• You gotta hit bottom
    Sitting on this side of the Pacific, it seems that the USA has chosen a new
    President after one term. A sitting President who is eligible for reelection has
    been defeated only 10 times in US history. While the razzle-dazzle and showbiz
    style of the US election campaigns is ongoing and seems to be accepted in the US,
    there are dangers in the hyper-partisan ‘geeing up’ of those that do get out and vote.
  • Trump is a cult leader
    Do you sometimes ask yourself how it is that President Trump
    is able to attract and hold such a devoted collection of admirers,
    some of whom insist they ‘would die for him’? Are you amazed that
    they come out on the streets again and again in their thousands to
    cheer him and rail angrily against those who decry him? Why is it so?
  • It's the planet stupid
    At the recent full year results release, the ANZ announced it planned
    to be a business that generated net zero emissions by 2050. This report
    in The Guardian gives considerable detail on the ANZ’s plan for the future
    and also discusses Agriculture Minister David Littleproud and Deputy
    Prime Minister Michael McCormack taking exception with the ANZ Bank.
  • Trumpism
    First, let’s examine the meaning of the suffix: ‘ism’.
    Wikipedia says it means “taking side with" or "imitation of",
    and is often used in association with philosophies, theories,
    religions, social and artistic movements, and behaviours.
  • How about some honesty
    The last weekend in October would have been a pretty horrible
    time for Victorians. First on Saturday they found out that Mike Brady
    can sing ‘Up there Cazaly’ without 100,000 of his closest friends around
    him at the MCG. To add insult to injury, the ‘backing band’ was the
    Queensland Symphony Orchestra who made their contribution from Brisbane.
  • A new normal - yeah right
    I bought some milk at my local Supermarket yesterday. It cost me $3.59. The
    checkout operator didn’t ask me about my ability to pay for the milk in comparison
    to the person in front or behind me as the sale price is based on the ability of Coles
    to arrange for the milk to be produced and transported to my local supermarket
    for a specific cost — and they make some money for themselves in the process.

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