What is revving up the bully boys?

This is a short piece. There is no need for lots of words. Images are sufficient.

Have you noticed the cluster of loud-mouthed men that has appeared recently on our Melbourne streets, fists raised, shouting messages of defiance directed at our those in authority?

Who are they? What is their agenda?

Ostensibly, they are protesting at the lockdowns initiated by the Victorian government to limit the spread of COVID-19. But do take a few minutes to look at the men in the images in this link from the Melbourne Age. No amount of words, no amount of colourful rhetoric, could ever describe what these images portray.

Do these men come across to you as responsible citizens concerned about the psychological effects on the populace of a pandemic-inspired lockdown designed on the advice of medical experts and epidemiologists to limit the spread of a lethal virus? Is there any hint of professionalism in the actions of these men? You know the answer.

The thesis of this piece is that these protesters are simply opportunists purporting to be concerned citizens while advancing their real agenda, which is to implant extreme right-wing views among the local population.

It’s so easy to be deluded about them, about who they really are. It’s so easy to sit back in our comfortable living rooms, never suspecting that in our society there are such people with such radical agendas. When such naïveté exists, they are able to hoodwink us while we drowse in front of our TV screens watching the Paralympics or Bachelor.

Beware! Be very afraid.

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Phil Pryor


One thinks less of "patriots", or dissenters,  as in 1776 or 1789, or even at Eureka, than one might of whores, horrors, harpies, huns and hagfish types, people incapable of self awareness, self discipline, civil debate, informed negotiation. But, there they are, "freed" by a low level of education, information while riddled with superstition, fantasy, suspicion, half digested propaganda.  They know little, solve little, contribute little, feel wronged about nearly everything. Sad? Evil?

Bruce Bilney


I am, as Ad astra you especially are "well struck in years", and that gives us the dubious comfort of the knowledge that we will not be around too much longer, probably not by 2034 which is when I have long predicted that order in the world will collapse entirely. It also means that we are blissfully ignorant of what must be going on in the minds of any thinking young people, personified by Greta Thunberg and her millions of followers in the Extinction Rebellion movement.

I have always, since very young childhood indeed, known that this was going to be the end of civilization as we Western whites have been extraordinarily privileged to have known it at least since the end of the Second World War, though this early manifestation of the mob insanity which I think will be Humanity's deserved demise is a surprise even to me. I had never imagined Trump, and he is a one-person game changer for the worse of course. We oldies have been living with the continuing encroachment of an Orwellian society, knowing that it's happening but in most ways supporting Big Brother, even though it really is (from memory) "an endless pressing, pressing. pressing on the nerve of power" by the State.. but even Orwell, I think would have been surprised by this Trumping turn of events, and he didn't really visualize the end of 1984, when resources run out, when industry is unsupportable by realities beyond the control of governments or movements or science. Climate change is one of these but so is famine and pestilence and all the other things God has blessed us with.  .. with which God has blessed us, sorry God. 

These right-wing hoodlums are not within the realms of reason, they will never learn any different form of behaviour because they don't acknowledge reason,  so science is a frightening and alien concept to them. Sending them to "Corrective Institutions" will only reinforce their hatred. I'm just glad I won't be here for long, and I'm glad I had the foresight not to have kids, for all the undoubted pleasures of parenthood .. I couldn't do it to kids of my own because I couldn't bear their having to face the future. 

This has been such a wondrous planet .. So sad. ??


Ad Astra


Phil Prior and Bruce Bilney

Your contributions reinforce the tragedy portrayed by this piece. We oldies are aware of these. But what of the young, the yet-to-be-born? What an inheritance!

Would that we, or anyone else, could influence the forbidding future.

We can only hope that the Greta Thunberg’s of this world will lead the blind among us into a better place.

When did we last need to place our future in their young hands?

I have two politicians and add 17 clowns and 14 chimpanzees; how many clowns are there?