Barack Obama's speech in Cairo

Just Me has provided me with the link to Barack Obama's speech in Cairo yesterday.  For those wishing to read this important and well-received speech, click the title: Barack Obama’s prepared remarks to Cairo, Egypt 

Your comments, as always, will be welcome.

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Sir Ian Crisp

5/06/2009Ad Astra, the chagrin you must be feeling now is most likely quiet palpable. However, if you need consoling may I say you have a terrific sidestep.

Ad astra reply

5/06/2009Sir Ian, I presume the chagrin to which you refer is over the Fitzgibbon affair. I've been waiting for it to play out before writing the postscript, which I'll probably do over the long weekend, although the Opposition is darkly suggesting there's 'more to come'. That, and its attempt to smear the PM seem to be all it's got left to talk about after its arguments about how best to handle the GFC and its trenchant criticism of the Government's approach have been being left high and dry by the encouraging National Accounts figures. It wasn't a perfect week, but the growth in GDP made it one of the best in recent months.
How many umbrellas are there if I have two in my hand but the wind then blows them away?