The Crass Collectors Come a Cropper

The Collectors program on the ABC has been a favourite of many for a number of years now.

However, the ABC has fallen on hard times and the show has got the axe. So, unfortunately, the three presenters, Claudia, Gordon and Adrian, have been put out to grass.

But, Sophie Mirabella has seen a business opportunity and, in an attempt to establish a Fighting Fund that hopefully will defray some of the costs she may incur due to her upcoming civil case, has convinced Mark Scott to loan her the use of an ABC Community Radio studio to present her own version of the show, now called “The New Collectors”. For the hire of the studio, she is being charged the peppercorn rent of $100 an evening.

Scott “Ban” Morrison is her co-presenter, and, to cut a long story short, Sophie and Ban are to get 50% of any monies that are earned in the show, on items auctioned, with the owner getting the other 50%.

Anyway, The New Collectors is just about to make its debut and Sophie and Ban are taking the final countdown from the producer.


Sophie: Good evening, listeners...Sophie Mirabella here...and a special welcome to you elderly types who have lots and lots of spare dosh just burning a great big black hole in your pockets...heh...heh...

Ban: Yes, and good evening, listeners, from me, Ban Morrison as’s great to be here...but, if the truth be known, I’d rather be up in Nauru – I just love the place!

Sophie: And speaking of Nauru, Ban, isn’t it just a coincidence that you have in your hands tonight our first item for auction which, if I’m not mistaken, was painted by your good self...

Ban: Yes,’s a painting I did when I was on my holidays up guessed it...hee...hee...Nauru – you know how much I like heading up there to get away from all the boats...

Sophie: Yes, Ban...I’ve just been looking at your portrait and, it seems to me...and I’m no tech-head when it comes to all this painting lark...but I’d hazard a guess and say it’s probably in the modern art category...In fact, it seems to comprise of a few off-white smears...skid-mark-like, actually...Would you like to describe it a bit more for all those listeners who are dying to put in a bid...

Ban: Erm...not really, Sophie...I think you’ve pretty much summed it up...except to say that the paint was provided by a seagull that perched itself on my head...

Sophie: Wow, Ban, that’s sooooooo interesting! So, while we are waiting for a whole host of listeners to phone in with their bids, and in due recognition of your very cooperative and diarrhoea-inflicted seagull, let’s just listen to Freebird by Lynyrd Skidmark.

[However, by the end of the song, Sophie and Ban are disappointed that her Fighting Fund and his holiday spending-money don’t look like they will be enhanced by any bids from listeners this time. The switchboard doesn’t even register one light. Sophie, therefore, moves on.]

Sophie: Well, listeners, welcome back to our inaugural transmission of The New Collectors...

[Suddenly, however, the beginning of Sophie’s next exhortation to listeners to financially contribute to the show is interrupted by a flashing light on the console. Simultaneously, there is a knock on the studio door, which Ban promptly attends to, whilst Sophie flicks the switch to allow the first caller to speak.]

Listener: Hi there...Sophie and’s Tony Abbott here...and congratulations on getting your great new big gig...hopefully it’ll be a nice big earner for you...And talking about earners, my big mortgage is really hurting, so I’m trying to sell a few things, courtesy of your show...So, by this stage, the courier should have already dropped them by...Oh, and by the way, Sophie, I’ve sent my ironing round for you to do as well...heh...heh – only joking, Sophie...

Ban: Yeah, mission accomplished, Tones...I’m opening the parcel just as we speak...So, why don’t you describe the items so that the listeners can decide how much they want to bid...

Tones: Righto, Ban...Well, of the items is actually a very valuable and historically-significant piece of communications technology...

Ban: mean the Mickey Mouse kiddies phone, Tones...the one with pieces of seaweed tied to it?

Tones:’s not actually a Mickey Mouse’ve got it all wrong’s really the Real McCoy boatphone off the Titanic...

[Noises of Sophie and Ban sniggering uncontrollably in the background.]

Sophie: Erm, Tones...any chance of you sending in an inventory describing the Titanic boatphone and the other interesting items you’ve sent in this evening?

Ban: Yeah, we need something written down, as everybody knows your track record on the Gospel Truth and carefully scripted remarks...hee...hee...

Sophie: So, what else have you sent in, Tones – tell the listeners about the complete gamut of goodies on offer...

Tones: you can see, Sophie, I’d like to auction a few of my academic my People Skills Diploma...

Ban: Yeah, that’s the one you got from Rupert Murdoch University, in recognition of your brilliant negotiation efforts with the Indos, isn’t it...hee...hee...

[A long silence ensues. Sophie and Ban cannot obviously see him, but Tones is nodding bizarrely and staring menacingly at the phone.]

Sophie: Erm...Tones? You still there, mate?

Tones (petulantly): Yes, and as I was saying...I’ve also sent in for auction another item from my academic portfolio...

Sophie: Yeah, that would be this rather thin publication, for which...errr...let’s got a Masters Pathological Studies, no less!

Tones: Yeah, that was for the thesis I wrote on how Bernie Banton wasn’t pure of heart...

[The switchboard still hasn’t lit up with any calls from prospective bidders, so Sophie moves things right along, in the hope that some offers will be made, and she will get her 50/50 cut.]

Sophie: Righto, Tones...anything else you’d like to offer the listeners tonight?

Tones: Yeah, there’s the fish I kissed the other week...have you found it in the parcel?

Ban: Erm...I think it’s found us, mate...pheew! It doesn’t half stink! Smells worse than your budgies, mate, after you’ve been wearing them for a month! Euuuwwww!

Tones: And then there’s an autographed copy of my Battlelines book...

[At this point, one of the switchboard lights kicks in and another knock is heard at the studio door. Whilst Ban gets up to see who’s there, Sophie answers the caller, who speaks with a distinctive, dusky, male, North African voice.]

Caller: Hallo, infidels...It is I, Col Gadaffi here...I would like to make an offer on your Battlelines book...You see, militarily, things aren’t going too well for me, so I want to read your magnificent book to get some ideas on how to drive these treacherous rebels and their foreign mercenary collaborators out of my country...

[“Col Gadaffi” is interrupted abruptly by Sophie.]

Sophie: Right, can stop it right there...I can spot your corny Col Gadaffi impersonation a mile off...

[Loud guffaws are heard from a raucous group on the other end of the line. And Sophie has got it in one. Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan and Kevin Rudd are still celebrating Swannie’s recent gong from Euromoney magazine. In fact, Kev hasn’t been as pissed since that outrageous night at the Scores Club.]

Kev: Good evening, Sophie...I hope our parcel of valuable items for auction has arrived – the gold teeth, diamonds, antique chamber-pot and Grecian urn, etcetera, etcetera...

[Ban has just opened the box and is laying all the items on the bench in front of their microphones. Sophie’s usual gut reaction to offers from lefties is to tell them to get stuffed, but the mention of diamonds, etcetera, and the ongoing realisation of her precarious pecuniary position causes her to have second thoughts.]

Kev: So, Sophie, your listeners might like, firstly, to put in bids for the gold teeth...

[Sophie takes hold of what looks like an ancient set of dentures, with gold fillings encased within. Upon closer inspection, however, a look of absolute revulsion comes over her visage and she drops them quicker than Tones drops the s***-word.]

Sophie: Euuuwwww! They’re disgusting! Why, they’re not gold teeth – they’re just covered in yucky yellow stains!

Kev: Oh, what a bummer! And there was I thinking they were real gold teeth...I guess my old grandad was too poor to afford Steradent tablets...hee...hee...

[The sounds of uproarious laughter resounds across the airwaves to the studio. Again, understandably, no listeners are interested in wasting their folded stuff with a bid on such rubbish.]

