What were you expecting - fireworks?

I was just watching some vintage Paul Keating in full rhetorical flight the other day as I was recuperating and contemplating the ramifications of Wayne Swan's Banking Package, released in early December. Which seems eons ago when you've been to Hell and back, as I have been since then. And it occurred to me, the electorate expected a Paul Keating-like 'Bang!', but instead it came with Wayne Swan's customary polite political whimper. Very Oz-like, as in Wizard of Oz-like.

Especially the bit where the Wizard tries to convince Dorothy from the (Kansas) Suburbs that he really means it when he lets out all manner of exhortations from behind his facade, painstakingly constructed so that people couldn't easily see the meek and mild-mannered guy behind it.

Same thing with Wayne Swan and his Banking Package. There he was for weeks before it was released, thumping the tub and making as much loud noise as his tiny body could muster. He would scare the pants off those porculent Bankers (I'm mainly thinking Mike Smith from