• 60% of something
    The Monthly’s politics newsletter recently asked ‘For how long do we
    pretend ”better than the Coalition” equals “good enough”? It’s a damn
    good question. Prior to the election, now Prime Minister Albanese
    launched a plan that would reduce Australia’s 2030 carbon
    emissions by 43% when compared to 2005 levels.
  • Revisionism
    Revisionism is a general term that can be used with both positive
    and negative connotations for any scholarly practice dedicated to
    revising an established position. That is its benign meaning. Another
    is: “A movement in revolutionary Marxian socialism favouring an
    evolutionary rather than a revolutionary spirit”.
  • Exodus
    It feels almost irreligious to use ‘exodus’ to portray the disappearance
    of so many key figures from Australia’s political scene. But it seems to fit.
    What outcome might we anticipate? Yeẓi’at Miẓrayim:  'Departure from Egypt'
    is the founding myth of the Israelites, recounted in the Book of Exodus.
  • A pox on both your houses
    As the hostilities resume on Capital Hill, it is probably time to consider
    some of the ramifications of the May 2022 Federal Election. As discussed
    by Katherine Murphy in The Guardian, the Liberal Party rout in affluent
    suburban areas of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth speaks volumes...
  • Who is it that can’t manage money?
    How many times have you heard the Liberals mouth Labor
    can’t manage money? What though, is the Liberal record?
    Treasurer Jim Chalmers belled the cat when he said:
    “The economy was weaker in the March quarter than was forecast at election time."
  • Morrison exits
    It’s almost surreal that this man, who has been in our face so often
    for what feels like endless years, has disappeared! His whereabouts
    seems to be a mystery. Does anyone know where he’s gone?
    Having gone, what has he left us with?

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