Swannie: Hi Sophie...the universe’s best Treasurer here...hee...hee...Have you come across the diamond in the box yet? I reckon it’ll fetch a big price from your listeners...

[At the mention of diamonds, Sophie’s ears prick up . After all, you know what they say about sparklers being a sheila’s best mate. With fingers trembling in anticipation, she opens the box. However, what she witnesses is far from being a diamond.]

Sophie (screeching): Why, it’s nothing but a dirty big lump of coal, you bastards!!! Who in their right mind would be dopey enough to bid for a freakin’ aggregate of anthracite, ffs!!!

Swannie: Yeah, that was a bit slack of us...hee...hee...But Sophie, why not just see it as a long-term investment – get Joe Hockey to sit on it for a while and eventually it’ll turn into a diamond...heh...heh...

[Again, much merriment is heard from the other end of the line.]

Jooles:’s Jooles again...have you come across the antique chamber-pot yet – I reckon it’ll fetch at least a couple of thousand tonight...

[The only object Sophie can see that resembles anything like a chamber-pot is a cheap plastic container with a lid. It is labelled: “Poodle Poo Catcher”. However, upon opening the lid, to her disgust, Sophie spots a turd inside. She immediately freaks out, screaming that she hasn’t been as affronted since that cow, Belinda Neal, proffered her best wishes on her forthcoming motherhood.]

Jooles: Oh, don’t be such a drama queen, Sophie...Tim bought it for the new poodle coming along, and the turd is only a plastic one he got from the joke shop...

[Again, no bidders phone in and the evening looks like being a total financial disaster for Sophie and Ban.

Then, Sophie notices a sauce bottle included with the useless leftie job lot. But, before Kev can tell her it’s an ancient urn containing the cremated ashes of WorkChoices, and she should give it a fair shake, Sophie gives their line the flick and chucks all their stuff in the bin where it belongs.

Still, no callers ring in. Then, after a while, another knock comes on the door, and the courier says he is delivering a chequered flag. “Hmmm” says Sophie to Ban. “I wonder what’s going on here?”

Presently, a bulb illuminates on the switchboard. Sophie eagerly flicks the switch to “on”.]

Caller: Hi’s Andrew Bolt here...I see you’ve got a court case of your own coming up...I hope you have a bit more luck than I did...

Sophie: Yes, Andrew...I was sorry to hear about that...So, what’s the story with the chequered flag? I hear you were racing in the Melbourne Grand Prix today...does this mean you won the race?

Andrew: Erm...not exactly, Sophie...In fact, my car stalled at the start and I was still stuck there when the winner, Pat Eatock, crossed the line... I was having such a cry, the guy with the chequered flag gave it to me so that I could dry my eyes...So, I’m putting it up for bids tonight, in the hope that I can pay off some of the court costs...

Sophie: Yeah, Andrew...I’m sorry to hear about your predicament ...but I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that Eatock and her mates should, in good conscience, ring up and put in a big bid for the chequered flag – after all, it’ll really suit them, as, like them, it’s not sure if it’s black or white...heh...heh...

[Predictably, no bids are offered for Andrew’s chequered flag. So, the Producer puts Sophie and Ban out of their misery by calling a halt to proceedings. As the Producer starts to switch off the studio lights, Sophie has a last wistful glance at the blank switchboard. “Huh” she says to herself, “Andrew’s flag might be neither black nor white, but, after this evening, I’m even more in the red...Sheesh!]

Producer: There’s no point in staring at the switchboard, love, hoping it’s gonna light up...There’s as much life about it as there is in Joe Hockey’s great big black hole...heh...heh...

[And, to add insult to injury, as the Producer shoved Sophie and Ban out the door, she could have sworn he muttered under his breath, “I wouldn’t waste diamonds on this lot; talk about throwing pearls before swine”.

“Cheeky bugger”, thought Sophie to herself. “He and his sort are definitely for the chop when we get back in”]

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7/10/2011AC Thank you for another witty piece of satire. Sophie has gone very quiet this week, but the Bolta can’t resist the limelight; he was on again this evening’s Ten News, but I thought a little subdued. If Stephen Mayne can be believed, Bolt may not be riding as high as he once did as his shows are flagging. There are interesting times ahead. I’m calling it a day.


7/10/2011[b]TODAY'S LINKS[/b] [i]Campaign update: share your story for pokies reform Kelsey GetUp[/i] By sharing our stories through videos, ads and newspaper articles, in fliers and in letters, we can make sure the whole community hears why problem gambling reform is desperately needed. But that starts with you writing a few lines about why problem gambling reform is important to you, and for Australia. [i]A Friday smörgåsbord of delights ... Dorothy Parker Loon Pond[/i] It being Friday, it's time for smörgåsbord of delights, though with the commentariat food coming from a bain-marie in best Australian club style, it's likely to be an over-heated, over-done, stewed to the point of lifelessness sludge fest. [i]Xstrata gas deal sinks renewables hub Giles Parkinson Climate Spectator[/i] Hopes of building one of Australia’s largest renewable energy hubs in north Queensland appear to have been dashed after the Swiss-based global mining giant Xstrata signed a deal instead with AGL Energy to build a gas-fired power station in Mt Isa. [i] The NBN's ACCC crawl Supratim Adhikari Technology Spectator[/i] Meanwhile, the other ball in the ACCC’s court is the decision on the structural separation of Telstra, which is a critical piece of the overall NBN puzzle. Telstra’s management and shareholders are now pretty much resigned to the fact the regulator’s decision will not be forthcoming before the telco’s annual general meeting on October 18. With less than two weeks to go the absence of ACCC ‘s tick of approval really shouldn’t pose too much of an impediment for Telstra’s shareholders to put their weight behind the $11 billion deal struck with the Gillard government. [i]Rudd pins down cause of Richo syndrome Jeremy Thomson ABC[/i] Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has launched a bitter attack on former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson, saying he is suffering from "relevance deprivation syndrome". [i]Understanding Andrew Bolt Under the Milky Way[/i] Andrew Bolt is an intelligent, sensitive and highly informed
columnist. Many of his articles are meticulously researched and rich in detail. They are also designed to delberately misinform his readers. It takes an especially perverse mind to devote a career to concealing truth. In this short post I will offer an explanation as to why Mr. Bolt is so dedicated to misinforming his readership. [i]Time for Libs to dump Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull Barry Everingham Independent Australia[/i] There are many reasons why the Liberals must never, under any circumstances, allow Tony Abbott to become our country’s prime minister — and in the past 48 hours we had an example of this. It was Malcolm Turnbull’s stellar performance at the London School of Economics. [i]Morgan: 57-43 to Coalition William Bowe The Poll Bludger[/i] The headline figure might not look anything to write home about, but the latest Morgan face-to-face poll offers Labor a relatively encouraging result: their primary vote is up 3.5 per cent on the previous fortnight to 35.5 per cent, their best result since May. [i] Politics and life massivespray Spray of the Day[/i] Is there something wrong with me because I think that government should be trying to help everyone, not just the special interest groups?  Is it weird to think that the carbon tax is a great idea because it give the polluters incentive to lift their game while compensating those who are most likely to be affected by price rises?  I personally will be out of pocket, but to me that is an incentive to make my own house greener to curb costs. [b]Newspapers[/b] [i]Gillard forums an echo of Hawke legacy Paul Osborne AAP Trading Room[/i] In terms of the prime minister's personal credibility as someone genuinely interested in the future of the nation, the forums are likely to have a significant positive impact. Union leaders, business chiefs, academics and welfare lobbyists alike sounded the praises of Gillard as they exited the tax forum.[i] [/i] [i]NT cattle station bought for conservation Beef Central[/i] A Northern Territory cattle property will be turned into a conservation reserve to be managed by the Indigenous Land Corporation following its sale this week. The Federal Government today announced the purchase of the 178,000 hectare Fish River Station on the Daly River 150km south of Darwin for $13 million.


