Déjà vu

To minimise the pain of reminding you of the shocking destruction that is occurring day after day in Gaza City, I have kept this piece short. I have found writing it distressing, yet the story needs to be told. It is part of our grotesque contemporary reality.

As you watch your TV news do you despair? Do you ask why is it that such a catastrophe continues unabated?

There have been volumes written about this seemingly unending conflict. We know the history; nobody seems to know how to change its course.

Human ingenuity has placed men on the moon, spacecraft on Mars, and probes towards outer space, yet no one has worked out how to stop this age-old conflict. Why?

It has been born of hatred that dates back to biblical times. Memories of the stories we heard in church of the endless conflicts between the Israelites and the Philistines are burned into our brain. Despite our capacity to reason and solve immensely difficult problems with the advanced technology we now enjoy, this catastrophe evokes no solution. All we have is déjà vu.

Today, man’s advanced capacity for destruction is such that the damage being inflicted on Palestine may be irreversible. Whole city blocks, which Israel is convinced were occupied by active Hamas operatives, were blown to smithereens, leaving mountains of rubble. Palestine is being deliberately and systematically destroyed to eliminate Hamas. Can there be any resolution when Netanyahu claims the right to inflict such terminal catastrophe? Will Hamas ever stop provoking Israel with its rockets launched endlessly into Israel-occupied territory? We know the answer.

The rest of the world looks on helplessly as the carnage continues.

None of the emissaries, none of the advisers, none of the diplomats, none of the self-proclaimed experts have advanced any feasible solution. Those who might be able to effect change are not listening, or don’t care, or have simply given up.

So all we have is weary déjà vu! Oh dear!

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Ian Parfrey


And therein lies the root cause of this conflict - "Netenyahu *claims* the right to inflict such terminal catastrophe". Anyone can *claim* anything, but whether those claims can be substantiated by d facts is another matter.  I am happy to nail my flag on the side of the Palestinians. I will not, EVER, condone the bombing of hospitals and the spraying of citizens with 'skunk' - human urine and faecal matter- for ANY reason, something Israel seems to be ok with.

I'd to hear other's comments on this conflict as I do not pertain to know all and am open to other opinions.

Ad Astra


CEASEFIRE - https://apple.news/AFySWTEfTQeq9rPC9k2LJ3A 



Greetings Ad astra and Readers,

Ad I read your short painfilled post with equal pain myself. For the last few days I have been haunted by the image of a fat Jew standing at a chain distance from a distraught elderly Palestinian woman who is out the front of her house from which the Jew is displacing her so he can move in himself. The woman is calling out "You are stealing my house" and the fat Jew yells in return "If I don't steal it somebody else will!"

"Fat Jew"?! What sort of language is that? Well he is fat, and he is a Jew. The fact he's fat isn't a problem. As for the fact he's presumably a Jew, well, let's see .. .. Can you imagine if say Chinese people were to invade and occupy Australia under overwhelming military force, claiming that their ancestors were here long ago before anyone else, and proceeded to expel you from your home and move in? With an unshakeable belief that what they believe is absolute truth, and that part of their belief system is that they were the descendants and Chosen Ones of all-powerful Confucius, and that all other peoples are basically worthless ..? Because as far as I can understand, that's how Jews teach their children to think.

How would you feel if that woman was your mother, living in your childhood home?

If you dare to criticise "Israel" , accusing Zionists of fascism nazism and everything nasty, as they really deserve, you will be reviled, labelled antisemitic, scum of the earth, supporters of Hitler ..

Well being Semitic is genetic. Semites belong to a race of people, often brownish, often with hookish noses, and they are widespread across all areas of the "Middle East." If I were truly anti-semitic and despised them for their colour and noses, that would make me racist.

I'm not racist.  This isn't about racism. It's about fundamentalist Jews, and that has nothing to do with a race, it has to do with a religion which teaches contempt for all other peoples.

Parallel #1: I don't blame kittens being born kittens & turning into cats, but I do hate their murderous ways.

"There is no way of teaching any cat that Pussy Mustn't Kill.                                                                              Cats simply are hardwired to hunt, and hunt they always will”.                                                                        Ancient Jo Mopoke, in Breeze in the Blue~Gums, by Brucie Bilby ??

But murderous contemptuous ways are not hardwired into people who claim to be Jews. They’re not born that way. The attitude, which goes with the religion, is deliberately and unquestioningly inculcated in every Jewish kid from babyhood. Many Israelis are not even Semitic at all, being Jews of convenience, from the USA and Eastern Europe. There are also black Jews, whom I understand are not well treated by the brown-to-whitish citizens.

