Morrison exits

It’s almost surreal that this man, who has been in our face so often for what feels like endless years, has disappeared! His whereabouts seems to be a mystery. Does anyone know where he’s gone?

Having gone, what has he left us with? The image of a talking mouth relentlessly haranguing us with his words of wisdom, so assured was he always of the validity of his pronouncements.

It’s a cruel reality of political life that the descent from power and influence can be so abrupt, so cruel, so permanent.

We saw it when Josh Frydenberg, second in prominence only to Morrison, conceded he had been defeated by paediatric doctor Monique Ryan.

The two most powerful Liberals have gone. To where, we know not. Do we care?

It is not the intention of this piece to explain their precipitous exit. We owe them no fancy farewells.

Bye-bye Scott Morrison

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Michael Taylor


I don’t think you could have said it any more succinctly, Ad astra. You’ve summed it up just nicely for so many of us. 

I am glad to see the back of this man. He devalued the role of prime minister, and he cast aside the integrity the position demanded. 

Bye-bye, indeed. 

Maurene Grundy


You ask 'Does anyone know where he’s gone?' Well, #SquatMorrison and #SquatMo have been trending on Twitter now that it appears that #ScottyThe CompletePsycho is set to remain at Kirribilli while renovations are in train in his house in the Shire.      It's not quite "Bye, bye Scott Morrison" yet.

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