The Tour de Nile
14/07/2011 Has the political influence of the Murdoch media reached its nadir?
11/07/2011 The negativity syndrome infects the ABC
8/07/2011 The Tragic Magic Pudding
5/07/2011 Slowing down the blur that is the colour and movement of a Tony Abbott speech
2/07/2011 Putting the Squeeze on Mr Squiggle
28/06/2011 What Julia Gillard DOES stand for
27/06/2011 A tribute to Greg Jericho
24/06/2011 Extreme Makeover Takeover
22/06/2011 If you are not scared about the effects of global warming, you ought to be
20/06/2011 Looking down from the grandstand - where the experts are
17/06/2011 Getting sucked in by a séance
15/06/2011 Is your moral compass better than mine?
13/06/2011 Fair and balanced discourse – is that what we want?
10/06/2011 Strutting the catwalk in Carbon Alley
5/06/2011 What have we done to deserve an Opposition Leader like Tony Abbott?
3/06/2011 The Waltons get the willies
31/05/2011 ‘Post-Truth Politics’
30/05/2011 Julia Gillard’s Fireside Chat - Your Heath Mark 2
29/05/2011 Julia Gillard’s Fireside Chats – Your Health
27/05/2011 A Minder, kinder, gentler polity
25/05/2011 Julia Gillard’s Fireside Chats – A Price on Carbon
22/05/2011 The curse of the leading question
20/05/2011 A day can be a lifetime
15/05/2011 Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right, Here I am, Stuck in the Middle with the ALP
13/05/2011 We’re ‘aving Nan of it
8/05/2011 Should Labor hitch itself to the slogan waggon?
5/05/2011 Sideshow Sam
2/05/2011 It’s time for the ALP to drink a protein word shake and muscle up to the Coalition
29/04/2011 A Right Royal Wedding
25/04/2011 How do you think about climate change?
22/04/2011 Why do Only Fools and Horses Gamble?
18/04/2011 Not quite joined at the hip but in the same ballpark
15/04/2011 Blackadder Bolt
13/04/2011 Labor Needs to Remember the Forgotten People
11/04/2011 Joe Hockey should read John Quiggin’s 'Zombie Economics'
8/04/2011 Pushing for the pension
4/04/2011 The vilification of our nation’s leaders
1/04/2011 Phoney Footie
29/03/2011 The ALP has come to its own fork in the road
25/03/2011 Yes and No
23/03/2011 Hartcherism – a new descriptor for political gymnastics
19/03/2011 Is the Liberal Party guilty of ‘race baiting’?
16/03/2011 The day the Canberra Press Gallery believed it was governing the country
14/03/2011 The Day News Limited Took Over Our ABC
12/03/2011 The People’s Revolt goes ‘On the Buses’
10/03/2011 It Ain't Half Hot Mum
7/03/2011 Tony Abbott’s Great Big New Tax
4/03/2011 Simplicity – the opiate of the people
27/02/2011 The War Against the Kleptocrats & the Oligarchs Starts Here! Now! Today!
21/02/2011 The ugliness of political opportunism
17/02/2011 Leadership – what do the people want?
14/02/2011 The Fox Fish Rots from the Head Down
12/02/2011 Question Time – Rumble in the Jungle Book
10/02/2011 Abbott in the Toilet: Shit Happens, Tony
9/02/2011 Poisoning the well of our good nature
5/02/2011 The Right to be Angry
1/02/2011 The media needs to pull up its socks in 2011
31/01/2011 Welcome to The Political Sword 2011
28/01/2011 TOE-KNEE’s Australia Day
22/01/2011 Why can’t we live together? We’re all part of the human race, after all
30/12/2010 What were you expecting - fireworks?
7/12/2010 What does Tony Abbott stand for?
2/12/2010 They huffed and they puffed, and they haven’t blown the NBN down…yet
27/11/2010 Is Australia becoming ungovernable?
21/11/2010 What does Julia Gillard stand for?
18/11/2010 Deficit Hawks and Spending Doves
12/11/2010 How lies, deception, slogans and mantras kill the truth
8/11/2010 What do you think of Rupert Murdoch’s power and influence?
4/11/2010 The politics of simplistic populism
30/10/2010 Why are we here on The Political Sword?
