• Lies, damn lies and economics
    There must be a federal election coming — the infamous yellow and
    black Clive Palmer funded billboards have made a reappearance. One
    of the billboards has a statement that suggests COVID19 related restrictions
    and vaccinations are a waste of time because it is still possible to be infected.
    It’s claimed the vaccine and restrictions are an attempt to restrict your ‘freedoms’.
  • Voter ID and dead cats
    If you are over 18 you will be legally required to vote in a Federal Election between
    now and next May. If the Coalition Government gets its way, next time you vote
    in a Federal Election you will have to produce proof of identity before you are handed
    the ballot papers. The Coalition have been talking about this for quite some time.
  • Invasion Day
    No, we’re not getting in early for that date at the end of January.
    Although there is considerable substance to the claim from first nations
    people that Australia had a civilisation long before Arthur Philip turned up
    with a number of ships and people that were a social problem the
    English decided to export rather than manage.
  • Where has all the kindness gone?
    Here is another brief offering. It does not need to be
    lengthy because its message is straightforward.
    It asks the question: “Where has all the kindness gone?”
    and its corollary: ”Why not be kind to one another?”.
  • Do the crime – do the time
    The reason Dominic Perrottet became Premier of New South Wales
    is Gladys Berejiklian chose to join the select group of Liberal Party
    New South Wales Premiers that resigned before undergoing the scrutiny
    of a New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption public hearing.
  • Should the cowboys rule?
    For someone that claims to have Australia’s best interests at heart, Prime
    Minister Scott Morrison makes some strange choices. He originally claimed
    he wasn’t going to the Glasgow GOP26 Meeting of World Leaders because
    it would mean he would be required to undergo another two weeks of isolation.

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