• Accountability in the Canberra bubble
    The Australian Federal Police have dropped the investigation
    into the political ‘hit job’ Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor
    failed to execute on Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.
    Forthose who came in late, we noted last December.
  • Magic Money
    Naturally enough in the wake of the catastrophic bushfires that
    have affected most states since last October, there has been a
    national discussion on theories that, according to their proponents,
    would have reduced the risk of bushfires starting or would allow us
    to more effectively attack the raging bushfires if implemented.
  • Fiddling while Australia burns
    Sometime in the future when Australia is finally taking real and
    meaningful action on climate change by reducing emissions across
    the board it would be worth considering if Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s
    ‘secret’ trip to Hawaii while unprecedented and catastrophic bushfires
    were blazing around the country at the end of 2019 was partly to blame.
  • Beware!
    The Festive Season is over. Christmas, with all its seasonal trappings,
    delighted and enriched us. The joy of being with family and friends
    remains a cherished memory. The summer break refreshed us. Now,
    the prospect of another long year looms. What does it hold?
  • Houston we have a problem
    This blog site traditionally has a look back at what we commented on in
    the past year as our last article come December. This year, we’re going
    to break the cycle and look at what Prime Minister Morrison should be
    considering over the next month or so instead of asking ‘how good is the cricket?’.
  • The ultimate copout
    You’ve probably heard Prime Minister Morrison offering ‘thoughts
    and prayers’ to those affected by the bushfires that continue to burn
    in parts of Australia, or the ongoing drought, or perhaps the bombings
    that occurred in Sri Lanka last Easter. Morrison isn’t the only
    ‘world leader’ that follows the ‘thoughts and prayers’ mantra.

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