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The Political Sword has been upgraded with additions to the items under site pages in the right panel.  These include Blog Watch, Sword Watch, Liberal Watch, Nationals Watch and Greens Watch. [more]

Blog Watch is a feature that facilitates access to a wide variety of Australian political blogsites.  Like Favourites or Bookmark facilities, it is provided to assist visitors quickly target the sites they prefer, all from one site – The Political Sword.  It has been augmented with the addition of several blogsites, for example the political blogs provided by The Australian, such as Meganomics, Current Account Blog and Jack the Insider.  Links to several other popular sites have been added.  The Political Sword now has the most comprehensive set of links to political blogsites in the Australian blogosphere.  Ten of the most popular sites are updated daily with the new items appearing on those sites, sometimes more often.  Links to each new item are provided and added at the top of the list, which features the last few items on those sites in descending chronological order.  It is anticipated this feature will save visitors considerable time.

Sword Watch is a recent addition.  It is an index of all the items that have been posted on The Political Sword since its inception. There are now over 100 items.  Each title is listed and linked to the piece, and is accompanied by a short description of the subject of the item and the date of posting.  It is offered to facilitate easy access to previous postings.

Government Watch has been modified recently.  Instead of posting every media item on the Australian Labor Party website, Government Watch now refers visitors directly to that website which is updated almost every day.

Liberal Watch and Nationals Watch replaces Opposition Watch, which related to just the Liberal Party of Australia website.  Now visitors can access both websites to ascertain what the Opposition is saying to the media.  Like Government Watch, instead of posting on The Political Sword every media item on these two websites, Liberal Watch and Nationals Watch now refers visitors directly to those websites which are updated almost every day.

Greens Watch has been added as around ten percent of voters support The Greens.  Like the others, it provides a direct link, in this case to The Australian Greens website.

Don't forget the search facility in the right panel.  Use it to search the site for subjects, titles, names and keywords.  To include comments in your search, tick the box below the search panel. You can then search by name for the all the comments made by a particular commenter, and the replies made by Ad astra to that commenter, which appear as a numbered list at the foot of the search results.

It is hoped these changes will make The Political Sword a more useful site for visitors.  Suggestions for improving the site would be welcome.

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10/07/2009Hmmm. A cunning move Ad. I may make you my primary port of call and radiate out back and forth from here. May I suggest you consider the addition of these sites: Hoyden About Town. David Horton's site. And for those interesred in aboriginal/indigenous/nunga and other matters I would recommend 'Northern Myth' at Crikey.


11/07/2009Just a test to see if my new Avatar appears however I appreciate the changes and the quite calm it presents rgds


11/07/2009yippee it works

Ad astra reply

11/07/2009fred, Thank you for the links, which I've added under 'Social and economics blogspots', and for your kind remarks. David, I've used your link for the Watermelon Blog. Thank you for your complimentary comments. Bilko, Now I know who you are! wandering and wondering, Thanks for your kind comments. I hope you all find [i]The Political Sword[/i] interesting and [i]Blog Watch[/i] a useful conduit to other blogsites. I find [i]OneStopPolitics[/i] a good site for daily newspaper news and as I'm a subscriber, Crikey also. I'm not sure if it's accesible to non-subscribers.


18/07/2009I hadn't been using my rss reader for a while and I have a huge backlog of stuff to catch up on. Glad to have taken to time to catch up on your blog though. Cheers.

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5/08/2009Great insights. I loved to read your article. Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer!
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