Season’s Greetings

Another year is behind us. It’s been the most torrid since the end of WWII. I don’t need to elaborate.

Yet it has not bowed us. The human organism has a vast capacity to adapt and accomodate. While some have complained, most have simply ‘sucked it up’. Can you remember when last we have had to endure so much inconvenience and accept second best so often, all the while taking daily protective action against a virulent virus that continues to spread in pandemic proportions, leaving thousands dead in its wake? The public here is learning what doctors have always known and practised - how to avoid and limit infection.

Australia has established a fine COVID-19 record. Victoria has shown the way to the rest of the world. Premier Dan Andrews, by insisting on rigorous prophylactic measures, has all but eliminated the virus in his State. He has done this while being attacked every day by journalists, the malignant Murdoch press and its hangers-on, and of course opportunistic politicians operating in shameful adversarial mode. His most persistent critic, Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien, is now under scrutiny himself - from his own party, dismayed at his ineffectiveness.

Most folks have gotten on with their jobs, at home or at work, and in the process have realised that there are many ways we can get done what we need to accomplish. Many at home have become accomplished cooks, tackling much more than the traditional ‘meat and three veggies’ evening meal. These culinary skills will remain, as will the joy of cooking many new creations.

The cohesion of the family has been strained, sometimes fractured, but for many families it has been strengthened as they have adapted to family life in close proximity for prolonged periods, as was the case in the past.

The Political Sword has continued to provide well-constructed pieces on important political issues, here and overseas. Although few readers comment, many give our pieces five- star ratings (sometimes more than thirty). This is a measure of their quality. Such ratings give great encouragement to our authors.

A lot will go on in TPS in 2021.

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The Festive Period invites great praise for our authors, 2353NM and Ad Astra, who write almost all the pieces that TPS publishes. Usually two are offered each week.

TPS says: ‘Thank you for another year’s sterling contribution’.

Behind the scene are another two to thank: Bacchus, who takes care of the coding of many of the pieces we publish, schedules the publication dates and manages social media publicity, and Web Monkey, who manages The Political Sword website, which he created. Because it is so sophisticated, it takes a high level of expertise to maintain. He posts every new piece, complete with stylish images, and notifies each piece to those on our user list. We could not do without these two quiet supporters.

There are invisible supporters of our website too: our spouses and families who not only tolerate our involvement, but encourage it. We offer them our profound thanks.

So it’s time to say: ‘Thank you’ to all of you for another year of outstanding contributions to the life and work of The Political Sword. Your support enables the promulgation of what we believe is vital commentary on the politics, here and overseas, that in one way or another, impinges on our daily way of life.

We wish you a relaxing and refreshing end-of-year break, and look forward to you joining us for another year of excitement in 2021 here at TPS. The political scene, both here and overseas is never dull.

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Michael Taylor


Merry Christmas to the great team at TPS and their loved ones.

2020 has been a miserable year and poor governments - both here and in the USA - have been found wanting. TPS has, as always, led the way in holding such governments to account. You have been a beacon in this stormy year. 

Carol and I, as well as all the team at The AIMN, are proud to be associated with The Political Sword. We look forward to standing at your side again in 2021. 

Michael Taylor


PS: Tell Bacchus that I’ll open up the cellar just for him over Christmas. 

Ad Astra



Thank you so much for your Christmas Greetings and your generous remarks about the TPS team and its efforts to hold political leaders accountable during the turbulent year past. 2021 promises more of the same; political commentators will never be short of material.

Thank you too for the way AIMN has extended the reach of TPS to your responsive audience. We look forward to another year of fruitful collaboration with you.

The TPS team extends warmest Best Wishes for the Festive Season to you and Carol and your team

Bacchus will surely think of you as you enjoy a big bold red.



A happy xmas to tps, ad astra and 2353nm.

Ps ad Astra per aspera was my high school motto and whilst primes are great in our house, my favourite number is 3010, from the log book days, so 2353 was intriguing I tried prime but 13x181 was no help and logs then Google told me an answer unknown to atheist.



Thanks to Michael and Wam. I hope all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2021 is good to us all. 

Wam - 2353 has nothing to do with prime numbers!

Ad Astra


What’s happened to American journalism?

I’ve lost count of how many articles I’ve read in the US media about Donald Trump that describe his bizarre, unconventional, ridiculous, bullying, even illegal behaviour, now worse than ever as he comes close to his terminal days.

Columnists have been diligent in reporting Trump’s many utterances, his phone calls, and his tweets. Yet only now are we beginning to see hints that even the pro-Trump media has reached the obvious conclusion, one this blog site has maintained for years, that Trump is dangerously insane. When will they use this term? Ever?

Now, even some of his own White House staff are beginning to distance themselves from him, fearing that their own reputations are being irreparably damaged by any continuation of their association with this madman.

Still need convincing? Take a look at this YouTube video:  

Here’s the Washington Post’s complete record of that catastrophic hour-long phone call to Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State:  It speaks for itself.

We are living through times that will go down in history as the most bizarre in modern history. Should we be gratified to witness this? I wonder! 

Ad Astra


Here’s a prediction:

Trump’s hour-long phone call to Brad Raffensperger mentioned in the comment above will spell the end of Trump’s presidency, irrespective of election results. Even supportive media will regard this as beyond the pale, and will seek to distance themselves from it in an attempt to avoid having their reputations irreversibly damaged by association.

Trump has killed any regular media support he might have had. Only rabid media supporters will stick with him.

Followers of the Trump cult will continue to believe his every word, his every assertion, even his insane ravings.

Ad Astra


“There are none so blind than those who do not want to see.” 

Even after yesterday’s grotesque Trump-inspired invasion of the seat of US government, his cult followers will rationalise his criminal behaviour and follow him to the end, reminiscent of the events in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978, in which 900 members of the Peoples Temple movement died after drinking Cool-Aid on the instruction of their leader.

Here at TPS we have called out Trump’s criminal insanity for years, most recently in The Trump Dx - have we seen the clincher?  You may wish to re-read it here: 

His adoring cult followers though will never wake up to him - that is not the nature of cults.

Even after Trump has been expunged from contemporary discourse, his grotesque image will remain for ever in the minds of his followers, and evoke the same blind devotion and insane behaviour as we saw in Jonestown. 

What a sad prospect for them, and for the rest of us!

T-w-o take away o-n-e equals?