8/10/2011Hilarious post AC. I was roaring with laughter! I particularly liked the box of goodies from the PM, Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan. You'd pay a fortune for it to actually happen! Ad astra, Having read the profile of Dolt from the link on your post, he must still be smarting at the "injustice" of the decision. I was shocked at his mindset. He seems to think he's writing wartime propaganda, hence the self justification for the lies and misinformation in all his pieces. Does he ever he feel disappointed that the only people who swallow the tripe he writes are Liealot's deluded cheerleaders and assorted dingbats. But I suppose he and fellow slime bags Jones, Hadley et al, have to constantly reinforce the Tea Party propaganda, or their subjects might start to think for themselves and give them the middle digit. I wonder what would happen if dingbats were deprived of the drumbeat of negative propaganda. Would they slowly realise they'd been had?


8/10/2011[b]STILL DIGGING UP THE DIRT.[/b] Peter Hartcher October 8, 2011 A very apt title but I'm not sure who is wielding the shovel this time. However, the phrase [i]"Julia Gillard's putsch against Kevin Rudd,"[/i] is probably a bit of a clue for insiders. Obviously there was a lot of time for gossip and intrigue around the tea trolley and over a beer or two at the gigs in Parliament House this past week. Read more:

Feral Skeleton

8/10/2011NormanK, Thank you, you are a sweetie. :) Of course you know that emotional blackmail is a tool well-honed when you have 2 teenage boys that are both at least 6' tall. :D

Feral Skeleton

8/10/2011jane, So very, very right. I spent the afternoon yesterday having lunch with a couple of friends, and whilst they do vote Liberal mostly, last election they voted for our Labor candidate up here because (as they are sisters they usually work these things out between them over a couple of wines :) ), they had decided that the Labor candidate was a more worthy person to get their vote. So, not rabid, unbending Liberal voters. Anyway, talk eventually turned to politics because by that time we were back at my friend's house and she was catching up on reading The Daily Terrorgraph. Her sister brought up Climate Change, and, as I said, they're not silly people. Well, what came out of their mouths was just every Climate Sceptic's talking point under the sun. "Why should Australia have a Carbon Tax when no other country in the world has one?" Me: "That's not true." "Well ours will be so much greater than any other country." Me: "No it won't." "It'll just make everything more expensive and it won't work anyway because everyone else will just keep polluting." Me: "It's like a jigsaw, we all have to do our bit to make up the big picture." "Nah. Carbon Tax." Me: Explains how Global Warming causes things like Victorian Bushfires and Queensland Floods. "Nah. Carbon Tax." Me: Thinks about their weekly wine bill being 10 times what they will pay for action to address Climate Change via a Price on Carbon. Me: :( Me: Hopes that minimal financial effect as a result of Climate Change legislation will eventually prove my point. They are still my friends though. They're not stupid enough to let politics come between us. :)

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8/10/2011LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated:


8/10/2011FS, the carbon price stuff from your friends sounds eerily like verbatim quotes from the cashed up [strike]Foreign Owned[/strike] Australian Industry & Trades Alliance ads that are infesting pay tv at the moment. And of course it's all straight from the Liars Party Handbook of Bullshit. I think it's time the government spent a few bucks on a campaign of their own using the same format-someone in a hard hat, a pensioner, a hospitality worker and a farmer asking why the AITA is passing itself off as Australian businesses and why they are lying about the carbon pricing scheme. Or something like that.

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8/10/2011Folks I'll be out for the afternoon. Back this evening.

Feral Skeleton

8/10/2011jane, Do you know why the government are not allowed to have another ad campaign like the TV one from Vested Interests Inc.? As they are doing the right thing and not spending as much money on ad campaigns as Howard used to. They said they wouldn't and they aren't. Also, even if they do the Murdoch Media Mafia light on them like termagents from hell and attempt to scarify them for spending even $1. They can't win. Of course, the reason the Murdoch Mafia want to keep them in a box is because they might become more popular if they can get a positive and truthful message out. Which wouldn't help their satrap, Tony Abbott, at all.


8/10/2011Jane @ 10.46am "I think it's time the government spent a few bucks on a campaign of their own using the same format....." That is probably more in the domain of Get-Up but none-the-less it could be a smart move for the Government to advertise using the same format but with an [i]informed[/i] hard hat, pensioner, hospitality worker and farmer. Yes, the more I think about it the more I like the idea. Communication of government policies and programs is the subject of a Drum article by Annie O'Rourke, the person appointed by Rudd, PM to update e-Government. See [i]Government communications: online but out of touch.[/i]

Feral Skeleton

8/10/2011Casablanca, Thank you for The Drum article. :) I went with my son to see the Foreign Minister today speak about the Horn of Africa Crisis and our Aid Budget. It was great!


8/10/2011A bit of extra reading. No links tomorrow. :( Ash Ghebranious Ash's Machiavellian Bloggery[/i] You have probably been noticing a lot of ads from a group calling itself the ‘Australian Trade And Industry Alliance’. Sounds imposing! Even sounds like a legitimate group! But who are they you wonder? [i]Breaking the other drought George Megalogenis[/i] IT was the attitude of some of the Liberal-leaning attendees from business to this week's tax summit that was most revealing. "These Tories want to help Gillard," was how one Labor veteran of reform's glory decades of the 1980s and 90s put it. He wasn't sure if this government had the inspiration and intellect to take up the offer. Nonetheless, he was pleasantly surprised by the change in tone. [i]Carbon deals mired in jungle of complexity Lenore Taylor SMH[/i] On paper, it looks like the perfect correlation of supply and demand. Australia, a developed economy, highly reliant on energy-intensive industry, is about to implement an emissions trading scheme. [i]US dam busters supply fresh hope to river life Rosslyn Beeby The Canberra Times[/i] It's the world's biggest dam removal, a three-year demolition project to tear down two huge hydro-electric dams on the Elwha River in Washington state and bring the river back to life. But although the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams are big - 33m and 64m high respectively - they're not the first concrete hulks to be removed from river systems across the United States. Over the past decade, more than 400 dams have been taken out, and the tally is currently heading toward the 1000 mark.


8/10/2011Aa, "Where journalism fails The whole idea of journalism is to go to people who have varying kinds of power and influence over our lives and tell us what they're up to, because we don't have the time to be everywhere at once like big news organisations can."


8/10/2011Jason @4.13pm, it fails big time, because the best we can expect is snide crap from that feather brained lightweight Crabbe. I wish Liealot would give her one so she would finally realise how crap he is and maybe take her job seriously. Is that asking too much?

Ad astra

8/10/2011Folks Thank you for your comments and links and for the extra links NormanK, as well as the Saturday batch. They are all interesting reading. I thought Mega’s piece was revealing, exposing as it did the vacuous nature of Tony Abbott’s plans for the economy, and the fact that businessmen are waking up to him and are alarmed. Jason, the Andrew Elder piece was spot on. I’m calling it a day and looking forward to tomorrow’s political TV.


