Prime Minister Frydenberg

Does anyone doubt that Josh Frydenberg covets the role of Prime Ministership of Australia?

If he succeeds, would he be the first Jewish PM in this country?

Search though I have, I cannot discover whether there has ever been an Australian PM of the Jewish faith. Perhaps one of you may know. If anyone is interested in this question, you may find this article in Eureka Street a helpful resource.

Wondering if Billy Hughes might have been Jewish, I researched his life, but discovering that he was married to Mary Hughes in Christ Church, South Yarra in 1911, that query was put to rest.

It looks then that Josh might be a first, if he succeeds.

Reflect on his demeanour during press conferences. He exudes confidence and pleasure, especially when presenting figures on the economy, which by his account is doing superbly well. Because the data support his contention, and of course his superior management of it, he literally swells with pride as he makes his announcements!

Frydenberg’s half-smile portrays not only his pleasure, but a degree of self-confidence that PM Morrison should beware of. Morrison’s demeanour is looking increasingly uncertain, sometimes fragile, as he grapples with problem after problem, announcement after announcement, and a plethora of undisciplined utterances that have landed him in hot water, the most recent and memorable being his condemnatory outburst against Christine Holgate. No amount of bluster, no number of announcements, no amount of stilted bravado, can disguise Morrison’s discomfiture. And the Holgate affair is not fading: Holgate-gate keeps opening doors and letting in a suffocating stench of HypocrisyBeing PM is not the fun Morrison might have imagined when he chatted amiably in anticipation with his ‘ethics adviser’, Jen.

Of course Frydenberg is content to watch Morrison hang himself, all the better to witness that from a respectable distance. He has no need for strokes of appreciation from his boss when his portfolio provides them in abundance.

So we are now witnessing an intriguing dynamic: a floundering PM, who scarcely knows what next will assail him, and uncertain how to deal with it when it does, alongside an increasingly confident Treasurer who rejoices in unveiling encouraging economic data that he believes bespeaks his superb economic management.

What will Morrison do to counter the Frydenberg threat? Indeed, does he see it at all? Or will he wallow in the dangerous belief that as Prime Minister he must be safe from internal challenge? If so, more fool he; after all, Prime ministers are never toppled are they?

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Ad Astra


Watch Frydenberg’s Budget speech tomorrow night!

Neville Hunter


Must I? For once I thought I would give this one a miss.Just for my anger management and mental health's sake..How does he rate on the dual citizen side? Lobbing hand grenades at the Victorian Premier may lose HIM a few votes even in the LEADER  Generating seat of Kooyong. 

Phil Pryor


Malcolm Fraser was effectively Jewish, having been brought up in some of that culture by his mother, as was R Murdoch. Fraser did say, joking against himself, that he was unwittingly the first Jewish member of the Melbourne Club. Isaac Isaacs was Jewish and a Chief Justice and later Governor-General. Perhaps one day a Muslim woman will reach high office Here and tell us all that anyone can...



Abbott is Roman Catholic. Dunno what Turnbull was, pale religious of some Christian mob. Morrison is insane Pentecostal.  Jesus Christ it doesn't say much for Christian religion eh. 

Frydenburg is a Jew. Australian Rightist politics is riddled with religionomanes.

Well, he is an outright liar as we Croweaters well know from the interview including him and Jay Weatherill, then our popular and effective Labor Premier.

Frydenberg is a Jew. Now, you're allowed to make some criticisms of Israeli Government actions .. or you may make thoroughly condemnatory of Zionists .. But you must never, never criticise Jews.  Israelis may murder or maim or dispossess Palestinians, foment mayhem all across the Middle East,  commit airstrikes any they choose there, keep a huge arsenal  of nuclear missiles, do pretty much whatever they with the complicity of the USA and much of the EU, and certainly Australia, and not least the filthy scum Murdoch .. But you must never say it's got anything to do with them being Jews. Because if you do you're anti-Semitic, and that is the most despicable thing in the universe, you are as bad as Hitler ..

Well that itself is an elaborate lie. Semitic peoples are a race, it's a matter of DNA: to be a Jew is to subscribe to a religion. 

Many Semites are Arabs without being Jewish, and many Jews are have no Semitic DNA at all. It's all a lie.

I think it was in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that I read that it is part of the Hell's Angels sworn creed that "If an Angel strikes a non-Angel, all other Angels present must also strike the non-Angel". Think about it: it gives Angels an automatic advantage in all physical conflict situations. wise, while for many hundreds of years it was anathema to Christian morality to profit from usury, there was no such impediment to Jews, leading to their dominance in the money-lending industry, which also gave them predominance in precious metals and jewellery, and by extension property.

Between the C20th Wars, with France and Britain and others claiming huge reparations from Germany, the Jews' dominance in those markets, coupled with their predilection to give preference to other Jews when it came to such matters as accommodation and credit, the poor amongst non-Jewish Germans found little to love their Jewish landlords and creditors for: so it was no wonder that Hitler found massive support for his anti-Jewish pogroms. 

Were I a Palestinian today, I might well feel empathy with those poor Germans, though I am avowedly anti-murder of any kind including capital punishment. That wouldn't make me anti-Semitic, it would make me anti-Jewish. Sure, just as not all men are rapists, but all rapists are men, not all Jews are Chosen-by-Yahweh supremacists, but all the latter are the former. And when I look at liar Josh Frydenberg, and self-seeking Israel-apologist Dave Sharma, I want no Jews to have sway over Australian politics. We are supposed to be secular, and all religion is prejudicial to good governance: but if there's one religious sect more than another that I don't want influencing our governments, it's Jews. So you can call me anti-Jewish if you , but don't you dare call me anti-Semitic. What I am is humanist. It's Israeli Jewish behaviour, their hypocritical Nazism, that I despise.  

Jeffrey Passlow


Keep bloody religion out of politics! Josh could not do any worse than Morrison except perhaps win for the LNP. Empathy is lacking in all of them.

Ad Astra


Talk Turkey

What an asset you are to The Political Sword blogsite. Your comments are so well thought through, so informative. I’m sure readers get as much enjoyment from reading them as they do from reading the original piece. Do keep coming to TPS.

Revisiting the Jay Weatherill -  Josh Frydenberg encounter reminds us what sort of person Frydenberg really is. We’ll need to steel ourselves for another mega-dose of Frydenberg self-aggrandisement this evening. Oh dear! 

T-w-o take away o-n-e equals?