The Age of Aquarius

Older folks will remember the musical Hair with its opening song Aquarius:

”This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,
When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars."

Devoid of poetic imagination, astrologer Neil Spencer, rubbished the lyrics as ‘astrological gibberish’. His literal take was evident in his words: ”Jupiter aligns with Mars several times a year and the Moon is in the 7th House for two hours every day.”

Let’s leave Spencer to his own world of astrological reality where no doubt he feels comfortable, and reflect on what these words mean in a poetic sense. How many of us yearn for a world where peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.

As Donald J Trump recedes into a world where all he has left is the reality he creates for himself and what’s left of his ardent followers, where he can still convince himself that he is important, that he is still adored, and that in time he will return triumphant to once again lead his country and the world, the rest of the thinking world breathes more easily in the knowledge that Trump is finished, that his appalling behaviour will no more assail us, and his words and proclamations no longer anger us.

Don’t we all long for peace, decency, collaboration, and unity of purpose. We want to hold hands with those who acknowledge the urgency of the problems we all face: a steadily warming planet with the existential hazard that poses for all living things; civil discord that threatens collaborative endeavour; domestic violence that’s tearing apart so many families, the exploitive behaviour of so many entrepreneurs who cheat us ruthlessly, and the threatening behaviour of the world’s bullies: China’s CPC, Russia and Iran.

The Age of Aquarius is what we yearn for. Is it possible? Will President Biden’s benign yet firm approach draw us closer?

Enjoy listening to The Fifth Dimension giving The Age of Aquarius the oomph it deserves. We can only hope, indeed fervently pray for a new Age of Aquarius soon, very soon.

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Hi Ad astra and all 

I was there in Sydney at a performance of Hair in ?? 1974 ?? and danced on the stage with a lot of stoned people including a black woman who later I found to be Marcia Hines, an African-American who became an Australian legend. Gee that's getting close to 50 years ago! They were hopeful times, Gough was PM and here in SA Don Dunstan was my local MP and SA Premier. I'm not going to reminisce further - btw I never did believe any of that Astrology malarky, even the word itself is a lie, it means of course "Star Science" which it is not, but the term preceded true star science which has had to make do with the weaker name Astronomy, which means of course Star Nomenclature. So Neil Spencer can call that song astrological gibberish, but if he styles himself Astrologer he is talking gibberish himself anyway.

But many years ago I found a way to confound purveyors of such nonsense by the discovery-realization that there are not 12 astrological-AND-astronomical star-signs but 13, both disciplines, if you can include astrology as a discipline, with the inclusion of Ophiuchus, a splendid constellation with an even more impressive classical Greek connection - Ad you probably know about Asclepias - he was the same person in Greek mythology, a mortal, but a great healer and teacher, who angered the Gods by finding a way of bringing the dead back to life, so they made him into an immortal and consigned him a place in the heavens but he wasn't allowed to bring back the dead any more. The staff of Asclepias is that medical one with a snake, sometimes two, curling around it, in memory of one of his wondrous works, but you'll have to look it up yourselves if you want to know more about him. The 13 signs relate to the 13 phases of the moon in a year, as it moves around the Ecliptic .. Not going to try to explain, but the point is there have to be 13 signs, not 12, and that proper buggers the dopey Astrologers. 

So when someone asks me my star sign I say I'm Ophiuchan, because my birthday is close to the phase of the moon Ophiuchus is at its zenith .. and you can imagine their confusion!

2353NM, I never heard that Inflas tale before, but it reminds me of The Land of Point everybody had to have a point .. Inflated Trump wouldn't have lasted four minutes there! Pffffffffffsssssssssss .... 


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