8/10/2011Jane I like the treatment you prescribe for Ms Crabbe. Then it would be straight off to confession for Liealot and having been forgiven his trespasses he would be all fresh and absolved, and able to start anew tomorrow shafting the country. But on a more optimistic note I can't help but feeling that he is losing some of the wind out of his sails (piss and wind, minus wind = piss).....he's becoming a void to be voided! I think that the government has less presented itself as an easy target since the last sitting, and the political scene is slowly but surely moving to one of policy discussion and actual legislation......not the forte of Abbott or his mob (what an understatement). And his strategy to sit and throw stones at the Tax Forum more and more seems to have failed, as George M's article shows. Like the Malaysia matter, the matter of Labor's having a better relationship with the business sector is another area in which any government success will whittle away at the winning position he thinks he has and will have till 2013. So he wants neither to go ahead lest they succeed. Just maybe the latter matter will 'ignore' him, and wound him. When you think seriously about the fool, to think that any business man with an ounce of brains or acumen wants him to be PM seems far fetched. Are they really that silly? When push comes to shove, the business community, (as opposed to a few ideologue individual business persons like Forrest, Rhinheart types) may well prefer JG to a wild and mad cannon, in the longer term. Hopefully we're seeing the beginning of this now. A case in point is Heather Ridout and her mob. In recent months she's been playing hard ball with JG and has been quite critical. But the question is, does hard ball with JG equate with supporting Abbott. Can anyone think of anything she has said which both criticises JG [b]and[/b] actually supports the Opposition position on any policy area. Can anyone remember any prominent business leader actually saying positively and unequivocally "Abbott would be a better PM than JG" or even "this opposition would manage the country better than the current government"? It makes you wonder just what the polls are reflecting ..... probably the views of those such as FS's friends above (I have plenty of relatives of that type). If this is so, business and other intelligent community leaders best start being a bit active in putting the spotlight on Abbott's failures and JG's successes lest they end up with a PM they don't really want.


9/10/2011Good Sunday moaning Swordsfolks Just watched intro to Lopsiders. They showed cameo clips of a score or so of people. I think every one3 was eitehr negative or put-down or not positive. [i]This is deliberate and mischievous.[/i] Prick male Phil (Someone) commenter now close to implying that Rudd has had the 14-y-o-arrested in Bali as a way of improvng his profile, at least glorying in the opportunity. Female commenter's contribution so far is fairy floss. Combet on now. Go Greg! Have a goodie Folks, Parliament BIG SESSION starts manana.


9/10/2011Talk about "crass"! Today's Insiders finished with a grab from Campbell Newman's 'blame Anna Bligh for everything', "punks, drunks and desperadoes" news conference, when one of his supporters, standing behind CanDo's right shoulder, collapsed on screen. "Anna Bligh's to blame for this, too" was Newman's first comment, with a smirk on his face, as one of his aides helped the collapsed man. And then another Conservative hack stepped forward, and said to the assembled Press, "While we wait, let's talk some Canberra stuff". There's a man, a colleague, stretched out on the ground behind them. An alternative Premier of Queensland's first response is to crack a joke that has a sling at his opponent in it. Another Conservative suggests that rather than suspend the press conference until everyone there is assured the collapsed fellow is OK, they simply shift their focus to another political arena. This displayed the most incredible callousness and sheer disdain for people I can recall seeing in this country for a very long time. Juvenile AND uncaring. Hey, the Abbott template!


9/10/2011Talk Turkey at 9.50 Didn't watch Lopsiders, never do now, but it was only a matter of (a short) time before an anti Government slant was developed from this Bali incident. If Rudd does his job well it'll be enough for another week or so's leadership speculation. The Government will get no thanks. In a short while we can expect calls from the fringe for what amounts to a declaration of war on Indonesia to Bring The Boy Home!!! It's straying close to the Australian exceptionalism- the idea that our Government can just reach into other countries & tell them what to do & that their laws don't apply to us. My guess is that Abbott will stay fairly clear of this, perhaps allocating a droog or two to do some sniping or perhaps favouring us with a small piece himself, & when it's over announce to a uncritical reception that he would've had it all sorted in ten minutes. Michael at 11.20 That is indeed Crass with a Capital "C"

Feral Skeleton

9/10/2011Talk Turkey, I'm with you, I sat and watched and listened to Insiders and the interview with Greg Combet absolutely gobsmacked. I could not believe the amount of airtime wasted obsessing about Kevin Rudd's so-called 'positioning' wrt another 'tilt'(eurgh how I hate journalese sometimes), at the Prime Ministership, akin to standing around a dying fire, protecting it from dying it's natural death and blowing on what faint embers are still flickering in the smoldering mass, in order to make it come alive again. When all everyone wants to do is pack up the camp and go bushwalking, so to speak. Yet there they were, the 'Insiders', connoting motive on the Foreign Minister which they have pulled out of thin air wrt his taking up the matter of the poor young man, barely out of the area marked 'Child', and ascribing all manner of base motives to the Foreign Minister as a result. Disgusting behaviour. Then, to add insult to injury, Barrie Cassidy did his best 'Dog with a Bone' impression, which is what journalists believe passes for forensic questioning these days, and he wasted at least half of the interview with the Climate Change Minister, which could have been spent elucidating more about the Minister's portfolio, trying to harague him into a corner of the Press Gallery's choosing, which is Kevin Rudd's supposed awakened designs on the Prime Ministership. Well, let me just say that I spent over 2 hours in a lecture theatre yesterday listening to Kevin Rudd give a speech about Australia's Aid Budget and the Horn of Africa Crisis, and then answer questions freely from the audience, and not once did it seem to me as though he was using the occasion to grandstand to that audience or burnish his nascent leadership credentials with them. In fact, he expressed heartfelt thanks to the Prime Minister for the good job she was doing under difficult circumstances, spoke consistently about the achievmenst that the government as a whole had made, and even when questions were asked of him that could have given him an opportunity to sink the slipper into the Prime Minister in front of an obviously adoring crowd, he had the presence of mind to be alive to the opportunity the question gave him to do so but he did not take it. In fact, he admonished the questioner for the way they had framed the question, which was about the differences between the PM's position re the Palestine/Israel situation, the UN vote, and his perspective. He actively and deliberately walked back from the assumption implied in the question, that there was tension between his position and the PM's, and said that they are as one in their approach on Palestine/Israel and the PM has got it absolutely right wrt the government's stance and the upcoming UN vote. Though you'd never hear it reported in the media. Just more of the same garbage from the 'Insiders', the journalistic equivalent of dog's vomit.

Ad astra

9/10/2011TT I missed the end of [i]Insiders[/i] this morning, but to me the outstanding performer was Greg Combet. He not only answered questions well, but also provided understandable information, and took every opportunity to hammer the negativity and vacuousness of Tony Abbott. He is a class act. Phillip Coorey seemed out of his depth on Kevin Rudd’s ‘bid to be PM again’. Michael Stutchbury, ex-economics editor for [i]The Australian[/i] poached by Fairfax to be editor-in-chief of its [i]Australian Financial Review[/i] seemed a little more cautious than usual in making condemnatory remarks about the Gillard Government. Perhaps he is feeling the need to shake off the negativity of Chris Mitchell and adopt the more balanced approach of Fairfax papers. Misha Schubert was sensible as usual, pointing out that most of the talk about a Rudd challenge was media generated. Lindsay Tanner was quite right about the media. Its purpose is to entertain, and what is a more entertaining item of political news than party leadership. We saw [i]Insiders[/i] go tabloid again this morning with a immature collage of bits and pieces of Rudd’s ‘bid for leadership’. Remember Peter Costello – he was the subject of leadership speculation over and again for almost a decade! With such juicy speculation, can you, for example, imagine our current media making a story around the factual matter of the raising the tax-free threshold, already tripling from $6000 to $18,200 in 2012, with the possibility of it rising to $21000 following the Tax Forum? This is a major reform that will benefit low-income earners, but have we seen an eye-catching headline: ‘You will pay less tax’? The media has much to answer for. It is they who are aiding and abetting Tony Abbott’s campaign of fear, uncertainty, doubt, misinformation and lies, about which I shall post a piece tomorrow.

