Bushfire Bill joins The Political Sword as a guest contributor

First, welcome to The Political Sword 2010 at the beginning of an election year that promises to be even more frenetic than the last. 

During January, while Ad astra takes a break, Bushfire Bill, who has made many penetrating and witty contributions to this and other political blogs, will be a guest contributor to The Political Sword. 

His contributions begin next week.  Watch for them.

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Sir Ian Crisp

8/01/2010Perhaps Bushfire Bill’s first ‘contribution’ should be his (or her) full and frank explanation as to why a people smuggler like Abraham Lauhenapessy is welcome in Australia. BB describes Lauhenapessy and his cohorts as ‘resourceful people’ (TPS, Oct 16th, 2009). I would’ve thought that Lauhenapessy and his gang might fail the character test. I wonder if BB thinks it prudent to flood the country with other undesirables like Pol Pot, General Pinochet, and GW Bush?

Bushfire Bill

8/01/2010Nothing so blunt as that, Sir Eric. I'm thinking more along the lines of the epistomological significance of hierarchical guarantees in politics, with particular attention drawn to the role of stakeholder and/or doppelganger dialectic in the iterative and post-iterative processes of evanescent relevance (of which you are not). Should be a ball-tearer.


9/01/2010I have no idea what you just said BB, but Fu(k it sounds impressive, can't wait. Welcome back all to the new year. Cheers Eb. :)


9/01/2010I second Eb. Sounds as tho BB is going to make Sir Ian think before he writes. Onya BB


11/01/2010LOL Bushfire Bill - hopefully SIC will enjoy your lesson in philosophical thinking and analysis. Looking forward to reading your first contribution as 'guest contributor'.

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11/01/2010This seems like the most comprehensive blog on this niche Regards Romero


11/01/2010Poor "Old" BB. "Common" sense and "Plainspeak" no longer part of his repertoire. He has been afflicted by the Rudd Syndrome. Colen


14/01/2010Hi Bushfire Bill Happy New Year. Anxiously looking forward to your first column, I am sure will be quality reading. Thankyou Ad for inviting Bushfire Bill to write for us while you are away. Happy New Year Ad.

Sir Ian Crisp

17/01/2010Given the latest developments surrounding the cargo onboard the Oceanic Viking it might be best if AA invited Wilson Tuckey to write the next comment piece. It was Tuckey who said we should remain circumspect when dealing with alleged refugees and asylum seekers. Tuckey has 100% more credibility than BB who said those onboard the Oceanic Viking were ‘resourceful people’ (TPS, Oct 16th, 2009). Just what makes people smugglers and those ASIO considers a security threat ‘resourceful people’ is something which exercises the mind. I’d be very troubled if a loudmouth like Tuckey had more respect than me.
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