25/10/2010 Of Grassroots and AstroTurf
22/10/2010 Does Labor fight too 'clean'?
13/10/2010 We don’t know the meaning of ‘Wrong’!
10/10/2010 Grog, do come back – we need you
7/10/2010 The NBN debate – a clutter of misinformation
3/10/2010 The Political Theatre of the Absurd
27/09/2010 Are political labels useless?
23/09/2010 The Coalition bouncing like a dead cat
18/09/2010 An open letter to the Leader of the Opposition
13/09/2010 An open letter to the Prime Minister
7/09/2010 How has it come to this – a Gillard Government?
3/09/2010 The post mortem we have to have
30/08/2010 Still more on: How has it come to this?
27/08/2010 More on: How has it come to this?
24/08/2010 How has it come to this?
22/08/2010 If you come to a fork in the road, take it
20/08/2010 It should be a one horse race
15/08/2010 The enigma of leadership
11/08/2010 Medical Records
8/08/2010 A salute to a very successful BER
4/08/2010 Would Tony Abbott really be stupid enough to trash the NBN?
1/08/2010 The election climate
28/07/2010 In support of Julia Gillard’s Citizens' Assembly on Climate
25/07/2010 Destructive politics - Abbott style
21/07/2010 Who do you prefer - Laurie Oakes or Hugh Riminton?
17/07/2010 So many questions, so few answers
14/07/2010 How to beat up a story - ABC style
11/07/2010 Phudget 2010
8/07/2010 What is the best way to decide who gets room at our Inn?
4/07/2010 Contemplate soberly the alternative – an Abbott Government!
1/07/2010 Turncoats and Political Judas Sheep
28/06/2010 The Rudd phenomenon
25/06/2010 Thank you, Kevin
19/06/2010 Gotcha!
17/06/2010 Who cares about the next Newspoll?
14/06/2010 The media’s specifications for an Australian PM
11/06/2010 Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.
7/06/2010 Who’s winning the RSPT debate?
3/06/2010 Is it that hard to sell the RSPT?
30/05/2010 The Canberra Press Gallery will decide who governs this country...
27/05/2010 Getting some balance into the RSPT debate
24/05/2010 Why is a good Government down in the polls?
20/05/2010 Politics is officially bunk
17/05/2010 Their ABC
15/05/2010 But, but, but...
11/05/2010 Wake in fright
10/05/2010 The folly of putting a politician on a pedestal
6/05/2010 Tony Abbott is really ‘P’ing me off
3/05/2010 Do economics commentators live in fantasy land?
30/04/2010 The antediluvian media
26/04/2010 Which Tony has the twin?
20/04/2010 The Liberals' universal solution to everything: Just say 'No'
19/04/2010 Is the ABC’s ‘Insiders’ balanced?
15/04/2010 Memo to News Limited journalists
12/04/2010 Resolving the boat people dilemma – did pragmatism trump principle?
7/04/2010 ‘Those people’
5/04/2010 Who on earth is advising the Coalition on media strategy?
1/04/2010 What do you want from The Political Sword?
29/03/2010 Spartacus fiddles while policy roams...
27/03/2010 Why do journalists ask silly questions?
23/03/2010 Comprehending the Great Big New Health Debate
19/03/2010 Why is Kevin Rudd so unpopular? Polls, popularity and the Icarus Syndrome
15/03/2010 News Limited’s undeclared war on the Rudd Government
11/03/2010 Is there a widening chasm between the Canberra Press Gallery and the people?
6/03/2010 Is Rudd tying the bootstrappers’ shoelaces for them?
2/03/2010 The Great Big Home Insulation Program Beat-up
25/02/2010 So you think you’re a journalist?
19/02/2010 A Triumphant Return or the Last Hurrah?
18/02/2010 More of Shanas’ Magic Looking Glass?
16/02/2010 Newspoll through Shanas’ Magic Looking Glass
12/02/2010 A sparrow farts in Queensland...
9/02/2010 How can the Government sell its CPRS?
5/02/2010 Tony – this is as good as it gets
1/02/2010 So You Think You Can Dance?
