End-of-year Greetings

Here we are yet again - at the end of another year, perhaps the busiest year politically since this blogsite began on 13 September 2008, 13 years ago.

Time has not reduced the intensity of political discourse, it has increased it. Not only has the complexity of politics increased, but the manner of its reporting has changed. Now, in addition to the longstanding avenue of the print media, we have a plethora of social media platforms, which publish their own individual positions on every imaginable subject. Virtually anyone can host a blogsite and publish without restraint.

The Political Sword is just one among hundreds. Yet it has its ardent followers, to which this message is directed. We just want to say ‘thank you’ for your years of loyalty.

Because there are so many blog sites upon which comments can be offered, it’s not surprising to us that very few comments emerge on The Political Sword. However, the value of the site to so many of you is evidenced by the 5 star ratings each post on TPS attracts - regularly over 30!.

We all need a rest from the political milieu, now so intense, so demanding, so insistent, all the more since the advent of the Morrison regime, with its idiosyncratic approach to politics: so careless with the truth, so ‘transactional’ for our PM - in other words ‘what’s in it for me?’

We propose to re-initiate posting in February 2022.

We wish you a relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing end-of-year break.

The TPS Team

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Michael Taylor


Thank you, TPS, for all your fabulous work. The high standard of articles from Ad astra and 2353NM is what I’ve come to expect. I’ve made no secret over the years that TPS remains one of my favourite sites. 

I do share your frustration over the dwindling number of comments. But I take comfort knowing that the TPS articles are being read, based on the number of comments they attract on the Facebook groups where the articles are being shared. 

It’s the eternal mystery - for The AIMN and TPS - that people confine their comments to the Facebook groups rather than on the sites themselves. 

Putting all that aside, please accept the appreciation from Carol and I for the wonderful relationship The AIMN shares with TPS. Also, please accept our best wishes over Christmas and the New Year for you and your loved ones. 



At last this idiot read ‘team’ regime ad and 2353 are not one but two.

My exam number 65 years ago 2226 and my current church number is 2356 and my golf number is 2313 so I love your number

have a good break and sharpen your pencil for Scummo et al next year

Ad Astra


Michael Taylor

It has been a great joy to work so collaboratively with you Michael, all through the year. The sharing of political analysis between us has been both rewarding and reinforcing.

In this era of Murdoch dominance, it is essential that those who hold different views express them forcibly. Otherwise, his pernicious influence will continue to contaminate political discourse. His agenda is control - control of political opinion - it has always been so.

All us at TPS extend to you and Carol warmest Christmas Greetings, and trust you will find 2022 even more satisfying.

The TPS Team

How many umbrellas are there if I have two in my hand but the wind then blows them away?