Ad astra

9/10/2011psyclaw I am getting the same impression as you – many in the business community are awake to Abbott’s deficiencies in policy, and aware that his only weapon is destructiveness, such as would be seen in a small child unable to get what it wants. While I have heard many a businessman say they don’t want this or that tax, I have not heard any say ‘We want Abbott’. I’ve not even heard Forrest or Rinehart say the want Abbott as PM. The power of Abbott’s campaign of fear, uncertainty, doubt, misinformation and lies is diminishing, and when it’s stripped bare of credibility, even his supporters will walk away.


9/10/2011Urgh just lost another post. Not really my fault this time: I hit the Comments button, post didn't upload, then the connection dropped out, Bum! I observed how amazed I am at how never-giving of a decent rap the Government gets. Bagged and slagged heaps, otherwise dammnmnmmnmned ;-) with faint praise, giggly journos together, they weren't so bad this time but the score or so of cameo clips were almost all negative, where is the enthusiasm for the process I want to know, doncha reckon the Tax Summit was simply the sanest thing ever? Seems like Mr Henry is the most outspoken, and he is by nature quietly-spoken and restrained. I hate re-writing posts, they can never be re-juiced to like what they used to was. Oh yes, and I hoped to whet appetites for what will be a very heavily combative session of Parliament starting tomorrow,, could be make or break indeed for the long-term electoral prospects of the Government. I think it will see the grounding and deflating of the Abbortt bubbloon before the Crispmess break. He'll still be LOTO but not looking good. That's what we want. Making book on who the next LOTO will be, and when, would be a fascinating exercise. But you know what? NO-ONE can predict that. I just don't want it to be TOO soon. About the ninth round in pugilistic terms, I'd hope for. With six to go to wear the next one down too, by which time they will look as tatty and rudderless, no ton impended, as they really are. We're only in the early sixth atm, and Abbortt is getting punchy, he's thrown his best himself and he ain't lookin' too hot. and if he votes the Gillard Malaysia arrangements down, thinking he has scored, he'll really have punched his own poor little budgie to death. It's time the Greens stopped playing with themselves and supported the government in offshore processing. If that fails then there'll be hell to pay not much later. While the devilishly shit-eating-grinning Abbort will be laughing with delight, even though he will have done himself in the goolies but he's dumb enough not to see the irony and hypocrisy, or to realize the longer-term implications. I think a regional solution is the sensible way to go, given the whole political situation here, but with very stringent control over the personnel who deal with asylum seekers - better surely than we have seen so far. and why can't asylum seekers be given wristaband positioning gadgets which if they removwe them will result in instant no-questions deportation? Why is that? Anybody please? Well it's on again tomorrow! Or carbon price anyway.

Ad astra

9/10/2011TT Far be it for me to suggest something that you probably know anyway, but having had the same experience as you, namely losing a comment because of a site malfunction, I now type up my comments in Word before copying and pasting them into Comments. Then if the website lets me down, and I lose the post, I’ve got the original. You are right – it’s a big week for the Government In parliament. There seems little doubt that the carbon legislation will be passed; the dicey one is the asylum legislation. It seems as if everything hinges on Tony Crook, who is inclined to support it, but he has been heavily leaned on by Scott Morrison to not do so. If he decides to pull his support, the Government might defer a vote to avoid defeat, which of course would fuel another Abbott attack on the Government as illegitimate. On the other hand, Julia Gillard has said that she wants every vote against her asylum legislation recorded for use in the future. This vote, if it comes up at all, may not do so until the following week.

Ad astra

9/10/2011Folks I'll be out for a few hours.

Acerbic Conehead 2

9/10/2011G’day Swordians! No sign of that wascally warthog from last week yet! I thought the mention of his beloved Sophie would have flushed him out by now! AA, Thank you again for all your support. You are the perfect host. Looking forward to reading more of your marvellous insights tomorrow on Australian politics. I hope the powers-that-be in the Australian Government read your stuff because there is no better political writer in Australia today, IMHO. NormanK, Thanks again for the very interesting links. That culinary delight, in particular, from Dorothy Parker at Loon Pond (love that name) had me making numerous trips to the fridge. Jane, Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Sophie got more (or was it less?) than she bargained for. I still can’t believe the contrast between how this case is treated by the media and the Thomson issue. But, then again, when I look at the abysmal quality of the MSM here, I can only shake my head (but not as well as Tones can). FS, With the two six-foot sons you have, I’m glad I’m not paying your grocery bills, lol. TT, Sorry to hear you lost a post. After that happened to me, I started typing onto a Word document and then pasting onto the blog. All the best for now. Go the Wallabies!!!!


9/10/2011It's starting to get interesting - front page of the Brisbane Sunday Mail this morning "Licenced clubs caught out telling porkies on pokies". Apparently a document circulati9ng at the Clubs Queensland convention (wouldn't that be riveting!) points out that pokies revenue would drop about 10% maximum and some Queensland Clubs would still be making $1million profits pre annum. Bolt is more or less a-political (something about being bullied when a kid from the first couple of paragraphs - I couldn't be bothered reading any more!) and a bit of a swipe ant Can't do Newman for at a minimum being a goose and not disclosing everything first time around. There still is hyper critical stories on State and Federal Government however, the one that struck me for lack of consistency was apparently Gillard has written to Bligh complaining about the number of "foreign built" cars in the State Government fleet. The same paper was reporting with glee a few years ago when the Stae Govt couldn't get rid of the Australian Built cars for a reasonable price (not everyone will buy a Commodore, Falcon, Camry at auction apparently!

Feral Skeleton

9/10/2011And where's the 'Policy Free Zone', otherwise known as Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition? Trawling for votes with all the other Chauvinistic Petrol Heads and Bogans at the Bathurst 1000. He's certianly not in his office at Parliament House going over the coming week's legislation, which will be being debated and voted on, that's for sure. Just says everything you need to know about Tony Abbott. He leaves the hard work up to others while he flounces about on his non-stop media-based campaign of sloganeering and electioneering without substance.

A Boor's Boar

9/10/2011Acerbic Conehead Yet another slop-bucket full of mouldy gags past their use-by date and half-eaten clichés rejected by the slobs at your table. No self-respecting boar would offer tacit confirmation of your efforts by stooping to acknowledge (much less consume) such paltry offerings. It is as plain as the nose on my face that you are trying to aggravate me with your puerile taunting but I can assure you that I am pig enough to rise above such juvenile attempts at provocation. As for Sophie (aaah Grunt (K)), she is more of a man than you could ever hope to be and nothing you can say will dissuade me from snuffling at whichever parts of her I can reach. If I do appear to have decided to resist replying to your tawdry taunts, it will be because I have my hind feet up somewhere, revelling in the imminent move to the Big House. Sophie has just purchased a pickling vat (a hot tub for gentleman boars) which she assures me I will find more than adequately accommodating. All recent references to her as a gold-digger are easily refuted by her ongoing concern for my well-being and continued good health (as exemplified by twice daily weighings to ensure my diet is adequate). While our love remains unconsummated, it is a sign of her giving nature that she has ensured that I have access to several sows and that as soon as my off-spring are weaned they are whisked off to a 'better place'. Perhaps if you had someone who loved you as much as Sophie does me, you would not feel compelled to write such unadulterated porcine droppings. Oh. And Go the Wallabies!