28/01/2010 The political dilemma of an ageing population
25/01/2010 The Grumpy Old Denialist Party
22/01/2010 The Grumpy Old Party
19/01/2010 Why I am annoyed with Kevin Rudd...and why I’m not
8/01/2010 Bushfire Bill joins The Political Sword as a guest contributor
20/12/2009 The Rudd years
10/12/2009 The pugilistic politician
8/12/2009 Dennis Shanahan is at it again
4/12/2009 Liberals turn up another dud
30/11/2009 He did it his way
27/11/2009 The Formula One Coalition Race
22/11/2009 The sad state of Australia’s MSM
29/10/2009 Foreign Ministers’ quiet voice of reason
25/10/2009 Which journalists do you trust on asylum seekers?
21/10/2009 'The Insiders' gives us ‘insight’ on border protection
19/10/2009 Don’t poke the media – it might bite
16/10/2009 The folly of resurrecting the dead
13/10/2009 The curse of the electoral cycle
10/10/2009 After Turnbull
7/10/2009 Disingenuousness resurfaces
5/10/2009 What will Turnbull do now?
2/10/2009 Who is this man called Kevin?
29/09/2009 Flogging a moribund horse
28/09/2009 Loathing kills logic
24/09/2009 Memo to journalists – don’t praise the PM
21/09/2009 Milne sinks deeper into it
18/09/2009 How do you rate our federal politicians?
15/09/2009 Should mainstream journalists be political cheerleaders?
13/09/2009 Beyond infancy
10/09/2009 The dark art of opposing
8/09/2009 The fatal march of the fiscal lemmings
5/09/2009 What value are economists to our society?
3/09/2009 A state of unhealthy denial afflicts the Coalition
1/09/2009 The guru of prediction strikes again
30/08/2009 How to imply a sinister twist from almost nothing
27/08/2009 Political planning using Maslow’s pyramid
23/08/2009 The corrosive effect of political anger
19/08/2009 Are Coalition scare campaigns running out of steam?
16/08/2009 Will anyone who really understands emissions trading please speak up
12/08/2009 Brendan Nelson says leadership is everything - how does Malcolm Turnbull rate?
9/08/2009 The Turnbull reply to the latest Rudd essay
6/08/2009 The Turnbull endgame?
4/08/2009 Killing him softly with his words
2/08/2009 Is the latest Rudd essay all spin?
30/07/2009 Living in a bubble of unreality
28/07/2009 The great heath care awakening
26/07/2009 Is the CPRS really a dog?
22/07/2009 The Garrett enigma
20/07/2009 The media versus the politicians
17/07/2009 Let’s leave it to Kevin
15/07/2009 Media flounders over the Hu affair
13/07/2009 Turnbull in a China shop
10/07/2009 Site upgrade - more one-stop blogsites
8/07/2009 Media wars – where does the blogger fit?
5/07/2009 The PM to the media – I have a message for you
2/07/2009 Will the Coalition ever learn?
29/06/2009 Don’t blame me
28/06/2009 Diagnosing cronyism
24/06/2009 Stop at nothing – Malcolm Turnbull’s fatal flaw?
20/06/2009 The old rusty ute
17/06/2009 The Costello exit?
13/06/2009 The media to the PM – we have a problem
11/06/2009 The sauce bottle saga
9/06/2009 Have we just experienced a crucial week politically?
6/06/2009 The Fitzgibbon affair – endgame?
5/06/2009 Barack Obama's speech in Cairo
2/06/2009 The media and the PM – is there dissonance?
31/05/2009 More on the Fitzgibbon affair, Bolt, and other trivia
29/05/2009 The Rudd essay on the GFC – was he right?
25/05/2009 How do you rate our TV and radio journalists?
21/05/2009 How do you rate our political journalists?
17/05/2009 How should we rate the quality of our political journalists?
13/05/2009 The Coalition’s Budget Rap – deficit and debt, deficit and debt
11/05/2009 Liberals and Power – The Road Ahead
8/05/2009 The curious case of the man who forgot the GFC
5/05/2009 Is the GFC a manifestation of chaos?
1/05/2009 The logic of Joe Hockey
27/04/2009 What has become of the Fitzgibbon affair?
24/04/2009 A hopeless Government? Ask the Opposition
20/04/2009 The arrogance of the media
17/04/2009 Kids overboard all over again?
