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This is the first posting of The Political Sword blog. Its focus is Australian politics.It is intended to give expression to those who have opinions about contemporary political events.  In particular it will provide a forum for exposing deception among politicians, bureaucrats and commentators. 

The people deserve to know the truth about political decisions, how and why they were made, and about those who made them.  They are entitled to know if political commentators are truthfully representing the situations they are reporting, and that they make clear what is fact, and what is opinion.  They owe it to their readers to validate the facts they report and reveal their source. 

By challenging politicians and commentators to stick to the truth and to justify their words and actions, it is possible that the quality of political discourse in this country might improve. The Internet provides ordinary citizens with the opportunity to influence political behaviour between elections, rather than only at election time. 

Politicians, journalists and academics read political blogs - they are bound to be influenced by them, at least to some extent.

Al Gore said that political blogs have become a significant new force in political debate and decision making in the US.  The same opportunity exists in this country to put politicians and commentators to the verbal political sword.

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