Feral Skeleton

9/10/2011I hope Nasking is OK. :( Hopefully he's just taken a break during the School Holidays to be with his Teacher wife. I miss him. Oh, and 'GO THE WALLABIES!'


9/10/2011After a fair while away, I've tried lately to bring up the Daily Bludge but can't. Does anyone know whether it's still around? Sometimes my stuff here refuses to bring up sites I know for a fact exist. Roll on the NBN.


9/10/2011 Like Michaels comment on Newman's press interview ( and those standing with him response, NON response is more accurate, to the man that fainted) was breathtakingly poor. A case of actions speaking louder than words. Responses to a situation usually shows more about a person. And I hope many view it. Even the press secretary or journalists, whomever there , walked away like it was a 'bother'. Very sad / bad indictment indeed, from all. I wished I had something brighter to say- but this incident left me with a bad feeling for most of today.


9/10/2011Hey there NormanK - your gravatar almost gave me a heart attack :D: I watched a bit of Insiders this morning but ended up turning it off as usual. In fact, I am so over the whole media and the continual beat-ups, lies and innuendo that I've been avoiding watching or listening to anything. The latest bullshite is that Stephen Smith has been approached to switch to State politics! Who the hell thinks up all this stuff to feed to a gullible public?


9/10/2011[i][b]Nasking[/b][/i]! [i]That's[/i] who it is! And D Mick Weir too but Nasking in particular, you're right FS, I have had an unformed sort of blank in my head for a long time, that's who it is, [i]Nasking![/i] Hey Cobber we're your friends here, let's know eh? Being without Lyn's bad enough. I do miss that odd apostrophe that one of the Others tried to kill. As they say in the classics If I can learn to love [b]*my say*[/b] on [i]Poll Bludger[/i] ([u]and[/u] [u]I[/u] [u]do[/u]), I can sure put up with an errant apostrophe or two! [ my say btw is a frequent poster on PB who doesn't worry too much. about exactitude of grammer and spel . ing . and puntctation and has. really. taught. me. that that doesn't matter a lot if the meaning is clear and the thought is worthwhile. which it [i]usually[/i] is.] [i]Published in the interests of fostering good relations between sympatico bloggers throughout the universe.[/i] (But with Lyn urchin apostrophes are rare delights like tiny orchids, I long to spy their winks many times more. Hope you + 1 are enjoying yourselves almost excruciatingly Lyn! So come back Nasking, Bring Back Maxine, Come Swordsfolk All, wield those verbal rapiers, do you think we're having no effect? Well we aren't! - having no effect, that is! [i]Au contraire,[/i] I bet for example that Annabelle the Slyly-sidling Crabbe's ears are stinging from the things bloggers are saying about her, she can cosy up to her little clique but she can't hide from the cold hard light of scrutiny any more with comments as bereft of depth as is fairy floss of sustenance. Crassidy is affecting a tough exterior, self-satisfied in his sinecure, not accountable for anything, snide comments on the spot'll do, again guaranteed absolutely nutrient-free in his own comments. Occasionally someone on Lopsiders will say something (almost accidentally) that is not too nasty or snide or vacuous, sometimes even insightful, but Juices Crisp it's a rarity. But we do have an effect, is what I'm saying, and how I know is Ad astra thinks so too and Ad astra isn't wrong [i]ever[/i]. Well . . . [i]hardly[/i] ever :) Our object re journos, surely, is not to attempt to destroy them, but to bring them to account, as they are not presently, and help to force them to lift their game. Honesty and integrity and respect for those they mention are the issue. And we [i]WILL[/i] win!

Feral Skeleton

9/10/2011janice, I saw the Stephen Smith story and thought, "What tha?" How could someone who is now Defence Minister of Australia possibly think that it could be some sort of positive move to go from that to State Politics? Not to mention the fact that Stephen Smith is a very popular local member in WA, despite the generalised antipathy generated by the media to the ALP. Also, all this talk about, "Well, if the ALP get wiped out at the 2013 election like the polls now tell us they will, then Stephen Smith will undoubtedly lose his seat and so will want to stay in politics at any cost, so therefore will cast around for a seat on the State Opposition's benches." Which they will be as such a rout as would unseat Stephen Smith in a federal poll would surely see the State party do just as bad, if not worse, therefore leading to the conclusion that Stephen Smith would probably not get a State seat either. So many, 'Ifs, buts and maybes' as to pass the Laugh Test with Flying Colours. Yet, because it's in a Sunday Rag people are taking it seriously and the ABC is reporting it faithfully and Channel 10 are dutifully asking the question of the Minister with a straight face. Honestly, what sort of a circus is politics and the media in tandem becoming these days? I guess we'll have our suspicions affirmed this week in parliament.

Feral Skeleton

9/10/2011BSA Bob, That's a question for our intrepid media Sherlock, lyn, and she is on hols atm. Oh well, I guess if The Daily Bludge doesn't reappear within a goodly amount of time, you'll get your answer. :)

A Boor's Boar

9/10/2011janice Sorry about that. You can blame Acerbic Conebrain for bringing out my dark side. If he would just ease off on my HeartThrob (did you see her layout in [i]Playpig of the Year[/i]? The Centrefold was positively scrumptious) I could get back to doing what I do best - rooting around looking for links.


9/10/2011psyclaw @11.43am 8 October, I think you've hit on the disconnect between the business community and the dingbattery. With the exception of characters like Forrest, Rinehart and Palmer, who most likely think [b]they'll[/b] be calling the shots in the appalling event that Liealot does get his grubby maulers on power. However, I think they might get a nasty shock if the Liars Party is elected. Certainly Liealot will sell the country down the river giving his mates what they want, but a lot of things they don't want may transpire. Liealot in particular, and the Liars Party are so inept, incompetent and bereft of policy ideas that they could very well damage the export market that the Unholy Trio depends on. I agree that the rest of the business community sees that they can engage the government in meaningful discussion, whereas the only thing they are getting from the Liars party are slogans and negativity. While those tactics appeal to the politically naive and the terminally dishonest (Dolt, Jones, Emperor Rupert), the business community and workers want constructive policies and a government which is prepared to negotiate with them in good faith. AC, I certainly think Vampirella Slagabella got a lot less than she deserved. I have commissioned an extra sturdy spit and a semi load of crackling enhancer for when she finally gets hers. 2353, apparently Clubs Australia has a backup plan to station ATMs on trailers outside their venues to thwart limits on mandatory pre commitment for pokie addicts. Apparently these geniuses don't understand that if you give your opponent your game plan you lose! At least it clears up the question of whose welfare is foremost in the minds of all those "community minded" clubs! A Boor's Boar, I'm sure you'll get your share of crackling once we've finished with Ms Slagabella. Start making the apple sauce.

Ad astra

9/10/2011AC Thank you for your generous remarks. I do hope journos and even politicians read [i]TPS[/i], but who knows. Anyway tomorrow’s piece pulls no punches. Why should we when Abbott never does? TT You are right – we keep hoping journos will lift their game, but will their editors and proprietors let them? I too look forward to Nasking’s return. FS The Stephen Smith story sounds like media fantasy to me. debbiep The resuscitative efforts of Campbell Newman and his side kicks was pathetic, but more disgraceful was their apparent unconcern for someone who had fainted before their eyes, and their determination none-the-less to get on with the politics while he lay on the ground. I’m glad it wasn’t anything more serious. I hope the person who fainted watches the replay to see how little his mates care for him. NormanK I much prefer your botanical Gravatar. Tomorrow I’ll post [i]Why are Australians angry and scared out of their minds? Ask Tony Abbott.[/i]

Ad astra

9/10/2011AC I see the Wallabies won, but by a nose. Let's hope they can continue into the next round.