14/04/2009 The NBN saga
11/04/2009 Why is Malcolm Turnbull so unpopular?
7/04/2009 Why is our PM so popular?
3/04/2009 The media scum
31/03/2009 The Costello Memoirs
28/03/2009 The China intrigue
26/03/2009 The ‘toxic bore’ stakes
23/03/2009 Dear Malcolm
19/03/2009 The power of one
16/03/2009 The Turnbull Twist
13/03/2009 Silly questions
12/03/2009 Has the Costello comeback begun?
8/03/2009 The Turnbull answer to the Rudd essay
6/03/2009 The Costello enigma
5/03/2009 Who do you want at the helm?
3/03/2009 Dangerous and dishonest predictions
27/02/2009 What makes good online journalism?
25/02/2009 Mummy, I’m bored
24/02/2009 The Turnbull ETS wild card
24/02/2009 Malcolm Turnbull’s intelligence
23/02/2009 Advice for The Opposition
22/02/2009 A heart-warming remembrance
18/02/2009 The problem with economists
16/02/2009 Matthew Franklin’s having a bad ‘scare’ day
16/02/2009 Devine, van Onselen and Shanahan sit in judgement
16/02/2009 At last Julie Bishop exits the Shadow Treasurer role
13/02/2009 Why did Janet Albrechtsen write ‘Who is the real Rudd?’
11/02/2009 What is Malcolm Turnbull up to?
7/02/2009 Kevin Rudd’s essay on the global financial crisis
4/02/2009 What does the Opposition believe should be done about the GFC?
2/02/2009 I have a dream – no, I have a hope
2/02/2009 The Political Sword 2009
28/01/2009 Added features on The Political Sword
19/12/2008 Time for hibernation
16/12/2008 The convoluted politics of climate change
11/12/2008 Year end – how do the parties stand?
9/12/2008 Opposition ship docks for repairs
5/12/2008 The curse of adversarial politics
2/12/2008 Why does Malcolm Turnbull make so many mistakes?
30/11/2008 Turnbull’s benchmarks for failure
27/11/2008 The genius in the Opposition
25/11/2008 The ‘deficit’ wedge
24/11/2008 Rudd’s First Year – What the papers say
23/11/2008 Blog Watch
20/11/2008 The gathering media assault on Rudd-speak
18/11/2008 The Rudd Report Card one year in
16/11/2008 Will world leaders do a climate change Nero?
13/11/2008 The emerging Opposition strategy
10/11/2008 The hazard of uncertainty
7/11/2008 Barack Obama’s message to Australian politics
5/11/2008 Glenn Milne – the mischievous journalist
3/11/2008 The CPRS, Treasury modelling, and the predictable reaction
30/10/2008 The bank guarantee – what does the Opposition and the media really believe?
28/10/2008 The national interest versus political expediency
27/10/2008 Where has reason flown?
23/10/2008 A plain man’s glossary of finance market terms
22/10/2008 Much ado about nothing
21/10/2008 The great media awakening
19/10/2008 The economy – who can we believe?
17/10/2008 Media melancholy
16/10/2008 To quibble or not to quibble
15/10/2008 Kevin Rudd – all action, no talk
15/10/2008 Malcolm’s at it again
14/10/2008 What’s got into our TV interviewers?
13/10/2008 Andrew Bolt – Pied Piper to his bloggers
10/10/2008 The corrosive effect of political slogans
9/10/2008 Why is the Opposition antagonizing the banks?
8/10/2008 So will interest rates now always be lower under Labor?
6/10/2008 Why do so many in the media enjoy a beat-up?
5/10/2008 What should we expect from the Shadow Treasurer?
1/10/2008 Could the media tide be turning?
29/09/2008 The Cringe Dwellers
26/09/2008 The Turnbull Report Card 10 days in
24/09/2008 Integrity in journalism
23/09/2008 Do we want our Prime Minister to travel overseas?
22/09/2008 Political commentating as a blood sport
22/09/2008 The ‘ain’t it awful’ syndrome
19/09/2008 Will the real Malcolm Turnbull please stand up?
17/09/2008 The hardest job in politics
15/09/2008 Peter Costello’s painful parting
14/09/2008 In search of the political Holy Grail – the Rudd Government narrative
13/09/2008 Welcome to The Political Sword blog