When I consider the things being perpetrated on the poor Palestinians, from dispossession of homes, through bombings and murders, deliberate maimings and blindings, to the news that Israelis are spraying protestors with “Skunk Water” – “chemically enhanced” sewage – how can I not rage against these inhuman beings? They can run riot around the occupied territories, screaming Death to Arabs! But no-one is allowed to abuse Jews.

It's not anti-semitism to call Judaism out for the murderous racist antihumanitarian religion it is.

Parallel #2: Those Australians who reject Astra-Zeneca vaccine are mostly not hardline “anti-vaxxers”, they accept ‘flu shots and other vaccines, but fairly informed people who have read of the bloodclots associated with A-Z and assessed the relative risks of current Covid infection rates and dubious efficacy and assured by Mr K-Hunt that Pfizer and other better-rated vaccines are on the way .. maybe by next year.. Well wise there are people who, just as anti-vaxxers reject all vaccination, hate Jews because they hate yellow people, black people, brown people, Catholics, Muslims, Russians and everyone not themselves. But all over the world now there are billions of people aghast at the cruelty, the inhumanity, the vast injustice being perpetrated against a captive helpless minority in Gaza, who at last are calling out Judaism for the evil cuckolding religion it has always been.

Parallel #3a. I have mentioned here before the vow that Hells Angels are reputed to demand of new recruits: If an Angel strikes a non-Angel, all other Angels present will also strike the non-Angel.

And #3b: The Nuer and their surrounding neighbours the Tiv are two African tribes, they speak the same language and live the same cattle-herding lifestyle. But the Nuer are predators on the much more numerous Tiv, they go on raids and steal cattle and women, maybe killing a few men in the process. The Tiv can never get it together to coalesce and effectively resist the Nuer, who do immediately back each other up in conflict situations. Anthropologists wondered why the Tiv don’t fight back effectively: it’s all in their minds: the Nuer say, WE are NUER! The Tiv say, “Yep they’re Nuer!”

Well that’s the thing about Jewish society: they always support their own. And there’s nothing wrong with that, until the leaders start taking other people’s property and treating them as lesser beings. Jews call Gentiles Goys or Goyim Wikipedia: “In modern Hebrew and Yiddish goy is a term for a gentile, a non-Jew. Through Yiddish, the word has been adopted into English often pluralised as goys also to mean gentile, sometimes with a pejorative sense.” And in itself that tells you how they view the rest of us.

Ad, there really is no answer to this. Jews’ belief in their beliefs is absolute, and the hatred and injustice in the Middle East is as intrac as global overheating. Biden shows no sign of bringing Netanyahu to heel, and while the world watches on, he a rabid dog is free to attack whoever he wants while the pack of Western nations trots obediently behind the US and supplies Israel with murder weapons.

But Ad you speculated on what solution might ever be. It makes me think of Hitler and his “Final Solution”, and though I myself eschew all forms of legalised murder including ‘Capital Punishment’, I understand why his radical idea found fanatical support in Weimar Germany, crippled with reparation debts to France and Britain, and with many Jewish rentseekers who had no compunction or compassion for non-Jewish people who could not pay.

That feeling right now amongst the bereaved and bereft in Gaza is driving people beyond insane, making them forever murderous and vengeful. It’s really quite plain and simple: the problem is the Israeli Jews’ behaviour and the Jewish religion itself.

Religion itself is at the core of the world's troubles, and I think that because of the rivalries of the 3 great Abrahamic religions the future of the whole world has been lost. But it’s the Jewish belief that they are the Chosen of Jahweh, and that everybody else is little better than cattle, that means that the whole situation is infinitely irreparable. “Not all Israeli Jews” are evil of course, just as not all men are rapists .. But all rapists are men.

If no-one else is game, I’ll say it, though I quail at the very thought of publishing a full-on anti-Jewish post: Rabid Zionist Jews are criminal murderous bastards. And nothing short of nuclear annihilation, Armageddon, Christ's Second Coming, or a reverse Passover event will change that. ??



The solution is simple both religion suffer the same disease. They are by men for men through women.

When women forget that they are deliberately flawed by the male god progress is assured.

Can men risk equality? Not under any circumstances.

I have two politicians and add 17 clowns and 14 chimpanzees; how many clowns are there?