9/10/2011Watching Abbott at the race today, coming out with a smart arse comment "wondering how much carbon the cars produce". Simply an obvious grab for the local audience, but a good example of his saying what it takes on the day & never being picked up about it. I didn't watch earlier but various posts made it clear he got a bit of the red carpet treatment, presumably there to save our Aussie way of life from the Gillardistas. Not the slightest pretence today of an interest in carbon reduction. He'll get away with it.

Feral Skeleton

9/10/2011BSA Bob, Of course Abbott will get away with his increasingly obvious position that he doesn't really want to do anything about Climate Change once he gets elected. He'll find some plausible form of words to explain it all away. That's what he's best at. I just don't know how much more foolish people can get, putting their children's future in hock so that can continue in their blissful ignorance, shitting in the only nest they have, the Earth, with it's fragile atmosphere supporting all 7 Billion of us. I'm surprised Tony Abbott hasn't come out sooner though to abandon action on Climate Change for the Coalition. As devout a Catholic as he is he must surely believe that all will be OK as God has everything in hand.


9/10/2011F.S. A good point about Abbott's religiosity. Like Osama B.L. it's obvious to him. He & his mates are going to Heaven, his enemies are going to Hell & it doesn't matter in either case if sometimes things are artificially speeded up a bit. What happens here isn't of much account.


9/10/2011I had to go to Sydney today and was 'blessed' when searching for some radio entertainment to stumble on an interview by some 2 clowns on 2ue of Angry Anderson spruiking about his recent joining of the Truss brethren. Anderson confessed that he may well be the saviour of the country and indeed the interviewers tagged him as a future PM. True. Tatts and all! (Now there's something for AC to work on for a future piece!) As the congratulations were being reciprocated all over the place at the end, Anderson was praised as "the only politician to openly answer all questions". Of course they were most stressful questions like "what electorate would you like?", and "when will you join the House?" and "what do you hope to achieve?" To the latter question he answered that he'd like to replicate in the cities, all the past great achievements of the Nationals for rural and regional Australia. No-one asked him to describe a few of these achievements. If he succeeds I guess it will be business as usual in the cities, since the replication of "not much at all" would seem to be not much at all. Insiders: I have just watched this travesty and agree with the various criticisms by other Swordsters. The email I sent Cassidy is quoted below and sums up my thoughts. The Rudd questions were predictable beat ups and to reference Richardson Who Promotes Richardson was really scraping the bottom of the toilettes. On the "Turnbull says China is miles ahead in investing in renewable energy technology manufacturing" question was Cassidy really trying for a gotcha? Surely it wasn't a Dorothy Dixer? Any half literate fool could answer that that's the very point why Australia needs to get moving. Mr Combet rightly pointed out that JWH put us 11 years behind (plus another 3 or 4 years by this Opposition). And amongst all the crap discussion about the Rudd resurrection, including that he could be PM and call an election by Christmas (Coorey doubted that it could be "much before March 2, 2012") [b]eventually[/b] came the gem of a fact that no cabinet member or factional heads had given any suggestion that the PM would be challenged. So what a waste of the 15 minutes of airtime they'd devoted to it. It was like "we'll buy 4 new houses and 7 new cars and a chalet in Switzland and an Airbus A380" before admitting that the lottery hasn't been drawn yet, and we haven't bought a ticket in it anyway. Fools! Text of my email to Cassidy: [quote]Mr Cassidy, I've heard, seen and read many criticisms of your anti government bias in the past, and although not disbelieving them, there have been times when I have thought that the critics have been a bit hard on you. However today your performance unequivocally indicated that the criticism was accurate. Why did you start the program with fully 5 minutes of snippets belittling the Tax Summit. This is in contrast to wide media views that some good directions and agreements were reached (eg see George Megalogenis's article yesterday). When did you last participate in a two day conference in which a few individuals, usually minor players, have not at some time rested their eye? This visual "gotcha feast" indicates no high level of camera work or journalist work. It was merely tabloid. And then you wasted the Combet interview with petty questions outside his portfolio about the media ie your mob's beat up about a Rudd challenge. Even when you got to ETS questions you continued to attempt "gotchas" such as asking him to respond to Turnbull's China observations with a question phrased to suggest that China's lead in renewable energy manufacture was this government's fault. Under your "leadership" Insiders was today a journalistic farce. I rated your personal performance as particularly inept.[/quote]


10/10/2011[b]TODAY'S LINKS[/b] [i] Satire is not dead, but you’ll only find the good stuff in the blogosphere Jennifer Wilson No Place For Sheep[/i] Then trot across to The Political Sword and learn how Sophie Mirabella and Scott Morrison take over the dumped ABC Collectors program. Warning: this piece contains references to a diarrhetic seabird so you might want to leave it till after your coffee and croissants. [i]Race bar too low for free speech Crispin Hull[/i] Further, the case has made him a free-speech martyr. And it has given succour to a “cheer-squad” of crypto-racists who now have further “proof” that the system is geared to providing for the “Aboriginal industry”. The law has been quite self-defeating. Parliament should take a good look at it, especially comparing it with the NSW equivalent provisions. There is nothing like the strict enforcing of a faulty law to get it changed. [i]Precincts with major green features challenge developers, government The Fifth Estate[/i] A new worldwide study of sustainable precincts commissioned by Sustainability Victoria has unearthed some of the drivers to the most successful sustainable communities. It  analysed 43 projects in a dozen countries to demonstrate innovative business models for the delivery of precinct-level sustainability initiatives. [i]#15 When “Contrarians” represent the hegemonic view admin Uther's Say[/i] Is it the role of journalists to defend a political leader or to criticise the critics of a political leader? It appears to be a currency of journalists of broken media. Others believe journalists should deal with evidence in an accurate and balanced way and declare personal vested interests. [i]I’m Not Buying It lunalava Café Whispers[/i] Leaving aside the stupidity of giving ANY information to News Ltd, think about the reasons many, many people will ignore the News Ltd pay wall and why it will come crashing down before the trumpet sounds. Most would not have a bar of it, even if it were free. [i]Follow the money Ash Ghebranious Ash's Machiavellian Bloggery[/i] You have probably been noticing a lot of ads from a group calling itself the ‘Australian Trade And Industry Alliance’. Sounds imposing! Even sounds like a legitimate group! But who are they you wonder? [i]Where journalism fails Andrew Elder Politically homeless[/i] This week we saw a real shift to real news with real things to report and analyse - and two experienced journalists, Helen Tzarimas and Annabel Crabb, couldn't handle it. We look to the ABC for the real news but this week they were appalling. Feed us crap, they insisted, and if we don't get the crap we expect then we'll make some up. We are all impoverished by journalism like this and the editors who make it possible. [i]The "getting" of Assange and the smearing of a revolution Jorn Pilger Independent Australia[/i] The High Court in London will soon decide whether Julian Assange is to be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual misconduct. At the appeal hearing in July, Ben Emmerson, Queen’s Counsel for the defence, described the whole saga as “crazy.” Sweden’s chief prosecutor had dismissed the original arrest warrant, saying there was no case for Assange to answer. [i]Miranda the Devine, and maintaining the war on readers' intelligence and understanding of the world continues apace ... Dorothy Parker Loon Pond[/i] Sorry, dammit, that former minion of Murdoch subbie lurking at the pond always gets it wrong. The opener should have read: [i]THE way our Foreign Minister has jumped on the Bali case smacks more of Rudd's ambition than altruism.[/i] Yep, it's another example of damned if you do - pay any attention to a case - as opposed to damned if you don't - pay any attention to the case. The perfect gotcha ... [i]CO2 tariffs: airlines today, tomorrow the world? Gerard Wynn Climate Spectator[/i] The European Union took a step closer on Thursday to limiting world airline carbon emissions, which may point towards wider border measures against high-carbon industries and countries given a void in international climate action. [i]Five alternatives to current NBN shaping models Renai LeMay Delimiter[/i] If you look closely at the current NBN pricing plans proposed by the ISPs who have released them so far, it’s not hard to see why many people object to the whole concept of shaping so much. The top speeds available under the NBN fibre currently range up to 100Mbps, but if you exceed your monthly quota, the ISPs will throttle you down to 512kbps (Exetel), 256kbps (iiNet) and a miniscule 128kbps under the worst offenders Internode and Primus. [i]Smith Not Moving to Legislative Assembly The Body Politic[/i] Federal Defence Minister Stephen Smith has denied speculation he is considering a switch to state politics. The reports come amid speculation Mr Smith’s federal seat of Perth would almost certainly be lost if the Gillard Government was forced to an early election, and that the ALP would be left with no lower house representation in WA. [i]If you’re drunk and get raped, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself, says NSW Police Commissioner the news with nipples[/i] What’s a rape apologist? Well, I’m glad you asked. Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog has a wonderfully clear definition, that even people like Andrew Scipione should be able to understand: The simple answer is that a rape apology is any argument that boils down to the myth that rapists can be provoked into raping by what the victim does or does not do.

