• Better economic managers?
    If you have a memory that is better than the media and Coalition
    Government hope you do, you would probably remember when
    the Rudd ALP Government, challenged by what are arguably
    similar economic conditions to those today, primed the
    economy with a three pronged approach.
  • Get used to the new world leadership
    It’s happened again! Just when thoughtful folk believed world leadership could
    not become more bizarre than it is, Boris Johnson gets the nod from Britain’s Tories.
    To confound those who imagined that Donald Trump’s election in the land of the brave
    and the free could hardly be replicated on the other side of the Atlantic, along comes Boris.
  • How good is compassion and concern!
    You may have seen recently that Dick Smith was somewhat
    flummoxed when he noticed that the Australian Taxation
    legislation is configured in such a way that he received
    $0.5 million in franking credits in a financial year.
  • Remember the light on the hill?
    At the 1949 ALP Convention, then Prime Minister Ben Chifley
    delivered the ‘Light on the Hill’ speech. The speech is seen as
    a declaration of ‘traditional’ ALP values. As a movement bringing
    something better to the people, better standards of living, greater
    happiness to the mass of the people.
  • The Chain of Responsibility
    There are certain responsibilities when you are driving a vehicle.
    You are required to comply with rules such as not being affected by
    drugs or alcohol, not checking your social media accounts while driving,
    maintaining control over your vehicle, parking only where allowed and so on.
  • Just answer the Question!
    I know that, like me, you fume when politicians steadfastly refuse
    to answer a question directly, preferring to prevaricate by evading
    an answer altogether, giving an answer to a question they would
    prefer to answer, or wandering off into a boring recital of the dot
    points with which their minders have briefed them.

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