D Mick Weir

10/10/2011Good Morning Swordsters, been flat out like a lizard drinking only had time to lurk and look at that lovely set of links that NK has, thanks NK Here is one of interest that has just come in: [b]Feminists desert female Aussie PM[/b] Frank O’ Shea, Independent Australia [i]The most upsetting thing about the current campaign against Julia Gillard is that it is embraced so enthusiastically by women. At demonstrations and rallies, the crudest banners, those that refer specifically to her gender and her lifestyle, seem to be carried by women.[/i]


10/10/2011love it


10/10/2011Regarding my comments about Angry Anderson last night. I've since read Peter Fitzsimons in yesterday's Sun Herald. He says that Angry Anderson's presence in parliament would make Barnyard look sane. At least he didn't go so far as to say that it'd make Barnyard look intelligent. That would be a really distressing prospect.


10/10/2011Good Parliamentary morning Swordsfolks, I think that anybody who thinks that Assange has not simply been *got* by sinister Rightists* should read Pilger's expose referred to in NormanK's Lyn's~Links today, here's the link again Whether or not the castee has been proven in any way guilty of anything, whether or not s/he has even been charged, or even been shown to have a case to answer, in my opinion s/he who casts of the first stone, s/he who countenances its casting, whether or not subsequently joining in, and s/he who simply ignores the casting of stones, and s/he who fails to attempt to defend the potential victim, in my opinion are all culpable. [i]We should be agitating for Assange's liberty[/i], a stance I took at the beginning and which everything I have since learned about his case only reinforces. I think the Left has been pathetic in its acceptance of Assange's treatment, I am ashamed of us. I do expect some proper replies to this. *Yes I know, ta.


10/10/2011While I'm on the subject of harking back to Swordsfolks with whom I have taken issue, and now that you DMW are back with us, I want to reiterate a challenge I issued to you, on September 25, 2011 09:12 AM. I did not do it wantonly, but in response to your own spontaneous comment, and I did not expect you to ignore it, I meant to elicit from you a thoughtful and constructive comment, or failing that, a climbdown from the and apology to She to whom I refer as *J*U*L*I*A*. So I will publish it again in its entirety, please note the last 3 words. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D Mick Weir said "[Gillard and Abbott] both need a bloody good kick in the groin and to be told '... stop behaving like spoilt brats fighting over whose turn it is to sit in front" DMW I really do object to this brush-tarring attitude. I think it is worse than puerile and simplistic, it's bloody stupid unfair and you wouldn't want it to happen to you. That George Megalogenis, (whom I described in The Lass at Yarralumla as having been as wimpish as a teensy flaccid penis, and he's proving me right daily imo), who gets his daily slops from sucking his employer's tit and therefore has an excuse for tarring Her with him, does so, is no excuse for you to too. WTF do you think you are to give such self-righteous blind judgment? As if they were a couple indeed, they're as much a couple as Tyson and he whose ear he bit off. Our Prime Minister has the responsibility to lead the Government, and the constitutional right to do so. [b]What would you as groin-kicker have her do once you have satisfied your inclination to corporal punishment? Come on then![/b] TalkTurkey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS Ad if these two last posts of mine are gazumped by the next thread as I expect I'd like to re-post them, is that OK? As a general observation I think that serious contributors here, (not the Trolls of course, I wouldn't ask that of the poor petals), should be prepared to defend their statements, or else resile from positions they have taken less than wisely, without rancor but with responsibility.

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10/10/2011LYN'S DAILY LINKS updated:


10/10/2011Some positive news for a Monday morning. Watch out for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. The "Anti-Tea Party" has arrived (I hope). TT - If you repost your comment above, you're more than welcome to take thi one for the ride.

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10/10/2011TT I'll be posting the next piece later in the morning. You can then repost any comment you wish.

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10/10/2011psyclaw, You're a champion! Going into the trenches for TPS' sake, braving the bilgewater at 2UE, listening to the confected garbage, that if Peter Garrett were to mouth it would be laughed out of town by the self-same interviewers of Mr Sideshow Anderson. However, that's the point, isn't it? Gary 'Angry' Anderson is being afforded a level of indulgent warmth and fuzziness that Peter Garrett could only dream of. Not only will he have as a media pulpit those avowedly conservative media outlets, such as 2GB and 2UE, and their simulacra in the other States. He'll be uncritically pushed along by all Murdoch media outlets and the other TV stations who want to be part of the 'fun' candidacy(I can just see it now, going by how Channel 7 nearly wet their pants as they interviewed Tony Abbott yesterday at the Bathurst 1000). And, of course, bounding up the rear of the Murdoch and other assorted commercial media, will be faithful lap-dog, the ABC. So, poor Janelle Saffin in Page, who is a local hero and outstanding advocate for her electorate, with many wins for her local area in the Federal Parliament, will undoubtedly be swamped by the 'Angry' hoopla when the Circus Sideshow comes to town. I mean, if that blow-in actually wins, then politics in Australia will have moved one step closer to the Berlusconi model of a Strong Man Ruler, surrounded by distracting Dancing Girls and MPs who are the equivalent of Performing Seals.


10/10/2011 An article for everyone who laments that there is not one mainstream media journalist/commentator who can't see right to the cankerous heart of what is wrong with Australian politics and society.


10/10/2011AC I think the only asset Abbortt could've put on sale that might have been of interest (to some), he would've had to've been there in person to offer, not on the phone! :) And what was he wanting for it? Kirribilli, wasn't it? Yeah 'n' goodonyer Psyclaw that's the sorta talk I wanna hear! 2353 noted, good. And Ad. For continuity's sake, I think it makes sense. TPS never strays far from its core anyway, it always comes back to Media and political developments just as in its first post. So it doesn't matter if as in the best classrooms there is a bit of latitude, it ends up overlapping in unexpected beneficial ways. TPS is a very comfortable space imo, thanks to Ad and Web Monkey, and all who contribute here. BSA Bob I get the feeling you don't like Abbortt very much . . . and Michael at 10.04, I haven't looked yet, I will.

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10/10/2011Folks I have just posted [i]Why are Australians angry and scared out of their minds? Ask Tony Abbott[/i]
T-w-o take away o-n-e equals?